The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1944
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYtHEV'lLi,fi (ARK.) THURSDAY, SHFJ'KMIJKR 7, 19<1<1 Barbecue Picnic Given At Farm In Missomi More than 100 guosU attended the > bSrbecu* given last night by Mr.jaVjd MrsCH.'H Houchlns at the ,Iana oSmed by the Houchins, Conways* aftd. Afflicts,' near Kewanee, Mo, Assistant host at Ihe affair was J. D. Blankenshlp of Kettniiee^ farfii manager Supper was served .'at long tables' arranged in (he yard of the home, wltlt the menu., featuring Southern bnrb'ecue, potato snlad, liot corn on the tobb and oSlier traditional picnic foods. Liter' in;the evening the guests N ere.' served vatermelons, 'homegrown" on the farm, i >•-,'• • A.D.C.»Club Entettained By Mis. William Dolen Mi's P Don Smith was t\ guest of Mrs William Dolen when she entertained "members of the A. D. C telub last night for Inch fust parlj of Ihe Pall,season The* fipirtmenl of the hostess In the 1 ' Goff ..Hotel ' was attractively decoVated .with gladioli 'blossoms. Hfeh seoie prize jn the "bridge gimes pined during the eienlnff was < won bv'.'MrSi-Snrith.-rind Mrs. Dolc'n was second high. Sandwiches and Iced dilnks veie served • ill'-the. conclusion of Ihc games. V • » « Ciiclc Meetihg Held Tije Business Women's Circle of Firtt Baptist Church met TMesdaj night <USh Dr Edin Nies, who pie sided overtlie business session. Miss Minnie Poster v,ns in chnigc of ihe studj course taken from the book, 'Prajer , bj O Hallcsln The meeting was closed with .circle |>Tajer, and icfrcshmenls of Ice cream and cake sere sened during the social hour. Ten members nere present >. -i *,.*>• Celebtate s 8th Bnthclay Jojin Hugh T\ rone, sou of Mr and t Mrs \John T\r6ne, cclctnated his-eighth birthday sWteKtaj afternoon when he entcitnined 12 of his friends at a theater pai ij Trie gifts *ere cJpened befoife the children went to ttie Hltz riicater to <*e 'Ladj In The Dark 1 , and later «ere taken to Wood's Dnig Store for refreshments of cakt and ice cream • Coming Events - ^ FRIDAY ji, C«.B c Club meeting with Mrs Ros» r Moore M»s Byron Nail entertainln» G N B Club ( MgsiRpy^Wootis cntei (nlntng 400 Unhappy SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON WILLIAM K. G1LROV, !). D. Ill Snul, first king of .Israel, we have seen h&w a mati's weaknesses overcame his strength, with ciisuing personal riiln and fMUionM dlsnslcr. In David, Saul's successor we have this, process reversed; \ve see how in a mnii of'deep faults, who committed serious Acts, of wrong, even of violence and murder the elements of strength in character and action nevertheless conquered, so that he stands In history as a strong personality a triumphant wnrrlor, mid? a great king •. who consolidated' hi* Mrigdom ,-ind- left n mighty, heritage to Solomon, his successor. As in (lie case of Saul the story of David Is full' of Intense contrasts. Oh tile one siilc is the popular picture of Hie young shepherd boy. skilled on the harp, a sweet singer and a lover of Psalms, to such an extent that these have been commonly called "'the Psalms of David." " On .the other hand Is the picture of n more vigorous young shepherd boy who )ind slain both it llaii nnd a 'bear in defending his flock,' a courageous young adventurer, as skillful with the sling as with the harp, fearless of'the swaggering and defiant Goliath, and finding the weak spot in the giant's armor with his smooth, but deadly stone, i Both Davdis apparently grew up, the one still ft sweet singer and lover of the harp, 'capable of tender affection in his friendship with Jonathan, magnanimous to- wr|rt! the "Ver(;efulr and violent Saul, with passions as deep arid as wayward ns his lender affections the ..oilier', n soldier relentless :ln' his pursuits, a man of Ihe camps oiid battlefields, the leader of o disaffected company, with lite headquarters in the Gave of Adullam, whllhel came all fre discontented of Israel. Perhaps it may lie snCd of David thai he was bora for the times lo lay the foundations of peace and prosperity through the overthrow of those who were making peace and prosperity Impossible, Tiie gravest sin of David's life was !;ls/,seduction-of Uriah's wife, his willingness' to Cover up this adultcrji -'• ami hfs 'complicity in murder In ordering Uriah to be put In the battle whore he would be sure lo be killed when David's efforts lo cover up his sin fulled. Yet when Hie rl'Ophcl Nnlhnn fearlessly brought home lo David his grievous sin by ineniu of a clever story, anil had boldly •charged, "Thou „,-(, the man," David., rose to a great helelil of penitence. . Another notable incident reveals his jjrcfitncss. Tired and hot from the fighting, David has expressed a vague longing for a drink of water from the Well of Bethlehem. Three of his loyal followers broke through the ranks of the Philistines and . brought him a ,cruse of water from the \VolJ. He was aghasl 'at the thought that men should so have MsJccd their lives He could hot drink the water, made holy with the sacrifice and danger of Is men, and he poured It out 'as an' offering to tile Lord. That Is David at his supreme height. We shall need many Davids as soldiers turn from warfare to rebuild 'the world In pence. dlHon Is milch improved, Mrs. G. M. Rogers of Newborn, Tenn., Is visiting here as'the guest of her granddaughter, Mrs, Sanford Uoone. Miss Uoiinlc Allison and Mrs. R. A. copeland rcturhcd Tuesday from Vicksbiirg, Mia,, where they spent, a week with relatives and friends. Mrs. n. S, Caldwell and children, Michael and Cynthia, have returned to tlicif Home in Hot Springs, after a visit here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Holland and family. Mrs. Caldwell returned last week after n visit with her husband Lieutenant Caldwell In Sonttle, Wash., where he Is stationed at Camp George Jordan, aiid the children remained here with (lie Hollands during Die Slimmer. Maurice Barks of Cape GIrnrdeau, Mo., has arrived for an extended visit with hlK daughter, Mrs. V. E Sample and family. 13. H. Levy returned .yesterday from a, brief business trip to St. Lou Is. Mils Louise • Legged lias arrived for -Sallna, Kans.. for a brief visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Leggetl and'family, before going to Kansas 'City, Mo., where she has been transferred by the Southern Dell Telephone Company. Arch Gray of Barllcsvlllc, okla., Is. spending several days here with his brothers, C. M Gray and Ira Gray ana their families. Miss Agnes Callis of Memphis will arrive Saturday, lo be the week Bits of News Mostly, Personal Mrs. G. VV. . Dlllnhlinly, her daughter, . Mrs. J. purris McCalla flnd daughter, Jennie Wren McCalla, and Adam Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hni'mon Taylor, went to Memphis' today where Adam . will undergo an . operation of Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat Hospital for rc- niovn] of his adenoids. They probably will Saturday. Mrs. -Thomas Tinker and her ih- fn'nt daughter, Donua' • Fa'ye, • jwerc icmoved •yesterday aflerlioon 'frorn the Blylhevllle Army Air' Field' Hospital, to the home of Mrs. linker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ' H E'. Graham JSr.v-'whereUlii'y will make their (i«jiie .while Sergeant -iTihkcf Is on overseas service. Mrs. George Grear Jr., of Columbus, Ga., has arrived for a visit hcve .with Lieutenant 'Grear's par- enls, : Mr., ami Mrs.' George Grenr Sr, Staff Sergt. Spencer Alexander left this morning to return lo his station In Newfoundland, after pending a month's furlough here ith his wife nnd his parents, Mr. nd Mrs. Joe Alexander. Mrs. Joseph Hodgroii nnd, her Slighter, Mrs. Augusle Dufillio nnd or daughter, Jnckle Dufilhq, rc- urhed yesterday morning to' New Irleans, after a three week's visit ith Mrs. Hodgson's (laughter. Mrs Cornelius Modinger and family. 'hey .were accompanied to Memphis y Mrs. Modtnger, Miss Amelia odinger, Mss Maudle Modinger, and Mrs. C. C. Wood, all of whom returned home last night. . JM.. Charles McDanlcl lias returned to Camp Reynolds, Texas, where,he Is etatloned, after a brief visit here with Mrs. McDaiilcl and their 'son, Bobby. He 'accompanied them home from Gump Reynolds, where they had been visiting him. This was Private McDanlel's first visit home since entering ttic service. Pvt, Harold B. Wright, who is stationed at Aberdeen, Md., arrived yesterday to spend a 15-dny furlough with his wife and two children; . who now nre '{linking their hoinc with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. ( A. S. Dcen. Mrs.'.Etirl P. Sullivan spent today hi Memphis where she met her husband, .Earl Sullivan, seaman 2-c. who will arr.iye,, tonight from Seattle, vyash/.Ja'Jterilour month's combat service'.in'.the,'Central Pacific. Mrs. Sallle Klines lias returned from several" days visit !w'ilh -her brother..- ;V\iidy.' Carter: iiiid tfamlly, In Portagcvillc; Ivib. '•' ?\ <?;• ': ; Mrs. Tom Boswcll,'• who ' underwent a tonsillcctomy Tuesclay at niytheville Hospital, now Is recuperating at her hftme on Lake Street. Mrs. J. L.. Terrell lias returned from Booneville, Ark., \vhcrc she was under observation at Slate Sanitarium for two. weeks. Her con- WHen art sciress Isn't ncling, she?s unhappy, says famous Greek screen star, Katina Paxi- noti, pictured above in the role of filar in "for Whom the Bell Tolls." She hasn't been before a camera Since her work in that filrg won her the Academy "Os- tati' for the best supporting role •if 1943. Seijve Apple Compote, Cereal " -" '"•• At The Hospitals Walls Hospital Admitted: D. C. Eutanks, fit. 2, city. niytheville Hospital Admitted: Mrs. Joe Jones, Tomato. Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. T.'"Cliar- lle" Stal«i». city, n daughter yes- lei'diiy afternoon. Dismissed: Mrs. W. L. Mackemson, city. Mrs. Tom Boswell, city. Glenn Ray Thomas, city. Mrs. .R. N. 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Main Phone •*>• Amtricm, %f Smallest Walking Shoe "I GIVE NEW'SHOES'*A . v-: "-V,. -.^- .... . -^ THREE-POINT APTITUDE TEST !i % ^^^ ;T .First; do they show aliility io stand up tliro^igli long, hard | ivear? Sccoiui, have they aptitude for easy, ligl<,l-footed i walking? Third; do Ihcy /il-not almost, not (airly well, 1, but exactly? You'll find, as I have, V .| ithatEsNA JETTICKS get high rating V ^ [on all llicsc points. >•**"» Sent S^t! The Family Shoe Store Infant Dies A son, lx>rn to Tech. Sergt. and Mrs. Doyle Klnlcy, died nn hour otter birth Tuesday at Blylhevllle Army Air Field Hospital. The baby, named Frederick Kln- ey, also Is survived by a brother. Services were conducted yesterday at Memorial Park Cemetery jy the Rev. R. S. Balrd, with burial there. ... . Holt Funeral Home was in charge. The Australian seahorse escapes ils enemies by its curious rcseiu- )lance to the seawed in which H lives. New Shipments oi ANTIQUES Arc Arriving Almost Dally! 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