Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REOISTEB. SATCBPAY ETEXIXG, DECEMBER 19, 190S. rke lOU DULY RElilSTEl CHAS. F. SCOTT. Entered at lola. Kansas. Postoffir<>, as Sedond-Claas Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Appitcation. SUBSCBIPTIO.V BATES. Bj Carrier In Isla, Gas City, Lanyon- TlUe or La Harpe. One week 10 cents One month 44 cents One year $i>00 BY SAIL. One year Inside county $2.00 One year outside county 14.00 Three months. In advance jl.oo One month, In advance 44 OFFiriAL TAPER, CITY OF BASSET. Telephones! Ruslness Office 18 Rdlforlal Rooms 222 Have Yoii Ever Stopped to Think What an Investment in the Beginning of a Great City Would Mean to You Now? Do yoa realize what an Investment in tbe Beginning of South Coffey ville, Ok. will mean to you in a few years? Ijots In the very heart of the business and residence district that are now sellinK from JIOO to y2'2'> each has jtreai imsslbllliles of making yo i » furiune. Two orthree of lots in a few years when brick buildiiiKH surround them on every side an 1 the railroad and factciry district are built up will prove a valuable ussel l'> you and you will only repret ttiat yju did uv\ ftn 'si'o ilje uppcii'tiuiity yon b" ! ••."•l hny niori> lots in tlie i)ojriu- ninB of this new city. A CITY WITH ITS Fl'TCBE ASSURED—^-ith the Missouri Pacinc. Iron X}"""'"'" -^f- K. & T. railroads in or>eratlon a .id with ihe fxit-n.-'lon of ilie S;inta Ke aiiU iti<i ciinipletion of the CofTey- ville-Memphis or Frisco Railroads, will be tbe largest railroad center In the state of Oklahoma, and not onu dollar of bonded indebtexlnes.s. Stree: i.-ur lino now in operation witiiin eluhi blockrtof new town soon to \u- extended will give the new town l .'i minute service. IG pdssenger trains dai;.v. Such are the riillroad facllltioi of South Coffoyville, Oklahoma whicli no lown t 'vcr ^'iijoyoil i:::ill li liod becoino a city aud (hen not uriill It had bonded the city heavy to semre them. Tbe CheapiGas from the great Gas Fields of .Northern Okiuhomii. wlilch is held wiihln the staif. re(;ulrpil by state laws and.wlili ilic KIWII railroad fiicllltirn. the new town has become unusually attractive to the manufacturers whicih will soon mean the greatest manufacturing center of the Southwest. The advantages and more favorable conditions In South Coffey^ille, Okla. means much for the future of the new town. Sale of lots rpstrlcte I as to colored people, separate schools for white and coloreil.' provided by state law. the advantage of the Interstate freight rates and shipping facilities from both ddes of the state line, the northern boundary of the catt> (luarantlne line which aHsures the new town of becoming a great live stock shipping point. The differetit laws in Oklahoma Iregarding the prohibition nuestlon. the rl.u ;hi to exempt factories and public utilities from tipinlcipa! taxaiiiin. provided by state laws, within a short distance from !i of the largest factories in the south part of Coffeyviile. Kansas, (a city of 20.0001 which are as close to ihe new town as to th<; liusiue .-is .fection nf ('of feyv;lie, Kansas, all of which are within two blocks of street car MANY WANT PLACE PEX >.SYLYAMA KErrBLUAX .S IN .SCKAMBLE KOK KXOXS CH.VIK. WonJd Succeed HIra !u Senate-Tuft Has Chosen Secretarj of State. Philadeli.hia. I'a.. Dec. Ht.—Karly indications point to a scrainltle among well known Itepublican.s to succeed United Slates Senator Kiiox. who lias accepted the offer of .ludse Tafi to become secretary of state. Following the custom In Penn.sylvania wiiicli gives both the and west a representation in the senate, the succe.»<sor will come from the west part of ibe stale. Taft Announced It. August, Ua.. Dec. lit.—President­ elect Taft last night announced the appointment of I'. S. Senator Pliilan- der C. Knox, of Pennsylvania, as secro tary of the state in his cabinet. The announcement followed th.?.receipt by Mr. Taft of a telegram conveying the information from Mr. Knox that he would accept the pre.i-.iejshiii of the Taft cabinet. Mr. Taft without delay announced that the matter was settled, lie said ^ the offer was made to .Mr. Knox last / Sunday, in New York, and that since the offer he had not heard from .Mr. Knox until today's teleRrani. After a consultation with Secretary Hoot in \V!ashlngton Saturday. Mr. Taft said he tried to see Senator Knox theie but was informed that he was in .New York to attend the dinner of the Pennsylvania society. . He wired .Mr. Knox to see him at the H. \V. Taft residence Sunday morning. "I feel that I am to he congratulated in securing the services of Senator Knox in my cabinet." .said .Mr. Taft, in making the announcement. In selecting a secretary of state I wanted first a great lawyer, and second, a man who would fill the public eye. not only here but abroad, as a man who - stands out supremely as a ^.'reat .^nier- ican. Senator Knox, whip .Miorney (;en- eral, established a high record for his relentless prosecution of so-called trusts. One of his iniiHjrtant victories was the suit against the Northern Securities company organized to take over Ihe capital stock of the Northern Pacific and Great Northern railroads. The government won its cause In the United States case. m iiC0UNCII,BLUPF5 IOWA ••••••••••iiMli lis COBS SOUTH STATE'LINE OHAHOMA line the CDiiiieiting link of the two cities, also within eight blocks of the. .Vaiaiiirliiin and famous Silurian Springs, and Drowti's (Jreat Pleasurt; I 'livK. wlildi is recognized as the greatest park In the Southwest, noteil for :-• |iUv:lio !is, golf links, tennis courts, lagoons and excellent boating, :•] a::ii i.iir ili.or swimming pools and l/eatitifu! drives. The high and beau;i!il ell vaii..;i of the new town is a feature not to be uverlookeil :ind af-!-. the most sightly place for beautiful homes. IMS IT EVER OCCIRRED TO YOf that the three greatest cities of I he jire dirlded hy state lines of different states with separate irov- et ;:mea< In each .slate, the same as' Coffeyviile, Kan .sa .s, and .South Coffey- Wlle, Oklahumn. That jn all three in.-=tances the town or city starling lasi .:;.•> ilie stale line from the original town has made Ihe lar .^est city. ()i:i:!!ia was a new town started acros.; the state line in .\'el)ru.-;ka from ("cuiiiil Htuffs. Jowa. and to<lay is one of the larsest cities in the we .-;t, tnaiiy liinos larger than the original c 'ty. Council P.luffs. Iowa. Kansas City, .\lis .=-oiiri .•sprung up across the line in MiK.soiiri from City. Kansa.'r, and carries wi(h it the name of City; io<Iay it is the largest and i :rca'.est City in the west and the original Kansas City. Kansas, has no comparison in size with that of Kansas City. .Missouri.' The same with St. I ><)Uis. Plinois. and St. Ixiuis, Missouri, wliich is Kxlay the large-si city in the Mississippi Valley. The same will be true of Soutti Coffeyviile. Okla- lioma. which has siirung up the state line in Oklahoma from Coffey­ viile, Kansas, (A city of 20.000 inhabitants), in the center of the great oil and gas fields of .Northern Oklahoma, with railroad facilities and street car acconimodations eciual to tlie large cities. The man who boiight iots in these towns or cities in their l)e .i :iniiing mill held them is now well fixed. He has accumulated a fortutio purely in the advance on his investment. This is not only particularly true in this town or city, but it is true of every town or city where the investor gets ill on the ground floor, and invests in lots in the beginning of lliese towns ur cities. sfiflO Invested now in the heart oflhe business section or close In resN deiKc district of Sonth Coffeyviile, Oklahoma, ivhere lots are still selling from HUM to tii 't each, une-fifth down. ^oM) per month, has great pes- .slliililfcs of iitaking yon Independent. liltrhts reserved to advance prices on all luLs remaining unsold ut any time nithont notice. Write today to any of the following firms for free booklet, giilnur Information and iilustrntlnus uf Soutii Coffeyviile. Oklu- iioniu. Ihe Kansas Land Co. COFFEYVILE, KAX.S.iS lie Big 3 Land Company Ihe Etchen Bros. Land Co. (OKFKVyiLE, KANSAS NOW '.ITA, OKrAHO .MA. AMerman Hustling. Foreman .\merman is hustling to complete the jiaviiig of ihe ]iui)liCj square and his energj' is makinir a • good showing. The east side is com-, Contractors Affice, on \«w Postoffice m THE FIRST WORK iileted and is being used by the public, the north side Is almost completed, just a few more .vards more to SIte>i. Keing Erected Today. Carpenters in the cmiiloy of Ihe be paved, the west side Is a'most Dieter-Wetizel ccmipany. of Wichita, ready for the brick and tiic south side j the firm having the ctmtract for the Is now being pave<l. A few more construction of the new postoffice days and the entire sijuare- will l )e 1 buildin .if. were ensaireU today in erect paved and in use. Tliis will be a lag a small frame building o:i the iio.'tt splendid Xmns gift to .Nevada.—.Ne- (.ffite site at West and Walnut streets, vada .Mail. [which will .serve as an tjffice for the sujierintendent of construction. It Writes of (J. \. II. Kncanipnient. City, Dec. 19.—.Iiidse Chas. ONLY FOUR MORE SHOPPING Pictures I will lake but a short Ibis small structure headouarter.- for .Mr. iuie to ciimidete and it will lie HeiniliuKer and For Triple Tie. . Mr. and Mrs. Sare, of lola. were here last week In the interest of the Triple Tie. returning home Saturday evening.—Toronto Republican. Dr.PRICE'S eRE^M BAKING POWDER For making quickly and perfectly delicious hot biscuits, cake and pastry. Renders the food more tasty, nutritious and wholesome. No alimiy no lime phosphate Tbe government and food autboritiea have enabled tbe housekeeper to protect her family from tbe alum baking powder. Tbey require that tbe label shall give her warning, 8be mast buy from tbe label and deeiin0 anjr pgivder which ibe label doc$ Murton received a letter yesterday i Mr. Wenzel. fitmi Coneral Neviu.s. commander-in-i njdg f,),- ii,<> excavatiim necessary chief of the G. A. U. li was written'are to be let next .Monday or TuPi^- at Salt Lake, whither the general and day. his jiarty were going when it visited " Kansas City a couple of weeks ago. WEBSTER REFINERY SALE. General .Ncvius states that all was | found in good shape in that city, so, Matter of Its Confirmation to Come the national encampment will be held. Up Tills Afternoon, there August 9 to 14 of next year. j The matter of the confirmation of the sale of the Webster Refluing company proper at Humboldt, is to be passed upon by .ludge Fotist this afternoon. The refinery was so!d at re- jceiver's Sale, the .Northrups who hell ; the first mortgage, bidding it in. Parties holding a second mortgage are asking that the sale be sot aside. Ga: at the Falls. The citizens met In .Mr. <lardner's ofUce Saturday evening for the pnr- i iin ;e of discussing file meter question. There is a feeling among the gas U!»< rs leiierally that amounts to a distrust of the motives of the gas com_ pany In wishing to Install meters. _ ^They argue that It is not being done] (for the good of the t>atrons. The [meeting was attended by nearly ev- Icry business man of the city and most jof them had something to say In a ; protecting )*ay. Mr. Lleurance wns I made chaltman of the meeting and jled off with his views. Mr. Coglan I of I^'Iloy representeil the Sherlwooke ; company and stated among other things that he had his orders from the pas company to Install meters and shut off the gas wherever objections were raised. Attorney Stephenson was over from Yates Center and advised the citizens. He could only pive • them hopes of a temporary Injunction ;and manv were In favor of taking steps with that end In view and of fighting to the last ditch. No definite conclusions were reached and the matter remains about as It was.—Neosho Falls Post. j Judged Debate. I Supt. H. D. Uamsey goes this oven-' jing to Cherokee lo jud.:;e a debate giv- 'en by the students of The high schools I of Cherokee county. Supt. .Mayl)erry ' . . 'of lola. and Supt. .lohn P. Curran. of \-Christmas shopping. Chafing Pittsburg are the other jn.lges.—Clu-r- Disiif s. Percoiaters. goM-Iined Tea ; ryva!e Koimblican. ; Sets. Cake Trays. Baking Dishes, and VisiteT~Here ,'many other useful and fancy ariicle.s. \V. C. retunled Wodnes-' ••^'•'^'^ " Hue of Aluminum Ware. day from a several weeks' visit with hi.s son in New :»;cxici>. and sons in lola.—Uiirlington Republican. LOOK AT Oni Nickel Plated Ware Gifts! D. Phillips There. D. Phillips was over from LaUarpe Monday on business and took time to call on Ills friends in this office. .Mrs. Phillips has been quite sick, with a .'••ort of nervous iirostration. but we are glad to know is almost completely recovei^ed.—Yiitcs Center Advocate. Received New Machinery. C. R. Newton, nroprietor of the Tola I.aiind-v. received a carload of machiii- (ery this morning which will be in- h'alled In the new addition which Is jbeine erected at the rear of the main building. W-n. Trwn. I Wm. Keith of Humlwldt. attorrsyj for the Monarch Portland Cement C". J What can be more acceotable than a picture? There is always a superfluity of cheap Jight-weight silver, and a scarcity of pictures among presents. A picture is never used up. never thrown aside, but is always a pleasant reminder. And pictures are n')t always costly. A good subject, Iramed appropri itely and tastefully, may be had for the price of an undesirable and cheap piece of glass or silver. We invite your inspection of this line: Op3n evenings until 10 o'clock. Culbertson IF YOr AKE A TKIFLE .SE>."<ITIVE AlKiiit the size of your shoes, it's some satisfaction to know that many people can year shoes a size smiller by sprinkling Allen's Foot-Kast into them Just the thing for datieing parties, i.'at- ent leather slirH ?s. and for breakitm in new shoes. Wlieri rubbers or overshoe.* become necessary and your shoes pinch. .VIen's I'oot-Kast gives instant relief. Sold ever> where. J.'.c. Sami)le I-'RI:K. Address." Allen S: OInisteiid. I,e Roy. ,\. Y. I>:)iri accejit any suti.-;iitule. File Ludlum Will. The will of t'le late P. P. Iridium was filed in the ofilce of Probate Jud 'Je Smith yesterday liy the widow. Mrs. Sarah I.inl'um and son. .1. .1: l .udium. The decease<l left an estate valiieil at approximately $'.'r,.iiiiii. .Mrs. l.udium I is the administratrix. I R. IS. Oilfilluu (•eueral Contractor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing a Specialtv. Oilice 115 East Jackson Ave Phone SSh ; For the best and qniekest results use the Kegister's want ruluniu.«. Great* Western Land Co. For Rent—liie 4 room house, one fi room h<mse. one so and one -tit acre farm, if you have a farm for rent, list It with us. We have ca'ls most everv day. For Kxchani,'!'—tJood 7 rconi. nuxl- erii house clD .-ie in. a good luuiie and a m >(| reiiiei-. (.'(lod land in Howell Co. .Mo., til trade fur lola residence prop- <Tty; Iiio acres in Wotxiward Co.. Okla.. to trade fur two residem-e properties In lola. For SMe—Iilii acre farm, one of Hie liest in .Allen Co.. IL'o acres in culii- vaiiou. 10 In pistiire. '> room house, Fotch Made Good. (lar:,-.- burn, .siiial! orchard; no atone, .lack Fotch "made good" at the Riiil; | If ><ni liave .money to pii^ into a gimd .Moniliiy and Tuesday nights. Ili -i skat-(inve.-iiment this is Ihe jjlpre. .\ lojin lug WHS fine, while his chanK-nr rep-j(,f $;;,iii>it c-an he made on this farm, .t -esen tat Ions. dutchnian 'and coon.. See us .-o<,n if yuii want it. Price j;;.'.. were immense. .Momlay <'ve!iin.'. j Money to loair on farm ami cii.? Charley Kalteiibach won in the raee, i |„.<,,„.,n. ('(jme to our office over the but Tuesday evening Mr. Fotch cai 'ii" ; pajace Shoe Store unci tell us what out ahead. It was an exciting roiit>.'<f. I you want. Fair trea'niejii and Sipiare —Yates Center Advocate. deals. i« In town toda.r. He came no oni INSURANCE! Is a necessity, not a luxury. It Is not an expense but an Investment. It is something you must have but something %-ou must be careful of. as it is very Imixirtjint that the right companies are selected. J represent the leading companies of ' the world and would like to SHOW YOU. J. E. POWELL WHY PAY RENT? When you can buy a home with the same money? I have some mii;hty nice properties on hand right now which I will sell you for the same money that you are paying out rent for. The properties are well located and are a good investment. All 1 want is a chance to SHOW YGU. \

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