The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 7, 1944 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1944
Page 13
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1 '.1 f. 1 . Soy Bean Sprouts Used in New Chinese Recipes By GRAl'XOR MADDOX You learned hmv to sprout soybeans at homo in Monday's column. 1-Irrcs one ui' the IPStod recipes which Fred \Vjngr Js preparing- for the. 1944 supplement to "Xe\v Chinese Recipes." This valuable guide to Chinese dishes made of ingredients from your local grocery store, is published by United China" Relief, Inc., 1790 Broadway, New York City, at $1.25. Xar Clioy Ngon* (Servos A) Four tablespoons oil or fat. 3 teaspoons salt, dash pepper, 1 pound Tlank or round .steak. 4 tablespoons onion, 1 clove garlic, 1 green pepper, '.\ cups sprouted soybeans. 1 cup hoof bouillon. 1 teaspoon powdered ginger, 2 tablespoon** cornstarch. 2 teaspoons soy sauce. U cup water. In a preheated heavy 10-inch frying pan place the oil, salt and pepper. Cut the steak into 'i-tarh thick slices and add. Cook over hi«h heat until brown. Finely dice and ndd the onion and garlic. Cook over a moderate heat, stirring 1 constantly for a few minutes. Finely dice and add green pepper, soybeans, and bouillon. Cover pan tightly and cook over low heat for 10 minutes. ITH'S FARMERS MARKET "THE BEST FOR LESS" THIRD AND CHESTER Friday and Saturday, September 8 and 9 PEACHES Large J. H. Hale Freestone Slicing Peaches—SPECIAL PEACHES Extra Fancy Large J. SPECIAL—LUG H. Hale Freestone Peaches TOMATOES Home Grown Red Ripe Tomatoes SPFCIAI *^ * M-4^^ 1 ft » » •-* **»d.,..«4-... r ,., .,. .'..*., ..4. »..-.._...., PEARS Tehacliapi Bartletls. Lat»t SPECIAL — LUG ............. Chance for Canning SUGAR C and II Finest SPECIAL Pure Cane UTTER Pure Fresh Creamery SPECIAL—POUND . in Quarters KARO SYRUP White or Dark. \V A Ih. Glass KoHI< SPECIAL TOMATO SAUCE The Perfect Sea sow r for Many Types of Dishes, Buffet Tins—SPECIAL F ROAST Rump, No. 7, Hone or Chuck SPECIAL—POL'ND FRYERS Fresh Dressed Young SPECIAL—POUND . Colored Fryers BACON Sugar Cured Hickory SPECIAL—POUND . Smoked, l>y the Piece VEAL ROAST Crown or Chuck. Cut From Northern Milk Fed Veal POUND LUNCH MEAT Assorted Sliced Lunch Meal for Sandwiches or Cold Plate. SPECIAL—POUND WA v - ,**'• -'-' : 4 l * J M M 4 * " '"' ' "' ' ^ f J _f * . f'_- - * • ' Not only kills flies and mosquitoes, but helps keep new opes from coming ini Stainless. * t» STANDARD STANDARD OF CALIFORNIA r r + l * * * • - p f f m f L**^lv-rdrX t r ^ ..».'.' - I - 'V ft.i-e -^^ m m ^^ m II*' KILLS EM DEAD —flies, ants, moths, spiders, silverfish, mosquitoes sura If • insist on fN tIPINIIY.rACKID COMTAINIKS SUGAR nmt CANE BUNKER, BELL NEVADA RACE McCARRAN MAINTAINS LEAD OVER PITTMAN RENO. Xev.. Sept. 7. (UR)—Former -L'nited States Senator Berkeley J, Bunker, who lost two year** ayu in the Democratic primary to incumbent Senator James O. .ScruK- ham, was back in the political spotlight today with a victory in Tuesday's Democratic race for United States Representative over Maurice J. Sullivan, incumbent. Bunker polled nearly 12,000 votes to Sullivan's 8300 and will meet Rex Bell, one-time movie cowboy and husband of former "It Girl"' Clara Bow, in November. Bell was unopposed in the Republican race. Meanwhile. United States Senator Patrick A. (Pat) McCarran, Democrat, maintained a sate and growing lead over Lieu tenant-Governor Vail Pittman, Ely publisher, with returns recorded from all but 2<i of the state's? 2R3 precincts. Returns from the missing precincts, with a registration of less than 300, could not seriously impair McCarran'a 1100- vote lead. McCarran apparently was assured of meeting George Ma lone, former slate engineer, in the November elections. S. F. Stock Market Weak With 41 Losses SAX FRAXCTSrO, Sept. 7, The stock markft was vpry weak today, with 41 losses against 7 pains. KUIorado Oil dipped ] 'i*; Bmpuriuin preferred and Vellow Cab, each 1; i Foster & Kleiser preferred, 7S , rtlieein -? 4 , 1 la WH iia n f*inoa pple ] -, und Transamorlca Va, to 9 n s. (J.'iIIand Laiindrv picked up i > t i points; Farnsworih H 1 . and Aircraft Accessories and Mugnavox, each : ' 8 . ,1-rrafi , t;*rf i/hprmrt'tJ .A pl<l 1 0" -' n •>••• * *t C'ap. pfd -iri i /i nd Alpn 1 Motors t'i< j nornl Pain; Ha IP Rro.i llawaiiuu Ilollv 1 4 <> 10 7 i o •» 1 lunt Bros, pfd J Viitj^h 1 -t r 1 , i a titfl I l I i ' II I t J ' li^ . J f I *< • , .,. J -,,.,.....---r, ..,--•--.••.' J J t W J 1 f, k^ tl I L -••.'.<».. ...>'- ,f-r«->"--*'i<> »»-»...- I.iUby M\:Spill S' ,\Jnrt'hanl Calrulal L <"»livpr Killers A Oliver KilUTa B ........ F*;n if ic (liiw and 10 lei. 1 . u <Jas nnrt Elrr. o r LlBhtiiiB pfcl. o 1 'uh tic Scrvrce I\a\nriiC'i '»•••• ' L'M 1 ;•« liyan A^rnnaul it'ii I Mnuririo . View Pulp . Mi ralif, Oas ; J * fi H r* J pfil. A SMimJarel Oil of ralif ..................... 3 ( Ti ini^ani'M'ira ........ .................. Vninn Oil nf Calif ....... .................. Yellow Cab Srrviro Los AnR«le« Livestock I.OS ANtlliLKS. Sppt. T. lUP)— Cn salable ](M)f>. ffnva fairly active, fully y. other claMsrs elow. steady in ak : few load;; medium shori fed steers 4/'1.t.<;u, ndd head wood Kteers $14. t-nm- mon SO.TTi'T/'IO.r.U; odd pood heifers J14. rnnimon $!». -;. ; medium tn pood CMWH $1 0 ^ 11'. miter in coinni'm $S.jr»4i 9.7Ti. ran- nm-H »ml riiltPi's $ti*irS; medium to good bullH Sfl.iidtfrll. Calve Haiablt* 200, nttive, strong in $1 hipher; load Kood to (.•hoif-o 405-lb. Texas calves Sl.'i. common to medium uiill $S dn\vn. HoKfl salrthlf .100. nrtivc. steady; (o choice ISO-iMn Ibs. mostly ,?!.".. 7r». heavier weiyhlH SI Ti. odd lots medium K i a den J15 <?> lo. 50 ; jncdium to choiue BOW a $ :V75fi]4.i)C. fsiieep salnhle 3fln. slow, undertone weak on most la in be and ewes hut small lots choice 100-Ib. H'ooled lambs fully steady at $14.2.1 Government Bonds NKW YORK, Sept. T. (/P>— The tJosinff p rices (if bonds ou the New York Stock lift. 4S-4fi. H l . a i*. 62- L's, 53-51. -5J, 100. H ^ 'ji^ «5-(iO odd. 111.183. 68-t'i3. 100.11. 6!t-64, June, inn.3. (i!l-fi'l. June. ri-n.. 100.6. Ifl-iH. Dt'<-.. 100.i). y'.js. 7J*H7. 100.15. Los Angel** Cash Grain I.OS AXi;i;i»BU. Sept. T. (^P»—I'I-ICPH quoted are cwt.. field run, in curlots only. California barley, grading 4fi Ibs., bulk $2.20'&'l 1 .^j. Vellow milo. No. '2, bulk JL'.47 ^ <&<:;.52'.;•. California wheat, bulk, No. 1 hard or soft white *2.fiO& 2.65. No. 3 oals, 35 IbH.. hulk S2.GO*, a.6i. Los Angeles Hay T.OS ANiSKLKS, Sent. 7. OP)—Alfalfa and tjrajii h.iy remained unchanged today. Carlot arrival«: ^0 wheat, 10 barley, 1 corn. 1 oata. 1 milo, 6 flour, 2 bran, 3 cereal, 79 ha>. Army Plans Materiel Cutback on X-Day Some Critical Items Still to Be Needed in Quantity WASHINGTON, Sept. 7. OJP>— Preparing for the end of the war in Europe, the army has drafted a tentative X-Day plan calling- for an ovei-all 37 per cent cutback in procurement orders, it was revealed today. However, the army will continue to take all it can Ret in the way of such critical items as heavy trucks, tires, biff guns, heavy artillery ammunition, cotton cluck, and certain radnr equipment for the Pacific war. The manner In which German's collapse comes abniit-suddenly or through steady deterioration—will determine whether the plan will be invoked In Its entirety or by degrees. It has not been finally approved. Warren Asks Fitting V-Day Celebration SACRAMI3XTO, Sept. 7, (UP)— Governor Eurl AVarren today'called upon public officials und civic and church leaders in preparing for "V-Day" to "plan celebrations of a patriotic and spiritual kind.'* He pointed out that while "Communities throughout California are now making plans to celebrate the day of the defeat and surrender of Germany, victory will have been achieved only after great sacrifices of life and immeasurable human Buffering." Program should be planned "so that the joy of our people will find expression in ways befitting the event," the governor's proclamation continued. VICTORY WARNING BOSTOXp Sept. 7. CD—The V-Day customer in Thomas Console's bar* her chair will have to join the victory celebrators "as la/ 1 Patrons were fairly warned by his sign: "You B.t in the chair at your risk. Soon as victory bells ring I will drop my tools, whether you're half shaved or t half hair cut/' NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE i Trading Up •"'""' :::Z:: > ! OH N. Y. • 'J ^ 1 | :^"; Stock Mart \ ^ $afeergfiel!> California!! Thursday, September 7, 1944 13 ^ ^ ^ — , ^F ^^^^f \K\V YOUK. Sept. 7, (/P>— Slnrk -A Ir Kwlurt ion ........................ ......... A Ilc-Khiiny ' "orpornt ion - * AIlitMl chemical HiuJ D>e 1 *T ; Alii* * 'halinorH MfK ^ Ani<>rir;m <*an - *<" A n^M'i*'an <*a r a ml Knumlry . ;!'* A MiorK'Hii and KnrriKii I'Vmvr 4 \ l>litV»*I'*lt\ I ' *V«».tlt'Jl 1 * * . iiH 1 r M <i n ! .flaw's* hi- . .Ahn-k Titn l<s .Mr* r ifti- .\hril.fnt! Al h <!-( "mil Hli'lll M iTiiP-ii Mui T a v r 'i>» pi *t .1 1 H A HIP r Iran K;ul und Stt-^I S 1 1 • • f i i i \lill 1 I •* A iiu*r it-an Sinollor nml K*'l : '* "' Anirrit'a i St^t'I Fmnnlr i»'M A mvi M'lin Ti*L a lit! Tel. .. AHUTU HU T»*lm* <•*! H .. . A MUM M an Water Work,* Ani'M-iran Xnir. I-r;id a ml Silver .... 4 1<Y - . u . 1.1' *••• A rinmir H m ('n. r A h-hiMim '1 oprka & Saul a At lanl i ' Uofmovv Avlnl inn f "nrponit ion win ijOrnnint ivn .more ic Oltm .,. rnnda II *"*il i\ A via 1 inn " I N;t ! 'nn.i I ISovU : I N;t t iMjui | « '.i sn \.i t ,<tn-i I I KIII ' Nil ! 1-H1-* 1 I Msl . ll*-r> Nat ,nna i PH\VI ? ,n r' f M/M.I f Sljpp)^ wM'in IniluHi f ••> > N«-\v Vm V ' '* j n t |-j \<M-f h .\ m<'i M-.'j n \iMimn Ntii-ih A iiifi ». ;i M i Nunp.'t n>' Nurl h' L r n P?H 1 1 1* •* M I — — * :;:;••„ i P is ' A i»'!ila :t :u M, Mninmuni I 1 ' i ui "^ ? *i i k I 'i ;ih < 'ro^. M TUMI; Vnnsylvu n n H.j i Ij n;i '.M.inut'ar A- 111 -..*_•• • • nail NI n f i ri - • M _ • UI ' j !l •'• ^ fi U :i :* ••' i 'nllmnn f 1|M l M Uhn < 'ui'pnr.i t Mir? !' I£;i(lin-K»-M h-' M'phcuni tntn^tMU Kami 11; '.. 47 . -. ' i HI 1 - xi-:\v VOKK. sept, r, a;.pi iH'Ks stf.'iilioil beti>rf JTHUI aftnr ;m nprninK decline of s ID a point. Trading inc ;i rate nf around I'.L'-'o.dno shrir*" 1 ^ ;i full sosslon in the first h"iir ;ind (jiiirtr'il on the rornvf' repsi-rula slint up - ? 'j* frit in the previous rlnso In .").". T ^ . Kasimart prof erred matle <\ now hi«h ;it ISfM;,. up .'I. ano* Alnnsjinfo preferred miul'.i ;i top i\l. i i I'n I toil States Si ceil halvrd a TMh:t n# f ,Mi» * " M i ion i ;. ' • KM 'y s« S> ;i r-J. Slu-M 1' :\\\ *»• 4't 4 « '«* * ' i i i 1 :\ on a 1 C'Ml n*»l frown Xpl!rrl»a< furl i.-*H- WriRht . t'nr*> — Se . i s rf-ra f! MnPntn Knstninn Klrrt ri* 1 Antn nr Pnwor n Mel p • • v • q % US'. • •I,* 1-iKhl 4 i, » . < • • * H !*Mipr;i I f Innrlrifh ......... i ;nof|> <*a r Til M ant! 1 fi ' 1' 1 ". n i' j -lull (lit . sr-n MotnrH ••I'll"' "^ " ' " • T J I i .. J ..L»^j...rf.l.l-,.»-.»---r»."» 1 nspi fii l inn < 'dppfi' -. lnlp)l;iU" linn . . . ........ Inii'i'M.'i t loin I fTJI rvf'Htcr . rial inn.'i! Hydro-101 PC i rii- A •'! Intel nati<tn;i i Nidiol <*;in --* 1 n.'i l inn a 1 P;i IIP r [H'd 1 II ;1 S ' v • Y:it mini . . . .. M n II.t ;!v». u y Spa rks \\' uli mmnn .... Spf-i t y i •(icpnrnl ion . SUuulitnl IlramlK n i'ii i Ml nf l 'a Ii t"ri[ 11 i;i an! 'Ml nf lii.liiin.i :ird * »il >ii Nt-w .! iri-Wani'M J \ L'7 'j 1-poini initial ]*i.<s and Rorhlrlioin c;uno Ivick slightly nl'tcr toiirliinc •V.|. u!T :; s. I'nl-m Pnoiflc rc«.«p .», fill! puint ami holporl lift tlie rail- roail HVoraKo a tiny fractimi ahi»vn night's clnyo. . r'hryslor rr- i a pinnll opening Insy. nils finned. Aircrafis camo bark fnnu carlv ... .. ;i\ '* .. .. \r," ui pora t M -• TimUcn fi vnit Holier lira mm <"a r I ' ii inn < )fl nf ('ah forn ia ("nion | lf n i if ir 1 "M '(PI! A T I ,'Mt ^ rnitnl A M-r-i a t! \ ' nil ft\ i 'uvpnr ;»i Mm Tint PI| ( I;» ^ Imp. t "n iM'if Sf :i irs Hiihh'M- rilill-ll StMlf-S SN r| Wa Iwnrih \Va rn*-r I !f n . Tfi in I . 1 . A !l ' 4 " i* } . -" M »4 . s •••< Minus Sign Dominates Los Angeles Market 7. NT ••• A Mfp AXOKLKS, Sept. Minns slBiiH cuiiUnuotl l-i predoini- nato in thr rarly stock markfi today with only S ins\ios \ip, IS down and (i unrlianRfd on a ' nrnovor cl' STOO shares. (lay. ("t'ssna Airrraft. Steel con in ton and pro. I, an*'- \\Ylls. I'an ii<- ra.^htinwf, i'M Oil. S'ltitJit-rn IVtcific and Standard < Ml < f California _ amony t In- issues t«> drrlin I l ions. Sim'lair Oil showed a ^liy ht t advance. vnrl ll VniiMi:str>\vn SI ..... r a n<l •I 1 I Los Angeles Produce AMJKLK.S, S*M>L T, (v*P» — Tradine I in rruiiH a u< I v**t:v*l;i Tmn;i ini'H ;, IH| IVIM ker, f;i nU \\ si rmm ni£i'r on firm. 'nrn;i in'*** LcH-ii I, Sn n ui a * MU lily. Strnis. Sail :,.\RH $'J 7;.. Incnl. S.'i n wns In ir 1«nli*y. 'H wor* 1 uHh and p*»arh( i ;i firm tn \VUH Poultry and Eggs LOS ANiJL'l-HS, Srpi 7. (UP»—U'hnlp- sa 1»- *-^^ itrhA's. fniisuin*- 1 ! 1 Kra A Kindt' A ;: A rnuni y *i ris and rix<iH J 1 c-ULUUV H-LUT ti r-diinl y Ilnw rhili 7*7 lOr Ib. ; Frosno S*( M Jnniniin vallry Sr ]h. ('aui a limp* F : I a>ca 1 :\ ml Su UBUS n. j irunbc* *l(i^ anrl IHTKIM* $ 1. i!,- Un k HM II-H I Jest. lidded crates, mho :!iif* antl larger *'J. ^G <*i' 2,ufl ; C'rtM^- nha \vs-. Sjtn .I<i;in:hii v« I Icy. jumbo 4^-Ha * 1. rri '*; ^ : I J I.M &iiaiiF t .IftaMHin valley, SHU J IK* 11 ut 11 VM IU fc >\ juinlHi **j* $2 tf/ . 2 J,V S'lua si 1 ; iV'hiip summer, lorcil. San Diei^n iniiiily and iHirihorn. I UK** Sl.Ti^f 1 .;; yt-llow rj'nuKil.'M'k. lUKs .M - T t'l r fl L' 1^"» I hHtinHH* InOH I ;< nd Si n IJi*'Bn fnnnl >• 2 1 j ^ ;ii* llv ; Hub- ni, U 1 jr t-.; TuliU j Qiu*cn, locul and tfnn auMMi \ F ;illf j \ S1 r**' luti ' *t-lery : Lura 1 I'anr H I -M-22-inrh r rat PH. ^d p;u.U ^J^-2 o(l; Sturdi'v, crates, l"i«t<l p;ti k $1!. "i'i Vf :!, I Vf.rht'H, lion tiniunt- Vii*'a ina I la I* 1 A. *>0a and lari£i*r '* ^ i* 1 -^ 1 U*.; \\vlycrmu Klo Osu (MMMS, Mats ami Mms. *:os I* '-c Ih. ; San nin valley, c/nrry StMHlliriKH. fiOs and T V*- It*; UK M ! < 'urry y^'cdlinya, TOa and lanii-r. 4 ^ ^f *i<- Hi. f'alihat:-': Lural, (^aniidtiha 11, rralt\s $,1.25 f{ . sin;iM. k' s in i-oiisum< AA Wo li.'lf. wiado A :"»Hi BU-. 4il'?/ 4.'!- ; nit-ilium, i^radc <\ A dU^i A 4S^I4S-; MiKill. {,-iiuIf A ^7^f»i-. I'aiulU'd «I-;H)(M| n^^.s in rptriiU-rw I, a rK'\ Kr:i.(h- A A n4 '•.-. *S ."ifi '-.'t-. large Kv A 47 l -j 'it IS 'jr. nincli um ffrfitle A 4 J 'a 4S'-i i . sninlt, prnde A 2-fHlfif. i 'on.-dln|:i il i Slf-i'l SUM-! plil 1 1 ;.' I 4-1 H I 1 * t ri.di.'iini ..... Oil tyan Aeronaut ica 1 Sim-linr i )il 1 nni Soiit hern i'.'u-i t'n. 1 . Stnmhml Oil n f C;ihi. ' t r 'n j *; u Minim; Struts * r- *-« F* Get Coffee xjrr; x^l c-ahhnm*. Intal. prr i'\vt. SUPER MARKETS m WAI -.- *1 • PICK O' CROP COFFEE. A&P buyers in leading coffee producing countries are selecting pick of crop coffees for you. ROASTED THE "FLAVOR-SAVER" WAY. Exclusive A&P "Flavor-Saver" roasting is electrically controlled . . . the beans are roasted not too much or too little but exactly right. FLAVOR LOCKED IN THE BEAN. Bean coffee has flavor locked in. a single pound of A&P Coffee is ground in advance. PERFECT GRINDING. A&P Coffee is ground—exactly right for each individual coffee maker . . • When you buy. That means fuller flavor. 5. RICHER FLAVOR ALWAYS—in every cup. Change now to coffee that's five ways better—see why A&P Coffee is America's best-liked coffee. ^7**' 'J' iK ~fc< •*& MILD AND MIILOW RICH AND FUU-IODttD VIGMOUS AMI WWff Snioll, Gradt A. !• Ctm. Grade A—N. Y. Dressed SHHIIHIIIIIi Only Offers Values Like These! 3 to 4 •» Pounds Average Points Needed! T ••• Money Back GUARANTEE If you art not satisfied that the product in this package i» of th« highest possible quality, your dealer will refund the purchase price. r. . Vanilla Extract Peanut Butter Spaghetti Marmalade Preserves Preserves Nectar Tea Cider Vinegar Boston Style Beans Ann afl* • * Sultana Orange • Raspberry- and-Apple Blackberry- and-Apple Orange Pekoe Sultana Ann Page 2-o i. Sultana If' 2-lb. Jar J* 1-lb. Pkfls. Grade A—Shoulder Blade Cuts 1->b. ABFC Jar Lamb Shoulder Grade AA or A Square Cut, Bone in .*.*,*. Hamburger Z,l^ . . . Bacon Squares Whiting Fish Luncheon Meat Spiced. Sliced—Sandwich Size . Ib. Assorted- 4 Kind's Eastern '4-lb. 4 AC Pkg. Pint Bottle Cold Cuts Liver Sausage F Large Bologna rcsh Sliced • Ann Page 17'/ a -oz. Jar Headquarters for "Point'Free" Values! F ri V F F h , . . . , _, . ,_.-.... . ,WILSONS EOMARGARINE FRESH Doily' r • W Southern California (Hi -i BLUE STAMP VALUES Vat Vita Fruit Mix Fruit Cocktail Bartlett Pears Hun( Pork & Beans Tomato Soup Drew • • • Halves • • • Val Vita • • • No. 2'/ 2 Can No. 2'/ 2 Can No. 2'/a Size No. 2'/ 2 Glass c • lona Campbell's No. 1 AC Can y RED STAMP VALUES Seedless Raisins A&P Large Prunes Jello Puddings . . Family Flour Enriched Flour Gold Armour Treet Deviled Ham Rice Puffs Grapenuts 15-oz. Pkg. 1-lb. Pkg. 2'OZ.. Medal Luncheon Meat Libby'a Sunnyfield 10-lb. Sack 10-lb. Sack 12-oz. Can 3-oz. Can Grapefruit Juice Nestle Cocoa . Swans Down Tenderoni A&P * No. 2 Can S-oz. Size Cake Flour Van Camp's Bell Brand • » • Nabisco S-oz. A 1 Pkg. y 12-oz. Pkg. Potato Chips Shredded Wheat Woodbury Facial Soap 3 Antrol Feeder Sets . . . Wheat Puffs 12-OZ. Pkg. Cakes Sunnyfield • • 8-oz. Pkg. THi WILSON UIEL PROTECTS x«vr takl$ ( O IT - T A I 0 I CHOCOLATE CHIWU5-Blend J 4 ' cup GUITTARDS with a Urge can (13 oz.) sweetened condensed milk, l /4 tsp. salt, I up. vanilla. Fold in 5 cups corn flakes, y% cup chopped nuts. Drop by spoonfuls on greased baking sheet, shape with damp fingers, and bake in a rather slow overt (325°) 15 to 20 minutes. Remove at once from pan. Makes 24 cookies. Nufley Margarine Mel-0-Bit £ roce " ed Lib. Ctn. American or Spread 2-lb. Loaf VEGETABLES Grated Tuna Cal " Brand BELLEFLEUR GRISCO CAMAY FRESH TENDER SHORTENING TOILET SOAP BLACK RIBIER CAKIS RID HEART 3-PLAVOt FOOD IVORY FLAK Oranges Valencias Peppers •IIWH^ ALL ADVERTISED ITEMS SUIJICT TO STOCK ON HAND BEEF, FISH OR CHiESE LARGE NTH PRICES EMECTIVI THROUGH SATURDAY (TAXABLE ITEMS 'ARfc 6UUJECT TO TAX) ff *

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