The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 26, 1949
Page 3
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_ MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 26, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER — oniintivii^E (ARK.) COURIER KEW9 Uranium_Discoveries Spur Talk of A-Bomb Controls Vila! Mineral Mined in Spain Russians Get Ore From Two Mines In Czechoslovakia LONDON, Sept. 26. M>,-R epO rfcs ol new uranium discoveries on both «ides of the Iron curtain—in Czechoslovakia and Spain — spurred talk, of an atomic energy race now 'h»fc Russia has atomic weapons. These were the weekend developments In Europe following President Truman's annouscement that the Russians had touched off an tjomic explosion recently: m. Tass, the official Soviet news «t«ncy, asserted Russia has had atomic weapons since 1947. It again said the ^oviet Union was ready lor International control of atomic energy but didn't say what, kind of control—a point that UBS hoiked American-Soviet agreement because previously Russia has Insisted on *'.veu> power over International | n . S|»ctdrs. 2. Franco Spain, already possess- Ing known uranH-m deposits, was reported to have found new veins of the ore from which atom bombs are made. This prompted speculation as to whether Generalissimo Franco would use his uranium store In bargaining for improved relations with the Western powers 3. A new uranium mine was reported opened in Czechoslovakia under the direction of Russian engineers. At least two Czech mines are known to be sending uranium already to Soviet Russia. 4. German scientists and uranium ore from East Germany helped the Russians develop their bomb, informed American and German sources reported! Stalin Still a Question Mark Although the Tass announcement did not confirm or deny President Truman's disclosure of a recciit atomic explosion in Russia, it mal. ter-of-factly declared that Russia ha* had atomic weapons since 1947 Many Western European .statesmen and diplomats privately took J|t> two-year bomb cla' •. \vith a •rain of salt. But chief interest centered on the news agency's statement that Russia still wants international control of atomic en- ercy. The main question was: Is Stalin getting ready to make »ny concessions to the West ir favor of honesl-to-sood ess International supervision? Ta.« declared the Soviet Union stands on its former position of favoring absolute prohibition of the Ust of atomic weapons. It added 1 "Concerning control of the atomic weapon, it has to .be said that control will .-be essential In order to check up on fulfillment of a de cision on the prohibition of pro- dvction of atomic weapons" The provision to "check up" has been the stumbling block to agreement for three years. The P.S.—and the overwhelming majority of the United Nations- voted in faior of an international commission, to control the atomic energy process from mine to finished product. They wanl no veto on punishment of any nation violating the atomic code, and full powers of Inspection to search nut any violations. U.S. Representatives Now In Spain The Russians have urged an immediate ban on atomic weapons and establishment of mi irsuection commission responsible to the U.N Security Council, where Russia could veto any action she didn't like. The Russians also proposed inspections hut dic'n't give satisfactory answers to thp West «s to how far they would go in permitting inspectors to roam Soviet territory Czechoslovakia's new uranhim mine was reported to be 25 miles south of 'ague. The new Spanish deposits were reported to be in the Pyrenees. Spam already is rcpl'tcd to be the holder of the world's fourth largest uranium deposits although little of tiie material has been mined. Diplomatic sources in Madrid said uranium, more than anythinn else, mi2ht ujrsuade the Atlantic powers to.lift their diplomatic Boycott of the Franco regime. Rep James J. Mi-rphy fD-NY) arrived in Madrid yeslerdny (o discuss the possibility of an American loan to Senator Pa' fcCprran ro-Ncv) also was due to see the generalissimo about a loan and possible diplomatic recognition bv the US al fioitjh President Truman "said Sept. 15 the senator was not speaking for the U.S. government. >ree« Inquontily . . . store in quantify wild our 553-lb. tapatiiy, 15,8 cubic-foot INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER HEAVY DUTY FREEZER a Freeze! Store! Save! Relax! That's the c.isy nay it goes with a giant 111 frcejcr at home! With it you preserve food the simplest way, and store away 553 pounds. Be prepared for any emergency; enjoy time for other activities; save 1 dollars on vour food bills. See it today — it has all the features of the II.I cu.-ft. freezer, plus these pictured. IHI H»ILV««, o. MM.ESIiS » U , 11TT you can .tor. 335 pounds of frozen food in this ROOMY ll.l CU.-FT. H FREEZER " r«frij.r«lii, 9 nil; tif-Y*mr wn-r.nty "fr«lt-lok' T fr«tf; h«lp, Thinlt of it! Exactly nbai you want, u-hiH you want it! Ever)' imaginable food at your fingertips in-season, out- of-seijon, any lime at all. And this i> just one of the many advantages. See ihi'i marvelous IH Freezer today! Sav« work, Cf'me and dollars! District Fair Awards Poultry Division Blytlicviile poultry raisers niono- PoliMd tile entries and premiums 11 the Poultry Division of the Northeast Arkansas District Fair. All entries were exhibited by Blytheville residents with one exception, only out-of-town exhibitor was Roland R. Fry of Black Oak. The following grand champion- snips were awarded: for cockerel, Mrs. R.L. Johnson; for hen, Mrs Jerry Scrape; for cock, Kenneth Mitchell; for pullet, Mrs. Janet Scrape; ; Other winning entries in the loiillry Division follow (figure indicates place won): Whilo Rocks Best Puiiei _ Billy Caldwcll. l; Roy McKay. •>• Mrs, E. R. Dickens, Best Hen _ David caldwell, 1; B. E. Hessie. 2; Ed Bunch. 3. Best Cockerel — Konnclh Mitchell. 1 and 3; Dink Little 2 Best cock _ David Lee Holt., 1: Mrs. Eel Bunch, 2. Huff "ipiuglon Btst Pullet _ Mrs. J. F. Scrape, 1 and 2; Melvin Boyd, 3 Best Cockerel — lie, 2; Bilile Ray, 3. Itarrcd Rock Best Pullet _ victor Wilson r Hessie, 2 and 3. 2 ami 3COcke '' cl - IV - V ' l - Wilson, Rhode Island Red sone"" 5 " ucgovy ' Mrs - R - L - John- second and third premiums in the pullet, cockerel and hen classes and first place in the cock class. Harry Mantz exhibited the second- plnce winner in the cock class. Willie M'vandotles Best Pullet _ Mrs. G. F. Scrape, ] 1; Mrs. Dickens.'2. • Best Cockerel — Mrs. a F SiTapt-, 1: Caldwcll, 2. ' ' Best Hen — Mrs. Jcrrv Scrape 1'""I 3: Billy Caldwell,' 2. • Best Cock — ,MVS. j m v Scrape 1 New llapshirc Red Best Pullet _ Jimmv Hayncs, I- BHly Seals. 2: Freddie Mullhis, 3 Best Cockerel — Mrs. S. Goff 1 and ?; Harnc.s, 3. ', Best Hen — M, S . Jer ,. y Scrape 1; Hurry Jlnnlz. 2; Hessie, 3. Best Cork — McKav 1 While Leghorns' Best Pullet — Muliins, 1 and Best Hen — Hcssic, 1 and 2 Best Cock — Hrasic. i. Hi'mvn Leghorns Best .Cockerel — A,dam Taylor 1 Best Hen _ Mitchell, 1. Best Cock -_ Mitchell, 1. Kantams First and third places won bv : entries of R.R. Pry, Black Oak" and second place bv biivl simu-n by Pat Smothermon of Blytht- vllle. Gees* First place winners exhibited, by R. R. Fry. Ciiarle Stevens exhibited second-place winner, »nd Hirain Henson showed the third-place winner. Entries by W. L. Tale won first and third places and entry of pat Smotherniin won second Turkey, Old Pair — Mrs. Bemile Hessie, 1 and 3. Young Pah- - Mrs. Hessie, 1 and 2; B. E. Hessie, 3. Best Heavy Breed Best Pullet _ Mrs. Janet Scrape, 1; Mrs. J. I'. Scrape. 2 and 3. Best Cock — Stevens, 1. Hest Hen — Stevens, 1; Mrs Ed Bunch. 2 and 3. Cockerel — McKay, 1; Mrs J. P. Scrape. 2. B*sl I.IJ-1U Breed Best Cockerel — jinunie Payne 1 Best Pullet ,- payne, 1, 2 and Best "rio Broilers First place won by entries of Mrs. Ed Bunch. Vets' Agri Display The Individual displays set up in tlrc Main Exhibit Building at the Northeast Arkansas District Fair by members of Ihe Blythevllle Vocational Agriculture classes attracted the attention of many visitors and brought numerous awards to the c.\-CiI farm students. Here are the results of Judging In (he various phases of this exhibit (figure indicates place won: all entrants reside in and near Blythe- Cinig, i; Johnnie Rankin, 2. Best 10 Ears Corn,'Yellow—W L Stevens, 1; Silas Grubbs, 2; C, c Stevens, 3. Best Pom Stalks Corn, any variety—Victor Wilson, l; Stevenson -': Ben W. White. 3. Best Peck of Potatoes, sweet red —Stevens. 1: o. J. Bass. 2; Joseph C. Duncan, 3. Largest Pumpkin-Charles Free- mini. 1; W. c. Darby, 2. Best Dozen Apple's—Orvll Gar- rctt, 1. Best Complete Vegetable Display —Hurry Mantz, 1; Grubbs,'2; D?l- been a fajnilv . ilh (r '"r generations. ck-Uiaiislil .ids iirompl- l.v^«jiil .(hnrt/tisnly, usuaUj-. to relieve tonnip'iu'oh. v/lien oicrfcaliny, pvpr- \V(J|«. worry or oilier Irregular h'ahltf ra'.i?^ conjUj>atton take Blauk-Diaii}?!)! f"r h*-a'lsv]ie. U)i=et sloniacti, nauaea, •S'l lir»a;li due !•> ordinari' Flugfi.i]i • owe! aak.ns. Buy Black-Draught toda> '.t vour nearest druj store. BIYTHEVIUE,ARK, lOthBIG YEAR Oct. 6*7 —NO ADMISSION" CHARGE TO WITNESS THE CONTEST » • CONTEST OPEN to ANYBODY ^^/ j from ANYWHERE with King Cotton's Caravan of Commerce there'll be two Th, ' llfk "''I'? 9 ?° y$ '" B| y*h«i"l«, Arkansas, October 6-7. There w.ll be a style show of clothing mode from cotton bogs . f\ SnarDXtlonrmn ^vhiKiti«M k,, u _ _L B ... ... -,, Parsons, World's Champion nnual cotton " ' name band WHILE IN ARKANSAS .. Come early and, while m Arkansas, also attend the State Livestock ^ dUri " tf " - Hot Spr . Brad's, to Free Entertainment For All The Family 1st. nm $1,000. r~ TEAR ^ COUPON ^ MAH -TODAY ----- , ENTRY BLANK I 28 Other Cash Priies j Mr - Jael < Ruling, i National Cotton Ticking "ytheville, Arkansoi Special Cash Awards \'hrW«mw NAME - S.W < A,~,,:.. ; uJ .STREET tor R.FDJ. ,, t, WORLD'S CHAMPIONSHlf COTTOM PICKINS CONTEST * b< Mt .1 llrrStrill., Ark •• P. S. WMMK Alt* Eligiblt far Fir* Prize CITY. <Er\try Fea Sponsored By: BI»the,,H..J Mnio r DATE This Ohomber of Comm*^ mar Davis, J. Best Quart strained over Comb Downfng, l; Alfred Webb, 2. Best Quart trained over Comb- Downing, l and 3. Best Quarter-Bale Alfalfa—Eugene Powell, l; T. C. Hollingsftorth, I, Ed Bunch, 3. . Best 10 Bolls Cotton, mounted any variety—White, 1. Best stalk Cotton—Wilson !• Freeman, 2; Stevens. 3. Best Dozen Cucumbers — n Thompson, 1. Soybean Display-J. M. Coegius I; Duncan, 2; L. H. Ganuvr, 3. Apiary Division A total of 67 nivnrris was prrscul- cd winning entries in the Apiary Department of the Northeast Arkansas District F-.itr. Sponsored by (lie KorUicmt Arkansas Beekeepers Association, the entries in this department formed an educational cx- Intot thai showed honcv in all iis forms as well as the various* of beekeeping. Consistent winners in this <|e- ppi'lnient were C. L. Thaxlnn of Blytlievllle. C. Kennclli Smith of Marked Tree, Ou.v Dunlmiu of Bono. Joe Bombolaski of Blytlievllle ami lay L,. McLcster of Joiner. Following are the winners In (be various phases of the Judging Cig- nre Indlcalr-s place won): Honey Displays Complete Individual Exhlblt- Thaxlon, l; Smith, 2; Rnynicnd Fisclicr of North Little Rock 3; Dunham, 4; McLcstcr, 5. White Koncy—Smith, 1; Mr Lester, 2; Thaxton, 3; Dumhnm, 4; Bombolnskl, 5. Amber Honey—Dunham, i; Bain- boiaskl. 2; ThnxUm, 3; Smith, 4; Comb Honey. Frames—Smith. 1; Dunhun, J; Thaxton, 3; McLwter, 4; Bombolaski, 5. Comb Honey, Sections-Smith !• Thaxton, 2; Dunham, 3; McLestcr <; Bombolaski, 5, Bees Wax—Smith, 1; Tliuxtou, 1; McLcster, 3; Fischer, 1; Bombolaski, 5. Culinary Edlrles . Breads—Mrs. Rita Caudle Bly- thcville, 1; Mrs. Wiltner Smith, Harrisburg, 2. Candles — Mrs. Smith. 1; Mrs Florence Tlwxton, Blytlieville, 2- Mrs. Caudle, 3. Cakes—Mrs. Caudle. 1; Mrs. J T Kennedy, Blytlievllle.. 2; Mrs. Ivor- son Morris, Blytlievllle, 3. Cookies—Mrs. Kennedy, 1- Mrs Smith, 2. Kqulpmrnl llivcs—Smith, l; Bombolaxkl. 2; Dunham, 3; Thaxton, 4; McLcster, Hoti-.e-Martc Frames — Dunham, 1; Smith. 2; Bombolaski, 3; McLe.5- | ter, 4; Dunham, 5. Ohscrvr.lkm llivcs—Fischer, 1; McLcster, 2; Smith, 3; Thnxton 4' J. H. Davis of Liltle Reck, 5. Polliualion—McLe.ster. 1; Smith. 2; Thaxton. 3; Davis, 4. Mfscrtfunrniis Decoration and Unique Ideas — Mr*. Florence Thaxton. Decorating and Painting—Mrs. Eut'cne Thaxlon. Sp-H'iiil Equipment and Design— C. Kenneth Smith. FFA Dell and Wilson took the lead in PPA Judging contests witli Bly- thevillc winning first place on its booth depicting FFA methods of fanning as contrasted lo haphazard methods. Campbell, uro.. was second In the display con test. Judging winnings announced Viniinber indicates order) were: Livesluck Jfiines McDermont, Parkin, l; Eugene Kooncc, Blytlicviile, 2; Hoyd Tatc, Dell, 3; Mel Hay, lilythuvillc, PAGE THKtCg <: Don Brlnn, Dell, 5; Vernon £"«<>». Dell, 6; Robert Gable, Wilson, 7; E. Crawford, Wilson | • 'rim Undsrwood, Wilson, !; 'jim Whitworlh, Blylhevllle, 2; J. Tucker, Luxora, 3; D. Daniel, Wilson, '; O. Rapcr, Luxora, 8. Livestock Team Parkin, 1; Dell, 2 and 3; Bly- Iheville, 4 and 5. Dairying Team Wilson, 1 and 2; Luxora, 3; Blytheville, 4; Parkin, 5. NEW DELHI, India —lift-. A part of the modernization of India'a air arm. Royal Indian Air Force fields are being equipped with radar. In Shakespeare's plays, iron u mentioned 4" times am 1 steel 64 times. 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