The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 30, 1946
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY 30, 1940 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Congress Faces Dual Filibuster Both Branches Due To Hit Legislative Snarls Before Recess. WASHINGTON. July 30. (Ui'l — Congress, racing toward a Friday Adjournment, today KOt its feet tangled in u legislative .snarl that .,lhi-eritcns filibus/s in both the I Si-natc" and the House. -. The House tripped over an it tempt of its Un-Air; ican Acthi ties Committee lo cite George Mill-shall, head of the National Federation for Constitutional Lib eities, for contempt. R<-|>. Vilo Marcantonio. A 1 N. Y., is determined that the contempt |>roceedinys will not leach the House floor unless the committee makes n definite prom ise that a bill to give automobile s to amputees will receive COMSK crntion nt this session. Withum this promise, Marcantonio'.s fmcxs guarantee Unit the House will transact no more business Ihii year. On Ihe other side of Ihe tipi tol, the Semite was in n MIS- l>ended filibuster on the perennial anti-"nll tax bill. Hut under a proK I >i di'.signccl by Senate Majority Leader Alben W. Hnrkley. Ky.. Ihe flyht is supposed lo be short. When Uarklev announced he would call up a bill lo ouilciw Ihe poll lax, practically every .Southerner in the Senate took a deep breath and flexed liis vocal cords, Barklcy, without bollicrintf to ask. knew they were preparing to filibuster. He quickly filed a petition to limit debate. The petition will come up for :\ vote \V"' »>Sfi!W. Meanwhile, both sides returned to neutral corners wilhout strikin-i a real blow, and the Senate i5 proceeding to debate social security legislation. No Senator expects Berkley's debate Imitation petition to g' 1 ' 1 ' Ihe (wo-thirds vole necessary for adoption. When it fails, Parklcy iiy c.XTJCctcd to give up the poll fli* fjght for Ibis session and ca up other measures he wanls [la-ise be fr *fe Coiigress adjourns. The only alternative would be a reel filibuster by Soul hern Oem- ocats which iniKht tie lip Ihc Senate for (he rest of the Summer The stnitcL'y of holding off tin poll tax fight until adjournment v">"k drnw a protest from Sen. Wayne L. Morse. R., Ore. Cliarr;- iiiK lhat it nil was a farce, he said i'o one would be fooler! into believinr; there had been a sincere effort to pass the nnti-poll tax bill. Hn contended it could be done only by bringing un Ihe bill early in a session and depending on nublic opinion lo break Ihc Southern filibuster. Colorado's highest point gets three and one-half hours more sunshine on June 21 than docs its lowest poinl. Stunt Man Sued Joel Thorno, millionaire nulo racer, movie stunt man and owner o( the car lhat won the, 1D-U! Indianapolis 500-mile race, is t;eins sued for separate main- liMiance in Los Angeles court by liis wife, Mrs. Johnsie Eager Tiionie She named four women cot respondents, including one named "Dizzy." PAGE FIVE A WASH TUBBS '"JUST ViHfif" Y'lVfVE HM> NO TIME TO IKVEStlCME^ , WUR «SE fET, EHJT WUR FRIENP MEKSfcBour WS.WDDV TELLS us YOUNZE A ' R*NCrlt:(Zi fcNDHOr THE TYCOON HERE TOR *- GOOD'. Who Could Thiil BY I.KSUK TUUNHH BUT WHIIE WU'RB )l* 50RIWNOW 1EU US. PUXTERIMC ARtfuNP / WHY VOUR WUC-HttR (VHP TO IE&KN VHE tRUTH.I WK.nJWS pWvf IWiW 1'U. LOSE 1HC IfSKD FRIEND!? THAT WING SCOUNDML.1 THftT FEEBIE-MINMP SNf^E IN THE GRfSSS IS BEHIND THIS V«HOIE OUTRIXGE! I Congressman May Months Ago Lost Newswr/ters' Confidence State Revenue Continues to Show Gains LITTLE ROCK. Ark., July 20 IU.1M — Revenue collections in Arkansas far July were SOM.OOO •norc than the same month last year, a State Revenue Deparlmeiit, •cport showed today. The reixjrt also listed a $9.000,000 increase for the first seven iionlhs of 104G, as compared lo the same period last year. The department collected $32,620.339 so far Ihis year, compared with $23,595,029 in 1945. Collections In July were $4,132.188 this year and $3,201,9'20 last ar. Read Courier News Want Ada. HOW'S YOUR RADIO We Give 1 to 2 Days Service on any Make. We'll Make H Work! Fred Callihan Phone 2642 We Call For and Deliver Aulhorized Motorola Radio Saks ami Service lOfi South First St. 1 Attention Home Owners Don't- let- termites destroy that vita! material of your home. For state licensee and state approved termite service fully guaran teed, free inspection, con tact H. C. Walls Home Preservation Service 1'ijoiic 37^^ 1704 Hcarn St. Guaranteed Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches Blyiheville CURH MARKET 130 Kast Main Street By l'lt!;i>KKICK (\ OTHMAN Ihillvtl Trt-ss Stuff Curi-tisiumili'iiL WASHING'!' O N, July 2U.— ConRrPssinan Andy Muy. wli» .suf- ft-i'ctl n heart iiUitck ijl n snpivmrly nwkward tnuincnl, is fcclint; a IHUe letter. This i.s KOCH! ju-ws for \ifs many frietul.s, LucUulini? the? .srivitors iu- veslltnalinii; war I'tintrni't.s, the Anuy gcuenils who !nt Iho contiuc.Ls. lln- Cnirsson brollu-L-s who collcclod the; $78,000,000. and. (if', Mu- tu-ws- piipcr rci>artcrK. who n-ati/.i-d sud- Iciily (hiit Ihi'ir (iblliitirlcs uf the ycnllcnuin from KctUncky won? out of date. The humrdly-rcvLstHl lifi: slorio.s of Rep. May have In-en fdi-d away tin- inovgucs of Hit- cor- respondenl.s. '1'lic conj.;i'L' nan's physician says inaylKi he'll he \veli enough to testify next week nljmil his relations with Mnf-iiy and Henry iMortar.shC'l!) CJ'iiSson. 1 may still Kft to know CoM^ri'ssinuti May. Why I don't know him >:acls to one of those inside: stories of Ihc newspaper business, the re\ p elation of which can do no harm now. It might, even do some nood. For several years before the war there had been isolated cases ol friction between Rep. M:iy and members of the HCJIISU press ynller- Ics; the arguments usually involved how the eonyre.s.sman was quoted. in print and what he, actually tol'.l the reporter who interviewed him. Came 19-12 and one of the correspondents dropped In on Hep. May l.o ask him what he thought, as chairman of the House Military Affairs Comtnitlee, a bout the pros- hul slory: Ullllelln, lillllottn (Kill M-iy—liul- U-tin; HnlUHln, almost us in I ho movies. The presses rullocl onl the headlines: Chnli-iium May incillcts Allied vk-lovy liefori! yeur's end. Suy.s Cierinnn ilofcnl i-ei'tiiln In lfl-43. Next diiy IU'i>. Mny iinuounccd heiileclly and ivllh neslnios. Unit he'd siiiil no sni-li tlilnn. He'd Ijcen nii.s<iuole<l, lu> said. TlK 1 i-epnitcu-s pi-luted Rep. Mny'.s They Ille<l out of his oillce. They imiilc ll di'cisii>n. Un' ("in- years Ilinl luive intervened, few exeluslve. liitfii-vlcws with Hep. Miiy on c-nnlroverslnl siilyeels hiive been pul>lls!n.<d. Sel- 'since li)12, Inis utiy single rep- lee tiilked with him on 11 nuillor of linp»rlanre. There ncaily always have been ul least two i-ovi-es|X)ll- denls present, fmnicnlly three ur foul-, and somelimes enonuh to make a full-dress press conferenre. There has been no further lilckcrtni: alxiul Ihe iict.-l]l'a<-y ol ic'|)orl^ coming frocn these ineelhu;s and that, is why 1 do not, know Ket>. May. My ussnultites tell me thill nclunlly he's a pleasunl fellow I.) meet,; briisiiuc and blustery, pernaps. but Denial undetneiilh. He does nnl smoke. HLs volte is ui-iiff. In eoin- miltce ineolin^s his luind. Is lieuvy on Ihe gavel. lie Inis beeti in Congress 10 years and has had an nt-llve and stiruess- fnl business eareei-. 1 am ceiiitin of this because he said so. In so many words. In his eoiujressiohnl dl- reclniy riulobiufJii'apliy. Now IhaL he's feeling betler, the Senale War Invesliv.alini; Conmiitlee hopes Lo Jews Flee Polish Terror Among ilcms showing increases is month over last year were: rsoline with nn Increase ot 00,000 lo $1,389,324; cigarettes th an increase of $150,000 lo 442,130; and sales taxes with an icrease. of S350.000 to 51.241,005. The liquor lax which has drop- ed off in recent, months showed slight, increase to $225.692 this loiith. However, the beer .tax ropped off 541,000 to $8fi,067 due i a beer shortage. Commissioner Gtho A. Cook rc- ortcd thill the deadline on fraii- :iisc (axes in July as compareccl •ith the same time last year. pecls of the Allies winning the war. j heilr more about this career. Othei Tlie uorrcspcmdeiiL rushed to his telephone; he believed he had witnesses have manyunese, and mentioned lumber as ERS- Don't Leave Blytheville To Get Your Supplies We arc in conipi-tilion wilh ;ill wholesale supply houses on the following ami many other items: U. S. RUBBER CO. BELTING U. S. RUBBER CO. PACKINGS DETROIT BELT HOOKS PYRENE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS WOOD ELECTRIC GIN SAW FILERS WOOD FILES AND GUMMERS GRATON AND KNIGHT LEATHER CRIMPS CRANE VALVES AND FITTINGS WE SOLICIT NIGHT BUSINESS. Night ['hones 8/:> or 2258 PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Home of Famous IJrands 126 W. Main Inc Flume Guaranteed Ice Cold WATERMELON Crispy Cold Fruits and Vegetables FIREWORKS for FREE DELIVERY Phone 3952 ; CARTER'S GRO. & ME North Highway 61 FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks TT / Also Bringing continuing stories of anli-Seinltie (>|i|iies>;inn In I'olaml, thousands of Jews nre lleeiti;: thai country iniu r/.<Tht»-;loviiki!i. Above, under Ihe eye of a t.'/.ech :;ecui ily policeman, refugee ,Ji;w:i line up lo rouislcr al Nat-hod, C/cchoslovakia, <m UK- I'dliiih l>iu'di:i'. Cared for by Ihe Czech novel ninenl and Americ.m .Icwisli well;.re Croups, they will entrain for U. S. occniialmiiiil /.uiu-a in Auslna and Cioriiiariy. imoiiR his Interests. The Cumher'a-ui l.umbrn- Co., vhleh collected S-111,000 from Ihe Garssous for shell cases, but never :lellvi'red 11 plank. parlli-Mliirly In- leresltMl the senators, thou-'.h lie]). May said—in a speech bel Luxoi a News Condition <:f MLS. (>'li!il'les I'. I'l'Jl /Icr, the fin-mer Mhw Kvii cliiiMii who hii.s In-,-,, ill the Intnl. week a Walls Hospital. I:; Improved n»: House—that, he hud little, H liny-jslie lias been ic'.mncil to her h-.ntl Ihim;. lo tlo with it. In r.usum. CULVERTS 12 inches to 48 inches THE FAMOUS WATERPROOFING Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 THE HARSH WAY with Mcotitrolled bl«adi«i An uncoii'irolkd bleach, that varic* in strength from one bottle to the next, may CKrlleatb your cottons and linens. Fabric threads fri)' out, »s shown above, v THE CINTiE WAY with Co»t»ll*«.Action Pmx Every bojilc of Purcx hai tbc same scrcnfidi, the same correct bleaching acrion. Used as dirccccil, Pure* ueitr provides Controlled Action because it is purified and stabilized bythclmrait! Proc- css-.".vc///;(irwiih Purcx. At -jQUrgrocer's PUREX THE CONIROllED-ACIIOH UEACH OENTLE TO LINENS Get 6 day* plowing In only S day*] QUALITY OF PRODUCT IS ESSENTIAL TO CONTINUING SUCCESS =3teS£h^J^» Wood cD£r*viac by II. McCormick IMSCU upon Ihc orixiau oil p*inlioe i - too (ar dnnbtf «>d « kilrixn, hatWoMn T-or a Iriglil, "iwetl" i!tclttn,s>rt tile ar.tlpomluin a I'lirfx "Rearily n.ttl, "1 lllttiU' if'rayj/i- if/rtftionl an bcttlt. The self-cleaning OPEN CENTER keeps lugs open at both ends. Gives each lug an entering edge to start the ?>ite. So, the whole lug digs down deeper, gets more jjriP- Ask any neighbor now using Sure-Grips. He'll confirm what tests prove . . . •You gel np to 22% more work with less fuel whco you use Goodyear Sure-Grip Tractor Tires. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. Tbtacco... So smoke that smoke of Fine Tobacco- LUCKY STRIKE

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