Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1908
Page 5
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Our Bankiag Methods Will please you. Thcv result of doing business with a safe and conservative bank is shown in ouV continued steady growth. If you arc not a patron of tills biuk, why not become one? We give the same courteous' treatment to ihe man or woman who deposits $10 as to the.'$1000 rustomer. In fact, we would rather have one hundred sm»ll depositors than one large one covering the same amount. He your business large or small, remember that at this bank it is rcgaidnd as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. This for the Boy*. It any legislation comes iiji at To- . Has Religious Fanatic. There has been a religious fanatic State Savings Bank CBpftml $2B,000 lola, Kanmam ()j)cii fjriiii 7 If) 8 p. ni. S.iturdays and Pay Nights pcka this year which is for the altera- in town for a few days handing out tion of laws governing the punishment' some sort of religious,literature. The of juvenile offenders, C. P. Louder- officers are watching the man closely! back Will support It. Louderback be- to see that there is no outburst or dis- j lieves that boys should not be placed turbance of any kind. With the "Ad in jail for their first offense, if^at all. am God" affair fresh in the minds of j He thinks they should be taken to a the people it is well to take precau- separate Institution for correction, in- tlonary steps to prevent a reproduc- stead of being thrown Into Jail where tion of what happened In Kansas City, a band of confirmed criminals arc Following Adam's actions at Kansas usually confined.—Ft. Scott Tribune. jClty, another man in New Jersey, claiming to be John the Baptist, start—Six per cent money; no out to shoot up atown and had to slon; no delay.—Smith & Travis. jbe killed before hia depredations cnd- cd.—Ft. Scott Tribune. Gold Bricks. A fi 'liow living at^Olrard, Kans., la- . A DanKfroun Operation borod loMK iind labored hard, to build Is the romnvnl of the n|)pendlx by u .an airship that would.soar from Kan- surgeon. No one who takes Dr. King's sas clear to Portland, Ore. The stranger In the village feels, when looking lit tlio alrHhIp's wheels, and rods and piiiK and brn/.en shanks, and Rprintts and curloycupR and cranks, that It'n the triumph of the age. and should be sung on poet's page. . But when, with ppoplc standing by, the builder tries o make it fly, it merely snorts and ciirgles "round, and plowa a furrow In Ihe f-round. And many gents who brag 80 hard are like tho airship at <!irard; they look as though they oiiRht to win at any time they started in: but when it comes to sawing wood they gurgle "round and arc no good. —^^'alt M^on. —Try Sei Fr.oi If you feel bad. Frt'Fh fn !!i 0(rMi—"Our Way." In (1< ^niililc ii:uU;i_i.- 1'T iiialiinK gl!ls .'^i;ui'I;ird ;\ni\ \t<>jn\:\v hiuiids. 50 cenf* to $5 a box Short Stories ;o ri lola Happenings - Frank H. I?eatlie, V. S , Phone l'.itk<'J I..'. ... "eiu nvrr .-it .'11 .'II Liiiik SPENCER'S THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. Msnafacturers, Wbolesals snd Retail Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water Urm Csl4 gtorsgrc tLvnij f*r K^ginrsR. i 'boae 111 FRANK RIDDLE, Mgr. Bowlers at tola. Tli'.' Arcade howling alley l<>ain will ;i> to lola Saturday lo howl the loair wlilrli was here ;i week ago l.isl FrI- niiy evening. The game here was no: liiiislied. owing (o tho (raglc^leath of "110 of the Jola players. CManiito was ill the leai! on the third game when it was discontinued. Those who will enter are: Karl .Moore. Abe Seigle, Harry Miller, and Will Jennor. The flf'.a incnihiT has not y<>t been plrked.— rhanuto Sun. linKlneer .\. .1. Braiidle lias been sent, lo lola to work in ih > yards a few (lays on ilie switch <>r'.'.;ir.< . --("ha- mile Sun. Clrcf Call's Kai»l llii.-; iiioriiiii^ lli;it lie )iad rerclvi'd nr> advlci;; eouc-oiiiiliK I.rilick. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans T/ow Hate. Annual Iiiu-rest. Payments reccfvcd al any time wlthfiiit noiicp. and interest rpascson amount paid. Long or Short 'lime Loans. Married Humboldt Teacher. Card.K wiM-e issued loday a»»P.iini:- iiiR the marriage of Prnf. J. I), ilyers I (if this city and .Miss Clara Saner of j IIiimbnliK., The marriage took pla-o I at the home of the liride In llnmholdt ] today. Professor livers Is the princi- p'll of the riianute Hn;ilness college, lie is an excellent young man. and th" j success of the institution during tiie 'liast year has brcn di:-' in great (!••. jfir'" In liis ffforts. His lirlde is a icradiiate of the insiidi 'idii and is well !i /ifiwn iieie. having fonued many friends in C'hanut«' diiriiiR the time tliat she attended cnllejie. Prot'. and Mrs. Hyers will make their home ir thix city. Tlj'-y wi"I l.e at liouin after .lamiary -Ith a< l.s Nnrth Lincoln ave. —{'hanute Triljun^'. —The weatlipi- is always fine at liCialdiV. Also the Hot Chocolate. About Barnes Law. ' The Santa Fe Railway company yesterday filed suit in the district court to enjoin tho county from the coliec (ion of the tax levied under the Barnes high school law to pay for the maintenance of the country high schools. This levy is -I-IO mills, making the total Involved in the Santa Fe suit about ?62.".. The petition filed yesterday avers that when the high schools of the county are not properly estalilished and that therefore tho tax is not coUoctalde on the ground that tho vote for the adoption of tho tax was not carried liy a total of the entire niimlier of votes cast by a majority on that single proimsltlon ?inh- nilttod at tho general oloction. Tho schools at Tonganoxic. ICasfon. Lansine. (.Inwood and Bnsohor would ho affected by the success of this suit. Tho loss of tho tax money from this one railroad would not, however, mean the olosfns of the «clioo!s.—I.«a- venworth Times, " —Tho only Cafe that Rorves tho fi'oiiiiino .Seal Ship! O.vstnr. Our Way. Sow Mfe Pills ecvry subjected to th|s frightful ordeal. They work HO qiilc'tly you don't feel them. They cure constlpatio;), hoiulaahe. hlllouaness and malaria. "'>c at all drug stores. Sell Large Kloi-hx. Work on the .Monarch Portland Cement company's plant Is being pushed raiddly. A visitor who has not lieou there for throe or four days sees marked advancement In the work. Work is being done at night on some of the work and nildnluht blast i recur fro(iMent!y. Tho liollors and one of the six engines have tioen shlpiied and are exiiected daily. The gearing is in place fur one of the kilns and a roaster and as .soon as a holler and anen.srine are In jilace 11 will he ready to make coniont. The company sent nut a circular the other day stating that cement would 1)3 made in sixty days. The .'••ale of stock is going on rapidl.v. Kvory train lirings investors to see the plant. Within a week $200,000 worth of stock ha-s been sold. One man lx>ught J .'iO.ono worth alone. Tho bonus of three-fourths share of common with every-share of preferred was reduced to half share Tuesday, and this caused the big rush to get in on tho ground floor.—Humboldt Herald. — .Vuyone n.-inting /'hr.'jiimu .N pack, •aces drlitered, call Albert Allen, Phone 103. Cunningham & Arnett >\«- haw on ••ale ninter lour. i^l licltcis to (iiHii.v poJnl> in >'«•« .^Icxlco and Tcxa*. «ilii final retarn limit .lune Nt. Iim!). Plia'.c -ico for iiarliciiliir 'i, W. K. RALSTOV, Acnl. About M. E. Revival. tola iialiiially feels hiiiujliated. When she heard how six hundred I citizens of Hurliiigion were gathered lin from the hedges and highways of jsiii by an evangelist, she started in 'to break t;io rrronU and ser'irecl tlie I best evangelist who was foot loose at ;the time, and toid him to do his heftiest: and as a result of his labor.s. only seventy-five lolans went to the mounior's bench. Burlington will •holds t!ie Kansas record for convor- jsioiis with its noble six hundred. I When can their glory fade?—"jCmporia Idaazo'tte. —Fllrgemld S»<irage otid Trannfer Tn. KoiifiriKiM and piano inoilog: largrjiJ t^lore niom In cltj. I'hnnp Si*. Gas At Concordia, has been found on a farm near Concordia. J''or a long time bubbles were observed rising to the i^rfaco of the pond there, and it was Kuppo.sed that they came from a spring; but a long-nosed farmer lnvc8Mgat^d, and found that gas caused tho trouh'o. There Is so much oxcjtemont over the discovery that the telephone wrangle is almost forgotten—Kmporia Gazette. Cot the Elko, the host r >c cigar at Crabb's. A home cigar. Endorse T. N. Funston. .McConk Post. .\o. .-,1. at lola, and .Mcpherson* Post. No. -1, C. A. It., of independence, and other Posts in thi:.- t>art of tho state have offlcially endorsed .1 memorial to Oovernor-elect W. n. Stubbs. requesting the appointment of T. X. fSinston of Jola. as Commander of the state Soldiers* fiome at Dodge Cit.v. Comrade Funston is one of tho best of tho hoys of •<:i-'0.^. a minister of the 1'. B. church, who carries a level head, and Comrade Alam niosser, of nolton. and others are enthusiastically endorsing him.—South Kansa.s Tribune. Fnlher Onni-d .llill.«!. .Mrs. \V. .\. Peterson died at her hoino near Itnse. IS iiiilo.; we:-it 'if Munitioldt. Wednesday. .Mrs. Potorsou was well known In th*- iieluhborhnod fo Hose. She was the daii'-'htor of th" late .lohn PrltiKle who ;ii tho time of his death was the invner of tho Iliiiii- lioldl Water .Mil's. The funeral will bo hold at till" lifiiue Friday niornjiiK. The body will be lirniiKhl to Humboldt lii'.d ititerri'd in .Mf. Hope cenio- tory. Mrs. Peier.'^oii left a husbatid and two children who have the sln- cnro syiiipathv ef all who know tlirnj. —llunibnldi Herald. LilA.NS! L(1A\S! LOANS! On farm land or lnl.i iiroporty:' long or shoi I tinio: lowest rales; best terms. .Mniiey today if title 1:-. gi od. See IIS ill once. 1(J1..\ LAND CO.MPANY. —Cnnnlngham & Arnelt, C per renl. money. Hunted Up College Friends. Bert Barrett, a traveling .jialesmaii for a Topeka house, was in tho city yesterday. He was foiiiiorly a stud- lent al Baker liniversii •.• and while in the city hunted up the oM Bakerite.v lie knew. .«A<.'AZ1.\KS l.M) PKKIOIUrALS \,if; be ."icciired of J. t:, IIKM)EI{SO\, v.\v> deals with the iiiili'i^hers aiul fiirnis^hfs tlii-iii at the lowest (iricc i (lossiblo. Tija) siibHcripticn to Van Nordeu's, moniliD Phoue.aS. 414 .S. Buckeye Kslimates cheerfully given anoll - Hard Sh?ll Crab. Lobsters. Plue ' Points. Our Way. 1 Tamer on the Farm, i "Taiiiei "Cray, the ball pla.\er. Is now Farmer Cra.v. He is out on the family idaec iie;ir .Minnea;jolis. Kan sa.s, helldng his brother Claron:-e shuck Ills corn cioii. He will remain there the most ol the tiiii". To and From Elsmore. Mrs. Sadie Oeckor made a liu'oinos:! trip to lola the latter part of la.-U week. * * * Rev. Vezie of lola, filled his remilar appointment at the U. B church hero, Sunday night. • • • Mr. K. Farl Cox made a business trip fo HarrtVird, Has., and other points, the first of the week. • • • .Mr. Will I>ot'i oho and brother, (lolden. were busi iioss visitors at tola between trpins .Monday.—Elsmore Leader. Paid Ben.xon'.s Fees, The city council iillowod the allnr- iioy foe ill the suit fur daiiiages which .Vatban .lacksoii bniiiL -hi ;ig;ihist .Marshal Meiismi. al its iiipeiing .Miin- day evening. Wliilo the city was tiiit •i jiarty in the suit it decided to boar part of the oxiteiise. Jlr. Ucnaon will have about $100 lo pay besides ihla amount.—Huinboldl Herald. —For Fancy Urick Cream Fruit Ice Cream. Sherberts. Ices or Punch made to order and delivered. Order early for holidays. Crabb's drug store. I Jtankin in d'arnctt. Kvereli Uuiikin was up from lola today transacting liusine..;s.—Carnolt .Vows. —For fine livery and hoarding stable for horses, see Ralph R. Drake Phone ini. 212 North .Tefferson. Missamore's Record. Till' revival moefings al the V. B church are progressing nicely under he loailerKhlp of Ilov. O. C. .MiKsa- more, of lola. Pooms for men. Y. M. C. A. building ! -^'i^-im h»nl In each room. Baths free -Drs. Lnlhrnp, 4)^teopnlllH. Phone 1W« LCGALS. (First I'iiblished Dec. 8. 1»0S.) AIKMIMSTKATdR'S \OTI( E. • . Stale of Kan .^jts. Allen Cifiinty. .ss In tho maiT.r cf tl.e estai- of .1. Deer, late of AUeii eounty. Kansas. Notice i >i Appoinlnient. Notice is heretiy given, that on the 8th day of December. A. D. 1908, the undersigned was by the Probate Conrt of Allen County Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the Estate of J. .\. Deer, late of Allen County, Kansas. All parties Interested in said estate will lake notice and gorera themselves accordingly. M. G. ROBINSOK. 12-8-l»-2k AdmioistFiVtbr About Burges Company. The Boston Opera comiiany. which trade a preat iilt during its month engagement at Forest park last season. Is In Topeka for an indefinite I period at the Mjijestlc. Buri sess was here to see Charley Brown a Ifew days ago. Charley will go to To- lieka next week to visit the <'ompany •A day or t wo. - .\tchisnn Champion. BcHcr Team Work. 'ihe basket ball Ranie al tho rink last Friday night l»etweon the lola and Vales Center rink teams resulted In ii scon- of "JT lo 2" In favor of lola. Both •^ides (III siMiie fine playing but the lola bovs have had a groat den! more "•am work than our li(iv.<. and were belter prepared for the coiite:-t—Yales Cenier .N'ews. -Dr. J. \l. Pepper, Dentist, Phone IKJ In of t>n>lian*.<* Home. Rev. A. .1. Maikley will address the people of llumlK>liU next Sunday in the Interests of the orphan's home of Ft. Scott. Rev. .Markley has been in the vicinity in liiimboblt for the past week and has aroused considerable interest in the home. He wl.'l speak at the .Meihodist church In the niorn- in.-:; iiiid al the Presbyterian church in the evening. Hosidcs seeking homes for children and finding children »\w may lo in need of a home, he is also receiving funds for the suiMKirt of ih') itistliuiiun.—llunibdldl flerald. -Dr. P. K. Wangh,, Phone ^1 (tn Ihe Kolirbuugh. W. S. .leiiks '.vas In Topeka today illendhi;;: the fed-ral cDiiri, .Mr. .leiiks :-e|iresents Ihe s-evcial .Mi'ibialiKt Institutions that have claiiii.-i on the '{ohrlmut-'h estate. The jumiiiioii's on (he dpiini'rer.i file.l Ijy the defeiifluuts in Ihe action liriiii:;ht by the!- vanla heirs were heard by .liidge I'oi- !ock today.—Ottawa lienild. i —Alwiiys time to oat at tho Our Way. —C,et your Christmas Cards nt .Miindis" while the asDortmcnl Is complete. A Street Car Derailed. A nialii line i>a.-;sen;;er car on the lola Kief trie Railway was derailed "arly tli!« ini.r:iln(; iii ibe Wtishtng- ton aveniio switch, between West street and .Madison avenue. Traffic vas drlaved aboiil an hniir before Ihe '•ar could lie replaced on ihe rails. - In»M nn lia»lnK 1'. S. Floor. - C'vid Tliing .5 to VM. "Our-W'a.v/ Penricson Didn't go Home. .lohn Penderson. the Bhoneon lioy whom Hoch pardoned from (ho reformatory, has not returned to Bronson as yet. He was liberated tho first of the month. It is not known where he has gone.—Ft. Scott Tribune. We havn 4.(»00 acres of land in a t'oilv In OklBhoma 'hat we can sell for $3.00 per acre. Might, take nqrt In trade If wortli the money.—Wbltaker 'Tim maid "A Siltoh In Tim a T^nvam Nine" ' Y \i eq!iilly true thit "A Cbirna."; Pfe>tnt Bought Karly will save you Lots Of Worry." Lofiter, ihe Jewaier i Great Pre-Mentory and Holiday At Geo. D. Bright &Co/s 117-119 West Street, lola, Kansas. Our iniention is to reduce our blj^ stock before we invoice and will give our many friends and patrons an opportunity to save money on the most seasonable merchandise and Holiday Goods. "We Sell For Less." Hot Weather Prices for Coid Weather Goods J>adles' Coat:; JIO.Oii valiios at *I .9S l«idic.s' C<jats, Jly.lH) values at , *9.00 1-idies' Coats, $2:i..-.0 values at $11.7.'; Ladies' Coats. $:'.n.OU values at !ji:-.o Children's Coats. $r..on values •at I8S.00 Children's Co.-its. $4.00 values .It USA-i t:hildren'.s Coats. $6.00 values iit $3.75 I^ugs at Factory Prices liri'i'l fai' lo see our line of haiid.somc Riij;.'!. They are KO- ln« fast at prices from $l.2r. to $4.II'); worth Iwlce these jirlres. Ladies' Skirt and Petticoat Sale I'.erme invoicing we waul lo :iry, all our skirl.s al prices that •will be ji creat s;ivin.i: to all. Skirt.i Tfie to $12. Petticoats \\:,c to I'nderwear. comforts and blankets all po in thi;; big . F.ale. Christmas Gift Suggestions Something useriil from our sale that will please the one you wish to give it to. Here you can find nice Back Combs. Jfat Pins Scarf Pins. Mufflers, Handker­ chiefs, Silk Scarfs, Fine Sus­ penders, Gloves. Pockot books, Fancy Vests, Fancy Hose, Shirts. Norkties. .-i pair of shneji and thiiusauds of other thing-.i toil niimeriiiis tn mention. Scarfs and Shawls Kvery lady will aiipreciale Xiiias pin. of this kind. All wool Scarf:; and Shawl:; at price:-, that have no equal. $1.00 Searf.s and .Shawl:; at. ..'lOc $l.r.o Scarfs and Shawls at..tiJ)r $2.00 Scarfs and Shawls at $1 .2.". Shawls from 2.'.e to it.'2..".0 Mi.sso:; Kiiil itii:i;-. worth Jl .TiO • on :-i :il" at .... 7.M; Men's Clothing -Men's $2.-..00 Suits at $17.50 -Men's $20.00 Suits ^at... .$14.5W Men's $15.00 Suits at .....$lL50 Mens $12.00 Suits at $9.00 •Men's $10.00 Suits at $7.00 One lot of good $10 suits in broken' sizes going at one-halt price, $.").00 per suit. Better hurry. Men's Overcoats Hon't buy an Overcoat till you have seen our line at prices that wi'.: j.l rise vim $7.00 to $16.50 Grocery Bargain Hits for Xmas (inicery Bargains'for Xmas. Order your chickens, ducka or turkeys from us. F.'i'ncy mixed nuts 18c Fancy Candies 10c to 25c Olives, corn, tomatoes, can- Mi 'd .Koods of ,TII kinds at, prices be.'r .W all. Order your Christmas Treesand Greens of ns NOTICli TO FARMERS: Bring your Chicl<s and Turkeys to Oeo. D. Bright & Company. This Sale sho-.ild tempt every person in this city and community as such bargains you don't often get iu the brightest part of the sea' SOD. We thank you all for your patronage of the pabt and solicit in advance your friendship cjntinnousl}'. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year OEO, D, H. A JONES. Manager BRIGHT & CO. (17-119 West St.. lola, Kansas Burn—.V Baby Boy. .Mr. iind .MrH. Virull lirownfield nre' Ibe iiioud imrenis of ;i Imliy boy which came ,lo ghiUdeii their home ve.sterday noon. HE QUIT HIS JOB Fred iiuwdea. - diKH pttlntin^ phoud lil'h Finished Macadam. Al .Mirums and Tlitodorft Strick- bind have flnlNlied tli< Ir macadam contract In Ilumboldl township. The road m :icadaini7 .e.d is about a mile long and lies ejist of Humboldt. Abstract of Judtjment. The abstract of jiidsmeut from .ludge Potter's court in the case of the State Bank of Bl.smore vs. John V. Tool and O, T. Te'l was filed in the district court today. The amount of judgment is f.Sti.Ol. Salury nnd Kinninnient.s of a I'ouncil- muiilr i'o^l(lon Too Much for .\Jderniiin l.eniH.ster<«. Basket Ball Tonight. The third came of the city basket hall tournament will bo played this ovenliiK on the Y. .M. C. A. court by •the Auditorium and lola Buslnesa [CoIIepe teams. This Is the first game for the Auditorium team since tho tournament wa.s arranged for. For the reason that I wiU be ivsMiy finm Ihe city a good part nf the time and fliiis unable to a'tend the meet- liiK.s c .r the city council, of which I have tho honor 10 he a member, I bei; to offer my reii;:;natlon to take effect iiumediately." wrote F. W. Lema.ster.-f Iu a letter tci the mayor and city council, which was rend by Clerk Wendorff at « meoiiiiK last night. .IttcDtion Triple Tie. Fleet i«in of tifficer.s Frida.v. Decetn- bttr IS. at 7:ao p. m., .Maiouic hali. .•\ll nirnibor.s coni^. To Serve Summons. A summons was received toJay the sheriff to be served on Irene .Mullins notifying her that she had.been sued in the district court of Crawford countv for divorce by Winfield S. Mullins. Charges AOandoment, Biirrell Lyons brought suit in dl3- triet sourt today for divorce frpm. Julia Lyons. The couple were married nt .Morland. Texas, in October, I move that the resignation be ac- j iS.'tD and no children were borri from cepted and that the auditing c-jnimi'-', the union. The ground alleged is tee carefully compute the sum due .Mr. : abandonment. ; for his services and that j |i. • '<,:!•• I: forwarded to him a'; Dismissed the Action, I --el Alderman Guilford Cresso [ Alice 11. Knepp, wh«.' some time I The motion prcevailed. uigo brought suit and judgment given "Paid His Rent" A. Weast of Moran was in town today "to pay his rent" he said. He wanted to get in befo.'e the penalty poes on delin(]uent tax payers after the 20th. Trf a Register Want Ad. .Mr. Leuuisters was a member of the;i,f.j. ,„ a northe.Ti state against Henry council rerireaenting the east precinct of the fourth ward. He is a Democrat. Ho'corab in a divorce suit has dismissed the action. Holcomb has As city councilmen receive the mag-; moved to Nebraska and it is mider- "l^flcent sabiry of $1 per annum ami stood she has brought the suit there. iiMWiiiiiTm as .Mr. I^emastcrs has served al.most _ a year at this term, he will be mailed'; a checlrfor about eighty and one-third cents. , Since the spring election is not many montlis away,-it is not believed that a soeciai election to fill the vacancy c?uHod liv fte re 'jignation of Mr. l.— "MT-^.'vrV\ h«.'oM. ' Geaena Costrmetor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks aad Garbing a Specialty. : . Office 11* Cast Jaeksoa Arc i

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