Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1907
Page 6
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';f.t.-2A';..... ;J':J>., ttdBMiv Mcrom. TUMBAY BTiimMi .PicEjmiB .8i. iw7. Negroet R^se Fund * Fiflht "Jim Crow" Law of Oklahoma. CoffpyyiUe, Kans.. Dec. 24.—Several l»ind|«d negroes from southern Kan- Bus ^ai northern Oklahoma,' held a ihasB [meeting here for the purpose of ralBlBg a large fund -with which to fight the new "Jim Crow" law In Ok,% Ibhom^ Thejr propose to make a ' test cake or th6 new law just as soon as It becomes. effecUve. The Soufheht'' Kan-' HUB negroes are taking an active pari In the matter because many of them have Interests in Indian Territory I'art of Oklahoma that make them travel iji that state frequently. Quite n sum of money was ratasd, and an :iUoniey will be hired to get the law into cotirt at once. Said one prominent negro: "We think it is an unwarranted discrlmln- .-iiion against our race, and We are poing^ to' do all in our power to se• lire their repeal. W'ejdo not Intend to adopt violent or radical measures Ti secure our rights, but wHl leave U to the courts to decide. We have money to hire competent lawyers and more is coming In every day.: It is il.e princip'e at. stake, and nothing . ise which has Impelled us to take up this fight." r 'TW<AS A SECRET MARRIAGE. Bronson Man and Moran Girl Were Married Tjianksgiving Dayi It has just been discovered that the marriage of Mr.lGrover Anderson, and 7.1 iss Grace Mattox, of Bronson, was II secret one, that the two intended tc take in the| Coffeyville teachers' meeting, but instead went oh to Yates Center, where they were married on Thanksgiving day. The Jloran Herald lias the following comment on the secret marriage: "Not until Wednesday evening did t !-ie secret marriage of Mr. Grover Anderson and Miss Grace Mattox on Thanksgiving day, creep out. Grover J^ft Bronson Wednesday morning for Y.ates Center, and Grace the.follow­ ing morning, presumably to attend ihe teachers* association at Cbffey- ville. They were married In Yates renter at noon Thursday by Rev. Afoore, of the Christian church. On returning home the young couple sai "nothing about their marriage ; but kept it an entire secret from even relatives. Both bride and gro»m ar^, v.-'ry highly esteemed young people, <ii" two of Bronson-3 best families Tliey have both lived among us .from • liildhood nn(^ their warm friends ar :;U their acquaintances. They will I i -obably not begin housekeeping until tiprlng when Grace's term of schoo nt Maple Grove closes. Joy and -con le -tit be theirs." KANSANS IN NEW YORK; Story of tihe Coolness of a Former • Newsoaper Woman. Kansas City Star:—Mr. and Mrs l>ester Ralph, the latter formerly El sie Reasoner of Leavenworth, had luost thrilling experience last Monday ' night whan the building in Thirty third street, in the top of which they liavc their studio and living apart meats, was partly burned.: One of the floors below them was. occupie tiy a perfumiere, and the smoke and Vumes from the burning perfumes was so dense that the firemen were unable to get past up to the third floor up to where the Ralphs were known to be sleeping. Only the coolness and pres ence of mind of both Mr. and Mrs, Ralph saved their lives. The evening before at a dinner party in their apart meats a friend asked them how they would escape should the building »rver bum. Going) to a window Mr. J^lph showed his inquirer a narrow ledge or cornice about eighteen in (lies wide which led to a window'in tli'» adjoining house. That he said •na.s all the fire escape he needed It vas, too, for when he and his wif? found their escape cut off from the stairs, they climbed out of the win ilow, crept along the ledge exactly as :)iey had said they would, broke the window of the adjoining house, niad calmlj- walked down stairs and into tho crowd of excited firemen who were running up ladders and bpallfag tiown doors, and breaking skyllghls. ••ind smashing things up generally Ih their efforts to reach the studio. The studio was considerably damaged By smoke and water, though the fire did not reach It. The greatest toss was a verj' old and valuable print, that •Mr. Ralph prized most highly. The .•sensational papers made the most of the affair, pf course, and printed diagrams and pictures of tlie studio, and the life saving ledge, showing Mrs. Ra:^ collapsinig on the brink, and Mr. Bmlph hauling her back. "IfMrrir. Minstrel Maids." Bachelor ThM^.' CPIlmencin'g Xmas matinee! PricM 20 cents. ^ December the 26th, the day after Christmas, our greatest of all sales be^ius. We commence invoicing the first of January, and before^that time* we must reduce our stock to the lowest possible point This means that price cannot stand in the way. The former selling^l^ice will^have nothing to do with this greatest of all saving eveVits. For instance, there will be a lot of Ladies' Coats that formerly sold^tip tOi.$l0.50 with the prices cut to $3.85. Just think of it! About one-third of the originarprice, but price will have to give way.^ TheTgoods must go, and you*ll be surprised at the small price some of this merchandise will sell for. Lists in each department willlbe so>you can re^idily see the reduction. Space will not permit enumerating them all here. Come to this sale prepared to bhy, and buy all you want. Sale begins December 26th and and ends December 31 • Kvery shoe; in the house. Lailios". Misses. Chil'lri^ns' and Boys'."Leather. f(-lt and rubber Shoes and Overshoe:; —all ui'ist go. L'5c r,8C .-Oc 7uc Shoas. Shoes, Shoos. Shoes. Shoes. S5c Shoes, Pdc Shoes, $1.00 Shoes S!.2r, Shoes 51.50 Shoes $1.75 Shoe.s, $:.'.fio Shoes ?2.25 Shoes, $:'.50 Shoes, Jo .OO* Sh03s 5::.50 Shoes $1.00 Shoes $5.00 Shoos reduced to . iotjuced to . retiuced to . red'iced to . reduced to , reduced to . reduceil to . reduced to r€^Uiced to reduced to reduced to ; reduced to reduced to reduced to , reduced to reduced to ;, roi 'iuced fo reciucod lo «.'>0 • • • - T,"?© -• 7J»c • -98c $1.10 $1.42 $1.8!) .$2.4 J) •$JJ.1."» $;t.2!» $4.1.-> Men 's House .Slippers. $1 .=;o and $2.00 qualities, re- 'iiicod to •.-$1.1.'5 Ladies* Felt Shoes, .Sli|iprrs Reduced. $1.00 Foil Shoes, reduced to -.71)6 $1.25 Kelt Shoes, reduced to .. .fiHf, $1.50 Felt Shoos, rcducsd to J»;i.:j») $2.00 Felt Shoes, reduced to $1.5i| Ladles' and rhildren's Rubber Boot.s. $2.00 Boots, reduced to $l.(J *i $1.75 Boots, reduced to $1.3."> ?1..50 Bcot.s reduced to •Sl.'.J .J Children's Red Felt House Slippers. $1.00 auallty will he '----7!)r' S5c qiia'Uy will be 70c? All Ladles' Fancy Kid and Patent Kid Slippers are included in this sale. Jet Oil Shoe Polish, buy all you want at "Jti bottle RuhWrs Rodnred. Lo^ghis R(>dnced. l!ir Rubbors, rojlucod to •Tl 2.'. Lopslns. ifducod to ... -!)Sf 5i'c Rubbors, reduced to .... • S1.00 l>'Ki?liis. reduced to ... 7 {»c roc Rubbors, reduced to r>i<^ . 7 .')C I.ogKins, reduced to rti)c C.'r Rubbors, reduced to ,... • ••.•>4c fOc J>egi.'Jns. reduced to 42o 7r,c Uubbers. roaucod to .... (i.".c Spats, reduced to !iOc n \ibboi"s, roliicod to . . r.Oc Spats, icduced to •••.ilUr 51.00 Uubb -Ts, i-odiiccd to .. •S2c 25c Spals, reduced to 19c T.VBLE LIXEX.S. All Table Liters in patterns and by the yard; all Towelings, Crash, Ready-made Towels, Napkins, Linen Piece Goods, all' are reduced. 25c Piece Table." l.lnon wil'. bo ..l9 (i :;5c Piece Table, Linen will be.. .".(ic Piece Table iJnen will hi>..;}}>^» (5c Piece Table. Linen will bc^^t' 75c Piece Table; Llnon will be..(j;jf. S.ic Piece Table Lintn will be .."JOc $1 .00 Piece Table Linen will be ..79(k ?].25 Piece Table Linen will be. .f )8e $1..=;0 piece Table Linen will bsJSl.g'i S1 .75 piece Tabl^j Linen will bejjJl .J;; $2 00 ])lece Tablj? Linen will bej |;i.(;() $2.50 i)lece Tabic* linen will beij ;2 .l,l $2 $2 $2 $:: $3 $3 $3. $1. $4 $5. $C $(:$7. $ Table Linen Patterns Reduced. .00 Linen Pattern Cloths .50 Linen Pattern Cloths ..-SS.!.! 75 Linen Pattern Cloths - --$2.45 00 Linen Pattern Cloths . . .$2.59 .25 Linen Pattern Cloths ...JS,2.79 .50 Linen Pattern Cloths .. .}«.'}.1.1 .75 Linen Pattern Cloths . . .$3.2,1 .00 Linen Patten Cloths .. .$;{.,3i; .50 IJnen Pattern Cloths . . .{^3.95 ,00'Linen Pattern Cloths ...8M..2.> .00 Linen Pattern Cloths ... $5.1,1 50 Linen Pattern Cloths -..$,"5.35 00 Linen Pattern Cloths . . .$.1.98 .50 IJnen Pattern Cloths . . .$G.25 One Lot Fine Scotch Linen Cloth and Napkins that sold up to $4 00 each. Choice of' Napkins or Cloihs at $*i.3.1 One Lot Linen -Cloths and Squares that sold up to $1^50, choice of the Lot for , (59,* J. I-.VDIES' W.VISTS. AH Waists at Before Inventory Sale Prices. $2.50 Walst-s, $3.00 Waists, $:5.5fl Waists, $^.00 Waists, $5 .00 Waists. $5.50 Waists, $6.00 Waists, $fi.50 Waists, $7.50-Waists. $.S.5(» Waists, $10.00 Waists $12 .00 Waists $15.00 Wiuists on sale at . on sale at . on sale at . on sale at . on sale at . on sale at . on sale at . on sale at . on sale at . on salp at . , on sale at , on sale at , on sale at $1.9.1 $'2.M $2.(J,1 .$,•$.1.1 • ••$3.85 t 4.15 4.85 $1.25 $5.95 $«.15 —$7.<»5 ••^$8.75 $11.15 XapkluK^Rednred. $1.0 .N'apKlns, reduced to -7.16 $1.25 Napkins, rodjiced lo .. 9^^ $1,50 Napkins, rediic.-d to ....Ji;i.2!> $1.75 Napkins, reduced to ....$1.45 $2.00 Napkins, rodticed to- $1.(U* $2.50 Napkins, reduced to ....JH2.1.1 $".00 Napkins, rodocod to $2.0.1 $ Napkins. re -incHl to $3.2.1 $5.00 Napkins, reduced to $4.1.1 IVASH CLHTHS. Wash Cloths, honey-combed with buttonhole stitched •'cdBes, in pink aud blue. 5c values. Choice each •- - -2 <i Ladies' Suits Reduced. $12.50 Suits. $15.00 Suit.s, $17.50 Suits. $20.0Q Suits, $25.00 Suits. $:!0.(.(» Suits, $;15.00 Suits, reiluced to . reduced to . reduced to reduced to reduced to reduced to reduced to $7.05 ••••$8.75 •$11.05 ? 512.85 $1,1.95 $18..10 • $22.50 Crrtonnes, Dentm*. Sllkoltnes and French .Vaniins. 10c qiialieles, reduced to 8^_ Vic qualities, re^ticed io 9^ 15c qualities, reduced to 12* 17c qualities, reduced lo 14* 20c qualities,, reduced to 14* 2,5c qua'lties, reduced to 19* iSSc qualities, reduced to ••26* KnItUnderwear Reduced All our pcrf.>ct fitting Slunsing Underwear at Special Sale Prices. Th'j I-.rices quoted are for every garment i:i the hous-- at that priep. Xo re- !^erves, ever:.thinK poos and that at ihe greatest reduction of tlif seaFon. Wien .vou buy .Muitsln.c nnderwoar iii the dollar quaMt;.- for 79c you're liuy- ini :i it rlKht and that is the reason wo exi>ect to make this th.^ Breatcst of all sales. One lot of Knit Underwear in Misses' or Childrens' ."^izes. values ui) to .15c, on sa'e for { 5^. One lot of Jlisses' and ChiMren.s' Union Suits in tiic 75c quality, a Rood selection of si;;ev and styl.->s. Before Inventory Sale price 3.1<^ 2.5c Underwear, on sale for :!5c Underwear, on sa'e for S.lf? 50c Underwear, (n sale for 39* 7.5o Underwear, on sale for ,1.1* S5c I'ndarwear, ou sale ^or ... -OJl^ $1.00 I'nderwear. on sale for • • $1.25 Underwear, on sale for •••98* $1.50 Underwear, on sale for ,.jm.l9 $1.75 Underwear, ou sale for. J.2.0 Underwear, on sale for. .jB|.(J.^ S2.50 Underwear, on sa'e for. .ft2.-| $:;.i;0 Underwear, ou sale for. .$2.,19 Ladies Ceais Lot No. 1. I.«idies Plaid Coats In Krey and black and white mixtures, full length, loose Ilttln.!;; values up to $10.50. Before inventory sale price Choice $,3.85 I .,adieR. black, tan. red and mode colored Coats that formely sold up to $12.50; all are neatly trimmed with velvet and braids. Before inventory sale price $7.8.1 Ladies' ^lack. ton, brown and' red Coats, semi or loose fitted, elaborately trimmed with braids and velvet: Coats that are worth every cent of $20. Before Inventory sale price ...$11.2.1 Ready Made Towels Reduced. Mo Towels, reduced ^o ••S* 12e Towels, rediiced to ^-^-lO* 15c Towels, rediiced to 12* 20c Towels, reduced to t4* 25c Towels, rediicad to 19* :;,")C Towels, reduced to 24* 50cTowel,s, reduced to 39* (:5c Towels, reduced to .lOc 75c Towels, reduced to 59* S5c Towels, reduced to 09* $1.00 Towels. redHc?d to 79* , One Lot Leather Bags, values up to $1.25. In black, tan and preen, all have small purses inside. Choice of the lot during this sale 39^ One Lot White Quilts that told for $1.50, full standard sise, 72x78 inches Cho'ca of the lot g-j^ IVOOL DRESS GOODS. Woolen dress goods in the season's very latest styles. You may be needing something in this line and now is the time to buy it while the.price is down to the bottom notch, every plrce aiid pattern of dress goods and silk on sale for the next five days. Black Woolen Dross Goods. $::.00 Back Dress Goods, now ftl.09 $1.75 Black Dres-s Goods, now tiK ].4.1 $1.50 Black Dress Goods, now )i;t.22 $1.25 Black Dress Goods, now 1 .98(4 $1.00 Black Dress Goods, now ..79e S,"c Black Dress Goods, now 72p 75c Black Dress Goods, now 59* 65C Black Dress Goods, now ,52^ 50C Black Dress Goods, now gg^-. Colored Wool Dress Good.s. $1 .75 value, now $1.45 ?1..50 value, now $1.22 $1.25 valua, now 98* $1.00 value, now -79* N5c va'ue, now 02* 75c value, now ,13* fi5c. value, row 47* .".i.c value, now 38* :;5c value, now 21* 25c value, now 19* STOCKI.XGS. H'c, rcluced to 8* !2c Stockings, reduced to iO<!r l;.c Stockings, reduced to ..•••- 12<* 20c StocUincs. reduced lo liiC 25e Stockin.^s. reduced to 19 (i .•;5c Stockings, reduced to 27* ."nc Stockings, reduced to 39* (50 Stockings, reiluced to .10* 75c Stockings, reduced to .15* S5c Stockings, reduced to {>3* $1,110, reduced to 7«)^ $1.25 Stockings, reduced to 98* $1.50 Stockings, reduced to ..$|.19 $2.00 Stockings, reduced to ..$l]05 $2.50 Stockin!;s, reduced lo ..$'>il.l SCARFS. Battenburg Scarfs and Squares, rich and beautiful work at almost one-half criginal price. W« have these grouped into one lot. valu?8 ranging up to $1.75. Before Inventory Sa'e price 95^ Satin Damask Scarfs aud Squares. Some have drawn work;. others are teautifui scroll designs. You will find these fo be high grade lln?n oioths. Values up to $1.50. On sale Kr 09* Fancy Waist and Suiting Silks by the yard, all at Before Inventory Sale Prices. 50c Silks, on sale for 3.1* 65c Silks, on sale for .12* 75c Silks, on sa'e for 59* 85c Silks, on sale for iJ7^ $1.00 Silks, on sale for '79#! $1.25 Silks, on sale for 9S «i $1.50 Silks, on sale for $1.20 Fancy Silk Wpist patterns In 5 yd.'*, lengths, il9 to 24 Inches wide. $-1.50 patterns retiuced to $3.0.1 $G.GO patterns, reduced to ...$5.35 $7.00 patterns, reduced to ..•5ijl.85 $7.50 psttorns, reduced fo ...JSO .I .I $«.o patterns, reduced to . - .}i*0.95 ClIILDREX'S BEARSKIN COATS $2.!tn Coats; reduced to $1.9,1 $:;.5o Coats, reduced to $**.25 $1.00 Coats, reduced to $2.9.1 S50.0 Coats, reduced to $3.8.1 $fiOi) Coats, rtvhiced to $4.7.1 $0.50 .Coats, reduced to '-$5.-45 LACE CIRTAIXS REDUCED. $1.25 Lac2 Curtains, on sale ...98 <i $1.50 Lace'Curtains, 01: sale .-$1.15 $1.75 Lace Curtains, on sa'e ..ji;i.;t,l $2.('0 Lace Curtains, on sale ..$1,(55 $2.50 I.ace Curtains, cn sale .-$1.9.1 $:;.oo Lace Curtains, on sale ..JiJ2.3.1 $:;.50 Lace Curtains, on sale . .«k2.8.1 $4.00 Lace Curtain's, on sale ..}i;3.1.1 $4 .50 I,ace C'irtains. on sale ..$;{. 0.1 $5 .00 I.ace Curtains, on sale ..$4.2.1 $5.50 I.jice;Curtalns, on salj ..$4.0S $6.00 Lace Curtains, ore sale . .ff.l.OO $f...5o Ijiee Curtains, on sale ..$.1.2.1 $7 .00 Lace Curtains, on sae . .S.1.9.1 $7.50 Lace Curtains, on sale . -$0.25 $8 00 I^ce ;Curtains. on sale . .$0.8.1 $10 0 Lace Ctirtains, on sale. .S7.8.1 $12 50 I.ace Curtains, on sale. .<|IJ9 .00 $15 .00 Lace Curtains, on sale{j ;iO ..'J .l Rugs. Draperies. Window Shades. Lace Curtains and Linoleums reduc cd during this »ale. $6.00 9x12 Ingrain rugs $4.8.1 $9.00 9.\13 Ingrain, rugs $7.0.1 $12-50 9x12" Brusse's rugs ...89.8.1 $15-00 9xl2;Tapestr>- rugs ..$12.1.1 $17.50 9x12"Tapestry rugs ..$13.95 $20.00 Shirpn 9x12 rugs .. .$t0.2.1 $20.00 Axminster rugs $10.7,1 $22.50 Axminster rugs $18.9.1 $25.00 Axminster rugs $21.7.1 $30.00 ..\xminster rugs $24..15 $n5.00 Wilton rugs $29..10 $40.00 Wilton rugs $34.1.1 $45.00 Wilton rugs $30.95 READY TO WEAR GARMENTS. $5.00 Ladi?sV Coats, now $3^.8.1 $6.50 l.adiea' Coats, now $.1.15 $7.50 Ladie^' Coats. n,ow $5.8.1 $8.50 Ladles* Coats, now $0.1.1 $10.00 I.adies' Coats, now . . .S6.9.1 $12.50 Ladies- Coats, now ...Sn'.9,l $15.00 Ladies' Coats, now ..-S8.75 $17.50 I.adies' Coats, now . . .jRl 1 .'i.l $20.00 Ladi^' Coats, now^ . .. jRl ''..K) $25.00 ladles' Coats, now ...$ $::o.00 Ladies' Coats, now . . .jS'^LIvl $55.00 Ladies- Coats, now ...#23.50 VntS. FURS. $1.95 Furs, .reduced fu. ... $2 .50 Furs, reiltu-fd to 1 .... $r. 00 Furs. reduc3d to ... $i>.00 Furs. r.-.!ne?d to ... $fi..'iO Furs, r.duced to ... $7.50 Fi!r!^.. reduced to ... $10.11" Furs, ^reduced to ... $12.5" Furs,, reduced to ... 515 III' h'urs, reiluced to ..- 5i>i...iii Furs,. reduced to . $25.Ill* Furs. ^ reduced to . $27.50 Ftirs, reduced to .. $:!5.i'0 Furs, reduced to .. • • $1.,35 • $1.85 .. $2.15 -. $.3.7.1 • • •$.1.2.1 .. $.1.85 $7.05 • ..$8..10 ••-$9.85 •$12..10 $10.00 $18..10 $20.00 $n .flo $:,.50 $-1.00 $5.00 $6.00 17 ,00 $s.oo $10.00 T.ll'ESTRY Portlerv. on Portier*. on Port iocs, on Porliers, on Portler§, on Porticr^, on Portierst. on Portiers. on PORTIERESC sal« «2..15 sale « sale $3.15 sale $.3.95 sale .......$4.95 sale ......$5.25 ^a'e $0.85 sal» $7.85 LADIES'FINE >ET ROBES. Ready-made; and Semi made, 4k big reductions. $7:50 Dresses. • reduced to •••$5.6.1 $10.00 Dresses; reduced to •••$7.85 $12.50 Dresses; reduced to .-.$9.85 815 00 Dresses, reduced to ..811.6.1 $25.00 Dresses, reduced to . .$15.65 $35.00 DressesV reduced to . -$22.50

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