The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 18, 1996 · Page 4
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 4

Salina, Kansas
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Friday, October 18, 1996
Page 4
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ft4 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18. 1996 NATION THE SALINA JOURNAL BRIEFLY T SIMPSON CIVIL CASE Mostly white jury seated for Simpson's civil trial The Associated Press Artist Brad McCallum poses with manhole covers cast from guns confiscated by police In Hartford, Conn. Artist turns guns into anti-violence project HARTFORD, Conn. — More than 11,000 illegal guns will be back on city streets this spring. Sort of. The same city where Sam Colt introduced firearms more than a century ago has melted down 11,194 guns confiscated or surrendered since 1992 and sculpted the iron into 228 manhole covers in an art project on gun violence. The manhole covers are piled outside the Wadsworth Atheneum, a centerpiece of "The Manhole Cover Project: A Gun Legacy," an exhibit by artist Bradley McCallum that opened Thursday. When the display ends in March, the covers will hit the streets, around the Atheneum, near schools and in neighborhoods that have been hit hard by gun violence. "Hopefully, this project will serve as a catalyst for dialogue that will address how we can manage guns in an instructive way," McCallum said. Man convicted of killing fetus in DUI accident CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A jury on Thursday found a man guilty of manslaughter in a drunken-driving accident that forced the premature birth of a 7'A-month- old fetus that later died. Frank Flores Cuellar, 50, was charged with intoxication manslaughter in the death of Krystal Zuniga, who was born just hours after Cuellar allegedly collided with her mother's car on June 15. Jeannie Coronado delivered Krystal by emergency Caesarian, but the baby — weighing just 4 pounds and having suffered extensive brain damage — died 44 hours later. Burglar who struck rich, famous captured GREENWICH, Conn.—A cat burglar suspected of stealing millions of dollars in silver from 9ruce Springsteen, Ivana Trump and other celebrities was arrested at a shopping mall carrying, among other things, a directory of the rich and famous in America. Blane David Nordahl, 35, is suspected in burglaries up and down the East Coast, including 120 pairs of silver salt-and-pepper shakers from Trump's home in Greenwich. Police wouldn't say what was stolen in the other burglaries, but said Thursday he was suspected of robbing the homes of Springsteen in Rumson, N.J., and sportscaster Curt Gowdy in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. The cat burglar also was traveling with two cats, which were turned over to the Humane Society, Yunk said. Pabst to close down plant in Milwaukee MILWAUKEE — Pabst Brewing Co. said Thursday it will shut down its plant and lay off 250 workers, ending 150 years of the Blue Ribbon beer in the city that once dominated the industry. Pabst, the nation's No. 6 brewer, said it would shift production to Stroh Brewing Co.'s LaCrosse plant, where it had previously contracted about two-thirds of its production. From Wire Service Reports Panel's racial makeup almost opposite of murder-trial jury By The Associated Press SANTA MONICA, Calif. — A mostly white jury was seated for O.J. Simpson's civil case Thursday in a reversal of the racial makeup at his murder trial. The 12-member jury consists of eight whites, two blacks, one Hispanic and one man who is half-Asian and half-black. There are seven women and five men. Two of the whites said during questioning that Simpson was "probably guilty." Opening arguments in the wrongful-death case brought-by the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were scheduled for Tuesday. The victims' families are seeking unspecified damages in the slayings. Simpson's lawyers agreed to the jury's makeup not long after they demanded a mistrial and a chance to start over with jury selection. They accused the plaintiffs' lawyers of removing prospective jurors because they were black. "We are entitled to a cross-section of the community," Simpson attorney Robert Blasier ar- The Associated Press O.J. Simpson is followed by news media members as he goes into a hotel for lunch Thursday during a recess of his civil case. gued. "The panel as a whole was 40 percent African-American. We have only two African- Americans left on the jury." But Superior Court Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki said he was convinced the challenges were not "solely on the basis of race." The jury that acquitted Simpson of murder a year ago included nine blacks. Polls have shown that blacks are far more likely than whites to believe Simpson is innocent. "This is a very different jury, which is exactly what the plaintiffs were hoping for," said Loyola University Law School Dean Laurie Levenson. The plaintiffs used six of their eight allowed peremptory challenges — all of them to oust blacks. The defense used only four of its challenges, removing three whites and one Hispanic. T WORKPLACE Survey: Women making few gains in corporate world T CRIME Man smiled on 'gay crush' show Defendant laughed when confronted by gay man he later killed By The Associated Press PONTIAC, Mich. — A jury Thursday watched a never-aired episode of the "Jenny Jones Show" in which Jonathan Schmitz, confronted with a gay man with a crush on him, reacted with embarrassed laughter but no apparent anger toward the man he later killed. "You lied to me. ... Interesting, very interesting," a smiling Schmitz said on the videotape, played at his murder trial. V CRIME Schmitz walked onto the show expecting to see a girl who had a secret crush on him, and instead found a giggling Scott Amedure. With the studio audience howling and hooting, Schmitz only laughed and turned away when Amedure put his arm around him and tried to kiss him. "I'm nattered," SCHMITZ Schmitz said sheepishly at one point. But when asked by Jones if he was interested, Schmitz said: "I'm definitely heterosexual, I guess you could say." Prosecutors say that Schmitz was humiliated on the March 6, 1995, talk show and three days later shot and killed Amedure after finding an unsigned suggestive note at his apartment. Defense attorneys don't dispute that Schmitz, 26, shot Amedure, 32. But they say his battles with depression, alcoholism and a thyroid condition called Grave's disease left him unable to plan a murder. They also contend the show ambushed Schmitz, leading him to believe his secret admirer would be a woman. If convicted of first-degree murder, Schmitz would get life in prison. Only 10 percent of officers at 500 largest companies are women By MAGGIE JACKSON Tlie Associated Press NEW YORK — It's still lonely at the top. Despite years of trying to enter the highest echelons of business, women hold only a few of the top positions and take home only a few of the fattest paychecks at the biggest U.S. companies, a research group said Thursday. "This will debunk the myth that women have made it ... in corporate America," said Sheila Wellington, president of Catalyst, a nonprofit group that works on behalf of women's advances in business. She blamed the myth for helping keep women back by lowering the urgency for change, and said women are not given the jobs that lead to top management. Although women make up 46 percent of the work force, only 10 percent of corporate officers at the 500 largest U.S. companies last year were women — or 1,303 out of 12,885, a Catalyst survey found. In 1994, it was 8.7 percent. Corporate officers, who include the chairman and chief executive officer, make up the top tier of a company. Catalyst analyzed financial reports from Fortune magazine's annual list of the 500 largest publicly owned U.S. companies as ranked by annual revenues. About 100 of those companies have no women corporate officers at all, Catalyst found, while 27 companies — mostly in the service sector — have women filling a quarter of their corporate officer positions. Edwina Woodbury, chief financial officer at Avon Products and one of the big earners, said it takes more than skills or experience to get ahead if you're a woman. "You have to be in an organization that values women," she said. "I am very fortunate there." Women fared best in service-oriented jobs, including finance, publishing, retailing, food services and entertainment, the survey said. They fared worst in mining, Women at the top Although women are inching their way up the corporate ladder, they hold only a handful of the top positions and take home a few of the fattest paychecks. The corporate picture: Corporate 'Ute'^'i -,, ^ r ^ *• * *i i ''Source: Catalyst AP/T. Tso crude oil, brokerages and manufacturing. The Student Loan Marketing Association topped the survey with 32 women among its 56 corporate officers, or 57 percent. Corestates Financial Group and office equipment maker Pitney Bowes also have high numbers of women corporate officers. The survey also said women are gaming ground outside the Fortune 500 companies, starting their' own businesses at an enormous rate after bumping for years against the corporate "glass ceiling." Athletes confess to string of robberies 'If they didn't have any money, they'd go do a robbery,' officer says By The Associated Press SALT LAKE CITY — The talk in the locker room was about cars, girls, clothes — and, according to police, the holdups some high school football players committed to pay for it all. Six members of the Granger High football team, including two varsity starters, were being held Wednesday in juvenile detention after police say they confessed to robbing 20 fast-food restaurants and other stores. "If they didn't have any money, they'd go do a robbery, split up the cash and go on a date," said Sgt. Jerry Mendez. "They spent it on the things that high school kids spend money on — dates, clothes, fixing up a car. "The only thing we know they weren't spending it on was dope. They weren't into drugs at all," he said. The string of holdups that began in June ended Tuesday night with two more robberies and the arrests of the suspects, ages 15 to 17, on suspicion of armed robbery. Police said they were tipped to .the robbery ring by a fellow student but refused to say whether that person was a football player. Police confiscated a pair of pellet guns that resembled semiautomatic weapons but said actual guns also may have been used. They said the six worked in groups of two or three; one or two would go inside the store, and another student would drive the getaway car. Usually, the robbers wore no disguises, a bravado that carried into the locker room, where teammates said they boasted of their crimes. Mendez said it was common knowledge the kids had money and "told others where they'd been getting it." Prosecutors said two 17-year- olds and two 16-year-olds may be tried as adults, while two 15-year- olds face juvenile charges. Investigators on Thursday had not yet tallied the take of all of the robberies, but conservatively estimated it at more than $3,000. Coach Ray Groth said he and the other coaches had been perplexed why the team hadn't seemed united this season, despite being tied for first in the league With two other teams at 3-1. "You have to wonder about this generation and whether it considers consequences," Groth said. 1 I H T LEU All lines of insurance including Auto * Home • Life Health • Farm for service call JEFF WELLS 1528 E. Iron Salina, KS SALINA TRAFFIC SAFETY SCORESHEET Accident Type Property Injury Alcohol Related Through Sept.'95 1,648 284 40 Through Sept. '96 1,590 314 53 % Change 4% fewer 11% more 33% more It's a matter of your safety! AUTO HOME BUSINESS HEALTH LIFE South Middle School Anderson, Bill-English....................7310 Bainter, Lyman - Pre Algebra 7330 Bainter, Lyman-Algebra:r................7326 Bamydt, Joan - LD 7323 Beams, Juanita - Reading............:....7312 Bell, Jeff - Social Studies 7315 Bell, Jeff-English .7311 Berglund, Kay-Math 7316 Brown,David -Science....................7319 Clark,. Virginia - Science 7322 Domann, Wendy - English.. ...;....7325 Ferguson,Terry -PreAlgebra 7328 Ferguson, Terry-Algebra , .,,..7344 Gansel, Sheryl - English 7304 Hilyard, Jack- History 7321 Hoelting, Daryl - Math 7313 Hoelting,Daryl ; -Science .7355 Horst, Deena - Art 7334 Knutson,Cyrdyr Science...... 7302 Moser, Lonnie - Social Studies 7306 Platt, Jeff-History ^7354 Ratcliff, Joyce - English 7309 Rathlef, John-History 7336 Reinkuig, Merilyn - Explo/FACS....7353 Riddle, Theresa-Science,,,,,,,,,,,,, t ,,,,7320 Schmidt, Mary - Math 7301 Seirn, Lesa - Math........,................,.,,.7305 Shriver, Jeff- Social Studies 7317 Sturges, Jennifer- Science........ 7314 Timmel, Bette - Spanish 7335 Walle, Barbara - Explp/FACS ..........7343 Wilkins, Sudana - Spanish 7356 Winslow, Susan - Engush.................7352 Roosevelt Lincoln Clark, Joseph-Science........................5240 Crank, Chris - History 5060 DeForest Karma - English..........;.;.....5080 Duncan, Brian - Exploratory 5441 Eilders; Kate -Pre Algebra...........:.v....5090 Eilders, Kate - Math 5091 Eilders, Kate-Algebra 5092 Htzpatrick, Ray - Enriched English...5100 Htzpatrick, Ray- English .;;.;;™..........5101 Frable, Lenore - LD English 8th 5586 Frable, Lenore- LD English7th..,......5191 Frable, Lenore - Study Skills 8th 5194 Frable,Lenore- Study Skills 7th 5195 Geiger, Sue - English 8th 5120 Geiger, Sue -English 7th... 5130 Gruen, Danette - Spanish 8th 5141 Hutchinson, Cassandra -Reading 5160 Johnston, Lisa -Vocal Music. 5170 Johnston, Lisa -Slang Gang 5171 Johnston, Lisa - Orchestra 5050 Jones, Daniel - Social Studies 5180 Lambert, Vaughn - Science 5200 Larson, Cindy -BD 5420 Laubahn, Glenn - Math 8 5210 LaubahaGlenn-.PreAlgebra,,,.,,,.,,,,5213 Laubahn, Glenn-Algebra 5212 Lenkiewicz, Len - History ...................5221 McDaniel, Brenda - Social Studies....5250 McMillen, Gayle - Band 7. .....5260 McMillen, Gayle - Band 8 5261 Morrison, Beth - Social Studies 7th... 5472 Morrison, Beth -Social Studies 8th...5473 Murphy, Dawn-English 5020 Murphy, Steve - Science 8th................5280 Murphy, Steve - Science 7th 5190 Noonan, Becky - Math 8...................5290 | Noonan, Becky - Pre-Algebra 5291 Noonan, Becky -Algebra 5292 Nowak, Brian - Exploratory 5441 Perney, Kathryne - Science..................5300 Pridey, Joanne - Science 5510 Ramsey, Mark- Pre Algebra. ii -..™.™«5520 Ramsey, Mark - Math 7 5521 Ramsey, Mark - Math 7th and 8th 5522 Reddig, Julie - Enriched English 5530 Reddig, Julie-English 5531 Ribble, Nancy - LD Social Studies....5540 Ribble, Nancy=LD Reading ....5541. | Ribble, Nancy - LD Reading/Skills....5542 Ribble, Nancy r LD English 8 .5543 Ribble, Nancy - LD English 7 5546 Ruder,Chris -Math 7 5220 Ruder, Chris - Pre Algebra. 5140 Sackrider, Barbara -KB, „ 5550 Shivers, Karen - LD History 5580 Shivers, Karen - LD.Reading. m ., v ,,,5581 Shivers, Karen - LD Reading/Skills...5582 Stovers, Karen - LD Math 8.............,,,5584 Shivers, Karen - LD Math 7 (5th hour).5583 Wilkins, Sudana- Spanish 7th... ..5431 Wilkins, Sudana - Spanish 8th 5432 Wilson, Mitch - Industrial Tech 5441 To hear your child's teacher you must use a touch-tone phone. Dial 825-6000. Press the 4-digit category number by the teacher's name. Call Deb Nelson at 823-6363 if you have questions. Salina Journal NSE Newspaper In Education

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