Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 27, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1907
Page 2
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M .M Bftabnihed 1869. Mr. Clytte llnis\m v<>tmi>\Hl tiv WSchlta last jilplit iifin- s|n>ii(|iiu; Christinas -with hisHUHIXM-. Mis. S, J, BulBOti, i23 Sonlli VVasliinul.m. • t- Mr. and Mrs. |l!»>rhi. of 15o iptthUo wmity. Kinis;i.s. mv \tsitl«B ni th«> homo of Mr. iuiil Mi.> U KU»ii ntMin. St« somii tuitunwiHHi, <• s*Mm \. Mi'ii>>>. of oinwii. li. \l^ Itlnit ht>r |i«i.-nti«, Mi, aiul .Mi-s S, |{ Mtrrh^nt, <> • tnMrtttlned Wtdnciday Euchrp Club, Mr. C. n, Ui-Cltno mul .lniiKlil .-r. Mrn. Mopllt KhHo very |>loni>nnll.v <>ii at Ihi'lr lioMH'. Souih W^ISIIIIIKIDH j WMnoKitny I'voiihii:, 'l 'lu> liniino wiij* ' nrptflly ilcronili 'il wllh ml f'owoiii. the cl()8p of 111!' I'iiril K;in:r. TIIDSI'I *ho woro iirpsoiil won': Mr. niiil! Mni. Paul KIrIn, Mr. itiirl Mrs. (!.<<)., A. BowlUBr Mr. imd Mrs. C. U. A|>t | Mr. and Mrs. .1. S. Turner. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. rtush. Mr. nud Mi-s. n. t". Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. CJ «HirKo DavlB, Afr. and Jfr.s. Aldo Fun.ston.;' Miss Clara Knnst. Mr. and Mrs. Mer- tltt Esse and Mr. C. II. IX'lnte. 4. Removal Sale AT Sewairs Jeweltj Store Is S;UI GoitiK Oit. l-lrstdoor NorlhPoHtoffkc Mrs. Glonn Khinoy (lio day with relatives In Noo.'sho Falls yostorday. • Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Sas:or. of r ><>w<'y, Oklahoma, and Mr. and Mrs. H. F. • Adams,- of Channlo. am visilin;; at " the home of Mr. and Afrs. G. \V. Adams, 502 North Chestnut. ' • • * Mrs. O. G. MiKsamor,'> Is rnjnyinK a visit from her father and sistor from Ohio. j Mrs. R. IT. Howland and Mi.<^s Phoh .-j Howland, of Fli'l City. Kansas, am VlsltlnR-at the home of Mr. and Mrs. -A. W. Uowland. •> * Mrs. Trafferp. of Hoslon. is visiting hpr daiiKhter. Mra. .?. K. Chastain, of 508 South W'alnnt. M5s« Ella Strain and brother Hob ert. of Woldn. Kanaas. jire visHluR at fho home of Chief of Police Ciates. * * * ; Mrs. n. E. M'U.-'r and son are lii>ri> Troni Neodesha-visitiuK relatives and friends. * • • Mr. and Mrs. .\. K. C.abriei of ICrii-. Kansas, are visilinu fer .i f--\v da>s *ith Dr. and Mrs. A. V. lxidKi<. * + * Mr. Herbert Allen, who lits been her«» vIslilnK friends ami relaliv.\s for (tie piisl fmv clii.Nh, relumed (o lil.s \Mi .K In l,<'llunl, yenieid.iy. .MI.'-H'(!liidy :t Noriliru|i is enliMlalti' liiK Misses Hull) and SlevenKou nl \\>sl|iha 'la, at iicr home. fiOi; l'ii«( street. * * + Entertained at Six O'Clock Dinner. Miss (iladys .Nnrtlirup entertained a few .of her friends at six o'clock dinner last evenluK at her home, iinz Fast stre.-'t in honor of her Ruesls, .Misses Uulh and i.ela Stevenson, of W-'stiihalia. Ti t> diniuK vtxuu and ta bl(>s weri' nicely decorated in carnations .n.iiil flowi'vs were sivt ii as fav- (ivs .AJiss NorilimiVs hosi)ilalily was I \tentl:'d to Misses Unth anil I>ela Slevenson, Kthel llorlon, Hertha Swi U:M;. Floy lionser. Marie and Olive Ileani. and Hazel DiuKinan. •;* + •. Miss Crladys Northrup wi'l 'enter tain with a sis o'elodi dinner tomorrow evening for Miss Mary Northrup and her uucsts. .J. ^ Miss Pearl \Vh;'atley returned to In r home in Uutuboldt after a few McNElL BROTHERS. Still in btisiness, still selling honest goods at remarkably low prices. Liberal discounts till the first ol the year. davs." visi .IL':! South Will Mr. S \T OrhNins vi with Miss C.ertrude Salleo, Chestnut. * •> * W'<d New Orleans Girl. 1 l^iRhter has Rone to New tier;' he will be married thin week to Miss Char'olte Cook of Uial, city. Mr 'kamsny's inly beei youn'.; Jii^ Mr.s. .1. lUtertnJnt \ e.^llTiVaV ~<iuth Uni class *-er was passi uood lini was KIM'I Mason S" following:: Pill Pow< -;i;n. Iija l^'lKliter is a salesman for dry goods store and has here a short time: Thi' iple win reside in lola. *»• *'* •** Entertained S. S. Class. M. Mason very delluhtfu'ly 1 her Sunday scluxd das .ifierniHin at he- hom.\ 2I!t ;keye. About fourteen of thi i> present. The aftiTllooii •il in Kanies and a iv-nera' An inipronipiu pvocram • K Ilie close of which Mrs Irved refri'slmienlx to lli Clara Cox. Peruiei- Ttcwt. II, VioI .T Kay. l .enora W'il- U-ov. Z.-lda Wilson \eii| \danis.' ljl:id>s' nrund)a\iKh. Fianee.j and Maliif! ()v.Mli,>l.l. .launita Halt .Mid .Minnie Foerschler. 1 .M ss I>>rmi,y I^myon, of Pilt-s I'urK. is VisitiiiK Miss Marian Robinson. • • • : Entertained Friends. nonc'Oe I I\insler entertained a few friends-la Ft eteninp at his home. 002 ,\crih .f«'f|erson. The time was spent :n playins Airds. Dainty refresh You Can Depend Upon We Supply You the Glasses With Oar method of fitting glaiises is the very late.'^t aud most approved method known tp scientists. That k is satisfactory is proven by the general sati.-^faction I which our eye glasses give. :i~.:^i^*''/-'>; - I I N winttr n9 Amount of warm dothing wilt mahi you iad y«ur vi^ <«IKyitlQW .W «rmfhtfv >M« h wh«( you vmH Iwiyt, or Cod Uvtr Oil tuppIlM carbon to th« blood and tissues and makas you warm and comfbrtabn all over, it is a safeguard against colds and all the ills that follow them. Small, easily taken doses will do it Mo. Pac., S«aU Fe ond M. K. & T.Wkicb Inspictors. Holiday Candy 10c per pound, 3 pounds 05c. moni.s wer,> servtsl durluK the evening to yitHses TnMU l.owdermllk. tUaee ami Floi'»'nei' PiMlell. l.urlle Kns'Uh, 1 ncy WIliMMi. Helen Smith. Klhel Hen 'leu, VirKlnl.i Doiieii, Hlanchi< INuis U r' and Mexsrs tins \\><ekly, Claude WrtKbi, Archie Wellh. Carl Hall, ib o Wellh, UUI'H UoblUMUi, Ficd .\sipln- iil'jind Hom'oe Poii.><ler. • • • W<n Uelle llorwlln N-fl Wetlnexilnv eveiiliiK for HiiMil l.oulh, where xlie will VIBII relttdvcH for Nonie time. + + + ,Mr. Thos. Hell IK here from rttiu<dv, NlsltluK lilx parents, Mr. anil .Mrs. T, Uell. S^C iNorlh Jctfprson. Mr. Cbnrka Van Aradale, of BartleS* vlll«,'< Okln- la vlaitins his parents. Mr .ind Mrx. U. E. Van Arsdale, at »;;( North htr ««'t. • * • M'nM l.urrellu Till ho rame up from llrtillexvltlo ychterdny to visit for a «hi<(( lime with her iiarenls. Sfr. and MiB I 'd. IIIIIIM-. + • • Ml unci Mr>« I.. .1. l>avle:^ are here fw'w .lo(< 111 VIKIIIIIK Mrs. D.avle.s' par- eni». Mr Mild .Mrs. Dr .McMJllon. of Wviii Miidlmtn. They will also visit Mr Ma \|eH' parents. .Mr. aud Mrs. S. DnvlcH. • • + Prof and Mr«i. Mayherry retttrned I fioiii TopeKu (odnv wlier • they attend- led l)>e .'Alale Teneher*' meetluK. \N"hile 'nwitv ihey al.s<» visited relative In VePhersoM. Kansas. t- <' * Will Entertain Toninht. Mr and Mrs. 1-. W. Stapler, of Kast l.'nco 'ii. wil enierlaln a few friends at six oVIock dinner eonipli- nientiiry to Mr. and Mrs. Amos H'l- deliramll. Covers will be laid fur M|sH. s l.ulu l.tiiK. Iva Hall, Nellie Kn Meld and .MoNsra. Cheater AuKU.tllne of Yales Center, Cha«, MrCrary. Mr. aud Mrs Amiw lllldebrandl aud Mr. and Mrx. I., \V. Stapler, • • <• The \u\<\y Miiceabe.'M al their ri>KU iu» review Thurtidav afienmon elecl cd ibe follow lUK olllreis for the com tun \e «r; P. t'om. Kmlly lliues. Com, l-'aueUon P C <ui', I.I Ciuu, Mary ,\ver.\. It K. I.<de Strode. P .\. Ilerlha Paul|<nr r Clmplalu—U •(!» MeClellaud. Sericant lllniiche CIIIIK. M, al ArinK--Mury Metiuire. Seniliiel Laura Ihirloii, Picket--!,llla i'roctor. RftgBKEachbaush Nuptials. Last eveoing a yery pretty wedding occnrred at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. A. It imter. 302 North Walnut, when th #ir daughter. Miss Avis Rit- tpr. was united in niarriane to Mr. Clyde BhchbauKh. of Enid. Okla. Tho wedding was a home affair, only the Immediate relatives and a few of the most intimate frisnds l>eine present. The dinlnfc room and parlor were nirey demmte<l with ferns, palms ;md cut flowers. After the ceremony the Ruests were invited to the din- inpr room whcjfta delicious wedding supper was s^prd. .Mrs. EschhaURh Is the eldest daitch- ter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hitter, and camo to loin with them several years aco. Although she has not lly?d In th '.c city for.some .time. hnviuR spent n urviler part of her time in Knid Oklahoma, she has many friends her' who offer her their best wishes. Mr. Ksrhbauch came her." from Knid. Ok laboni.t. niH >ul two weeks ago. and with M A. nitter has opened up an luilo mirace shop. He is an exiM<r |eue- rd electrician, aud hjis already made a number of friends. Th." young iH <ople will IH> at hom«< to iheir friends ou North Wii'nut In a few day*. • • • B (Own <Whltrnar Nuotlalt, MlhS Mahlo Hniwn of Chlllleolhe. .Mo. was nulled In innrrlaue to Mr \V It. Whilener, of Ihirllesvllle. OKI .i lioaia. Inst evening at the hi>me of MiM. K II, liiirlou. The bride |^ an old fri Mid of Mra. Hurloii aud has been vlslllng for a few ilaya here, Only a few friends wefi' pn -Hent. Mr tniil Mrs. Whltener will renldi' III liar llesvlUe. * + Mrs. n. Keithley, who has beep ipiite ill with typhoid fev.-'r, Is ron vnlc 'sclnK. . " WomcnS Coats Kadically Beduccd 200 Long Coats at Half rOR QUICK CLEARANCE SATURDAY All our handsome Broadcloth costs and light weight Kersey coat<. tailor made models a' ' well as handsomely trimmed i ;arments. fitted, semi-fitted and loose styles, many of them lined throuehout with Skinner's satin. All will be offered'on Saturday at the following reductions: • >.->.0i) lllack Coats Clearance »irice SS!i.,10 $7 .r .O Black Coats Clearance price, niaek Coals Clearance price $.1.0() fin.iio Coals Clearance price SMj .t 'H) $1."..00 Cm\& Clearance price . Jlsiio Coals Clenvance price . $:.oiiii Coats Clearance price .. J::.'..(10 Coals Clearance price .. . . .#!).."»() ..$!0.<H> .,ii(ir >.<H> Ail Our Children's Coats l^cduced $:!..-.'o CiKits Hedliccil to .... J.'.iMt Coats Kcdnccd to .... $n.r.n Coais lteduce«l to jT.r.n Coals IJedueed to ^-i.DH 5s:j.Tr. *i.f)."> Ail other goods .throughout the store at greatly reduced prices. Caracul Jackets Reduced $ir..(tn .laekets Clcaiaiue price .. $|.s.nn .lackcis Clearance price . $i;o.O(t .laokeis Clearance i>rlce .. jL'.Min .lacketa Clearance price . SHS.JKl .. »10,IH) .. JKIl.tKl ...»I.->.(M) Furs at After Christmas Prices $l.:.o Values Now I:; on Values Now $:t.uo Values .Vow $6.00 Values Now $ Values Now $1 .'i .no Values Now ?r>t' SI.S-l SI.T.l »;j.5o $4.9.1 , ffi9.m WAS LEF FOR DEAD Auid tola Man Fell in With Bad Mm at Tnlsa. .Ii:n Thompson, aged fiV years, an •inployee of the lola I'ortland Ceisgnl .om ;iaiiy. was lieat over the head and "eljeved of lii.-; money and left for lead in Tnlsa. Okla., while enrouieto his tily from !>rtilas, Texas, where le went to get cmplo.vmcnt. When he .anic lo himself he was lying in an ibscurc i)Iace where he had evidcntl.v ueon dragged by the robbers aud lef. as dead. ile was sitting in the Santa Fe dc iKit In the city of Tulsa waiting for a north Iwund train for lola. when ht ell ill with two men. one apijearing o bo alxiut thirty years old and tht ijier about twenty-live. They wen .ery conrieiius to the old gentleinai and after talking several minutes an< carnUig ot his destination told hlu' he belter way to return would lie b» LUother road. They offered to assist liiii lo gel lo the other de |Kit whirl the J did. They reached the other de l>ot beveral hours before lime for ar- •ival ol the lola train and the men suf gested that they go down town. Agali he ijld gentleman consented and Ihi hre^ went down town where the: ook-iupper. Mr. Thompson paying foi the three. It was about eight o'clock in the ev- -nin.:; when they dcpnrled for the depot where Mr. Thompson would take the northbound train for lola. Hut ; before they had gone very far .Mr. Thompson says that he was struck a terrific blow on the top of his heail after which he knew nothing until he came to. lying with his face downward In an alley in an obscure part of town. • The first thing he realized was a terrible jmin In his heail and that he was thirsty, his lips beiiiK i)archL 'd. It gradually began to dawn upon him where he was but he did not realiz-; what had happened until he manaqed to get up and walk under a street light a short distance away, where h^ looked through his pockets to find :hat all of his money had been sto'pn. He had In^en robbed of every cent he had with him, which was $76 and a few cents. Ifa was sick and In a strangn town without money. The only thing loft for him to <lo was to pawn the gun which the roNiera left, nud go see! 1 lih.\slclan. He found tli\l the b'ow' on his head had no; fractun-d his skull as he feared hut was only a flesh wound. Mr. Thompson camo In today. His face is tprrlbly ricratche<l and the left side of his head is badly bruised from the force of the blow which was Inflicted. Outside of l)elng very sore he says he feels a'l right. KANSAS PORTLAND PAYS $6,000. Cement Companies Paying Up Their Taxes. The Kansas Portland Cement company yesterday paid the ta.xes on its projierly in Allen eounl.v. The sum reached approximately $B,00n. Today the county tre.isurer's office is figuring up Ih.- taxes of the lola P<irtland. It will reach proliab!y twice that of the Kansas Portland. Taxiiayers an rapidly settling their bills with th"» county treasurer. TO STOP SALE OF CIDER. MR. ANR MRS. F. S. Wormur and children, of Arcade. N. V.. are the goests of S. L. Jackson. Claimed "^hat it Accounts for So Much Drunkenness, It Is not unlikely that the city will tai.e steps to stop the sale of clil?r. For some llmo a big per cent of tho drunks who have been in police court have. In answer to a question, said lh««y cot drunk on cider. Ther? Is no law now covering the sale of elder. Some of tho officers think that snmc> th'ng must be done to stop its sa'cr There are thoso who think that tho most of fhos3 who say they got drunk on elder are not telling the truth, merely saying that It was cider to keep from giving away the party who sold them booze. Others are Inclined to belleye that the cider sold here does account for a great deal of the drunkenness. LowAey's Chocolotes THAY ARK FRUSH. A choice aisOrtment of this popn. Ur brand al CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their frcshne.<>s goes with tht ra. Get > our ucxt candy at Crabb's and tee how wcU It pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. PMFESSIONALDIRECTORY • • • PH. MrlNIM.KN, • Hiwctal attention Riven to th« * tmtment of nil Chnnilo I)Ut<aa- * M and DisMses nt Chtldr«n. • Taleiihonos: omc« 33, Kes. 23>. * Offlca iu Mra. Turner'a Bldir, • Weat Madlaon. * • Ption* «87. ! • .DR. 0. L. COX. • By*. Ear, Noa« and Throat. * • •p«ctaclea Properly Fitted. • • omce A. O. U. W. aidg. • Offlce Phone 1083. Night Phono 406. DR. R. 0. CHRISTIAN. Pfeyalelaa ani Snrseea. Rooma 7 and 8. Krana BIdg. • • • • R ^a. Tel. 198. Offlce Tel. 163. DE, J. & PEPPER. • Dentist • Is permanently located over • E. C. McClain's CIi>thiag Store, • and ia prepared to do ail kinds • of up-to-date dental work. • Evening work by appointment. • • • • • • • • Ptaona 0114. lola, Kui. * jiR. KDiTii n, nmn. • • one* and Uealdpncn over Dur* * • rell 'a Drug Btort. • • Uffic* lioura—10 to 12 a. m., 1 * to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 eTenlnga. • Sundays by Appointment • • • • • • • ••••••• • -F. If. MABTIX, • * Surgery and Diseases of * » Women. • • Oince and Residence Phono 576 • * Ofllce 7 North Jefferson. • • DR. W. B. HETLHCH. • - Physician * Suveea. • Offlce N. E. Comer ot Sqnara. • Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'a Store. • Rea. Tel38. Offlce .TeL 603. • • • • • • • • • • P. L. Lathrop, Mra; Bessie O. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHTSICUMS. Special attention given to Dla- easea of Women and Children. Over teastSide Hardware. Offlce 'Phone, Main 4«8. • • • • • • • W. H. ANDERSON. ittorac7*at<Law. Notary and Stenographer In Ofllce. Phone 456. • H.A.Bwlng. 8.A.Gard. O.R.Oard • EWING, GARD * GABD. * • Lawyen. * • Practice In all Ooart& * • 9^, W. Madlaon. FhoM m. * Th€<<Oar Way" Restaurant MmFohamls' Lunoh 25o Hverything in Season. SHORT ORDK^S or <u-i. KINDS iOLA STATE BAHK OAPtTALW^OO A. W. Beck, L. K. Horville, J. A, Koliittson, H. h. Henderson, J. 11. Campbell,' Geo. S. Nicholson, rnu& Riddle. LODBE OIRSOTORY. KMUIITS OF MACfABEES.— Knighlfi of •Macnal>ees of the World meets in K. i'. Hall, second and fourth Saturday iiiglils In each month. J. W. i'oslwait, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. O. W.4—Camp No. 101 meeU IM K. of P. Hall every Friday night T. Steele. C. C; A.H.Da^ Clett' Vlsltora cordially Invited. KSIGHTS OF PrrHIA8<-» oakf Lodge No. 43 mceta arery M>nda> night at K. of P. Halt VUiti la bro' thers invited. W. S. Thompson. (1 .0.; Chria Ritter, K. ot R. and 8. M. W. Av -The M. W. A. Lodge !ffleeU every Friday ni^t la M. W. A. 'hail. VlsiUng brothera hivlted. W.H. Anderaon, V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerfc. ~ROTAL KXIGHBOBS^Iola Camn No. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets aetv ond and fotirth Tuesdays of eac« month. Mra. F. A. Wagner, oracle: Mra. Mary JSntton. 413 W«-* 9::Mt i Recorder. FRATERNAL BROTHERHOOD.- Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meeU second and fourth Thursday of each 'month In A.O.U.W. Hall. VlsIUng I members cordialy Invited. W.H.An­ derson, president: Golda Elam, aecre* tary. Junior Order OaiteA AaierieaB ebaaies.^ —Me^ every Wednesday ev- lenlns at 8 o'clock io K. P. Halt All •riaiiing members Invited. R. A. •Widick, Counceior;.C. B. Black, Reo. j Secretary. Busmess omeoroRr JISWELBR8. B. F. Pancoaat old raltoUa Jeweler. 110 East street LtvinqstoD ^ Co Ceatneten wni All kinda ol work a apeeialty • Reatk SyMMra. Pkeae IBU OobboOOoboeOOOOOOl You know as well as any one when wwwwwwwwwwww wwww ^^^^ ^^^^ something to regulate your Q system. If yoor bowels are sluggish. O your food distresses you, your kidneys O pain, take Hoi lister's Rocky Mountain „ O'Tea. it always relieves. 35 cents, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOJTea or Tablets. Burrell 's Drug Store. XERRT XIN.HTRELS All This Week BACHELLOK THEATRE.

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