Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 26, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 26, 1907
Page 5
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liu twen koni to 314 West ,*toMt -ia tht new tfrtekballdliis Jut com- /iii«t«4-«ad-i« eqalppsd wUIi u opn>- AtUiK tablet and ftU the Uttet appU- aacM. for tbe Hnmana and Scientific treatiaent tit Domestic Animals. CalU inada anywhere night or day. Phone 139 tor hospital or residence. FRANK S. BEATTJB. V. S., Proprietor. Melba's Benzoin Cream! An excellent preparation for the skin. Softens and ^whitens. at SPENCER'S FOR Watch and Jewelry Repairing GO TO Q. A; LEFFLER, JEWELEB. fLOIJR Ha» Stood the Test Bccacne itsthe Beat Acce|it No Other Win. Oberdorf, Agt. Iowa Store Bi£ Special Cut on on all kinds ol Merchandise until things change. A. G. NDHJHAe Prop. specials for Today and Tomorrow Kelley's P. C. Corn, 3 cans S.'ic Standard Tomatoes, can 12c Pick Wick Peas, can 12c Evaporated Peaches, lb 20c 60-70 Prunes, 3 lbs 25c Cleaned Currants. JIUK 10c Cranberries, per Quart 10c Sweet Relish, per pint lOe Chow Chow, per pint ...10c Mustard, per pint 10c Fryer Bros. Phones SOS and 301. FABXSi In Howdl County, MIssonrL To Exchange for City Property or Mercliandlsc. Write for list. Give full dcscrltplon aud price of what you have. _ „ J. T. «ILMOUB, Pomona, Mo. LIKED COLLINS' LETTER. MinnesoU" Woman Asks for It In Leaflet Form. Police Judge J. M. Collins yesterdar received a: letter from the secretary of the Womans' Christian Temper ance onion of Hastings. Minn., askins for the letter -which he wrote a liquor dtstilling company some time ago In leaflet torn. The lady said in her communication 'that the letter had been read at their meetings, .and that It had been thought a good thine to circulate them in leaflet form. Since Judge Colllfas hasn't them In the form asked' for he will advise them accord Ingly, but will give them tbe permission of having them printed if they care to do so. . GITT !nw& Pmrtil, the 1^1 asUta man, haa a few thoosaiid dbllan to loan on tarma at a. raaaoilable rata. F.' 8. BBNNETT. of Longton. Is in the city today on business. Six Per Cent Money, nlngham. R. M. Cna THE CASE of a W. We'.is vs C. W. Johnson, all of Savon-jurg. which came up in Justice Hough's court this' morning, was continued until January. Dr. Wmey, OcallsL MRS. CLARA Olasscock died at the home of her father, Mr. Colley two miles north of Piqua about flvc o'clock yesterday morning. Mrs Glasscock has been ill f^r tho past two years, tho immediate cause of her death boing heart railnre. Th** remains were shipped to Miller, Mo., (hist morning. Interment will be mad'> in the Miller cemetery. If you need a farm loan come and see us. Wo can get your money in two days. The Iledwell-Ray Realty Co. TWT) MEN wore arraigned in po lice; court yesterday niomine on the rhargo of being drunk. Both pleaded cullly. Police Judge J. M. Collins nave S. Rcniloy $3 and costs, an;I Thomas Hart $5 and. "trimmings' which amounts were paid and the d/ fi-ndauts were released. P. K. numiK DnVtL naM 181. Office arer Barreira Drag Star*. I*BTER nail, a Frisco brakoman. residing in this city. w;is arrested on a bench warrant from the Allen county district court, charEing him with contempt of court. Tlio warrant was servcHl by Uiiderslieriff Boatright wh3 came Wre from Ma. after thr Krtsco man. Ball is wanted at. lola for refusing to imy alimony to hh wife who was divorrod some tini! aco. Oflicor Boatright states that Bull is in arrears to the sum of |GOi) .md he will have to show eauso tn tho district judge why he II.IK not r^•alpli<.•<l with the courts edict.— Pittsburg Hcadll;;ht. Robert Davla, Transfer Co. Omco Brown's Smoke House. I 'lioue f>2\ and .S71. lloUHchold moving a specialty. Four choice milk oown. throe htirses. harness and wnuo-i will be sold Saturday at tho feed >.ird, com mencing at 2 o'clock sha.'p. Chas. Bishop. THE MOTHRll of the deserted child which WHS left In Mrs. l>ui'th's hole! In Moran, Kns.. was found last Tucs- dii\ nfti'inofin. The county olllcers f<iund that she was n young marrU-.l woman llvlnc;' in this city and now refuse to give out )ior iiamt-. She ha.x consented to take tlie babv and care for jt. She offers no explanation for her 'peculiar conduct. AHI.L IMFF left for Cherryvale. Kaj.. today, after spending several lavs here viyitlns with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. .\. Illff. WANTED—Good cook .at once at 20:i South Buckeye. THE HOrND and hare hunt which was to be held tomorrow by the mem hers of the Y. M. C. A. has been \mst IK >ned indefinitely because Physical Director Bill has bot returned. He has be?n out of the city spending Christmas. IS YOURS AMONG THESE? Local Poatoffice Has Collection of IMismailed Postcards. There are some few hundred postcards lying in the Tola post ofllce wljich cannot be sent out under th > niles of the department. Soni" of these cards have tinsel and gilt decorations on them and cannot be sent out unprotected by covering. Others are covered with tissue paper envelopes and the stamp is placed upon the card instead of the envelope Pome, of these enclo,sed cards hav( liut a 1 cent stamp attached when a ?-cent stamp is necessar.v. A few of the cards have a minature envelope .ittached to the back of the cari which contain writing. .\ 2 cent stamp Is required on thes.'. One was found with tho correspondence written in the space for the address and the ad dress written in the space for corres- I-ondenc.--. Parties having mailed cards under the above conditions can have same forwarded by calling at the poit office and correcting their errors. Fine Watch Repairioj Va. Pac^ Santa Fe and X. K. A T, Watch Inspectors. HIS WIFE IS STOLEN CLAIMS GEO. WRIGHTS FATHER RAN OFF WITH HER AT COFFEYVILLE. a Want Ad. la the Re?ister. Mow is the Time to bay ihU OVERCOAT Che BaftiaylSHfelds. Clothing Cc- THE ST0BE THAT SATISFIES. Free dirt at Laccock 'a. MRS. J. R. Stewart, sister of Mrs. C O. Bollinger, left today for a visit with her mother ,Mrs. R Kepley, at Redf^ld. ooooooooooooooooo o o O MERRT jmSTRELS O O All Thb Week I O O BAfHELLOR THEATRE. O lO O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The Corre>-ville Joumnl is author ly foi- the following hard or goo<l. :iK the case may be. luck story. Geo. Wrijsht is a smelter worker who Is well known all over the Knnsa.- sntelter district. The Journal says: The tenth commandment recelve.l a hard jolt when word was brought here that n man named G<x). Wrichl 'iving southwest of IX'arinR had run 3way with his son's wife. The son's nnme is said to be C W. Wrichl and he is a lalMirer at the rV \Tring smelter. GeorRe Wrlfiht ooninionly kn >wn a"Doc" lives fin a farm alxjut six miles west of here on the Eichtli •street road. About throe years nK" he lived here and was a tenmster. His son. r. W. Wright move I hen' from th;> north a year ago and settled in Dearinc. The father, so it is alleged, has paid quite a little ntteiit'on to hi.-^ son's wife, but it was never suspect, ed that anything more than a friendly regard existed between the two. Monday nlRht Georce Wrisht cann down to Correyvlllc on the interur Vian. The followlns nioniin.e. his son's wife came down siipposed'y to meet him here. Ulien she did not re • urn the followins; day a search was commenced. It was then discovered that the father was missing also. The county oflicers were notifled. and n search comnipncfd. The oflicers an' worklnc; on a clue which they think will locate the father and his .min'- tfife. but will give nothinc: out eon- eernlnc their supposed wher<'al>ouls. C. W. Wright, the son. has thre.- children, two boys and a Rlrl, all of whom are within school nci'. Th.-> couple took tlie litt'e ptrl with them wlien tlii-y ilisnppeariMl. George Wrlulit. the father, has a wife and .i number of grown children. He has be.Ml marrii'il two or three times. -Two persons, supposedly Mr. Wili.-1-.t and Ills .son's wife, took the Santa Fe train for Cherryvale. Ni 'lthi>r person imrehnsed a llcki't. iiayliin tl\i-ir wav m the train. Neither of ilii< vuspcci- 'il parties Kot off unlll the tr .Tln sloii led at Clierrvvule. It is not Iviiowii for sure whether thes<> an" the tw -i persons whom the ofUcers are now liMiUln:; for but they are sji'd to tally wl\li the ili'seriptioi given. lola oIlle.MS have been nqiicsled to keep a wntch for the coupli-. HAY STORY Douglas Bros. Have a Horse That Ob. senfetf Union Hour* - AFTER STATE MEETING. Local Physicla'" to Gt '•o Kansas City Kansas, Tomorrow. Dr. P. S. Mitchell will ;enve in the iiiorning for Kansas City, Kaiis.. to jicet with the council of the Kansa.: State Medical 'society to confi'" with lieni relative to sendlns tlu> ni-xt late nieetiniT here. At thi' last •ue .^tiUL- of thi' stale society It was voted to send the next meeting tri lola but tht' council lias the anth'>rily 'o vel\d- it elsewtiere in ca.«e it shoiil 1 Ind it advisable. At a rereiit nn -.'t- !!i ,T of tho .\Hen roiiiity .Aledlo.n! .--ocl- ty if was tjreidcd to s^iid a ooin- iiiltee to Kansas City to iirse the •oiincil to send it to lola. The local -oeiety pron;ises that lola has ami>li' lotel facilities to acconioilat(> tli<' iih.v- •iicians who will att ^rd the state meeting. Sevenil other physlelans may accnninany Dr. Mitchell. The tale meefin.i; will occur 'n May. BASSETT GRANTS RIGHT OF WAY Council Passed Ordinance For the Southsm Electric. The Rc.iisfer will print an ordinance tomcrr-w under which the city ')f Basft'i; £n*nnled a franchise to th" Kau'-as girtirliern for the nse of if; stretf ear Mtie. The ordiiianc > was i>as?e<l On the evening of the 2tth nt the nueting of the coimcii. The fuM text of the ordinance will appear in 'lies.' columns tomorrow. CUPID BUSY XMAS DAY. Judge Smith Issued EInht Marriag* Licenses. Prohafe Judge J. B. Smith did H big Christmas business. Until Tues day the appearances were tliat Cu|>id inking a vacation. Tuesday and >esterday eight licenses were Issued from the probate judge's office. Tho following couples •secured licenses: Chas Cortner and Ethel Vezle. both of Io!a: Buhy B. Donovan and Stella Freeman, both of lola; Albert Readig and Mrs. Dola A'exander. Ijoth of lola; Walter L«orance and Mary Gllhani both of lola; Joseph C. Younc. of Kansas City. Mo., and Edna L. Isaac, of Bayard; Frank A. I^wton and Edna Rosenberg of Yates Center; Ralph Coblpntz and Josephine Steele, both of lola. and Floyd Orbison and Mary Ireland, both of Bronson. The following were married by Judge Smith during the past two days: John VIckers and Mrs. Alice Smith, both of lola, and Amos HiP- brant and Harriott Clarissa Holdebrant. Improved acre tract on Electric line for sale on terms. Call phone 1050. Old Dobbins, the brown horse owned by Douglass Bros., that draws the advertising wagon for the Grand the atre. belongs to tho equino union. Dur- 'ng the ordinary working hours he Is one of the most faithful horses that c'atters over lola's streets. H? has pulled tho advertising wagon about so much that without the guide of the driver, he will stop at every bill board In tho city. But when the twelve o'clock or six o'clock whis ties blow. Old Dobbins starts for tho bam whether the driver wills or not. I.,ast Tuesday eveninc an advertiv Ing man for "Painting the Town." which shows here Monday night, was o\it with the horso posting up some bills for the attraction. .\'ong nl»out six o'clock he drove up to a bill! near the Missouri Pacific de]>ot to put up some advertising matter. The driver had not been apprised of Dob- l»fns's resptfct for union hours and took no heed of the fact that the clock was on tho point of striking six. WTiil- alighting from the wa.wn the whistle blew. Oid Dobbins started otit with the first pcni. preclpltatinc the driver some several yards dLs- tanl from the w.icon. and was on his way to the barn. Hi* slipped, however, falling to tho pavf^ment and breaking a shaft. Before he cou'd reg.tin hl'^ feet he was caiirfit by some bystanders and held until the driver recovered tho reins. Old Dobbins has a history. 11 a is i:ow a pood score of years in age and has been the property of the Douglas.^ boys since ho was a two year old. Fourteen years aco he made the raco •cp. bnt wander* about the bam lat will, sampling' the choice hay and grain on wbi^ there Is no padlock. H» enjoys the honor of being 4be -star boarder." Y- There is but one suin on the .his tory of O'd Dobbins. He Is a police court character. He has the reputa t!on of having been arrested more times for nibbling the Ijlue grass" on the lawns and parkings of lola citi 7 .ens than any horso in the commun Ity. His owners aavor reprove him for those offenses, but always pay the fine with a laugh, for It is Old Dobbins and whatever Old Dobbins does is all right. In the recent parade made by the 'Flaming Arrow." it was Old Dobbins who led the pageant with tho Big Chief astride him. All of which made the venerable horso swe'l up with i>r:de and ho danced and two ste|>i>ed like a yearling. Th.^ young er borsvi that brotight up the rear in the iiarade perhaps describe Obi Dobbins's antics .is tho dotage of old ase. but it matters not to him so Pui-. as he is the pot and favorite of tht bam. Motor Barber College. Kansas City. Mo. wants nien to learn the trade. \Yriio for particulars now. few weeks completes by free clinic and expert in- r.trtirtions. posit ion.'i waitlniT. Don't delay. BOOZE WAGON STUCK IN MUD. And So Sheriff and Deputy Did Not Confiscate It. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger and rude--. .••Iieriff Boatright drt.v.> out to Ga< City Christmas night to confiscate a quantity of booze which arrived then- for the Greek camp .south of Ga.- City. The 1-ooze was loaded o% a wagon and was on the way to camp lieforo th" officers arrived. Whop for claims In th.-opening of the Okhi-j th:-y caught up with the wagon, it iKima "strip." and succeedo.i in „„t '^t"'-'i th"; ^.''''in'^"''"' I it was impossible to bring :l to town the ollicrs left. Tho r;rool;s Inter classiiiu till- "bob tailed" prancers :ind Kentucky thoroughhrc'Is whic.'i participated in the race. Bocause of his age and history Old Dobbins is a privllogod character a* tho Douglass barn. Ho Is never tied loaded the Ilquo- on another wagon and went on to camp. Tho onicir: harl somo trouble with the" nieit in charge of the Ixiii/e whon they fir;-! j'rrivod on the scono, but no one ou oltl'cr slilo Wits hurt. Santa Fe Winter Is Coming! You know what that means to you. Don't you wait to escape the snow, the cold, the slush and all the discomforts—why not plan now where to pass that season so trying to many persons? Write for intormation about our winter tours to California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Favorable rates, long limits, and stop-overs. W.E. Ralston, Agt. Holiday Candy 10c per pound, 3 pounds 25c. TOSliEUIT THE EMERY STOCK CO. In ^ • •Work and Wages FrMar. Mat k M^rht, Dec 27. Geo. P. Stetson's Uncle Tom's Gabm :M-.Mrn. ITomrn and rhndrea-M Tho (.mndrst Street Paradfi. .Matlnrc lO.^Or; Mitht l«>8 »4le SATIRD.VY. DEC. 28. Adelaide Thurston and a company of unnsual strength in her greatest success. "The GM from Out Yontfar" Prices ioe, 50c, 75«, .MOXD.VY, DEC. M. Chas. II .Yale's PainiingihB Town Prices SsJb 'SO.Tac -IL Tl'ESD.VY, DEC. M. OHARLESB. HAHfOllO In a .Notable Revival of lilhoiy snd Cleopitri Curtain at 8; I.'.. Positively no one seatefl during an act. Seats on Sale .Monday, Dec. M. Prices..... .l>.'>c.50c-iuc .$l.|l .W USED FEET ON HIM Wilt. >Vilkh)son Is Attacked by Two .tlcn Wiiilc rncoDsdiong. tiid it not been for the timely ta- terforonce of Coleipan Grady. Wm. Wilkinson might have suffered Tery sori <iiis injuries at tbe hands of aome men witli whom he had some dlOIcuI- ty yesterday at the oast city limits. 11 seems that several TOon and women were drinking there .'including Wilkinson. The latter fell down while staggering about striking his head on a stone which rendered him unconscious. It is alleged that two men came along and attacked him wUls be >yas lying in an un'coust;Ions condition using both their feet and fiataon him. Coleman Brady chanced along and pulled the men off. The aggressors in the tight'made their escape. Wilkinson Kd l^aster and Lizzie Randolph were arrested on the charge o< disturbance of tho peace and were fined today in Judge Hoogfa's eonrt. Wilkinson's fine and costs amounted to IIJ.TO. Lnster's 111.83 and the Ran doiph woman $9.85.-. Warrants have been Issued for the men who are said to have been the. agu're.s.sors but their names are withheld until the arrest. Several, If not all of those in the flght had been drink ing it Is said. . . oooooooooooo o ao o o o o O MERRY M1XSTRELS O O All This Week Q O IIAriiCLLOU THEATRE. 9 O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Remember Your Friends By sending them a nice Calendar for New ^ Year's, and they'll think of you all the year We have nice ones for 15c, 2$c, 30c, ^ jc and 50c. Barren's Drci(^ WEST SIDE OF THE SQUIBB

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