Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY BECiSTEB, SATTBPAY BTEmO, DECEMBER 1g. 1908. 5_ Oar Baokiog Methods Will please you. Tlie result of doing business with a safe and conservative bank is shown in our coatiaued steady growth. If yen are not a patron of this bank, why tot become ont? We give the same courteous treatment to the man or woman who deposits $10 as to the f 1000 customer, In fact, we would rather have one hundred small depositors than one large one covering the same amount. Be your business large or small, remember that at this bank it h regarded as vSTRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. State Savings Bank Capital $25,000 Mm, Kmnmmm Open 7 to 8 p, m. Saturdays and Pay Nights —^The only* Cafe that serves the Genuine Seal Shipt Oyster. Our Way. Back Xome. O. S !ul anil wearing was tli.' i ?av when A\111iam Henry went away, to nil his mind with knowledge ;he wont away to Iparn to speak such langUaKes j 85? French and Uree-k. at some big Hastorn collt-go. And unyt he's homo again, and we. in humble way. begin to see the use of education: for he can sprint a good long mile in regn lar Dorando style, and box to adnilr- ntion. 1!( "s loaded with the latest ga-is and he can name the winning nags at all the recent races: he's samjdcd life in all its shades; he knows the' pretty chorus mald.s. with ochre on their faces." And he can quote- thR sporting rot that makes the Sunday j papers hot, and he is smooth at bill-j inrds; the useful stuff he knows today, would not, it's greatly feared, outweigh a pin on anj-steelyards.—Walt .\Iason. Are Preparing Stock for their Greatest — on Iiavfng V. S. Tioxtr, CHRIST ^45 111 ll<-^~i|•alll.• |.;i<-i.;i:''- !"r iiiaKiiit; gifi.s All sJa.'iil;. !ii ami j.iM.^i'a;- Ijr.iiid:^ SO cent A to $3 a box I'arked IZ. i' 'em i,v. r .-it i-i- ".'/ In hi.v. I,<rt)k SPENCER'S Short Stories o r 1 lola Happenings — I'lank H. lioatlle, V. S, I'lione V.'.'X Only a Few Days.- Thi- paving of .National .\vfnue will <:oaip!e[t(I in a few days and turn • ••i over to the city for trafllc, as tlie lo.-id of,coarse rock was put place yesterday afternoon at three o'- dork, and all that remains to be don< is to <-<»ver this with a layer of line rock, coniinoniv called chats, and the lop coating of tarvia. The street will tiien bo one of the finest driveways in tlie .state of Kansas, and one that ev cry citizen of Fort Scott sliould be proud of.—Republican. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Mumfoctitrers, Wholesale And Retail Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Bastneii. Pbome IIC FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Chief Oales said this morning that he had received no advices c<incernin Loiick. Joins the Army. Harry Wilbile, of Emporia, has been accepted by local Recruiting Officer Rigliy anci will enter the cav.ilry sen ice. lie is now in the city awaiting ihi' arrival of Lieutenant C. D. Winn. t!ie district ofhcer, who will ar rive Moi.'day from .Joplin to confirm his ac(o|itance.—Parsons Sun. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Ivow Rate. .Annual Intrre.-it. Payment.^ rer<;ivtd at any time witbuul iiiiilce. aiul Interest ceases on ;niiiii;i.I paid. Lone or .Short Time Loans. Cunningham & Arnett — Tlie weather is alw.ays fine al f'ralil.'.-. .\\<it tl(<.' Il<(( «'h /»C(i ):ite. Anderson to Speak, War.-ice Anilerson of lola will ad- ilresfl ilie Y. .\f. ('. A. men's meeting Suiiiiay afternoon. .Mr. Anderson i.s w<ll known in ilniiilioldi. having heen assisi;int county ailonii-y for >ionie (inie—tliinibublt Herald. —FItzltenild Storage and Tranxfi-r Co. IlhiiKPbold and piano niotlnir; lurKcst »"t«re room In city. Thoue 85(1 \Vc haie «u sale winter tour- ivt tickets to many points in .\c« Mexico and Texas. «itli final return limit .lune l>l, t<J<(!(. riease see for particulars. \V. K. IMLSTttN. .\tfcnt. Parsons Wants Commission. Parsons citiz";iis are again tliscuss- iiit tile coniniission f<irni of ir.iv'n- nieiit and petilioiis will he cir >Mi!.i|.(( and when they were presented to the ciiiiru-il (lie city attonn'y ilecided thai (hey were not a siitlicient number of signatures of taxpayers on the i—li- lioii and it was not acted npon. Hut fro :ii the talk that is heard everywhere now there will be no trouble in seeiiriiig the needed nutnber of signatures to such a petition.— I'arsotis Sun. Erie Record on Acers. .liidge Nelson P. Acers, one of the oldest and most prominent citizens of Allen <'oiin»r. i)ied at his home In lola rV'Ceinber S. In l.S,S2 he was the r)<'m- oeratlc candidate for congress In the old Second district, coming within a few hundred votes of defeating Dildey r. Haskell, the Republican candidate. During President C'levi lanil 's first administration he was collector of the Internal reventte for Kansas and the Indian Territory, He had also held the olllcis of probate judge •and county attorney of Allen county He had the ri 'siieet and confidence of all the old-timers in Neosho county without regard to political atn!ii»flons and they will reijret to learn of h's d <'ath. The first, natural gas discovered In lola was on .ludiM" .^cers's lanil — Erie Record. Which Begins Monday florning ! . For four days "^e will name matchless prices on thousands of dollars worth of Dry Goods and Ladies' and Children's Wearing A.pparel. The last call to holiday buyers for 1908 will be backed b7 the greatest saving opportunities of the year. Yiuing .Man. If you are looking fur a nice jireseiil for Ihat L 'irl. we have just wli :it she would aiipreciate. Open nnlil to p. tn. CII.HICRTSON. North Side Square Wenze! \s lJusj. .Inhn Wenzel. of the firm of Dieter & Wenzel, contractors', wiio have the contract for the eieciica of the new post<iftice building, will leave this evening for Carthage where his firm has a new federal building under construction. He will reiurn to l»la Monday to receive bids for the excavation to lie done Jiere. He will then go to Trinidad. Colo., where his firm has a contract. Mr. Wenzel is also figuring on a $ir )0,000 job in Lake Charb s, Ui. Attend this Great Holiday Salel Ladies' $io Long Coats $5.98 We mean exactly what we say when we tell you we are going to sell I.-idies' Long Coats, worth $0.00 to $10.00, latest style. In QQ Idack .s,. browns and castors. Sale begins Monday at VlllUU II Ijidie.s' JU.OO to $P.i.uO Long Coats, special $6.85 I.adie.s'$i:',.r ,0 to $];-).U0 I»ng Coats, special $8.50 Ladies' $lt;.ub to $18.0U lx)ng Coats, special $9.75 Ladies $'20.00 to $2'2.-r.U I^ng Coals, special $ll.-95 Uadies' $2."..U0 Long Tailored Coats, lined throughout with Skinner's Satin. Special $16.50 We have -l .OOO acres of land in a body in Oklahoma that we can sell for per ;icre. Mi;i:ht take part in "rade if worth the money.—Whitaker & Ihitmell. Ncartng ('oni|iIe)i(in. I'he hrick addition to the lola laundry biiildin;? is nrarltig completion -l and will 1 H ' ready for occupancy in a ^hori ti.'ne. .Mr. Newton will install additional modern maeliiiiery for use in his dry cleaning department as well as new processes for laundry work. -Dr. v. K. Muugli. Ilcnt^t. I'lione ^2 Core in Coffeyville. Dr. C. H. Core was in Coffeyville yesterday in the intt.'i-est of tin' stati- odgo of the Knights of the I'roiected —Always time to eat at the Our Way. Double the Buying Power ll.J.", Tabe Linen. J yards wide, yard 89<^ v;r>c Table Linen, beautiful patterns oSc* ll .'iU Silk Head Scarfs, special 98 <V $1 .00 and $1.::-'. Fancy Silks, at 65<<; $7..".n Silk Cnderskirts, special $4.95 .Newest Fancy Lisle Thread Ho-e .10(^ Re.uuiar $l ..-.0 Pure Silk Hose $1.15 $l.jri Fur .Neck Scarfs at ^ T .^C* Kiir Neek Scarfs at : $.'i.50 $:.r,ii Fur Neck Scarfs at $4.95 of Your Christmas Money $3.i>u Long Suede Kid Gloves, special $1.98, Ladies' Silk Shirt Waists, a special lot, while they last. Choice HALF PBICE ' $l .."iO and $1.':.") iiand Hags, choice 95* SPECIAL— l.adies' new Black Voile-Skirts, in a number of pretty models; the special price will save you about one-third. One lot 23c Ladies' Handkerchiefs, embroidered edges, special 15* Special Handkerchiefs s>rice8. o<'. 10^. 12^ and up to 98* Will be the Shortest Day. December lii will be the shortest day In the year. From next Tuesday on" the days will lie.niu to lengtlieii until the early riser can see stri?aUs of Did Sol's ra\s aliout \::'M a. m. —flipn painting, phone 1428. Fred Rowden, —I)r. .1. K. Pepper, Dentist, Phone ICS .Mox' to (•urni'tt. .\':is. I.i/.zie Hamilton went home to tola last iiiglii after a visit here with lier .-;is:er-in-law. .Mrs. L. L. Day. .Mrs. Iiaiiiilloii has jiurehased property near here ami will remove here with her afniily in a few days to make their lidiiie •C.-irnett .News. —Hard Shell Crab. I^d>sters. Blue I'oints. Our Way. Pictures I'nr Weddings. I>i> yell <-i)rt,-iii |i are niaUiio; a wed- li:,;; yitt soon".' .\ wel clrisen picture 's v.-rr a|i!)rimr!.iii'. S >'i' iiiir eoUec- t:..ii C .< Cl'LHKItTSON. M.V(;A 7. I.\K.S A\D PKItlOUICALS can be secured of J. E. HE\UEI{S<»\. who deals with tiie jnililihliers and foniishes ttieiii at the lowest price |)Ossibie. Trial subscription to Van .Norden's. ."! months J.'>c. Phone iJS. 411 N. bistimates cheerfully given auoll * LEQALS. (I'irst Pubiislied Dec. S. I'.HiS.) AIlJflM.STKATOHS NOTICE. Slate <:r Kansas, .\ilen ("ounty, ss In the mailer ;>f li.e estat" »if .1. N Deer, late of Allen loulitv. Kansas. .. .Ntitiie of Apjiulntinent. .\ol!<e Is hereby giVell, Ihat on the Sih day of, A. D. 190S. the iinrti-rsigticd was liy the I'robute Court of Allen County KansaH. duly appointed and qualified as .Vdmlnlstrafor of the Kstate of J. .V. Deer, late of Allen County, Kansas. All iiarties interested In said estate will take notice and eorek -n lliemselveB acvordingly. M, O. ROBINJ Culbertson There. Presi.leiit Culbtrlsoii. of the Col lege, left at noon today for Chi.^auo. to be lireseiit at a ineetinir of col'ege presidents with the colle,;e board of the Presbytj'rian church, tomorrow ir.ornin^-. -Etniioria Gazette. The International Corresnondence Schools of Scranton. Pa., are holding a window disp'av at 17 Kast Madison street. Sl>ecial rates for a few days only. Back to Humboldt. H. J. Dean ami wife liave moved lia<'k to Humboldt after a year's trial of S.oiithern Missouri. Southern Missouri Is all rlgh' if you ilhu.'! want to worl<. hut to the averai;e Kansaii it becomes inontitonotis. They at least want the l;ini| leve' enough so that iliev don't have to tb- thi'inselves In beii at night to keep from falling over leto the next counlv.- Iliiniboldt Herat.!. - DfK. I.«ihro|), <)i>te<i|Mi(ii)>. Phone \f,< To .S«T»P liuuqiM-l. The Our Wnv cafe will nei-ve (he feast for the bant]uet to l>e Klven by the Allen oiunty Alumni of the Kan- (.sas university of the evening, of December 30. A Few Suggestions FOR HOLIDAY GIFTS Wliy not .1 practical .jift, one tint will he appreciated, and at the same time iLKefiil. Here what we have to ofTer: A Fine Suit or Overcoat tials, all s?yles. soft or stiff Cap.«^, Gloves, Fancy Suspender;. Mufflers. Ties, Umbrellas, Bath Robes, SmtikinK Jackets, Fancy Vests, Collar Bags, 5 uit Case or Club Bajr fuspender. Garter and Arm Band all in one fancy Xraas box—a fine gift. A box of "Interwoven" Hosiery, asserted colors, makes a fine gift. 6 pr. In box $1.50 U'uutcil. Kvery lady In lola to call al Ciilberl- son's ami see the largest Hue of Christ nitis pictures ever before shown In lola. I VWte<l Here. II .bdiii fxing and .lohn Stoffler were at lola and (las City yesterday s|)end iim the day. .\t (Jas City they visited .N'oab .Myers. foi;merIy of this city |,They say he Is wtdl and has been doing well since leaving here.—Carnett .News. The Iniernational Corre.spondenc^ Schools of Scranion Pa., are holding a window disiilay at IT Kast Madison ytreet. Special rate;; for a few day? only. Summons for Jurors. I'ndersheriff .V. L. Boatri.ght was In LaHarpe yesterday serving summons for jurors at the January term of the district court. j - Anyone wantin? Christmas (larks dellven-d, call Albert Allen, Phone 103. Barclay-Shields Clo. Co. The House of Quality , Wenzel Missed the Car. I .To'.iti Wenzel. of Wichita, of the con tnictl'iig firm which will erect the new post otTice bui'ding. realizes that Ida Is short on street cars just at the present. Yesterday he went out to the I.ailarpe brick plant and spent a few minutes in.specting some brick. While he was at the plant he observed a car coming cni^ute for lola. He n'.ide a run for it but mis.^ed by about forty yards. Rather than wait along the track for the next lola car, ht- |j boarded an east hound car and took a trl|) to Oas and LaHarpe. I,<>A\St I.tlAX,*!! I.O .4S .S! On farm land or tola property;' long or shfirt time: lowe.-it rales; best terms. .Money iinlay if title is good .See lis at once. TOLA LAND COMPANY. 'Tim mmld "A SMoh In rimrn £air«« Mine" 'I'M equally true that ".\ Chri.sliu.i.s I'resent Hought lurly will save )i.>ii Lots of Worry." LoUtmr, iha Jeweler DuerKun Vonie. Col ,1. H. Duerson, the Itronsou atic- tloiieir. was In town a few minutes Monday. He came in on the Kaly Irruiu'h train from the wesi where he bad lieeii for several days crying sales, hireil a (eiini (o drive home and was going to take the evening train troni llronwui to Fort .Scott near whleh place he hatl more t*ale dates lie .Mild he was going to get home and •ci.s.s 111.-* own wife once more, bein^ t'red of the other fellow's.—Morati Hera'd. Mr. and Mrs. A. W.- Jordan and Anna went to tola .Monday for a short visit with nail>- and Pearl.— Savoa- .barKRecora. i Iv. O. Beck Practitioner of SUQQESTIVE THERAPEUTICS A Science through which dlseasi' Is eliminated from tha lx>dy without medicine or surgery. Member of (he .N'atloiial and Stale A.ssociation ot Suggestire Therapeiitli 'S. Consultation Free Telephone 1091 Rooms 5 N. Sycamore Rooms for men, Y, M. C. A. bnlldlng. Steam heat In each roorn. Baths free. The Alunioi Itaniiuet. Plans for the banquet to be given by he Allen.county alumni of the iCansas university are rai)idly maturing and the festal occasion for this season bids fair to surpass any so far held by the association. The banquet Is to be held on the evening of December 30 in either the Odd Fellows or Ifasonle hall and Profesaor J. E. Bodln, of tha department ot Bnglish la to represent the faculty. A few other speakers have been chosen but the prc^ram as yat is not complete. The arrangemeata for the program will be made by J. A. Devlin. Guy Pees and W. H. Anderson, composing the executive ccwunit* tee. —Good Things to Eat. "Our-Way." Dont Worry If you are sick, don't wony, Hut begin at once to make yourself welL To do this, we but repeat the words of thousands of other sufferers &om womanly ills, .when we say: It WUl Help You Por 50 years, this wonderful female remedy, has been benefiting sick women. Mrs. Jennie Merrick,'| of Cambridge Citv, Ind., says: "I snffeied greatly with female trouble, and tlie doctors did no good. They wanted to operate, |)ut I took Cardni, and it | made me feel like a new woman. I am still using { this wonderful medicine, with increasing relief.'* AT ALL DBtia 8TQBS8

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