Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 17, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1908
Page 7
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miOLA PAILT MWIWBB. TUPBgPAY BTBHlirft BECEMBEB 17. iaW> Ff. scon IS BlISY Hlflh Seheol Is Ottting Ready for Uli- •rary Contatt With the,tola School. The Pt Scott High school is gettlns ready for the Htersry contest with the lola achool. The following Is from the Ft. Scott Repttbtican: ' After being discontinued for the past two yeariB, the literary contests between the Sigma Mu and Kalpa rt Deltas, the two literary societies ol the hikh school, are again to be resumed, and the flrst will be held about February 6tb. It was decided two years ago to discontinue the inter- society contests, as it was thought they caused too much trouble between the students of the school and detracted too much from the school work. At that time. an arrangement was made for an annual contest with Ida. to take the place of the local one, but now both are to be held. The contest with lola will be held some ttoe about the middle of ,4prll. At a meeting of the Kalpa PI Delta society yesterdav the foUowInf: contestants were chosen for the inter- soclety contest : Declamation—Frances Crlder. Vocal Solo—Annabelle Orchard. Piano Solo- Minerva Giilies. - Essay—Ara Finch. Oration—LiUthcr Stalnaker. Debate—KaUo Zook and Ruth Keene. A meeting of the Sigma Mu society will be held this afternoon, after school at which time contestant!? will •be chosen by that society. It Is probable that the winners of the society contest will be participants In the contest with Inla. The preliminary contpst would bo excellent practice for those who are to participate In the contest with the other school. The contest with lola Is to be held hero this year. 1 .^81 year It was givon to Iota, and was won by the toara rpproacnting that city, but if hard work will avail the result will be different this time. PIGGY CAWE TO TOWN. BAKERITES CAN PUNT Football is Reinstated in Methodist College.—Was Barred Years Ago. Exer>- ex-Baker student in Allen county read with interest the dispatch in the Kansas City paper.s this morning to the effort that football had been reinstated in tho Knlversity. The . students have \x-cn working Industriously all year to pet fontbaU airain. The game was barred from the school years ago, following a trial and ex- pal8io.n from the church of three members who wrote articles for the press ag^nst the game. Bishop Qaayle, the president of the linlver- slty, took exception to the articles and brought the thrre members before the church to prove their charges. After the trial which created interest all over the state the three men were "churched." However, the fight against th game continued and it was shortly afterward barred from the school. A di.spatch says: Lawrence, Kas.. Dec. 16.—The trustees of Baker university voted last night to recommend that football be reinstated. The fight for reinstatement was led by J. L. Brlstow and the vote was seventeen to three in favor of reinstating the game. For the last ten years Baker university has not played football. Giddy Shoat Takes In the Dazzling Sights of Chanute. The Chanute Tribune says: John Hill, who lives near the brick plant, three miles west of the city, came to town this morning to get a shoat that ran away.from home to see Chanute by gas light. Piggy weighs about 100 pounds and has always been well behaved heretofore. Yesterday, however, he must have been feeling his oats, for aleng In the evening when a heajrlly loaded wagon came by his home place he followed It and came to tonw with. It. He had always been so proper heretofore that he had been allowed his freedom of the place and left to run where.he chos. \\Tiether he asked the horses. In pig Latin, where they were going, or had Just made up his mind to take the trail, no matter where It led, no one knows. At any rate, along he came, following the team and wagon, as a coach dog follows a classy turnout When he arrived In town he seemed perfectly satisfied. He twisted his tail Into several additional kinks, pointed the tip of it toward the stars, which were beginning to show themselves by the time he arrived, and off he started at a trot. In spite of his long tramp, to indulge In riot and revelry under the cover of darkness. His owner took him home this morning, a sadder and a wiser piggy. He didn't trot along at liberty, but was tied down In a wagon which Jolted him over the road, and it Is to bf» presumed that he was real glad when he pot safe back home agnin. LMMHiKAMT.S TOMIXi FAST. Five SlesmsMps Land aJOil in One Day Ita New York. NEWS OF LA HARPE FOOT BALL GAME OX HDOSALD GRIDtRON TOMORBOW. BARER TOBAmE AT U HARPE AH I2fTEBE8TI56 COMEST IS EX. PECTED. Mr. Md Mn. Tandefrrift Celebrate Golden Annhersary—Miss Ransom wni RecoTer—Personals. ' Birth. A baby daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Reeves yesterday noon. A Foot BmU Game. A foot ball game l)etween the La Harpe team and a team from Baker university is advertised to take place tomorrow afternoon on the McDonald gridiron. A Vsinable Recipe—Save It To save time, perprexlty and money, the following is great: To one medium sized purse, garnish with a few pieces of coin, add an afternoon off. Sprinkle with Christmas cheer and anticipation, add strong dash of faith and expectation and go to see WATERS & DAN- PORTH and you'll not be disappointed CHRIST.MAS GIFTS, counters laden with 'em—EVERYTHING ¥X)K EVERYBODY. Joined the Woodmen. A. J. Mead. Roy Burton, Lee Potter and Clarence Minnick were Initiated Into the m.vsteries of Woodcraft at a meeting of the M. W. A. Tuesday night. Move to Oklahoma. W. C. Edmonson and family expect to remove to Oklahoma in the near future. Golden Weddtag AnnlTemary. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Vandegrlft celebrated their golden wedding anniversary yesterday. A number of relatives were guests at their home and a sumptuous dinner was served at noon. Frartnred an Arm. Grandma Taylor, an elderly resident of this city. sUKtalned a fractured arm Tiiesday afternoon In an accidental fall from the steps of the porch at her home. Chicago. Dec. 17.—Paaaenger officials of the western roads have been advised by the Western immigrant bu reau at New York that there has been of (ale a great increase In immigration, and that European settlers now are arriving at that port in larger numbers than ever before. From five steamships which reached the harbor in the day there landed .'l.O.'iT immigrants. This broke all pre vious records for one day's arrivals. The largest number ever before recorded was 3,126. The western roads are particularly interested in this condition of affairs, because it means the rapid settlement and development of the lands tributary to their lines with a corresponding increase both in passenger and freight traffic EXPECTORANT / This is the Time for Colds —and it is the time to cure them —before th^ get a firm hdd upon the system. X>r. D. Jayne's Expectorant is the quickest, sorest and best known remedy for CongHs, Colds, Pleurisy, Brondiitis. In> flamnjation of the Lungs [or Chest and an ailments of m like nature. It has been soooess* fully employed for fourgtti' erailotu, . Dr.D.Jaira«'«Sawttl^ nils is a tbofwvlilr rali< able and. effective lami««» purgative, cathartic aiad atomacfa tonic Dr. a Jam's is Soli by AU 90c .Miss Ransom Is Better. Miss Mabel Rannom, who has been very III for some time is reported'im­ proving and her speedy recovery Is now confidently expected. EIreted a Delegate. C. F. Moorehead has been choBen to represent the I-,a Harpe achool board at the state meeting. OSTEOFATHT- DR. W .H. ALBKnnlT. Registered Osteopathic Phrstctaa. State Bank BIdg. Phone 145. Oalr Osteopath In La Harpe. Completed Contract Joseph Haynes has completed his building contracts In Elsmore and has returned to La Harpe. Personals. Samuel Fox and family are entertaining relatives from Aberdeen, S. Dakota. Miss I >ena Waters is expected home from Abilene soon for a visit in iJi Harpe. Dan Moorehead has secured a Job In Butler county, Missouri, and has gone there to work. • The third number of the La Harpe lecture course will be given tomorrow, evening. The entertainment will be given by the Cutter-Mack company, humorists and singers. L. H. Brown has returned from a trip to |)Oints in .Missouri. DR. IVIURLIN TO THE ORIENT. President of Baker University Is Given Leave of Absence. Dr. L. H. Murlln, president of Baker University, who has frequently preached in the Metfaodtsl churches of this city, is to be given a leave of absence to visit the Orient. The Ottawa Republic says: At the meeting of the trustees of Baker University, held at Baldwin last night. President .Murlln was grant ed a leave of absence for one year, to begin not earlier than June next. It Js Dr. Muriln's Intention to take a trip to the Orient. By a vote of 17 to .1 the tnistees decided to ask the conferences 'o restore to Baker the privilege of playing football, which was taken away from the institution fourteen years ago. At that time Dr. Qaayle Was president of Baker and he made a strpng appeal before the Kansas and Sotith Kansas conferences In favor of the game. As the two conferences thU year will be under hia charge the friends of the measure are hopeful. TO HOLD A SHORT SESSION. ;ity Council Will Meet Thia Evening at 6 :3a The city council will hold a brief session toat^t. beginning at 6:30. Adjournment wilt be taken as soon as the necessary business Is transacted and the mayor and aldermen will to the Preflbyterlaa church to hear lecture by Dr. CoIIidge. so N; A. A. Mooting. The National Aonidty lodge win B^^. p. Imeat'toBlfl^t for tlM retnlar woric. TWO CAR LOADS TWO CAR LOADS Wejust receivedlastSaturdaytwo cars of furniiiire Irom eastern factories, which have been ordered- for weeks. Our holiday goods were in these cars and we're compelled to mal prices that will dispose ot these in the few remaining days. lie All you have to do is to push the button. The adjastment is guaranteed never to get out of fix. Upholstered in real leather, imitation leather, verona and velour. Prices all reduced. Beautiful |4.00 Reed Rocker, almost exactly like this An or cut, reduced to 5^iuu This is a nice clean rocker whh large roll arms and large roll .'^c- it. This big Boston Leather Turkbh Rocker, only $9.85. This is a large roomy Rccker with spring seat and back, with ^ heavy fringe around the base. The rockers set on 3 base and are held in place by large .steel coil springs Upholstered in Boston imitation leather. Ought to bring $16.00. Christmas sale gr price MiOU This $27.50 genuine Leather Rocker, only $23.50 ^ This is a big soft springy rocker with deep seat, large roll arms wrings. Also has deep ruffle all around the seat upholstered m real -^^5 rn leather, only oi ^iVU Another about the same si/e, only with a plain back, regular 01771122.50, only JI /ilS This BeauUful $22.50 Buffet, now $18.50 Notice the large linen drawer and the thrc<- .Smaller drawers. Two doors with«d ^^la ,^ Large French bevel plate mirror, oval shape auti two small shelves. The legs you notice are not straig^ht sticks sawed out, but very neatly sbaj;- ed French legs. Truly a great value at •IS All other Buffets and Sideboards, acco:( ingly reduced in price. W\l^ A A beautiful assorJment of 50 pictures, in heavy gilt frame l#l/^YIff|[*OC with gold burnishes, glass, wire and; all ready 1 IVIfUl Va to hang. Sold everywhere for 13.50 to 14.00. Are really beauties. Until Christmas, or while they lasti half price ..

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