Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 3
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TBI A BOIAL W0BCE8TEK COBSET, BLACK CAT HOSIERY ASD A PICTORIAL REVIEW PATTEKX AXD YOU WILL BE PLEASED. 113 East Madison CHEER FOR THE POOR Salvation Army and Associctcd Cha.-- ities Active in Effort to Make Christmas Merry for Poor. I'rtiiarutlun.s for tli"' Chris! ti:;i:> <liiin«-rs »liic!i an- to yiv.-n \t\ Xi\>.Salvation Army to jiour l.itn:;. s <i:i Christinaii i!ay. di'- (•••itiir r;i[i;'i.' (•onii«l«'ii-d liy .<'ajiiaiti liw;|i.r ami his a.s.sistaiiis aiiU tlivr.- i.s J dv in w..iv-- lor many lola fa;i:ili'S vVri t>:h<-v\\v. • would not 1)1- rJi'f to a ("htf: • iiia.s f»-abi." :s ap' ov. the city si-curiii- the ii.Tiiirs of i.'ic iwonliy poor an<l solciioi^ arc libtini; I cniitrihusloriK for the dlninT l>y tho.s.' I who ar.- aiilf to slvc. This Kr.-at I !ia:ii> Ijy llic uriny bids fair to b« ! as si;i "^.-ssfiil as othor great ta".!;:; •..Mf!i C:.-!:!-! Mitl'-r ; iiiiiI-rtal-;.-ii .Mi.i t!;<- Chiistiiias tr'-t; for tii*- jioor ,<hfllr-ii will not fortfoitcii In fh<- '.Ttixlity to si'i. that all of th>- wortiiy . iHuii- fiiinili'x In thf city are i )rovldfd •with fliif dlniKTs on ChrlstmiiH day. T !i- hoard of as .soplalfd fliaritlfs Is; iil -o aftivi- and tliotiifh thfir idans' at'' 1 'It y.-( pTidy. th <-y h .tvt> oitillricd till- work which they cxjifct to do on Clitistitias atnl at«' astcine the itXHist- 1 a::<'"- of a'l who are ahlc to rondt-r ft. ' ABOUT FRANK TRAVIS. ' EI q Insurance Paper Speaks Highly of New State Senator. "I .I'-.l i^.thl.l.:» f.T I'TIT <!! v.:«r«. O e* v.-..r •! ' • • .-i' r:*fc:itL' <'a='-iir.-'.-. M'.nvtf ' 1 ;•-1 •• 1 U*': pll-.. i". t - .r *t I! \' - • • iifcv. a. 111.- r- • .. Ill- '. .-t.'...-) • .r- - feci li'..'M i^^i..' 'i. li; - r.:. ^.^i'.lr .i;. «* Best Tor w The E-owels j> CA.NOY CATlWlTlC Pn'Ha'iI- pit'-l If.) Do'Joo.! •Old lu t.i:.- k-: '1 - c CO^ Stf rlir." R-mt -d / Co.. Cinca;-o or N.Y. 533 AMNU «LSAL£, TEN MtLUPM BOXES T :i- Irisi;.-anc'i Fif-ld. fjiiLIi.=hed at I i^Ni.-ivill". aiir! o:-." of the !)-.-it insuir- 'Mi'i' iiiiilirapo'is in th» country, con- tai'i-; :;i<- fo'lowing cnn;;dim< atary not!<i- tins w. elc with r'.'fe.-<-iic»» to Franl; I,. Travi-i. stato sinatorn-Icct from , tni-; d: ••trir:: ; Col. Kran!: L. Trav:?. of lola. Ka-^.. a nu-rnh T of the \vel| known in:;ur- ai/o>> firm of Smith £ Travis, has beeh cltctfii to th«' Kansas: .=tatf- sennte for a terra of four years. Colonel Travis , i.- considered !.v th- insarance fra- ;;irijity oiv ef th^ t'est nested and', t:i""oi.h iI^;Il'•aIlee nun of the mate. : It is not known tiiat he will desire or • aeeetit an aiipointnienr in ronneciion I with lI;-' insiTance ronitni'tec. but It is to be hoped th.a*. he will. His know\ Jeti-je of insiir.Tnce affairs and his ; wel! known fiphting fjnaltie.s. together with the fact that no one would ever Account with Us 5tart an When you pay canh and buy a little here and a Utfle there you never know what It costs you to live. 0|'en an account with \\A and pay yimr bill rv^ry two week.< (.r otit-e a month anil yon know what your iii^liey Koes for. \Vilh our system we can sell ytiu KOf>ds on two weeks or 30 day.s' time at strictly cash prices. The People's Co-Opera' tive Heicandh Assoc'n worthy poor ar.d solicitors are Ustnc dare to .questfou his honesty and Integrity, would put him In a jiosition to serve both tlie htate; and th^" iusttr ance interests with eqfial Intelligence aiid fairtiess. It Is feared, however, that on account of the large nianufac turlUR Interests of his district that he will feel that he could, best serve his constituents by accepting committee work alon^r line.s in which they art- more directly Interested. Fortune Telling Doe* not take into coof idenicioa the one eMeatial to worn- •o'f bappineaa—womanly health. The woman who neglects her health ii neflcctinl the •err toundatipn of all £ood fortune. For witliout health love Igae* its lustre and ^old i* but drosi. Womanly health when lost or impaired may (eaeraUy be Rtaiaed by the use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. Thl* Pr«»erlptloa ha», tofortrW ymn, b*eu teurlni a«Ucat», weak, pmlU'Wrmckt^ women, by tbe kumdredm ot tkoaemm^m ma* Ma toa la the prtraer ot tMalr bomea without their barlai to aabmlt to Math aata queattoalaia aai ottamatvaty rapag- mamt axatatmaaoua. Sek women are invited |o cootulc Dr. Piere* by Ittlar frn. ^oorre ^poodenoe held a. aaoradly coafidMCial. AddrM* WoHd'a Ditp«uary MadkMl AsMoUtion, K. V. Piwc, M. Dy FtaMaat.BaKOa, I^. Y. ^ ><^.J'V^> ^'^••-^ Docroa Boot, Th* rMoto'i Qmmea 8 mm What Small Refineries Did. Dtirinff this year the small refineries have taken more olf than they did last year, several of tTiem largely Increasing their capacity, notably the Paola and Nlotaze plants. The following refineries are now runnlnsr reeii- larly and apparently prosperlnK. being fair consumers of crude, the first four named plants being the hirgeat and most pronotmced successes:. Great Western at Erie, Paola Refinery com-J pany at Paola, Sunflower ' State at Nlotaze: National at CoffeyvlUe; Webster at Humboldt; Rollins at Chanute; Kansas. Co-Operatlve at Cba iiute; llo'mes a: Bronson: Superior at i>on;;ton: Caney Reflnory at Caney, Uncle Sam at Clierryvale; Muskogee at Muskogee: Chelsea at Chelsea. Tbe nrobabllitles are (hat the fir- una win allow. tbat-lMfl oU hu been GIfilian at Nevada. Contractor U. S. (Hlflllan of lola, arrived this tuorning tu inspect the pavini; of the square.—Nevada .MaM. I». F. Charles to Speak. I). K. Charles, of Topeka, will talk at the boy's nieetln;< In the Y. .M. C. A. at" i'::{0 o'clock toiiujrrow afternoon. Secretary StarUey has arranged for stime Kjicclal music for the oycaslon. Slereoptieoii viewK and Illustrated SOURS will also I.I' «lve:i. —Try,Sea Food If .vou feel bad. Fresh from Ocean.—"Our Way." Kir.xt Aid to ('briNtnm<< Shoppers. In order that none of the Christmas shoppers may be disaiipolnted, many lola stores will l)€ open for business :ic.\t .Monday. Tiiessday. Wednesday and Thursday tvenluK .s. Get the Elko, the best r.c c'.gar at Crabb's. A home cigar. Kite A|lpiiration^. .Vt the regular session of the W. O. VV. lod';e last evening five applications '.vere ba'.lotted upon. Real Estate .Uan Here. C. II. Palmer, of Trenton. .Mo., is in the citv lodav on real estate business. .1. W. Brown Here. .1. W. rtrown. prin,!ipal <;f the .Moran high school. Is in the dty today on business. —For fine livery and boarding stable for horses, see Ralph R. Drake. Phone 101. 212 North Jefferson. For Joint Installation. kt. the regular meeting of the M. W. \. Camp 9C1 held in their hall last "vening it was decided to invite I'amps No. aeC and 1281, It .V. A., to ludd a Joint installation of officers on 'he evening of January 15th. Tbe con testing teams of the M. W. A. will at that time 8er\'e an oyster supper to the members of the three orders. —Get your Christmas Cai4ls • at Mundls' while the assortment is com- olete. Misa Mitchell Home. Miss Florence Mitchell, one of tbe teachers in the high school, Accompanied the basket ball teams to Chanute and after the xames toniitht :the will (o on to lola to sjiend Christmn.-i with the home folks. She koi all her bantace aafely througti with the ex- jceptlon of a parrot, bird cage and (KMMHe doff.— Parsons Sun. FOR MORAN LIBRARY Board of Education Donated $46 to Enterprise.—School Gave Entertainment—Took in $40. Tbe board of education of the lUy of .Moran has offered to donate }4i> to the high school of that city for the ptirpose of purchasing a library for the use of the students, provided that the teachers in the school will give a series of entertainments during the winter, the proceeds of which are lo go into the library fund. The teachers accepted the projiusl- llon and the first entertainment was given last evening In the .Moran opera house. PiTtcilcaily every seat in the house was sold and the net proceeds after all expenses were paid amounted to a trifle over |40. The school at present has about $:iO<i worth of books in the library. With $SC In the fund to start with, the entertainments for the balance of the winter should increase the fund sufficient to give the Moran school one ot the best school libraries in the state. YOr PROBABLY HAYE Many garments that you thing are rulncil that can be made to look as good as new by the use of DRY;Cl..KA.\-0. Dry cleaning is not ex! pensive when you do It yourself. A jr.O-cent can of nRY-CLEJAN-O will do iJlO worth of dry cleaning. You will find DRY-CLEAN-0 the ;very best preparation in the world ;for washing all woolen goods, underwear, dresses, dress skirts and eveo" thing made of pure wooj. The goods will wear longer femi be more satla- fuctory, keep their color and natural gloss and fltifflness until they are completely worn out. Made only by Putnam Fadeless Dye Co., Quincy, 111. For sale by Chas. B. Spencer & Co., J. D. .Mundls & Co., W. L. Crabb, Dr. II. A. Brown. To and From Colony. Wni. Qulett and wife made a business trip to Tola Thursday. • • •.Misa 1 Hthel Fairbanks, and Earl Wllaon were united in marriage at lola Wednesday. • • • Mesdames Bostwick and Anderson, of lola, attended the funeral of their cousin. W. I. Moffit. Tuesday.— Colony Free Press. CHAONIC rr COMPLAINTS o( the BO* aenout diander have been pctmaneady and with Pi»*i Cute. Cw^coldt. hoanenea. bwndiitii and atftima marfcly lyd lo iuheaiiag influence. U you have a cough or cold, tyoaaraboaoe or have dificakywidi_yourb «!adriB|, get a bottle olFi«o"«C»«. Ine- diate benefit foUow* the fint dote. Coolianed uw aeaoaHy baa|t ooa. pletereiieL For needy half a centayPiio'* Cure ha« been deawmtradat tkit the uMMt advaacedfonus o( cou^ coldi and duooie chart campUali CAN BE CUREP TH08. H. BOWLUt. PrMldant. J. F. tCOTT, CMhIer. ALLEN CQUNTY STATE BANK CaplUI $30,000.00 MKBCTORa A. W. Back. L. C. Beatty. A. i. Fulton, W. J. K vim. J. O. llod9 «f% W. U iartles, Thoa. H. BowlM. • WEiaatitoumawa aaAnaom Ml utaoptAmPomta ALthe Cbwrchfis First Ckaiwi'W'CfifKk, ««leiittst Sunday.acb«)oI^at 1.0 a. m. , Church service at 11 a. m. Subject, "is the Universe Including Man, B\-olved by Atomic Force?" Testiiuonlal meetl|ig Wednesday* at 8 p. m.' Services held in Christian Science hall at 110 East Jackson. The hall Js used as a reading'room from 2 to 4 each week day. Th4 public is cordially invited tp attend the services and' to visit the reading room. . »RS. B.MMA E. AD a MS . First Reader. Preabyteriu Ckucb. r First Cl»Rh. The paator. Rev. S. S. Hllscher, will preach a Christinas sermon in tbe mofnihg at 11 o'clock, and the choir will render Christmas music. Sabbath school at 9:45 a. m. C. E. Meeting at 6:30 p. m. The service in the evening at 7:20 will be devoted to Christmas aongs by the choir. The following is the program : Organ prelude, "Festal Offertoire".. Vincent Processional, "Hark, the Christmas Bells are Ringing Storer Hymn. "From the Eastern Mountain" Trembath Scripture Lesson. Anthem, "Sing, O Heavens" Berthold Tours Choir. Prayer. Duet, "The Coming of the King"... Dudley Buck Mr. and .Mrs. Burdltk.. Offertory. "Nocturn" Op. 9 Chopin Mlas Clara Crangle. Quartette. "There Were Shepherds" •. Gelbei Ladies' Quartette. Anthem, "Glory to God In the Highest" F. Markham Xjev Choir. Solo. -Thou Art with Me. O .My Father" Wodell .Mrs. Otis l^tOrunge. Anthem, "There were Shepherds in the Field" Lyon Choir. Hymn, "/t Came Upon the Midnight Clear" Willis Praper and Benediction. Recessional, "Hark the Herald Angels'' Mendelsohn Organ Postlude, "March" Dudley Buck Little Builders Chapel. Mrs. B. N. Jones, Supt. Boy's school at 2 p. m. Regular school at 3 p. m. Evening service at 7 p. m. Bassott ChapeL. William Davis. Supt. Sabbath school at 3 p. m. Reformed Church. Sunday school at 9:45. Christmas sermon at 11 a. in. ^ Preaching alsa at 7:30. Social prayer meeting and Bible study Wednesday at 7:30. Christmas eve (Thursday) at 7 the Sunday school will celebrate the nativity in a special service ol recitations and songs, and an offering tor orphans. There will be a Christmas tree and a treat for every member, a^.d additional rewards for regular at tenUr^nce and ^w scholars brought. .\bout thirty-five have been enrolled during ovember and December. .A good time for the children and all others is expected. Parents are especially Invited. WM. M. SHULTS, Pastor. Second Baptist. J •Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. m. ^ B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. Leader. .\. R. Rentz. Preaching at 8 p. m. Vou are cordially invited. Specal music will be fumlahcd by the choir. J. W. GORDON, Pastor. Baptist Church. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. .Nforning service 11:00 a. m. Sermon, "The Coming of the Wise .Men." B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. Eveninit service 7:30. Sermon, "The Joy of Christmas." St. Timothy's Episcopal Church. There wili^ be service and sermon tomorrow mornlne at 11 o'clock. Subject of sermon. "Making Progress." Special music for the offertory. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Holy Communion,at 7:30. Ail are cordia'ly invited. REV. J, D. KRiniM, D. D. Firrt M. E. Church. Sunday school. 9:43 a. m. Sermon, 11:00 a. m. Subject, "Evidences of Spiritual Life." At iiight a Christmas concert given by the choir will be followed by an address by the pastor and a revival service. A cordial welcome to all. J. M. MASON. Pastor. y. W. C. A. Y. W. C. A. meeting tomorrow at 3 p. m. Mrs. A. V. Lodge leader." Homaday's New Work. President Grslnt Homaday of the closed First Natonal bank stated this morning that as soon as the bank maters were formally closed he would in aU probability devote all his time to the construction work, .".uch as has been conducted by one of his properties—the Stone & Construction company. The bank wUl be off his hands by the time the spring work, opens up and probably before, and after that time he will likely take ac- ,tive charge of the Fort' Scott company, which he has operated for a few years ao auccesafull. Mr. Hornady saya tbe company ^Ul likely not ,Uke up raUraid ooiitrsct work for the Icountry hi so fuU' of railroads now , that -only a few have been built m • late yeara. Street pAvIng and road , building will be the spcclaltiet of the conptny, m in the pHt. The Fort Scott Stoni* * CtMstmctlpn eompany. hu dono' a tr—>»iwa biulneu du^ ing the tuut fiv ^r^m .^d «t pre»

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