Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1907
Page 5
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lidf aUni^- l^^ill i^l the la^ ippii^ - ancM for th« Human* and ^Bdiuittfio treatment of Domestic AnlmalaL Calli made anywhere night or dair. Phone 139 for hospital or residence. , FRANK S. BEATTIB, V. B., Proprietor; PROBATE Jadse J. B. Smith U In Oamett today on boalnesa. Six Per Cent Mbney. B. IL Ciui nlngham. Melba's Benzoin Cream I • . 7 An excellent prepar- atiba for the skin. iSoftens and whitens. at SPENCER'S DB. J. F. JAMESON, The Snecessfal Ane* tloneer, Teterlnarfain. Fann ulrsor PcdiKfeed stock iiales made anywhere. Vrter iuory calln answered day or uiRht. Office with UouKlaxs Blot, Phcne ij, residence jio lOI.A, KANSAS. FOR Watch and Jewelry Repairing GO TO Q. A. LEFFLER, JEWELEB. POLAR BEAR FLOUR Has Stood tiie T^t Becatfse its the Best Acce|)t No Other Win. Obefdorf, Agt. Iowa Store Big Special Cut on on all kinds o( Merchandise until things change. A. G. JHDMIHA* Prop. MRS. BOB Langley Is quite lUj?!* typhoid IeTer« . ' «* Dr. Wmey, Oeallat DR. P. S. MITCHCELL left today for Kansas City to atend the meeting of the council o fthe State Medical society. He hopes to be able to land the state meeting fur lola in May. ir you need a farm loan come and see'us. We can get your money in two days. The Bedwell-Ray Realty Co. THE DIRECTORS of the Kansas Soiithi;rn held a nieetinK yefterdny in the company offices. Chas. Schaflner, Captiiin 8. J. Stewart and John Os- liorn of Humboldt were In attendance P. E. Wauk, DeaBrt. PkM« IfC Office •jtae BvrelPi Drat THE TOW.VSHIP trustees are to meet tomorrow for the purpose of letting the contract for three miles of rock road. Specials for Today and Tomorrow Kelley's P. C. Com. 3 cans .25c Standard Tomatoes, can 12c Plflt Wick Peas, can 12c Evaporated Peaches, lb. 20c CO-70 Prunes, 3 lbs 25c Cleaned Currants, pkg. 10c Cranberries, per quart ......10c Sweet Relish, per pint 10c Chow Chow, per pint 10c Miistard, per pint 10c Fryer Bros. Phones 808 and S»U F.4RMS, In Howell County, MissonrL To Exchange lor City Property or Merchandise. Write for list. Give full descrltpion and price of what you have. , J. T. GILMOUR, Pomona, Mo. FITZaEMLO Compmny OflBce and Storage Ware Rtjom at #5 West Street. Phon|: 356 lola Bosioess College ^Mkkeeplng. English. Physical Culture, ate Shorthand. Letter Writing. PiMity of money;-!^ loan on farms. Other companies haxei quit but we are still doing business. The Bedwell- Eay Realty Co.. W;ARREN Rogers and wife came up from lola Tuesday to spend Xmas with their children. The friends of Arthur Rogers will be pleased to know that he is able to be out again after his long illness. They went fo Humboldt to spend the hollda>-3 with home folks.—Klncaid Dispatch. Improved acre tract-on Electric line for sale on terms. Call phone 1050. CHRIST.MAS this year was productive of several weddings. John S. Bills iind M388 Jane Woosley, one young couple left for'lola this afternoon where they were married by the probate Judge, rpttirnlug on the plug In the evening. They^wlllgo to house- Ueeplnk' at otioo at .Slti South Mnl- polm. Miss WToosley is a Chanute girl and Is well known here. The groom I? employed In the Vjjn Antwerp grocery.—Chanute Sun. • Dr. ley«*Ma. Phraa M. lea. til. F. C. NICHOLSON has gone to loin for a few da>-s* 'stay.—Pittsburg Headlight. ; Special Redncpd Prices on all new and second hand Sewing Machines until January Isf. Singer Sewing Machine Co.. 110 East Madison. MISSES Beiilah and Ethel Bixler of lola, arc the guests of th?ir sister. .Mrs. C. C. Kennedy, at 1514 South Highland. We have plenty of money to loan on f.inus. The financial flurry does not effect us. Come and see us. The Bedwell-Ray Realty Co. LAWTON- Rosenberper. In lola Tuesday eveirfng. Decanibi>r 24. 1907 Rev. Mason officiating:. Frank Lawton, of Osawatomie, and Miss Edna Uo.-;enborp:?r, of this place, were married. Miss Edna has been deputy county treasurer for more than a yoar past, and her friends will join Thr- News in extending besj. wiishes. Mr. I.awton is a printer on the Osawato niie Graphic.—Yates Center News. DR. GARLr .VGHOrSE received ord this morning that Prof. Billbe ..ho was taken to Topejta to be operated upon for ap|>endfcltls Is doing excedinRlv well and will probably bo up In a short time. Mnlf-r itarlior College. Kansas City. Mo., wiitits men to learn the trade Write for iiarticulars now. few week.s oomiiloies by free clinic and expert In- .«tnirlimis. posltion.s v.'iltlng. Don't delay. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Miller, of Petrolla, announce the birth last Monday of a daui;hfer.^ Laura Iy)Uise. TO PLAY LAHARPE NEW YEARS Chanute Go-Devils (gradually Get Nrrve Uis. (Chanute Siin.l Th** r.-ifc receipts at Ihe W5ashbum- Oo Devil game yesterday were .vprv disaripnintluK to the management who had hoped to ptill thv team out of debt with this one big game. The attendance much sma'ler than was expected, due largely to the Inclement weather of the few da.vs preceding the game, which kept much of tie out-of-town atteiidancfl away. Less than eight hundred persons paid ad- miss'on. An effort is belne made to secure I.aHarpe for the closinit game of the season New Yf^ars. The La- Han^e l>oys wrote Manger Jones last week that the annual game would have fo be omitted this year on account of the iniposslbilltv of creating enough interest among the La- Haroe plr<vers »o set an eleven on the field. After Chanute's showing yes- terda.v. a number of LoHarpe :players who saw the contest Were fired with ^--nthuslasm niid will endeavor to bring the old I-aHarpe squad down for n New Years tame. A te'ephone message stating something of a definite nature is expected from there tomorrow. Koliert Davis Transfer. Robert Davis, Baiecace and Transfer ''onipanv. Household moving a specialty. Office at Brown's Smoke House. The Last Saturday in the Old Year, will be a Big Bargain Day at the If you received a $20, $10 or $5 gold piece for a Xmas present, this is a splendid opportunity to spend it wisely, profitably, and above all, satisfactorily. Lmdiem' Suttm In broken lots that have sold as high as $20.00 all season, tomorrow they go for $td,oo Lmtftem'Comlm Broken lots, in black cheviots, 52 inches long, sold during the season for $7.98, tomorrow they go for ' LmdImm'Cmmim Broken lots, in black, tan, red, blue, brown; all wool Broadcloths and Kerseys, sold for $18.00, tomorrow for $9.95 Hmmihmrbloom PmMpomtm Beautiful black Heatherbloom Petticoats, regular $2 50 quality, to morrow for $1.69 Bmrgmtu Summinm MUk In pink, Alice bine, red, Nile green, lavender, purp'e, reseda, champaign; regular bUc quality, tomorrow for 29G Drmmm QmmdmBmrgmtm Our entire line of fancy Wool Dress Goods, sold all season for 5Uc, tomorrow for 38G LmdlBm' Comlm Broken lots of high grade coats in black, tan, brown, grey, full silk lined, sold formerly for |25, tomorrow for $13.95 Wmimt Bmrgmlnm Broken lota of all kinds of Ladies' Waists, at one-third off from regular price. Sooioh Woolmtimm A fine assortment, of Scotch Woolettes, suitable for pajamas, dresses and waists, former price 15c, tomorrow for a U2G LUTHER Tate Is on trial In Judge ou.ths court this afternoon, charged vith being drunk and disorderl.v. The ase is an outgrowth of the fight hich occurred In East lola Christmas lay in which several men and women lartlclpated, three of whom were flu I yesterday. He pleaded not guilty hen arraigned and asked for a Jury rial. A large number of witne.sses are In court. Mrs. Ed. I .a8ter and Tom Tate will be tried following the rial of Luther Tate, on the same charge. ARCHIEl Hottensteln. who is said be In the employ of the State Tenx- lerance Union, as a si>otter. Is visit- ng friends in the city. Recently Hot­ tensteln was badly beaten up in Pittsburg by a Joint sympathizer. His assailant was fined in police court. ELMl ^rR Coffey, of Liberal. Kans.. ho has beeil here visiting relatives, returned to hi."? home toda.v, accompanied by his aunt, Mrs. Belle Adams. HARLAN BARNES, son of Attorney L. Barnes, fell from a tree today nnon injurying his left arm. It is believed that the bone is slightly fractured. MISS EAfMA .\nderson. a prominent teacher in Republic county and a urospective candidate for superintendent of public Instruction in that county, is In the city the guest of J. L. Adam son. Jl^DGE J. B. S.MITH returned this afternoon from Garnett where he appointed an administrator for the est.-.te of J. W. Lawellen who died 'here recently. Probate Judge Lawellen. of Anderson county, is a son of the deceased man and could not legally apimint an administrator, hence called in Judge Smith. The latter appointed B.. B. LawellenI a son of the deceased. Here's Good Advice. O. S. Wololever, one of the best Imown merchants of Le Raysvilie. N. v.. says: "If you are ever troubled rith piles, apply Buck'en's Ai^ica Salve. It cured me of them for good twenty years ago." Guaranteed for sores, wounds, bums or abrasions. 25c at all drug stores. GARNETT OFFICERS KNOW THEM Tice Family Gained Notoriety in Anderson County. Now Is ihB Time iohuyihtt OVERCOAT Che BaitlaylShields. Clothinj Cc' THE 8T0BE THAT SATISFIES. Wird comes from Garnett that the ofijcers there had considerable trouble with the Tice family who hav valued som? notoriety liere in tho l)ast few weeks. It is said that the coimty commissioners had arranged to send Dora Tice. the mother of the i legitimate child, to a home and had also arranged to send Netta Tice. who was marriad here a few weelcs ago. to The industrial school for girls at Oelott. when the family left the county and came here. Consent bad been obta'neii to aend Netta Tice to the iudustrial home. ADVERTISING lOLA AGAIN. Kansas City • Photographer -Using Name of This City. An energetic photographer In Kansas City is using the "missing line" stunt in his advertising. In today's ad he uses the name of lola which v.ill probably cause the EJmiioria Ga- xette to again sit u)) and take notice. The ad reads as follows: .•\ young man living in lola. Had a sweetheart named Viola. Said he: "Ivet 's flee and sail the wide ocean. •A\'!e will." said she. "it's a darn good notion. But before we KO let's have laktii our i)hoto." THE ITEATIIER. Forecast for Kansas:—Oenerally fair tonight and Saturday; colder in southeast tonight. GROWTH OK ItEFnEHIES. Kunilwdt the First of Twenty-six In Soatliwest (Mid-Continent.) Four .vears ago there was but one little Independent reflner>- in the Southwest, the plant at Humboldt. Kan., with a very limited capacity. The only other refinery was the Stand ard plant at Neodesha, Kas. Now there are twenty-six refineries in the Southwest and they are all crowded to capacity. There are refineries at Cherr>-vale, Atchison, Erie. Paola, Niotaze. Longton, Petrolia, Peru, Independence Colfe>-vlIle, Humboldt and Kansas City Kansas, five of them being at Chanute. In Oklahoma there are plants at Chelsea, Bartlesville. Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Muskogee. Then there Is the big Standard plant at Sugar Creek. Mo., just outside of Kansas City. Millions of dollars have gone Into the refining of oil In the South-.vest during the past four years and there are other millions coming. There are plans for several more refineries for Oklahoma to be built during the 'iresent winter and the coming spring und the consumption of crude will help to solve t' e situation. The Stana ird purchased a site for a big separating plant Just across the river from Tulsa and plans to put the san:« In operation in a short while. At present It is constructing tanks on the site, but it is the intention of the company to put in the separating plant at a later date. All of the refineries have been making money and they are all making money now. From Oklahoma the great population of the Southwest em states can be reached within a day's ride as can all of the fuel markets of the Southwest This gives the new state the call on the refining Interest, because the oil and the gas is right at hand. IS'otiee of Sperkl XeeUnir. A special meeting of McCook Post Is called for Saturday night (7 :r;o o'clock) Dec. 2S, 1907. By order of D. B. D. SMBLTZER, Attest: Post AdJuUnt. J. S. WALKER. Post Commander. _ Trjr • Want Ad. la tke Begtoter. Remember Your friends By sending them a nice Calendar for New Year's, and they'll think of you all the year We have nice ones forI5c, 25c, 30c, :{jc and 50c. Barren's Drug Store WEST SIDE OF THE SQUARE RIG DEMOCRAT IN TQWS. Johnson, of Pealiody. Here Lookln? Kiin His Fence. J. G. Johnson, of Peabody. who Is a candidate for democratic national com mitteeman from Kansas, Is in the city today conferring with democratic lead ers in regard to his candidacy. Mr. Johnson was the committeeman in 1904. John At wood, of Leavenworth, is the present committeeman and is a candidate for re-election. Mr. John- .son visited lola several years ago and today remarked u|)on the growth of the city since that time. A HARE AND HOUNO RIJN. Junior Y. M. C. A. Boy« Plan' Inter, eating Sport. The junior department of the T. M C. A. Is to have a "hare and honnd mn" some time next week. The event was to have taken place last evening but Physical Director C. J. Bliss, who I.<! out of the city, did not return and the "run" was called off. l^ast year the boys held a "hare and hound run" and jt proved an occasion of much fun to them. A Kansan Drops Dmd. Emporia. Kas., Dec. 27.—Theodore Telchgraeber, a prominent miller of Lindsborg. Kas.. dropped dead here today of heart disease. He came to Emporia to attend the funeral of bis hriMher. Daily, a miller of Emporia, who died Christmas night. FIND BABY ON STEPS Six Weeks Child Left at Woodson County School House. (Yates Center News.) Last Friday morning when Hollie Feld. teacher in school district No. known as the Hayless district, came to his school he found a small baby, care fully wrapped up, lying on the door step. "The Ijaby is not over six weeks old. and had evidently only lieen placed there a short time before the teacher got there. ' While he was a quarter of a mile away he s;iw a covered wagon standing in front of the school house, and saw a man get into the wagon and drive on west. It is reu.sonably certain that that man left the baby. The child was taken to I-Mdie Welde's nearby, and Mrs. Weidt cared for it until Saturday, when it was brought to town by the officers, and is now in the care of Mrs. Frcad. of this place. Deputy Sheriff Bob Rhea immediately went in pursuit of the moving wagon and overtook the man near Quincy. Tlie man gave his name as Noah Jack- sou, of Centerville, Linn county. Kan-, sas, and that is trae. for his father is here, and the sheriff of Linn jcounty says they are nice people. But he and his wife did drive to Yates Center in a covered wagon Thursday of last week. The woman stopped here at the Commercial hotel until three o'clock Friday morning, when she took the Missouri Pacific train west for Kingman, where she was going. The man drove on and camped Thursday night a short distance east of the Hayless school house, but says he did not stop there. He says they were married November 17th, and says they had no baby. His wife will be here from Kingman In a day or two, when his trial will be held. Whether he is guilty of leaving the little babe or not Is to be proven, but It is certain that some one did. Free dirt at Luceock'a. Badly Mixed Up. Abraham Brown, of. Wlnterton, N Y., had a very remarkable experience, he says: "Doctors got badly mixsd up over me; one said heart disease; two called it kidney trouble; the fourth blood poison, and the fifth atom ach and liver trouble; but none of them helped me, so my wife advised trying Electric Bitters, which are res toring me to perfect health. One bottle did me more good than all the five doctors prescribed." .Guaranteed for blood poison, weakness and all stomach, lirer and kidney complaints, by all druggists. 60c. •MMiir THiFfiTttF T ' Oaoi p. Stetson's Uncte Tbm^ Cabin The GnuHlflst Street Paradk Addaide Thufstoii and a compaay of nnasnal strength in her greatest success, 'mtrnQMHromt \ Omi Ymmdmr" •OXDAT, DEC SO. Chas. H .Yale's Mniing ihe ToWn Prices ......:..»;S64»-7fie41*: TVESDAT, In a NotEble Revival of Curtain at 8;15. PodttTeI]( ii^^' one seated daring an id^r Seats on Sale Monday. Dee.^ Prices..... .a8e4Me.7ii4ir^4f^ OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O O e XERBT Xnf8TREL8 O O AH TUi Week Q O BACHELLOE THEATRE. O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO For 1908 YoK Will Want '' Caleniar Fadfl Calendar Staadt. ' yen Bludt Books. Invoke Books. We hare tke goods. Oar prtoea are right Cone and see as. Evans Bros. Boiok Store MUflbi liter One Iraadred poonda o( Cry** tal lea vUI make U gaUons off dMlllea water nltakle tor (amlly nee. Try It liblcetCiUStmiiCt FRANK «DIH.B.M^.

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