Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 18, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 18, 1908
Page 3
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3 Tact enters into g^ift presentins in so far as it directs your attentions. You surmise t!ie gifts your friends will receive and then ^rch for the unexpected and most desirable gifts of all. The capacity of your purse also suggests tact in your gift-buying, and if the demiuids of that purse are economy, the suggestion Is that yoli your gift selecting here. Here you will find everything wantable in gifts for young and old and here you will find the greatest economy possible. ryihing in MilUnory a# Exaoify Matf Prioe. GroaiBSi rBduoHonm of ihe Seaman in ljuiiaa% MHImmeB' anil Gitililren'm Goats, 113 East nadison RIOUMROSOM'S 113 East Madison CUPID AT POOR FARM Reported That Wedding Bells May Ring There Soon. "He" is Only 91 Years of Age. Word conips from thr poor farm that Cuplii Is RcttliiK busy thore. It ajipears that n sprlglifly KPiitlonian of 01 yoars of afo has hoconip enam- oiirod of a lady iiiinato who Is nearly in the''thrp<',srore an<l ton" class. So announcpment haj boon made as to when the wedding I>ell8 will ring at the county farm but accordinK to the information, it may bo looked for at any time. DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF. Yellow Car No. 2 Tried to Go to Botti LaHarpe and Bassett. ROBBED TWO BANKS PREPARE PETITION A>I» TIIK\ SIX MK> HMfJHT WITH (iTIZKNS, A Macs Meetinn of Men Opposed to Barnes Law Decides to Ask Its Repeal. Boot) HUH ^TIWOO—Gane E^raped In an Auto—Pursued liy I 'tmcc. The little yellow car No. 2 of the lola Electric railway company which. has been used on the retnilar runs. over the company's lines since the i fire, made an effort to divide Itself, this morning, one-half going to. Bas-| i^ett and the other to LaHarpe. WTiile cro&sing the switch to the spur which runs to Bassett and after the front trucks had passed over the switch, the motion of the car caused a vibration! of the sw^itch tongue, throwing it back! to the main line. The rear trucks of' the cAr started for I>aHari>e. while 1 the front tnicks were struggling in j the direction of Bassett. This result-' ed iu the back trucks being derailed. Fortunately the work crew were near and the car was soon running on schedule time without any serious! damage beingv done. i Gibtjon. Net).. Dec. IS.—Six robbers after dynamiting the safes of the Farmers Stale bank of Keene at Keene L'S miles south of Gibbon, and the Com mercial Bank of GlblKin. engaged In a pitched battle here with a numl>er of citizens early today and escaped in an automobile with fifty-five hundred dollars. One of the robbers Is believed to have been wounded and carried off by his companions. Posses are in jmrsuil. Lumber, on the Ground. The first load of material was hauled to the new iwst office site at West and Walnut streets this afternoon. It was lumber for the ofBce of the supervising contractor. tJarrelt an Indersheriff. .1. K. (larrelt. formerly cui the lola police force, will he the under-sheriff under his brother ('. .1. (iarrotf. who was re-elected last fall as sheriff of Coffey county. Mr. (Jarri-tt had the Kasi lola beat when an officer here. His son. .1. O. Harreit. is in the insurance busine .'is here. Register Want Ads Bring Results. A mass meeting of the taxpayers of Allen county who are opposed to the Barnes law was held In the farmers* room In the Allen county court honge this afternoon. There was a good attendance. Hon. E. H. Funston was elected chairman and L. B. Pearson, of Salem township, was chosen secretary «nd trcastirer. These two offlcers with Thomas .1. Anderson. CQunty commissioner, constitute the executive committee. A rfuraber of the men present made Informal addresses telling why they opposed the Barnes law and why they favored Its repeal. It was decided to petition the coming legislature to repeal the law and a collection to defray the expense of having the petition printed and prepared for circulation for signers was taken. ' The petitions will be circulated in every school district In the county by the several clerks of the school boards. The meeting was adjourned subject to the call of the chairman. TO INSPECT COMPANY M. Colonel Wilder 8. Metcalfe is to Be Here December 23. A (ilrl Born. j .A sirl was I)orn last night (o .Mr. and Mrs. K. C. ^^onfort who live on I 'the IVii) Thompson farm southwest of I lola. 1 Starkey to Preach. I L. V. Starkey. secretary of the Y. M. C. A., will preach in the Christian church at Gas City Sunday morning :at 11 and in the evening at 7:30. Colonel Wilder S. Metcalfe has written Captain Baxter McCIain statlnc tiiat he will be hore 00 Wednesday, evening. December 2.1. to Inspect Company M. The inspection Is to be held at the Auditorium. Company M has always shown up well on the In- spector'fl visit and Captain McClaIn Is anxious that this good record be kept up if not surpasseir. ' Real Estate Transfers. Swan Bodine and Nellie Bodine to Ida Johnson, a part of block 3, Savonburg. Consideration $50. 0. W. Lane and wife to Swan Bodine a part of block .1. Consideration »700. A. H. Crumpacker et al to Minnie Jury. lot 3, block la. Remsberg's addition to Gas. j Love Brothers and company to Geo.) G. Beman. a part of N. E. one-fourth, j 10-25-21. Consideration $350. • M«ynard Spink et ux to Andrew W. 1 McGinnls. lot 7, block 1. in McDaa-j iel's addition to lola. Consideration! $1500. Kate Spink and husband to Andrew McGinnls. lot 2 In Evans's subdivir-ion S. E. one-fourth, 26-24-18. A Few Suggestions FOR HOLIDAY QIPTS Why not a practical gift, one that will be appreciated, and at the same Hme useful. Here 18 what we have to offer: A FI>E SriT OK OVERCOAT. HATS, all stylet*, sett or stiff. CAPS. GLOVES. FAXY SUSPEND- ERS. MUFFLERS, TIES. UMBRELLAS, BATH Mrs. Miller Wants Divorre. Mrs. .Margaret Miller began suit in flislric! (Otirt today for divorce from W. H. .M:l'ei. They 'married Ip JJanes- vllle. Ohio, on February II. li>02. She says that he abandoned her .\pril \7>. 190ti. She wants her maiden name. .Margaret Geddes, rcstoretl to her. Register Want Ads Bring Results. / FRISHflAN'S Saturday and Monday SPECIALS! ^ Two days in which to secure useful and desirable Holiday Merchandise at prices seldom m&.de in an ilola Store. Read the list: -KLD GLOVES. Real French Kid Gloves, in Macks and colors, nearly all size.-. Jhe regular $1 2.' quality, j-pr TQO pair I Ull SILK PETTICOATS. B^-t nuaiity Sinmn.- pure dyed Tatfctta. splendid' rustle. peJtiwal? that thould bring $7..'.n Special at $4.25 FANCY SILKS, On sale Saturday and Monday. 24 to .^6 inches wide, formerly sold ai $1.00 and $1 '.'o. Special at yard •SILK SCARFS. .A. beautiful collection to choose from, all deslr- -. able shades, one very special lot of regular QQfl $1.L'.' and $1 ^" values, at vOU L0>0 KID (iLOVES. L/mg Suede Glov..;. iMilfon. i .ur regular - $:',.r.O value. Special at $1.98 LOXt (fLACK Kin GI/OVES, 1« button in Mack .-i and colors, regular 14 0" vahic. Kppclal fir Saturday *nd Monday $2.50 BAGS AM) PURSES. One special lot of ladies $l..-)0 Hand Bags In black? and colors. Choice 95c SILK HOSIERY. Newly imported SUk Hose, in wine, brown and black, the $1 7.'> fpiaity ?.t $|.|5 >EW' LISLE HOSIERY. In beautiful qualities, advance spring styles, worth up to $1.00 RflP Choice while they last, pair vUll FUBS. The most useful gift yon could select. Our entire stock at greatly reduced prices, from $13 75 CRp down to UJU LADIES' AM) miLDBEJi'S COATS, a great many at exactly tmlf prIcPl others at a reduction of fully one-third. Get our jirires l»efore you buy. FA5tY .SHIRT WAIHTS In Silk. Wool and Cotton, new long sleeve effects In latest'sty |e». ranging In price from |4.0is down to 95c SOUTH SIDE. «QUAB£ KOBES. SMOKING JACKETS. FANCY VESTS, COLLAR BAGS. Sl'IT CASE OR CLUB BAG. SUS­ PENDER, GARTER. AND ARM BA3iD_ all in_one fancy Xmas box—a fine gift. A Box of "Intcn ^oTea" Hosiery, assorted colon*. makes a fine gift; six pair In bo.x W ."»0 Barclay-Shields Clo. Co. The House of Quality CROWD MET TAFT Augusta. Ga.. l)ec. IS.—.\ voclfer- 1 ouK Georgia welcome was extended to \V. H. Taft. president-elect, on his' arrival here today. The big grain shed was crowded with peojjle who; cheered lustily as the form of Taft apiteared on the car platform. An official welcome wtis extended him by ' a large roromlttee headed by President L. C. Payne of the chamber of commerce. Mrs. Taft also received an ovation. May Locate Mere. Dr. H. A. Brown, of Omaha. Ncbr.. is logking over the city today with a vlew\of locating. Dr. Brown is a spe- clall.sKon disease of the eye. ear, nos^e and throat. ST. CATHERINE PARTY. A Jolly Evening With the Patron Saint of Old Maid*. | Ererj dog has bis day. and the old maid, not the up to date bachelor girl| who scorns such a nseless piece of fur-, niture In her cozy little apartment as a husband, but the genuinely sentimental old maid, can have a day on the C5tb of Noveml)er If she so desires, for this Is St. Catherine's day. the patron saint of "old njai<^." In France even the twentieth cemury maiden takes her love affairs seriously, and she goes to church bright and early on the 23th of November armed with a bouquet, which she lays upon the altar, offering at the same time a prayer to St. Catherine to send her a husband and "soon, please, dear St Catherine." The American girl cuts out the religious cer»- mony OD this auspicious occasion, and. though her heart be actiing, she makes merry with a party, and if sbe prays It la not like the Pharisee on the street comer, but ki secret lieslde her. couch bed. A Jolly old maid—a namesake, by the •way. of the martyred St. Catherine of Alexnndrla—ls sending out Invitations for a "rally," as she flippantly calls her St. Catherine's jmrty. These IUTI tatlons are In the guise of postcards with little Sally Water of nursery fame weeping and walling fur a young man as the decorative feature, and tbey read: A BT. CATHICRINB'8 RALLY. Coma and help ma elect a husband. La*t nientlnic before the campalan ct Kovemtiar twenty-fltth, nine p. m. Thq^ guests will not L« bidden apparently to the bouse of mlrtb, for In the reception room all Is uncertainty and gloom. Funeral looking gnj moss, caught up with pierced ailrer hearts, drapes the room, mod the only light Is that from nnmberless eandlM beU In sconcea and capdlettlcka btuis jirttbttlMjL Soap ^Mf^ per. Through a central opening depend streamers of red ribbon. The box Is blnck and lettered In red—matrimonial ballot. After greeting their hostess each guest will be asked to vote, which means to pull an end of the ribbon banging from the ballot box. On the box end is attached a piece of paper with a number on It. About tlte room arc men's coats of various slwa with corresponding numbers on them. The girls match their numtwrs to the coats, and the man whose numeral corresponds to {hat of a girl's must try to fill the garment and become the fiance of the owner for the evening. Lots of fun ensues during this casting and recasting of votes. A gome to be played later on Is accomplished by having prepared be- fnreb.tnd as many peanut shells as there are people, each one filled with a paper on which are several letters of n word, and the complenieut of letters Is placed in another shell. The shells are tied together with narrow ribbon. The object of the game is to find the person who has the letters completing the word. The letters of the words are divided evenly between the men and the glrla^that Is, a man has one part of tKe word and a girl the other half. After talking with his partner fi>r ten minutes the girls go out of the room and the men are banded cards on which are the following questions: "What is the color of her eyes?" "The shade of her hair?" "How Is her hair arranged?" "The style of her frock?" "What color Is Itr The man who answers the greatest number of questions satisfactorily is presented with a prize. When supper Is announced St, Catherine Is supposed to have taken pity on tbe old maids,- and, having provided each with a prospective bus- band, all Is Joy. Tbe supper room is brigbtly lighted. In marked contrast with the gloom tliat has previously prevailed. As this company'ts to be a small one, a large round table seats tliem all. Above tbe center of tbe table Is bung a stnall sized cbild's Jumping hoop, bound with gold colbred crape paper, symbolical of the wedding ring. Holding tbe hoop in position are converging strings of white satin ribbon tbat meet in the center and are tied to the bottom of tbe gas flxture. Gradtuted ends of this half Inch ribbon are bung at Intervals downward from tbe boop, and uu tliK ends of each ribbon Is a Cupid, the aborter .loo|is bolding a small god ttt IflTt and tbe longer ones a larger fig- Ut*. In tbe center of tbe table and inder tbe chandelier decoration Is a tflige white frosted cake ornamented frltb an npstanding figure of 8t. Catherine. Tbe Icea are in tbe form of a •llDt with a balo about her bead, and tl^. ^NOMtlo^^u^cuTlsd oat fn FASHIONABLE COLORS. •em* «f the New Wtmtuf of the Latt Autumn Mode. Well, we have mucb to be thanikfa' for In spite of the dlrectolre and empire forms, for tbere Is snch a wld< choice of colors to select ftom f nd tlu chok:e 0/ materiala is also «atte at wide. Beginning with outdoor wear we find no end of mannish dotlu Is mixtures-French worsteds. Scotct tweeds, English cheviots and Japenest ailka. Serges are also to be seen amonj En^Ish goods as well as Roeebery, th» sab. drap dlrectolre, crepe cbaxmeuae, velours cotele. satin Anglais tfiA cash mere Rnase in all sorts of beautiful colors and siutdes. Among fta^ an te be seen many with tbe poetic names oi wistaria, amethyst, madeira and bolt rose as well as elepbant gray and mol« gray. Smoke gray is among tbe new colors. I may as well give the entire list of the syndicate colors and shades lb case any woman may happen to have material on band and is doubtful as tc whether it Is stylish or not In brown there are camel, autsbell and cbestnat. In gray. In addition to what I bare mentioned, one finds steel, dove and snipe. Old blue is a favorite, as ai^ also navy, Alice, royal, cadet and Co- j penhagen. J Greens are very popular, and aipoBf them are tbe empires In two a^atlef besides emerald and hunter gretoi. ID the tans ^here are many shades and tints. Broadcloth in cblffon weight U very ttandaome and much liked in these light abades—champagne, tans in severnl shades, lemon »nd one called starch and another caramel. Some of the tans verge closely upon tbe yellows. Pliim shades are very rich and elegant, and tbey mo from tbe greenish purple of a half ripened plum to tbe ripe fruit Black, of coprse. Is atandard. although I think there wJU be less black and white worn this coming winter than before for a long time. Many of tbe finest black goods luive self stripes, invisible save In certi^n lights. I should have mentioned the beautiful made up suits of Ivoad* cloth In wistaria, catawba. peacock blue and In the.always ladylike oUvea and old rose, pink. Ivory and cream. ^ AH these are for street and visiting, and tbe dresses are made with xtrj abort waists and a Jacket ,or coat fo match trimmed lavishly wltb buttqng and rich appliques of fine castle braid in one variety or other. For home there are many liandsome mixtures of wool and half wool and ill ORAT CASaiURZ ZMFIBE OOWV, half silk or mohair. Tbeae are Men In all the new colors, and tbe pmnellaa are among tbe t >e8t of these. As to silks, they are so ma^iy and so varied In c.oXoT, weave, weight and quality I tbat they should have a whole book to tell of them, but this I may say- while the lighter grades of sUks will be worn, especially for such occasions as require light nnd filmy fabrics, the newest silks are returning to old con- ditlon.s. We s^ faille, that rich a^d lustrous silk, again In black and colors and grosgraln as well as tbe soft taffetas which are unweighted save by their own quality. Black satins are also with us again, and in fact, while some gowns require crepe de chine flexibility, the richer and more sumptuous qualities of silks such as our grandmothers wore will be most desired by good dressers. Coats where they do not form part ^ of the costume may be long, short or. ' in fact, wbatever the fair wearer wants, or it may be tliat sbe lilies g . cape best She can have whatever she I wants, for an are fashionable. The long satin lined 'ttlack coat trimmed with Its rich braiding is very good style. For eve^ day for very ctAA days we see elegant astrakhan and chincbllla clotbs. These are rich in appearance, yet plain in reality, so thst they can be worn anywhere and with anything. I Long broadcloth coats for women are elegant, but tbey dlifer so little from the coats of last season tbat any wo> man who has one left over can with absolute gatciy wear it again. Tbere are tbe loose ones and the scmlfltttng. I ^he new ones have sometimes, but net always, tbe high dlrectolre collar and the wide pointed revers and pocMts plastered on tbe skirt. Thus the dlfftr- enee Is slight One sees tbe pUIn coat collar quite as often and tbe long eeat without any collar still oftener. In hats and hat shapes I see many nap bearer bats, which-remind one of the bats worn lo b^^gone ages, and tbe soft - woolly outline Is q;iite taking. Satin covered h«t«..velvet hata and plain felts. are to .be - trimmed wItiL anything yoa Uke. 'wfBge as weO as plumes and i^lrctjBowen. AM

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