Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 17, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1908
Page 8
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THl lOLA DAILT MCWSJai.- THUBCTAY B?feriyC, BECEMBEB 17, tm. HIS HARD LUCK Creatpd Mild Excitement UTieii 'He Vfa» Gnilty of no Offense, So He iSayg. ^\^liIc William Gates, cliief of police and lioy Phillips and Sim Wldretli, day patrolmen, were out on a trail tills morning, J. M. CoillnSy police judge, sat at the deslc. Suddenly the telephone bell burst into a furious ringing which, sounded somewhat lilic a riot call. "There's a colored man down here at a lioarding house on South Buckly*' threatening to kill some one," a voice shouted into Judge Collin's ear. The officprs were all out on duty, .ludKo Collins told the Inquirer, but one would be sent just as soon as possible. jrwinwliile, a man was burning the wiiKl along .lefferson avenue toward thf i-oiiniy jail. .lallor Hoover Kerr WHS Just leaving the jail yard gate ivith I.ewlR llcid. a negro, on the way 111 ilii> dUrrict court room when the iii.'in lir.-irod liimse|^ for a stop and jMnlcd; ••| want an officer—man threatening pi-ople down on South Buckeye. II' 'H a liad man—but ho won't 1 H > bad any more If 1 can help it." l!y ilip lime Jailor Kerr had dellv- ppi'd his prisoner to the court, it was Ikurnid that a negro hostler, em- jilnyed liy a physician, had been talk- iiii; to a cook of kindred race and who is eii)))k>yed at a South Buckeye street boarding house. It was charged that lie had threatened her, and William Gates, chief of jiolice, met the hostler and sent him to confer with I bo county attorne.v. There the matter w;is satisfactorily explained, the. bnsJicr saying that he had not been guilty of any offense and was merely lalkiiifi in a random way, to the cook. Ho was not arrested. IRA SMITH GOES UP ForniiT Policeman Is I'romoted in the Special .Service of the MisKourt Pacific. Ira Siiiith, a former lola patrolman, w iio lias been in the special sen'lce d'eparimoiil of the Missouri Pacific Hiiihvay company for the past eight iiioiiilis. was in the city between tniiii.« evening enroute to Coffey villp which is his present headquarters. Mr. Smith has just received word fiiini I he bead office to the effect that ar an .-u.iprociadon of the service rcn- il'Ti 'ii iluriiig tho past eight months I.'" will «n the first of January be pi'iinoicd to the management of the iyiiii ^iiiiia d :vision of tho siieclal ser \u-r <l <'iii!rtiii<jnt. .Mr. Smith's Iiead <iii;ii i-iH will he at. Monroe," lx )ul8laija, T«t) aKi .isUiiilK will lielp .Mr. Sinilh V- ••\< ilio poacc and (jiilct of this divis li 'I (if tile i'acific which covern a Icr rlhii.i- t '.'io miles long. Ira says tlir; iii>f-i pliaHliig jiart of the promotion I.". tli <f salary ailuchcd which Is double til'- utif ho receives at present. MUST OBEY LAW Commissioners Take Action on Twp, Treasurer's Bonds.—Must be Tvyice Amount of Money They Handle. Some time ago The Register told of tin? intention of the board of com niissioners to compel townships treasurers to obey the law this year ill the amount of bonds they filed The law provides that the amount of iheir bonds shall be double the amount of money they are likely to handle during their terms of office. This has not Wen obeyed for many years in Allen jcounty, if ever. The commissioiitrs thefeforc made on order yesterday tliat the township treasurer's bonds must comply with the law. Several of the treasurers had filed bonds but they were refused as they were too low. In the list below is the amount of the bond tho various town fihip treasurer must file. Elsmore $5,000 Carlyle 2,000 Elm 7,500 Humboldt 6,000 Coitage drove 2500 lola 13,000 Osage 4,000 Marinaton 5,000 Oneva 3,6Q0 !)«•« r Crw k .2,000 Ijuynn ... 3,000 BuslnetB Picking Up. Biisiiipss is picking up with Pro- r )ate Judge J. B. Smith. Teaterdty two couples were united in marrlase. They were George A. 'W 'eaat and MIH Ina Baxter, both well known people of Moran, and Earl E. WUwn and Uln Bthel Fairbanks, botb of C^X-Ti morning lodge Soittk iMwa ^^s NEW YORK STORE NEW YORK STORE NEW YORK STORE NEW YORK STORE NOTICE: To give Christmas shoppers morls time for the selection of gifts the store will be open for business the following evenings: Saturday Night, Dec. 19', Monday Night, Dec. 21; Tuesday Night, Dec. 22; Wednesday Night, Dec. 23; and Thursday Night, Dec. 24th. Jmwmlry mndlHmIr Orammmnimf alwaya an acceptable gift, an eleeant assortt^ent from 25c to $5.00 each. i7lfi0A /lfpV/anything you want in this line we have. All new styles. Beta, navy, black, white, pink, blae, champagne, from 2.5c to 11 .50 a yar^. Hmndkerohlmfm imtormm Anything you want in this line from a 3o handkerchief up to a S5.00 one. /VtfOlmifffiif* in greatest variety. Real Irish hand crochet Jabots, or swell Gibson stocks, 25c to $4.00 each. HJti Otovemm 12 or 16 button length in all the new shades. One or two button clasp kid gloves, anything you want, |1.00 to $1.50 a pair. LibBriySiikRuffm, with plaited or ribbon ends, colors or black. Hmmt BmgBf in all the latest models. We are showing the very newest in black Carriage Bags. Silk Homlmry, always an acceptable gift. Sole agents for the celebrated Keyser Bilk Hose. Ask to see them. Swamt9rBt the proper coats for this climate-:-everything from a baby sweater in white to the new Athletic Sweater for women. Japaamme Hmnd Drawn Oalllaa and Squaraa, Teneriffe Doilies in all sizes, from 5c to |5.00. Dallal DollaF At one-half price. We are closing out our doll stock, therefore prices are cut in half. Every doll must be sold. One-half price for any doll in the house. Christmas Sale of Furs This sale not only meets the requirements of those who need Furs for thiB long winter months to come, but is especially opportune tor those contemplating the purchase of furs tor. gift-giving purposes. There's a certain social distinction that goes with fine furs and there's nothing more acceptable or appropriate for Christmas gifts, for what woman would not feel proud to be the owner of a beautiful set or handsome coat? Hundreds of attractive and handsome Fur pieces go on sale tomorrow at decisive price savings and the offerings mentioned below give but a slight idea of the many genuine bargains that may be secured in this opportune Christmas sale- Toadies Brown Coney Fur Coals with large storm collar and revcrs, lined throtiKhout with Skinner satin. Special in this Bale S*i3.75 Ladles' Klcctric Seal Codtfl 21 inches loiiK. lined wlih Skinner satin, lar^e Btorm collars and revers. Special in llilR Bale ^'Zry.QO I/ndles" I 'ine Klortric Seul Coals. «J1 lar revcrs nnd ruffs trimmed in Heaver, HIdnncr r.nWn lliiltiKH. Hiieclnl each Ji5:{.*.(M) I/idlcs' Kxlra l-'lne IClcctrlc Seal Coats, collar revers and and cuffs trimmed In brown .Martin Fur, Skinner satin lining. Special In this sale #oO.(M) Ladies* Fine Caracul Coats, beautifully trimmed lined throughout with fine satin, regular $2.'>.O0. Si>ecial in this sale Jiilo.OO Natural and Blsnded Mfnk Neck Pieces: special at «3.»rt. $4.91^. $5.95, .•157.95. .$9.85- Siberian and Sable Squirrel Neck Pieces: special at $4.95. $6.95, $8.95. $10.95. $14.95. (JBE.VT SW.V. OF FL'K SCARFS. $1.L'."> I-'ur Scarr.s for 75^ J 1.50 Fur Scarfs for 986 »i '..-iO I''ur Scarfs for $i..lO $3 .ri0 Fur Scarfs for $1.98 »,'i.00 Fur Scarfs for $3.98 »r,,r,o Fur Scarfs for $;i.98 $7 .rii) Fur Scarfs for $-t.!>8 •$10.00 I-'nx Scarfs for $(S.95 $1J..-(| Fox Scarfs for $8.95 $I ."i.OO Fox Scarfs for $9.9.5 $18.00 Vux Scarf:i for $]:!j..5<) fL'5.on Fox Scnrfo for $15.00 A Fine Collection of Fine FHir Sets with large Pillow and Rug Muffs in Real Mink. .lap Mink. Sable Squirrel. Siberian Squirrel. Blue Fox and Real Lynx, at special prices during this sale. Big Millinery Sale Every Trimmed Hat In our entire Ktock will be sold at EXACTLY HALF PRICE >EW WAISTS FOR CHRIST.VAS. Just in from New York, beautiful Messalines. Slik Waists in light blue, pink and white trimmed in lace; styles up to the minute. Special each $,').00 SPECIAL I> HEATHEBBLOOX PETTICOATS. One lot Ulack Heatherblooni Pettl- cals with pretty ruff, worth regularly Christ mas sale price $t.60 CHRISTMAS SALE SILK PETTICOATS. $5,00 Silk PetUcoats for $3.85 $7.50 Silk Petticoats for '.$5.00 $S.50 Silk Petticoats for $5.98 $IO.O« Siik Petticoats for".... .$7.98 Ladles^ Long Coats $35.00 Long Coats reduced to $25.00 $30.00 Long Coats reduced to $3(>.00 $25.00 Long Coats reduced to $1.';.1N) $20.00 Utne coats reduced to $l!j..l0 $16.50 Long Coats reduced to $10.95 $12.50 Ixmg Coats reduced to $7.9.1) $10.00 liong Coats reduced to $().95 $7.85 Long CoBtH reduced to.. .$5.(M) $7.00 Long Coats reduced to.. .$:).9.'S CHILDREN'S Ci>ATS AT (IREATLY REDLTEIJ PRICES. $2..'>0 Children s Hearskin Coats for $1 .7i> $3.50 Children's Bearskin Coats for $3 ,.i ;0 $3.50 Children's Cloth Coats $1.95 $5.00 Children's Cloth Coats .f^..^) $6.50 Cliildren's Cloth Coats «i (4.5I) $7..'-)0 Children's Cloth Coats $.'>.(M) $10.00 Children's Cloth Coals $7,-iO CHRIST.VAS SALE WAISTS. TAILORED l .*dle8 Tailored Waists, linen finish, worth rogulur $1.75, for —$l.!:3.j Ladlo«' Tailored Waists linen finish, worth regularly $2.00, for.. .$1.,'50 Ivudlos" Pure Linen Tailored WnlstH, word) $3,00, for $1.98 Ladles' Tall' ored Suits CHRISTMAS CLEARI.NG SALE Ladles $18.00 Tailored Suits Clearance price $10.!).? Ladles' $25.00 Tailored Suits Clearance price $15 00 Udiqs" $30.00 Tailored Suits Clearance price $mOO LudioH' $36 and $40 Tailored Suits Blourance price $'^5.00 Home Journal Patternm BEST PATTEBUr t-V THE MAR. KET. JAKUIBY STYLE BOOKS ABE DKKMS MXKISU DEPAKTXENT l.^ CHARGE or .N.C.Reeves

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