Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1907
Page 3
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• - } «n lOLA VAILT UflnnB. FRIDAT CLOAKS, FURS AND MILLINERY FRIDAY and SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27 and 28. Landrs^an ]lii>rlilfpiuirr & ifo.'s line of CLOAKS I onr of tho }>pst IIBP.H lUiiili' in tlir I'. S. This;Hn«> Is rlitraiitly tnllnml. Juis a rhir. stjIKIi «|>|)rjiniiiri> tliat itiost lines do not have. The entire line for Ladies', Misses and Cliildren ^ill IH- elosed ont at artual eost. j riiildren's Eider I»own Coats nicely (rimmed with Insertion and fanrj jrol- lar, Kood Jinin?, oheait at - JfiMH). >ow '. Children's Lone t loth (if at*, nicely -trimmed In velvet and linltnas. Now , , Ladie>' ^jXt KerM'y Coat trimmed in pretty Niik lirald. tehet and lint- tons and slrapjied nith same. .;. .W.".> Our $9.m (out. siitin lined niear through, trimmed nith lieautiful Ixilk braid and velvet #fi.;5 Indies' $i4M < hiiYon Broadcloth elalionilely trimmed with two stales of braid and silk velvet: now $|<UHI !fl«>.<HI Fine Chih'on Kroiidilolh Coal now )(i|2.00 FURS Special for Two Days, Friday and Saturday. We handle the Kdw. (JeorBc line, Oetroit, Miehiiran. Y.liey manufarlnrc their ovvn.line and .their fors and styles wo rnnsider (lio liest made. tNr ifLOll Fnr Scarf, now tlur llJiS Fnr Scarf now 9;c Onr Fnr Scarf noW; 15.00 Our $.-|..V) Fur Scarf now iM.25 10 Fur Scarfs ut .-. $7.:iO Kvery fur will be sarrlticed: Ihose tliat come early will pet the cream of the line. MILLINERY Great Spedal Sale for Pri- ond Saturday. This elfiiant line of »tyllsh trimmed millinery uotbhif; reserved, will be placed o« sale at half price. This In­ cludes ail of our pretty Tattem Hats and at just the .sitison of the year when yon want to wear your best dress hat. mM Hats now $.)JH» *.V»0 Hals now WA". Hats HOW $i7,» •tiJM Hats now $1.7.% iK.00 Hats now $1.00 NM OF GAS CITY VITY COlT ?iClL HELD SPECIAL SE8SIUK LAST NIGUT. CITY MAY BUY CEMETERY We ask you to come early l^efore the pretty things ore gone. Everything in Xmos Goods greatly reduced RICHARDSON'S n3 Emmi Mmaimon M Z doarm wemi of Thompmom HmimI NEWS OF LA HARPE DOtTOh'S SAY THAT HtlAHS AIJK I> A VKKY BAH tOMHTlON. Sleeper \ Son Filtini: Ip NCH Store —It mil Bo (»ne of Bevt in tlie Slate. Koads Are .Vnddy. Tho La llaip.' jiliysiciuii.-- «lio jiavo to iiiaki" Irivc.-^ in iho country 'say that tlie roads aro'iu :i very hail »-<iii- diiioii. T)ir roreni niin.s aiiil tiiinw havo made tlioin i^o thai iU<^y -.w^ almost iiiipai^.-alil." ill many iihuc:.. 'riu> mcrcliaius say that tlio rariiUTs liavc not lioori able w u> ii>\vii as i.fiiii as they would WIMO it ni>i for the had condition of tlio mads. What leu- la rniors have lii'cn to io\sni ^ny it i.s iiiipos.'-ihJo to ^'i*t iiiio ilu' (iflds. Sleeper A: Son's New Store. Sleeper k. Sou, of Jola, who IIMCIH ly purchased the I^.i llarpo niidcrlakinK parlors. )ia\<' lilU'd ilicni ii|> iiic -i 'ly. Till' hln room has liccii divided liilo two rooms, oiif a iccepllmi rciani • Hhfrh ll-.i.s hffii (ilird up Willi u iiif; >^aii<J llie walls drconilcd; Ihi- sirnnd *lor a illKidiiv room. Il loo, lia;i I ii ^•Iccoralcd. Cnrirdns ha\<' hccn Imii^j Chii iiiicli_a manni^r a« to ilosc (luni GKAM» THKATEK. Tuesday Mirht, Hec. a I. C1|AULKS H. HA.\F(U:n. Ill a Nolahle Ivevival of "ANTHONY AXn CLEOPATRA" A Mmipliious vcinic puMlimion; luw and noM-t vI< idVils; a chorus and KilK -l of iinuMi .ilaUr.ic tivciio>-., hi-.intifiillycostnini.l will tend to ni .ikc this i ii;;.i '^o,nii nl I 'Uc of llii- hfsl oiUrinjis of the \i .u . Curtain at S;ir>. Poiiiiveiy no one seated diirin:; an act. .Scats on Sale Mond:iy. (>cc. Prices 2.'.c-;>«c-7.".r-!?l -$1 -Ml BANK ACCOUNTS AT AUCTION. Sixty CrnU on the OolUir for $1.i;3 In Knickerbocker Trust. .N>v,- York. fK-c. l'~ - .\ (le |M )silor's aecoii'il of $1.1 IS in the Kiiirki>rlitwk- er roiiipaii.t. which .siisix 'niled during the r :H -enl linancial dopi 'ess- M'ti. i\as .--old ai jiiieliiMi Ii>day for J ^liiHI ,.r r.n c< nt;, iMi the dollar. The sal- •A .is nia ie at a weeKlv auction of .viocKs and l.onds. l -isl weeK an ac- ceiii \i of Slo .iMMi was hill in l>y llii» owner. cnts on tl'.e dollar. BOYS OPEN LOCK BOXES. The Stunt is in Violation'6f Xhc Post.vI ' Laws. ' The :ittenli<in of lhi> snia'l hoy wI;o las heeii oiieiiin^ .-ill fif til.' lofl: I'o.xes al tlie |)OstofJice on whieil the ci.mliiiialion w'a.s off is cilled lo the lact that it is against the. iiostal laws and lliat there is a penall.V atlaeln 'd lo the <iffenc<v ('oni|diiiiu lias li.-en made (lia( h (i.\ s liave lu 'eii l .iiiiperiii:; iiilli Uie ho \e,s, J;) Ihis comiecljoii il iiii;;hl iiol he oill of place lo sa\ tha' if. the hiildi'iv of hoMs Iniii Ihe i-wu IdiiMl.'on on th "e (s no d;iii«er of tieir IielliK opened e.yet 'pl hy tllO .'Se who liilow tlie conililiiail'oii. When wind.^ shriek hi-.:h in fiendish glee. .\nd enfiii; winter with his key I 'loK 'cl yourself, from liisease he free: TaAC llollisler's Rocky Mountain Tea. Hnrrell'.-^ Dru.c; Store. FEW CALL FOR THEIR MONEY. Sixty-Day Savings Withdrawal Limit Exoires in New York. \ w VorK. |).>c. i'7.- Today was the dale of the ex|dralioii of most of the sixlyilay willidrawal notii'es reiinir- ed hy the savliius hanks al tlie lieiKliI ot I'.e panic in f)ctoher. hiil Vcarce'y a ih'positor called for his inon<'y. 'I'lie haiilis expect. 'd few d "inaiids, lis llii '.s weie <'onvlncii| (lie fi'ilifr/, of liniiiiidal iinresi was jiniclicallv over. In most <'ases lodaVK wHIi- dniwals were more than offsei hy (h'- (lOHJIS, IS KILLED IN EXPLOSION. Hutchinson, Electrical Engineer Heated Float Over Gas Stove. Iliitchiii.soii. Kas.. Pee. ::7.—^Frnnk Maker. ;in eleclrlca! enpineer. years old and married, iiistanlly killed, and Harry Pavls. u llrenian. years old. also niarrieil. was severely injur id hy .111 explosion at th.« water works pl.'iiii late Ihis afl'-nioon. linker wii* tesiitic a hra.s.s float hy lie.-itin); II f)ver a Kas slove when il exidoded. a larse piece slriklnp him in tho hveast. Help (he stomacn to lake care of a he:irty meal hy sironulheninK it with Mi-o-na. No distress or indtsestion if yon use Mi-o-na. ."He a hox. Sohf undi'r jinarantee hy Chas. H. Spencer. TO SEEK A RENOMINATION. Lieutenant Governor Fitzqerald Not To Try for Hoch's Place. Topeka, Dec. L'7.—It was annoimced loniKht upon aiilhority that IJeiitPii ioii Coveriior W. ,r. Kil/.derald of l^odce f'ity. will seek renomlnatinn :r.< lienlenaiil Rovernor and will not Ki 'l into the Kuhernalorlal rae,'. M i;: llie llrfit nniioiineed ranrlldate to he wlllldrawii h.v liis friends. It ]it riled that Seventh district has Dyker. I>en Ion and KM/'-erii'd up for llielr prey lilt placi 'H and l.oiin for (fnited Stiiles lielllllor. Mrs Is' the Kvaiis. \ , ew ilie caidieif, leiivliiK llie room a Villi cheery place. H hiKIl "S'eeper A;- Soil," Irt lielnj; •^i (Ufi(e(J (in (III. froni dhiphty wliidowii. Plaiinlni; Another Hanee. 'I'he .MHiiic peopl.' lue plaiuilni; loi' aiiollier dance 111 |ii< liejd In ihl.-i <'liyj on New Vearu. IIIKIII. The dunce hiid Chrlslmaii iii^lil was such (i miceesK that It was iiicreeil in hold iiliolliei- lij doiihllcss will he aiieiided hy a l .u!'.i| f-rowil, ^ , ^ , Perionalu, fhenault. of I'orl Seoli. Kai ^L pi« si of Mr. anil Mrs. C. 1., Mt;. and Mrr. Krni 'si Myers of (hif city are visiliiiu in lUiie .Mound. , .Mrs. Davis and Mrs. I'ost of P .liij- Mound, are the ^;iiesi .M ol Airs. 1. N. Dow. « H^l" .Mrs. II. M. nine aiid Mrs. I>. \\1 I>ow Icfl ypslerd.iy for .Melz. .AIo., to visit reiatives and <dd friends. I 'Mrs. C F. .McAfei' left yesterday foi- Kansas City to visiL ! Frank Waits, of Colorado Spriii^.^ ("olo.. is the iriiept o Mr. and .Mrs. \V H. liickclts. of thi.'; cify. Miss May (Ween left yesterday f,ij Blue Mound, wliere she will visit ro>- atives and frcinds. . ' Mrs. \S'. S. Ford is the guest of (-al Ford at Fort Scrtlt. | William Ward, of Kansas City. wU.s here ye.^terday visifitiK. j Mr. and .Mr.*;. Kd niekey left yesterday for their home in Wicliifa, Ka.'i., after spending tl)e ilay yesterday witlh relatives here. ( Joe Ferris returned to OarfieUI. . Kas.. yesterday.i He has heen heile visitinj; hi.^ parents. | \ I)an;:erous Headloek, ' that sometimes terminates fatally. I.-; the stoppas eof tliver and- Itonel functions. Jo qnickl yend this rondltioi^i witboiit disagieeahle sensations. Dr. King's JVew IJiI J'ills should alwa\*s be .vour remedy. Guaranteed ah.s<>- luteiy satisfactory in every case or money back at all drug stores. zU. \ A BABY girl was born to Mr. .and } s. Iftrry Uliller at Petrolia ladt iday Bracing food for steady nerves— Nutritive food for healthy appetites— Strengthening food for sturdy muscles— The most nourishing wheat food Uneeda Biscuit 5* In moistun and dusf proof paekatts. nACnOHAL BISCUJT COMPANY FIHE DEPARTMENT HAS ORCIA!li. IZED FIKEMA?i*S RELIEF FIND. Will Hold Fifth Annnal New Tear's Ball—»3,I0«.46 in rity Treasary —Jfrws Notes. For a ReUef Fond. The members of the Gas City fire department have formed what . is known as Fireman's Hclict Fund. They have droinied their insurance wlileli (hey have been carrying for a nuiii- her of years and have organized Ibis rclicr fund. Tlie fund will be raised front the money which the city pays the members. Instead of lakiiiR the nuuiey and doinf; what they iilease with it. It is put into this fund to be used by the custmliun of tho fund in caring for the sick of their number. A ine.mhcr must lie sick one week, however, before the custodian of the fund will begin the paynient of |I per da.v. but the nieinber will he allowed $1 per day for every day he is ill. Poslpooed ibr Elertion of Officers. The election of officers which was to he held at the meeting ot the fire department has been tx'stponed until next Friday night, Oiher business of more importance to<ik up the time last veiling. Il Is likely, however, that many of the old olllccrs will be reeled ed. I'nanril Mel La.nt ETeninir. Tlie Cas City council met in .special ses.-^ion last evening and transacted regular luisine.s.s. The meeting was called by .Mayor P. H. O'Connor. One (iiiestion taken up was the matter of furnishing the Mtsttouri Paciflc Kail- way cumiiany water for their switch engine. After giving the mailer due consideration the ciiy agreed lo furnish the water. This can IK- done w lib out iniuh additional work as water is now l>elug furnished the Prime Western Speller eoniiwny just south of the .Missouri I'ucitic tracks. iF .'Kt06 .l6 In City Trrasnry. The city treasurer's reiHirt which was inaile tt> the city council last evening shows Ihe city to lie in exeel- eiii linancial condition. There is now $."..ltH;.^i> in the treasury. In the general fund there Is ISUK.OT. the Inind fiunl |;!.1;M.7«. sidewalk $2:M."IS. water works $::ii:;.4l' a>i<l street and allev S-ii'.;.i;!. The city clerk's reiwrt which was read last evening snows that Ihe city's business is being well cared for. Citj -May Bay Crmetery. The matter of the city purchasing Ihe cemetery which was built north of this city by the Allen County Cemetery company, a coroparlion of Gas City business men, was discussed at length at the meting of the city council last evening. No action was taken he ipiestion being tabled until the regular meting when legal action on Ihe matter could be taken. Will Hold Annaal Hall. The meiiihers of the (las City fin lepartineut will hold their annual ball this year on New Years eve. They .vill dance the old year, out and hoj) Ihe new year in. This will make ihi lifth annual .New Year's ball lo lie given by the nionibers of Ihe (ins Cl(y./ln ileparlliient. Heretofore the dniiees have been a MUi-eeHM in every particular. II Is hoped Ibis year will hu no exccpllon. PrrNonnlii. II. .1. poller relumed from Mildred yeiiienliiy where lio hiiH been working. .1, il. Ilatlln ciiliie III TiieHilay from Ikii'tlesvllhi wlicro he bus been working. .lobJi Tliomimon, of Neviidii, .Mo.. In visiting .lohn rioiich. Mr. Victor left yeHlerdiiy for Uleh Hill, .Mo., where lie will work iienr Ihe Mngir/.lne river. ('. I-. (SretMi Is visiting relatives In Cas Cil.v, ,1. .1. Iliilner, of Wichita, was here .ve.vierilny on a buslncHS visiit. 1. O. Othis. of Kansas City, was here yesterday on business. .Max .Moore, of Marllesville, Is in Ihe city visiting friends. Saninel Caiighn ,of Nevada, ,Mo., is here tho guest of his son. Will Vaughn. This is (he season of decay and weakened vitality: go<»<l health is hard lo retain. If you'd retain .voiirs. fortify your system with Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea. the surest way. :;.'.e. Tea or Tablets, niirrell's Drug Store. TEACHERS ARE AT TOPEKA. School Merger Principal Topic of Discussion. A large delegation of \'leu county teachers are in T<»peka attending the Slate Tiaebers' .\ssocialion.' They went up in the special car Christnia-i day. One of Ihe best programs In the history of the association has be«;n arranged for the occasion. A number of educators arc lo speak diir ing the .session. fSovernor K. W. Hoch is to deliver the prinei[ial ad- drras. . f)ne subject of especial interest to this county as well as to hers in the staff? Is that of the mercer of rural schools. State Siiiv- erintendent Falrchlld has been speaking at different points over the stat<? on this questton and Is billed for lula on January 11th. Winter Is You know what that means to you. Don't you wait to escape the snow, the cold, the slush and all the discomforts—why hot plan now where to pass that season so trying to many persons? Write for intormation about our winter tours to California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.' Favor-, able rates, long liniits, and stop-overs. W.E. Ralston, Agt. lOl^, KANSAS. WA MTSi SITUATKUtS WAMTEO AdTetri-xements nnder this head will bp iniirrtod three times witbont charge. W.VNTKIl—Position as housekeeper or chambermaid. AddrLsi; ('. 11., this olllce. WAHTED- 'MimomUtutmoua \VANTIOI)--lloarilor!i at WC South Keiiiiiiky. .Married couple prelerred. \VA.NTI';i)~Ciooi| cook 111 olicn iil Soulli IhicUeye. CKIAK HAI.KSMAN WANTKD-^Kx- perleiice iiiinecesHiiry. Iinii per moiiHi anil expeiii .CM, IN-erle .sN Cigar (!o.. Toledo. OhUi. WANTKl)—Second band WinrhMtor po|i K<iu. Inquire 106 tioulh tiocund ulrol. FOR SAlE-Mlm9mUmmm0um FOR SAI.K OR TU.VDK—si iicrc farm in Missouri. Imiuire 'Ji)l North State. FOH SAM-:—Good Sltidebaker buggy, practically new, witli go <Ml set of $;;.').Uli harness, for sale at Howard's barn if taken in the iic.vt few days at JSO.OO. 1X)R SALK OR TRADK—For yrning ilock or team, house and lot. Inquire .•;i *r .Vorth Kim. FOR SAI.K—Steel range ami side- iKiard. gr «Ht as new. Dining chairs, nickers and other household goods al half price. ln<|uirc '^IZ Kast street. Its Economy To have your CarpeU and Rugs cleaned by Theiola Ra| Factory rMONC 11*. I..-.J-UU M^.l. »TEYER'» GROCERY Good Things lo Eat. Tele|ihoDe 199 R. S. QtLFtLLAM, dcirral t'cRtracur. riagitoD* sod CeiBeot Sidewilka aal Cnrbins a Bpaclalty. .>OHe« lis Baat JaekMa kf, Fkraa MA. TOR SALP:-Or will trade for giKxl clcJir farm or JUiOO property in lohi. balnnce in cash or notes; the Snyder Livery liarn, llarpe. J. V. Howell. FOR SALE—$1800 stock ot groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street. FOR SAL.E>—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street. TOR TRADI"^—Town lot on Kentucky street to trade for young horse. 421 North Cotonwood. CHIKP Whitehead, of the Channte police force, was in the city yesterday Da SuIsiMJk I .A hi4 i.^ J -AiUJIJ4 «• FOR RENT—House and bant. South Kentucky. Phone 998 2—2. FOR RENT—Fire room house and barn, three blocks from square. $9.00. WTiitalter & Donnell. To Contrartors. , lola, Kansas. Dec. ~, '07. Iiila township will let bids on ma- cailani road as follows: First half mile on South Kentucky ;;trj?ei south of Elm Creek. l)eginning nil norih end of macadam road, and leriee. north one-half mile, or to place designated by township board. Second one-halt mile l>eginning one- half mile west of river on West street, on the west end of macadam road fence west one-half mile to place designated by township board. third half mile on South State street, two and one-half miles south of West, commencing at Abram'a' iMiriheast corner fence west one-half mile. See specifications on file at County Clerk';; ollice. Board'reserves right to reject any and all -bids. E. L. BARNHART. Township Clerk. NeOce to Elks. I^odgo Friday called promptly at 7:30. All members requested to be , present. After lodge lecture by Prof. 1 Des Champs on Physiognomy. MELVIN FRONK. Secretary.

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