The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on September 13, 1956 · Page 6
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 6

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1956
Page 6
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rAPE -A--THE BKOWX8THJJE HEI«AI.P-Itnir»«y, Sept. 18, IBM Johnson Says He Achieved j^om The Aim At Demo Convention FORT WORTH (UP) -- Senate convention -- "returning the D e m - t h e applause, Johnson said lhc Democratic leader Lyndon John- ocratic party ol Texas lo the Dem- convention gained three major son said Wednesday he achieved ocrats." goals. They were: j what he_«eiit after_at_the state Johnson underlined gains of Ihe Retaining the slale of preslden-j convention and said there was no lial electors selected al the May,' A(rJvn jj 0 room for bitterness or revenge, stale Democratic convention, se: ^iiania _ "We are more interested in where lection of a new state Democratic] ,!iuTM**vi we are going than \vhere we have executive committee and assur-, t!!. 1 !, 1 ? 1 ^. been," he said. ance the parly chieftains will si Despite Ihe convention's boos port the Democratic nominees. jKJ,vTM° and catcalls, sometimes equalling It was at ihe May convention; lf ^ Mt ^ " . t h a t conlrol of the state parly m a - J K m t wonh Ichinery passed from the hands of i J'iS3Jn«ij«' iGov. Allan Shivers to Johnson, j | in] ^j !l Cll ' He said the new Democratic ex- i£I A J nseiei cculivc commitlee "Is Democrat- *{TM?J" CUy Ic -- and just lhat. And that Is'}"-" 1 an about face when you consider! .N Public Record WEATHER Zl Hour U Watchmen Are Slain By Jordanians v .JERUSALEM (Israeli Sector) (UP!--At least two Israeli, walch- nVen Avere rciwrlcd killed by infiltrators from Jordan today. Another was missing tn the latest .ol-'a series oi border clashes that raised a grave new threat to Mid- dle'East seiurity. ' . .. AKS(J Israeli sources said Jordaniaris'rjicirj.-i killed the.wa.chmen^aflej-^lipping^, ^ s(ormy United Fund's History, Aims Are Outlined A history ol the background, aims and purpose of Ihe United Fund Drive was given at noon today to Ihe Brownsville Rotary K!D." Chriiu" Norris Found Guilty; Gets Two Years :::::::: 8ts ANSON, Tex. !. PftUl .._ .. YOU COnSUlOn Mr.n^r,.. .. past," he said, icr-" YCTK Johnson said Ihe. present party] uwahonw city , ., ,,. ./10/iiar. leadership will support the Demo- I- former crat!( . nom i n ces, "inrlmh'ne Stcv was apparently Jordanian retalia tion lor Wednesday's raids .by Israeli troops which, in turn" were believed to be retaliation -for the death o£ six Israelis Monday. Wednesday in what preliminary!'!": . CS5TC . wcnl '° lhc *«* in , ineludinc ....= ·--· -··-- investigations showed were appar- D . lsl " c ! njulgc °"; cn Thomas Dl?rno ei-,itic Senate and House.' rcntly Israeli incursions into Jor- c o u r l al 8 P' m - Wednesday night danian and Egyptian territory.-. aflcr l n o dctaise declined to put / - vf /,. . l rp The slaying of Ihe Israelis today a witness on Ihe slant). The jury I IrilClftlS 1 O ··- *· · - · ' retalia-deliberated until-11 p.m. before ^ *-" vy " recessing for the nighl. ! " The trial was transferred to Ahson from Duval county. C. G. Palnclos" of San Dlego : testified Wednesday lhat three. 55,0001 loans were made lo Norris; c cron County Commissioners in 19:2 and lhat the last payment;^ Hunt of Port Isabel and John- was received July 17, 1953. He' ny Ginn ii Brownsville will rcpre- testified lhat a 55,000 check on' SO nt Ihc county Friday at a Cor- Duval-county funds was received'pus Chvisli mccling of the state's Citv (Continued From Page Ortft) discussion on a charier resolution. RenUro's opinion was asked following the presentation of ii sel-of 15 proposed amendments at the las commission meeting by Comhiissio ner Dr. Charles Calderqni. Mayor M. M. Vicars challenge Calderoni's right lo submit tin amendments since petitions had a] ready been received on two other eets. · A brief prepared by Rentlro ticce that time offered the oplnio that the commission may submi amendments on its own motion. In view, of this opinion, it appears that any resolution .for · » charter election must include a] three sets oi amendments. Whether tiio commission' rah ggres.aR-ihe-i'eauaiition is a mat ter of conjecture. The second and final reading o tn ordinance-setting the tax: rate is also scheduled on the agenda The proposed 1957 budget, approved by the commission, Increases the rate from 52.00 to $2.15 on the $100.00 evaluation. Several matters pertaining lo the Airport will DE discussed, amoni them the proposal ot .two amend . ments to existing lease conlracls with Border Aircraft Company and Pan American Distributors. Th city is seeking to increase Ihe per centage of gasoline sales which now receives. A letter from the Chamber ot . Commerce recommending the ac ceplance of an invilation Jrom the Mexico Aereo Club for a committee of city officials to visit Mexi co City is scheduled to be given consideration, , "A discussion and action on rail road crossings" was entered, oi the agenda by Mayor M. XI. Vicnrs at the last moment hut no details on the ilem were made known. "· Eight additional agenda items sro primarily routine matters in eluding reports of the City Fire Marshal and City Sanitarian. Attend Road Meet Friday Tatty low S:]5 ft m , anti G:i'j p.m. SUNSF.T (f-lfty fi.3l p !,m. .SO'.SRISK lom-,ncr. by the bank the same day. Expressway Association. Judge Note Of Hi* Wife's Faith SACRAMENTO. Calif. (UP) -Charles Wesley Tiblow was .a free mp.n today because the judge was Impressed wilh the faithfulness oi his wife, who came 1,600 miles from Oklahoma City to be at his side in federal court here. Tiblow pleaded guilty to a six- year-old charge of carrying a pistol across slate lines. He had been arrested in Oklahoma City and returned here for trial. Judge Sherrill Halbert gave Tib- low five years' probation, and said th» defendant should be "indebted eternally" to Mrs. Tiblow [or her vote of faith. The woman and the couple's twin children arrived here almost out of money two weeks ago. Obituary SIRS. ESTAFAXA OIJVABEZ TORRP;S Mr.;. Eitafana Olivai-er Torrt 63, di_ed at the home of her dauglv John C. Turnham, former Du- Brownsvilje Chtimber of Com;al- county commissioner, testified! mercc President William L. I^ng, that II the county owed the tor l k[ c TM mbc !' I . : *}: 1 " a8 'S Os F" r ,"". s ' «c TMv\ t in-- .,f j-j ' . i v, Jnecker, Highway C o m n i i e e Chair$5.000 in 19 3 S I didn t know about;,,,,,,, j^n^jjicf,,,,, ,,,,,, , Too W |,eel- ;ay Committee Chairman John Mitchell and Joe Whc , i e r also will attend ihe meeting. s t a t e had subpcnacd| MO,-C than IW representnlives of George Parr as a witness in Ihe, cities and localities along the pro t stand. [rial, but did not call him to the posed Expressway roule from Orange lo Brownsville are expect cd nl the meellng. Main purpose ol the meeting is to formulate plans for petitioning the federal government to include the Corpus Christi-Rrownsville route in Ihe Federal Highway Program. Under present rulings, neither Corpus Christi or the Valley areas will be included in Ihe feclera Dulles (Continued From Page One! that, the'United SUtes believes il would not be catastrophic, - He '.said it hns already been decided to iak sonic U.S. tankers ou" of the mothball rescn'c fleet lo dlyert oil and other traffic around the continent of Africa tl anything should hnpnen to deny passage of the canal, Dulles saW this .country wltt join the proposed "users association" even it RritftSn and France are Us only partners. Ho hopfid It will be moving well toward organization next week. Dulles said thai the United Stales has reason to be confident that at least some other nations besides the Un'trrt SIMM, Brllnln' and'France will join the new association. Dulles' statement was designed to clear up reported "confusion" in. foreign capitals over the U.S. position on the "user association" p l a n . w h i c h ' w a s ' A n n o u n c e d In tho British Parliament Wednesday by Prime Minister Sir Anthony Kdcn. Diplomatic Maneuvering plans. Friday's meeting.Is scheduled to draft a resolution calling federal attention to Ihe need ol an Ex- iressway from the Louisiana state -Inp to the Mexico border at Brownsville. Bonds (Continued From Patje One) that Ihe paying ofl ol the 1915 refunding bonds would not actually give the city any additional profits if the new Issue goes through since (he new bonds would require additional payments. The conditional contract (or proposed ueiv equipment for the utilities system, said Walls, is suhjcct lo cancellation at (lie sole option o( Ihe oily U any of three conditions exist oh Nov. 15: (IV A for Club meeting by vr General Chairman Ruben Kdclsiein. The local Uniled Fund drive officially open Oct. 1 with James Bleary as drive chairman and a goal of 556,300. Edclstein, who successfully guided Brownsville's initial drive last year far beyond of $39,000, traced the rapid growth of UF over the nation. "We feel that Ihe United Fund !ul i.s more efficient as a funds raising agency t h a n any individual a- geney drive and the United Fluid also assures fair dislribulion ol lunds through annual budget reviews of each participating agency," said Kdclstein. _ - , There are 11 participating agcn- o cies in the upcoming drive, each --· Iwith a definite budget and prom- !rf»y SM i»|incnt spot in community welfare, nwi'rs ifjdayiiie stressed. ci«!i"is-9j' l l!i"ii;f"Mii|.v'«iitv. "iSSSJ "We have proved to contributors '?. ·":!".., ;TMr /1 *,.^ 1 .".*"*: ^'1*!'_'?J? and to campaign workers that they are free from the annoyance of separate, repeated and competitive appeals and cosily money-raising devices," said Edelslein. "In delcrminig our campaign goal, (he needs of the community as a whole are considered with ttie main thought of maintaining J'ilOt'n!:, Pnuknrtfh CXJUls .. f-»ke City 63 Tt 61 -U , i-.n L mo dsyi tram Pa! i. Tcmorrw 6:3S '(:I3 a.m. iiivi:n ju:.\ii!X(;fi serv V°^"| i i? R |r A , i ?° k ,, r !! r r 1 ' 1B Sl? " m Cn1lll:lcs 1 "'«' '"to ' la m (1 » «d»y a'l« being struck hv a loaded bus. Impacf limed Ihe lives of Iruck driver, Iwo passenjrors and put another on Ihe crilienlly Injured list. (Lir'Tcleplioto) ought of maintaining a " ' ............ ".. ..,» iimi.ui., i,,j ur « nScst^; S? ,5213 Killed .When Bus Crashes Into Auto Carrier ity. We have WrnpfJ that _ . " ornaft chupcno MexJcn Snn Bcnllo M A R I N E CALENDAR IS I'OHT Biujjfc* ( B e l ) K i d m a n Traunsifln i G e n Kidmsji urn 9-L1 TCMU ( N O K t Kidman 0.3 Pioneer Gulf l U . S . ) Uke* 3-13 K u n e n e Lykoj iD.S."! L i k e s 0-11 Wullsanst lium (On T7T !Mi Sl?el Artvix'Rle ( U . S . f Lykts 9-11 AI/in!iH(r ( R r Phllcn 9-11 Fcrntuir.k (NVjr) Eidinan Ci-ii ruilh^iru Mnru 'Jap TfT f-IS SchounhiirR t G e r Eldman S-16 Untorj Pouer t' Chin I Phplen MG I.ln^ulsi (BD lollier 9-17 Lauronticrs (DuL Dl -H Arson* In.i 1 Dan Philcn n-lS HlkrtihJmfi ^n^^l (.Tap) PhUrn M5- jr«ln[iiiL IRch Eltiman f-n Hlytihnm M B T M (J.ipl TTT , l.vkcs ( U S . t Lvhea ' community. We have learned that I .,., ."budgeting is -the crossroads al' B7 ,«g° which planning and fund raisin;; i persons were killed, one was crlt- " '"""'· u ieallv injure, vvc are at the crossroads now , and the direction we lake must ftTC1 smn " 5 lo min01 ' lepend on the contributors of thei'md burns when a bus community,' he added. Shearton wilh a truck carrying .Mich. (UP)..--ThreejCadillacs early today. or elderly woman, · was badly , . c s ( !)·?! DlrJt Lvlici . . i '-'e fSwed) Rid HOSPITAL Frank Orhc-a. .Mr5, kvanjcllna Vallejr ,du«rdo i'cro/. Mr?. Jimrm' Vtllr irs. Alonzo HodnsuM, Mrs, Rolanc Cflanes r. Jones. Mrs, DLSMISSAi.s' Crlslchal Mnhionnao, in. Jnst3 Ms i n n a. .Mrs. jnmcs Tnllry. M r i cini Xarraary. Mrs. frnnrtsro i'lnres, WillUm Arnltifl. m i a n H Mr. tint] Mr*. Uyn i-M*. 1S11 Yale, a dnnentor. Son. 1^. K m i l h , f l t r s , 'urnej'. Mn. COURT RECORDS is CASES . Mil Rise is v«. Warron lioctrs. Wlllla: HoM-a/rt Jones vs. Dc,rfil»- (.«· Jo p. T. Corlc/ F l U "lh S Cnriei' AhcCoarJ?"!" cquipmetU bns not been nmrtc; (2) A \n\\cr or belter bid ihnn tlic Border Camps Are Loaded With Aliens mnl ndvevtiscrncnl tor bids (or the n'i"n cnni|is \VPJ-C "bt'iinming over" Indn.v along (lie Texas-Mexican border as F\utlinrities poncl- ·ercd (lie proper inolhod tn get the lam* laborers bnrk tn Mexico, 1 1,000 of Ihfi illeRfil immi wpj-c holtl in !be I\rcAlten nnrt nffkrnl. 1 ! said M. «i i n i D in ** " m '' Ul ucuer i)]ci innn ·H,e Stale Department's position ,,, mrt tm) ,, h emerged after a da.v of con[using |ccivc(i (S) Th lin d ( £ diplomatic maneuvering. j, h o dly h1V( , no , ap p iwc( i 1(lc ls . For hours the department re- SUImcc of lh( , honr , s for fimm[ - ing jf nill! ised lo confirm or denv Hrilnin .c ,L i. «... ,i._ , . tcnnip. the wireh.rse for the equipment. "Therefore,' 'Walts said, "I (eel that Oct. 13 should be tlic absolute eadlines for the bond election,' Chamber of Com/.icrce Manager . is expected to appear, camps along llw border also were loaded to capaclly. Mexican officials In four port (used lo confirm or deny announcement that the United States backed the plan. Finally, department spokesman Lincoln White issued a one-sentence statement: "The United Sliites has agreed to join In the plan." at ('lie regular City Gcmmis'sion, , ., ..,,..,: Then several hours later the de-meeting tonight to speak for the; who arrive liy ship. The method sarlmen! Issued a forma] state-'gvoup following its motion to!of sc-a transportation for moving ment that said: "If the Uniledrrccommend nn early election. i t h e laborers to Mexico has drawr Kingdom alone or in association Should the commission decide to (ire from U.S Rep Kobert Mol with others should proposes a us- take action, it would have to first!lohin of Wesl Virs'in'ia and others association to be organized bypass a resolution lor an ordinance; Motlohan c!aimed"lhat the depor- . cities have received orders from the" Mexican navy miniMi'y not to aci-ppt nny mnro of the deportees :he IS nations which sponsored the j to set Ihe election dale. London proposals, or such of them as were so rlisnosed. and perhaps others, the United States will par- licipale in such n users association," People And Events The Brownsville chapter of lhc ·" ·· '-'" Business and Professional Women's; Mission. organization will hold a special! Thc suil break/ast at 9 a. m. on Sopl. 23' a K a '" st C 5 at Landrum's commemorating Ihc *"""""' annual "I) nnd PW Week." Mayor M. M. Vicars will signal Hie spc- Damage Suits In District Courts Heard I OPS were crowded into "hell ships" (or Hip vnynjios tn Mexico mez ^Continued From Page One) !Should lio lose the vote, his gov- ED1NBURG - Testimony con-i e TM u TM' wmM rcsi sn- tinned todiy in 139th District contrast to divided Britain, Court hero "on a $30,0(10 damageFYnncc seemed solidly behind So- I s u i t which was liled as a result enlist Premier Guy Moliet and traffic accident near his bnckini; of tbr canal users association. Only the Communist vas brought by Alaniz^nd left-wing newspapers criti- driv'r of i truck C ' Zr ' " 1P An Slo-French position, in the mishap,'nnd Jesse "''"' "'I Parliamentary debate ,and ttie Suez crisis moving tc-| _ , j «w.. Jk .^.j ,, ,jj e a the Darling Funeral Home Thurs- ·X J 1 S:15 p - m - Funeral services will be at St. Thomas Church Friday at 3 p. m. with burial in Buena Vista Cemetery. Mrs. Torres is also survived by a brother, Jose Angel Olivarcz an uncle, Jose Olivaroz and an aunt Guadalupe Olivarez, both of Malam oros. She was a life-time resident of Brownsville. enroll in Texas University School of Dcnlislry branch in Houston on Sept. 17. cial week with n special proclamation honoring the organisation. After the crash, the rnick burst Burned and still unidentified. 21 others suf-U n i o flames, setting the bus afire- The truck driver killed injuries| Deati WCre ' hc track 5rivcr and Fra " ci ? Gl - Fesk °' Delroi( - Thcj 50 " 1 ' passengers, a DWl FFNB Jesus Francisco Rodriguez." 26, of 912 W. Fronton, was fined $50 in 5 l County Court al Law today-and sentenced to three days in jail on iction of driving while inla^T cated. His driver's license-also wai suspended for six months. ' L. Casllemaii. owner of the truck. women Find nino :Wa . and ' men heard testimony More ,Iinlge!^ r '' olls were looking to Washing- F. M. Ciiierra. iton for n firm indication of where ,,,,,,,,,, .... _ ... Meanwhile. Judge W. R. Rh. it slood raw. They were anxious ·Jn! L,H V a ! l e . Brownsvi.Meres- ock of Ihc 03rd District court nhout Ihe t i m e element since *· B V-T ?£ t ?' C TM su . clo i llMr(1 "l""TM^'" «·"·" 'nnrt- European Suez pilots are expect-! --, ,..,, J ,, J1 ,,^ UJ nci K k.jb. \ a J i e . MZ E. St. diaries, :owners from Enmhur«r, MrAJfrn .i,t t-, ^-,,--,1, -, »^ »-»«^T t h i ^ f ter Mrs. G. A. Gonzales. 15*E.lGraduated from Texas Western i*nd M.SMOK nere sinns thru- c-iiv !'' J? nriP ^ 2t l * c , f l^J^i Jefferson St. Wcdne-day evening, i College at El Paso. Texas with a sovernmentf. The riiies were lisf- "\'.^" a """ rt ... m 'J 5S " a l k m t ! · hcM a( Bachelor of Arts decree Valle will pfl as defendants as .joint mviH-rs,',, " ashm S'TM. o" 1 ,^" 1 *. ,f j d lll(1 j l a i n t i f f s - n^iiim,,... IJSPI'S association wo\ild lie ci-e- MBS. REBECA 1HEVIXO DE LA ROSA Mrs. Reheca Trevino de la Rosa 52, died Wednesday at 8:15 p. m' There will be a rosary at Hinkley Funeral Home 8 o'clock tonight. Funeral services are Friday at 4 P. m. al San Jose Church, with burial at Ihe City Cemetery. Mrs. tic la nosa Is survived by her daughters, Msria Isabel, Carmen, pdilia and Teresa de la Rosa, her mother Mrs. E: rfana C. Customs Officers Return From Jury Action In Laredo Brownsville Customs ollicr-r* re- of Moore Held Plaintiffs' petitions claimed lhat drainage water over- n " 1 " ""' if S1 wi}ls approval of flowed onto their land ns a result enough of the IS nations which sponsored an earlier plan lo place .he Suoz Canal under international control. If tho plan docs not win tho harking of a sufficient number or nations it will' not he placed In operation, tho officials said. The plnn calls for formation of - - - . ·- ,,.-, .,.,,.-, mil ,1,-fN m mvmn!.- n n operating authority wilh its lurnen here \\ ennt-sday nijht Jrom ville at the request 01 Hie l n - i i l o w r i pilots nnrl technicians which a three-day Federal Grand Jury chapter of the Di-.usiitm of ihe would ignore the Egyiitian nation- of the field's construction. Special Week Is Cited By Mayor Mayor M. M. Vicars has proclaimed ihe p^'iod ol Srjn IS-: 1 .? "Ceii-^liiition V/efk session in Laredo. Theodore Simpson. American R ^turiKvin u e \ u i u u f i n ",*IM Sue?. Canal authority and Customs The proclamation urges that a!l' w f m l r l frllect its own (ces for . in Charge, reported that ilieiciti/ens displav K / n Jury hamllcd U cases covering 22[United States dm-ini- the offenders In narcotics a n d marlhua- ' . . · ' na smuggling counts. Indictments have been returned in all cases nnd trials will be held in December at Ihe regular term of the Southern District Court in of - - · - - ,. ...v week in observance ol the "many sacrifices made by fuid the mnny ohsla- clcs surmounled hy oui forefallicrs t r a n s i t through Ihe canal. l ' I X I Si.i DOI.I.AIIS Juan Vnsqutv, operator of a recreation club in Ihe 1100 block of E. Washington, divw a ST) fine Bro\\-n.svillc. l? held in Ihe drnfling ami juloiillon of the ", ' Uasl »";: to ", 'hvw a ST) fine ·rm of Constitution of Hi- tl S ' ' i l h l s m '»' nl| W '» Cminly Cuiiii al rt in The lo.'.nl .-l,,,,!!,.,' ,', ,i,,. n i n i 1 ' " " " " n " P 1 " 1 " " K U i l l y lo nitf- The chiller of Jhe D , \ i v ' , - - -' '" " r " . . . - . marie dip ivrnt/itr o-,i,i i-i, ratiny nnd niainlainini; a pon] hall. ' · N ' a '^ rlta 'H Cuslom = A «""» J°e Ray. Harold line w i an "ndeiTM hV^h '« -^^ vvi1 ^ ftm 'V l '* " m «" s - r ? thcrs ' Rr '* eri °. Raul, Slack and O. J. Dompier accom-idetv to "i -Air- i Trri er int £·-i in" " J ml "j c n " Pr li "'" ·i llv[MjlM Jesus Tnvtou. I panied Simpson fo Laredo. (he Cons uu ion ^ I*"TM f ''"' ni '" 1is phre '' lle Wcd " when you buy this GOOD SEASONS JESSING KIT at your grocer's Here's all you do to save 15?! on lettuce: 1. Take your lettuce and special Good Seasons Kit (as illustrated above) to check-out counter. 2. Checker will tear off top of kit credit you with 15p! For Finest lettuce ask for C-7 Grown in Arizona and California! Rushed clean and fresh to you! Look for the "C-7" label-your assurance of lettuce at its best! ·LOOK of what the kit contains! 2 different Good Seasons Mixes --each envelope a famous chefs blend of herbs and spices. This attractive, Good Seasons cruet with measurements marked for quick, easy mixing. A 24-page booklet of new salarl recipes, ALL THIS for just a few pennies more than the price of 2 envelopes of Good Seasons Mixl You make a chef's drcssinK-frcsh, in seconds with Good Seasons Salad Dressing Mix * Empty Good Seasons into the eelf- meaguring bottle. · Pour in vinegar, water (for smoother blending) anci oil. » Shake--and you have a half pint of delicious dressing! ,

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