Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 24, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1907
Page 4
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__ iiw^ l^•t,|bIa,^Kuliw, FMloffloebiM *f>^e»ooU:<^ Matter. BatM lUid* Known on ^J^K'- Appltcttton. I - r SUBSCBEPTIOir JLLTE8. grfsOBt^lPte* :J ...V. 10 cent! k'i, jDn» Ibnth . ] J..... .44 cents * 'tN)» 96M , ByKdL \.Ona T<Mnp advance $4-00 rVhfw ..<.... |1.00 : OMll^t^. I« adriuoe .44 M'/ ^moAL EAFra^cnr OF BAS- f\ . jgymnl OF ASSOCUTED FRKSS. < -^ Sb« Itfft Mlf Bcgbfor is • aeaber . .V the ipsfftitci Press u« Becelres K-_«s- '^PiUhaitinllalsto. r repwt If «kat sml iews or- 7«r ExdulTs Afteraoon I AT THE SMELTERS Ntwt Briefs'Touching Upon tocal In. ,du«Mes. s (PittBlrarg Heidll^t) ^ Tlie Fllme "West^ Spelter com- puy vm opsn a part ot its^vorks at loto Mondar. A. B. Coc^etiU. of the Cockerill amelters says tliere Is nothing to tlic report that the Rich Hill smelters were to be moTed to Gas City. It A. B. Cockerin opens a block at Gas City he will shut down a btock some place else, probably either at LaHwrpe or at Altoona. < The Upcks ot thg Lanyon Zinc company smelter, number one works, at lolaj which have been down for several months on account of repairs, are to be startled' within the next week or two.', . • " •.-'!• ' C. A. H. DeSauUes, manager of the Frlliie Western smelters, states that 1 his oompany intends opening a part of : tb^ works at Gas City Monday mom tns. cntt effect ilie caose and complete iecoTcxy. AB*ifS^|rtJk2Sctirta. Will Use Piv»'>llllioni Barrsls^-Can Make for f 1J4 « Barrel.—May Ship in^Clinker. ditions are too uncertain to warrant any extensive operations."' At the Cherokee-LAnyon works in Gas City ,there are twenty men working preparing for the opening of these siuelters full force by the flrst of the month. The announcement made by Mr. Cockerill a few days ago has been strengthened by the work that is being done and the receipt of ore at the works. The I^rttJie Western Suioltcr nuni- bfcr one at Gas Oily was oiicrnted asalu yesterday uftor a shut dowp of Several days. C. M. lieSaullos. of the- Prime Western Spelter coniimny, 8late <l to the workmen at nuiiiber three works .tu loUi that number one works wouljl l)e oponitctl for ten days any way and i)erliai >8 longer. The National Zinc comi>any of Par- tlcsvilio is lo start their works some time tlie comlnj; week. The National Xinc company is controlled by (ptlo Rissman, who was employed by U. Cockerill in the smolter business at iola. The starting up of this plant Indicates that the 7 .inc market is such that the smelters can still run at a profit. TO CURE A COLD 15 QSE DAT Take LAXATIVE I3ROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money If it fails to cure. E. W. GRQVE'S signature is on each box. 25c.' EARLY ENDORSEIMENT FOR TAFT Ohio Politicians Pl&n for Convention in February. _ ' J. O. Rodgers of ths Lanyoa smelt: er oompany announces that the first <tf next week there' will be another blodi <qp«ned at the Lanyon works, Noi one^ at Iola. Fifteen metr wera nut to work at the; Cl»er<dceei smelters in Gas City this ^week repairing and putting thinpi Into readiness for the starting Ot thjB pl«nl January ist. Adolph Sehoenarts. former superia- tSBdent of the La .Hariie cak smelters . to a forNBu with the new company. BartlesviUe. KalSer Stakovalk. a fore man for the Lanyon Zinc company, hat ft toreman with .the new company. "The condition of the market," said A.' B. Cbdcerlll in an interview, "is snch tiuit it would be unwise to make ,tb» 81 lelter it is possible for my io tarn out The market is "^DlMf .'the vore market Is too Jdgb tor the price of spelter and con- I - Who Wear WdL - XiWastoDlshlng how great a diange a . few- Tears of auiried life Often make in th»: ariJiirsiiie and dlspositkm of many WMBS. ne freshness, the charm, the - teiOlanee vaoidi Uke the bloom from a -pmAr-mtiiA' is rudely handledJ The i mattota Is only a dim ahadotr, a faint echo •lDf tlM ffhariilmt maiden. Thereltire two . lenlqaaJiv this dtango, igjuannpt tpA. wji^set.fFew yoonc woBtm appie^te Ibadtotklto the system through the dMBijtirUcai comes with marriage and . asathairfeood. Many neglect to deal with ;,^tf^TiiB|J^'esBt pelvle drains and weak­ er - 1 too often come with mar- xtofljiiiwithetfaood, not nndeistandlng : that ttli isecret drain is robbing the cheek ^^l ^^rashiMaB and the form of its •ilJM'iMArim tlM geiieral health suffers - is «KM «Sntof the health nKaDS,K >snrely (o wttaess EWOffl- c MMd welL \ IngredK BO alcohol or Made , Apamcan. aaedle-^ _JanSft ^s^ >:Air (ha <w« «l .jrthoinhralceii- (Beafbsartafof . VeoalBi of t'tla adrail easyind »l«Ma|iakUiiei |;altB mm Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 2.;.—The call for a meeting January 2 of the Republican state committee to arranre" for tha state convention preliminaries 'vas issued today. The date is four cays earlier than first proposed and indicates a distx>si lion on the i>art ot friends of Secretary Taft, who are easily in coutrql of the state committee, to rush things a little. The quick call ror the cftm- failttoe meeting is believed to portiend a ' state convention early in Fciiru ary. To Contractors. iola, Kansas.!Dec. 7. 'Ot. lola township will let bids on macadam road as follows: First half mile on South Kentucky street south of Klin Creek, beginning An north end of macadam road, and fence, north one-half mile, or to place deslKnnjeil by township board. '• Second one-half mili; begii^ulng one- half mile west of river on West street, on the west end of macadam road •fence west one-halt mile to place designated by township board. Third half mile on South State jitrect, two and one-half inlles south of West, commencing at Abram's northeast corner fence west one-half mile. See fippclfieations on file at County Clerk'* office. Hoard reserves right to reject any and all bids. E. L. BAfeNHART. Township Clerk. . BIG JOB NEARLY COMPLETE. Jetties on Mississippi River to Cost Six MUiion. Nsw Orleans, Dec. 2Z. —One of the greatest, channel making undertak IngB in the history of American river improvement will be brought nearly to completion this week wben the Jetties at the mouth of the southwest pass of the Kississlppl river ary finished. These jetties will give fhe south one of the deepest harbors in tJ >3 world. The work was done by th«' government at a cost of six milllbii dol'ars. Good Agents make $5.00 and more per day selilng new Automatic Fastener for either skirts or trousers. Unrivaled agency proposition because iro- peat sales are guaranteed. (Not sold in stores). Write for special offer Ho represent us. Automatic Hook & Eiye Co, iHoboken. N.'J. Christmaa at White House. Ws ^hlnglon, Dec. 23.—The holiday plans of Presldsnt Roosevelt contem plate a trip to Pine Knot. Va., the day after Christmas and a stay at the Virginia estate of Mrs. Roosevelt for foiur or five daya. Christmaa will be celebrated at the White House and the President will be tack for the pubjic reception <ln New Year's day. Mitchell's Health is Better. Indianapolis, I nd, Dec. S3.—T^ie eondltioB of Mm Mitchell has so tar Impipred' toolght that hia phyaIei«B bafaraiM Mm V pri^ !>• 'Wjdia '^fllfiiirM .For some time there has beea considerable discussion amonif govern- mjBot officials with reference to cement for the Canal and as to the best means of obtaining it with the least expense to the United States. Some time ago, E^est Howe, assistant Geo- loslst of the U. S. Geological Survey, was dolled by the Panama Canal Commission to look into ^e gaology of rocks, etc., which migl]|t be useful in connection with making Portland cement, and the securing of aggregates for making concrete. Mr. Howe worked over the ground for a considerable period, and made a report to the Isthmian Canal Commission, in wtiich he states that cement can be made out of materials on the Isthmus at or around $1.34 per barrel. The report of Mr. Howe, says Cement Ae«, deals with (he survey he mado of the surrounding country for the puriiose of locating the proi>er materials. His final conclusion was the iitllWntlon of the coral rocks near Cokm. to.wther with the clay or slit brought down the Chagres River and ileposlted near Its mouth. As the clay Is somewhat short of Kllica, a srcontl arslllactous Ingn^dtent Is pro rosed, nnmel.v, a pumiceous rhyo 'ltt- tuff. occurlnjT at the western end of the Panama railroad brldg?, near Sati Pablo. From these three materials cement was made expcrlmeni .illy in j the Ij-hlgh Valley Testlnc Laboratory I a: A11ent3wn, Pa., and the cnniont so! made Is alleged to be of flrst clasr.^j quality. The report gives the amount' of raw material, which. It states, is J a\-ailab 'e and amply ssufficlent (o mak" the 5.000.000 barrels of cem:>nt required for the canal constniction. For j fuel, ccal from the United States, oil or lignites are proiM >sed. The cost of building a plant having a minimum capacity ^f 1.000,000 Mrrels a year i.^ said to be $1,500,000. from which ce ment. it is slatad. can be made at $1.^4 per barrel. Another matter vrhich has much Interested the cement manufacturers of the United States, 'lias been the invpstlgatlo.n which Mr. Shinn has been carrying on at the suggestion of Colonel Wta. L. Srcbert, head of the Department of Lock and Dam Construction of the Canal Commission, as to the question of delivery to the Commission of clink er Instead of cement. Thi? pnrpo .se was to save the cost of packages, which Is estimated at at least forty c *nts per barrel of cement knd. further, to avoid the storiige of larg.» quantities of cemenr under the peculiar atmospherical conaittons that prevail upon the Isthmus. As to this, various mantifacturers were request«! to consider the proiKisnlon of supply Ing C 'ment delivered at the i>orts cn the .\tlantic and Pacific siile of the Panama Canal, In the fdrin of c'inker In btilk. with the understand lug that the poventment would erect a grinding and flnlsti ^ng mill on the Isthmus for the purpose of prepariim the clinker for final us? as Portland cement on the work. The augcostlon was a most Interesting one. and received careful coi'istrleratlon from th-; manufacturers, Invnlvlijg, as it di <I. the 8 ?lling of practically a halfflnisli- o'l product nnd also the trans|)orla- tton to tide-water in cars, and ta Panama In vessels, of clinker Instead of cement. The Canal Commission exi>ecU, in a short time, lo invite proposals on every basis upon which camcnt manufacturers might desire to make bids for furnishing cement needed in the construction of th6 Canal. It is thought feasible to ship the cement in clinker form, to the Isthmus, and grind It there, and bids can be made on that basis as well as others that may be named In the Sjieclficatloni;. About four and a half minion barrels of cement will be needed, and the consumption will be at the rate of about 4,500 barrels per day. Oiie of the imiKNtsiit ^nt^ of I^ysldans the Wen-bifomed of the Worid , is to learn as to the relative standing and reliability of the leaHin? manufactnr- "^;rs of medicinal ng^ents, as the most eminent pliysiciaos arc the most careful as lo the uniform qtiaiity and perfect purity of remedies prescribed by them, and it is well known to physicians and the AVell-Informed Kcnerally that the Gtlifomia Fig SjTup Co., by reason of its correct methods and perfect equipment and the ethical character of its product has attained to the hiRh standinpf in scientific and commercial circles which is accorded to successful and reliable houses only, and, therefore, that the name of the Company has become a guarantee of the excellence of its remedy. TRUTH AND QUALITY appeal to the Well-informed in every walk of life and are essential to permanent success and creditable jstandinfr, therefore we wish to call the attention of all who would enjoj' pood health, with its blessings, to the fact that it involves tlie qticstion of rij^ht living with all the term implies. With proper knowledge of what is best each hour of rL-creation, of enjoyment, of contemplation and of effort may l)e made to contribute to that end and the use of medicines dispensed with generaliy to great advantage, but as in many instances a simple, wholesome remedy may be invaluable if taken at the proper time, the California Fig Syrup Co. feels that it js alike important to present truthfully the subject and to supjily the one pt«rft>ct la.\ative remedy which has won the a|)poval of physicians and the world-wide acceptance of the Wcll-Infornud because of the excellence of the combination, known to all. and the original method of manufac- tun^, wliich is known to the California Fig Syrup Co. onh'. ' This valuable retvedy has iKtn long and favorably known under the name of— Syrtip o^ Fig.s—and has attained to world-v.ido acceptance as the excellent of family laxatives, and ns its pure laxative principli-s, obtained Irom Senna, are well known to physicians nnd the Well-lnformtd of the world to lx» tho liest of natural laxatives, we have adopted the mure clnl>orato name ol—Syrup of I-'igs and Elixir of Senna—as I more fully dvscriptive of tho romody, but doiibtlt^ss it will always be called for liy the shorter name of Syrup of Fijis—and to got its l)oi:ificial effects always note, wlunj purchasing, the full name of tht.- Company — California Fig Syrup Co.— plaiiiiv printed on the front of every j\icka^e, whether you simply call for — Syrup of Figs—or by the full naine—Syrup of Fij;s r.nd Elixir of StMina—as—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of St-nna — is the one laxative r-. nv. dy manufactured by the Calitornia Fig Syrup Co. nnd the same hi-retofore known by tiu> name —Syrup of Figs — which has given satisfaction to millions. The feonuim- is for sale by all leading druggists throughout the I'nited States in original packages of one size only, the regular price of which is fifty cents iier Iwttle. Every bottle is sold under the general, of the Company, filed with the S<-cretary of Agricuhuro. at Washington. D. C. that the remedy is taot adulterated or misbrandcd within tho meaning of the Food and Drugs Act, jun-j 50th, 1900. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. KSIGHTS .OF MACCABEES_ Knights of Maccabees of the World meets 61 K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday iiight^ in each month. J. W. Postwait, commander; R. B. Pocr ter, record keeper. W. 0. W.r-Camp No. 101 meets M K. of P. Hall eTery Friday night. It, T. Steele, C. C; A-H.D»^ Cleitt Viaitora cordially Invited. KXI6HT8 OF PYTHIl ^Ak oaba Lodged No. 43 meets every M' ndst< night at K. ot P. Hall. VlsiUis bn>> thera ^iTlted. W. S. Thompson, 15. C.; Chris Ritter, K. of R. and S. "H. If. 1*-The U. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night In tlL W. A. hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W.H- Anderson. V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerv. ROYAL HEIGHBOKS.— Iola Camyi No. S63. Royal Neighbors, meeta see-, ond and fourth Tuesdays of '>aclf month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle; . Mrs. Mary Hntton, 413 W*"^ SCTSei, Recorder. FRATECNAL BBOTHERHOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood Na 3S0 meeta second- and fourth Thursday of each month in A.O.U.W. HalU VislUng members cordlaly Invited. W.H. Anderson; president: Golda Elam, aecre* tary. Jnnler Order Tnltrd Amertraa Mai chanlcj.—Meets every Wednesday er- euing at S ©clock In K. P. Hall. All vlMtlng members Invited. R. A. Widick. Councclor; C. B. Black. Rcc Secretary.' SUSmESS OIREOTORY JErWELERS. n. F. Pascoast, old reliable Jeweler, tlO tiast street. Louisville, Ky. San Francisco, Cal. U S. A. London, England. New York, N. Y, •EO. A. BOWLUS, PrcalJent TH08. H. B0WLU8, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. Beck. L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton. W. J. Evans, J. O. Rcdflara, Geo. A. Bowluc Thos. H. Bowlu*. WE ISSUE OUR a WM DRAFTS OH MIL EUROPEAH POIMTS CRIME WAVE IN MO. • m.«f. meuK, mm., • •••• STATE BANK A Triple Murder and Attempted Assassination of Two Women. tAPCTY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM |2 to 95 PER YEAR, g FRYER BROS. Is Ihr plare (0 bay your Xn>as \ulsi. Fruit-s Vi-mlii'drs nnd Canned (««ods. >nls. While (Jr .ipcst llnirils (';:t«\vl)j» lirapes .Minoiula I>:itos KIII ..TIS K. Walnuts I 'lncHppos I 'lvtins Ve^retaliU'.t. Clio.Unnis Lot nice ll!i-k<iry Nuts t'l-i-ry CiiriiiUiMl.i ll.-ets Frulls I'litiilops Oransps Turnips Lrnions C.srnls .\pples Vvi-yh Sealshi|it Oysters. D -Zerta Feeds Are Gaaranteed. When you want something for a quick dessert whether It Is Quick PuddlnB. Jelly Dessert, Ice Cream or Pie. Insist on srettlnfr from your Bro- cer the products of D-Zerta Food Co. Rochester. X. Y.. which - Ruarantees every packasre to lie pure and wholesome. Don't listen to dishonest deal's but I Insist npon gettInK what yon ask for. "OUR PIE" and other D-Zerta Products are sold exclnsively- on their merits. Write for circulafs. TO BANQUET JANUARY THIRa K. U. Students Will Entertain Mem. bers of Faculty. . The Allen county Kansas Unlver feity students ^11 hold, their annual banquet in thej.Odd Fellows' hall on Friday evenlnRl'January 3rd. Al e'ab- orate program of toast* Is belnif prepared. Dr. William L. Bdrdjck and Prof. James Nalimitb. members of (he Kansas Univmtty faculty will be present and will respond to toasta. ' The membera of the sentor classes all the hl<k achodls in] Allen conn- will be iBTited aa snMs to this [«et. ': Ihone 308-.101. East Side S<jaara Xmas Greeting To all our friends. We heartily appreciate your liberal patronage of the past year, aiid liopc|for a continuance of tfce same during 1008. Beginning with Jan. 2nd, we are going to start a stock reduction sale, that for low prices will be a stunner. Don't forget.the date, Jan. 2nd, for one month. Sleeper (& Son • • • W. n. AlfDESSOH, Aetaraej-at>Law. Notary and Stenosrapher la Office. Phone 465. ••••••••V • aA.Ewins. &A.Gard. O.RQard • • EWUfO. GARD * CABS. • • Lawjera. Praetlca Ja all Gooita. • t% W. Uadison. PhoM na. • a Cameron, Mo., Dec. '2". —Suppoacdiy crazed with the paia oi a folou from which he had b«^en suiferiug for some time, Albert Fil!ey, a farmer whosj home Is about fivo milos Iroai Cauioron. did tripk' murder this moiu ins and failed in an effort to add a luurth victim of his murdiroiis Inn- v.y. The dead are his wlfi\ his 7-yoar- old daughter, and his bnither. Clay Fille.v. Tho brotht-rV wife. .Mrs. Clay FilUy, was al o atiackod by hor bro thoi"-ln-la\v. but m;>u :»Ki 'd to escape fn>m tho liuu .so :uid give the tiliirm. .MjuyvllU'. .Mo., Dt'c. U;:.—An at tompt to nssiusslniilo Mrs, Murjiaro: lloutrl}{l;t and hor pretty dauuhtcr. .Miss Kuuna IkJiitrlRht. was mmlo at I o'clock this mornlnK at their homo three miles south of .Mnryvlllo. A charge of »hot was Jlnd Ihroujth a closed window as they lay .isleep In their bed. Both were dan.norously v.uiiudod. ROOSEVlLrS POSITIOX President Thinks Federal interference Should Be SnpplementaK Washln .i ;ton. Dec. 23.—The appeals to President Roosevelt to have the fed eral troops remain In Goldfield in the opinion of the White house ofHcials, indicates a desire on the part of those sending thera to rely solely on the national government for protection. The position the president has taken in the matter Is that the state of Nevada should exhaust every means within Its power to control the situation and that federal Interference should be supplemental to the efforts made by the state. • APPEAL FROM JUDGE POLLOCK. The Kaw River Widening Case to Be Carried to a Higher Court. Kansas City. Dec. 2:!.—L. W. Keplinger. one of the attorneys for the Kaw Valley Drainape board, will go to Topeka today to file In the federal court nn appeal from the decls Ion of Julpc John C. J^ollock in the case to decide the width of the Kaw river channel where It passes through tha Weal Side. Thf case will come on for hearing at the May term of tho 1'nltcd States circuit court of appeals lo ho he'd In St. Paul. .Minn. .Mr. Kepllnper said the boanl would be Rlad to widen the Kaw river to 60'> ffet wore It not that by neceptlns a part of the doert'o It would become bouml by the other jirovlsions, which wnuld. he k |ld, seriously interfere wlUi, If not wholly prevent further wld:?nlnr- In the future. CAPITAL 900 lOlA, KAMSMS. A. W. Beck. L. K, Horville, Robinsoff, H, L. Henderson, Cajuplicll, Geo. Frank Riddle, B. Micholsoa, nrXGEttALD Stcrmg9 mnaTrmnrnfmr Ootnpany Oflicc and Storage Wan: Room al tS West Street. . Phone 35S DK. J. F. JAMESOJf. The Sncccssfnl Ane- tloneer, Yctcrinarlan. I'*ai in ."^nlcsor rf»lii^ct-d .'«tuck ^.^!e^ inaijc .in>-whrrc. Vctcr itwrj-calJs answered .day or' HiKlil. Office \Tith DouKta.ts Bro.«. Phcnc 13, residence 310 IOI,a, KANSAS. r- ^ A Merry Christmas toallonrCsstomers And to everybody. If you can'tbe as cfaeefal as you would like to,be just as rfteerful as you can. THIS OLD CORNER BOOK STORE Evans Bros. AtUM RKktTiM II 'aatnii jou «nat a— It <MM1T koew Sow mf II >i I* turf Iram room M room ^ irti hunt nuth ctwttii coralan twt <aa tuvt «iiK «

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