Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 7
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THiE lOUL DAILY SE6ISTEB, SATCBDAY EYEXCfft DECEJTOEB 19, 1M8. Ch4-i5tmas Gifts You can find at Burrell's Drug Store WEST SIDE SQUARE Hund I'uiiitril Cliiiiii ••< Pipes IlaTitaiid Cbina Cl(rar» Japain'se t'liiua Cigar Cases JUjiaiu'se I'lolssounp • Smoker's Sets Jn|iaiu>M> I .suiiinT WAti- Sliavini; Stands Vnsi's SaiVt.r lUizors Cut GJass Traveliniy Cases Candelabra Collar and Cnfi lioxcs Pictures Haudkerebief Bosi's .Mirrors .Veektle Boxes Frniiips Military Brushes (.'alendars Paper Kniv«'s Itook Marks Post Curd Alliums Tags and Sftils it Box Statfojierj- XoTPlty Bo.\»"s Fine Candies Fountain I 'ens Periiimes Metal Nuu'ltics Tollft Cases IJrnsIies Manicure Sets Manicure Goods Hand Bags Trinket Boxes Music Rolls Pomade Jars Lap Tablets Celluloid Aorellies l.ratlier >o»elties SHOWXMAS GOODS WINDOWS IN STORES ABOUT TOWN ARE DECORATED. Attractive Arrays of Articles Gifts are for Sale by All Merchants. for DePuy President. Witii Christmas only a few days away and crowds of shoppers on the 'alert for pretty and appropriate gifts the merchants are flUing everj- case and counter with choice merchandise The show windows are presenting an unusually attractive apiiearanc*' this st'u;-on. Ramsay's are showing some beautiful samples of their stock In both wimlows and all articles are tickfted with Christmas stars to era phasize the holiday idea. In the south window a Santa Glaus is stepping from a snow bound chimney and an array of handsome furs, ribbons, em broiilered nets and gifts for feminin Ity are sroupod about, as though emptied from his pack. Jlichardson's have a display of ele gaiit. millinery in the newest styles and colors in their window. Christ was gro»-ns are In evidence and be neath carlands of holly and pape: bells are some extremely new thing.* in fans, belts, pins and collars. Their showing «i scarfs in pastel shades is also very cstensire. The hack .^rounds of PrishmanV- windows nr.' hung with scrim in sev- iT .'il colors to half heii;ht and rib bons of paper doscend from the ceil ing to bonier the ilisplay of crepe i scarfs. Persian beltings and orna- Imt -nts on viiw to attract the p.-uiser-. by. For the mas '-nline shopper there is such an extensive and modish coUec- jtion of woarini; apparel in the various .stores that a speedy selection is diffi '•c\i\^ The Globe has the display Js)i :ir..^ whieh flank the entrance to their sltire artistically trimmed with Iiolly anil rhri.«!tuias ^reen and the col !ors of tlie (leroratinns harmonize beau tifnily with the browns, grays, and nr. K. Ihh' ."v "^sL ent of the .^. ,he ve .ula; business meelia. of :tif .:ny wi, l-niuntown ii.i^'hboKiood. who nc.v re- ,l>e I'.:u-bers union of I'iltsbur:,' Tues-• Sreensof the sins and tie tn,ts si,!..s in ..M!.-„ T -on .Kv. i ,a .s ine,, e!e.-.- ,!„y night. J. V. DePuy. formerly of: of mutfler.. .and vsl Ich ar • a „re .<i .,e„t of the Allen Conn,.. ,his city. wa. elected preside„-. f-jf'-'-;^,.^,'^;;, Medical society.-Ft. Sant i; the e„su!n. year. lin'Sh 'r wl^h ar^ 7:!^o lo mat vorv useful and appropriate gifts. Col The Lc?st Shot at the Xmas Target! What would make a more appreciated gift than a piece of Furniture for the Home? 'RshtkButton-andRi^ ^ Rcyal Morris Chair liow to en.loy a royalconifort wilitout beiiiL' a Kini.'. Come («> lis and buy a l !i>}i !l Mi 'rri-. < I'.air, «ilh rei 'iiMable ru>ii ;ii:!--. Prire from S9,00 (0 SI5.00 Why not a .Music Cabinet or Hecord < abinet for yoi;r Christmas (JiitJ tlur stock oilers selections in c-olden c>i;k and raahopany. The late>t coloniul Ifattems. Prires from S7.00 (0 SI5.0Q S till r .>r tl;c p.'irlvir or li- I'lat}. 'I'!!*- ;i!)rai'y ! ibic i» oi <(ii:irt r ra't'd oak, i/oii/en fin- Ml. \>iy I I I K1I I » iioINhed •-re. pres( Ills il-c lalesl. \ »_'(MHMal- ne l.r iflt:.!i(». Wv also eiirt.' a lac^re line of 'i.ind. auil Iib!;ir.« l.tMi- In nils. •iisli li.iMi, Sliiixlrii; (iiMnds In voMeri oiik. wllb lite lull si Hd .ln»lnl;le A wlft of u'Ifts for the jnau of the lion^e. Parlor tablnels III mnlinuan) ui>d i;o|d)-n i>ak. CKefnl and ornamental. .Priee from $8.00 TO $20.00 Tills will Mini) iahrest you If joa »((d a buifett. Solid nuarter oak polish. This offer is (he latest pal- lerns. Was i"i7..'»<) now on sale at $19.50 \Vf a/so i;aie ^^M•^aJ other patterns at like reduction. The best dollar for dollar values obtainable. No incresie In prices because of the holiday season. We will cheerfully lay aside your selection for future delivery. Steeperd^ Son lar bags and leather toilet cases are in .several sizes and shades of b.-ather a:ul the uewest things in fancy vests, smoking coats and neckwear are dec orated at intervals with fresh holly and mistletoe. Rvery wonian who has a desire for a'tistic tliincs In the home will be attracted by Ileck'.s west window, Tliose jardineres are jii.<t the thing to make '.'iCracflve a mi.'-sion table or a rorner of tlie livini; room—and they are Ihe iiewi 'rit ideas. Some of the i ]os!gni= .are in Mi xle ;in p <itlery ami the oth 'rs ; are decorated with Dutch (l:;ures In .tints of blue and Ixmilon >nioke. ' v.l\ie !i Mend beautifully ,Tnd .«U !::;f st nr. '.attractive contrast with the leaves of tile p '.int they will contain when . in use. ..\ handsome set of bedroom fiiriMturo is also in view, j Ti;e N 'ew York store has a large .and varied collection of ruches, col- ' lars. ornaments and dress accessories which is representative of their counters in doors. .\ jolly Santa.Cl .TU..serves to remind the passerby of the • I 'lirpo .je for which the decorattt:g has be. 11 (lone and the colors of rihiion and scarfs are beautifully blended. , Mi-='^ion lamps form the center for the o.'othing In the Famous windows. ;The neckwear and other articles are .esjiecially attractive under the glow .'of an electric light. (;'ecr ;:e D. Brighfs store on west street is havinir an extensive patron- I age this year, especially In poci •things for the Christmas menu and the fancy nuts and trimmings for cakes and pastr.r. They also have useful and ornamental articles for g f-rifis which are prettily displaced. 1 .\l Rurreirs the newest shanes In 'srat-onery .-ind articles for the llbrarj- tall!-- ran be found and tliere are num- , erous desirable things In toilet artl- ] cles, ]H rfumes and confections, also j [lo .-it oards. attractive stickers and 1 taszs for gift parcels. I .Spencer's stock of leather novelties ' and calendars Is very ex- I |ei.s:ve and their showiii:: of .fancy wrni >p <d chocolates Is a gn'at cniivenleiiee (o sliup|iers and :iccepl- 'ab )e Klfis in dressing table artlcb-s iare also there In profusion, j Fancy Tabourettes, c.iblnets and be .-iuflfiilly iKiIlshed .inil deslened fur- !iliu :-i- can be purchased at Sbeper'.i and their furnishings are proving most suiTKesllvi' to those who want giris to lie uxed to bi .-aullfy the living rooms of the. homo, i Iland-palnted china for the dlnln-.r room Is one of the most artistic lines !of gooils which the Merchant Jew- 'Olry store is showing In their window. Pieces of cut glass and sliver ware and handsomely carved and set Jewels are used to fill the several suae- Ions show cases Indoors and these ' with other things suggestive of the holiday pifts make the store most heli)ful to buyers. Coffey's windows are filled with art goods and jewelry mounted on drap- ' Ings of cloth which contrasts with the :gold and color of the stock in a most •effeolive way. Evans Bros, are selling the gift books of poetry and prose which appeal to the reader and the possessor "of a well stocked library. The latest I novels are on band also and some of 'the best papers are boxed and decor 'ated with holly seals so that etatlon- '•ery can be sent as one-of the presents wbic^ amj^jtrars In good taste. .for use in the dining room are appropriately decorated and samples of the various things are placed in the window which presents an appearance in every way In keeping "with the in terlor of their store. Leffier's showln.g of cameos, mount?d in rings, brooches and bracelets is ?ood and they have some very new and modish things in belt pins, earrings and numerous trays of diamonds and other stones ready to be mounted and put In Santii's pack. The windows of Shannons stores are fllb-d with chafing dishes, bakers and Delft ware. They have an up-to^ date collection of lamps, and artistic globes, etc. The other siorfs about town are in festive attire for the coming of Kris Krlngle and this cold weather is responsible for an increase In business which makes the approach of Christmaa very real from tht chanf .-i "t>6int of view. the uier- ECZEMA AND ALL SKIN DISEASES Arc quickly cured by ZEMO, a clean liqiu'd for external ti.^e. ZEMO ia the best known remedy for thcin-stant reliL -f tnd ;j.'>.*itive cure of eczema, pi-npl'.'.', Jandiuff, pilesandcvcry form cf sUin )r scalp (lise;;se. Forsple cveryv.-here. Wu'tr fo;- .---iini- de, K. \V. Roso .Medicint- Co.. ,Sf '.(.^'i For sale at Burrell's IJrug St(,re MIS.S D.VVl.S T.VKKS THE LE.U). < Twenty-eichl Votes .\head of .Miss Bowers—-Hiss I ox .M<nes Cj). The vole at 10 o'clock last ni.:;ht ihowed .Miss Davis slightly in the lead in the contest for the diamond, ring .vhich is to be given away by the skating rink. .Miss Xeweli Cox al .-io :;;mj)eJ from ninth idace ui) to fifth ;)!ace. The vote now stands: Drusie Uavis Claudia IJowcrs Dna Thompson Mzzie "J5taller -Newell Co.v Vnna Wolf )ma Wither.s Mattie I 'eteis Margaret Curtis •'•'> T(>i'^y Youui; Toiii.iilit the eiii;au'i'ineiit of Tyler & .'ierioii uii; end. Tuesday ir.-.;ht a real ba.-iket 1-all pame ln-lween the .Vuditoriiini teaia and Maker university teai.. wil'; take place. Wednesday nizht militia inspection by Colonel Wilder S. .Meiralf. •It;.-. 4;:7 IGS loT ss 7'! 41 TO CCKK COI.D n OXE D .VT. Take Laxative Hromo Quinine Tab- et.s. Dni.gglst? refund money if It fails to cure. E. \V. GROVE'S signa- ure Is on each box. 2.'ic. .VPPOINTS .1. T. TredMUj. lie Mill .\cl us the (.uardlan of .Slierl- dan V«-.r.rer. lion .1. T. Tre (hva> has lieon ap- loiiited by I 'K .-itaie .liidge i)iiiith as be i ;iiar(iia !i of t !lieri ;lau Yea-.;er. A jury ren-ntly decided that yottti;; Yea- :.'er wi'.s niPiitaliy inrapable of looking ifter tlie pn-iicrty whieh he fell heir I) 'by the death of hi.-; mother last August. .Mr. Trr -dway has kiiov.-n the e.i'.'er faniil.v for years and friends iski-d that he lie aliiioiiited. It is Only Dope. The interest of T. C. Ilayden. pres- derst of the Spriimfiel.i .Midgets, liins. as been j)urcliased by Frank Hurlburt. the manaper of the Sjiringfield earn in the WVslern Association. Mr. Ilayden will take charge of the Pttt.s- bur; team and for that reason has disposed of his share in the Springfield club. This the dope given out. but it will 1 )0 difficult to convince fans that Tom Hayden. who picked up franchise ami players in Springfield worth $.5,000 for a mere song, -will over let loose of holdinps there. Hayden will manage the Pittsburg team ind Hurlburt will manage the Midgets.—Pittsburg Headlght. Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward I.«eaves lola "iKi p. m., ar- rivei St. LouiR 8:25 a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connect* with the east bound trains at St, Loult. For furtiier partlculari call and cee na. C. P. Hale. Agt. V. o. THom TWO CAR LOADS TWO CAR LOADS We just received last Saturday two cars of frirniture trom eastern factories, which haye been ordered for weeks. Our holiday fi:oods were in these cars and we're compelled to make prices that will dispose ol these in the few remaining days. All you have to do is to push the button. The adj ustm«nt is guaranteed never to get out of fix. Upholstered in real leather, imitaj- tion leather, verona aud velour. Prices all reduced. Beautiful $4.00 Reed Rocker, almost exactly like this AA 51; cut, reduced to o2iOD This is a nice clean rocker with large roll arms arid large roll seat. This big Boston Leather Turkish Rocker, only $9.85. This is a large roomy Rccker with spring seat and back, with a heavy fringe around the base. The* rockers set on ? base and are held in place by large steel coil .springs Upholstered in Boston imitation leather. Ought to bring $16.00. Christmaa sale nr price oSiiOu This $27.50 genuine Leather Kocker, only $23.50 This is a big soft springy rocker •with deep seat, large roll arms and wrings- Also has deep ruffle all around the seat upholstered m real A|^M mfk leather, only 0/wi9l( Another about the same size, only with a plain back, regular AI<7 f P, 122.50, only iUifS This Beautiru! $22.50 Buffet, now $18.50 Notice the large linen drawer and the three smaller drawers. Two doors with frosted glass. Large French bevel plate mirror, oval shape and two small shelves. The legs you notice are not straight sticks sawed out, but very neatly shaped French legs. Truly, a great value at "-^ All other Buffets aud Sideboards, accordingly reduced in pric^. , • ' A beautiful assortment of 50 pictures, in heavy gilt frames, with gold bumishes, glass, wire and all ready mi MM t.» hang. Sold everywhere f.>r 13.50 to 14.00. jj Pictures Are really beauties. Until Christmas, or while they last, half pric«

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