Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1907
Page 5
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THE: has been moved to 2i4 WestidlnMit, in the, new brick bnUdIng just oooi< pitted and,is equipped with an opiS -yUng table and aU ithe latest apirtl- ^^nces lor the Humane and Bcientl|lo treatnient of Domestic Anlmalf, Calls made anywhere night or day. , Phoh« 139 (or hospital or residence. FRANK 8. DBATTIB, V. 8, , Proprietor. Fresh Qunther's Candy Trrtty rhrlNliiiiis rurkniros \n liiith Chnrcilnlo un<l CIuH'iiliitr and Itoii-Buns. Many ollior sixes and lurirttrs Soe nhiduw. SPENCER'S The Christniii!) OfTprlnpi that our jowrlry display shoirs are rertainiy of the most nniqur, tasteful and appropriate de? slpns. Choiee Siirerware and ^0T- rlti«>s. Fine IVntches, Brushes and Rings. ' Don't foruet to hare yonr jirosenl in lime for the Xmns tree. Hotter seleet today. G. A. LEFFLER, JEWKLEB. Dislillei Water One hundred pounds ot Crystal Ice will malce 13 gallons ot distilled water suitable .tor family use. Try It iGhlce&ColdStongeCi FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Dsefoll Xmas Preseots The finest Hue in town. Call and inspect oui stock. T. B. Shannon North Side Square lola, Kan. Ipwa Store ^ Headquarters for Santa Claus. New line of Dressed and Undressed Dolls, Toilet cases. Work Boxes, Cuff Bote-s, nandkcrchief Boxes, Vases, Xrnas Candler. PiifT Hoses, Children's Books. Albums, Fancy Dressers, Scarfs, Mufflers, Ties, Ladles' Furs, Fancy Stock- itiRS, Fancy Hose. Wo have a nice selection of very choice articles from Chas. Dickeng of Manltou. Colorado, which we are going to sell at half price. Those are very choice cut stones. We will be glad to show you. A. G. MUMMA, Prop. One Dollar in Script or Mo^By' Is good tbr 13.70 Vorth 6t BaaiUa «oddi at J. D. Hundia ft Ca. This oBor;do»- es December 31st Hatliioe tenorrew aftemooa Ike Qn»i Theater, "Woilt M« Wagc».* •0. C. BRETT expects to bo tn To. poka this w'otfk attending the: State Choss nasociatlon, of which" he 4s the Kccrelary and tn^naurcr. Tho <>oiite8t will bo heid a month earlier than for jnorly and It 1H thought that! moro will he. able to attend.—'Humboldt Herald. Six Per Ceut Money, ulnRham. R. Mi, CuU MK. AND Mrs. Orrin Noyp» came ill from Norfolk, Nolir., Frl<l»y, to spoiiil the Chrisfni.ns vacation with Ills father, Ira Noyes. OrrIn ,18 still a stock Inspector for tho Kovcy-nnient with headquarters at Norfolk.;—Hum loldt Herald. Year TO OUR ^4NY ClJ»TOI^ER» Dr. TTIIIey, Ocnllst SO FAR tho only Humholdt teach •rs who o.vppct to attend the Stale rcachers' Association at Topeka an [»i-of. Decker and Mrs. Sktdinore. More may decide to attoinl, liowevor. A number of teachers fro{n this lieiKhborhoo'l are expectinc; ' to h present.—Humboldt Herald, t If you need a farm loan come and see us. We can pet yonr nit)iiey in wo days. Tho Be<lwell-Ray Realty C» THE OLD friends of S. A.; BalKatt vlio formerly lived In Co <tagiR Grove Township, will be sorry to 4eain of his death which occurred a \Veok aKo Saturday at tho home of hits dau ,i ;h tor. I'oarl, n?ar Glencoc. Ojilahoina —Humbo 'dt Herald. ; Pipes of all Smoke House •scrlptions at'Brown's " it Side. .', Matinee loniomiw aft(>mo(j>i at Ibi [Jrand Theater, •'Work and Waws.' PvOnniKI Hamm, LesHc nn<l Sam KIrliy expect to leave Christmas moniiuR for Manhattan wlW>ro tin v.ill atli'iul till' state liiectitiK of fhi Horticultural socii-ty. Tliejse boys won th(> prize in the corn c <iuteKt vv!;ich w ;i.s piv-.'ii wooU ;uid ar. the Kuosis of the Farmers liistituto of Allen county.—HiinilKildt H.-rald. The Knirry Stork ronipa;iy at the (<nind lonlfrht. : ON ACCOUNT of the do.-\lh of 11K wif,'. of one of the eliiiroh mrtiibcrs. Ki 'v. KlIiMt <if lola. was unable to b pn'SiT.l Sunday afleriKKUi to ad<lri->; iiu'irs meeting. .\u impronipl>i ineetin!: was held, however, .•ilid sev- ra' siiort talks made hy varir);i- niomber.s of tho audionci\-»-IIunibolilt Herald. Jfessenber Boys nill drllvor fhrlsf- nuK parkatres for yon In any plaro in the clly. Yon raneet them any time al the Western I'nion oflice. .lAMKS Coutant, one of the oldesf nsiiK s's nvp in Uila. and well Known oyer ihe toiinty. tlie.l at bis homo in tola I"rii!;;y n'.ornin};.—Hnmlioldt Hcr- Id. ^ Improved acre tract on Electric line for sale on terms. Call phone lOuO. Tin: Umi.Ll.Vt; for the city whieh as .stopjii-d on arronnt of the rainy eathcr was resumed a.:;ain last ni^ht. Cipar.-; in Chri.stmas fioxe."?. I and liMve them delivered. Phone In the spirit of "Peane on Earth and Good Will to Men'' we ext 3nd to you our greetings and best wishes that you may enjoy your Christmas and have added thereto health, happiness and prosperity during the year 1908. Thanking you for your liberal patronage during the year 1907. People 's Store Outfitting Co. XhtBS Shopping Come tonight for ytur Clirisliuas Shopping. You will have a bettei ^election than when the stocks are broken. CAe Baft/ay Shields Clothing Co^ THE STO«K THAT .SATI.SFIE.S. .Matiii>*e tomorrow afternoon at the (.rand Theater, -IVork and IVaires." Christmas Trees at Knlnt; A Burlick's. MAY REVOKE LICENSES. Kansas Insurance Companies Must Abandon Eldridge Rate Books. LivinqfttoD Co Ventrscton u< BilMen. All kintlii of work a specialty 0 8«aU Syeamere. Fheae lUI Topeka. IXc 21.—Unless at an iy date tho proce.-^dinps against tli<; s«:vi'iilyeii;ht insurance companies in Kansas for iisin.ii the KIdridpe rat>' l(>.il<s ftiins results. State Siip .Ttiit <'u- .^ri^s J. Katherine Hartley will dent of Iiisnrauee ('. w. Itarnes may give private lessens. Benn Pitmau take drastic aeti<ni and r.-voUe liens-j System a specialty. WILL TEACH SHORTHAND es hy the wholesale .Mr. Harm's .says he iliiiiKs that quite a iinnibcr of the! Iiisinaiiee companies are purposely j delayinp trial of ihc suits now p.'nd-j i»p. Talmphmmm 0». 99, LmMmrm; Kmnrnrn . (Cdiitlnaad tropi pags 1.). . - After Tlewlas tfi< bodjr and «t tk« request of tUe dead boy's fatber, thtfi Bl^coroner ordered that aa 4ntiiKst be liold to Invostlgat* the deatjh oC Ir« Ga>'. Tho body waa brought to Cot bertsnn'* morgue, irhere the jurr vQl view it today. \\ Tho traps were to set that the mem: would shoot in a northeasterly diree tlon. When the accident occurred Ira Gay was sitting on a booc to the east of the place where the m«n atoo<l ,whcn shooting, with his face tq tke \ east. Some say that ho was play- Ing cante and others say he waa oaly, watching others. Because it was Impossiblo to get all of the witnesses today thp inquest win not be held. The coroner order- e<l that tho Jury view tha body and tien It was turned over to the parents. The coroner says that he does not know when the inquest will be beld. only that it will not be today nor tomorrow. Sre was not taken Into custody, but was allowed to Ro, on promise that hd would appear before tho ^coroner's Ji:ry and tell them all ho knows of the accident. From what could bo learned today. Gay, the dead boy, and Seo wore en tire strangers, not even having a EpeakinR acquaintance. It there was any friction between the two during the day. the county officers were unable to learn of it. Frank See. the man in wliose hands the Run was when It was discharged, if. well known, havrng lived In this city for a number of years. He Is employed at the Lanyon Zinc company's works Number One, north- w est of the city. Ira Gay, the dead boy. Is the son of .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gay. v»ho live on a farm three miles southwest of this <ily. and near the Neosho river. He was a fine looking, well proiportlonod .vonnp fellow and made friends eas lly. MRS. EDDY'S GREAT CHARITY. .1, C. DKNIOIS. editor of the Krie |{e<-ord was iti tin- city iinlay for a iIuMt time. Phone t ",LM for Christmas Cipars de- ivered to all iiarls of Ihc city. .MISS TillX) Kobinsoi). manual • aiuiiip leaeber in the llutehiUKou •chools. is cxpi'di'd in this oveuiii;; 111 visit lK >r parenls. .Mayor alul .Mrs. S\. <;. Robinson. rieiity of money to loan mi farms. tllliiT comiiaiiii's b;ivi' i|iiil Iml we air siill doin.:; biisine.-;s. Tlie I'liiwr;'- Itay Kcaliy Co. GIVES POETRY FOR POULTRY. Chicken Thief Leaves Verse Tacked I on Henhouse Door. ItosKm. Mass., Dec. 21—A Chris: iaii Seieiice Institiiti'm. to cost at ! 1. :>Kt Jl.oon .lilMl and to bo devoied e.--pi <ia'ly to belidiip the poor, is tlifl las-l proji 'cl of the Ciirisllan Science iiioveiiienl. Tile Chri.stiau Sci >nee W«'ekly S.n lini'l publishes loilay eorres |K )ndi'nC"> il'elwccn Mary Baker C.. Kddy and tin' editor of the denominational imbUca lions, in wlii<-h .Mrs. Kildy wrote: "I desiro to commence imniediati-Iy Mundis has the Candy for Clirist- iias presents: the finest on Ihc niark- t and fresh from the factory. WILL Knowllon came in thivi after Mion from Iloiihlrr. C«)Io.-;id(». 'whi-r- til' is workinp with his uncle in tli- contracting business. Get yiior Christmas Cigars at .Miin- lis as he handles al! the loading irands. KILLED B V WINTER LIGHTNING. One Little Georgia Girl Dead, Fifteen Other Persons Injured. CITY CLKRK Wendorf has in his possession a pair of golf gloves which wore left in the pas ofTire several days ;ipo. If the (.wncr calls he may pet lioni. Gel your Holly and Mistletoe Ewing & Hurdick's. at SCOTT .M<K.\RL.\.N"I) was called to opkins. Mo.. Saturday by the news lat his brother. .leo. was not exjiected live. Eat anything you like and when you like it. but take a Mi-o-na stomach tablet first to strenplhen tho stomach and prevent Indigestion. .lOc a box. Nothing If it fail.s. CharlcsB. Spencer. Matinee lomormw aflernwin at the rand ThiMler, "Work and Wairi's.'' POLARBEAR fLOLR Hu Stood the Test Becacrse its the Best Acce|>t No Other Wii|.Oberdoaf, Agt -3i. lola Bttiness College OmySmamlon Bookkeeplnfc'English, Physical Cui:tare, ett, ^orthand. Letter Writing. We wish You a Merry Xmas an(3 desire to thank you for your patronage. Mo. Fac, Santa Fe nti X. K. k t. If atek laspeet^fn. Ueids Station. On.. Dee. 21.—WHiilc die sat <m the lap of her cousin at I.e family home y.^ti-rday Sedora Jryant. 1" years old. was instantly kil'ed by a stroke of lightuing that wn-cked 111.' home and injured fiffeon itlier persons, though not seriously. There was a gathering of neighbors at (lie Hryant homo for a sonn ser- vici'. The girrs cousin was unharmed. SIKHJTE.ST DAY OF YEAR. Sunday Was tine Sinute Kboricr Than Saturday. Sunday. December 22, was tho .shortest day of the year, being one iiiiiiute shorter than Saturday. The difference waa hardly enough to be noticed, yet scientific authority vouches for It. From now on tho days will crow longer at the rate of a few minutes each day, while the nights will grow correspondingly shorter. Allhoupli the shortest day of thi- year falls on the 22ud day of this mouth, the lonpcst day cornels on the 21 St day of June. The effect of this is to confuse many, who think that December 21 Is the shortest day. KOBBEK8 STEAL STORE SAFE. Carry It Away and Crark It With a Sirdup Hammer. Fulton. Mo., Dec. 24.—Cracksmen en lered Black's book store here last nighf about ft o'clock and; carried away tho safe. It was taken to the west part of town, where the door was lettered in with a sledge hammer. The robbers pot $115, leaving a number of checks and stamps scatered about the wrecked safe. Moler Barber College, Kansas City, Mo., wants men to learn the trade. Write for particulars now. few weeks completes by free clinic and expert Instructions, jiosltlons waiting. Don't delay. Kvaiisvi'le. Iml. Dee. 21.--.\ cliirli •n tli 'i 'f last night broKi- into the li.'ii hoiiso of .lames H. K^inore. rarri.-d l-.iiii.| a Christian Seionre i.isfiiu off a half dozen chickens and tack-d f'>r i-lx 'C 'al henefit of the iKior on tho door a paper with the follow-;">"! <'>" Pe'i'^ral R<KX1 of all mankind. The fnnnding and endowment of tlii^ I institution will cost at least $l,niM).- iilMl." Tlie -ilitor is at Concord, Mr.s. E<1- dy having summom^ him there to pive him details of the project ing verse. Christmjis time is draw Ins near; Thoiipht Id get my chickfiis lure. Klniore is on? of Ihe lai-pcst poultry raisers in Indiana. F. E. TTaigb, Dentist Pkoie 1% Onice over Barren's Drag Store. Free dirt at Luccock's. The funeral of Ira Gay will ho held from the Seventh Day Adventlst ebureb timiorrow, Christmas after- ni>on. The pastor of the church will officiate and interment will be made in the lola cemetery. Four choice mtik cows, three hoi-ses. harness and wagon will be sold Saturday at the feed yard, com mi-ncing at 2 o'clock sharp. Chas. Bishop. BUREAU CHIEF RESIGNS. Wm. H. Brownson Retires FYom Navl- nation Bureau. 'Washlnston. Dec. 24.—President Iloiisevelt tod.ny received and accept nd the resignation of Rear Admiral William H. Brownson. as chief of the bureau of navigation. The re.slgna- ti<ui takes effect tmniediately. Capt fanieron R. Wlnslow wa.^ appointed to siieroed the admiral. No reason for the resignation was given. ; S0HI6HT A Comedy brmma in 4 Acts Filii Mm ii Pilice >X«wef FI«or SHe Bjik«ay lOe GBA>'D THEATER, Tarsday KtgUi Dee. SI. CHARLES R. HANFUKD, In a Notable Revival of "AJiTHOSY A.>D CLEOPATHA" A sumptuous scenic procluctidu; new and novel electrical tlTccts; a chorus and lullet of unusual attrae tivencss, l)eautifully costumed will tend to make this engagement one of the best offerings of the year. Curtain at 8:15. Positively no one seated during an act. Seats on Sale Monday, Dec. r.O. Prices S.)C-S0e.?5c-$l-$IJ>0 Bachelor THEATRE ^r. L. A. Turner announces the permanent oi)ening ot the "Bachellor Theater' by offering the MERRY MINSTREL NAII)S A Mirihul, Mn.sical Melange. Commencing Chri.stmas Matinee and continuing remainder of week with change ot specialties nightly. Get your Sanltol now. as this Is your last chance to get $2.70 worth for |1. Deal closes December 31st, j. D. Mundis & Co. FARMS, In Howell County, Hissonrl. To E.xcbange for City Property or .Merchandise. Write for list. Give full descritiiion and price of what you have. J. T. GILXOLTB, Pomona, Mo. oioiToia A Merry TO ALL OF OUR PATRONS AND FRIENDS Our Store will be open To-night, until 10:30, and Christmas Morning until 12 o'clock. Sweeping Reductions on All Christmas Goods!

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