Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 6
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mi lOLl DIILT MEWS OF LA HAP CITY TO ENURGE THE CORFOB. ATE Li:ilT8 AT OUCS/ gljrORNEY EVANS TO ACT WOoi BBCra MATTES BEFOBE ^fcouKr coxnissioirkBS. Fo«t Ball Uame Between Baker and Jji flarpe tVas Called Off—Dally Baa a Sen Store^Persouals. To Enlarge'LaHarpe. The city df LAHatpe, uiruugti lu at- toi-uey, U L. Uvana, wiU sooa asu tae board of oounl> couiiuUiuouertt to aanctlon an ordimuicu urlngiug add- tUuuX territory iuw tiie cit>'. At Uie iKStiaeaaioa -ol tli« city coajtcli. it was decided to annex OnUcst's tirsi auu aecond additions, AB tliU tract is uot Jret''iitib°divld«d. tile law reauirei tliat tlie county cumiatssioners drsi bear tlifl application oi tbe ciiy to i^ke ilie laai into the city; Aiuiruey iivaus kad yesterday tbat be would proceed it once to'follow tbe Inatructlood KIV«n liiai l>y Uie- couoci: and litat tbe tnatter woulil be taken up witb tbe teunty commissioners as sooa'as pos- felble. Mr. Lowe wbo purchased the dfMnlee tract In tbe Ttclnlty of the Ikai now proposed to be added to tbe dty. has petitioned tbe council to set bis tract outside ot tbe city. It is bardlr possible tbat tiUs will be dose Bince ULB city Is seeking to take in land In the neighborhood of Mr. Lowe's property. j»8TE6PAtST— ^B; W A. ALBRIUBT. Registered'Osteopathic PhysleMn. SUtfr .Bank Bldg. Phone 145, Only Osteopath in La Uarpa. The Qame Called Off. Tbe football game scbeduled to be played yesrerday alternoon on the McDonald gridiron between tbe Baker .UaiTcrsIty eleren and the LaHarpe team was abandoned, the Baker club announcing its Inability to get here yesterday. Much interest waa manl- teatBd to the game and there would hSTC been a large crowd of football taoB present had the game been played. New Ofllcera. At an election beld by the LiaHarpe Masons tbe following offieeni were elected: W. M.. S. Malcolm; S. W., E. €. Danfonh: J. W., J. Wiley; treasurer. C...H Hackney; secretary, C .H. LIpp: tristee, William Turner. InataUation ceremonlea for the new 'offloi'rs' will be beld next Thursday Tflght Oatley's New Store. P. M. Dailey has opened a new general merchandise store In the building fomerly. occupied by Cllne and Is showing a brand new stock of goods. The new store la being operated on ijhe cash system and the lowest possible "cash prices are made. A Talnable fieefpe—Sare It To save time, perplexity and money, 4h8:A>]lowing Is great: To one medium ialsej purse, garnish with a few pieces of coin, add an afternoon oft Sprinkle with Christmas cheer and anticipation, add strong dash of faith and expectation and go to see WATERS & DANFORTH and you'il not be disappointed CHRISTMAS GIFTS, counters laden irtt* ••eto*-.BVERTTHIN& FOR EVERYBODY. Christmas Sermon../ Regular Sabbath serTlees will be heia In the Prefbyterlan cbnrcb to- Mftrdir. Pastor Bright will preach a tChrlstmaa ssinDon. his subject belni;' •The RelalioB of Christ's Birth to' fkid'a Thonjfht for Mankind." '' Friends Church. Rer. Mra. Hubbsrd will prench in tbe Friends church tomorrow. The •errlees wlU be beld at the usual hourt. P. M. Dailrhas iust received his fall stock of Dry Goods. Groceries, Shoes, Fruits, FJour and Confectionery. I have bought the BEST, nothing but the BBST. f have Just ppened this stock III- the building formerly occupied by H: M. Cllne. .Coqav .In .and see me. Get prices otftie REST SHOES made. PHILIP M. bAILT. f More Work In Sight. Prom offlclaJs of tbe Smelter company eomes the Information tbat ' BOfiTf blocks In the factories here are - tor te opened-up dnrirar the first of nekt moath. A shipment of ore Is expected dally and with Its arrival additional blocka wll be started up. To yatea Center. Mr. and Mrs. J A. Taylor are In T«t«s Center where they wect to attend the funeral of Mr. TayloHt ais- ; ter:lprlaw, Mra. J. Taylor, wbo died '" iMt 'iSnirBdaf afternoon of ilineaa in- 'ddept .to eld age. Personals. J W. LiBury waa In tola yesterday. MHi. <t. Bobbins spent yecterday in Qda visltiaf, ' Un. Cbitfles Asner and little dangh (er 9fi in r.aHarjM. the anesU of Mr*. ^>Ch*r'a alster. Mrs. H. P. >tiot]r. :^ Jf^' •: '• III". IIIIL.I II I , li r :.plUl. Reward. Gift. J^TER weeks of preparation our store is now crowded with Christmas gifts for women and children. Everything you might wish in wearing apparel for women is here and at a price that will be tempting. Furs, Suits, Coats, Waists, Slippers, Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, etc., in endless variety and if you would select something for the home, here too we are prepared to give you exceptional offerings. As usu^l the store will be open evenings until Christmas, beginning tonight. Christmas Post Cards at, per dozen ...lOe and ^iOtf- Other values at 45 and J>()«^ Waste Paper Baskets, worth 2uc, now 10 <J Other values at 506 to 7.56 Dainty Aprbns at 15. 25, 35. 50*!! Other values up to $1.50 Tam-O-Shanter Caps' in melton cloth and bearskin, worth 85c and $1 .00. Choice ...4k 596 Suit Cases at.... $3.50 to $10.00 Heavy full leather Suit Case, strap and brass trimmings, a special value at m.rM Traveling Bags priced at $1.35 to $16 Black Leather Shopping Bags, leather lined, snlall coin purse and card case, $3.00 and 13.50 bags. Choice $1.49 Children's Crib Comforts, covered with fine quality silkoline leaf and floral patterns on white ground, yarn tied. Price $1.00 Other values in Comforts up to $15 Cotton Blankets in tan or grey price 4.16 Other values up to $7.50 WTiite Crocheted Quilts % size, price I $1.00 Other values up to $5.00 Wool Crib Blankets in white with blue and pink borders, ribbon bonnd ends price $3.00 and $2.50 Gold or Silver Handled Umbrellas, worth $3.00 and $3.50. .5 Choice $2.39 Gold or Silver Handled Umbrellas, worth $4.75 and $5.00. Choice $3.29 ilJM Mnnslog Union Suits %\M. No. 945, sizes , 4, 5, 6, regular price $1.50; special sale price, suit $1.00 Kur Trimmed Felt House Slippers, for women, black, blue, green, red and brown. Price pair $1.00. $1.50. $1.65 and $2 Neck Ruffs in cream or black, the $5.00 ones re-marked at $3.75 And the $6.60 quality ... $5.00 New Belts at 506 to $3.50 Ulack and coNufd l.father Boudoir SlilUiers, all sizi-.s. l^iiie pair $1.<M) Silk Shawls, price eacli $1. ^I.-IO. $3. $3.rjO and ,$3.50 Tin; lleliiiejitor would make a nice Christnias pii-seiit. iirico. a year.. $1 Hiiy hor a Glove Certificate; gloves can he fitted any time $1.00. $1.50, $3..->0 and $4.00 Tailored Waists in cotton or linen, price $1.50. $3.."iO. $3 and $3.50 Taffeta Silk or .Mcssnline Waist.s in lilack or colons, price .$4 and $4.50 Hlack Ol- loiored Wool Skirts at to .Si7..'»0 M'ack or Colored Cloth Coats, priced at .$4..10 to $37.50 Long Silk Kimonas in floral and oriental patterns, jiriced at $5 to $10 German Robe Blankets in tan, blue, rod, black and green combinations, snitahle for hath or lounging ro'.ies. price $1.35 to %l .riU One lot of i»icture.^ mounted on hr-avy mat card hoard, subjects by fhandler Christy. Reminington and other noted nrrists. Choice while they last 3,16 Fancy Kiljl)ons 4 to 7 inches wide, values up to 75c. Choice 3.56 Fancy Ribbons .'. to 8 inches wide, • real warjt prints, values up to $1.25. Choice 496 Silk Stockings for ladies in pink, h!ne. green and tan, all are made with double soles, price, pair $1.35 Fancy Krahroidcred Silk Hose, price pair $3..50 Holly no.\es 5 «k. 7J46 nnd 106 Holly Seals, package 56 Gummed Christmas Labels for mark Ing packages, one dozen labels in book; price 106 Holly Tags and Holly Ribbon of all kinds, ChrlKtinaH tree ornaments. priced at, each 16 t« 56 Or dozen 106 to 456 I-'ancy Collars made of net ruching and ribbon, put up In Individual boxes . pink, blue, maize, lavender and while priced at .5()«^ $2.5(> P,\LL.W V.\ IIA .\I)KERC111KK.S. I'lillniun Ilandkficliifl's on sale at 56 Ladies' Pure I.iiiiii plain hemmed or fjtncy stripe and plaids, at 106 l-'ancy eniljruidireii corners with I)lain centers or allover einijroidered designs at 156 Plain linen iinlauiuIereU witli initial corner, fancy aliover eniliroidereil. plain center. i ;:il)MH(I. n-J corners ut 356 Si.v lor $l..'55 Fancy Cmss l!:ir cinl)roiiIi 'riMl and initials, plain Iicniiiied linen, fancy embroidered iKirdcr and henuned at : 356 Three for . $1.00 All over e.nliroidered i)atterns with wreath cornets, embroidered edges, dotted border and corners, |)!aid centers, lace insi-riion and edge, plaid center. ej:il)roidered corners, check centers. lace insertion and edge plaid center, dfittcd etiil)roidered corneis at ,-506 Al'ovcr check r-nihroidereil corners plain center einlir<;idered liorder. allover rose and ietif embroidered at, 5:ich 656 i'lain sheer linen. Irish point lace edge, plain center, embroidered border corded and enibroideri;d border at 756 Check and embroidered border, idain center, late and insertion edge, check center, lace insertion and edge otlier Handkerchiefs up to.. $6..10 FE.VTllKlt BIIAS. A mark down on the prire of all I-'eather Hoas, white, i)lnk ami bine Ixjas. The ones that, were nitirked $1'!50 and $2.75 are now $1.9.5 $5.0I» are now $3.95 $0.00 are now $4.15 $7.50 are iKtw $4.9.5 ?n.5ii are now $6.4.5 $10.00 are now $(i.9.5 .•Vloney Hak Black Silks make good presents: they're high class,Silks, yet not extravagant. Money-'^k Silks have detachable selvage and the name is woven on every inch of the selvage. .Money Hak means just what it says, yoiir money back if not satisfactory wear in every yard, 24, 2G and :!4 Inches wide. Price, yard $1..50 Men's House Slippers in everett and opera styles, tan or black, price pair SI.3.5. $1.50. $1.75 and $3.<M) <'liiidren's Felt House Slippers with lambs wool insule. Price $1.(M> and $1.35 Inl'iiiifs Soft Sole, Fur Trimmed Shoes, prici- pair 5<)6 Soini! fine hand made and hand |)ainted Leather Goods were moving too slow and rather than wait until invoicing time we have cut the price cj!ie-,third and one-half. What would bf nicer than a gift for lady or gent thati one of these rich leather pieces. They were all designed and made at the shop of the Indian Horse. .\lbi'i- qnenine. New Mexico. I '.'ix^.". inch Lily design, rich olive tint, was $7..".ii. now .> $.5.00 1:7 inch Pond Lily circular pattern, dark green, was $(>.50. now . . .$4.50 24x4."> incli (;ra|)e pattern, ricli orange color center, was $15.00, now $9.85 H;x2.'i inch Lily oval pattern, maroon center, was $4.50, now . . .$^$,,5() $5 .00 lliirnt I-eather Pillow Top.';, now $3.50 Subject.?, Bucking Broncho, the Bucker and Chief Great Eagle, instead of $5.00. now $.3.50 Dragon Pillow 16x24 inches, was $7.50, now $5..50 Leather back Post Card Albums Willi picture of library, court house, .Methodist church and railway power house. Price $1.(K) Special prices on Christmas Bells in dozen lots. Toddy Bears 7.56 and $1.35 Bed Tissue Christmas Bells At .156. 206 and 356 Indian Rattles made by the .N'avajo Indians, hand carved. I'rice 3.56 Hand made Wool Pillow^ Tops, made by tiie Navajo Indians, were $2 .50. now $1.95 Indian Moccasins jiriced at $1.00, $I..50 and .»i ;3.00 Burnt Leather Blotters, souvenirs of lola, j)rice 3.56 Leather Indian Pajiooses, were 25c. nott- 1.56 Burnt I.*ather Pipe Racks, souvenirs of lola, price $1.35 Leather Ba^js. souvenirs of lola, ITice 756 Ladies' Pure Linen Handkerchiefs, each ,56 Fancy Bordered Cambric Handkerchiefs 5 <J Dozen, .5.56 ' A special showing of Hand Painted China, the work of Miss Charles and 'Miss Chaml)erlain.. Priced at $l.(K) to $3.5.00 Fancy Box Stationary.. 356 t" 7.56 Knelling in white, black, pink blue and cream, an inch 26 A world beater, pure lUien Napkins size 20x20 inches in Ivy, dot, tulip, rosebud and l «;af designs, well worth $1..50; special value, dozen $1.00 Linen Table Cloths, fine quality, size 2 yards by 2 yards, price $2.3,5 Ot^er values up to $10.(N) Table T.,inen by the yard 62 inches wide, bleached or unbleached, price -vard 256 lo $2.00 Napkins ISxlS, 20x20 and 22x22 inches, leaf, dot and floral pattern.s, price, dozen 7.5^ to $7,.50 Fancy Linen Towels, plain hemmed or fringed, priced at 106 t" $1.2.5 l..unch (;ioth !4. Scarfs and Squares, one lot at 196. other values up to $2..50 .Silk Candle Shades in green, pink and blue, jiriced at 856 Shade holders 10^ ft Another shipment of Springfield rifles is due Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. The price will be as before, $1.95 Telephone your order in now and have one r2served for you

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