The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 7, 1944 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1944
Page 14
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14 Thursdoy, Septembtr 7, 1944 K afaerrtteift Calttorman AIR PROGRAMS R:M In «:SO p. m. KKRN—New*: 6:16. Songs l.y l.con Payne. KKI—Kraft Music Hull. KPMC—-Gabriel Htnun; 6:13. Sir'on Teats. «:SO tn 7:00 p. m. KKRN—Spotlight Hanrtv S.ji>, C'Tor.ct Story Teller. KKI—Chiulie r'hnn. Kl'MC— Ala n ":00 to <:SO p. m. K F.RN—Rav ni"n<l (".rum S\v,itc: KI-'l — Camel I'l-H^rnl* H:n i v ?-;i\uy, 7 K>, Gt'Oiff Units Rcpm I MI.'. Kl'MC—Hfntv Glad-Mimc; 7 i;.. Lowell Th'ima*. 1:811 In 8:00 p. m. KKRN—Plop ..r i ;o. KKI—March of T m<\ Kl'.MC—Allen llollj. .1.'. Waltz Time. 11:00 to 8:30 P. m. KKRN'—Watch thf Woi Id (;» Py; VI 0. 1.urn Rlltl ,\lin< r. KKI—Tli» Music Sr."t>: 1 l.'i. N'\vs. Kl'MC—To In- anni'tin,-i-,l. 8::<l) In 8:W> p. ni. Krr.N—Fred Wat Ing pi'.BI :>•«. KFI—MaiM, II Utilise C'.'lt.-.. T.IHC. KPMC—Kpcc'ul Talk. »:00 to 8:Sfl i>. in. KERN—Brma- Ynnr Own >. KJ-'I—nrgari Interlude. \l 'i.i. li-.~ KM f"r Liftenins. Kl'MC.—News: 01.".. Hn Mr.ii-r. tl::!ll tn 10:110 p. in. KKRN"—H<ms J T.oli.i . S <;.. f'llPMPr I'lr.v!'-^ KKI—Elldy t)\i,., n. KPMC—Fulton !.• w is. .lr : [I 4.".. .Vcwi. 10:00 In 10:80 |>. m. KKRN—Tuxvn M<-et ne n' ihr. A r KKI—The Hrpnru-r. 10 l.'i. T.-i'k dy Mayor Riiwrnn. KPX1«;—True Il-lr-r t ivo M.\i.;.'i PS. 10:;)0 tn 11:00 p. in. KKKX—To«n .MccliUK- ol tl.. ,\ . KKI — ItiMrte the News. In t',>. i,''i!i8 of Melody. KI'AIC—Art Kaiscll'R Or<-l,rstr n. 11:00 In 11:30 p. m. KKHN—Tins Moving \Vui;,i. .! 15. 1-lpnry K .IIP. KKI — Kli'vc'nth Hour Nr«~: III" IV»-t raradr; 1 1 .:'d. lie 11' \ K : >.. KPMC—News; 11 (if,. s<ii,il S. i.rl.i.'. 11:SO «o l'.':0fl MiilnlKliI KKHN—Toil Weerns and Id* I'M lustra: 11:IS. New*. KKI—Trd Wffms; 11.;,;, M M.V.I! KL'MC—Silver Nortnip^. FRIDAV A:0fl In (I::UI a. m. KKRN'—Mirth and Minlm-n* . f- ' ' . NaLlonal J'artn .-, nil Jiutiic H».jr. <i:.t') In 7:IHI a. m. KK.RN—Nnlionul Kurtn Hint llurne Hour; 6:45, Mu»ri'iil R-VPP||IV KKI—Chui-rf \Vatnn .|»III|".M>P KPMC—Aluaical t'li.ik. f> . On the Kami. 7il5 P.M. LOWELL THOMAS NEWS TIME DON LEE-MUTUAL Standard of California •!:00 to 7:SO a. m. Kt'i'.\ v,->-\f.-, T 15, Mfltttn Asronsky. Kl i '!.»IH> !!l I lie. News. 7:15, KI'.Mi'-'V" 1 f. 7.]:i. Mrliulies of Today. T::i(l (n M:nn a. in. Kl:!'.\ -.l.rn.-s Ablie Observes; 7:4i, The Kl I l:,-\pill,' Houndup: 7:45. Sum lii'AK'- T"n Tunes: 7:40, Weill'H Newa; K:im |o 8:30 n. m. KKI'.V- -riiLiwond Lawtnn i;15. Viitory .MilM tl:? Kl'l --.lnl'iiny Murraj; 6:15. T. 11. KI'.M 1 ' —>'hi<dy A'aiify Folkn. 8::tO In »:00 n. nt. KKI- \i'iv« Pnrmd: S l.i. Dn\ifl H;imm. KI'M'' Wall.x T(iwriBi>nd: .SI, In Y" if \eiKbi»ol hood , k .,.", i hurlntte li,.i-lile. 0:00 to 9:30 n. m. k i;n\—Nf \v» nf tiii- Wmlii 0 in I.urai N.-«.«; »•).•.. The U'.inun'H l'«t:i. Kf'M' 1 Hoike C;irtpi; !) 15, ,\FIIIH>H and rinc-i-B ,n the .News. !I:HO to J0:0(1 a. in. Kl IJ.V -Hi i'ii Ufa Hi ul. Sa nil's K i'Mi' - Mnllniul. I'. S. A : !i.l. r .. The .\ ina/.ji--,' Jennifer l.n(»';in. 10:00 to I0::t» u. m. KI-'HN' —-Tuny .Morse. 1 n l.'i (ilamoioua in (Hil Califuima; in -'.i, MIIKH-. Kl'MC — Newn; 10.15. Jai-k Berrh. l(l::l(l tn 11:00 H. m KKIIS"—My True Storj ; 10:i,5. The Aunt .U-mima Khuvv. KPMC—l.unrheon With T.opez; In. 15, News Hi-hind thu Ni'\\ H. 11:00 tn 11:30 H. m. KKRN -Tiiiukbat-c TiilkiiiB: 11 15. Island KP.Mi'--(.»di1« lind Knds 1'iorn .Ncw- IICMJ'K; 11:15. A\"jilt/. Tun". 11:.')(! In 1-.':00 Niiiin Kl-:n\'—Claminir .Mannr. K I'.Mi'--.\iu man Cluutiei ; ]1.4.',, Kfll'iKlf .MlJHH.Hl Library. l:::(IO to l'i:30 p. m. KKU.V— -News of tln> Wmlil, 1" 10 1 .in a I News; 12.15, 1 lollywuiiil Slur Tune. KP.M'' — Nuvs; 12 15. Noun Time No, k t.luls. l:!:3fl In 1:00 D. m. KKliN -- l!i i wi ,11 ibe Lines. 12.45. KlBllI I,i ll:i|i|iui"so. KPMi 1 --I'ntint i v rominentaKir: 12 I.". Skjlino Srn-iiii.le. I :IMI fn I :.'IO p. m. KKHN .-Sinn Iliivs; 1 15. It'll, \i,|n,ls. KPMi'-- \Vulti-i finniiliin; 1 15. OI.MI !:;!() In 'Mill p. in. KKK.\ .--Timi, VI,'«H the Ni:ws; 1 45. Hudily 'I'uiss. 1.5". News. \Vnlil.-r HIIUMI. KPMi.:—.Mum.- fur Item, -inliranrc. •;:(iu in '.' : :io p, in. KKRN —AVhen :i (In I .Murneis: 2.15. We J,,,v,. ., n ,| I.,.,,,-,,. KI'Ml'— |,':u . x :u,,l Pliir<-» < I) the Newt: 2 15. Mutinv 1,11 tbii HiKh Si^^. 'J::((l lii 3:00 p. in. KKKN.' —What's Hum 1 Liiilirs? Kl'MC—Ciililiuues anil QIIUI..IIH; 2.45, Kalviitiuii Army. • 3:00 In 3:30 p. tn. KKIi.V — Apiuiinlini'iit With Life. Kl'.MC—<;<il!iM Itepfrt UIK. ;,.I5. 3:30 In 4:00 n. in. KKHN—Kllli-l nnrl Alhi-rl; 3:45. The ISIInrl Trouliarlnr. KPMC—ThingM \Vorth While. 3.45, JohtiHiin l-'ainil>'. 4:00 In 1:30 n. m. KKKN—" I rent Melody. KPMi:—Knl I tin Lewis, Jr.; 4:15, Real Life Stoi leu. 4:30 tn fi:00 p. in. KKRN'—Andy and Viriiima: -I -IS. News of tlie Wnrlil: 4:55. Local News. Kl'.MC—World's Kiont Page; 4:45, Vincent Lopez. 5:00 In 5:30 p. in. KKKN—Terry and thu Pnati-s; fulf,. Pick Tracy. KPMC—Chick Curler; f,-l, r ,. Superman. B:30 In (1:00 p. in. KKKN"—,T;u U A i insli nny ; ;,.•!',, 11 op llarrlpan. KI'.Mt:—Adventures of Ti,ni ^Ii\; 5:4",, NiKht News \\'ne. Tonight FRED WARING ^•^r • • • il%lVt fek.llklAft^> ^f A ^«* A *.m^ and h!s PENNSYLVANIANS LOVELY DONNA DAE Htr gorgeous voice Itnds zest •nd •njoyment to these thirty delightful minutes of music and harmony. FRED WARING in person. Favorite of millions for his smooth popular music ••• his Pennsylvanians are rated as one ol America's top dance bands. Here's a "stand-out" musical treat that all lovers of good popular music will enjoy. EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT 8:30 P. M. POLEY MeCLINTOCK Gives out with the drums as one of th» stellar performers in this famous aggregation of Pennsylvania music makers. IT S A BLUE NETWORK PROGRAM featuring THE MEANEST MAN IN RADIO and JOE REICHMAN The Paf,liacci of the Piano KPMC 8:30 P.M. C*r. 1944. Dubmut Aperitif Wine. Pnduct ojUAJL. Dutemut Corp* Phila., fa. V OUT OLK WAV By J. K. \V1LUAMS / MO, SIR, I'LL TAkTE Y 6DT DOW'T SHE TCV 1 MO PART iw AMY ] TO G;T HIM TO vMORK-AJAi 1 SCHEME ACTIVIST / BULLDOZE HIM IFHEDOM'T? HIS MOTHER.' VOU ^\ YOU STUDYIKJ' TBE A THiKJK HE SET THAT OLD \ LAWYER., A HELPER OF BED OUT SO. WE'D LAV |t\) \ THE DOWMTRODDEM.THE IT TO WAIT FOR. HIVA AMD \ OPPRES-SEP' ER ARE KAAKE HIM SEEM ABUSED ) VOU TH. 1 PROSECUTOR AfOD OVER.WORKEP AMD " LET HIM OFF- _ v '., rTir-i -!^ 1 '/' l.^iflS ! i MO.TH AJ3 ^m<; \ THE Dig.Tia>rg.t=, .SlOMAL. \ T'M;"^'' 'w,wvU!air:,x,. <? .^ WIL '- lAM '-' T M »|C. U *. FAT OFf OLK BOAKDING HOLSK With MAJOR ilOOPLB X'LL LET Hllv\ HIS FAVORITE SOLO THIS xr»o PLrW A Ot»iE-PERSON MOB SCENiE TO <3ET IT/ NOD 6U8MORMAL SPANIELS TO TH^T TOO/XV T PRESENTED MARTHA WAR BOMOS IrATHE. AMOUNfT OF */r,COO/-~— UM.YAS/ TMAT PEB8LB VOU DERIDED \MAS A DiNiOSMJR E66, AFTEB. ALL.'—KAsiE SOME BROCCOLI ? A GIFT, JU&T LIV<E TKE3APS GlSllMG UP THE GUMPS PESPRIT- I KNEW I COUUPN'T SCARE ANPV (SUMP INTO LEAVIN HAWK'S ROOST- BUT- That's Big Talk, Mr. Hawk WHEN HE <SOT THAT LETTER CALLIN' HI/W BACK TO THE CITY I WISHICOULP SUGGEST SOME WAV FIG<SEREP I COULD SCARE THE/W WOMENFOLK OUT By GUS EDSON OH,IVE<SOTA FLAN,ALLRI6h IT'S SURE FIRE BUT I KINPER HATE TO 40 THAT FUR — GASOLINE ALLEY \Varin I THINK WE CAN FIGURE THIS OUT. NINA. SKEEZIX HINTEP HE WAS IN THE LATlTUPS OF THE ON THE MAP/. THAT WOULP MAKE IT THE MAi?SHAuLS, THE CAROLINES Off THE MAKWNAS. WE ARENJ'T F4« INTO vTrie C/*J30UN6S,.VeT. HE SAID IW VOUR LETTER, THE SUNSETS WERE OVEI? A NEW SEA: THAT is THE PHILIPPINE SEA. THATS NEW NAME fOK IT. THEM, H6 D HAVE TO 5E IN THE MAfclANAS TO L00< WEST OVEK THAT. By KING HEKES ANOTHER CLUE, "ISLANDS OF THE THIEVES.' THE MARIANAS THE LADffONES, AND THAT IN SPANISH MEAN THE THIEVES. THEN IT'S PPOBABLV SAlPANI, TIMIAM OK GUAM. AND rVE OUOHT TO BE ABLE TO DOPE THAT OUT. BOOTS AND I1EK BUDDIES All Settled AS5VK By EDGAU MAIITIN TO . so \"X VO^R't. FHKCKI,KS AM) HIS FKIKNDS Meow! THERE GOES THE . EX-TOWERS MODEL / MA-HA.' SHE'S LJbO.TOO , THE GIRL WHO >, TPAGIC ' HAD HER PICTURED )A GREAT IN GAZE 1 MAGAZINE/ 7CAREER IS SHE CONFESSED SHE- TOOK PICTURES OF HERSELF ANJD MAIUED THE CAMERA To THF i By MERRILL BLORSER EVIDENTLV WHEN SHF JERKED THE STRING ON THF CAMERA SHE PULLED IT OUT OF POSITION / r IHE OWLV PICTURF SHE GOT WAS ON£ OF HER FEET AND AND VOL) NEED MORE THAN THAT TO CLIMB TMF . LADDER OF FAME I WASH '1LIH5S Travelogue? By LESLIE TURNER- CAPTAIN fAY NAME'S KELLX... SPECIAL SERVICE OfFICER HERE XES, ... ARE THE FILMS you'te FOR THANKS.. THE/'Pf THE LATEST HOLLV- 00 RELEASES ..PROM BU6S BUrJWY TO TH' UGGESTSUPE* COLOSSAL ITS ONE WAY WE CAN 6IVE THE SOYS A BIT Of THE LIFE KNEW AT HOME. RlfiHT UP OM THE- BATTUEFBOMT VOU FELLAS HAD SHOWS ON WITHIN 300 O 1 THE JAP LINES B ASr ARRIVES* „ AT HIS BASE ON 5A1FAM AnnouncaiMitt* WAMTAiS , Classified Advertlafna; column* of Th Bakerifleld Callfornlan clou* prnmpll> at 10 o'clock each morning for ill nne- rolumn ad". Two-column nr larger id must be placed the dav b«for* publlCH linn. Phone 7-7631. 1-H-t KVDEIt ROBBER-' HE ALL TVT <BHOVJ /AOMEY.' Saving Lead By TRED BARMAN STOP—OR I'LL SHOOT/ BUT WITHOUT A SHOT, THE OUTLAYS) LUttPS TO THE SfJOUNLV ALLEY OOP IIospUalHy, Monarch Brand By V. T. HAMLIN r NODOPY BUT POPES r ^_ EVER WANTA SK ME,.. r r A GUY TSEE voueX 1 PIDN'T ASK YOU/ ROVAL HI&HNJESS, S.C.A WELL, DON'T JUST fiUBBR LOOKINJ'BIRP...IsTAr4D THERE "'*§£ M U 6 MB< IF VA J: 5END 'IM IN/" AWRI6HT, VOU... WHAT'S ON VOUR MIND, WELL, MV GOSH | WHAT HAPPENED TO X*J? BOY. VOU LOOK A ., ».,„_- MBS6.' HSY, PUIMICV..Y MIXEP FBTCMSOMrfORST 55 *** * FROM TH' ROY WARDROPE DOC BRONSON! 0 irive TEl For rent—Trucks, i tekupi. trailer!. Park «r'«. Eighth and Union avaouc. Phnn 2-9942. 1-21-t ALL kinds of welghta and width* nf can vai, Canvas gonds made tn order a Hornung'a. 160« Nineteenth etreet. 1-8-1 REFUNDS on each claailfled advertlee- menti which have been canceled befor the expiration date must be called to WITH CASH RECEIPTS within on month from dale of cancellation. Th Bakerafleld Callfornlan. 6-il-t FIRST TJN'.TT TEMPLE—All tlnlty aerv lees available. Complete etnck publics tlons. SnhscrlptionH taken. Noon allenc dally. 1^3 Southern hotel. Phone 8-8328 5 MALE or fpmnle Hormonp* available a Brunrlnge pharmacy, 15 CheHler. Fhon*» 5-5019. 1 Lost—Found—Strayed SOLID PLATINUM and diamond dinne rlne, .Saturday night. Liberal reward Call 2-IG75. 3 LOST—Billfold. Finder keep money, re turn contents to Pop Robinson, Circl lj\ n. 3^ LOST—Woman's sold woddlnu band, with five diamonds. \'ery valuable to owner Reward. Phone 2-7532. 3- LOST—Large canipo pin, one Bide cracked Belonging to mother. Can positively identify. Reward. Call Urn. -Purvis 2-9 S63. Portei-nold hotel. j!4 LOST—Two car keys on chair, nttache( to miniature boot. Lo.«t In downtowi VK'Inlty. Reward, l-'hone 2-0048. 3_4 ENOLISH HUI.I.DOO, white and brown weiuhs about CO liounda. Reward. Phone _ 2-_71«3. 35 LOST—Black wallet, with initials "C. M.' fontatnH currency and valuable papers Serviceman. Mail to 130 F street, Bak ersficld. Reward. 3' LOST—At or near Odd Fellows hall, pal Kold-rimnTHl Kl-'tRses, In a Doctor Kla koff brown leather «nap case. Reward Phone 2-921 1. FOUND—A male Dalmatian. \'etei'inary on Nlles Hlrent. Personal* HEMORRHO1D SUFFERERS — No hos pitalization nor loss nt time. No surgery nor Injections. New. safe. palnles method of eliminating hemorrhoids now available from Dr. I.. R. Pennlngton U. C., suite 1. Professional building Phone 6-6100. J-6-t 6ACRO-IL1AC LESIONS, low back pains arthritis, constipation and prostate dl orders coriected. Dr. D U.' Parish D. C.. 40' Haberfelde building. Phnn 9-9-32. 8-9-t HUSBANDS' WIVKS! WANT PEP Ostrex Tonic Tablet* pep up weak bodies lacking iron; also contain vita tnin Bl, calcium. 35c trial size nov only 29c. At all ("rug alores every w^cre. 3 ANYONE wifihine to see Marry Egger former manaser of Eastern, pieaiib cal at 1S2,'! Ciie.sler avenue. HAVINCr dissolved partnership in the L'lec trie Cafe, will not he responsible foi any bills other than my own. Mary K (ielsler, Electric Cafe. McFarland Calif. 3; NOT RESPONSIBLE for any bills con' traded by Roy E. Ray. Texaco Service Station. Highway 9I» at Pierce Road prior ti> August 30, 1944. Kirwin May .1. V. Crahlll. :i£ H. D. McRride Detective Accncy. room 110, Jiay buildInp Itakersfiekl. Licensed and bonded. Confidential investigation. Phone •J^SOO or 2-66.',!). 9-7-tf Financial A MONTH REPAYS $100 LOAN IN FULL, IN 12 MONTHS. NO CO-SIGNERS. made on salary, furniture, autoa (no insurance needed^ to office employees, skilled and unskilled industrial work* ers. civil service employees, business executives, etc Private. Prompt. Come in, write— or phone first: when approved pick up cash. You get full amount of loan. Private sales of automobiles and furniture financed. Natlon-wido Credit Cards Issued and honored here. 340 Sill RuiJding (Under the bip Coca-Cola sign) K,OS 18th Street W. Ve'-)iaag, Algr. Phone fi-6595 for INCOME TAX PAYMENTS SCHOOL NEEDS NECESSITIES ETC. BORROW ON Automobiles Truck! Furniture Farm Equlpt. Salary "PAID FOR OR NOT" You may atlll borrow for aa long aa 12 monlha. 100% LOCALLY OWNED Trade with local people who understand local conditions. W. J. (Bill) Bergman Maurice St. Clalr 25th and Cheater Opp. Montgpmery Ward Phone 6-6796 Appointmenta Made 9-1-tf EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Cash for Thirty Days Repay $102.60—Total Cost ONLY $2.50 If You Prefer, Take Up to Twelve Month* to Pay Only You Have to Sign- No Co-signers , AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales of Automobile! and Furniture Financed SEABOARD FINANCE COMPANY 2300 Chester Telephone 9-9421 MONET TO LOAN Long term, all type farm loans, 4H per cent interest. No commission to borrower. .1. E. WARREN REALTY CO. TULARK THEATER BUILDING TULARE. CALIF. PHONE 38 9-4-tf >VANTED, from private party, $3f>00 loan on BakerBfield home. Phono 4-4235. 34 •Ui»lng»« ppportunltjf* SALE—Cafe In Arvin. Write Box 1103. Arvln post office. 36 GROCERY Htore for xale, doing good business, ideal location. Cash only. 656 Hrundage Lane. 33 iVELI.-EQUIPPED beauty shop for lease, doing good buslneua, in good location. Phone Arvin 83. 33 FOR SALE—DRIVE-INN, COMPLETELY EQUIPPED, 18 STOOLS. NEW FOUNTAIN. PLENTY OF REFRIGERATION SPACE. LARGE LOT. A GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR THE RIGHT PARTY. $3000 CASH. $3600 TERMS. CALL 3-1113 FOR APPOINTMENT. 34 Schools—Instruction HIGH SCHOOL/ completed at boma for recognised diploma; <00 other couraea. rree catalogue Call Lea Manfull. T-76T3. International Correapondenee 41 Transportation—Bus** FRKE MEALS AND PILLOW! Lowest Parea to All Pnlnta ALL-AMERICAN BUI LINK INC. «I4 Chester Ellis L. Rail Phone 1-8438 1-7-tt SANTA FE AND BUKLINQTON BUS DEPOT Sixteenth u« T. Phone I-04TI ,.6-tf Occupational •orvlcos HAVE your car glazed In the modern way. A smooth, long-lasting: finish done by an expert. The co»t; Is reasonable and satisfaction guaranteed. Also steam cleaning and car washing. Make your appointment today. PHONE 6-6457 FIRESTONE STORES TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER AVE. 9-2-tf TRUMAN'S TRANSFER—Long distance and local. 812 North Ch««ter, Olldale. Phone 2-8914. 39 WASHING POLISHING STEAM CLEANING SIMONIZ1NG MACK AND SON California and P Pbon* 2-1220 . WE DO TREE) topping, removing: fane* building, team work, plowing, general work: just work: hava truck. Phone 6-5740. V WE BUILD ANYTHING MADE OF SHEET STEEL. FURNACE AND • COOLER SERVICE. 3826 CHESTER AVE. 9 7-7996 8-3-tf' BKST plumbing eervlce. The beat costs less. Repair and remodeling: little job* Bet first attention. County license. Phone 2-2192. S« BRICK WORK ot all kinds. Barbecue/ pita a specialty. Phone 7-7325. SB HOMEMADE COOKIES Dinl 2-2!i4!> and place your order to Include homemade cooklea In your gift to> thone boys at home and overseas. 87. PAINT CONTRACTOR—Interior and exlerlor: reliable wom. M. L. Herron. Phone 2-4331). 87 HATS denned and blocked. Opernlor for-| mer emiilnye of Stetson'ii factory for 7 years. California Hat Shop. 807 Baker street, East Bakersfield. 84 RELIABLE PAINTING Inside and Out , • SID D. HELLER Licensed and Bonlad Cot,tractor 2409 "Eye" Street Phone 2-2<9T' 7-lD-tf TRE1! SERVICE CO. Pruning, Shaping, Topping* * Also Treea Taken Out B. Parker Free Estimating 1(07 H Street Phone 2-3189 FENDERS NEED REPAIRS? CAR NEED PAINTING? See Kenny Bachman for Estimate and Appointment MOTOR CENTER Twenty-second and Chester Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac 33 FOR GENERAL contract and repair work, phone 3-0675. (I FOR STENOGRAPHER SERVICE SEE US Courteous and prompt service. Will consider phone or rush orders. San Joaquin Agencies, Edward W. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street, phone _2-0653. 9-1-tf HOUSE PAINTING, inside and out, and commercial spray painting. Estimate* gladly given. M. H. Druey, licensed contraclor. Phone 2-6300. 35 BRAKKR REMNED AN'D ADJUSTED WRIGHT'S BRAKK SHOP Hwy. flfl nt Circle Mohawk Corner Jack Wright. Prop. Phone 2-9101 63 WANTED—PRUNING AND TREK TOPPING. TAKING TREKS OUT. WJ9 GUARANTEE OUR WORK. FREE ESTIMATES. L. G. FLOYD. 331 WILLOW DRIVE. PHONE 8-8874. 35 PAINTING. Can do Immediately. Roofs, stuccos, exterior, interior, ranches, potatoe sheds, etc. Specialize In spraying. Reasonable prices. A. G. WillinRham, Painting Contractor, 6214 Pacific, 2-6683. 34 Help Wanted—Mai* LIKE TO HELP RUN TRAINS? Work for a company whose biggest job Is still ahead! This is a job for a sincere, reliable man who wants not only Rood pay, but really Interesting work as a Brakeman with S. P. No experience needed. W« train you in short order and you get student pay while learning. Most of the jobs are at Tracy. Fine pension plan. Railroad pass privileges. Medical service, good people to work with. Investigate today. Student switchmen and firemen needed also. Apply at Superintendent's Office, S. P. Company, Bakersfield, or your nearest S. P. agent. M1LDLL-AUED man (or funeral and ambulance work, exitrlance not necessary Fllcklnger-Digier. Chapel, 1217 (,'hester. $-ll-tf EXPERIENCED TIRE MAN. GOOD SALARI, EXCELLENT POSTWAR OPPORTUNITY. FIRESTONE 8TORE8. TWENTY-FOURTH AND CHESTER AVENUE. 8-SO-tf WANTE'J—AT OtiCB. AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC. PERMANENT WORK: TOP WAGES. APPLY BAKER.ADAMS PON- T1AC GARAGE. 1701 OH ESTER. «-«.tf WANTED—Bui boys. Apply dining room. Hotel El TaJon. 40 WANTED—Man to work aa general all- aro.nd helper In milk plant. Teakwood Farms, 825 Roberta Lane. 14 GREEN FILERS and timber handlers. Saw mill, to miles eaat ot Baktrafleld. Pbone> 2-4947. 42 WANTED—Man too old to fight but atlll able to work. Phone 6-6135. evening 33 CARRIER helper wanted in Riverview. Phone V<srne Wileon, 2-8623 or call 383 Belle avenue. 9-5-tf WANTED—Boy over ichool •(• or man, for steady employment. Fhon* (-(435. evenings 3-1883. . jj HELPERS WANTED for ••ophyiloal crew. Experience not required. Acer 18-60. Steady work in an enentlal In-* difntry with a good chance to advance. Availability certificate required. Applr U'6 OROI-CB Hay buildlnK. S-S-t'f ROUSTABOUTS and rotary helper*, work near Bakerafield, 6 and 7-day work week •chedules. Phone 0-9461. Tide Water A»aoclated Oil Company. a» ' DISHWASHER—Must be experienced Man or woman. Freddie'* Cafe, Twentv- fourtli and 88. g| '.'ANTE1J—TWO MEN FOR RRRAPPINQ DBPARTMBNT. EXPERIENCE FERRED BUT NOT NROEI GOOD SALARY TO START. BTON-J! 8TORKB, TWENTY^rOURTK AND CHESTER AVENUE)' j.?j.{f WANTED—Night man (or garage. Dunn'* Oarage. Phone 1-2911. 141* ilghtienth NEEDED »o help maintain tranipnrtatlra. auto and Uuck nwchanio* and body mm. rail time work. Motor Center. Butek. Ch«vrol«t an<1 radlliao dealer. Se.Baefc man. Twenty^econd and Cheeter WANTED—Man for *«n«ral work on golf course. Apply in person at Stockdale Country Club Golf Shop. 35 STEADY WORK on wlimograph erew. Healthy outdoor work, no exlerlenc* 5J C8 "?? I ;Y > A1< ° »hanc« to travel. Room ?.»;„. 9. rUe » «>ulldin«. Nineteenth an™ Bye. „ WANTED—Boy to work after achool and on Saturdaya. about two houra dally! Apply n peraoa acly. Brown'* B»lTar#! 9 Cheater avennax si VANTED—Janitor, middle-aged, white, experience preferred, but not

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