Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1908
Page 4
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TIIB lOLA DAllt KEfllSTEB. FRIDAT EYEKIKfl, DECEMBER 18; 1908. lie lOU DiiLY lEiilSTEl CHAS. F. SCOTT. stranscr and coald not Escape with' out Begging His Pardon. Then It was discovered that the Stranger was an Artisan who had come to do some Entered at lola, Kansas. Postofflce. aslT ^^^t ^e Young Jou™all.t-«t^^^^^ aAKnnri^inax Miitt<>r : Having ftctually Btmnbled upon i Sccqnd^lass Matter. ^^^^ the Young Joumallst hastened to his OBoe and relieved him' self of all He had Heard. His ecstasy so Daziled Htm that he Busied Him' self in Bawling Out his co-workers In the Profession and while he was Doling This, the City Council held an Important Session, there was an abnn Advertising Rates Made Known on Application. SUBSCRIPTIOJT RATES. By Carrier In lola, Gas CItr, LanfOB. Title or LaHarpe. One week 10 cente^ One month « cents dence of Good Stories'on the Booster 15.00, Meeting, etc., and the Young Journal ist Muffed the ^liole Cheese. Moral One year BY MAIL. One year Inside county $2.00 j— Success makes some, men blind. One year outside county $4.00 Three months, in advance ..$1.00 One month, in advance .44 OFFICIAL PAPER, CITY OF BASSET. Ef the Kansas legislature passes the proposed measure, requiring liquor dealers who apply for permits un der the law to put up Iwnd to protect the public from depredations which may be committed by persons 'under the Influence of boore sold by Telephones: Business OfRce ^^ithe dealers, and making the bonds- Editorial Booms 222 oooooooooooooooc o o O LITTLE BITS OF KANSAS HITS C O O O A Medley of Prose, Poefry, Vews C O Notes and Commrnt. C O 0 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC A firm of Missouri brewers shipped several barrels of moisture into New ton. labeled "crockery." An investi gation by a pur« food inspector shoW' ed the crockerj- to contain a.liquid caUed "Hop On." The police did. And it cost the Heim company 4100 to Hop Out of the trouble that Hop On brewed. Even when he always has another "think" coming, one Dodd Gaston, of Topeka. seems to have oxhausted his repertoire of polite profanity. As a climax to comment on social fallacies. Dodd says: "WTierofore we say pish, tush, pollyrot and pip. Also flan- doodle." We bpK to submit splash, bing, hcvvings and heck. Ai.-'o hogwash. Dodd Gaston keeps up his kickiue on the proofreader. He says that he has no doubt but that proofreaders arc partly human, orgo, make m's takes at tlmeif. Hut ho protests when his stories nro hiilchPred up sr badly that It makes him appear a star spangled Idiot five mornlnps out of six. The proofreader is n dansoroii" functionary to monkey willi. He may retaliate by umklnj; one read some of hl« own stuff. The Kansas Cliy Sfnr siniM when It noticed the Resrlster refer to Anthony. Kas.. as "St. Anthony." But the ReRlster hafc not reeontiv published any reports from "Chancellor Snow." of I.awrcnoe. nor printed any editorials about Alderman "McKenna" of Chicago. men liable for all damages Incurred by the drunken p<!raon, it is likely that the rush for permits In Kansas counties wi'l fall off to a" great degree. (OMFOKTI.\« WORDS. Many an lola Hoasehold Will Find Them So. Perhaps the denial "PI" Howell whom most ever>body who has visited In Kansas. City, remembers well as the man who wore the "ask me" badge at the union depot. thoup;ht to escape Star reporters when he quit his job In the information bureau and went Into the grocerj- business out in the "subbubs." But. alas, and alack and alackaday! When, burglars broke Into Pi's store yesterday and swiped three bucks which the opulent Pi had reckless'y left in his store, the said Pi broke Into print. The Independence Star has discovered that only one joke In a thousand makes IH>OP 1 C lauch. Is this the 999th trial for the Star? A Modern Fable. Once upon a time there was a Bright YounK .toumalist who had a Job on a Momine Paper. Hf w^s so enentetic that He soncht to throw the Harpoon Into his Comra-^cs In Arms on every «nf >s8P>lp occslon and then make a Noise like a Venerible Hen which had just Delivered unto her owner- a Cack'eberrv wh^n Ihis poultry Product was sellini: at Four Cents Each. One nlehf th^ Journalist rubbed elbows with To have the jtains and aches of a bad back removed; to be entirely free from annoying, dangerous urinary disorders Is enough -to make any kidney sufferer grateful. To tell' how this ?reat change can be brought about will prove comforting words to hun dreds of lola readers. Mrs. Eliza Glllifaan. of 814 North Washington St.. lola, Kas., says: had kidney trouble fpr some time before 1 was aware of It. It steadily •-Trew worse until I went to Coloradc S,>rings to pet relief. A short time after I returned the trouble camr back. 1 had such spel's with my back that. I could not arise from a chtUr without helj) and it was Impossible for me to Ko up stairs. My fi et and ank'e; swelled badly and the secretions from the kidneys were very much disordered. I heard so much In favor ol Doan's Kidney Pills that I used them wlih the result that for a long time I was comparatively free from my old troubles. At last throuRh dolug some ovoi'y hard work the difficulties returned, but not for long for I at once proctired Doan's Kidney Pills at Chas. H. Spencer & Co.'s drug store and they brought me the same prompt and positive relief that I have obtained In the first Instance. Diirlnjf the time that has since elaimed iny back has not troubled nie. there has lieen no Indications of swelllnp In my feet, or anklen. and the secretions ifroni the kidneys have given no slgI^ of disorder." for sale by all dealers. Price fiO cents. Koster-Mllliiirn Co., Hiirfalo. .Vew York, sole agents for the ITnlted States. Remember the name—Doati's—and lake no other. MISS ROOSEVELT THE STAR. Smart Society in Washington Has Only One Attraction^ Now. Washington. Dec. IS.—"To meet Miss Roosevelt" JS the form of invitation on luncheon or dinner card which Is now considered most desir able to the 200 or more young persons both men- and maids, who constitute the junior element in smart society at the national capital. And with good reason, for not to meet Miss Roosevelt is practlca'ly to find one's self un known, socially. Pendins her coming out party, .Miss Roosevelt lunches or dines out daily. Sometimes she does both, and In widely different companies. This merry round was Vjpened about two weekf ago by the Secretary of the Interior and Mrs..Garfield, who had a typically American company to meet her. The Postmaster General and Mrs. Meyer were the next to entertain her. Ac cording to their usual custom, Hia' •lompany ran largely to the dlplomatir corps and t.Med guests. Great Britain. Austria-Hungary, Gcrman.v. Denmark and France a'l contributing two a or more stars. , « ! NEWS OF iA HARPE DEWS OF GAS GITY BAKER ATHLETES BATTLE LO- 1 PRESBYTERIAN BAZAAR TO BE CAL8 ON aRlDljRON TODAY. | HELD DECEMBER 22, NEW STATE RAILROADS COUNCIL TO HOLD MEETING J. E. LINEBACK SATS OKLAHOMA CITY SOLONS A.SSEMBLE FOR BlSl NEEDS THEM. NESS TOMORROW EVENING. Adveme Conditions ResUnlo New Unntrr Urorrry Building Improved Building—Cotler-Mack Company —Progressive Club Entertained Tonight—Personals. —Personals. Baker's First Game. To Gas CHy. The Baker un.-versify fwot ball Mrs. P. 11. O'Coi^nor. went to Gas team Is scheduled to meet the La City today noon to visit at the home of •:Jari>e eleven on the McDonald grid- her parents and with friends. She iron this afternoon at 3:30. This will will remain there until the first of the be the first game played by the Bald- year.—Cherryvale Republican *ln college athletes since foot ball was talMoed at Baker some fifteen To M^lt in Uaa, years ago. Other athletic sports have Nelson Hunter and wife left the ieen In vogue however and the foot first (,l the week for Lone Elm for a ball squad, though recently organized visit with relatives and friends. From a In prime condithm. A large delega- there they expect to go to Chanute Hon of Allen county students who are ,and Gas City on an extended visit.— coming home to sjwnd the holidays jColony'Free Press. 9/lU root for the Baker warriors. If Now is the Time to do Your Xmas Shopping! Heady fur the crowd of Holiday Shoppers and flic myriad wants of the town and country trade. The whole store pulsates, with new Christmas 1 attractions. It discounts anything v.-' :.:;vj n. Tore attempted—more to see, i more stock, more different t-Ias.'-es of Kood.<? and a working force willinK to serve you, and to please .voic.and .vo.i will "see the beRinnln.:; of (^ristnias trade; and frpm the stock of such goods as arc enumerated below will be in big demand. 5ce Our Windows he Baker eleven arrives In time the Tame wi'l be started at 3:30 this afternoon. U8TE0P1TBT—, IIR. W :H. AI .Bitnniy. Registered Osteopaiblc PkysiciMi. State Bank Didg. Phone 116. Only Osteopath In La Harpe. =• I •- • " New Stat« RailrradN. J. E. I..Ineback, of the firm, of Line-1 Entertained Friends. aiiss lone Taylor was hostess to a I party of friends at her home last evening. The usual sopial jwsllmes were employed as divertlsements and light refreshments were served. Children Are IIL The two children of Mr. and Mrs. Jordon Johnson are reported quite ill with pneumonia ond whooping cough. Completes Repair Work. i. N. Strawder, of Leroy, who has uack brothers who recently returned been In Gas CItv for several davs cm- from Oklahoma where he went to in- p-oved in repair work on the building ;pect some land. Is telling of some occupied bv the Hunter grocer.v. has jf the handicaps under which the completed his work and will return to lew state Is labor.lng. "I don't think his home this afternoon, hat the Democrats stand any show carrying Oklahoma again soon," Counrfl Meetlne. .Mr. LIneback said. "When the consti The city council will meet In ad- tutlon of the new slate was adopted journed session tomorrow evening, hey didn't realize what they were do- The budget contains no Items of im- ing. ;There are thousands of acres of ,,ortancc. according to Clerk Krcvert rich farming land which would make and only routine business will come 1 splendid district for railroads to tap „p („r conslderntlon. but they will not do it as long as the aw remnlns us.It Is. 1 urn to'd that jl„ve fo .MIiiKonrl. io foreign corjmratlon can build a William MerrlfJeld and K. K Cole- road In Oklahoma and that such a ,„„„ ^wl fatnl'.lea will remove to (iol- ompuuy tnust lncori)orate and oper- (^•Kv. MO .. in a few days where lie under the laws of that state. Again [j,ev wlHrcsldo In the future. Messrs. I Is said, that a railway once btlllt .Merrlfleld and Coleman will run a .'annot be sold to foreign corporations, blacksmith and carriage repair shop It must be sold to a cori>6ratIon with- \f^ (jolden City. \n and for the new state. There Is no right of eminent domain—the railroad Pre«l))|erlun.« to Hold Baiiiar must pay the landowner bis price for The ladles of the right-of-way. The result is that in church will hold a CJirlstmns bazaar •nany localities, the people are crying („ ,i,e building formerly occupied by Tor railroads. The Santa Fe had piovd Elliott, the grocer. December itarted to build through a rich farm- 22. Various articles of fancy work ng territory when the constitution be for sale and stipper will be was adopted. Then, the company served at 5 o'clock, putled off Its crew of Kurve.vors. :oad- d Its ties and shipped them away and Personals, the celebrations which were being M,. J„„I Mrs. l^wis Dusgan will re- held to "jollify" over the coming of mrn from Kisniore today where they the road were suddenly stopped. The !,ave been for a brief visit with Mrs. railroads don't care. The man twen- Ducgau's mother, Mrs. !>. V. Larson, ty miles from a railroad has to come jjrs. w. Palmer, of Klsmore. is a to them anyway. But Oklahomans are ,j,ie<:t at the home of .Mr. and Mrs. boosters. I didn't hear the croak of wiDiani Jordan. i knocker during the time I spent in pr. i^ardner, of Chanute. was In he new state." Gas on business yesterday. The I..adies' ProRrossive club was Cutter-Mack Company Tonight. entertained Wednesday eveniui; at the The Cutler-.Mack entertainment to- 'lome of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hunter, light in the .M. E. church will he the A number of the young friends cf third number on the La Harpe lecture Miss Anna Bissctt were guests at the :ourse. The men are humorifCs and Rlssett home Wednesday. An enjoy- Ingers and the attraction Is iaid to ible eveninsr was spent, be one of the best that will be seen Buck Laurence has returne-.l from in I-a Har|)e this season. >V11I Farm. Mrs. S. F. Davis and tomlly, of Ot- i awa, have rented a farm aouth of^ the city and wi'l move to It soon. Entertained Altar Society. .Mrs. M. Clark entertained the Altar ^lety of lola at her home In this| ity yesterday. ""^ort Scott where he has been on a business trip. DELICATE CHILDREN. Mens ."Ncikwear . .'2T,v up lo ^I.OiJ iMcii'.s !:i jM'iiders 2oC up (o iUTM .MtMi 's iJiUi llandk fs '-'.'if up to #I ,LV. .^!r;is .Mufflers ,'i0c up lo *2->0 .Mill's Collar Hags ii:|,2.> up to lfi.l)0 .Meii.s Dress Gloves Me up to $2.00 .Men's Traveling Hags ifSJiO to (to .Men's Fancy Hose 2 ."ir np to 7,">c .Men's Dress Shirts .'.«<• up to $i .00 Mens Nobby Mats •^l.iio up to $3.50 Men's Fancy Vests SlJiO np to $SJ)(t Wuuderhose, i jiair in box...$1.00 A large aiui handsome line of Smoking Jackets and Bath Robes at popular prices. Just now you buy brown Salts and Overcoats at less than they are really woitb. We're cleaning np a big lot ot them, in sizes for men and yocng mep,<kt $15. Fine worsted Sniis, including black sntts for Xma.s. Kersey, fancy plaids and stilpes in Overcoats, all gbod models. You'd ihink yonrsell fortunate to get them for $20 or even more. They're SMOKING JACKETS I AT HALF PRICE $8..';0 and $10,00 Ones lor S.M1>KI>G JACKKT.S AT HALF PKK E #S .>(1 and *1».00 Ouc for Account wiih Us Start an Whin yon pay. cash and buy a lltllp hero and a little there ynu never know what It costs you to live. Oi)en an account with us and p!iy your bill every two weeks or once a month and you know what your money poe.s for. Willi our syxfeiii wr» ran sell you K<;od.i on two weeks or I'-O days' t'i!iie at strictly cash prices. The People's Co-0p2ra= (ive MeiciQf h As^oc'fl MISS BOWERS STILL LEADS. Mica Oavis Movet Up to Second Place.—.Miss Thompson an Easy Third. ELECTRICITY TO DISPEL FOG. London to Try to Get Rid of Its Light Destroyer. Thr count of til'- volPS cast last I night showed MIs.s Davis gaining rap' Idi.v. She is now only a few votes : behind Miss Bowers. Ona Thomp j ro.spcct for any plan in-uatittc's do' son is slightly behind Mas '" — I.Kjn(Ion, Dec. IS.—Electrical discharges to rid the British isles of fogs Is the proposition of Sir Oliver Lodge, a scientist whose name commands Davis, Miss Wolfe Is also gaining as the con ATTENDING STOCK SAtE. Doctor Told This Mother That TinnI Is a Fine Remedy—.Mrs. Flagg Trils How Her Daughter Was Restored to Health by VinoL Your Choice of loo Ax= minster and Smyrna Rugs for $2 .00 These Kues are 27x54 Inch SJZJ . patterns Floral and Oriental. Regu-ar reta I price $3 to $3.50 each. 5ale Saturday, open5 8 a m. ONE DAY ONLY Our spring stock Wilton Velvct.high grade Axminsters Velvets and Tapestry rugs on display. Sleeper Si Son POSTOFFICE BL'^CK "Our little daughter, six jears of age, after a severe attack of the Improving .Streets. measles, which developed into pneu- S'treets and crossings In I>a Harpe monla, was left pitifully thin, weak ire receiving much attention from and emaciated. She had no appetite, street commissioner Harris. Many her stomach was so weak It could lew crossings are being constructed not retain food. She lay In this condition for weeks. nothluB the doctor urescrlbed did a bit of good, and we were licginning to think she would icver recover. , M this lime we commenced to trive md others repaired. A Valuable Rfxlpf^—Save It To save time, perpicxify and money he following Is great: To one medium I ^„^^^ ^^.^^ •ized purse, garnish with a few pieces' if coin, add an afternoon off. Sprinkle vllh Christmas cheer and anticipation Allen County Men Selling Fine Stock at Ciian-Jtc Today. •»iA. The doctor was athazed at her iirogreHs. and when we told him we ... J V f » i.u J _ . were giving her Vinol. he replied "It aif ^r,;; ^^s^ -^s^-t.r.ii^ vlth 'em-EVERYTHI.N'G 5RYB0DY Portland. .Me. VInot is a real cod liver |ire|iaraffon containing In a highly concentrated Held Regular .Veetlng. form all of the l>ody-buildlng. strength The .Mat'onlc lodge held its regular creating and curative elements of cod neeting and election of officers last Hver oil and tonic iron added. It Is Ight. lellclous to fake and children love It. Every mother who has a weak, dell- CoBtlnne llrndmon Hearing. cate or ailing child, should try VInol The hearing for R. Henderson who our offer to return her money If it 1 charged with the theft of a laprob« fa's to give satisfaction. S. U. Bur- 'rojp D. Rose was continue in the] fell. Druggist, lola. •onrt of Justice Hough fn lola yester- lay. Mr. Henderson protests his In- tocence declaring that he found the obe in the street. TO AID .MISStlCRI "AGGIE.S." Pmoaals. S. M. Stanley and -family of Els- aore. were in LA Han>e yeiterday. - Leslie Darker is suffering from ton- 'I'ltls. State AgrirDltuml SchMl Does Not Becriie Money Enongb, the Complaint Columbia. Mo.. Dec 18—The st.ite board of agriculture has reiommeuded 'hat Its committee ask the legislature to make appropriations of tl?-2.»<i<i Earl Vandegrlft. of Bartlesvllle, who |'he most of which Is for the malnlen- A number of Allen county stock men- are attending a sale of line cattle and hogs at Chanute today. Speak Ing of the sale, the Chanute Sim of last evening says: The first of what is expected to be an annual sale of pure bred stock raised by breeders In the vicinity of Chanute will he held at the stockyards tomorrow afternoon. An eighty page catalogue, listing the pedigreed Shorthorn and Poland Chinas to be offered for sa'e. has been issued, in their announcement those farmers contrlbutlni; stock to'tho sale say: The breeders of Shorthorns and Poland Chinas in the vicinity of Chan lite, who contribute from their herds, a-o endeavorlns^ to make this sale attractive by consigning some of their pholcest animals. An annual sale hereafter at this place is contemplat ed. and we believe the character of this offering will appeal to Intendlns buyers and be somewhat of a guar antco of thf> quality of future offerings. There never has been a pure bred sale in Chanute and we are .going to make the venture to.^ether." Among the breeders coiitrlhutiiig stock to tho sale are: R. S. .Myer-t. Chanute: A. A. Rowan, ftest: H. F. Pp'phrey. Humboldt ; Frank .Mitchell. Erie: Jewell brothers, Humboldt; A. n. .Mull. L'arlyle; Lande & Sons, Rone: J. T. Bayer, Chanute, and others. The sale will be held under shelter, and willj be conducted by the fol'ow- iud auctioneers: John Snyder. Co§ on*-! -Herod and ,1. W. Sheets. Many thorouchl)-ed hogs have already ar- rivfd at the stockyards, and It Is expected that some will command prices running into the hundreds. test progresses. The vote now stands as follows: Claudia Bowers' i:::: Drusle Davis :!92 Ona Thompson 20S Ll/.zie Slatler IfiS Anno Wo'fo SI; Oina WlhfTS Tfi Mattie Peters It Newell Cox n .Marcaret Curtis Topsy VounK :;2 •Gertrude Holmes ... 2 Miss .Mator 2 main he might express willingness to father. The Westminster council has provided grojind near the Grosvenor canal where experiments are to be made under public auspices at a" cost of $10,000. The plan involves the discharge of electricity at a light voltage from a series of disks, placed on the tops of insulated po^es. Precipitation .of mois tare follows, and the' fog laden atmosphere is cleared. The idea is said to have been suggested by ^noting improvement in I^n- * lion atmospheric conditions since the ' modern introduction and growth of electrical industry. This Is Worth Keadliiff. Leo h\ Zelin-ski. of fi,<? Gibson .St , i Buffalo. N. Y., say.s: "I cured the most annoying cold'sore I ever had, with Hiicklens' A.-nica Salve. I applied this sfllve once a day fpr two days, when every trace of the sore was gone." Heals all sores. Sold under guarantee at all drug stores. 2."ic. LOOK AT OrU TO STOP THAT .1IAKI.>E ORDER. Senator Rayner Asks the Senate to Keep the Men on Sea Duty. Washington. Der. IS—Senator lUy- nor Introdured a n-'solution today call Ing upon the committee on military affairs to investigate the series of orders |>roniulKated by the president In relation to the marine cori)s, which recenfy was detached from llip battle ships. In his resolution .Mr. Rayner asked that the commiriee rniiort whether congross has not the right to prcicrihe a sut of rules for the government if , the marine corps "which will bind rht» president as commander-in-chlrf of the army and navy to continue the corps In ttie pur pose intended by law." At the re^iuest of Senator Hall the resolution was referred to the eoninill- lee on naval affairs, the marine corp.-; being a part of the naval organization. .Mr. Jtavner said he had no oh- Nickel Plated Ware When Christmas shopping. Chafing Dishes. Percolators, go^d-liued "Tea Sets, Cake Trays. Baking Dishes, and many other useful and fancy articles. Also a fine line of Aluminum Ware. iwoi Great* Western Land Co. For iient—Ine 4 room house, one 6 room house, one H(i and one »0 acr« farm. If .voii havp a farm for rent, list it with us. We have ca'l.s most every day. For KxcbanKC^—(Jood 7 room, modern house close in. a good home and a good renter. Good land in Howell Co., Mo., to trade for lola residence prop- ert.\; acres In Woodward Co.. Okia.. to trade for two residence ;>n.i|»'rties in lola. For Sale—Ifio acre farm, one of the i)«-.-t in Allen Co.. 120 acre.s in culri- . vation. -10 in pisture. 5 room house. jeciio:i to this order, as he had named par^e barn, small orchard; no stone, the military committee because he had [ if voii have nioiiev to put into a good understood that the president had inve.sinient this is the place. A loan ransferred ;he marine i-orps from liat !of $;;.0on can be made on this farm. the ships and made of the m.-^n "po- j S;,p „^ soon if you want it. Price $35. lice'men, patrolmen, janitcni or ; ome-1 .M„nev to loan on farm and city thing like that." For the best and ijulcke>t results use the Register'."! want columns. ty mie Palace Shoe^tore and tell us what you want. Fair treatnieai audi Square deals. ia» been visiting relatives In (his city eturned to bis borne yesterday. Phil Daily has Just received bis %ll stock cf Dry Goods, GrooeHes, ^ikoes. Fmlta, Pknir and Confeeiion- ry. I have boosfat the Beat and noth- •>t( but the Best, l.ifxte Just opened hie ittock In the bull4iiiff tormeriy oc- apled I>y H. M. GUBB. Come in tuA Get vriota q» tfce' ince cf the MISHOIIII agricultural college. The committee of the board appointed to Investigate the college pointed out lu HH report that Kansas last year provided Its agricultural col lege with twice as much money as Visaonrl has given to Hi school since 'te esUbllshtaetU In 1871. I'linols xne four times aa much as Miuonri lut year. Oklehoma; M young as it Ii. hM expended more Cor MTleoltar Medicine Tbut is Medicine. •I have suffered a good deal with malaria.and stomach complaints, but I have pow found a remfedy that keeps w well, and that remedy Is Electric Hitters a medicine that is medicine for stomach and liver troubles, and for run down condltlftnH." says W. C. Klestler. of Halliday, Ark.'B ectrlo Bit ters purify and enrich the blood, tone up the nerves, and impart vigor and snergy to the weak. Your inoney will *)e refunded if it (all• to bolp you. 50e at ail dnigglstB. '''-^"^ , INSURANCE! Is a ncces.iity. not a luxury. It Is not an expense but an Investment. It Is something you mutt have tnil something you must l>e careful of. as it Is very Important that the right companies are selected. I represent (he leading companies of the world and would like to SHOW YOU. i. E. POWTLL ETIIIR Block, lo^ KBMM. WHY PAY RENT? ^Vhen jon can buy a home wilh the same money? I have some mighty nice properties on hand right now which I will sell you for the same money that you are paying out rent for. The properties arc well loc^te^ and are a good investment. All I want Is a chance to SHOW YOU. J. E. POWELL Evans Block lola, XCBIM

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