Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 26, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 26, 1907
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. u toil. EL K*. M 8 L Wlale IT*. M SIX riCBS. lOLA. KAjrSAS. DXCSan M, 1M7. THrBSDAT ETESdXG. BIX riaiB. r GREED A WRESTIEI^ iBSISTAKt CHIEF PUTS AUkS 0\ HIS BACK. SIRI HILDRETH DREW GUN 'K^HICKETC" CBAWFORD CHABGEQ {, IVITH BOOTLEGGING. HU Brottarr Jobn Tried to Asafif , , ^ Him !• Eaeaplag Uw f Officers. B««ldea being a sood policeman. AS' BlsUitt Cbief ot PoHve Jobn J. Cr«e^ ! last lilgbt proved that be was a wreat^ ler by tbrowlng "Chicken" Crawford, a bad colored man who attacked hlih whll^ In bis custody wttb the Idea ti Kettiiig away. After having som^ difficulty to get Crawford out ^ Groomer'i hall where he was nrj»BC^ on the charge of bwitleggln^. they weroi met at the comiier u( Urawu^ drug itoro by John Crawrord. a hiotlt- »r of iho man In ruttiwly of iho offl^ efB, whrt U>ld hU brl)iher to cllwch Crevd and trould ia)ii> rare of iJw otb«r man, inoaning aim Hildrvth'j who wan lioliduK Crvcd tnko "Chtclt- on." Thp offlcor waa loo milrk for hln| and had the rolitrcil nimi lyinK (tal ofi Mt back bi>ri>re he Mnihl icitllRa whit had liapiieni'd to liim. where he hehl hfm iin((t fie «'«« rmdy to got and go tu Jail wllhuut further trouble... The moment Creed tripped hla man John Crawford iuoved forward ns if to help hlB brother but ysas met With a ablnlng revolver in ibc hau,d8 of 07- flcer HiWrctfi an<f a ca/ai "eta^d back." The dance In Groomer's ball' w»8 projsressing nicely when Assistant Chief of Police John J. Creed and Officer Sim Hlldreth walked In and stepped up to "Chicken" Crawford telling bim very quietly that he'wys wainted. Crawford began to argue the matter, saying that he would not ^o undier any circumstances because ,;lf they arrested him .here,he would n» returned to the rei'ormafory at fiiitffi^ inson, Kansas, as he Ks now off on: a paiiole. A crowd gathered around. EQD^e assisting the officers and others doing everything to prevent the arrest of Crawford. Crawford himself fought vigorouslv against the arrest. His brother. John Crawford, iu bis efforts to help bis brofber. struck HlUrcth who was help Ing! Creed, knocking him half way down the stairs but the otflcer came' back facing a threat by Jobn Crawford that he bad the drop on bini and he had better not move, and succeeded with ibe assistance ^ot Crei-d, wnillj^m Groomcr. Will Lowe and Brooks Lane In .getting the man down stairs. A wbi^lesale shooting match was ai'erted ity the calm work and the exhibiting of more than usual amounf of nerve oi[ the part of the otncers Who faced rero^'ers In the bands of a i^m bar of men who were trying to prevent the arrest of their Xriend. After he saw that all resistance was fruitless, "Chicken", began to beg .Creed to kill him. "I would rathe^idie than return to the reformatory I sure will If you (afce me." But fo spite of bis begging the man was lodged in jail to aw-aii trial. , "Chicken" was sentenced to the-reformatory at Hutchinson, Kansas, some time ago but served but part of his term, being paroled on good .'behavior. . During the excitement which prevailed in the dance hall w-hen .the officer took Crawford, several women became frightened and fainted . ^ It was necessary to take three of them jto their homes. \Mlliam Groomer, owner of the haJ; where the dance was being held, conducts an orderly place. The arirest of Crawford last evening dfd riot ^row court this morning on the charge of EclUag liquor. He pleaded not guilty asd his trial was set tor tomorrow afternoon. TO PAV ay THE T0i4. ; City to Cut ExpcHM of Tranipofta. ' tibn. POOR REMEMBERED lOLA DID HER BEST TO HAKE TUEH HAITT. CHARITY BOARD'S GOOD WORK OYER 0 >E Ur>DBED CHILDBEX LOOKED AFTER. Salvation .Irniy Dnrrrfuff of Prabc .Santa Clans Letters Answrred. Over a hundred little chlldrca were made glad yesterday with Christmas presents, and cloiblug by the Aaso- olated Hoard of Charities. For the iiasl week the board has been cuilectlnK clothing which has been meudetl and made ready lor wear at the work rwoni. In addition to the clothing. Uie i;ood people of u>la have been brlng- • nt! ill ch»<licu's presiuils for the jnisi wock. The charity work dnno this Christ- maa WHS III all prulNiliillty bn»«dcr and nioro syntoinailr than »»vi >r lioforo. (•\ir the puHt t \,-u wtHikx thi> iHnird haA twii iiittkitiK a Oioi'OiiKh ninvuNM of ihp iiiwu jupiM'tiilaim! whiii finullloi* .*i>ii» ih'iiorvljijt i)f iilil. Th»» work him liei<ii rnrrtt'd im R«I iiysitMiiuiliNilly. thni ilui Imard feoU HHH«' conndont (hni • cry fi<w, If any, fniiillli'it di'McrvIng of Rid wcro •iivcrUMikod, Thi> public i>m>n)d i>K|u<('tiilly iii\\Uiui« .ii Hrc III It thill Siiniii I'lauH V|H||I<I| ilio piior cliildri>n nf llii> riiiiiiuiiiiiiy. I'lilU, limiks ami tiiyn of i-vi'i-y dcHcrlp Don liiive boon ciiiiiftig (ti. TIK' liti.ird INHIHUMI by a numlior of yoiin^ people I'l-tiiii llic different cIiiirfJioH. bogan ibr >v<iih of dletrllimlon Tuosdny evening hut did not coiiiplcle It yo.»tiTd:iy, nl- :hougli they worked the most of the 'ay. All of the prenonts and clothing will not bc^dislributcd unlil pns- *tl)ly tonight as some things are still '.lolng brought in. The board in Its canvni^s found MKinr adults who needed clothing. One jr two women were found who were inublc to leave their homes because I hey had no shoes. They also found scviiral men who could not go on the it reels because of their ragged clothing, i Possibly SCO or 975 was given thej 'loard In cash fur charitable purposes. I This money was given by the officials t fihe cepient plants and the churches ind Sundftv acbogta..' Bverv Sunday fcfaool tfiok-*-eoIlecllon after their "e.\- rcise.'; for the beneDt of the poor. lereral Individuals mado cunlrihu- 'ion«. This money is being Invested in clothing. The Salvation Army did effectivp .vork for the poor. They distributed hirty-pijiht baskets of provisions. Thi» )a:ikets were of the bushel size and contained everything that go to make ip a good dinner. In the list of pro• ^•iions were a piece of meat. pies. Takes, canned <?oods. celery, sugar and xjffec . I-ast year the army sent oiit •hirty-seven baskets. The dinners •sere delivered yesterday ninrnlng. ":brlsinias night the army gave the •htldrcn a Christmna tree which was o.irtei! with candy, mils and toys. .Vp.irJy evory Jrltrr wr!ti.»n by thf -hildrfn at the Orphans Homo Ui Santa Clans was aiiswerod. In addi- Ion to Iho presents ask^d fof- in liese IrttiTs many othen wsro giv- •n the chlldri^n. Wnllor Hull an'sWer- -d thp letter of ilu' Iltt'c girl who iFkeil for a sot of dishes, s.-ndlng •.» •Pry siibsfautinl set. Xorthnip's Nat- vinal Banfc gave a four pound box of "andy and a sack of mixrd nuts. H Stoypr, the pmcer. donntpd n good •unply of orangps and nuts. Hrown- neld &. Dftvls FRVo 10 pounds of their hest candi'^B. Mrs. R. B. Wnrnor. iir .'si'Ien! of the Wlnrking society of he Congregational church at Genevn, rave to the matron to hp used fnr he home. A number of other parties :ave the children toys and treats. On Tuesday night the children of he home enjoyed a Christmas tree. The tree was loaded with pr^jiont"! ^f ev3ry description. The manaKP- •rent of the home was hichly Bvatlfird w/fh tbp response of the public In be needs of the children of the home. 'POSSUM IN HIS BARN DR. GARLINGHOUSE'S BARN RENDEZVOUS FOR WILD ANIMALS. I IS Newt Collier, Boy Hostler, May Keep Animal for Circus He Will Sometime Own. ni :SSE>GEK BOYS GROW RICH. Kansas PorltaBd Remembers Lonnlc RlrhardsoB and Alfred Allen. Ix>nnie Richardson and Alfred Allen. Tiessenger boys for the Western Union, are strutting about today like iristocrats. The Kansas Porl- oi v.rawio.u laoL ^ !and gave each a fT, gold piece as a but of any thing that happened atitheChrtstmas present for the cotirtesies t .. J I J ... «. . I extended them by the boys during the hall. He had asked the oBccr to. as- 1 _ .--.I.....™ ... .M. ,h,^ slst him In keeping order. liast vear. In addition to this the boys St hira in KcepiuB urur.. , idvertiscd that the.v would carr>- rr-wford was arraigned In pbllce Christmas presents this week and as Crawiora was arraigacu lu 1 rpanpd ou te a sum on result they reaped quite a sum on the side. ^ FAMILY BOW 131 BASSETT. Hiubud and Wife Ceiebnte Xnas by A husband and wife were arraigned In police court In Uaasett thisanom- 'ng for disturbance of the peace yes^i. I.- -m I uij- .» •n*' Judge Hlldner gave them .hJ.'"' 11^ ^Ji««J f- * ^'"^ taken hop* by the.method ifW<£^^lll bf to- ton.Pallet Judge Hlldner since he OoSaoijd to rednce itv exptmif oTlfook fiU ofHce ten <lay» ago. HARKNEB8 of Eaat fola. will . u lllaatrBtM loetnre at the tteetlBS at tbe T. IL C. A. next '•ttaraoo^ "... ^1 Dr. O. K Garlinghousc discovered ypstc.-day tJjat the lloor ot his bani was being used as a burrow by an oiiossum. Recently, when the snow was on the ground Newt. Collier, Dr. (^riingUouse's hostler, thought be detected tb** tracks of a 'possum near the barn. WJien he told several people alinut it they gavR him the equine ha.' ha.', and asked "where he got IL" nut Newt Is no amateur in the 'pos sum liusinoss and was convinced tbat h? was right ns to what kind of an animal loft the tracks. In addition to thf track.-! hr illscoverpd pvldrnc?s of a forasi" bavin:; boi-n nuiilp on the fetfl in tht' Itnrn by snme nnlinal. Young Colllor always makps It a point to spi'iid Christmas hunt'ng 'Hiissiiiiis and so yostoidny ninmlnK ibo olil di'siro rami> ii)ion him again. IIIH dull<<!< won' ttvi im»a>i|ni;, how oviT. anil bo wjm on ilio iMiUit of ro- HlgninK hims »>ir to liavlng to givo up ih:< 'poKKiiin hunt fur llio first f^lirlst' nuiH In vonw whou hi« thoiiKht «>r lb" IMCUH alioiK ilii< barn. Having n lit Ir ximri' lliii<<, ho nini|i< a ran<fiil oxaiiiliuiiiiui iif Iho r *iior of tlio bnrn mid wax rownrdoit by tliullim a Mg fat 'POMMIMII. it SllppOHOll llllll llio animal canio up fioni tlii> crook on a fiinielni: oxpoillilon and foiiuil llio pli'khii: HI) iMiikil nt I>r. llprllimliniiKo's ll•^l(l<•m'(• lli.M |ii» ilorldod In roninln. Young CnllliT. II will 1)0 ronioinbor- I'd. wont off with a circus Inst sum- n .-r and liocanio vi-ry much Infaliiat. r<\ Willi Iho lilra of rnndiirtlne n clr oils of Ills own sonio time, noninni- Iirring that fho groat I'. T. nnrniini started out with a cinnamnn boar and rliised Ills caroor wllh a niaenlflcpnt sl.ow, .voiing Cnlllor is inclined to luipo nt lp.-\^?t that the 'jiossum may l>o Iho first stone In Iho foundation for ,in linnipn.«!r circus to be known ns "Cnlllor'a Tronionduous Three Ringed Circus." However. If some gcntieman of r.hady color should lis? apprlsod of Col/lor's iwsspssion he ni.i.v offor such Influcenionts for the 'possum that Collier may lie willing to give up his ambitions for the present at least. EXPECT GOOD GAME Eureka liu>krt Rail Tram Said lo Be Strong One. Tlie g.ime between the Eureka and Ida hich school basket ball teams which will ho played in the Y. M. C. A. gym. Friday night iirnnilpps to be one of the best of the ."season. The l-Juroka team is now making a trip ov- '<r tills part of the state, playing all ijf ilio Important basket bail teams •ind have not yot boon defeated. They arc schedulod to meet' the Garnelt ii'aia ihl.« cviiliiir. .'\iilwiiii:h ri iiiimlior of the regular plavers- of local team will not be able lo cntor on account of studies, fho I<i<a' liiioiip will IK» a strong one. Willi Osliorno and llcyliuun, forowiirds: Hoot. Murry. Uoovcs and Core, •rti.iril!'. and Knlton. center, as limber • o draw 'rnm the chances for success look good. Til" fn'fowlnff Is the llneijii of fhp Kiirifci" team: Pratcher, center; Sher nian and French, forcwards; Hunt and Slrlmplc. guards. A BOLD ROBBERY TvKO Men Htid Up ir LaSalle Street . Railway Station. Ciiirasii. Drc. 2fi.—Five men. nuo of whom carrioij a revolver, toilay roI>- brd two othor men in the waillni: room of >ho I^Salle si net Railway station. Two of ihc robbers were arrested within a few mini'les and a third two hours later, the others es- rapin?. .losoph Schmidt, of Crote. 111- ii'ols, and another man were alone In the waiting room of the big terminal station wh?n two men sat dnw-n beside, thfm. and a third stood before thohi threatening with a revolver while the robborv was in progress. The thieves obtained only fifteen dollars. IN FRONT OF MOVING TRAIN. Weil Known New York Man a Deliberate Suicide. New York, Dec. 2G.—Hundreds of waiting passengers at the Fourteenth street snbway were thrown into a pBnic during the rush hours today when Eame «t G. Btedman, a lawy?r. sixty one years old. jumped in front of a moving train and was killed. Xo motive is known. Stedmsn was presi dent and a director of the American Cushk>n Company, and a diract- or in other concerns. Notice to Elks. fyodge P.-lday called promptly at 7:30. All roemben rofliiested to be present. After lodge lecture by Prof. Dee Champa on Physiognomy. I HELVIN FRONK, Secretary. L. Lk Poiuler, Exmlted Baler»- .- FOR BOOT LEGGING ROY GBIBBS IVAS ARRESTED . YESTEBDAY BY CHIEF OF POLICE GATES. Plead >'ot GaRfy—Trbl Set for Tumorrow .Vttrr- Boon. Roy Grulibs, colored, was arraigned in (jolice court this morning on the charge of riolatlng the prohibitory law by selling Intoxicating liquor. He Is charged on one count. Ho pleaded not guilty and his trial was set for two o'clock Friday afternoon. The'police say that they could have had several counts but believe that one will be sulHcient to convict him. Chief of Police William Gates made the arrest yesterday In Hooker's restaurant on South Jeffttrson avenue. Roy tlrubbs was returned lu Jail tu await liral. Kd l.;iwroiice. who also was arrested nil Iho charKP of huutlegglng, was rciL'usL 'd Ibis murning. XMAS AT CHORCHES .Wuny l'h>a.>'lng KnlrrUlNmrnla Ulven iui 'Mtluy Xlttht. t'bili'lnuiK wax oolobiaii-d in si»iu.< way liy ilio Suiulay nolintils »if ovoiy olniroli III till' oily. In niniosi ovoiy Kiiii II Iroo was Ilio ili'ooi'aliiin and la all pf thoiii llu> rlilldroii worn iiiVi'ii a tronl, Tito nailing of li'liirs. lolllni; bow CbrislinaK IM eololirnlod In fiiroign oounirlcs. fiirtuoil tho ontorlnininont at Iho Clirlstinn cliiirch. Tho letter iruin .lapaii. writloii by a mlssidnary ii. that cdiintry on what Is known ns fish vtiln paiMT. was perhaos the most liiteroKting. The class roproBentlng ihi> Philippine Islands buill a houso i»hich was vrry attractive. I/oiters from India, Africa. Sweden, Argentina, Thobit. Japan and the Philip- lines wiTo read. Tho Cantata. "Santa Claus' Doings." nt the Raptist church, as put on by tho luembsrs of the Sunday ;:chool was more than a success. Tho children were drilled to their known I arts perfectly '>y Miss Ella Ball. "The Santa Claus Club." the cantata Which was put on by the members • of the Msthodlst Episcopal church Sunday school pleased a largo audience. .\ tree was unveiled and the presents given out. Both tile yonns: and the old wer^ idoased by the production of "Santa lias Iho Grip." I'y the members of the I'nitcd Ilrethern church Sunday schnnl. Tho cast was composed of tbirty-fivo voices with six solo parts. The giving services at the Presbyterian ehureh were indeed impressive. As each c!a.''s came forward and ren- dcreil some e:cercisc.4 they gave some thing to the Hoard of Charities to be given to the poor children. One class save stockings, another mittens, another caud.v. The twenty classes contributed a large variety of useful ililn:;s to tho pottr. Miss Maude Min- row'.-; class contriliiilcd three comforts which they made theinsDlvcs. Tho tiprviros at the Reform and 'rinlty ilmrchos were the rendering •if Chrisinias carols and recltatlona. Siieclal preparations had been made at lioih churches. The Little Ituildcrs gave a cantata entitled, "Santa Claus Shadow." at the t'hapcl last evening. Mrs. George Iter roth and .Mrs. J. K. Jones drilled the hlldren. The .Alothcrs' Club presented rs. .Tones with a souvenir spoon. ORDER NEGROES OOT llrnrjillu, Ok. r.xriletl .\(ler t'hrU|. liiHit l.jurhhig. Musliiir.i'o. tik., Ooc. Negroes aro rapidly leaving lleiuyolla, wlicio .lames Garden, a nogio, was lynched .»osionlay fiil'iiwing Ilio murder of Al- liort llalos. TIio iiognics wort* given iioiu-e til got nut of the lowii within forly-flnht hours. A :4o <-iind attack was made on (he jail early this morning by a mob. A mc-iyrd negro named "Itlll" Smith, chnrt-'ed with inciting Garden to commit crime, was sought. Sheriff \V. F. Robert sun, however, got the negro away from the mob and took him to Okmulgee. James Johnson, a negro, who gave Garden a rific, was also taken to Okmulgee. Iliiniors that negroes of the snr- rouDdJng county arc preparing to attack the whites in Hciir.vettat have alarmed the town. These rumors, however, cannot lie vcrllletl. In Muskogee there seems to lie very little excitement among the negroes. FILE WHEATON INFORMATION. M PKKSII»E.>T AT PINE KNOT. Ksprcts lo Remain There Until Xext .Monday. Washincton, Dec. 26.—The president and faniiiy left Washington at 11:10 today for Pine Knot. Va., the country home of Mrs. Roosevelt, where they will remain until Monday afternoon, next. .Miss-Carew, a sister of Mrs. Roosevelt, accompanied the party. CITY GETS SMALL WELL. One ard a Half Million From Butler Farm. A on.^ and one-half mll'ion gas well -as drilled In last evening oa the Butler farm west of the river. Although the well is not hardly what was expected it will be attached to the city mains which ran to this, fteld at once. The rig will be moved soon and another well 6i3.rted. A H(»RBIBLE DEATH. .In Iowa Woman' Rnms Herself to Death. Sioux CItv. la.. Dec. 2fj—Stella Long aged fcrtv-'eighl, last night burned herself to death in a room here, saturating her clothing with coal oil and igniting them. She had first filled her stockings with rags and sticks and hung Ihem over her bed. cnOROE J. Tromboid took sudden- y ill while visiting at the tome of R; B. Stevenson on Elast Mkidison yesterday. He came In to spend Christmas !th Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson when he took 111. His condition Is some bel­ ter today. THE WEATHER. Foredst for Kansas: Generally fair tonlgbt snd Priday; wanaer in •otttb tonlcht; oMilef nidsy;. _ A BIG FRISCO BLAZE EKTIBE BLOCK I.Y COAST CITT DESTBOYED. BUILDINGS WERE TEMPORARY THE LOSS WAS PRI^TIPALLY IS STOCKS CARBIED. The Ifcrrrr RubiN -r Conpaoy Saf- frn I Total Lo !«s— Was in Early Fire. San Francisco, Dec. 2C.—Fire destroyed nearly an entire block bounded liy Mission. Jessie. First and Second streets early today. There were iicverai fatalities and stores burned out and the loss will amount tu more than two hundred ihuusnnd dollars. .Most of the buildings desiruyed were only lemiiuniry affairs su that tb« loss was priuclimlly In the stocks carried by (he (Irnis. Tho IJevory ititl>lipr com iwny suiriTod hoaiviy and it is bo- llevrd will |iruvo n total loss. Papers in Well Known Case Now Filed in District Court. County Attorney C. J. Petersen today flioil tho information in tho WTheaton case. Th;? Information charges il;e same offense as in tho warrant, but is cwuched in different words. The hearing was held Monday, and .Mr. Wlieaton was bound aver to the district court to await trial on the charg.' of manslaughter In that he was Implicated in producing a crimln- a' operation upon Miss Maude Itellly, which operation is al'ogcd to hav'? contributed to her death. SEWERCONNECTIONS Water Superintendent .is .Busy Ans- werin;] Inquiries. There is a general run on nt th,. city hall. It Is not. howevsr, for money, but for sewor connection to comply with an ordinance passed some time ago that all sewers must lie connected by tho first of tha year. Suporlntondent Xewhy of the wate.- dopartmont. Is today very busy ans- wcrlnc innulries. A city oniinance was passed some tim!" ago that all sewers be connected by the first of the year. There is a maximum punishment attached upon failure to make these connections of $10 per day. .•\n effort is being made to have l-.psp connections made as fast as required. STREET CARS COLLIDE. Seventeen PersanH Injured in a Denver Wreck. TO OU^ THE MAYOR .iTTOBXEY GE3 (EB.4L IS AFTEB A COFFETTILLE OFFICUI., THE CITY IS ALSO SUED t'L-VlH MADE THAT FDiE SYSTEH IS IS- rsE. The Jolatfsts. ind Gaablen Glrea Froteetloa for Mo^£]r, It la CkilBcd. ^. ' ~i :^ • - ' ' J [• •( Topeka, Kas:. Dec. 26.—CoffeyrUle's Christmas gift was a lemon lo the form of two ouster suits filed in the supreme court late Tuesday afternoon against Mayor J. H. ^VllcQz and against the city of CoBeyville. Because of the practice of collecting license money from the Jolutlata la the form uf fines, the .Attorney General jsks that the court oust Mayor ^Vilcax (rom odlco and UHUO an uuater ««aln«i l\o city fiirover prohihllluK It from ex- erolniiiK such unaulburiied iiowvra. Tho two Hulls ai'o wlinllar. except that Olio rofors lo ilio clly and tho i>lh> or III ihi< iiiuiur. 'Hipy aro alvo sJintlnr III ilio ouster suits bruutthl aKahisI thn lilos of Jiiuoiloii Clly, PltlsburK. Wlolilia, AteiilHiiii and Lenvunworth and ihoir Mmynrs. The Attorney tieneral charges in Iho Kiiii aKalusl Mayor Wilcox that sinco ho has heon in office ho has.continu­ ously and purposely violated and neglected thu liutlcs of his office. U charges that he has cu-oiwrated with oilier city officials tu liccnso gambling nouses and saloons; that he has co- itlicratcd to collect a tax from these unlawful businesses. It also charges that he has entered into agreements with certain jointlsts and gamblers under which they pay money to the city and are given protection in return. The Attorney General further charg es that Mayoj^ Wilcox not only refuses to aid the county attorney in securing evidence against the violators of the law and in securing witnesses against them, but that he will not permit the jointists and gamblers to be prosecnt- od. It is charged that this condition !ias existed since he went into office, early In the present year. The petition states that Wilcox has iigrcements with the following joint­ ists and gamblers, to whom protection is given in exchange for money, which is turned over to the city treasury: H. M. Levan, H. J. Murphy. Walter H. Harney, M. H. Irwin, A. Clifton, R. C. Mason, Frank Tatman, Talbot Maion. George Cox and John Rout, After ciliBg all of the above facts 11 each case the -fMtorney General isks that .Mayor Wilcox be required to appear -before the court and answer in regard to his. neglect of duty. Ic declares that the mayor has far- cited bis right to the office, and asks that the court oust him from the of- I'.ce. .1 nthe case of the city of CoSey- ille. he asks that the court issue an Ulster forever prohibiting the city or any of Its officials, agents or servants from accepting money from Jointists ind gamblers in exchange for protection from the law. The evidence to be used by the Attorney General In this case was seared by officers of the Sute Temper- ince fnlon. They have been at work n Coffeyvill? for vreeks. and are well prrfiared with evidence for the bearing. •' MINISTER ON TRIAL Rev. Dr. Wm. H. Shaffer AcciMed of Conduc^V Untiecoming a Min- istcr. I>?nver. Dec. 2(>.—Seventeen persons were injured, none fat.illy. in a collision between two trolley cars on the Denver Tramway Company's iln- about midnight last night on West Twenty-ninth avenue and Decatur street. One of the cars should have taken the siding but failed to do so, and the two cars crashed together, head on. INQOEST ON MONDAY Coroner'B Jury to Look into Ira Gay's Death. The coroner's jury which was called to investigate the death of Ira Gay, the boy who was shot at a ataoottaiig match Monday nlghL will l>e held on Monday moralnK at 9 o'clock In Dn. Reld ft Reld'a office. The Jury examined the body yesterday rooming. The funeral over the rpmnins of Ira Gay was held yaiterday afternoiDn at 4 o'ckieic from the Seventh Dny Adventlst <Aareh. vitb the paaior of- fldatlns. Interment was made la ithe IQU oaneteir. ^ Philadelphia. Dec. 26.—Rev. Dr. Wm. H. Shaffer, president of Elder West district In the Philadelphia conference of- the Methodist Episcopal church, wail, placed on trial before an ecclesiastical court-of nine ministers today fthariged with conduct unbecoming a minister. Anonymons letters which it former landlady of Shaffer dec^ar3d she had found in a waate paper basket iu his room figure prominently in the case. It is charged a letter was: sent to Shaffer by Mrs. Martha J. Delchley. a widow, and post mlstrcfis of Morgantown, Ps. The defenf a claims the letter is a forgery. Its contents have not Ijeen made public. If Shaffer is convicted he will be smpended from the minla- rry until the Philadelphia conference holds its aaitual session In March. If the verdict [la then suatalned be can appeal to the supreme court of , the church. Geveraor Folk Flayed Saata Claas. Jefferson- City. Dec. 2fi.— Goremor Folk was Santa Claua for a larga crowd of little children of Jefferaon City this aOemoon at a Chriatinaa trae given at the execnttre maaalm by.Uai and Sfra. Fblk. There vara'120 children preeeai. and was |^T «n a aack of omdr M9A » tojr, • _ .

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