Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1907
Page 3
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•Ml'- BfKL POWDER 20 Ounces for 26 Cento istherescdtoftnodemideas. Costs Jess. Does better work. You must tiy it to see. Qet a can on trial Thebakingwill be vastly better, lightier and tastier or we pay • for the can. Jaqan M%. Co. Chicago. GRAKD THEATER, Tuexdar Mpht, Drr. SI. CHABLES a HANFORD, In a Notable Revival of «A>THOS\' A>D CLEOPATKA- A sumptuous scenic production; new and novel electrical cflfccts; a chorus and ballet of unusual altnic tiveness, beautifully costumed will tend to make tbis engajrement one of the best offerings of ihc year. Curtain at S:IT).'Positively no one seated during an act. Seats on Sale Monday, Hnr. .".0. Prkcs' S -'ic-rtOc-'Ar -^l-Sl JiO will 1 )0 elected for the coming year. Young f'ooplo's meeting flt fir.'lO p. I'm. You are invited to attend. JOHN n. HltlCHT, Pastor. NEWS OF LA HARPE MASONS AM) EASTERN STAR 1>. STALLED OFFICERS LAST MtaiT. I'cmonal.K. Marabelle Mctiill and rnusln. Jennie Caner. of Kort Scott, left yesterday for Garnctt, Kansas, where they wtii visit. .Indge .T. D. Hill and Dr. Carver re- tcurned to Kort Scoti yesterday. They spent Clirisinias with Dr. and Mrs. J. K. McCill. Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Carver will remain hero and visit. .Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ihrig peturnod to • Fori. S<'i>ll, Kansas, yesterday. They have been lierc vi.siting. Klzie Heath, of Pittsburg. Kas., is tile guest of relatives in tliis city. Clias. Ilriner left yestcrda.v for Uar- tlesville, where he will worli in the smelter. Pete Carrol returned from Toronto, where he has been working lor llie past several weeks.; Mrs. ('oniior returned yesterday from Mlue .Mound. A SHOPLIRER IS WORKING A FOOT llALL (JA .MK HKTUKI 'N rHAM'TE AMI LA HAlirK, MAVHE. "Our Old iirnluckj Home" nt Opera Honsp Toni|?lil—rhiirrh Nollcrs and remoniils. A Shopllfler l.s Working. Some of the local merchants report that there is a shoplifter workini; in ihc city. AKhoiish they say that they are not coiitidcnt ihat^tlii>j know whOLit is, they have had ;overal putters working and liel)i'\e will :;()(in IJC able to tell v,liii .he is. It in no; liKc- ly, however, (hat an atre.>l will Im- low. La Hanx* TS^ ('hnnu(<>. Mayiie. There may hc^ foot ball game yet between I^T Harite ami rhanuto. Now- that Chanute lias issued a challenge: or a game New Years day. I'rclu'i.- Donald, of Kansas nniver .sily fame i.'^ here now and if it is decided to play the game, will take charge of the Harpe team. •*Our Old Kenfactj Home." "Our Old Kentneky Home" will be the attraction at Peels opera house this evening. This play promise.^ to be one of the best of the season. The band which accompanies the thow gave a concert on the streets today. InstaUed Offirers. The Masons and Eastern Star held a joint installation of officers last evening. The Insiiall .jlioD .services ot these two orders are consider <Ml l.\ the "old ioiners" to be (he protiie-ii of any' of 4he more noted orders. Lunch wa.": served and those present enjo.ved a plea^mnt evening. ^ Methodist Vrotistant Churrh. Suflday school at IM a."m. Preaching at 11 a. m. by Rev. I^, ^\ Urooks. Junior C. K. at Z-.^O. I^eadcr. Mr K. C. Corn. i-uiierinteu<leiit. • Christian . lOndeivor.HI •;:.':<) p. m. Preaching at T:."ii l>y Ilev. H. .\ Brooks. Don't fail to hear Rev. Brooks. Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7. • Bustne.?b meeting .Monda.i' eveniiigat 7:30. B.C. CORN, Pastor. Pr<^bj1erian Chnrch. The services next Sabbath will l)e appropriate for the New Year. Preaching by the pastor at 113;"' and 7:30 p.-in. iU f vlF' Junior meeting at 3 p, m. Sunday school at 10 a: m. Officers tor Woman' DAMJER OF ('ATA18KH. Inless Troperl} Trr«t«I With Hj«- inel, H «Tomes Serious. Calarrlial Iroulilcs are far more dangcroii!-, ilum thi-y secju at llrsi thought. If .\(Hi liavc cilanh, there IK an irrl- lalod stale nf (In- mm iin.< membrane .ind w <>akeiicil ti:'.siies wlilcll alTord an ide:il lodgmrnt and ciillure. medium for dK-^ense germs, especially those of coTisiimiition. 'You should pet cured as quickly as i>;ibIe before any dangerous gartus that you may breathe lodge im the liscascd tissue and \>ork destruction in the throat ;ind Iuii!i;=. The simplest. quicke;-t. snr- I and cheajicst way (o riiie <-al ;irrh by the iliroci method, brcathiiig llyomei. This wcuiilerfii! medicated lir ireatnuMil docs not dru? and derange the stomach, but is t )realhed in. ireclly following and destro .viii.^ all ilisease germs that may have been inhaled. The unii;~iial way in which Hyouiei s solil by Cha.-. H. Sl) the best •videiice of bis confidence i4i the treat uent and sh<iuld dispell all doubt as o its curative propertiq.^. He agree.; n refund the purchase'price to any:)no whom Hyoiuei fails to benefit, and voii do not risk a cent in testing its healing virtues. .\ conip'Pte outfit cost but ll.ort if it help.s Vou. not a cent if it does not do all that U claimed for it. A happy NettTTM ^^oerer^obeT^ Mtoa Harjr . and ! NeIHe Minster ieame down, from Kansas Cltjr to spend Christmas irith their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Boman-cams oat from Chanttte to attend the Cbristmas tree, and entertainment at Harmony Tuesday night, and to cat Cbristmas dinner with their brother. Mr. and Mrs. I.,:ni Bailey. .Mr. Chris Itnder and family. Dan Cornell anl family. Frank Booo and! family. Myrtle and RusselT Bamhart.j Mrs. U J. Booo and Lox Booe spent Christmas with Cary Cloud and family. .Mis» I.<aura Day has returned from f >hlo where she has been vlslttnK her! slstrr. Mis. JesRo Bennett lor tsome' time. Krtrina Stoo'.zing will spend Christmas with homo folks. Knuji'^ll and Myrtle Barnhnrt from near I'lqna nie viKiting their grand- (•nrents. Mr. and Mrs. A. C )oud. and other rolatlvcR through holidays. The Christmas entertninment at Harmony was well attended. ^D^ and Mrs. Chris Rader and diiughter. Jaunita, of Bartlesville, came up Tuesday for a week's visit with relatives in this vicinity and Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. Will Stewart spent rhristmas with Mrs. Stewart's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Newman. Harmony will just have three days' vacation this .vear. Tiossie Cornell visited with Zola and Yirgie Cloud Saturday night. Mr. Dan Cornell and family, Chris Kaler and family, Mrs. Mary Booe, Myrtle and Russell Bamhart, Cary Cloud and family visited with Mrs, L. J. Booe Thursday. BETTER THAN SPANKINO. Spanking does not cure children of bed -wctfing. There is a constitutional cause for this trouble. Mrs M. 81115- mer^, FUix W, Soutii Hend. ind., will send free to any mother her suecess- ful home treatment, with full instructions. Send no money, but write her today if your children trouble .von In this way. Don't blame the child, the eiinnces arc It can't help it. This treatment also cures adults and aged peoide. troubled with urino difllcultics i)y day or niglit. Blas'waMwaMd lTanmcB,^M«al Infant CUM tt Mr. and Mn. Htt Dmi— Chncfe HtUces— PeraMnls. nOLDEN VALLET. I Anderson en and t:raud To rontractor.<«. lola. Kansas. Dec. 7. '07. Mr and Mrs. deorv" iiiinllieil lliclr elillilriMi children Chrl«tni»« ifay. Mrs. George A'denn:iii niiil Mrs. %Vnlker calleil on Ye Scribe wbllr slie was sick. 0\\r hest.wlshen to the lllllo Miss Kwliig, daughter of .Mr. ami .Mrs. Jilrhard Bwliig. Mrs. Kwing Ilve<l In our community when a young girl and counts her friends by ilie score. Waller Kllgaris I)Utrhereil PViday. \V. r. \MiIker aiul ,Ilni DiiKan also I'UlcherejJ Friday. 1 l7zle and Elmer Duean were lb riir.-ts of Mrs. tlullelt and Earl last Tu-sday. \Vi> rereived a postcard of the court hous.» of Delphi. Ind.. Christ mas, and it looks natural, although if has been some thirty years since wc saw the building. How time flies. Mr. and Mrs. Tip Williams enter lained J. P. Koehler's family from I :iar |ie. and Ida Kerr from loia on Clirislmas day. W'o were i>1.->,-ivantly remembered Christmas by our friends fnmi off and we sure'y appreciate it. l)r. H«>lm. of lAlIarpe was called l>> flladys .\ryers and Jlr. ,Iohn Spynionr Thursdav. Both are suffer ine with colds. Frank M.vers has th« prip. Mr. and Mr-. Bj'a.=;on entertained Howard Moore's family Christma'^. .Mrs. Frank Myers entertained on Chir.tmas AHss Florence Hedger and Jeanefte !^<'vmoiir were the guests of Miss Pearl Hardin for ."^upper Christmas are glad Ooreo and Ethel Sey mour are gettini: better. AYe saw where Charley Claman lola Town.^hip will h'l bids on ma-;,,;,, foing where the Mexic.ins live .-ad.ini as follows: I \\v wish him w^'l. How short the I'ir.^t half mile on South Kentucky ; ,i„„. ^romn sinoei Claud Stewart and treet i-ouih of Elm creek. beginnlnR; 1^1^1,3 rd -Fwlng .nnd otherK from lola n north end of niacadai^ road, and 1 by with a blooded team and a >n north enit or niacaoaip ro «u. auu j,y ti-,in a mooaea if.uu miu n fence north one-half miHe; or to l>lace j.|j,„jpn,. They are married now and lo^ignated bv townshiii l)Oard. j st.ti'.-»d down and are all good men. ... ... ^ Christmas trees at the Hall and Valley were good. Second one half mile beginning one- half mile west of river on West street ui the west end of macadam road fence we.^i olie-Iialf mile I0 place de.-l- unated liy township board. Third, half mile on south State .ireei two and one-half miles south •>f West, commencing at Abram'.s corner' fence west one-half mile. See i^pecifications on liJc at County 'lerks iiflice. Bo,>rd reserves.right to .-e>ct any and all bids. E. L. B.\RNHART, Twp. Clerk. Orino I.axative Fruit; Syrup, the new Laxative, stimulates, but does uot irritate. It is the best I.Axatlve. Guaranteed or your money back. Bur rell's Drug Store. ... ;nleomropi,or .„„ medical properties ot woico it most faithfully represent*. Of Oolden Seal wot, another preeminent WS»nVW}ar^>WVn: CInclnnaU, says of Golden Seal root: "In nUtion to lU wncrml elTeru oatho is trnfMntdtiTresaraed as UM toale uernl to •^^fWSSaS;. M. D.,of Jelh«on MedlcalX^ollegn, says of (JtJtden Seal: " VsJuable In nterbie hemorrhaae. menor^ (basis •8«^l "«|,^'J„2g5Jfi"" dyimenor- ^^.^erce's'pavorito Frflscrlption faitL- fullT represents all the above named Iti- mdtents and cures thedlseaaei for whioh they are leoommeoded. 1 Fkgkt the Streeta. Willie chastising his younger son on (he streets Just east of Central school building, a Uas City father waa attacked from the rear by an cider son who hit him with a stick. The father loosed all hold of the boy whom ho wuK punishing and started after the boy who hit him with a stick when hu was slopped by a man who was )iass- ing by on the streets. The little follow who was being whipped is said to be ipifte badly bruised from the blows which were inflicted. Hill Itaby Dead. The two-year-old infant of Mr. and Mrs. Hill of this city died yesterday after a short illness. It has been suffering from un attack of pneumonia for the past several weeks but was thought to be doing well until last Tiicsd .v. Tlje funeral will bo held some time tomorrow. The Ball to Be Best Yet. The big New Years ball to Jie given by the members of the Gas City fire department promises to be the best yet. This one will be the fifth annnal ball and the members are now working to make the fifth one the best. The hall wiH be decorated and in fact everything will be fixed properly for the occasion. AMUSEMENTS Wliile produced under the dlroc- lion of Charles B. Hanford himself many intellects contributed Iheir res liectlvely specialized traltilnp to the representation of the spectacular and dramatic masli >rpi ;'ce, .\ntony and CI «"o|iatr;i. wJileh will l>e performed at the Grand theatre on Tuesday, Di cember 31. The biisim-ss details wer B.s Ibey have b.^en for years, under the supervision of L. I/awrence W«lker, The dances were put on by Max F. Trostler. Tbi> music wa-s ar ninged liv I'rof Emil 10. Mori. The Ki'euery is from the stiiiiio of M. Arm bnisliT &• .Sous, and Ih'' eoKliiines after iielng designed ami levlew d by areheologlcal experts, were made liy Hermann, Van Horn K- Eaves. Th pictures aiKl ''lecl ricjil crfecls wen lesl'.:ued ami are <i|ii >rale<| by .\. G llmk. A ••ompcleul piMformnnee of the music is nssiireil by the constant ntlenllon of the company's own o'- chest ra lead.'^r and chorus master. In addlllim to tiiese assistants. Mr. Han frrd has engaged a company which Is regarded as one of the best he ha ever assembled. The cast of characters employed for the production of Antony and Cleopatra is one of tho most ext.-'n sivi- ever seep in a Haiiford perform aiiC'>: yet mi-ril has not beep saeri hreil to numbers. for it includes name.< of great iudivi<iua! brilliancy .Mr. Hanford's pcrfnrmance of .Marc Antony is well known: this sea.son'.-f impersonation beinir a continuation of the sfoo' which was told last year in the production «>f Julius C^asar This time it is Antony the lover, mon tiaii Antony the orator and general that Afr. Hanford portravs. The part of CI .-Hipatra is assumed by Mi'ss Alice Wli^son whose performance bos been •'irt.hiisiastieally approved for its magnetism combined with- forceful dis crnfion. John M Kline and Alexan d^r MacKt'n/io are plavers whos work is w?'I kiif>«ii to Hanfoni audi rnccs. They appear respectively as Enobarbus arjri Oetavius Cea.sar. Novel and tirautifiil scenic and lighting "ff"cts are employed. The repres^nta tion of this magnificent tragedy at the GramI theatre on Tuesday. December 31 promises to be one of the real ihealricai events of the current sea .=on. Will Dugan and family were Ih.' guests nf Mrs. Zerring. Tip WTJllian 'S s (dd and de'lver <"d ropie hogs to .lohn l^ury Friday. AYalter Means and Claud Felkins calleil on I.eanord rvmald Chri.-ifma-; day. Everybody is eompialnlng nf colds Mrs. Florence Hedger is home for the holidays. C. A. POTTER and Merrill Rilfer. of lola. were in the city Christmas morning. They had been visiting at Kiattvillc for a few days.—Ft. Scott Republican. Those Delirioa.i Lemon Pies. The kind that "make .vour mouth water" are easily made with no fussing and at the least possible exi>ensr If you use •Ol'R-PIE" Preparation. It ijs put up in air-tight packages and contains theyright proiKirtions of the choicest ingredients. Every package inspected and giinrnnleed under the Pure I'ood Uiws. Don't hesitate. Try it tr»day an<l then tell your friends. At grocers. 10 cents. DISTRICT COURT ON MONDAY. Judge Foust Will Dispose of a Num bcr of Cases. f'istr/ct court will convene Monday and a numi)er of matters wiiich came over from the last term of court will bp disposed of. Ono of the cases which will be passed upon will be the J. B. Goshorn case. J. B. Goshom is asking that the court compel the city to appoint him city attorney under the old soldier preference law. J-lt WorncnVtroublesveiy often occur r^gu^ Because this may have been so alHrour We, Is no reason Why It should continue. Many thousands of women, who had previously suffered from troubles similar to yours, due to disorder of the womanly organs, have found ^iirekome reUef or cure In that wonderfully successful medldne for women. Wine of Cardiu Mr*. Udbi FWtflk.of tobdou OL. vittes: **! am veB pieaaed vUh the fesoits of ti^ CanhiL I have takan throe boMaii and am omr peifactljr veil, free from pain and have gained 25 pounds la vel^" _Wo-«. IfrooB.- lfafc»IM- ta vUki IMM •nwiops. AUnnt TtOB. AtTBACmrCIf^ PersonaK T. U. Rainer, of \VJchita, was here yesterday calling on the local business men. George Wright, of Coffeyvlile, waa here yesterday on a business visit. Air. and Mrs, Withers, of Nevada, Mn., were the guests ot friends hero yesterday. J. I. Landers of Lcroy, Kas., was here yesterday on business. The North End Chnrch. The usual services at the United Presbyterian church, north Main itrect, on Sabbath, December 29. Hiblo school at 9:-l .'i. Preaching at 11 a. III. Suliject, "A Page From the U'lter of James." l ';eVMln .!j service at 7:30. Subject. The Typical Conversions." You arc cnrdiuiiy invited to all hese services. REV, W. N. LEKPKll, i'astoi. The Christian Churrh. Service.^* as follows at the Christian •burch ne .Ni Sunday: Sunday sehmd at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor at (1:45 p.'m. Preaching at 7 :30 p. m. Suliject, The Meanest Thing in Cas City." Rev A'esley wjis to have used this text ast Sunday but owing to the stormy liiebt he iMistponcd it to next Sunday evening. All are cordially invited to these services. 1 .\t the .Methodist Chnrch. Services as follows next Sabtialh: Sunday sehiwil at 10 a. m. Preaching at 1 a. m. Subject. Eph. 1:3. Junior I.eague at 2:30 p. m. Epworth I.iaegue at 6:4S p. m. Preaching at 7:30. Subject, "Ye (i.ive Not Passed This W.iy Heretofore." Queen Esther Society at Denia •'chackletfs Monday night. D. .M. CA.MPHELI... Passed Examination Successfully. James Donahue, New Britain, Conn., •.rites: "I tried several kidney rem- dies ana was treated by our best iliysiclars for diabetes, but did not mprove until I took Foley's Kidney '.'lire. After the second Iwttle I show- td improvement, and five bottles cured me completely. I have sine? pa .>:E • d a rigid examination for life Insur mee." Foley's Kidney Cure cures 'ack-ache and all forms of kidney and bladder tiouble. Burrell's drug store. PETTICOATS MUST COME OFF. Patrons Say They Cannot Telephone Through Them. fSprIng Hill New Era.) ' For some time it was a mystery o one of Ihc patrons of tho Mijo tel ^phone lines, why, about once a week t was ditneult to talk with a nclglibor- ng family, although conv.-rsation was -iearly audible at other times. It MOW appears that the family had been itili/ing the wire on wash days to bang wet clothes on, causing it to sag •-o as to ground the wires. The Mijo has been up against several pecu'lar tirobiems and solved ,them. but when it comes to telephoning through a string of wet petticoats, it is puzzled. Tho petticoats will have to come off. HOLD BIG WOLF DRIVE. Event Will Occur New Years on Knox Farm. The ReplRter has received a letter from S. U Knox, dated December 2fi, Knox Farm, LaHarpe, Kansas., asking that the attentioo of the pnblic is called to the big wolf hunt which is to be held oq New Years Day. The drirc is to aUrt at noon and the oound up is to take place either on the Knox or Holt pastures In Sa'em township. The present indications are that a big crowd will be in attendance. You know what that means to you. Don't you wait to escape the snow„ the cold, the slush and alJt the discomforts—why noti plan now where to pass ;t.hat season so trying to many persons? Write for intormation about our winter tours to California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Favorable rates, long limits, and stop-overs. W.E. Ralston, Agt^ lOLA, KANSAS. i p f: 1 •i >}\ 1 •'"-1 • •> > Kir AdTetrisemeits eader this head wUI lie Inserted three tiprs wlthoat rhargc. WANTED—Boarders at 302 South Kentucky. Married couple preferred. WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second stret. FOR SALE-mimomllmmmoitm FOR SALE—Good Studebaker buggy, practically new, with good set of |3 ,'i .00 harne.<;s, for s;ile at Howard 's barn If taken In the next few davs at J80.00. FOR SALE OR TRADE—For young 'jtock or team, house and lot. Inquire 1327 North Elm. FOR SALE—Steel range and sideboard, good as new. Dining chairs, rockers and other household goods at half price. Inquire 213 East street. »TEYjE|^ idaw Good Thin^ to Eat Oeaeral Ceattatar.^^^^^:"--."^'- riagstone and Clement ttdewalkaiCaai ' r CnrWngla SpeeiaM*; ' '-.^ ^ t »Br* lis Baft JiciaaB Aeib : To Geatractera. lols, Kansas. Dec. 7,,'OT. Iota township will let bids on jBua^ c.idam road as follows: . : v First half mile ou South Kentt|<^ (Street south of BIm Cre^k,. beglnailv - north end of niactufam roed, n^'-. FOR SALE—Or will trade for good cle;ir farm or $1000 properly in lola, balanre in cash or notes: the Snyder „„ „orin eno 01 niaGaaam ro«a, aim; Livery Barn. La Harpc. J. V. Howell. |fe„cp, north one-;half mile, or'fo p^ FOR SALE—11800 Stock of grocer- |doa|Rnated by townshipjbCNinl.^ 'J^^ Second one -half mile beginDlns les and store fixtures. 402 South half mile west of river o (n West atrfSt ; Knntuckv street 'he west end of- m^cadaai nU ^ Kentucky street. fence west one-half mile t6 place !<rnated bv townshlo board.' ' • FOR SALE;—A driving mare andiignated by township board, buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady | Third half mile cm Soatl|-'8|ate to drive. Inquire 832 North street. Ken- tX )R TRADE :—Town lot on tncky street to tr.ide for young horse. 421 North Cotcawood. TOR REtn- mimomUmmmoum FOR RENT—House and barn. South Kentucky. Phone 998 3—2. FOR RENT—Five room house and barn, three blocks from square. |9.00. VHiitaker & Donnell. One of the callings of a newspaper .0 to do good. The Register believes {that if it can assist those who arc out of work to flhd pOBitions that ft will be d<dnK a great deal, ao commencing at once. The Register will hereafter 1 nntil due notice is glren. publish sit- 1 nation wanted ads three times free of charge. Deserrins are invited to take adraatase of tUa opportunity. Its Economy To have yotir Carpets and Btigs deaacd .by Theiola Rag Factory rNONi ftta- street, two and oiie-balf mil of West, commencing at. Abniai'a northeast corner fence west one^^f ' mile. ' .^rV; - v See speciflcations on file at OointT;,.-!^ CMerks office. Board reserves i^^i^io- •'-•^ reject any and all'bids. \ E. L. BAKNHARt,' ToiraaWp riaeirifc-^^^^^r Danger in Aaking AdWo^-^^',:'' ':U ' WTien you hava a cough .1^ (ioU^^O^':- yfl pot ask anyone what Vk^ as there la danger In -pMajj?— unknown preparattai. ino^^a-" and Tar curea eonsha. eiAtr aa vents pneumfwla. The goMi a yellow packass. Itehise aiihi Burrell's Dmg.Store.: -.'-^^^S^^ IMFEMMOMS'' ^i ^M ^M Are often ppmiaiieaU]r.foniMi|;' ' single purchase* ifiswc^-^—' in your store and new invariably made dnrlng , We advocate apeeial t [.the sterling Una ttotf make a good UnpreMOi|i? pointed crowd burta. moire' and cents, in the md, tbaia not advertised.

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