Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1907
Page 4
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OB tXAXZt. 10 ecnti ......Mate ....... tfijOO ^Ir'i^ . >;.j^:«inaM 14.00 amnc* ...... fLOO iSna(M....f.... .44 cm mr BIS- , ^ ATBD PIUSS. tt It imt mpm •r- fw BxdMiV* AftoHMW in [joro JHOPOHT. • :J !«H nCOXO THOUOHT. ^ '^A^SpKTB" and <thera/who think *'^'^tlW]/jwo«il4-llke to nlay Indoor base: ^lIae•ted o. communicate tdfputmen L It enough of »i«nMntereit In the matter rf^.ttimwi^ be Organized, is « gcwd game and t'andaift It is played ^iud deep net interfere with ~ I Tegnlar Iw! Ineas. working i lot basebal helps, but any':p \Kr, alttaooj ;h the belter the :]iior« likel r he is to ah^e i>lndoor gam*. Anyhow, It is just ;,fqri"Cild filpava" who love hilt i who have become too rhienmatic or the outdoor islf^^rail'tlioae.who would go Into '^^ndly drop a note to this irib-nhderatand iti the democratic was sold t4 the highest_bld r..4«ler. to the factJtljat bair does,'In her ears, a woman is of- I'lo'.cbnceal hej- age a little' bit Jtluui a man. ]^(«b)uliy. we; are' kgalnst running • Gomnsrt Johnapb. Tfa|e temptation to calllM!^ • I'^iOi YohnlBon" would ^ 'tioo'gniu. 1 '] '>*i ''JH vTbe^PeiinBylTaiila' Republicans are'l)e nnlted. Ahd the chances -.ure~ctliat-|M<t(>F8'.Joiig some of them 'wlll'te dulned itogeth )r. . i'-rThen Itwnnelobjeotlon)} to the lady ; eniCtlii new. ^goU ooli la,; but we r are to aajr that ah > looks mighty ''^ood to ua. /. ;r- * W« havQ poticed. that the position v,'of «a ~aotr«s |irwlth 'retard to appear- RlJnt I tatlshtaldepends i great deal up^>«a btnr lodka in t ghta. W« find that life is t to abort to take -1 tb« tune necieaaary to put on a: bath IfnV New sWiM. Tim lAifpbr.baa ajooaple of new _ lo ^mfyi aad get It "tturt siid '«C _ ^ ^ tp a btdienr." atfd Tim. "lefi lookvopa women's exchange. I thlak wilWlll find cake there'of,a better qoailtty." Fassing a natire on tbe stni^ Tim stopped and aaked to bj a woman's ezduaige. Noir Bdis Slierrod bekmgs to the SIberta family, and the nattro, tongne tle&' looked at Miss .Sherrod. back at Tim and; then at l^ss Sherrod agidn amasement Fihally he blnrted out "Good Lord, Mister! You don't want to trade her off, jdo youT* ; An avaricIouB man wllh two sons gave each of them a dollar M the beginning of the week. He chadrged. upon them the neceaalty of tttrift and the;wisdom of careful investment and Intltnated that the son who showed tfie greatest increase in his workhig capl tal.'at the end of the week would receive still further and greater favor^ On Saturday night the father called for an accounting ;and asked John how much he had Inere98ed his cap{)al. "1 a dollar," replied John, ' aud now I have two dollars;" "That certainly is flne." said the father. "-You will be a rich man some day. John. And how," said he, to the other son. "did you come out. George? How have;you Increased your dollar?" "I losfroy dol- !or, fnther,' George replied somewhat faintly. "Why you miserable spendthrift,' roared father. Jumping onto Geoi-ge with both feet, "what did you do with the good money I gave you?" •Weil." replied George. " I lost it matching with John." KS:aDMt .BBia .ia. 5«arfbr HM bowels It, is not likely, however, that Mrs. McHenry will find much of a Held for her Journalistic venture in Topeka. The Muck Rake does about all of tljat sort of work there is to do. Still we admit that we are more concerned with the pHce of bacon than.we are with "Admiral Evans and his gallant fleet." Personal and social: Webb McNall is in town, having come down in person to deny the report of his death. The Appeal to Re.ison says the Bank of Commerce will pay less than 50 cents on the dollar. The Appeal to Reason knows more things that are not true than any other newspaper In the country. Millions of bottles of Foley's Honey and .Tar have been sold without any person! ^^^^ having exjlerlenced any other than beneficial results from iU use for coughs, colds and lung tron bles. This is because the genuine FoV ey's Honey ai:d Tar in the ye'low package contains no opiates or otho; harmful drugs. Guard your health by refusing any but tha gcnuiao. Bur rfill's drug store. 1$ J DIVISION NECESSARY? Bonaparte as Problem Regarding Ok- jahoma Judicial Diatricta. ' Washington, Dsc. 28—Attorney Gen eral Bonaparte now has under consideration whether it is necessnrj- for congress to enact a law dividing the two federal Judicial districts of Okla- hamo Into divisions and fixing the boundary lines. Opinion is divided. It the; attorney generaV rules that It is necessary a bill In line with his recommendations will be Introduced by SenatbT Curtis of Kansas. If such legislation is not deemed ncces^ry, thian deputy clerks will be named for the various court towns. SterliB(R «nMdlyCe .,CMcacoerN.T. „ UlUALSALE, TEINLLIOI BOSS COOPERATIVE CR^MERIE.S. Department of Agriculture tb Encourage Their Development of Washington, Dec. 28.—The ngrlcul tural department haa taken up the cudgel in behalf of th.c dairy farmers of Kansas and Nebraska. It wants to reform the creamery buslnosa those states as carried on by th »ruBt. It claims the farmers are not paid enough for their cream, and has voluntarily Interested Itself In crusade acnlnst the creamery trust whl<ih practically controls th? cream erj* business of Kansas and Nobran ka. The p'an of campaign dopsn't In elude the filing of suits to wipe out the creamery frnst, but embrnces scheme to force the trust to pay high er prices foi; cr.'am and to oncburage the development of the co^)perativo creamery industries. An expert creamer>- man. skillod in he organization and manage{!,i?nt n co-operative creameries, has biH?n ap pointed by Secretary Wilson to assist the farmers of Kansas and Nebrask.i to establish independent cr3amcricE and thus obtain a higher price for their cream. The alleged creamery tnist has heard of the proposed plan and has filed a protest with the dopartraent In the protest it is claimed that 95 per cent of the cfMiperative creameries of Kansas and Nebraska have been failures and that the dairy bus! ne?s of those two states has only been developed under the "centr.ilizlng system." It is further c'aimed that the present time the co-operative plants cannot secure enouah product necessary for successful operation. TO CrRE A COLP IJf ONE DAY Take LAXATI\T: BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money If it falls to cure. E„W. GROVE'S signature Is on each lx>x. 2.'>c. Trinity Metkodlst Chnrch. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Preaching services at 11 a. ni. and :30 p. m. Epworth League at 6:30 p. m. We e.\tend a hearty welcome to all the services. Strangers will be made more than welcome and we will be glad to have you make yourselves known to the pastor who will meet you at the door. A. M. HARK-NESS, Pastor. FIRST BABY IN TEN YEARS. Connecticut Town Celebrates Cessation of Race Suicide. AMnsted, Conn.. Dec. 28—There Is general rejoicing in Bakersvllle, a village near here, because a baby was bom there today, the first In ten years. Foyd Snyder, a farmer, and his wife, are t^e happy parents. The baby boy and the mother are doing w?ll. As tue Snyder baby Is the first to be bom there since Mrs. Edward StPdman gave birth to a son a decade aso. the Snyder home Is being vlslt- I ed by old and young to sec the 1 strange sight. OF 1% «>r 'eisonal koowlecljse is the winning (actor in the cuiminating contests o( I bmpelidve age a^ vrheb cf ample character it places its fottunats or. in the front tanb of . : Tlie Wen Informed df the Worid. bod of penooal Imowledgc is reafly essential to the achievement of the laiJieit eacel ence in any field of human dtctt ^ A 'KniwIedge of Forms, Knowledge of Fwictiomt cuid Knowl- «dffe of PipoducU are ail of theliUlmost value and in questions of life and health wlien a,inie and whclcsome iemedy:is dedrcd it should be remembered that Syrup of I^igs and lEEsir of Senna, manufactured by the. California Fig Syrup Co., is an edncu pKoduct %^^lich has met with the approval of the most eminent physiciar.} and |jve$ unhrenal satiit^on, because it b a remedy of Kpown Quality, Known tEzcellenceb and Known Component Pkrtil W>d has won the valuable pati'onage of millions of the Wdl hifortncd of the . wdU. ^Wbo IsBow of their own personal knowledge and from actual tsc thai it it the first ^and best of £ami]y laxatives, for ^yhichAO extravagant or onreasooable ciaimf are made. \ • ' Tin Wuabie remedy has been long and favorably known tinder die name of— Synp of Figs-f-and has attained to worldwide acceptance as die most cxcdlcnt family laxative. As its pure laxiiive |>nD^>les, obtained from Senna, are wdl known to physicians vai the WcJl Infctmed of the wodd to be the best we have ipdoptfd die more daborate name of—Syrup of Figs and Ebir of Senna — as more fblly descriptive of the remedy, but doubtless it will always be called for by the shorter Dime of—Syrtip of Figs'—and to get its beneficial efieds,- always note, when purchaang the fuQ name of the .Company—CaiiiormaFlg Synip ,Co.—printed on the front of every package.-, whether you call for—Synm of Figi — Of by the full name—Syrup of • I%s and EHxif of Seana. SAN FRANCISCO.CAU. :,KY. LbNoaifEfeLANo. NEW YORK,N.Y] ;4V Bfr. in. Ibnm, JX.-D..8erTlee« andT' •ermOn t«imdri:ov'at 11 a: HL; A Vtir- Year sermon, p Sunday school at 9:45 a. All are cordially Invited. Pint Ckareh af ^Mst, SekaUst Sunday school at 10 a. m. Church service at 11 a. m. Subject "Christian Sclmce." Testimonial meeting Wednesday at 8 p. m. Services are held in C. S. Hall at 110 East Jackson. The hall is used as a reading room from 2 to 4 p. m. each week day. The public is cordially invited to the services and to visit the reading room. MRS. EMMA E. ADAMS, First Reader. The Christtaa Chareh. The subject of the sermon at II win be "A Look Backward," At 7:30,p. m. the services will be In charge of the Women's Missionary society who will observe their annual day with an Interesting program. Other services as usual. Let us make U:!' last Sunday of the year a great day. R. H. BLLETT. Minister. to- Flrst Methodist Chnrrh. At the First Metho<llst church morrow services are as follows: Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Junior League at 3- p. m. Epwf)rth League at C:30 p. m. Preaching by the pastor, J. M. M.i- snn. at II a. m. and at 7:30 p. m. At the mornlug preaching service he chnrch doors arc to he opened and ued members are to be received. The evening service will be of an evangelistic nature and special singing III be enjoyed by all. Every body is Invited to attend. Now in full progress. Come with the crowd. Every •department in the house was crowded yesterday. This is the reason. Big reductions on Dress GK>ods, Shoes, Ready-to-wear, Garments, Linens, Draperies and Bugs. Come Monday sure, you'll find values that you never dreamed of. The stock must be reduced by January 1st. Read the fcl­ ing prices: Presbyterian Church. First Church: Rev. S. S. HMschcr. he pastor, will preach a New Years sermon morning and evening. Subject, "Time," and "A Happy New Year." Everybody Is invited. Lecture to the .Mtruistlc club at 10 a. m. Subject "The Rasurrectlons." Sabbath School at 10 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m. Little Builders Chapel: Mrs. E. N Jones, superintendent. Boys' Sabbath school at 2 p. m. The Regular Sabbath school at 3 p. m. Coral Build rs at 7:30 p. ni. Evange'istic meet ngs every night next week. Bassett Chapel: Wm. Davis, super intendent. Sabbath school at 3 p. m Second Baptkt Chnrch. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Praise service at 10:40 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. Subject, Perseverance of the Saints." B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. Preaching at 7:30 p. m. Subject. Paul at Athens." Cordial welcome extended to all to attend. REV. J. W. GORDON, Pastor. CITIZENS FEARFUL Negroes Have Left Henryetta.—^Town is Quiet But! People Fear Riot Oklahoma City, Dec. 28.—lA special from Henrj'etta says all is quiet. In the town but the people are In a state of alarm. The few negroes living there have left. No armed negroes near the town have been reported, neither are there any fears from other sections. Because of the reported threats by negroes, armed guards -were stationed about tbe p^ace' last night. Railroad bridges are inspect ed before the trains cross since several torpedoes have been placed on the tracks. No troops have been called for and it Is not believed they will be needed. Local ofllcers of the company of JJational Guards say they have received no orders to be in readiness go to Hcnryetta as was reported la«t night. TO HAVE MORE ROCK ROAD. Townttiip Trustees WIILLet Contract Thia'Afternoon. The township board Is meeting in e comnihsionsrs' room this afternoon for the purpose of letting the contract for about three miles of feck road. The road, included in the contract is in two pieces, one west tbe river and the other south of town on the Kentucky street road. There are three or tour bids in. ATTORNEY S. A. Card is in Kansas City, today on legal business. MR. AND MRS. I. W. PoUer n- turned to their home in CoSeyvUle, Kansas today, after apendlnig several days here visiting Jndge and Mr*. C 8. Potter. Standard Prints 3o yd. One lot fancy silks, values up to $1.25, on display in south window, choice per yard 6Bo Best quality OutinR flanels, all colors aud patterns, piice.. JT f-2o yd. One lot fancy silks, values up to $1.25, on display in south window, choice per yard 6Bo Best quality OutinR flanels, all colors aud patterns, piice.. JT f-2o yd. One lot fine silk waist pattems,value up to 11.85, on the.bargain table at ...««• yd. • 35c Underwear for Children and Misses, buy all you want . I50 One lot fine silk waist pattems,value up to 11.85, on the.bargain table at ...««• yd. • Good quality wash cloths 2o One lot fine suiting silks In plain or fancy stripe color combinations, values up to 85c. Buy them in this sale for S9o yd. All dolls at oS marked price, liemnants at t^S off marked price. One lot fine suiting silks In plain or fancy stripe color combinations, values up to 85c. Buy them in this sale for S9o yd. All dolls at oS marked price, liemnants at t^S off marked price. All comforts and blankets reduced, buy them now. All ready to wear garmenta at big reductions. Fleeced Waistings in all colors and patterns, 12ic values for So yd. A large, box of mourning pins, contains 10 small boxep, price fOo Fine linen Scarfs and Squares,values up to $1 .50, on sale for 69o TO RESIORE TRAINS MI.sMonrI ParlUc lYIII Pnt on the Mae Uegulars Again. Topeka, Kits.. Dec. 28.—The Mis- .souri I'uclflc ruiiroad has decided to restore Its nine trains taken off December 8. The company oniciais and Kansas :itorneys had a coiiference in St. Louis Monday and this was the action decided upon. The members of the Ixiard of railroad commissioners were notified of the order of the company late last night. The trains will 1)6 restored January 5. The trains were taken off at the .ianie time. The company asserted that the 2-ccnt passenger fare made them unprofitable. Two trains were taken off the Central branch, one from the Toepka-Fprt Scott line and the others from lines In southern Kansas. There were many complaints regarding the abandonment of these (rains and the railroad commissioners .^et the case for hearing January 9. Ail arrangements were made to have business men along the lines affected by the change to appear at this hearing and tell how much business was .^Iven and how greatly the loss of the trains inconvenienced them. The board notified the company that unless the trains were restored before that date summary action would be taken. This action is a complete backdown from the former arrogant actions of the Missouri Pacific. THE CZARNIA'IS ILL Mrliolu!) In Constant .Vttrndanco His Wife's Slrk Thamlter. In FOR THE PERKINS TEST, The Fee of Dr. W. M. Cross la tbe Xorphine .Inaljsb Case. Kansas City, Dec. 28.—The $2,500 fee of Dr. Walter M. Cross, city chemist, in the L. H. Perkins analysis case was approved by Judge Smith Mc- Phcrson of the federal court In Topeka. Dr. Cross was chairman of a commission apiiointed by the court to examiiie i»ari8 of the body of Mr. Perkins to° determine the cause of his death. Dr. John C. Freeman of To- l)eka and Dr. Prank Hall of Kansas City, the other members of the ccwi- mlsslon, have not presented bills for their fees. Dr. Cross nas received a check for $2,500 from the Mutual Life nsuranco company, which the Perkins estate sued to collect Insurance. Mr. Perkins was killed by a fall from the roof of his home in Lawrence, Kas., Juno 1. He carried % million dollars in life rakiurance policies. The Mutual contested payment 3f a ^ million dollar policy, claiming that morphine and not the fall was the direct cause of death. The estate brought suit in the federal court to :»}llect the insurance. The company then asked that the body be exbnmed and an analysis made for morpUne. Dr. Cross reported to the court that four grains of morphine had been fonnd. . •»( The date for the trial of the case has not yet been set by Judge McPherson, but it will probably be early In January^ . . , ; St. Petersburg. Dec. 2S.—The czar Is greatiy alarmed over the illness of the czarina. All court receptions and fetes have been iwstponed and the czar Is In constant attendance iii the sick chamber in the Tsarkoe-Selo palace. The czarina was urged by her physicians some time ago to leave Uussia and go to a milder climate, but she refused because she would then be separated from her infant son and heir to the throne. The czar would not permit thte child to be taken out of the enipirej WHY HE GOT IT. YiAjngster's Ice Cream Was to Pre. pare Him for Tribulation. It was so hot even on the airy top floor of the settlement bouse, tbat the kindergarten member of the "family" decided to brave the glare of the myriad electric lights—which for somo nndlscoverable reason East side ice-cream "parlors" find attractive—In quest of some frozen refreshment - As she gave her order she heard a suppressed whimper behind her. The whimpor sounded young, so she turned to Investigate. (A real sociologist can no more resist Investigating than can the Ethiopian refrain from retaining possession of his desUned color—^if one may be permitted a trifling liberty with a time- honored simile.) At one of the tables was seated a family group consisting of mater- familias, who occupied the whole of one side of the tablcr-a si>ace intended by the designer of the table to accommodate two persons of ordinary girth—and two small sons, the head of one of them barely reaching the top of the table. It was this young ater who was mourning, evidently, as it developed, because his older brother had a plate of ice cream "all for hlmsolf," whllo the littler fellow, was being regaled only by a very occasional spoonful from his mother's plate. As his andible unbapplness In- c.reascd she shook an Impressive finger at the top of his head and said: "Don't you get fresh, ttecanae there's a policeman outside, and yon," to the other yonngster. imparUal with discipline, even though inclined to distribute refreshment wifh: discrimination, "don't you forget that you've got to take a bath to-night That's the reason you're getting Ice cream." —N. Y. Times. JOHN Cillessen of Iota spent Christ mas with home folks on Wfsst Tenth street—CoffeyviUe JoiiniaL' . . It? YOU HAVE COLD FEET STEP IN AND GET a STOVE T. B. SHANNON'S Two Bi'I Stores. henc Md ram ^ tag lktraett:ii thf Ua4 oi • com- biiwion. Boreka Harness Oil M aoh Mka ibc tewa awl tkc w fal bcmr, b« aakM Ac -. henc knUrialkaMi .paniiMicaa- M«ordiaarily,«MU * STANDARD OILCp. Give Your thnm a Chancel r ooooooooooooooooo o o O SZRRT XIKSTRELS O O All This Week O O BACHELLOK THEATRE. O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CIVIL WAR FOES TO GATHER. A Joint Reunion of a Michigan and Georgia Regiment in ChatUnooga. Tecunisoh. .Mich., Dec. 28.—At the, annual reunion of the Thirty-flrst Michigan volunteers, to be held hero May t". a plan will bo discussed for the holding of a Joint reunion with the First Georj^ia volunteers In Chattanooga in. 1909.. It is proposed that the reunion be so arranged that tho Hrst day can be spent in the Chickamauga national park. The next day trolley ride to Missionary Ridge and a trip' to Ijookout mountain will be taken. If it can be arranged, on the return trip the two regiments will stop a day in Kmnville, Tenn. Kc«ii«er ffaal A*i. F^r

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