Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 26, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 26, 1907
Page 3
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FRIDAY and SAtUifia0Ar, DEOlEtlMBER 27 mdiS- Landesman HltscUielmcr Co.'g line of CLOAKS one of th« best lines made In ifao T. S. This line to elpfwntlr tailored, has a cbir, strlisli appearance tljat most lines do not have. The entire line for Ladies' MISHCS and rhildren. 1>1U be closed out at actual cost ChlldrcnN Eider I>onn Coats nicely trimmed witli insertion and fnncy collar, good lining, cheap at 92.00. Aow $3JiO Children's Loni; CloHi Cmit.s. nicely trimnird in relret and buttons. -\ow fSM LadicH' 'fdJaO Kersey Coat trimmed In pretty .«ilii braid, velrrt und, bnt- tons and stmpiu'd with same,' .. .lM.;.*> Onr $9.00 Coat, siitin llig>d clnir throdgh, trimmed with lH>nntifnI silk braid and relvet •... ^O."."! Ladles' ilUO ChiiYon lirnadeluth elaborately trimnuMi with two styles of braid and silk vehct; iion .. )|i|0.«K) 1^16.00 Fin« CiillTon lin>adr]oUi Coat now $12.00 FURS Special for Two Dtyt> Friday and Satnrday. Vie handle the Edw. George line, Detroit, Michigan. They mannfaetnre their own line and .jthelr fnrs and styles we consider thc( best mode. ! I Our $1.00 Fnr Scarf, now '5c Our fl.25 Fnr Scarf now »7c (»ur $5.75 Fnr Scarf now $3.00 Our *.V.O Fur Scarf now lM.25 10 Fur Scarfs at $i -»0 Ewry fur will ite sacrlticed; those tUnt come early will pet the cream of the line. MilXlNERY Great SpecblSds for Frl- ond Sotorday. This elegant line of stylish trimmed millinery-nothing reserred, will be placed on sale at half price. Thb In­ cludes ail of onr pretty Fattem Hats and at Just the season of the year when you want to wear yonr best dress hat. $10.00 Hats now $5.00 $V»0 Hats now $1.25 $,-..00 Hats now $2.75 $2.5« Huts now $1.75 $2.00 Hats now $1.00 We aslc yoa to come early before the pretty tilings are gone. Everything in Xmos Goods greatly rednced. §13 Emmi Madimon Mvenue, 2 floors wemi af THompmon Hoiei GRAND AHRACTIONS Management Has New Bill Scheduled for Next Ten Days. TIio Grand Ihcatr:^ lias :i miinhcr A'' attractions to off<>r tn tlu- Iol;i iho- Rtre Roers- in tho in-xi WPPN. TJI.' Emory Stock conipany which is now playlnp there will repeat "Work M'IICI WTatos" apain tonlirht. This Ifill treats of the slrus:;!!^ of thi- working classes apaiiist n miserly capitatisl and has many hnnian interest f<>a- tiires. One of the larRost Iioiises thai has assenihled for souio tidie at (!)• Grand witnessed the liill Inst iilRht. and showed sincero appreciation. The company js well hnlaiiced and is ph}c of handlinc a varied assortment of bills. Mr. Raymond WeJIv, wluv is well known liore. creeled with a nmnd of apiilans.-^ when he cajno on the si ace. Tomorrow niuht Stetson's T'ncle Tom's Caldn is the hill. In the uf tenioon a niadiiee is Satnrday evening It is Adekiflde Thurston in "The <;irl From Out Y<in- der." Miss- Timrston appiare.l Ijcr' last year hut was not piven anytliini; like a full The attraction, however, deserved a fn'.l honse. Many of those who witnessed the jimdncMoii last ypar regarded" it as one of, the best of the season. Monday night Chas. H, Yale".; "Paintinp the Town." a mnsical com edy which conies hero with the hesi of press notices, is the hill. A Shakespearean play is scheilnled for Tui'sday night when Chas It. Hanford appears in ".Anioiiy and' Plf opat ra." Mr. Hanfonl is regarded as on< of the very best artists in the lini which be has made his specialty. Those who find delight in the standard classic productions should not fail to he on hand at this prodnctton. A feature of Mr. Hanford's company this year is a chorus he carries with him. A New Years matinee by the sfnek company will be given on New Year? afternoon. ORDER OUT OF CHAOS What Parsons Sun says of Dr. Glynn's Book Keeping System. TIK' I'arsims Sun has the fo'low in^ lo say of Hr. V,. C. C,\\n\\ who is en I he i.riiirani of the Municipal League h.'ld at Pansons in January: Dr. ('.. r. (:l;.nn. one of the council- nii-n of lola. will discuss the subject of "A rMiforni System of .MuniMpal .Vcoounting." Dr. dlynn has made THE SOUTH & WEST I'o I'nite iu an Kft'nrt t» .Stop (Jniin (•anililing. (Washington ("orresiMindence in the City Star.) .\ delinile niovemenl to slop gambling in the natural pnidncis of tlie couiilry. which may develop iiiio a formidable movement against . Wall street spi^culaliim. was started in the NEWS OF GAS CITY X.MAS E>TEIIT.VI>ME>TS I'LE.VS- EI) LAKGE Al'DIENCES. cjnite an extensive study of mnnicipai accountiiig. he calls it analytical book|hi>use of representatives when Itepre- keepliig and ho is well (lualifled lo speak on this stibjecl, and his address will likely be an Interesting one. .-\ prominent citi/en of Iota, who has I had tiiiich to do ;is a city offlclal with! dealings in grain futures ami to Im- the a'ffairs of that city, says that Dr., |H)SP severe penalties for violations of Giynn. throtmh the adoption of dis; ,1,,. proposed law. The bill is like that system in that town, has broiiglit or- 1, . , , , . r. i ... ... .,.„. „t..... I Introduced Iiy llepresentative Hnrle- sentative Scott of Kansas, the new chairman of the committee on agrlcul litre. InlriKliiced a bill to iirohlbit der out of chaos in that city's sys-. , ^ . , , . , , (em by which the mayor and ei,y i son. the latter is a democrat council can tell what it acliially costs each moiith lo furnish gas. wat er. electric light, etc.. to the citizens and whai in I'airness the consmner onglil to pay. something that is inipos- ^i))Ie in many c itles without 'ong and tedious resean-h into tile l«)oks. and sometimes not then, except Iiy lh(; ;-.!d of an expert accountant. Jfofice of Special Ifpetin);. A special meeting of McTook Pnsi is called for Satnrday night (~:r,n o'clock) Dec. 2S, 1007. By order iif n. R. n. SMELTziiit. Attest: Post Adjn.tant. J. S. WAT.KER. Post Conmiandcr. NOW THEY SAV IT'S BRISTOW. Salina's Statesman Said to Have "Square Deal" Backing for Governor. Topoka. rV'e. 2fi. -.\noth<r carefully nursed ciiI)ein.itoriaI b'xim leaked out here last night. J. I.. Orl,.ilow. of Salliia. former fourth assistant post master general, is now rieelared to I>e the choice of the ".srinare di'.ilers" for the Ilfpublican noniinalion for governor. Tlie iiiforniatlon iias gotten to th'> present "Ins" at the state hoiis.'. and the majority has handed down a verdict .that "he is the really dangerous man i to the cause." Bristow is to be pushed on the theory that he has friends in high p'aces at \\\u<!hington that he is a Taff boomer of the first water, (hat he and Stubbs are the only really available men to make a flfht for the nomination against a hard opposition. This is to clear the way fol- Stubbs to sac riflce fifmself enttre'y to the race for senator. DISCHARGE DRAKE'S GUARDIAN Humboldt Man is Being '^aken Care of by Friends. nr. .1. F. Flynn. of IHimhohlt, will this aftr-rnoon he discharged as guard an of Daniel Drake, the Humbotdi man who became menta'Iy unlialanc 111 last snnimer. Drake since his at flicti<in has been at Emporia fn the eare of friends, he not having l)een sent to a hospital as his condition was not such as to war.-ant it. He iias lived at Humboldt for many years. His condition is improving. I.. HECK and wife of Repubic coun ly. are siiending the holidays with H. i\!auiiian and familj-. HELLO GIRLS REIMEMBERED. Several Firms Did the Santa Claus Act by Them. Sant.i CJaiis was very Kind to ih. girls in th:- local telephone oITice yes, tirday. The Kansas Portland Cement nmipaiiy gave each of the toll girls v.ho are on duly after six o'clock five ilollar pold piece. Mr. DeSaunb^s, of the Prime Spelt T company, the lola Cement company. Reiniseh and .^f^s. Dr. Mitchell each gave bon lyins to the operators. a C. A. H. Western Portland & Bott JIDftE S.MITH TO AM>EItSO\ VU. Will \ppoint Administrator for the Ijtnelien Kstalr. Probate .ludge J. 11. Smith will Ko to <;nrepii tiimorrow to apiKiint nn ad- miiiistra(f»r for the estate of the father of .M. ('. I-iwellen proljate judge of An derson county. I'nder the law .fudge I.awel'en cannot appoint an administrator for his father's estate and hence sends to another county. Mr. Lawellen. deceased, died a few days ago. Ho was well known to many lola people. ooooooooooooooood o d O MERRT XIX .STREL8 O O . All This Week O O BAniELLOK THE .4TBE. O O O ooooooooooooooooo cotton futures, except that it is aimed at grain gambling. Seott and Iiurle- son. although the latetr is a deniocra! and the former a reimblican. are acting together. The committee on agriculture, to which both measures havr been referred, either will combine thp two or will report both favorably and ask for early consideration. The alliance botwoen the democrat ifoiii Texas ant! the republican from Kansas to effect a great imblic pur- )> is the forerunner and concrete indication of a combination already l)eing formed between the South and West to protect their mutual interests from the corporation-controlled East- '•rn men iu both ho\ises. The Western grain men and the Southern cotton [irodncers are convinced that the price of their products arc beaten down by the gambler.s. They are determined that in fighting the g-.imbling evil they will put their cause above party consideration or considerations of jier- .sonal jiolitieal Interest. If they find that they can stop gambling in wheat, corn cotton and other products of thf soil they believe they will «>pen the way to sto |i gambling in stocks and bonds. This subject is so intimately connected with the financial Jiuestipn that Southern and Western men arc disposed to consider the two together. Cotton and grain gamblers are great ly alarmed over the pnispect of this legislation and are combining to ofi- jHise It. The cotton exchange of New York has issued a call to the Cliicago iKiard of trade and all other lioards of trade in Western cities to unite in an effort to save themselves by jirevent- Injr the passage of the several bills intended to wli)e them all out of existence. K .1. OYI.ER said today that no steps, if any at all. would be taken Ui secure the release of C. H- .Wheaton under a writ of habeas corpus until Saturday when J. P. Goshom. chief coiinse' for the defense, .will arrive home. It is rumored that Mr. WSieaton'fi attomej-d will ask for their client's release nn a writ of habeas corpus on the prounda that there is not sufficient evid?nce to hold htm. Mr. Oyler declines to give out a definite statement as to the correctness of the rumor as he is not chief counsel in the case. .Mr. Dallicy's Sister Was .Harried Last Evening.. .Oilieers ConOscated "Boiizc." Attended Dunce at Luliarite. -Many of the Gas City young men went to Ijillarite last evening to attend the (lance given l>y llert WIKJI- en and Will Dowler. The boys report an e.xccptioually good time.! Everything went olT nicely. .Mr. Dalby's Sister .Harried. Miss .lenniu Dalby, sister of J. II. Dalby. .Missouri PaelHc agent of this city, was united In marriage last evening a: her home in Cieneseo, Kansas, lo Howard Xewberry. .Miss Dalby is well known in tills city having visited here a number of times. She Is a .-il.ster <if .Miss Dalby, the i>riuclpal ot the Cas City High School. I'hrlstmas ut the Churches. All three of the (Jas City churches celelirated Christmas Tuesday night. Each church had some form of euter- tuinment. A ladder was decorated and bung with i)re.sents at the Christian church. The ladder, although unique gave an oi>porlunity for pretty decorations. A tree was the feature of the programs at the .Methodist Episcopal and Ij'nited Presbyferian churches. Both Sunday schools delivered interesting programs of recitations aud class exercises. Was Taiin^ Itooze to Laltorers. The county officers overtook a dray wagon loaded with heavy 'l)oo/.e" that was being hauled to the camp of the (Irecks who jire working on the pipe was confiscated and today tho workmen are able to continue their work. Arrests will probably be made. rersonals. Dell and Charles Adams came In \e.storday for .a few days visit with friends. They have been working at Wichita for the past several weeks. Marry and Clark McCulloch, sons of 11. McCulbxrh. the druggist, spent Christmas with relatives In EmiKjrla. Kansas. •Mr. ami .Mrs. L. J. Perry of Chanute were the guests of relatives in this city yesterday. K. r. Houston of Eric. Kansas was here Tuesday on a business visit. Dr. KeyMUa. Phaae Hi. WASHBURN WON 10 TO 0. A Number cf lola Psople Saw Xmat Game. A larue number of lola people went to Clannt.? yesterday and witnessed the game between Washbnm and Chan lite. The game was well played and was full of excellent plays. A llg crowd saw the contest. A spec iai to tlie Kansas City Journal says: Channte. Kas., Dec. 25.—Th.? Christmas game between Washburn college team and the Chanute Go Devils re su'ted in a victory for the visitors by the score of 10 to 0. The game was pxeellent In every panicnlar and was witnessed by a large crowd. Begbter ITant Atan It m Wori. flBlHD XHEATKB, TrneUtr Klgki Dee. tl. CHASLES B. HA5F0RD, In a Notable Revival of "AKTHONTISB CLEOPATRA" A sumptuous scenic production; new and novel electrical effects; a chorus and ballet of uniuaalattrac tiveness, beautifully costumed will tend to make this enKaRcment one of the best oSerisgs of the year. CurUIn at 8:15. Posltlrely no one seated during an act. Seats on Sale Monday, Dec 30. Priceg .... .S3c -We *7 «e-fl*tLS« NEWS OF LA HARPE CABKOL GASSEB I.>TBEAS£S THE PRESSI'RE 0>' CITY WELLS. AiTctrfMiMBte^Hiler ttb htU vlll fcelMertei three tliwtwltfcwrt efcrnge. WANTEli-^PoslUon as housekeeper or chambermaid. Address C. H., this office. CIGAR SALESMAN WANTED—Experience nnneceasary. f 100 per month and expenses. Peerless Cigar Co.. Toledo. Olila' WANTED—Second band Winchester pop gun. Inaulre 106 Sontli Second stret. FOR SAlE'i IT IS A 5,000,000 GASSER hX)ll SALE OR TRADE—For young stock or team, house and lot Inquire 327 North Elm. HAM' ATTENDED THE FOOT BALL (JA.ME AT CHAMTE TESTERDAT. Christmas Entertahiments were a Snc cess—All Stores Were Closed. —»w» >'otes. Hud a fiood Time. A large crowd of La|{ari>e young people had a good time at the dance which wa.s held in the I'eet's Opera House last night. A number of out of town petiple were present. A crowd came in a body from -Moran. The hall was fitted es])ecially fur the dance. Santa Clans Treated AIL The Christmas entertainments at the various churches in this city last Tuesday night were well attended. The members of each Sunday school were treated. "The Christ. Child of r.x>ns Ago," was the title of the exercises at the Presbyterian church Tuesday evening. It consisted of a program of songs aud recitations. The church was decorated with evergreen and holly. M the Methodist Episcopal church Christmas music, recitations and class e.xerciscs were rendered. In connec- ion with these a tree hung with beautiful presents was unveiled. A pantomime was the feature of • he program at the Methodist ProtOB- rant church. Special music which the choir prepared was rendered. The other churches also rendcri?d appropriate programs. Were Few Drunks. Ill spite <if Uie fact that many re- j:ard Christmas as a day for revelry, ihere were but few drunks on the streets during the entire day. Most of the I.;illarpc men who were Indulging in the use of liquors tiKjk the jar and sjiuni the day in lola. .Many Went lo Channte. Many I.AIIarpe young iieople went lo Chanute yesterday afternoon and wl(ne .'5 .sed the fixitlKiII game between the Washburn and Chanute teams. Washburn defeated the Channte team by the decisive score of t Oto 0. Those who .saw the game say it was hard f<mght throughout. It was witnessed by a large crowd. 5,000^ Gasscr for the City. The ."..iiOO.OOu gasser which was drilled in last week on the Capt. Carrol farm south of the^city for the l.ian- y<in Zinc Company, was connected up with the comiiany's mains Tuesday afternoon. Since this company supjdies gas for Laffariie it means much to this community. It Increa.sea the gas- pressure in the city of LaHarpe almost one-third. Stores Were Closed. Christmas was generally observed in this city yesterday. The stores were closed in the afternoon and the banks and other such business houses were closed the entire day. The tele- l>hone system closed from 11 to 5 o'clock. Personals. Mrs. Fawn Williams, who has been very )|| for some time, is much belter toilay. II. H. Martin ot Colony was IU the city yesterday on business. -Mrs. E. I). Gray who is convalescent from an attack of pnciinnmia continues to improve. J. I. Enters of Kansas City was here yesterdav the guest of relatives. This is his flrst visit (o this city. J. .1. I'plon. of Att (Hina, was here yesterday on business. Special Rednced Prices on all new and second hand Sewing Machines until January 1st. Singer Sewing Machine Co., 110 Bast Madison. KEXE.MBER CO. CLERK'S OFFICE. FOR SALE OR TRADE—81 acre farm In Missouri. Inquire 904 North SUte. " FOR SALE—Good Studebalcer buggy, practically new, with good set of $:!r ..00 harness, for sale at Howard's burn if taken in the next few days at 180.00. FOR SALE^-Steel range and sideboard, good as new. Dining chairs, rockers and other household goods at half price. Inquire 213 East street FOB SALEJ—Two 3 year old colts, one work mare, one young mule, six months old; one 5 year old work horse, one good bred arlvlng horse and saddles. Ouc rubber Ure runabout. Inquire John V. Roberts Mu Elc Store. West Side Square. von SALE—Or will trade for good clear farm or $1000 property In lola, balance in cash or notes; the Snyder Livery Barn, La Harpe. J. V. Howell. FOR SALE OR TRADE OR RENT— Furnishings In the Baltimore House, with lease. Inquire 209 South Back- eye. FOR SALEr-11800 stock of groceries and - store fixtures. 402 Sontb Kentucky street FOR SALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street FOR TRADE—Town lot on Kentucky street to trade for young horse. 421 North Cotonwood. FOR RENT—House and barn. South Kentucky. Phone 998 2—2. FOR "RE-NT—Five room house and barn, three blocks from square. J9.00. ^\'hitakc^ & Donnell. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Bags cleaned by TbeiolaSog Factory •-HONC SI*. GUN FIGHT IN THEATRE CROWD. Both Participants and a Bystander • Struck by Bullets. .Muskogee, Okla.. Dec. 26.— .\s the roiult of a shooting affair, which occurred hero last night in the midst of an after the theatre crowd, OUIe Grissom is dying. Oscar Reeves, a prom inent real estate man. Is wounded in the breast, and C. L. Reid. a bystander, is shot through the foot. The fight was caused by bad blood between Reeves and Grlssom, thelat- ter being a brother of Reeves's divorced wife. Grlssom attacked Mr. Hj-eves who was accompanied by Miss Hetty Bryant, shooting Reeves and knocking the woman down with the revolver. Reeves returned the fire and Grls­ som was i)robably fata'ly wounded, while- Reid was struck by a stray bullet. Both participants are under arrest. ' WARREN GILL GOES UP. Well Known Ball Player GeU Try Out with Pittsburg Nationals. Pittsburg. Dec. 26.-—PltUburg has signed another candidate for first have honors. His name Is Warren ni'l and he played last year with Oklahoma City. He will go south with the team in the spring and fight It nut with Harry Skacina and Jimmy Kane. SanU LrsTPs Snppi yof 10.Crnt Cigars and Bon Rons. The Canton Bridge company, the firm that constructed seven bridges for the county during the past lew months, did not forget the courtesies extended to them by the county clerk's office. Yesterday County Clerk R. E. Culbertson received a box of Wm. Penn cigars and Deputy County Clerk .Miss Lena Culbertson received a box of fine candles. 0111 Is well known here, having pitched for Ft. Scott In the Mhisonri vValley leapie. He went from this I league to Cedar Raptda In the Three Eyo league, where he developed Into a flrst baseman. He played tWo years ago in Texas and last season with Oklahoma City. One of the callings of a newspaper is to do good. The Register belleres that if it can assist those who are ont of work to find positions that It will be doing a great deal, so commencing at once. The Register will herenftsr .until due notice Is given, pnblish Mt- nation wanted ads three times free of charge. Deserving are lasted to tiok* advantage of this opportunity. .1

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