Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 26, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 26, 1907
Page 4
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nelOU|»ilLriEIISTEi Itoporten' Room ..; tft BulaeM Office ....18 Entond at Ida. Kanna. FoatoOca, aa Secoad-clasa Matter. Adraitlaliir Batea Uada Kaowm on Application. SUB8CBIPTI0ir BATES. Bj Carrier im lela, Gai Cttr. LaByoa* ^lUe ar La Harp«. One Week ^- .10 centa On« Montli 44 cents One Year $5.00 Byaafl. One Tear, in advance 14.00 Three Months, la adrance $1.00 One Month, in advance .44 omciiL PAPBR,;CITI 8BT, OF BIS- IroiTBSBAT BTEKPrtL JBCBOBB M.'HW. PfSO'S HEMBEB OF ASSOCUTEB PBE8S. The lola Dailj Register Is a meaiber of the Associated Press and Reeeires the day report if that great news or- gaalsatloB for Exclasire Afternoon PablicaUon In lola. our SECOIfD XHOUGHT. '; Personally, we have little patience With a mau who is too busy to shave. We have noticed that 'a man seldom worries as much over his debts 83 a womau docs over the letcrs she owes. . ...^ The Western Association may place a baseball leani In Atchison. Ii Is utiderstwid that Tonjjimoxle and Lyndon are also being considered, t In the pvcnt, however, that the city council refuses to adojit a more liberal Sunday closInK ordiuuncc one can easily be jiasscd ritiltt after the city election ne.xt spring. . His case haviuK bc*Sn ni)pc .Tlod to the Supreme Court, Clarence Youngs church .work will not be interfered with—at least, not for ^onic time to corns. . Market note: Strawberries are forty cents a box and, if you have that much left in your jeans, they are worth it. Mr. Bryan says he won't volnutcor. It won't be necessar.v. Bryan has been a regular for several years. An Erie man who was crippled while being initiated into a lodge has sued the lodge for Jiri.UOO. and we are crank enough to hope that he gets it. The' weather today promises to I)o such as to help you forget that yesterday was Christmas. Nothing like sunshine to cheer a man up. We worked several days on a i)hrasp to take the\ place of "just what V wanted," but got no slatisfactcry result. We have always claimed that the "joker" in the marriage ceremony was the clause in which the wife promises to "obey." There is this to say in favor of the automatic piano player: it can be turned off. We note, iiicldentally. that the Kansas Ctly Star Is approaching the presidential campaign in much ihe .same manner as n man who would like to be ap\)otnied to a foreign mission. Martin Curry of Kansas Cit.v. Kan.. Becms 10 be a very unusual person. Mrs. Cirrry gave birth to triplets yos- A Lazy Liver May bo only a Urvfl liver, or a starved liver. It woukl bo a stupU as well as savage thing U> boat a woafy or starved man because he lagged inlils work. Uo In treating the lagging, torpid liver It is a great mistake to lash:It with strong drastic drugs. A torpid Ifver Is but an indication of an iU-uourishod, enfeebled body whose organs aro woary with over work. Start with tho stomach and allied organs of digcstioa and nutrition. Put them in working order and see how quickly your liver will become activm Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery has made many marvelous cures of 'liver trouble "rby its. wonderful control of the organs of digestion and nntritton. It re- BtoTcs the normal activity of the stomach. Increases the secretions of Uie blood-making glands, cleanses the system from poisonous aoeiunulations, and so relieves the liver of the burdens Imposed upon it by the defection of other organs. It TOO ba*« bitter or bad tiste in the mom* Ing; poor or (TkJiable appetite, coated Coo^e. fool tneatli. ooluttipated or Irrecolar bowel*, feel »eak. ewUi tired, aespondent. freaoent headMtaes. paintr dutred(n •smaU otback.' iaavina or dlsft«^ed iMnDC la ftomacb. perfaaps Ba<uea .>«i|MNr>faltf "lisino* In throat after eattoc and kioHMl cymptoxDS Bt weak stozaacb and torpid ll>«^ no medN dne wUI reUere yoo tnor«» promptlr or cure I T . .Periiapt only A^nsiimbtlon even m its nxK t insidi" out form is not always incunble; lie first intelligent step in the treatment of the dis.' ease is to tiop the violent paroayirnu of coughing which tear the lungs and ntfeeUe the system. ; Piso's Cure lias 'permanently cured many consumptive coufjijj, as shown by court testimony because its antisepdc, healing and soothing, qualities act directly on the lungi and bronchial passages, stop-' ping the coughing and gently healing the be- i ented tisuies. Even I the most advanced consumptive coughs have responded quicit- | ly to Piso's Cure, ' which being absolutely free from.'opiates or habit-fonning drugs is the ideal remedy for every form of coughs, colds, bronchitis in young and old. For nearly half* a century Piso's Cure has been demonstrating that the most : advanced form of chest affections Can be Cured CURE M l5l terday and iter hnslKUid didn't take the trotible to notify Roosevelt. Still, you have tho consolation that .vour Christmas tnisht have been worse. The wife of « Virginian gave birth to (luadruplels yesterday. Nobody's wedding i.s very important to you unless you have to buy a present. Wo have noticed man will often 1)0 remembered for his long chin whiskers years after the public has forgotten everything ejso about him. Senator lx>ns will vl.sit Kr.nsas during the holidays. As you are doubtless aware, there is a general election next fall and a Seii.Ttorial election the winter following. Tlie dispatches note the fact that J. L. liristow of Kan-sas was tho lirst person to grasp Mr. Tah's hand. This may be important and then again it may not be. We;have never understood why the !a^t page of a magaziHe is considered tho iiost place to advertise a brand of soil!), but it seems that it. is. We have noticed that men often wear their bath robes—in the adver- tisemouis. .•\ Iiaby keei)s a woman pretty busy, but no busier than a merschaum pli)e keeps a man. ' It must bo admitted tliat the Kansas City man who wa .-i fatally ill, and who also drank carbolic acid, ntglcctcd no procauiioii. Come and see us If you need a farm loan. We handle life insurance iiuiney and are not effected liy hard times. The lUUwell-Uay Uealty Co. TO PUN AGAINST F. S. JACKSON. A-Boom Has Been Started In WIch ita for John Adams. at ooe time and yet point to torpid liver of bUtontneai and weak stomadtt Avoid all bot bread and biscnit*. eriddle cakes, and other iDdixesUttle food and take the "Gc^den Medical Dlsoaveir " rccularly and stick to Its jOt until you are vitrorovis and stiunir. The "Discovery" is non-socret. non-alco- beite. 1» a glyceric extract of native medtd- lul roots with a full list of ita (o^redleots feinted oo each bottle-«.apper and attested ludier oath, lu InpredlonU an; endorsed and extolled by tbo most eminent medical Wiiten ot the ace and are recommended to tm the diaeaaes for vblcfa It la adrlnod. Don't aaeept a subs^tojle of unknown •omposltMn for this non-secret MEDICUEC «» UOWM omooBizios. W'chita. Kii.«.. liir. 2fi.—.\ boom was stnrtod hrrc today for .lolm Ad- .nnis lo run against K. S. .lackson for attorney general. Tbo boom was siar!''d by tho rin'; of jioliticiaiis that li.-i;: ruled Sedgwick county politics for Years, and was put out of coramUfslon i;:st year when .Mr. .Jackson olDsofi tho saloons. .lackson closed th3 joint.', r.nd: then tho people turned out and init all of tbo old crowd out of city o(Jie( s last spring. Xh'^n tho ganc si;ir:od a commission niovomont fo' Wichita, to put ti;o progres-sivo city offic'als out. but this failol. Now thoy are trying'to g.^t an aswrnoy general who will not liitorfcrc with local conditions as Jackson hasdone. r .iFT.s FOH riKitv: TKIPLET.S. .Many People Keward'-d Anti-ltace Suicide E<!ort» of the Father. Kansas City. Mo., r>oc. 2«.—Santa Claus paid esi)ocial aftoiuion lo the Curry triplets. Boaz, Roth and David, which arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. .Martin Curry. Twonty-Hfth street and ,\Iden Avenue, Kansas City. Kans. Jasf Sunday afternoon. There were many visitors to the Curry home yesterday and nearly every person who called left a present of some kind. Chief Bowden sent an'extra package of meats and game, and several merchants sent presents hj the triplete. A shoe house ga%-e each one a pretty pair of shoes, while many tiny dresses were deposited at ih«; Curry home during the da.v. A cebck for $5 was received from the Sewall Paint and (;iass Company, and Dr. T. C. Benson, who named the triplets, made each a casli present. The triplets are getting along fine. They appear to be unusually healthy. We have plenty of money to loan on farms. The financial flurry does not effect us. Come and see us. The lied- well-Ray Realty Co. TrXBLET CHAPXL. 'Well, th6 roads are somewhat sloppy. Don't think Santa can travel very far In a day. ' There is a siege of lagrippe in our neighborhood. Mr. Talley's. Mr. Intr mfnger's, and Mr. Love's are on the sick list Myrtle Love has had scarlet fever. "We are sorry the report started thatw e had 6o many cases of scarlet fever. Mr. King's have sold thalr farm fo a Mr. Flack from Iowa. Mr. Comett's have sold their farm. Wte are sorry to lose these two families from our neighborhood. Mr. James Turner was bettor tho last report ve had. Messrs. Hlpgins. Reade and Daugh erty went to Zola Saturday after candy for the Christmas treat. Quite a number met at Franklin Smith's Monday night to sack candy. Miss Hazel and Ruby Reed came down from Kincald Monday to spend Christmas at their uucle. .lohn Young's. Mrs. .Toe Rcade's brother. Mr. Booth came up from Ok'ahoma to sp.'^nd the Christmas time with home folks. We wish the Register force a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. .Mr. .Toe Reade's spent Christmas with hori^c folks. Mr. Young's son and .family were down from Iowa to spend Christmas. Th? Christmas exorcises at Chapel wore very well attended, considorin.g bad ro4<Is and scarlet.fever scare. The Cornett brothers furnished somo nice orchestra music for tho S.TViCOS. Fred Olmstoad came home t.i spend Christmas. Jlr. Frank OI;i!stead camo homo but has to go l)a<\ a.s lie is in such poor health. [ WEST OF THE KIYER. j Our snow was gone before Chrisi- iriiv. ' IMna Mn.c: and Bosslo Tipton aro homo for their holiday vacation. Frank Flake was one of tho \wVs Olios at tho shooting match Monday. Ho got a Mary Donnoll and Ethel Millstoad, r.: Lallarpo, w;'ro over visiting Mary Preston the ttrst of the week. C. R. Peck and .T. M. Preston wore in lola listening to tbo corniior's inquest to inquire into tho death of Ira •nay. Mr. Morrison is cuttlnc hedge alcni; tl*.? road between the Riggs and Poc;< lioirses. Mr. Wood was sick last week and being unable to get a substitute mail route number three out <i{ lola dll not got their mail for two days. ^^"h"ter Ling and Floyd Flake got a nice lot of rabbits Monday. l>ec W«bst?r and a friend came out from lola Monday hunting. They took dinner with the former's aunt, Mrs. Josie .Tones. Mr. Eldridge got a tannine mill and cleaned up his clover seed. He has some to sell. PRAIRIE ROSE. Vara F. Rogers, rsportor. Alta Strlckler was in Parsons again Saturday, having his o.ves troatod. Rnhort Rogers and wife wore I.:i Hivrpe visitors Thursday. Mario!i. Bon, Vim and Nannio Big.g.<! \isited their sister, .Mrs. Hnttio Hall ii! I.aMarpo Thursday and Friday. SchiKil was c'o.Ki'd nt I'rnlrle Rov h'.st week on acconnt of tho illness of tho teacher, .Miss (Jobol. Miss McCormack will have no vnc.t- fon during tho holidays at Crant, ox cept Christmas day. Mrs. Fronk and children wont to lola Saturday where .she visited rela tiv?s until Monda.v. Mrs. C OM C.ilMwoll and sister, Miii iiio I.amI). came in from Kingman, Ks. Monday evoniuc to spend tho holidays with their parents .Mr. and Mrs. Limb. Mr. and Mrs. Brown. -Mr.^. "Wliit'". Mrs. Lena Brown and children, of lola. caiiie out lo .Mr. Knapp's Tiios <:ay evening for a few days' visit. Linzey R-)g?rs left Christmas iiiorn- ing for West Plains, Mo., for a visit \vlth his parents. Money Womr KANSAS T0W5 myS A POIXT. >o ExclnHire Franchise I'nless Espe- clally Aathorized. C.<K «1 Agents make y,M and more per day selling new Automatic Fastener for cither skirts or trousers, t'n- rivaled agency proposition becauac repeat sales are guaranteed. (.Not sold In stores). Write for sj)eclal offer to reiire.sent us. Autonmtic Hofik & Eye Co., Hoboken, N. J. To Contractors. lola, Kansas. Dec. 7, 'i)7. foia townshiji will let bids on macadam road as follows; First half mile on South Kentucky street south of Elm Creek, beginning on north end of macadam road, aud fence, north one-half mile, or to place designated by township Ijoard. Second one-half mile beginning one- half mile west of river on West street, on the west end of macadam road fence west one-half mile to place designated by township iKwrd. Third half mile on South State street, two and one-half miles south of West, commencing at Ahram's northeast corner fence west one-half mile. See specifications on file at County Clerk's office, itoard reserves right to reject any and all bids. B. L. BARNHART. Township Clerk. Hutchinson. Kas., Dec. 26.— A telegram from Washington, D. C, says: The suiireme court of the United States toda yhanded down a decision in favor of the city of Hutchinson, in the suit brought by the Water, Light nd Cas Company of Hutchinson, to restr.Tin the city from granting a franchise.U) and making a contract with !'. c:/!iii)eting light compan.v. The company claimed its franchise was an t'.xciusive Olio, the terras of tho ordin- ;inco so statin.g. This means that no city, unless the power is expressly given it, may grant an oxcliir^ive franchise to any public service corporation. The competition resulting from .granting the now light •ompauy and a natural fniiiciiises has reduced the cost of •lectric current iiiid gas hero more than :i(iu per coiii. and was the means )f building a car line in Hutchinson. AFTER SEVEN YEARS MIsstaff Saasu Tuns Up at Hone of Brother. Arkansas City, Kas., Dec. 26.—Davis Brown, postmaster at Braman. Okla., has received word that his son. Edward Brown, who disappeared from his home near South Haven in Sumner county, Kas:, has appeared at the home of another son near Greencastie, Ind. Edward Brown was seven years ago a prosperous farmer of Sumner coun- t.v. He was unmarried and lived on a farm near South Haven. One day he drove Into town, put his team In a livery barn, drew 5225 from a local bank and went to Wellington. He was seen with some gamblers there, but afterwards no trace of him was ever\ found, though detectives were hired and relatives spent hundreds of dollars In an effort to locate liiin. Finally it was concluded that he had been murdered and his body hidden. Several arrests were mutlc, Imt they developed nothin.g. His p.irents have for several years mourned him OS dead and the news came as a great surprise. No particulars of his wanderings have been learned. No reason was over discovered for ills wanting to leave the country. ItesnluttonN of Condolenre. Whereas, lola I/odge No. !)S. A. O. I'. \\'.. Is called npiw to mourn the loss I of llro. Jame-; W. Coutaiit. a charter iiiomlier of said Lodge and one of its •ariiest workers and niosi boloveil iionibors: faithful in all things and unootupluiulug beneath tho buvdoii of go. re.'-ontly shattered health and failing strength. , Yet it can be truly aid of him that he never lost interest in the business affairs of life, or the ope of a boltei- life beyond tho surg- iig tide, or the welfare of those by bom he w:is surrounded, until, as me so aptly said. "Ciod's iin.cor touch•d liim and he slept. Therefore lie it. Uesolved, That wo, the nieiiibers of Ola Lodge No. ;».<. A. O. 1'. W. bow iiibmis.sively to the will of thr Any Id Year Old filrl Can make those doliciou-s Lemon, as con\\>any j Chocolate and Custard iiles as well as the more experienced cook if she ii.Des "Oiir-Pie" i:reiiaration, which is now being sold by nearly all grocers, h'till directions on eaoli package, i'io is not a liixur.v, but an article of dail.v diet and you might just as well make g<x)d pies as jioor ones. Order ji few p.ickages today and you wl'l bo so well pleased that you will toll all your TheCoW of Today The Pneumonia of Tomorrow A large prcpoijtion of cases of Pneumonia are directly due to neglected-colds. That is v/by you want to cure yoiir cold today. DR. D. JAYNE'S EXPECTORANT has been a'Jccessful in relieving and curing Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Hoais2ne33, iRflammation of tiie Lunga, and aimilar ailments for 77 years. It 13 likewise a splendid remedy for Croup and Whooping Cough, and very effective in relieving the attacks of Asthma. Sold by all druggists, in three 3i2C botUcs, $1.00, 50c, and 25c JsTse's ToDt: VcrciUa4e Is a reliable nll-ro-jnti tonic. Especially sood for cluMrcn—a saU: Worm Cure. friends. (.VLUKKHEAI) SKKKU SLY ILL. KunsHs CongrrNsnian hits I'nruninnlii, Fnllnwiiig the Rrlji. Washln.cicm. Doc. —Congressman W. C. Calderliead of Kansas is dangerously ill of imenmonla at his hotel. Con.gress Hai!. in this cit.v. His condition Is so gnive that his physician has baiToU all callers. .Mr. Calderhead has boon ailing for about three weeks. Ho'was suffering with the grip for awhile and was forced to .go to bed. He wanted to return to Kansas to spend Christinas with his futnily. In order to do so. ho had to look after olTicial business lieroii.' vari- FtTZaERALO Storage antt Tranmfer Company Office and Storage Ware Koom at 15 West StreeL Phone : 356 DK. J. F. JAMESON, T5ie Saccrssfal Anc» tioneer, Yetcrinarlan. i'arm .vLiili 'sor i\ilit;rc*.tl r»lcx:k silcs in.ndi- aii .vH lure. Vtter iiiary cnl'.s .-iiiswirtd day or iii'.;lit. OfTict \vi;h I)ouKlas.s Ilrus. Phciif rj. rcsulct:ce 210 nn.x. K.\.\-sAs. Grand ou.-i departments first. Ho gt;! out HuU-r of the I'niverso and oxiond our iSaturday ho was'driven ol most profound sympathy to the son nd d.iii:;iiier and friends of our de- oased liroilier in the loss they and ;c have sustained in the departure of II atfectionuto father and a devoted friend. Resolved. That a copy of these ros- utions bo sent to the family of the leceased. also to tho daily papers of ola for |)iil)Iication and that they be lircud upon the record of lola Ix)dge md that tlie charter bo draped in muurning for thirty days. T. T. ANDKRSON, K. W. .-MlNOLl). I). H. D. S.MKLTZKR. Coiiiniittee. back to his bed. but his condition slowly improved until yestorda.v. when ho was stricken with pneumonia. On account of. his weakeiiod condition grave fears aro expressed of his recovery, i. % NO THEATKK; ASKS IHVOKCE. Allauttt Pride- Allt-.fe> That Husband Went hut Ifefuscd to Take Ilor. .\ilania. Cia.. Uec. •1' CK —.Mleglng that her husband since they were niarriod .-iix monilis ago jierslsiontl.v has refused to take her to tho theater, .Mrs. K'l.slo Marrt.ll has sued for divorce. To luuko matters worse ftrs. Uiirvott alleges that ttbeii refusing lo lake her, Barrett went to the theater twice every week and when be returned would tell her what a good show hi" had witnessed. \\1ien she remonstrated tho young wife says her husband was cruel to her and she loft him. TO fIKE A rOLl> IX «>'E DAY Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets, nrnggista refund money it It fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature is on each box. 25c. FEEL LOSS OF PASSES. i^nsas Republicans May Send Proxies to Meeting. A (.nod I{e.<ioIntioii. Re.=!OIve to enter the lola Ihtslncss College at tho beginning of l.'tOS. Prepare yourself for a business situation during this business depression that you may bo read.v for some good position when financial conditions become better. Tho lola Rusiness College is now giving a per cent reduction on all tuition settled on or before January 1, ItrliS. ADDITIONAL S0( lETY. ».\>T.S OKLAIIO.MA KOK TAFT. Ail Iiislriictcd Drlcciiiion is Favored hy Cliarles Ii. liuntrr. Cuthrlo. Ok.. Deo. "l am In favor of bidding the state Kepiibllcall eo.-iveiitlon for tho election of dolo- g.iles to the Republican .National convention as early as February l.l. and I ajii In favor of instructing ilie delegation for William II. Taft." .<ald Cbas. H. Hunter, chairman of the Ri>publl- cau committee. "The Repirblicans of Ukluhomu should make an early decision in its choice for tho jiresidontial nominee. The state committee, at its nieefliig here .lauuary S. will fix tho lime and p!aco for holding the state convoiition, and 1 liope tho county nioetiugs will be held not later than two or three weeks from that time. .MIST EXPLAI.> LOAX. I'rcsldcnl of n Closed Cnlorudo liank U I'Inred I'nder Arrei^L Topek.a. Doc. 2*5.—it is predicted tint some of thi' meniliers of the Republican state central committee will l;c rcpresi'ntod in tho mooting of Do- ceuiber IIS b.v proxies, bocaiiso tho rallroarls have refused to grant fro-' trans))oriation for the mooting, audi It Is likely that some members wi'il not bo wil'ing to pay fare for the privllogf" fif attending. Sinco Ocuibov S when the railroads put 2cint rassonrcT fares into effect. n:\ free traits|>ortatlan has boon l.s- sw.l. oxropt to railroad employes. The attorneys of the several railroads have been imiwrtuned for li.asses for the cominltlee meeting. Inii in vain. .All requests have been rejected. TELEPHONE TOm WANT ADS. TO THE KECLSTER OFPIfE. As an accomodation, the Register receives nds for its want colnmns over the telephone, but expects the advertiser to call at the offlce and settle as soon as convenient, as the bills are too small to warrant the expense of a collector. Telerihone your want ad to either phone. No. 18 or 222, and It will receive careful attention. ReeUter MTaat Ads. Pay because H tbe Beffister Want Colaams. Diirango, Ccdo.. Pec. 2.'i.—Charles K. .Mi'Coaiiell, president of the Smelter CMty Rank, which cUised Its dtKirs <m iJecembor 17. was last night placed under arrest. The committee oxamininc tho affair.s of the bank today found that on De- comber 12 MeCoimell borrowed JIO,- (imt In cash from the First National l.iiik of Durango. an dgave securltierj from his bank for the money, but the books of tho Smeller City bank do not show that the $10,000 had been placed on deiKjsit there. The day .Mr. McConne!l borrowed the $10,000 frr)n! the First National Hank was the same day that the Colorado State Hank closed its doors. For 1908 You Will Want Calendar Pads Calendar .Stands. Now Rlunk Itoitks. In TO ice Rooks. Wo liavo Jlio goods. Dur prices are right. Coino and see as. Evans Bros. Book Store KILLED AT CHRLSTXAH TAHLE- m%m^ Water One hundred potmda of Crystal Ice will make 12 galloaa of dIsUlIed water atilUbla for family uae. Try IL lolalce&CeldStorasdCtt FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Koanoke CoUece .Music Teacher Mar- drred hy Her Ilnsband. Hyde Park. :Mas3.. Dec. 2:..— Dr. Walter R. Amesbury of Milford. shot! and instantly killed his wife. Anna, a ; teacher of music In Roau«>ke college.! panvllle. Va. as the family were about to sit down to their Christmas dinner at the home of Mrs. Jennie Roes, .Mrs. .\mesbury"s mother, at 220 Metropolitan Avenue, here today. aud For Sale. 50,000 feet of native lumber 4,000 seasoned fence posts. W. A. DAWSON, Four Allies Northwest o lola. IF YOU HAVE COLD FEET STEP IN AND GET a STOVE T. B. SHANNON'S Two Bis Storu. lola itnsiaess College tUgktofOuy Bookkeeping, English, Physical Gul* ture, etc.. Shorthand, Letter WrlUns.

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