Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1908
Page 7
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Fpr a Warm Bath Room A bath in a cold room is a "shivcry"opcration and is extremely | liable (o cause colds. The batKroom * above all should be kept warm. | This is easy and the bath is a f comlort il you have a ERFECTION Oil Heater (Eqnlppcd wifh Smbkdcss DevteO It may be carrieci from any other room to the bath room, which il wjil heat while you are preparing for the bath. Impossible to him it too high or too low. The most ennomical heater you can buy—intense heal for. 9 hours with one fiUing. / t hold purposes. Gives a clear, slexiv light Made of brass ihroushout and nickel plated. Equipped with the latest improved central draft burner. Handsome—simple—salisiadory. Every lamp guaranteed. It you cannot gel healer or lamp at your dealer's, wrile our nearest agency for descnptive circular. STANDARD OIL COMPANY tlaeorporafed) urday for a few weeks' vlait with friends anc^ relatlvea. Frank Harrieon la cutting liedge for Mrs. L. J. Booe. Frank Booe and family called.'on Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Oallasher after noon Sunday. Ruth Rnnyan visited with Vlrsle Cloud Wiednesday night There will be a Christmas tree, and an entertainment at Harmony Christ- maa eve. E^lla Cloud helped Mrs. Dan Cornell do some quilting Tuesday. Mr. Brilcy and family was eallinx on Dan Cornell and family 8und«y afternoon. Stanza. Ruth and May RUoyan vis- j iled at Cary Cloud's Sunday afternoon. I .Mr. Russell and Mr. Krpuse put in ^ a now pump at the school house W«d' nesday. Car>- Cloud has bought a new team. Little Rpiilnh Booc Is suffering from a severe cold this week. Jasper Cornell is working for Wllcy Davis. DREW KNIFE ON HiMl Nsgro Threataned Chanuta Man Whlia Driving Along Highway South of Humboldt. NEWS of the COUNTY I STONY POINT. I -O first of the week. On Wednesday of last week .1. S. Tiiylor moved Into town, and .Mr. Price wlmin .Mr. Taylor has hired to do the; nioved mil from ' AGAINST FRAT BILL students at I ntrerstty Are ExpecUng to Battle With LegisUtnre This Year. City town on the same day. Will Cray and family »>f ("rax wore at Frank (tay">s Sunday. .Veosho Valley srhool l.s i>rp|>aring • .c.....; L..«> .• tri Klve a Christmas enteriainnient In j in flBhtlng the bill, conscnuently the ronnecfion with a tree On Thursday fraternities'have gone together and ' formed a Pan-Hellenic Roeiety. This is composed of two memlwrs from Lawrence. Kas., Dec. 18.—The fraternity men at the University of Kansas are arraying and fortifying (hem- selves in anticijtation of a battle with the state legislature this winter. Lot RavensciTifl. a member of the stale legislature from western Kansas, has given out information to the effect that he will introduce a bill in the ieg- lature to abolish fraternities and all secret organiaztions at all of the state educational insiltniinns. As the state normal school at Kmporia has no fraternities or secret organizations, the state acrtcultnral college at Manhattan has only ftiur local fraternities and the university here has eight chapters of national fraternities as well as four chapters of national sororities, the bill is aimed in the main at the university. Here is what the fraternities propose to do: Have their memlwrs see the members of the iegl8latur <Vfln their respective districts and discourage them from working for the law. If this falls to down the bill then the fraternities will establish a lobby at Topeka while the bill is pending. While there is considerable rivalry between the different fraternities and sororities here, yet all "frat" people realize that they have a common cause Miss Pearl Carter is seriously II.. „ .Mr. Robinson of Bronson Is iiaintlng! work on the farm. S. EfcjBrandenburg's house and barn.' it seems more like spring weather than winter. John Broughton and family and Arthur Hamilton and family of Bronson were the guests of .Albfrt Burrl.-; an(i| mother Sunday. • ; pveiiing of next week. S. D. Brandenburg and wif.- i !•; On last Saturday niKht Charles Wil- _ , _ ed Howard Moores' sale .Momla. K.- Matns had a bad attack of neiiralKia of each fraternity, ery thing sold reasonably well . \ ;.• (he stomach. f >octor t;arliii «hoHse 1 The members of the Pan Hellenic his horses and mules, they oii;;.ii ;o was railed and gave medicine that'are: Sigma Chi. Harold Harlon and hav4M)rought more than (hey did. hro <ishf r <^Ter bar ^j vean s?refaniBy^*TI »)W »Td "Itttflfttll: SlKliWNirrBinrton M. P. Brandenbur? fingers are con-' before Mr. Wll'.lams could remain out Sears and Clay Smith; Sigma Alpha siderable l)etter which he cut while j of bed. Epsilon, Warren Bellows and H. Ciay cutting kaffir corn. The doctor' .Mrs. Eyier. of Oklahoma has l>een Wafers; Phi Gamma Delta. R. T. thought for a while one of them-would [ vi.sitinK anion? her friend.s here for Abams and Roben Banks; Phi Delta have to be taken off. but he thinks i some lime. Theta. Marlin Polndexter and O. Ed- they will get along all right now. j Wi/( Piirdoni. of Bronson was at the- gar Markham: Beta Theta Pi. Tom Mrs. Xannie Burrows, who lives; home of his aunt. .Mrs. Rebecca Piir-jVeatch and Earl Rockefeller; Phi east of BronsoQ. returned home Sun-ldom. on Tuesday, day after visiting a few days with the : K. IJaird and wife, of Pleasant Val- fandly of George Boughton and other; le.v. spent Saturday nisht at C. Wil- relatives. . i Hams'. Alford Tillery of English. Indiana., Russ Smith removed from the Mar- stopped off at Bronson and visited at, tin farm to Gas Cil.v. Wednesday. >trs. Bledsoes, S. D. Brandenburg's. Oren Brown, who left this nclsh- ightons on his return, - - . home from Pratt county, Kansas, i week been visiting the fow of his old where he shipped a car load of blood- friend.-; who have survived this lapse ed horses and jacks. '.'<( tinio. and have remained here. .Mr. Homer Thompson's children visited I'-rown h.iils from Montana. the children of Dick Shorter Sunday. '• :0 O Kapj>a Psi, M. Blacker and George .Marrh. The fact that at the last regular session a bill was passed abolishing hiBh schol secret organizations has Riven the fraternity men much uneasi ness. Hut "frat" men here seem to be Xarked for Death. i "Three y^ars ago I w as marked for j WK.SLEY CHAPEL. 1 -o itrs. Bledsoes. S. U. Branaennurg s. ureii ni<,-»ii. ^uwr .c. .....^ , and John Broughton's on his return ; borhood thirty-flve years ago. ha.< this j generally of the opinion that with W. f-^"' "f bf>: ,,iri ,Y. .Morgan, who is a Phi Gam. William Allen \\'hlte. who is a Phi Delt. and many other influential men over the state, they will be able to put up a strcns opposition. Mr. Ravenscraft has a daughter attending the university, but she is not a member of any of the sororities. PILES riRED I.\ «? TO 14 DATS. PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed to cure any case of Itching, blind, bleed log or protruding pilea In 6 to 14 days or money refunded. .60c. CANT PAY THE COST W. Higgins Sunda.v. .Mrs. Alta V*>rnilIllon spent Tuesday for. and impro\-ement kept on Tintil I had ^ gained 58 pounds in weight and my! , , ^ . , health waa fully restored." This medi-i'*"'' -^'^ , „. , cine holds the worlds healing record I Talley s Ipft Uednesda.v for coughs and colds and lung and .^'•'•f<""'l '•"""'.v. throat diseases. It prevents pneumo-' Hrlms & Davis of i.aHarpe were at nia. Sold under ctfarantee at all drug 'he Tall..y .«,nle .Saturday with their .stores. Mr and Jinn. Trial i^jtile '"""'b stand. . frop Ev<'reft Rtds will inov.- on the place I Mr. Talley's left. O ^ O ! Wesley fliap<'I experts to hav a i. KEOSHO YALLEY, Christmas ire< There wa« a coo'J attendance at Father of Uewt? Daugherty Wants Bourbon County Board to Release His Son Without Paying Costs. The father of Lewis Daugherty. the former lola boy. who is in Jail at Ft. Scott, thinks the Bourbon county Considering the fact that there has lie.en ao overproduction of sjilfs in the neighborhood of iate. there was a fair sized crowd attended S. K. Hansen's sale, on Thursday of last week While there was no extreme prices paid, bidding ihrouphoui the. sale was prompt and snappy, and at the liutsot of the sale a standard of value wa« reached that was far above a sacrifice, and this value was so well maintained that no article was sold at a give away price. .Mr. Van Horn moved into the rooniu over E. B. Butler's granary, the first "'r^o^^^ , - i "Mrs. I>?na Stewart has been on the J. S. Taylor sold some Jersey stock j^,^^. ^^j^ to parUes from Woodson Coumy, the ' Grandma Cli>ud went to Piqua Sat- l/>aguc Sunday night. A good service ,,Qn,mlgB(onprg should liberate his son was l<ac| by .Mis.s Jessie Doughcrtiy.' j,jg ,emi expires without pay- Subj .Tt Th'" Joy of tin' Overcomes." ^^c costs, claiming that he can- A ri 'dtHflon w.i.'i civcn by little Mary meet the expenses. Read not meet the expenses, i The Ft. Scott Tirbune says: .Mr Franklin Smith lost a (lair off QJ^ Daugherty. father of Lewis sptctacl's Mouday. having a ' sold i>augherty. a prisoner at the Jail here, frame. lK-iw<cn his residence and^.^lt^s from .Missouri asking that the Bayard. An.vone finding (liera I>l<'ase • commissioners liberate his son notify ihira by phone. .Moran U line, or | " j ,i8 sentence expirea as he has iOLA STATE BANK L. E. HORTILLE. President A. W. BECK, Vice-Prepldent J. H. CAMPBELL, Ca.shier. L. C. BOBfNSOJf, Asst Cashier Direetors: L E. HorviMe A. W. Beck J. A. Robinson G. E. .Nicholson H.L.Hendere<^ Frank Riddle J. U.6an»t>eU MONMBITS r 'v' .ho""'',•,'•'"*"," " "."o"" i»nen sentence .„ lea^e them at Russoll s store at Bay- f^^^^ ^,th ^^ fine. *™' • • , It is all perfectly right and proper — ~ ^ I that the parents should worrj- over ? * O this son, who has given them ao much ' HAKau.>Y. I j trouble. But there is another side of O ~ ~: '. ' no: the case. The ofBcera who are familiar with the affair think the parenU are perhaps as much to blame for the boy's waywardness as anyone. Thiey allowed him every liberty he desired and though a mere boy, waa perdit- .ted to chase al>out the country with Icamival companies, etc. "Prof." L^w< la Daugherty was bis title a year or so ago. The boy has bad a pretty good lesson taught him and when liberated he will go home, settle down and try to make an honorable llvfng and care for his parents. If he knows what is best The commlsslonera may and may not grant the boy clemency hen he does bis time. TO fi.lISE THE PBESIDEXrS PAY. Setmtjor Bftsme Istrodueed a Bill Dog. Ming the Present SaUry. Washington. >jrDec. IS.—Senator Bourne introdn£d a bill today provid log for an IncAase in the salary of the president of the United States from 150.000 to (lOA.OOO and In the salary of the vice president from $13.000 to $25,000. The bill Is Intsnded to take effect at the begianinc of the next »Hmi»t««»»MM» The Chanuto Bun says: A negro with an ugly looking knife threatened to kill a Chanute man ahd was only prevented from earring the latter 'B anatomy by his drawn revolver, was the scene enacted on the main road three miles south of Humboldt yesterday afternoon. Both parties were from Chanute, and while the mat ter was reported to the police, no steps towards the prosecution of cither win be txiken, the quarrel having occurred in Allen county and out of the jurisdiction of the local aiithoji- ties. I It seems that the negro had driven a son of the white man to Humboldt In the morning, and as the fatlier knew the boy had considerable money about his person he feared the negro might attempt to rob him. so followed the pair in a bugg>-. When within three miles of the Allen county town he met the negro returning alone, and stopping him demanded where his son had been left. The • negro resented the Inquiry and refused to answer. When pressed for a reply he jumped from his buggy, and drawing an ugly looking knife angrily informed the father that It was none of his business and that if he wanted trouble | to climb out of his own rig. Instead of doing so the white man drew a revolver and compelled the negro (o put away his knife. The matter may be taken up with the Allen county authorities and a warrant Issued for the negro's arrest from lola. Undersheriff A. L. Boatright said this morning that the sheriff's office had not been informed of the trouble referred to in the above clipping. WAS GOOD LECTURE Dr. Colledge Told of Scotland and Its People—Next Lecture Jan. nary I8th. I .a8t evening at the Presbyterian church Dr. Wm. -V. Colledge of the Armour Institute delivered his popular lecture on "Sandy's Characteristics." Dr. Colledge is a'native of Scot land and his portrayal of the characteristics of the average Scot was'one of the best that has ever been presented to an lola iudence. This was the second numl)er of the Y. M. C. A. lecture ro»rsp. The next at traction of the course will be Montcville Flowers on January ISth. Keformed Church. Sunday school at 9:tr.. Christmas sermon at ,11 a ni. PreachluK also at 7:3n. Social prayer meeting and Bible study Wednesday at 7::{0. Christmas eve (Thursday) at 7 the Sunday school will celebrate the nativity in a special service of recitations and songs, and an offering for orphans. There will be a (Hirlstmas tree and a treat for every member, and additional rewards for regular at tendance and new scholars brought. AlKiut thirty-five have been enrolled during ovember and December. A good time for the children and all others Is expected. Parents are especially invited. VM. M. SHCLTS. Pastor. HARRY VAN AT ELSMORE. Former Amusement Manager of Electric Park, Has Good Company. "Prof." Harry Van and his company of Comedians played at Elsraore Tuesday night. Speaking of the performance the Leader says: Hardly had the curtain arose before the laughtfr started and (he further the play went the more the people laughed. Mr. Van, who by the way is a newspaper man. having been on the lola Register staff, is an A 1 comedian. He played .the principal role of Uncle Dtidley. It was hardly necessary for him to have lines .ns his facial expression provoked laughter. Miss Clyde Barkley playeil the iiarf of Rose with much chic other prominent parts were well shared by Rdith Morales, who shared honors with Mr. Van; Clyde Roper, and Chas. Zlehlke. Little JImrale Van. a worthy follower of his daddy, did a t.alklng, singing and specialty that was immense. He goes to work like an old trooper. The company came here with a good endorsement l^rom Erie and the re.^ult was a good house. If .Mr. Van corae.i back to this city, we'll have to provide a larger theatre to hold the audience. It is certainly refreshing to hear a good show once in a while. Here's hoping that we Ret many such as the "Morning After." The troupe went from here to Moran, after which they go north. A Dimple Maker Find a chOd with dimples and diubby arms and leg^ and you find a healthy child. Find one with drawn fs/ce and poor, thfai body and you see one Biat needs Scott's Emulsion Your doctor will tell you so. Nothnig helps these thfai, pale children like Scott's Eimitsion. It contains the very dement of £at they need. It surolles them with a perfect and quickly digested nourishment. It brings dimples and rounded limbs. TWO CAR LOADS TWO CAR LOADS We just received last Satur.dq.y two cars of furnjLinre Irom eastern factories, whioli hay^ U©eii ordered for weeks. Our holiday ccdods were in these oars and we're compelled to make prices that will dispose Pt th^se in the few remaining days. All you have to do is to push the button. The adjustment in guaranteed never to get out of fix. Upholstered in real leather, imitation leather, verona and velour. Prices all reduced. Beautiful $4 00 R«»ed Rocker, almost exactly like this AA «r out, reduced to vZivw This is a nice clean rocker with large roll arms and large roll seat. This big Boston Leather Turkbh Rocker, only $9.85. This is a large roomy Rccker wjth spring seat and back, with i heavy fringe around the base. The rockers set on 9 base and are held in place by large steel coil springs. Upholstered in Boston imitation leather. Ought to bring $16.U0. Christmas sale JJ- This $27.50 genuine Leather Rocker, only $23.50 This is a big soft springy rocker with deep seat, lArge roll arms and wrings. Also has deep ruffle all around the seat upholstered in real AM PA leather, only S^LiligU Another about the same size, only with a plain back, regular p,wm 122.50, only Jlf.fD This BeauUful $22.50 Buffet, now $18.50 Notice the large linen drawer and the three .«imaller'drawers, f «•() door.s with frosted glass. Large French bevel plate ini r*r, oyal'shape and^ two small shelves. The legs you notice are not straight stioks .sawed out, bat very neatly shap. ed French legs. Truly a great value at mm All other Bnflfets and ingly reduced in price. Sideboards, accord- A A beautiful assortment of 50 pictures, in heavy gilt frames, IJ(f/^VVVV^AC * with gold burnishes, glass, wire and all ready gt^g MM JT IV«**» t.. hang. Sold everywhere for |3.5() to |4.00. \l /il Are really beauties, tlntil Chrietmas.or whilcthey las-t, half price iPlll U

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