The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 21, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTIIEVn.T.K (AnK.) COURIER NEWS MONEAY, APKTT, 81, THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher UAKRY A. HAINES, Assistant Publisher A. A. FKEDfUCKSON, Editor PAUL D. HUMArt Advertising Manager ' Sole National Advertising Representatives: Wallace \VUmer Co.. New York. Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta, Memphis. Entered as second class m;iU*'r at- the posl- offlce at Bl.vthcville. Arkansas, under net ol Congress, October 9, 1917. Member of The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the city ol Blythevllle or any suDurban town vhere carrier semce ts inain- Uuied, 25c per week By mail, within a radius ot SO miles. J5.00 per year. $2.50 lor six months, $1.25 tor three months; by mail outride 50 mile zone. »1250 per year payable in advance, Meditations The Lord Clod ha(li K'L\'VI\ me the longaie of the learned, that I should know huu lo sprak a word in .sfiison (o him thul is weary: he wnkcn- elh morning by murning, he nakcntth mine car In hear as Hie learned.—iMilali 50:1. , » * * Heaven i.s above aJ! yel; tlicic sits a judge, That no king can corrupt, Barbs We now have the 1952 model road.s'.crs—and very few model roads for them lo run on. * * * IVc'll ln-t poor nicti spend more K tM>( ' l ' mc than most rich mrn. » * * Who remembers when people used lo break an arm by cranking nn anLoninbile, instead of just by opening a road map? * * * Wlicn you liave thai fro ling thai you have forgotten something— it's spring. * * * Closing your eyes when kissing Isn't rnonghj girls—you should alsct keep your mouth shut! How You Can Help Others While Helping Yourself . . . Every now find then, we nil need H Eentle prodding from Uie preacher, the boss or the wife. Tlie purpose of HUH editorinl is to negotiate two "prods" with one stroke of the typewriter. First, the Red Cross bloodmobitc is paying a return visit nnri, phony truce . talks notwithstanding, blood is still a scarce item Ijoth in the United States mut overseas. As of late last week, the Red Cross chapter here reported that the Chickn- sawha chapter is still some 95 donors ehort of tha 200-donor quota which has heen set for Tuesday's visit. You may have noticed that the quota was raised from the time the bloodmobile visited here last. That's one indication of the need. We are only about half-way on the quota. Pick up your telephone, dial <M81 and teil them you'll be happy to help your fellow countrymen who are doing so much to help you. Secondly—-And it fits in pretty well \vith this subject of national defense— be sure you won't be crippled with tuberculosis. Surest way [o do thai is lo visit Die mobile X-ray unit when it cunies to Blytheville Wednesday for a five-tiny clinic silk's. A community, stale or nation is no .stronger than the people in it. Right now, this ua;ioii can hardly iil't'urd to r!o without your prudui'tive effort, regardless i>l what it might be. Your family ain't afford to be willi- oul you for one or tv.u years while you um'.ui'iru U'oalnu'iil for tuberculosis. I)- 1 sun: you fuui linio to visit the in.jli.lo X-ray unit wlu-n it's available to all at ni> tost. To paraphrase a safety slogan, the tragedy you avert may be your own. take weeks. The Amerasia case, it \vil! bo recall- , cd, concerned the World War II theft of secret government documents. Mc- Granery, then with the Justice Department, was in charge of the prosecution of the ciise. McCranery later testified before a congressional committee that he made a "deal" with the principal defendant, Philip ./. Jaffe, in which the hitler pleaded guilty ami was fined $2f)0(). Testimony at the hearings, held in If MB, was withheld from the public for four years, although the committee did issue a general report. There were some complaints of a whitewash. iMcGranery defended his action in making the "deal" by stating il was the only way Ihe case could have been handled in view of the legal circumstances. What we're getting at here, is that it does seem President Truman might have chosen for so ticklish a job as attorney general a man less open to criticism, justified or not, than is McGnincry. JIcGranery would be stepping into one of the hottest spots in Washington. In fact, the thoroughly singed McGrath suggested to his successor that lie bring to Ihc job a pair of asbestos britches. There's yel another fact which might work against McGranery's effecting a smooth working operation as attorney general. In testifying as lo his actions in the Ameriasia case he blamed Ihe weakness of his position as head prosecutor on bungling by the FBI in obtaining evidence. .1. Kdgar Hoover, FBI head, isn't likely to forget that criticism, which could bring on a situation not entirely conducive lo good Justice Department morale. But the main thing is that the people of America are getting prelty well fed up with the kind of bungling and worse which has been taking place in Washington. They deserve better and sooner or later they're going lo get it,; If the appointment of McGranery is a step in the right dirction, all right. But if it isn't, the people responsible should make every effort to establish that fact. A long look at the facia now can save a lot of headaches later. And headaches right now are what the country has just about all it can take. Views of Others Check of McGranery Case May Save Headaches Later And so il comes to pa.-s that Washington, in its wisdom, will have a cabinet appointee passed upon by the department be is supposed to become head of and in wl.ich he once was the No. •> man. Tlie man is I'. S. District Court Judge James P. McGranery of Philadelphia, named by President Truman to be L'. S. Attorney General, succeeding J. Howard McGrath. The Senate Judiciary Committee, which must approve the appointment, has asked to see a full and up-to-date FBI check on McGranery, p:\rticuliivly his connection with the Amerasia case. .Some senators are predicting prvately the committee's look al Ihe record may SO THEY SAY Which Twin Has the Halo? Peter Edson's Washington Column — Stevenson Is Called Presidential Material; Carries'Own Golf Clubs WASHINGTON 1 — ( NKA1 — When Illinois Gov. Adhii Stevenson WLIS first mentionc-d us a possL*,*e preside in iaJ candidate, an old friend from Chicago made the claim "Stevenson won't set any place because he just, isn't the in g- time type." To his Truman hud taken himself out of the presidential race, somebody called to the former postmaster general and Democratic National Committee chairman: "Jim, who you for?" Farley swered: turned n round Farley." and nn- vier Kdsun prove point, this friend i toid the story I about the I a -i t j time he played golf with Sleven- Mm at excUi.sive Later, runnmg onto Judge Louis Goldstein of New York, Farley sard, "Judge, there's nobody down here to manage iny campaign. Maybe you'd better take over." NKW YOIIK STATE'S two congressional by-elections so far this year have offset each other, so fairy • ns forecasting November results d : concerned. Homer E. Capchart, who doesn have to run again until 195B. The Capehart letter stresses tha "Senator Jenner faces a very diff cult campaign." The Uookwalt letter says that Jenner is on th Democrats' purge list, and that tremendous amount of "out-of-sta money" will be "poured In our midst," Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD (NEA) — Exclu-itou Webb dance In "Dream Hani" ively Yours: The grapevine's buzz- ng that Red Skelton has been nakhig reservations at the Mayo Bros, clinic. The ailment he's been n tiling, it's said, is more serious nan he's admitting. I'hll Harris and Alice Faye are lenylng- separation rumors. Only eparation In the family, they say, s I'hll's "divorce" from the Jack Benny show after 15 years. Boh Crosby's replacing him. » • • Robert Taylor may have French I ballet queen Ludmilla Tchernia on I ILS mind, but the lad's due for a j surprise if he calls on her again n Paris. The new man in her Life s Orson Welles. "I Just came to. When did all ,his happen?" That's Humphrey Bogart coming out of the fog he's been In since vinning that Oscar. "Changed?— lot me." B:g!e kidded. "I'm the same .shy, modest character I've always been," I askeil him if he's being deluged with scripts. "Don't tf!l anybody, 11 lie replied, "hut iiohody even speaks lo me." Bogie's greatest discovery since winning an Oscar has been that the award weighs seven pounds. "I weighed it." he said, "and I still can't figure out what they put in the darn things." All the hullabaloo about Judy Garland's hubby - to-be, Sid Luft, producing her movie comeback film, "A Star Is Bern," is embar- to Producers Edward Alperson and Milton Brcut They own the re-make rights and Bren told me: "No deal lias been made with Mv. Htft. The property still belongs to Movie audiences won't see Clif- or any future pictures. His doctor* have advised Mm to forget his soft- shoe routines because e*: his painful knee condition. "Dream Boat" wlH hit (heaters without the dance routine sequence planned for Webb and Ginger Rogers. * * • June Haver, discouraged by 111- ness and some very personal woes, may leave the screen for a year or more. Her doctors can't say when June will be able to dance again because of the pinched spinal nerve, very painful to the star, that caused the shelving of "The Girl Next Door." Ed Gardner about the business manager who handles his affairs m Puerto Rico: "His name is Mamie to. Naturally, I .call him Manny!" News item: "Mari lyn Mo nroe will sing in 'Darling, I am Growing younger.'" The lau^h behind (he story: Director Howard Hawks asked if she could carry a lune. "Sure," Ihe shapely butter blonde replied. "I've made a secret recording of 'my singing voice and I'll bring It in tomorrow." Next day Marilyn showed up go?' I wanted to know. West opened the nine of hearts, they told rue. and Enst won with the jack. He returned the jack ot clubs, and dummy won with the ace. Declarer drew three rounds of trumps and led a diamond, knocking out the ace. West led another heart, and the suit was continued, forcing South to ruff All this early worry Is considered with his last trum P- No Hearing For Tunis ReEu.snl of the United Nat-ions Security Council to hear the grievances o[ Tunisian nationalists against the French presents one of those ulose question tn which Die balance of reason can be tipped cither way. Pakistan and the Arab countries protest feelingly the "suppression of free discussion." The United States, who abstention headed off a vote, is constrained to stand by a sorely beset France. The effect is to return ihe Tunisian quest ion to the arena of French politics and admituslra- .lion. If Tunisia is, as the French Insist, an internal question, it never thfleis is important to Arab relations in ihc defense against. Communist imperialism.* In Tunis, premier Baceouchc, the hand-picked choice of French Resident General Haulcciacque. after nearly two weeks Vuus formed a cabinet of "iionpolitiCiil notables'' vthile moie than 1,000 nationalist leaders me under detrnlion In the desert. Next he is to select members ot a mixed commission to negotiate with Ihe French regarding fuir Innr-my. Will those rrnUy represent the Tunisians or will French colonmlist.s in cEfrct be negotiating with themselves? On the otimr side, il i.s (o be [x>inte<1 out that the covert if not ou-i t [ii'nutnds of some naiioniil- Ists have uron so eNtiemc as to aim at complete exclusion of yirnrVi iiihubUiinUs from pnrUnpn- tion in tho government eif an area which ttirlr energy, capital, and culture has greatly developed. Between the extremes there must be torn id an area of understanding. iuid il is now up to the French to find it. —Christian Science Monitor high-priced country dub resort in- On Feb. 19. in the Fifth (Queensl French Lick. Indiana. ' District. Republican Robert, Tripp Governor Stevenson, he .said, Hoss won Democrat T. Vincent showed up ;U this swank plnt-e wi'h: Quinn's vacated seat by 17,300 votes a couple of old and bcnt-up clubs' to his opponents' 15.200- That was in a small and dirty iioll b»g. The 1 • h;\ilpd as a great Republican vlc- 'hicaco hoi shot said the poveninr i tory over Trumanlsm. houlcl have known belter than to! Hut on April 2, in the normally how up nt such an exclusive place: Republican Thirty-second (Albany) vith such shoddy looking eqni;i-1 District. Leo \V. O'Brien, a Demo- lent. where everybody [mybody would -see him. But the worst of it was that Stfv- nson, he said, instead, of IriniiEj an expensive caddy, insisted on carry- K his nun clubs. When this story was told to one linnis political Jcncier lie observed 'MisU'r. tell that story every chimn: irei. Th:'. t's t ho kind of t itifikrs Presidents-—he < own clubs." \viio wiis i crr.t. won the late William T. '.s Democratic seat, 66,000 to Sv:\ATOK WILLIAM E. Jenner <iE Indiana is apparently worried AS JAML^ A. Farley Was !e;ivinc the 1 JoIfer.-on-Jaiik.'-oti day chmn'r Washington, after President nboui his chances of re-election next November, for a big money'«' nn?mrr drive has already been •"[ Marted to f inn nee his campaign. • s Letters soliciting contribution? have been mailed out to prominent HcoMt'is and ex-Hoosicrs by John H. Booh waiter of Indianapolis, trr-a. Hirer of the "Jcnner for Senator*' commiuee. and by Senator unusual in view of the fact that no one has yet appeared to'oppose Jenner. Ex-Congressman Andy Jacobs, Democrat, is considering running against Jenner, but hasn't finally decided to do so'. Indiana nominates in conventions, which must be held within 60 days after the state primary May 6. « • * PRKSIDENT TRUMAN'S with- drnwal as a presidential candidate will cause no major changes to be made in the new editions of William Hiilman's book. "Mr. President." Two editions of 90,000 and 20,000 nre already off the press. In the coming edition of 50,000, Author-Editor Hilhnan says a few' typographical errors will be corrected, and he'll make clear that ihe controversial letter to former Secretary of State James F, Byrnes %vas read to him by the President In person, in the Oval Room of the White House. This is to clear up an impression that the letter was read to Byrnes over the telephone. Aside from (hat, no change or addition in text is now contemplated—not even to include that "I shall not be a candidate" note. . / y^| r p Uv i-;mviN P. JORDAN, M. D. the JDoclor Says— VVrittcn ,„ XEA Scrvlce id others hfive a: ked for •it of hiirdenirr 1 . <i( !h<" arterus IVilv.ii^ U v-OM\d Yx 1 vvrll 10 start lln> by ;-;LVUIL; Unit n )W '> V.fn ' so fcvi ;-.ropU- rii^ vonm: from f.rh dL-ci!^! 1 -" as ivnno'.d fever. diphiiu-r- : in, anil nr.f.i i:nmi;\. m'nr si rr n'sifri- IIL^ .in 11 RL' vvhru ( .:riKli:nl ]i:mirni:ic: of Hi- arfmrs is likely lo precise syinrtnnv.. U lh prob.ibly for iht 1 rraM'Ji ml her ' him any iii- cT'vui' in t he aiivm::t o( liardriiiiur of Ihr ;L i 1 ;")!"•; or nr' vrio^cli'ro:-:--. tin! rv:e lu\tf:i so nuu-li more Lib-jut it todny. The pHu-c? 1 -. by'h the nrt'-ri* s I]! 1 - mm 1 U\ 5 i-bMU 1 ;-tar;.s early in life. b;M it is t;iiu>uul in h;nc svmp- toms from it until Oie inidcUi 1 -*r l:\U-] VL-;irs. .In-1 v\ \r.\\ :.yinp''!;i i- \viU br caused fI'oni ai'icvio.--rlo:'iv sis ilrpriKi '>n \vhich ;i i'l' x i :rs ^ i n ^ft'eciril Miiro- M:R p; CLCSS is i;..•', rveu m nil ot llit-m Thr inrnM.-iHl hnvcJnf^> nf thr .1:- widnpy. a n d chronic infections, t'.;r. r also been blamed. Ti-.r rii-Ti^r.ent ot hardening nf 1 h:- iirtrrie^ defends on which blood vv- ol> lire involved and ho\v seri- n'^ly ihf-y are affected. There are no «'MLib!t.-.hod rules of diet to pre- ^<-;.t Ii.irdcsiii:? of the arteries or ;*av \vhich will dissolve out any i';'.k'inni dcpo- sui already formed. Iho proper amount of rest and \'.':i:uovrr lnr;t] measures arc itidi- '••A'.eii y- aonvu all thai can be done, rvi ]i< \M.\I > fiu'h cannot be retain- '"tl ;'.:.>'! thrrcforo a person with ar- f'Ti^ i•lf-ro u ;. c i must learn to live v.vii :: .n.'i conifortably as possible- 15 Years Ago In •JACOBY ON BRIDGE Problem Is Solved In an Easy Manner IH- OSWALD JACOB V Written For NEA Service Two bridge players recently ask ed me to settle a bidding dispute They gave me tne hand shown today, whirh they had bid In the manner shown in the diagram. "Shouldn't North bid one no- trump in.slead of two spades?" asked one of my Friends. "He has Now South couldn't lead a low diamond to dummy's ten, for then he would never get back to his hand to cash the king and queen. He plnycd a squeeze by leading a ctub to dummy's king and leading out dummy's last trump. But there was no squeeze, and also no tenth trick. Nov.* you have all the Information that w a s given to me. If these two players had come to you for a decision, Viow would you liavc answered them. Decide for yourself before you read on. Both o( the bidding questions are very close points. I would not criticize a North who bid one no-trump instead of two spades. I would bid two spades myself because I do not suppress four-card .rump support for n major suit if there is any way to ^avold It. I would not e,r it Seize a South who passed at three spades, would bid four spades myself because there's usually a w a y make ten tricks on these very close hands, and it pays to be ng- gressive in such situations. On this very hand South .should have made the game. He should draw only two rounds of trumps and then should lead diamonds. The opponents then make him ruFf a heart, but he can lead a diamond to dummy and still return to his hand with a trump. The rest is easy. with her own recording of a sizzling number titled "Every Baby Needs a * Daddy." \-J P. S.: She'll sirvg "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" in the film." * • » There's a rumor that a syndicate headed by Matty Fox has offered Howard Hughes §14,000,000 for Ihe RKO film library lor television. The Rogers-Aslnlre films, Katherine Hepburn starrer. 1 ; and all. Monica Lewis on reports she's about to elope with Liam O'Brien, brother of Edmund: "I see a. lot of Bill. I like him very much and T lliink he's great. Kiit if you ask me JT I'm going lo marry him, the answer is no. I don't want to get married." * * • The word's out that Shirley Booth gives an. Oscar-winning performance in "Come Back, Little Sheba," but she's not composing an acceptance speech. Says Shirley: "I'll just be satisfied If everybody goes to see the picture," It was Shirley's film debut, after years of Broadway stardom, and she's confessing her daily peeks afc her acting in the rushes tossed her .i for a loop. "I thought I had to underplay everything for the screen. Then I realized I could let myself go a little, like on the .staeg. Some of the things were wonderful. Others gave me the feeling that I was undressing emotionally. But as a whole it turned out beautifully. It was a labor of love." An Mea of 10 members to buy th»t five- dollar book, "Mr. President," on shares collapsed her* Old Alan Hobhs couldn't tad It people with SB cento to spare after having pild their t*xe*J Then the book store womldnH give him credit on a t*n-c#ol raffle because they didn't think there were 50 peopTe with a dime f to ramble. ^ MCA Big Bosses Answer to Previous Puzzle ! ri' Tlie spirit may be willinp >vlst*n T\C shovel icf and 5= now from the riiiveway. but let's not forsjrt that while the flesh may not be weak, its rapacity may not tic much greater than whM - AC arc accustomed to ilciny: d.tily.—John L>. Porter- lield, State Health Usuxtoi of Ohio. 4 * * Mr. Visliiii'.ky's .>iH'Ci'h . . . indicates that this fanciful fear of "spies" ar.d "cspioiinge" is eiow- int; bi'himi the lion Cui tain.—Rep. Michael Mansfield, U. S. ill-legate to the UN General Assembly. The new Europe iramtnti Oe bom Full-pano- plied from a few men's brains. \Ve shall fust have to solie a \vlui!e ."rues of difficult practical ptoulmm.— Belgium's Hrmi spaak. • * » Pe L haps we \vuuUt ha\e received n !om;er (POW) list from the Communists U our mlsnmg men had received medical attention six mouths ago.—Sell. Styles Bridges (R., N.H.). i 'il:tr prize !s bf;ii;? otfer- j/-r on who authors the ir> - j^rj,itc cornr-rstone In- f'T rlic Rke-Stix building :'/•.' :ii;clr:r construction, f v ^tuait .Salmon and f -,<n< returned yfj:-te rtliy | '.•> . ;iv v.hcrc they attended .t: of the Prr^byttry. -• 'or Hlyth'-vitt': HUh -f-ic mf-ct At .JonM- MoArinmv tvpln?: NORTH (DJ AK932 V K62 4 J 10 WEST V973 » A74 + Q038 North I* EAST *63 VAQJ85 * 9863 *J10 SOUTH * AQJ10 V 104 « KQ52 + 753 North-South vul.' K»l South IV I* Pan 3 » 1'aj! 4 + T'ast Pass Pass Opening lead—V 9 HORIZONTAL 1 Turkish army boss 4 Catholic leader 8 Distribute, as cards 12 Male sheep 13 Arabian boss 14 Italian river 15 Malt beverage 16 Ambassadors boss these 18 Trades 20 Worms 21 Anger 22 Conservative 24 Formerly 26 Stringed instrument VERTICAL 1 Street wanderer 2 Festive 3 An elected President bosses 4 West Indian volcano 5 Hebrew measure 5 Pigs boss this place 7 Age 8 Flower 9 Love god 10 She bosse<J England 1702-14 A L. = Si r A 5 e t_ i A A a e li T S O p E R C R E t N * A T H A S J) T 5 M E CZ r s A f7 P» 9 £ A O T •7 0 O A U _- & R A fi T fcr <_ A N S T K S S & •J m A T E 6 ' r x A f» i* u R HE 5 V f= R T A R O 7 1 E 7 1 9 E B W *• U H n s 9 f= F» * 0 A P T 23 Declaim 24 Norway's capital 25 Require 26 He bossed 38 Visitor 40 Natural fat 41 Roek 42 Habitat plant form Russia 1917-24 43 Lasso 27 Redecorated a 41 Handle 27 Stalin is the H Deprivation in i'U',ei>. no ot;e ye! KIIOM - ly dr,'o>!EP of caK'nim «T voiinisnn in the nicmhc-i's • fnnnl:0' than in othrrr. FVi- Hl-n the orrtmary vi ear '-\.< nf \\\\\\-- play- a p..r1 in '!. ith \\\\\c\\ the mules' h" U-roLic or luirdoiied. (>V« o'^uirbum.'1-s of l;otmoi, ii, te[',\:n! ol t 1) 'f,r B Jit;' •il. Ijjl VILK*; yu'f Sir I ,>.MI «-u h'-r lf~ fci'lM-y"? •* I alc oi^'iiinK f)td. nnd ttic ovor In h'rrul*. 'Anrni him lhat the "f hi'arLi In worlhlc.-w t. t«.. do tvc.rythlnn he cai ti:.<- thai tit! hfts a hare (••I I', 1 /: iii-.l..:d rli/hl In. "Shouldn't ! h'Cltli ll')|> :H llirtl: BpjdCH?" hC a-.i-d "It--. |ji.-. lii-arrl ht.H pi.rtnrr r^-ljIfH ttt I W 'J Sll!l>lf^. V/lly rlof.H l/i |i» i,n l/i (our f.|l»l]<:f.V" J:<] Ul U.i'M: r(5ftlt«;rfi I / '-r t:<,;i '.f my own ln«[r-iiil of ir.ii "1 1','fi did Lh« L>iAy boss 30 Silling 32 Greek goddess of wisdom 34 Penitential 35 Beverage vessel 30 Hypothetical forces 37 Pleasant 33 Foundation 40 Volcano in Sicily 41 Drink slowly 12 Rub out 45 Missives 49 Low female voice 51 Decay 52 Church recess 53 Mexican landowner is his hoj> 51 AuAUMian oilrlch 5S llclovcd 58 Sea eagle S7 The lion boncj hli 17 Cylindrical room 28 Selh's son (Bib.) 29 Fruit 31 Core 19 English river 33 Custom 4B British school 47 Mussolini once bossed 48 Daze 50 Imitate

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