Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1907
Page 2
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L2 TO WLA >HLT laqwrM. 8ATCHBAT EYEmC. PECEMBEB 28. H>7. -.••.1^ . S V'i '-ij.v' lifiilfiry |«;tli.Dritii JIatcf SUfiiflfins '^^'^^T ^^^^^^^^^^ .M M — . X I- Ml Establfohed 1869. KLTDf FMOHl, iHt CMkier. ,000 Evening' With Cardt. MIsB Cora Klein gave a vory picas- ant party last ovoninB for a sroiip of Intimate friends who arc RpcudluK the holidays with rc'aUvrs here. Iiij honor of the «ven» tho rcsldcnoo had been prettily drrorated with flowors, iwhlte «nd Rreon predomlnatlnR In the Uyjns rooni, pink In tho parlor, while the dlnlnp room was made un- treually^ attractive liy (xinches of red and whlto carnations. PTOKreasivp euchre was plnynd nt JI TB tables. Ilie ladles' prlr.e polnc to Miss Barbara Fry and the pcnlle- man's prize to Mr. Otto Hough. Mrs. Klein Jiad the asslstanre of Miss Edaa Klein and Mls» Uuth Horton In lasldo and 500. a comparatively new = '!!i?l"JLf°'l°''^"?.'"'''o*fL, panic, was plajed. The house was Barbara Pry. .Tosephine Rldd'e, Ber-|. V._._„_^ .._„.. Removal Sale AT SewalFs Jewelry Stare Is Still Going On. i First door North Postoffice tba Hoch. Ruby Heller. Nettie Brigham, Florence llohart. Mayme Anderson, Helen Smith. ,HufUe McMillen. Usa Pepper. Messrs. Floyd Robinson. Otto Hough. Roam Coffey. Harvey Heller. Mr. Ruff, of Pittsburg. Fred Apt. Guy Pees, Elvfe Cllliatt. Claude Wright and Newton Briphani. • -i- Informal Party. Miss Opal Mundon euterlalned th» following young people at cards last evening": Misses Almeda Arnold, Crace Brackenridge. Opal Mundon, Messrs. Leslie Campbell. Chris Blaclc and Ted Clllesscn. • • • Dinner and Theatre Party. Miss Gladys Northrup will entertain Miss Mary Nnrthnip and her giiests. Misses Julia Snyder, Helen Moulton. Helene and Hortensc Myers, .of Fort Scott, and Miss .Tulia' McCIain, of Kansas City at dinner tonight and' afterwards there will be a box party! to see Adelaide Thurston at tho Grand. • \ + + + MJse Culbertson to Entertain. MlBS Lena Culbertson will give card party on .Tanuary second for a group of friends. + • * Miss Northrup's Reception. The most .elalwrate event given thus -far during the Yuletide season by members of ,the younger socla set,occurred yesterday at the home of MV. and MVs. F. A. Northrup when Miss Mary Northrup received from- two until five o'clock, to introduce a group of visiting girls, Mlssev Helen McClain, of Kansas City, Jull.i Snj-^er. Ifelcn Moulton, Helen and Hortensc Myers, of Fort Scott. During thrj afternoon a large niim ber of young ladles were received The rooms wore lighted by prettily shaded chandellors and In the dlnlnc room fenis ^nd flowers wore used with charming effect. The fable WBP covered by a handsome c'oth of cluny Icce and a centerpiece of Chincsr lilies with tendrils of southern smllax . radiating to small red paper malchc stars made n. most beautiful appear ance. The ices were red and small cakes were served. In the first reception room Miss Lillian Northrup presided at the punch bowl, which was placed in a bow window trimmed with Indian relics. Mrs. Northrup and Jliss Northrup had the assistance of Mrs. L. L Northrup. MIFS Mary Hil!es. MISH Gertrude Holmes and Miss I^la Holmes during the afternoon. The guest list includes seventy five names • • * For Euchre Club. Mrs. B. E. Allison was among the charming hostesses of the week now closing, her entertainment being a party yesterday afternoon for members -of the Friday Euchre c'ub. Tht usual custom of the club was set beautifully festooned with holly and (iiristmas greens and Mrs. Allison served a vory elaborate live o'clock luncheon. Among tnosc presen were Mesdames C. C. Ausherman, A. II. Campbell, C. H. Shields, E. D Sh'eds. H. V. Drosbach, S. A. Coff man, L. Crabb, J. A. Wheeler. John Hughes, George Hoch, Leigh Hunt. F'ague, r>. W. Reld, H.*H. Funk. .Mont Palmer, F. Bennottc Smith, E. . McClain. M. Schoenbrun, J. G. Mittlebaeh, F. A. Smith, A. L. .Studer, C. H. Apt, and Mrs. Pot­ ior, of Coceyvllle. • • • Channe Club Name. U is quite probable that after thi.= week the Friday Euchre club will use a new name. At the meeting this Eye Glasses . Old f Fitted by a Graduate Optician. aiidiip. Mo. Ht^'MmM M« M. JC. ft T. cUchre to 500 so that this decision , will probably result in the club name ef .the Friday 500dub. + * + Visiting in Lawrence. Miss Barbara Fry went to l.*w lonce today to sjiend the week end with Miss Verta Blngley, who will be married to Mr. Vcne Fry on New Years day. Mr. and Mrs. George Fry Mrs. Chas. Fry, Mrs. Byron Burns and Mlf=s Jessie Fry will go to Lawrence on Tuesday to be present at the wed •ling. • • * For M-. anrJ Mrs. Pottfer. ."Mr. and Mrs-. A. H. Canipboll en nainod a number of relatives at din •ler on Thursday evening in compli ment to Mr. and .Mrs. R. W. Potter ;in<i Miss Inez ro'ter. of Cpffejvl'le The tablo decorations were narclss' •xiuf feniB. ^ To Arrange Program. Karly in ihe New Year Mrs. W. D WVWe. pnsident of the Second dis irioi federation of WTomen's clubs will ca'l a meeting of officers of various clubs to arrange a program for the list riot federation convention whlrh comes to lola next year. Officers from the clubs over the district and presidents of the local federated clubs will be here for the meeting. 4. Entertained at Dinner. Miss Margaret Wolfe, daughter, of Mr. snl .Mrs. William D. Wolfe, was hostess of a few Gas City friends a' Ilnner last evening. •*• • • . Visit MiM Chamberlain. Mrs. T. S. Stover and Miss Flora Kapp, of l.jiwrence will go to Hum boldt tonight to be guests of Miv: Mary- Chanilierlain for two days. + + + Visit in Humboldt. Mr., and Mrs. Hermann Tholen and their quests, Mr. and Mrs. Dunbaugl' and Miss Florine Dunbaucb, of Wl«i ita, will be entertained by Mr. and .Mrs. John Tholen of Humt>oIdt oc Wednesday of next week. • • • Roller Skating Party.. • Mlii^es Ethel Horton, Gladys and Mary Northrup and Miss Mary North rup. tOKcther with a party of friendf attended a party at the skating rinV this morning. • + * Mlsata Ida and Ethel Dlllman. ol Ottawa ar« -«tsitinE their sister, Mr« W. 8. Ttaontpsoa. Miss* Dorothy Lanyon has left toi lola wbere the Will TteH with rela tives for a few dayai—Pittsburg Head light. To Oiv* Taffy Pull. A party of young ladies who ai members of ths elasa which lira. A>. v.. Leniaatere teaches In the Presbyterian Sunday school hare organized themselves into a club, tho purpose of which is to promote social and charitable work. The' offlcera are: Miss Florine Wlheeler, president: Miss Edna Klein, secretary, and Miss Grace Gates, treasurer. The youn; ladies will give a taffy pull on next Thursday evening In the basement of the church. The following names compri'se the class roll: Misses Fiorina Wheeler. Melvin Gritton, Georgia Grltton, Miriam Hughes, Leona Sagner. Mlay Rose, Bertha Swigart, Lc'a Holmes, ^na Klein. Mary Crouch. Grace Gates, Gratia Allison. EHiz- beth Apt, Trean Lowdermilk, Lacilc Copoland. Viola I>9lgamo, Jean De'- sarno and Margaret Wolfe. • • • .Mr. Mocker, of Quincy, III. HcNflL BROTHERS: Still in business, still selling honest goods at remarkably low prices. Liberal discounts liU the first oi the year. I THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Increasing cloudiness with rain or snow Sunday '=br possibly late tonight; warner tonight •PAINTING THE TOWN" MONDAY. Chas. H. Yale's Attraction Is a Great Launh-Producer. come to spend a week with Mr. 1A> valne Northrup. Mr. Mocker is enjoying a vacation from Bleca Acad-| imy at Macon. Mo. + + + Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Haigler, of Independence, are visiting Mr. and Mrs.) wailard TeaU. • • + Mr. David L. Dunn, of Huntington, Arkansas. Is a guest of Mr. I»uls Scb'angcr. • • • Mrs. C. Edison and Mrs. G. W. E»> "rf, of Chanuto, were guests of MIssj Grace Fitzgerald yesterday. <. <• ^ Mrs. D. L. Dumbaugh who has been •Islting Mrs .Herman Tholen, is a There is no question about tho complete success of Charles H. Yale's "PalnUng the Town." That was settled long ago. Thousands and thous inds of the regular theatre patrons ha^lknow it, as well as the Chas. H. Yale \muKenient company, its owners. Re- uni engagements arc eageriy songht after in every city it has been plajed. The reason is simple; the pcoj)!." want it. It makes you laugh and scream. The scenery, costumes and -«leclrlcal effects are the best that •noney can buy. Among the chief laugh makers are lohn F. I^nard and WJIl llnlliday. Mar.'e Kinp. Queen of r.anters. is seen n lier creation. Utopia of The Land ind Fancy, said to be the mast cost 'y vaudeville act and one which both syndicates are anxious to secure, but which the Charles H. Yale Amuse ment company saw fit to retain. Do not be mls'ead by the many show pos LAY CURB MONDAY Norton Concrete Company Began Preliminary Wor1< Today on Curbing. The Horton Concrete company began tod.iy making preparations for the laying of the curbing on South Walnut street. Men are today pumping water out of tl'c trenches which "^Tre due sometime ago and other such prepanitions are being made so timt the work proper can be begun Monday. DYNAMITED ITALIAN'S HOME. Black Hand Had Atked Sum of Money From Victim. nrownsville. Pa.. Dec. 2S.—The home of Homer Fredlanl, an Italian, was wrecked earl.v toda.v b.v an ex- I!lo.sjon of dynam' hut neither he nor the members of his family were injured. Recently he riH«eIved letters from an alleged Black Hand society, thoatening death If money was not paid to the Eoclety. ^ue.-'t of Mrs. Holtsc)^eIder of Hum-lttrs of other attractions, but wait for ^oIdt today. * * • Mrs. George Tronrtwld and son Rob ert are spending the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Stevenson. + • • (Mrs. H. Tholen is spending a short time with PIqua relatives. * • • Gave Dance for Guests. •Miss Gladys Northrup gave a dance 'ast evening at the home of her par- •-nts, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Northrup In compliment to Miss Mary Northrup's guests. The billiard room on the third floor was handsomely decorated for tho occasion and the guests spent a happy hour with dances after -vhich they were served with a lunch- on at the home of Miss Mary North- 1 up. Those who attended were Misses Gladys Northrup, Helen Moulten, Helen McClain, Helen Myers, Hor­ tensc Myers, Julia Snyder, 'f^lffA SwlTart, Ethel Horton, I.cla Holmes f'lertrude Holmes, Mary HHIes, ljc\a '^rlggsby, of LaHarpe, Elizabeth Bon- r. Margaret Smith, "brace Hasklns •.Tessrs. Hunt, Heringer. Molk- r, Luther Parman, Waldo Coffman Phil Stover, Max Beales, Paul Coop- r, John I.ovoca. Harvey Howard, Lynn Coffey, E. Hershkowftz, Lorainc Northrup, Arthur Brl(:ham. * + • For Miss Rankin. Miss Dessa Rankin, of l.awrence. vho Is a guest of friends here, was Informally entertained last e\-ening '.y Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Lemasters. A vory merry hour was spent with Faroes and music, and the evening "losed with a luncheon. The guests were: Miss Rankin, Miss Mahle Braw- r. Miss Theta Brewer, Miss Grace '{inne. Miss Elva McCall, and Dr. and Mrs. O. T. LaGrange. + + + Miss Reed Here. "Miss Trilla Reed, principal of th" ligh school at Bartlesvllle. Okla.. i.-ere for a week with her parents fr. and Mrs. L. C. Reed. Miss Reed has been attending the Teachers' As -iQciatlon at Tulsa and so could not bo here for the Christmas season. Charies 11. Yale's "Painting The Town." and will never regret doing 30. It appears at the Grand Monday light.. DIVORCE AFTER 34 YEARS. Mrs. Dora Shoaf Benan an Action Anainst Georne Shoaf. . Dora D. Shoaf brought suit In dis trict court today, asking for divorce from Georpo ShoaL The couple wais married In February. 187."? and llv fl ti>gether until the jiast year. Thev have several children. Non support and a jealous disposition are alleged as the grounds for the action. A. P. HARRIS and Frank Travi- are attending the meeting of the Re publican state central committee. R. S. RALL. of Little Rock. Ark. is here visiting his siF.ter. Mrs. Mar.\ Johnson. H.lNKHri'T .MK.N ().\ STEA.MER. ins.siN.Hi|tpl River Pllni Says .Srhwart and .Vdler Were leaving City. New Orleans. Dec. 2.S.—Samuel t'hurch. the iiilot who took the steamer Aliilis down the Mississippi, said vesterday that William Adier was ilioard the Alphs. .Mr. Church knows \dier personally. He said Moses Sehwart. foundery company vesterday went into the hands of a receiver, was also aboard. POTATO CROP FAILED THAY ARE FRESH. A choice a.v)hwtmcnt of this popn-. lar brand i-t CRABB'S. When you btiy Lowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge bl thei)''freshi]ess goes *iih *' them. Get >ournext candy at Crabb'^ and sec how well It pleases you. CRASH'S DRUG STORE/ Corner Washington and West Sts. DB. MeaiLLEH, Bpaclal attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diaeaa- aa and Dlaeases of Children. Talephonaa: Olflca 32, Rea. 232. OiBca In Mrs. Turner's Bids., West Madison. • • • a Phone 687. Rea. 70L • .QS. 0. L. COX, Eye. Ear, Noaa and Throat •pactaclea Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. Phone 564. lola. ^ J>B. EDITH 8. HAI6H. • Office and Reaidence brer Bnr- * reir.* Oras-Store. • Office Honr»-^10 to 12 a. m.. I • to 4 p. m.. 7 to 8 eTeolnsa. • Bondaya by Appointment * a • • Hanj IVtitlonH In Bankmptey Uceu Filed in Maine. Hare lloulton. Me., Dec. 'JS.—The failure f the potato crop In Aroostook coun- y has been dirertly responsible for lie filing of twelve petitions In bank- '•uptcy in .Maine for the past week by firmer.'; and others interested. The OSS reiiresents three hundred thous-j' '.nd dollars. ' * Office Phone 1083. Night Phone 406. DS. S. 0. CHBISTIAH. Fhyileiaa and Sanreen. Rooma 7 and 8. Erana Bldg. .MRS. A. X. MINEAR came in yes 'erday from Haxtum, Ccdorado, where <he has been for the past several months. DAVE LONG has returned from week's visit In Kansas City. REV. AND .MRS. L. C. Hamlsh returned today from Kansas City. Rev Marnlsh will fill his pulpits flt lola .;j'.d Petrola tomorrow as usuili. JOBBERS GOT NINETY CENTS. •^our Were Arrested An Hour After | They Held Up Dispatcher. Chicago. Dec. 28.—^Four masked obbers entered tho Forth-flfth Ave- lue station of the Chicago ft Alton railroad early today and after threat- 'ntng the train dispatcher with re- 'olrers. relieved him of his money— % cent*—and then departed. They So great was the success that vare arrested about an hour later by charming Adelaide Thurston scored In i ralltxMd detective and one of them vas Identiflftd. I^ey gave the names if Frank Carney. Montreal; Albert -fackie. Chicago: Michael Hnrphy. '>hiladelphla and Cornelius Laughllo, 'yracyse, N. Y. HARGED.WITH SELLING BOOZE.| F. J. Walker Arraigned In Police | Court This Afternoon. her new play "The Girl From Out Yonder" last season that her nian- igcr. Francis X. Mo|ie. has decided to continue this season with it. Managers, wherever the i)Iay was given last year, were most anxious to book 4 return engagement, liecause it gave to the brilliant young actress a wider fcoiie for the display of her varied talents. As Flotsam, .Miss Thurston is sur- F- J. ;WaIker, colored, waa arraign -"d in pOUCB court this afternoon on •he charge of selling intoxicatintt rounded by scenic effects and condi- .'i^uor. He Is charged on three counts nons and a general atmosphere that ;^is'*;32,';?.;e'rriV!reir:jirc ^r- r r r."^ iTial. PoUee Judge J. M. Colllna fixed ^he play abounds In heart taterest his bond at 9^00. He,is making aii siltiattons. Broad comedy and infln- effort to raise the bond.- "ts pathos are harmonlo<i8ly blended I nvrjEK win tht "''"^ " '* sorrow that Flot' Adelaide Thurston will be at the ereniBS for an «tOTd^TlsTat^t trouble. Grand Theater this evening In "The Ibe, Mo.. Omaha, and Falrbury, Nebr. an* the braveo' she evinces and the Girl From Out Yonder." steadfastness of her affection cannot hut a]>peal to an audience even trough it is made up of worldly men ind women, and yet so deftly is the humor Interwoven that on© hardly realizes bow closely the two are allied until the play Is over. The play which is the work of Pauline I'lielps and .Marlon Short is well written and affords a great deal of opportunity for the different members fH the company as well as giving Miss Thurston the I)e8t chance she has yet had. for the display of those remarkable qiialtlie.^ which have placed her In a cla.ia all by herself. The scenic environments are realistic and much more elaborate than what is usually 'given to plays of this character. * R.1S. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. DB. J. B. PEPPER. DeaUst Is permanently located over E. C. UcCIain's Clothing Store, and is prepared to do all klnda of np-io-date dental work. lErenlng work by appointment F. H. MARTDT, • Surgery and Diseases of • Women. • Office and Residence Phone 576 * Office 7 North Jefferson. • DR. W. B. HKILMim. Pbyaleisii A.SutcMb Office N. E. Coraar of Sqiiara. Orer K.C.Plamblnc Co.'a Store Rea. Tel 38. Office TeL 502. P. L. Latlirop, Mra. Beaaie O. Latbrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHlUCURg. Special .attention glren to Dla­ eases of Women and Chfldren. Orer iBest Side Hardware. Office "Phone, Blaln 468. W. H. AHDER80H. Itteney^Law. Notary and Stenographer in Office. Phone 466. • r U. A. Ewlnx, 8. A. Gard. O. R. Gard .• * I • EWOre. GABD * CllSD^ * • I • ; - Itswyen. * PracUce'ln all GMrta 1^ * • t\iW. Ijbdlson. FteM ML • Thc««OarWayw Restaurant h25o Everything In Season. S HORT O RDERS of ALU K INDS lOLA STAte BANK •UIOLAR OAPtTALM^OO A. W. Beck. L. B. Horville, T. A, Roliinaon, B. L. Headeraon, J. H. KNIGHTS OF SACCABEESr- Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights in each month. 3. \V. Post wait." commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. ^.irr^Cainp No. 101 me«U tv K.. of P. Hali erery Friday night W. T.! Steele, C. C; A. H. D»^. Cleif TIpltora «ord1aUy Invited. kMGiira OP rrriaMu-* oa». l>)d«e Vo. 43 meeta erery * ndia^ nitJht at K. of P. HaU. TialU « bro thera Invited. W. a Thompson. tl.C.; Ctarla Rltter.;K. of R. and B. K. W. kr-rTh* U. W. A. Lodga meeu every, Friday night in M. W. A. hall. Vlritlng brothers Inrlted. W. H. Aqderaon. VrC; W. A. Cowan. Clerli. BOTiOEieinBOBSi^IoIa Canai No. 365, Royal Neighbors. meeU a»fK ond and fourth Tuesdays of ea«i> mouth, an.. P. A. Wagner. oracTe: Mra. Mary Hatton. 413 W«-* 9::«et Recorder. ,' PRATKRNAL BBOTHSRHOOD^ Fraternal Brt'therbood No. 380 meets second and fourth Thuralay of each month In A^O .U .W. HalL Visiting members conlHaly. lnTite4. W .H .A» derson, preaident; Golda Klam. aecre* Uiy^^ ^ J Jaaler Orlt^ Patted Aacrteu M^ cb»alear-Mer<« every Wednaeday er- ening at 8 o'clock In K. P. HalL All vi4tUig members Inrlted. R. A. Wtdlck. ConnCelor; a a j Black. Re& Secretary. JXWKLER8.- R. P. PMonut, old reUiMe Jeweler, 110 Eaat BtrM. = Livingatiip Co All klMa of work a •»edatty t MM Robert D »Tb Tnuufer. Robert Davis. Baggage and Transfer. company. Household moving a spec>.0 iaity. Office at Brown's Smoke House. OOOOOOO^O OOOOOOOQO ooooooaoooooooooo o - o O REBRir M1X8TBEI.S O O All This Week • O B.iCH£JLLOB TRBATRB. O O I' J:

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