Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 19, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1908
Page 2
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THE IOLAPAUT BE6ISTKS. SATUKDAY EYEXING. DECEMBEB 19, 1808. StOt9 will If u1 mIgMf comtumiwimg^ tonight, Dmom 19, until 4 Ki 5*00 our}f(ltdttWB Thmy wUI hmlp you io Bolooi your ChHat' out. Practical Cop>rifhc i <>oS by Presents Are always the most appreciated—we have them here for you. Buy him a Suit or an Overcoat for Christmas. We will exchange same after Christmas or refund your money if the same is not satisfactory. Men's and Boys Gloves SOo io S3.00 . Men's Neckwear from 254? to S/.50 Men's and Boys* Shirts BOo to S2,SO ... j . Mulflcrs. Hosiery, Neckwear Umbrellas SUIT CASES AND BAGS NIGHT ROBES. PAJAMAS HOUSECOA"^, BATH ROBES a'nd LOUNGING ROBES Collar Ba^s Hartdkerchiefs, Fancy Suspenders, Fancy Vests Four More Shopping Days till Christmas Soolety Oo»aip —Fltigertld. Anto LITP17. Fbonr. * + + A CHRISTMAS LETTER. Dearest Phyllis,—Pray romoiulnT, when you're makltin up fhc> Ihit Of your presents for Di -cemlxT diii' less 1 am to bo mlssfil), That I've slippers, plctui-o-bracki'i;! smoking sets of various \.y\wn. Half a dozen smoking JnckciH, thirty seven meerscliaum pipes! Twenty patent "kid BIOVC mondfrs." collar boxes by the scort". Of embroidered silk suapoii'dorH, forty- leven pairs or more; That each year since I was twenty, I've received a paper weight: Have pen-wlpors. Inkstands plenty, paper-cutters—twenty-eight; That I've Browning and Longfellow • by the hundreds—every kind. Sha1<espeare—black and blue and yellow. Milton tin Vm nearly blind! So there's just one present only that I'm wanting, in this year. Of my bachelorship so lonely—that's yourself, my Phyllis dear. —James Courtney Challiss. • • • ' For Miss Hoch's Weddinq. The Governor and Mrs. Ed war?! Wallls Hoch sent out invitations yesterday for the marriage of their daughter. Anna, to Mr. James Win fred Beid, of Chanute, Friday, Janu FOR "OAUGHTER'S" CHRISTMAS GIFT! FtUier nBtanill} thiiikii of », W«tcli, a PlJi, Broofh, Bracelet or L <i «fcet UK MWt'tbiBg; tluit daatrbt- er will be sure to aiijireeUite—few irlrls there are wlio w«Bld not ite VfrtnWj rltarmed to receler one of the Innnmeniklr examplett wc •re offering In the articles roeo- tlo|ie4. Take tbe loekets as. M inatance. IVe bave then dtaMMd atadded or pearl set, rbaaed or eagraTed, desifcns la relief or simple tracery of quaint pattem*— all xlxes. 11^ L'p. ary first, at 7 o 'clock In the evening at the Kovernor':' house. Miss Hoch will be attended by her sisier. .Mlns Edna Hoch. insld of honor, and the other K'HS In the bridal party will bo .Miss Josephine Lynch, Miss Gertrude ClevonBor, .Mlns MarBarot Dotzor. Miss Berenice Fuller, Miss Innu IXjs. ter. MIsH .Myrtle Rndcllff. Miss Dnlny Nell, Miss Ixjulso Allison and . MISM Crnco Frost. Mr. Hold will bo iittond- od by his brother. .Mr. I.. C. Kold. of Cblcflgo.—Stmo Joiinml. • • + In Parsons. AiiiouK who arc out of to.vii this week arc Mr. and .Mrs. \V. H. Richards. They aro vIsitInK in Parsons. • <• • To Springfield. Mr. and Mrs. John Deck and thoir son will spend next week with relatives at SpringBeld. Mo. • • • To Vicit at Home. Mr. Carl Salser ha.s gone to Emporia for a two weeks' vacation with relatives during the holidays. W. C. T. U. IVIeeting. The W. C. T. V. will have their meeting on Jfonday instead of on Friday next week. The change has been made because Of the Christmas time. The afternoon will be given over to Lplans for the reception the union will sive on the afternoon of January first for members and their friends. • • • Priscitia Club. There will be a Christmas party on next Wednesday afternoon far the Priscila club. The hostesses will be Mrs. M. F. Sickly and Mrs. A. tT. Howland and the club will be entertained at the Sickly home, 316 South Washlnston, avenue. The hour of half- past two o'clock has been named and all members are^equested to bring needlework. • • • Miss Wills Leaves. Miss. Myrtle Wills leaves today for a two weeks' vacation at her home.In Emporia. • • •:• GORHAM Solid SUver! In Knives, Forks. Talilo .SpiMUi.s. Toimpoons; the bi'.st thing you can give for Chrlst- nius (iift.M. Oanio Sets. Carving Sets, presents tliat will last. Rich Cut Glass, Heautlful Hand Painted China. Handsome and useful pre.senis In countless numbers will Ije found .-it this store at low prices and best quality. The Christmas Store, the place where you oan depend on the things you buy. McNEILBROS. THE JEWELEBS. Here From Manhattan. Marshall Howard and 'Sanger Kin more wlyja arc students a tbe Manhattan college this year are spendln)? two weeks at their homes here. • • •:• ' Exehanpe Sale. The W. C. T, V. is having a sale of bread, pic. cake and other eatables for the Sunday luncheon/at the AtchI son millinery store today. • * * f, Heme Prom Pittsburg. Miss Blanche Van Biisklrk and Miss Elva McCall returned yesterday from PiUsburg. They have been attending the Manual Training school there aqd will remain in lola until tbe vacation closes. • • • Miss Francis In Topska. " • ' Cblonr , Christmas with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Francis.—State Journal. • • • Home From K. U. Fred Apt has arrived from l >aw- rcnce to spend Christmas at his home here. •> •:• •> Dinner Party. One of the very pleasant dinner parties of the week was given at the Thistle club house last night. The table was set for these guests and house members: Mr. and Mrs. Birch, Mr. and Mrs, Edward Russell, Mins Alberta Mtmson, Miss Abble \VIIII». .Mr. Hennessy ,Mr. Glenn Coo|ey, Mr. George. Longacre. Mr. Fred Kllltan, and Mr. Carl Salser. After dinner sees were made up for^ carda and there was music to entertain tbe company. • * • To Rich Hill. Miss Nellie Richardson and Miss Flora Richardson left on a morning train for Rich Hill, Mo. They will remain tbere with frrends for a week. • + * Miss Sutcliffe Home. Miss Gertrude Sutcliffe, who bas been attending 'a convent In Abilene this Reason, has returned borne to spend a vacation with ber father, Dr. J. 8. Sutcliffe.- '«iwi¥th •'ilexf^Thnriday ' to^ be with! relatifes .for Christmas. Miss Em-! ma Hyde is to Vead a paper on math-'. emstics at the state teachers' meet-! lijg to be held in 'Topeko December, '29. + • * Kinq's Daughters Meeting. Miss Ijouise Hyde Is entertaining the Junior society of the Episcopal church today. This is the usual meeting of the society. • * Miss Woodin Here, Miss Abble Woodin who is" teaching at Fredonia this year. Is to spend the vacation with her sister, Mrs. John Devlin. • * * Miss Robinson Home. Miss Theo Robinson of Hutchinson arrived Inst nlKht to vist h*nr iiar-! ents. Mayor and Mrs. M. G. Robinson. Miss Robinson teaches training In the Hutchinson schools. *•?••»• Gifts for Poor Children. Tho Llttlo Gleaners of tbo First ethodist church aro plannlnp to make the Vulotldo a happy time for sovcrai poor faml'les. Tho club has prepared gifts of clohtlng anil toys and tltose with food will bo liistrlbutod next week. There will be a s|ioclaI raoot- Ini! of the rlub 011 next Moiid:iy nt the homo of .Miss Fa.vetto Stoddard. T,i>2 North Sopond street to romplote I)ians for the use of gifts. * + Birthday Party. Mrs. lioo Massengalo. 31S East Madison avenue, pave a <Ie!lKhtfuI party last night for a coterie of the young friends of her sonoiiil daiiKhtor Ruth. The ovonlni; was in oolebration of tho birthday of tho honor puost. Music and numerous novel cames were the ontertalninent and tho parlors were hunir with branches of holly and mistletoe, while favors and contest cards were tied with bows of red rlblion. The supper was served in two courses and Mrs. Massengale had tho asv.Ist- ance of Miss .-Vcnos Munson and MIHS Amy Massenpale in ontertaininsr. Tlio guests were Madge Joyce. Viola Ray. Grace Mooro. Marion T.ois Tnlbort. r.uri 'o Rifrhoy. Marv Rodni .TU. Anna Engloraan. Jessie Frv. Kdna Wood, Francos Munson. lone Rishoi*. Ireno Bishop. Eula rtininiinps. Harrv Whit- tnkor. nnico SLiyfioM. I .oo Coffijian. Clarence Tiffany. Boyd Barton. Wiilio Atilnc, Jiid Carijontor. Konnctli F.;".>f. Carl RItohoy. Waltor Nipli. Ardiio Breckonridso. Carl Warford. • + * Dinner at Church. Ono of the events to occur in church crcle.s in tho holidav so ;ison is a dinner for the con.ijrepation of the Christian church and thoir friends. On Thursday. Doccnibor 31. the dininy room of tho church will be used and a pionic dininT si-rvod. Tlio atlond .Tnoo will j>rol )al >l.v bo ()iiil( large. * -T- .^ Garnett Lodge Coming. Tlio local rliaplor of R.-istrni f!t:ir will ontortaiii a larpi- nunilicr of sue.sts on tlio- approaching Monday. The Garnott chaptor has hooii iiivitod to attend tho mooting which Is to bo held thou. Two candidates an- to lio ln1tiate<l. ^ ^ .> Royal Club Party, Tho fortnightly pnrtv for lb" Royal club was given yi stmiay at tho liotno of Mrs. A. H. Phillips. The aftornoou was Informal with noedlowork ami the hostess ontortnimM with a pretty five o'clock luncheon. Tlio rooiiiM wore profusely trimmed with holly I and mistlotoo in token of tho holiday Boasnii. Tho iioxt mootliig <if tbo club will orour in lw <i weeks at tli< home of Mrs. Goorgo Taylor. \w> South Olilo street. .> W, R, C. Meetlno. There was a mootlnir of tho Wnin- nn's Rollof Corps yostorilav at the G. A. 11 hall. Nothins of importance otlier than tho regular work was done. * •> To Visit Relatives. Mr. Phil H0I.WI0 and Miss .Mav.iar- et Heigole loft this -noniing t<i sii .'ud Christmas with relatives in Chi:;kasha. Oklahoma. 4. •> Miss Minrow «Home. Miss Maude Minrow came in from Emporia last night to be with her aunt, Mrs. A. N. Mitchell for tho midwinter vacation. C-p f.-. W. y4 •.( V--:. » TOKimm Berton and Tyler Tuosdny Might BASKET BALL Baker University vs. Auditorium Team Game Called 9:30 THE AUDITORIUM Mist Mitchell Here. .Miss i^lorence .Mitchell of Parsons arrived last night to spend several weeks at the family home. Oil South Wachlngton avenim.j •:• • • Guest of Cousin. Sir. Charles Brooker, of Clovelaud. O., Is liero to spend two weeks with his cousin, .Miss Trcan l.ouderiulik. + A ^. Visit in Missouri. •.Mrs. A. L. Brumbaugh left last night for a visit with relatives in .Malt land, MO. * l- • Misses Northrup Home. Miss Gladys Xorthrup accompanied by Miss Ruth Swallows, came in today from Chicago, to bo with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Northrup for Christmas. Miss Mary Northrup is also home from St. I.«uis where she ha.s boon uttoiidins s."hool. •»- • From Wdshburn. Miss Ruliy Heller, Miss Cora Klein and Miss Harriett .McMillan came in last ni.^ht from Washburn college, Topeka. On tho train with thorn worr -Miss Trcan l..owdermilk. Misa Mae Dennis. Clara Laury. Mr. Harvey Heller, 'nd Mr. Hcybert Brown, all of whom are attending Baker, and Mr. Fred Aspinali. of K. U. WA M TSF WAMTED- 'MImomllmnmoao BtlSineSS DbCCtOfy; WANTED—Good housekeeper; no waslilng^ or ironing. Must be good cook. Jlrs. J. W. Coffey. WANTED TO REKT—About January 1st to 15tb, seven or. eight room modern house, close in; east side preferred. Apply to R. G. Hall at Acid Works. « JIHIX G. WOODDf, M. D. * Physician and Surgeon * Over liurrell's. Phone 142. WANTED—Two young ladles to solicit. C. F. Florence, Rooms 10 andj» 11, Evans Block. i* . J • WANTED^All kinds of second hand j.* household furniture.—The lola Furnl- * ture Exchange, A. W. Beck, Prop. | Phone 25, J* I»IL McMILLEX, Sjiecial attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Uiseaa- os and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Ollice 32, Hes. 2:12 Onii-e over IliirreH 's Drui; Store **«««**«**«*•«*««• WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Oolden West Land Co. Ofilce over Iowa Store, lola, Kaa. FOR ROa^ MImomllmouo FOR RENT—Three room., house on North Walnut. lii(|uire 211 .North Walnut. F. II. .lIAKTiy, Surgery and Diseases of Women. Onire and Residence Phone 576 Onice 7 -N'orth Jefferson, FOR RENT—Eight room, modern house with barn; r>::o South Walnut. Phone 249. Phone 687. Res. 701. IH5. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat. Siiectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. BIdg. FOR RENT—Two furnished downstairs rooms for light housekeeping. Phone 1294. 22S North Third. JEWELERS. I?. F. Pancoast, old reliable jeweler, 110 East Street.' FOR SALE ~misoollanoou8 FOR SALE—Good organ, cheap: will accept payments. Call Jone.-; Transfer Line. PGR S.VLE—$4.'ii) inaboirauy Starr Diano. Will sell at a sacrifice or $iu per month payments. Call Honors, oU2 ICast street. FOR SALE—Good iiorso; cheap. Call niofninps or tii>o;i. or after C ji. :n. I'iiono ISigus Fruit Stand, east side square. FOR horse, •lur. S.VLE— Good yoiiii.i? work DEFEATS I.B.C.TEAM FOR SALE—Two Bush & Gerts (lianos slightly used, left with me for sale by Chanute parties. These are ^rgains. John V. Roberts Music Store. Auditorium liusket Bull Boys Too Vast for ('ollfge .Vggrctfution—.Scoirc Ufts .V. to :.>5>. LOST and FOUND LOST—l^idy'3 gold watch and fob, diamond set in back: initial B. (J. T. iigraved on froiit. Return to llii.s iff ice. Reward. Lodge Disectotj KM(;ilTS OP PYTHIAS.— Neosho I>od.s;e No. 4:5 meets ^ every Monday ui^ht at K. of P. Hall. Vi.siting brothers invited. W. S. Thomiiwoii, E. C... Chris Kilter. K. of R. and S. KMGHTS OF 3IACCABEES.— Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hull second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Postwait. commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. >V.— Camp No. 101 meets In T. Steele. C. C, A. H. Davis, Clerk. Visitors cordially invited. Jl. ^y. A.— The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night in M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. F. C. Comeld, V. C. W. A. Cowan. Clerk. TO K.<Cii.. . ;: —Eiglil room . , Itioation, lola. Price $lsuu; mortgage $tjiiu. i-^iulty for live stock, feed or iniple- .nents. IOL.\ LAND COMPANY. J. jr. .% Mrs. Lodge to Talk. Mfs. A. V. I.oden will-doiiver the address at the Y. W. C. A. vesper service tomorrow afternoon. Tho meeting will begin at three o'c'ock. .\\\ women will be welcome. Last evoning on the Y. .M. C. A. court tlie .Vuditorltiin b;i.skel li;U( team defeated llie lola liuainess College leaiii by a score of ".r> to I'.V. ThI.s was the third game of the tournament and was one of the greatest siiriirisos of any game plujed so far this »<'asnn. The lliiB'Iness College jilaycrs jire al) uiuuiours and the members of tho Au- dltnrliiiii team are ail old heads ut tlu- .T.iuie, and are credited with being one Six Clear La Harpe residences $7000 of the boKt teams In the city. Al- and |:!OuO. Cash for merchandise or thiiugli ilien! is u dirrcrcMco of 20 farm. W, 0. Lenhart, lola, Kaa, puliilK In (lie score, the (,'oile,^o boys are highly elated over their .showing in tho Kume. •riie regular tournament g.iiiio for i;e\i I'Vbhiy evening \\\\\ not lie pbiy- ed as the ns-e of the court, lias been | ;;lveii to the younger liieiiiber.i of thi aH!-.oclall<.n for the entertainment ol llieir pa reals. The next regular game will be played New Yeiir's nii;hl between the lohi hii-'h .school and the .\uditorium teams. These team.s arc evenly matched, each team liavlnj won one gaiue from the other by a very close score. The new year's | game will probably be the best basket biiJI .game played in the city this season. UOY.VL K £IGIIB0KS .^Io:a Camp .\o. 'iftu. Royal NeJghbors. meotji sec- find and fourth Tuesdays ol*'- each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle. Mrs. Mary Ilutton, 413 West Street. Recorder. FIt.VTEKNAL UltOTIIEKIIOOD.— Fraternal Brotherhood No. ,"?89 meets .'OCK. i second and fourth Thursday of each month In A. O. U. W. Hall. Vl.slting members cordially Invited. W. H. Anderson, iiresldent; Golda Elam .wre- tary. 00000000000000000 O PirBLIt; S.VLE. O 0 I'our years experience In the sale O 0 ring prepares me to give un- O O equalled and Riiaranteed service O 0 as an auctioneer. .My service free O 0 for a few sales. Reference, Allen O 0 Co. State Bank. E. E. Vlcker.s. O 0 Phone 8;!.">. 1201 N. Jefferson O 00000000000000000 .Notice. All those wishing to answer letteri- written by children of the Orphan's Home or in any way contribute to their Christmas are requested to leavf gifts at the Shields' shoe store. 3IRS. L. F. PAL.MER. Benson in Tov/n. Mart Benson, marshal of Humboldt was up today on 'business at the court j house. OUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing these days. Now is the time, you know, to have all ihe summer dust cleaned oat of your carpets. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. lOLA RUG FACTORY Phone 510. ELECTED OFFICERS. High Grade huve the lanfest and raoMt complete line of n '.\TCHES from the very Mtiiallcst Luilles* Wulriie^, to Ihe large xtzc t.'enix' U 'utcbOM at prlees from #8.(M) TO JH-KMM) BH.Vt ELETS Just received a large shipment of all new designs In Bracelets. If you're thinking of buying give us a call. [Triple Tie Lodge Had Meeting Last Night. i The Triple Tie lodge met in regii- j lar session last night. These officers I were elected: T. .M. Clark—President. J. O. Mundon—Vice President. . .Mrs. H. L. Reagan—Chaplain. Mrs. R. B. Knapp—Secretary. .Mrs. E. R. Sleo|)er—Treasurer. .Mrs. M. M. Da.v—Conductor. Phil Heigele—Guard. W. J. Ihrij:-Sentinel. J. H. Van.Nuys, R. B. Knapp. and W. H. McClure. auditing comuiitteo..' After the election an oyster siiiijier was served. Before County t'onimls>i:(oers. C L. Hvans. city attorney for l!ie city of La Harpe, will soon appear before the Ijoard of county coiumls-i sloners an«< ask that that body sanction the action of the city rouncil in anucxiug a tract of land known as Ohifest's first and second additions to L .1 Harpe. I..a Harpe Is a city of the second and would bave the )iow- er 10 annex the tract If It were subdivided. It Is not, however, and the law requires that the city first obtain I the approval- of the conntx commis- [ sioners before the land Is taken into the city. There Is some opposition to tbe proposed annexation and there will probably be a fight on it when it comes ui ^1 >efore the conunissioners. A Few Artistic BOOKS the Old .Masters and Their Pictures, full page illustrations, by Sarah Tytler. Literary By.Paths of Old Enir- land, beautiful pictures, by Henry C. Shelley. The Knined AblK>ys of Great Britton, by Ralph Adams Cram. Famous American Songs In leather or cloth binding, by' Gustavo Kobbe. Bo.ston Day.s, Concord asd Its Famous Authors, by Lillian Whiting. Weather 1)piiiions, a book of quotations with interleaves on weather subjects Jennie Day Haines; a very unique book from a Saa Francisco publisher. The "First Folio" Shakespeare, by Charlotte Porter and llellen .\. Clark; 40 volumes of the faii^is first text of 1C23, Shakespeare in tbe original spelling and pronunciation. Come in and see them. .llluufe .MarveN of Xature by John J. Ward. t'lilld's Stories from the masters many illustrations, by Maud Manafee. Little Books on .\rt about the old Arti.sts. Efans Bros BOOK STORE What Clerks Did. The state association of county clerks at their annual meeting at Hutchinson this week declared themselves In favor of taking, off the jtax rebate'and waat!s the duties pT ^ths '

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