The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 14, 1963 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1963
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Thursday, March 14, 1963 Editorials Hooray For A New Face The announcement that property owners in a. single block in this city's business district are discussing a new face for the area, is exciting. It should toe a topic of interest for the entire business community. Already one store in the 200 block on Main has put on a ne-w front. Another is in the process. Rehabilitation of the rest on the west side of the street would make that block most attractive in the business area. It also could, form a pattern for the rest of the district. In the past, individual businesses and property o-wners have remodeled on their own, to suit their own tastes. Doing it This And That by jph in concert with a consistent type of architecture and in harmonizing colors would enhance the appearance of the block for more than individual changes. The past few decades there has been little incentive to remodel in view of frequent flooding. But with that danger to be under control, money spent on ren- novations such as those envisioned wouldn't be money down the drain. The local improvement committee which is pushing the idea deserves enthusiastic support. Here could be the start of a project that could sweep the town and attract the notice of the entire Midwest. Golfing Not What It Was JPH NASIK — Go almost any place in India and vanishing traces may be found of the British raj. Nasik is no exception. Here the memorial is a golf course. Or, more accurately, what used to be one. It is easy to imagine what it must have been when the Duke of Windsor was a boy. Eighteen full holes. Sparkling green at the end of the wel season. I can see the Deputy Commissioner and his t hr e e guests making their leisurely way along, each with one native boy to hold an umbrella over him to ward off the sun, a second to carry his clubs, and a third to locate the hard-driven ball. And the Pukka Sahib Colonel from the post a few miles away with three of his officers playing a more active game. But gone is the glory of the Empire. The course today is a sere and bare expanse decorated only with a few scraggly trees and the high, gray walls of an old Muslim cemetery. It is just a great open space across •which the Indians must inconveniently walk on the •way from where they are to where they must go. A barren place on which old men promenade, small herds of goats graze, dogs gambol, and women with brass water jars balanced on their heads stride across. The clubhouse, however, still stands. It looks a little shaky from 20 years of lack of maintenance, but it still stands. The tennis court backstops have almost weathered away, but the driveway is still carefully swept each morning by a man with a bunch of twigs for a broom; and the few, carefully watered, small flower beds supply a cheerful if incongruous note. The establishment, now government owned, is currently known as the Golf Club Bungalow. It is Nasik's Waldorf - Astoria. It has three suites, the other two being given a badly needed renovation. Government officials have first call on them and have an inattentive, cheerless staff, who have fox-gotten most of their British training, to cater to their wishes. When no officials are passing through, visitors with proper connections can occupy them. I must have the right connections. In any event, I occupied the Bungalow last night in solitary splendor. Suite Three, into which the chokidar ceremoniously ushered me, is a museum piece. The parlor is really a glassed in verandah on the second floor, To Your Good Health fitted with heavy Victorian chairs, upholstered in bilious green. The bedroom is dominated by two barracks-type narrow beds with two-inch mattresses, hard one-inch pillows, and mosquito nets draped overhead. Tie bath is sectionalized. There is a lavatory in one corner from which comes a thin stream of cold water. Opposite is a tiled square equipped with a bucket of water and a brass cup. One fills the cup from the bucket, pours the cold water over himself, and shivers. The WC is of the vintage type still found occasionally in remote French inns. A depressed porcelain rectangle in the tile floor, with a drain at one end and two raised footrests at the other. Above to one side is a pull- chain tank for flushing. I looked carefully around. No, there wasn't any. I was glad I had some Kleenex with me. I dined simply. A dishwatery soup. An over- baked chicken which must have dieted principally on old golf balls it had scratched up. Limp French fries. Boiled cauliflower. The coffee, however, was refreshingly strong. It had turned bracingly cool by the time I had finished. Nasik has an elevation of nearly 2,000 feet. It must have dropped to around 55 by morning. After the heat of the day, it made one feel like going to bed. The night proved to be a longish one. Too late I realized that the only covering available was a mattress cover on each bed and that at the Golf Club Bungalow the guest is supposed to bring his own blankets. I used the cover from the opposite bed as a top sheet. My bathrobe also helped. Some. Not enough, though, to keep me from getting a little nippy around the toes before morning. It should have been a still night out there in the middle of the former golf course. It wasn't. There were several resident mongrels who took turns going out to bark at jackals. There was a succession of mosquitoes to buzz my ears. Too late I remembered to drop the netting. There were a couple of worse bites suffered later. From the looks of the welts, fleas. There was a lovelorn jackass, somewhere off in the distance, to' bray at intervals his unrequited passion. There was the occasional rumble of a truck passing on the main road. Then, just after dawn, there was the cheerful, off-key singing of the man who swept clean the driveway with a bundle of twigs. But don't get the idea I am complaining. Should you ever happen to find yourself in Nasik, India, choose the Golf Club Bungalow. If you can get in. But don't forget your bedding. Television Log Chanuel 4, NBC Thursday «—See Hunt 8—Quick Dra» UoGraw 13—Magic Ranch 5:15 5-Whlrty Bltdi 5:80 4—Dragnet •—Rebel 13—Dick Harp '5—News, waiter Cronklt* 13—Sport* 6:55 13-Weather 4—Mew* S —Newt »—Newi 13—Newi 4—Sports 5-9-Weather 4— Humiey-Brlnklej Report 5—Sports 8—News 8:«fl 6—Speak-Op 1:30 4—California 5—Mr. Ed 9—Ozzle and Harriet 13—Mr. Ed 7 :IMI 6-13—Perry Mason 9—Donna Reed 1:30 4—Dr. Klldare 9—Leave it To Beaver rf.MIO 5-13—Twilight Zone 9—My Three Son* 8:30 4—Hazel 8- McHales Navy • :00 4—Andy Wlllamsl 5-13—Nurses 9— Alcoa Premier 10:1)0 4-5-9-13—New* 10:10 S-B—Weather U: 15 4— Johnny Cavson 5—Movie, "Double Indemnity" 9—Steve Allen 13— Wet-ther 10:20 4-13—Sporti 10:30 13— Lifeline 10:35 13—77 Sunset Strip 11:35 13—Peter Dunn 11:45 9—Man Prom Cochlse 12:00 4—News 12:05 4—Unity Dally Word 12:10 S—Movie, "Gun That Won The West" 12:15 9—New* 9—Almanac Newsreel 12:35 9—Faith for Our Times Channel 5-13, CBS Channel 9, ABC Friday 5:55 4—Dally Word 6:00 4—Continental Classroom 13—Continental Classroom 6:25 5—Fisher Family 6:30 4—Operation Alphabet 13— College of the Air 6:58 5— Farm Facia ft- College of the Air is— Rueb Hour 7lM 5-Uoment of Meditation J!36 6— Cartoonland 7:« 5— King and Odle 7:50 •—Call to Worship 7:55 •-Newt • 100 5-13— Captain Kangaroo •—Columbia Lectures •:30 •—Deputy and Fells CM 4— lay When 5- -Jack La. Lanne •—Romper Room 13— Calendar • :*5 4— News • :M 4— Play Tour Ranch 5-13— T Love Lucy 0— Divorce Court 10:00 4— Price la Right 6-13— McCoys 10:30 4 — Concentration 5-13— Pete and Gladys •—Day In Court 10:55 •—Newi 11:00 4— First Impression 5-13- Love of Life •—Jane Wyman 11:25 5-13— Newi 11:30 4— Truth or Consequences 5-13— Search toi Tomorrow B— Yours • For A Song 11:45 6-13— Guiding Light U:55 4— Newi 12:00 Noon 4 — High-Noon OartooM • — Ernie Ford 6-13— News. Weather 12:10 5— Speak Up 12:15 5— Sports 13 — Farm Report 12:10 4— Newi, Uarretf 5— Weather 12:25 5— Local Interview 12:30 4 — Accent •—Father Knows Best 5-13— As tn» World TuitM 1:00 4— Merv Griffin 5-13— Password •—Movie, "Gun Blithers" 1:30 5-13 — House Party 1:55 4— Newi 2:00 4— Loretta Young 5-13— To Tell The Truth 2:25 5-13— Newi •—News 2:30 4 — Award Theater 5-13— Millionaire » — Seven Keyi 3:00 4— Match Game 5-13— Secret Storm 9— Queen tor a Day 3:25 4— Newt 8:30 4— Make Room For Daddy 5-13— Edge of Night "»— Who do you Trust? 4tM 4— superman ft- Cousin Ken's Kamlval . •— Torey and Frtenot 13— News. Weather 4H5 13— Turban'i Land of Itaglt 4:M 4— Funtlme •-Mickey MOUM Cluk lib. 4-8M Hunt 13— Huckleberry Round •—Torey and Frlendi 5— Whlrlyblrdi «:*• 4— Dragnet •—Rebel 13 — Chamber of Commerce •ttt ft— Walter CrooUU 13— flporu Slftf 13— Weather 6:0« 4-5-13-Newi •—Newt Sporti Weath •tU 4— Newi, Huntley-Brtnkley ft— Sporte •—Newt 13— Newi •:25 5-apeak-Up CM 4— International Showtime 5-13— Rawhide •—Five Fingers 1:30 4— Sing Along With Mitch •— Flintstones 5-13— Route M *:M •—I'm Dickeni Re't Faster *4— Death Valley Dayt 5— Alfred Hitchcock •—77 Sunset Strip 13— Story of a Presi Agent • :00 4— Jack Paar 13—0. E. True • :30 5-13— Eye WltaeM •— M Squad 10:00 4-5-9-1H— Newt 4-5-9— Weather 10:15 4— Johnny Carson 5— Movie, "For Whom The Belli Toll" •—Steve Allen 13— Weather io:«0 4-13— Sporti 10:3* 13— Lifeline 10:35 13— Alfred Hitchock 11:35 13 — Movie, "The Company She Keeps." 11:45 •—Man From Chochlse 12:00 Midnight 4— Newi 12:05 4— unity Dally Word 12:15 •—Newi 12:30 B— Almanao Newsreel 12:35 •—Faith For Our Time* 12:40 6— Movie, "The Hidden Eye" Laff-A-Day C KbW F<*t«M 8jnx!k»U, he, MM. WorU ri|hu rutrvri. "Why, I had no idea skiing was so easy!" Tonight's TV Highlights Andy Williams will have as guests his singing brothers, Channel 4 at 9. Earlier, Channel 4, at 6:30, a documentary on California will deal with the growing pains of that fast-growing state. On the Perry Mason show, "The Case of the Lawful Lazarus," a fellow who is supposed to be The Herald pays $5 every week for the best news tip turned in by a reader. Getting Giraffe Off Phone Line CHESTER, England (AP) — A telephone pole in Chester Zoo is to be raised 4 feet because a giraffe named George kept getting on the line. For months the area had been plagued by a rash of wrong numbers. Wednesday George, who has an altitude of 18 feet, was spotted grabbing the telephone wires with his tongue and playfully letting them twang back. The wires tangled up. Telephones started ringing all over the place. They stopped when the wires unwound. dead, and has been declared legally dead, turns out to be much alive and shows up at the bedside of his dying wife. Channels 5 and 13, 7. Shelley Herman will be a guest on the Steve Allen show, Channel 9 at 10:15. Late movies will include "Double Indemnity," a 1944 film starring Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyick. Channel 5, 10:15. Ottawa Herald «^H*-«i 1962 FIRST IN KANSAS «,Uu S ?wm»«r»sw«" 106-10B 8. Matt Published daO> except Sunday ant Holidays. Second elaaa postage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B. Wellington Editor And Publisher Subscription rates to trade area—By mail, one month $1.00, three month*, 13.00, six months, $5.00, one year ».00. Subscription rates outside trade area —By mail, one month, $1.50; tbren months $4.25; its months, $8.00: on* year. $15.00. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press u entitled •>. cluiively to the use for publication of all the local news printed to the new*. paper a* wall a* all AP news «!•• Vitamins For Anemia Dr. Moiner By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER Dear Dr. Moiner: I am a 27-year-old mother and I have pernicious anemia. The doctor says there is no cure, only treatment which consists of Vitamin B12 every two or three weeks. I feel a lot better but I lose energy easily. Is there any way I can fight this problem without having "shots" the rest of my life?—Mrs. K.V. Injection of Vitamin B12 every two or three weeks is the standard treatment for pernicious anemia. You might feel much better about things if you knew the history of the disease and its treatment. Within my lifetime (and very little more than yours) this disease has changed from one which was usually quickly fatal to one which can be kept under control with great sureness Then came the discovery that large quantities of liver would control pernicious anemia. This was at godsend. Patients, otherwise marked for death, -were delighted to eat a pound of liver a day — and live. It was assumed that there must be something in liver which accomplished this, but years were required to find out. After liver came liver extracts, and from them finally Vitamin B12 which, it turns out, is the secret of controlling pernicious anemia. Having one injection every two or three weeks is far simpler, you must agree, than forcing yourself to eat a pound of liver every day. So instead of rebelling against the shots, reflect on how much luckier you are than patients who had the same disease only a few decades ago. There is no way to "fight" prenicious anemia except with these substantial doses of B12. Dear Dr. Moiner: I wake up at night with throat so dry I can hardly breathe. What causes this and what can I do?—JOHN E. Vint, sir. I'd guou that you sleep with your mouth open, but don't realize it. Maybe a simple chin strap will help. Second, how dry is your house? Do you have humidifier tanks or evapora- tivi pans? They would help overcome the dryness. Auld Lang Syne J5 YEARS AGO Clarence Darrow, noted attorney, died at his home in Chicago at the age of 80. It was announced that between 225 and 250 persons were expected at the annual banquet of the Franklin County Young Democrats, to be held at the Nelson Hotel. County Attorney John B. Pierson was to be the toastmaster. Ernest Thompson caught a 4-pound channel catfish. 50 YEARS AGO Harold Kennedy went to Norwood to spend Sunday with friends. The R. E. Page home, 714 Oak, was being wired for electric service. H. B. Kiler purchased a new Cadillac 7-passenger touring car from the John Nelson k Son agency. The automobile had all of the new improvements, including electric lights and electric self-starter. Prayer For Today God shows his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8. RSV.) PRAYER: We thank Thee, Father, that Thou didst care enough for us to send Thy Son to die for us. We ask Thy forgiveness for our sins. Help us to believe in Him. In His name we ask. Amen. OK SELF-SERVICE BARGAIN STORE Open Mon., Tuea., Thun.. Fri. — 8 a.m. to « pjo. 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