Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 17, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1908
Page 6
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6 HOMEMADE REMEDY VALIED BY THE ELDEBLT PEOPLE WITH WEAK KIDNEYS. Easilj fhercomes llic Worst Forma of Kidney and Bladder Tronblr and Said to Br I'rrtain Cure for KheunuUsm. V The following prescription for the ciirf? nt rheumatism and Icidney and blartflcr troubles has no doubt "been fillo<l million* of times, viz: Fluid Kxtraot Dandelion, 'one-half ounce! Coniiionnfl Kargon. one ounce; Compound Syrup Sareaparilla, tliree ouncps. These simple, harmless in-i urcdirnls can be obtained at any good Iirpsrripiion phamiao" at iiftle cost aiKi aro niived by shalting well in a Ix.ltU'. TIip (Uifc for adults is a teaspoonful after oarh meal and at bedtime. driukiuK a full tumblerful of water aftrr each dose. It is stated that this prfsnipiion is a (Hisitive remedy for kidney trouble and lame baclt,'weali bladder and urinary difficulties, espe- LAST HOPE GOKE 2fo Hope of Erer E»tabII»lilB« tke Identity of Vakaoini Man KilM bj SontaFe'TnUn. Mart Benson, marsbal of Humboldt who was here today attending business in the district court, says tiiat he has given up all hope of establishing the identity of the man who was Itilled by a Santa Fe freight train near the Humboldt depot about two months ago. It will be recalled that the man walked deliberately In front of a fast approaching locomotive and was ground to death. No letters or papers which would give a clue to the man's identity were found on his person and he was burled in an unmarked grave in the jwtter's field at Humboldt. "The only clue which I could find which might lead to the Idcntiflcatlon of the body." said Mr. Benson," was the trademark on the dead mah's coat. It had been sold by an Oklahoma dealer and I sent photos of the Ijody there in hope that the dealer might know the man. Rut he did not. I guess the orllu^t^'^rhS'o.irar^h^^-l.rave holds .be secret sealed in its (See Dls^y In North Window) A Christmas Oift That Any Lady Will; Appreciate Dainty Silk Crepe deOliine Scarfs, 2 1-4 and 2 1-2 yards long, 24 inches wide plain, tancy and self striped, colors tan, blue, white, red, black, smoke and tf^i) IQ maize. $3.00 and $3.50 values on sale Thursday, choice V^'l v matic afflictions, relieving the aches aiid'pains and reducing swellings. A well -known authority states that this mixture acts directly upon the cliniiiialivp tissues of the kidneys: clcait .'Jcs llipsc sponpellke organs and pivps tlioni pi)w «'r KjfAsift and strain the |ini.'-.<inoiis wasio-iiHtler an^ uric aiid from the liliind which is the cause of rlii -unialisDi. If your back oi sides aclic and you siisperl kjilupy |i'nul)le It would bo wii -e III ti'y Ibis ffu- a few days. HIS GIRL WENT BACK ON HIM. Thais Why a School Principal Says He MyKteiloutly Disappeared. damp depths.'! DOMESTIC BLIZZARD A "Cra^y Man" Prored to Be a Wrath- fnl HuHband on the War Path. AiihiMiii. Kas.. I)cc. Iti.—Professor (falph .\l Mavis, piincipal of the high schniil at .Nortoiivlllo. disappeared Kiitlny nitlii after settling all his debts. He told no one where he was Roiiip. Yesterday the school board received a letter piirporling to be from him from TriuldatI, Col., stntiu); that his Birl had pone back on him. He requested that his trunk and per.soiial effects bo sent to his former hom<- in Omaha. III. He went to Nor- toiivillc last fall and pavi; splendid satisfaction and was very popular. He is about 27 years of ap.c. Miss Chapman, the assistant, has been elected principal. CHILDS FOR AN AIDE Kansas Itelppalion Will Trye Appoint- nient of Kansas City Postnia.ster ; to Cabinet Poiiitlon. Wasbinston. Uec. 17.—W. R. Childs, postmaster at Kansas City, Kas.. will be urged by the Kansas delegation for tbo appointment of assistant to tbe postmaster general. Mr. Childs came to Washington last week as a delegate to the National Rivers and Harlwrs congress and is still here. He has spent much time at the cjpitol with the Kansas senators and representatives. Senator Curtis was Ihe first to declare for him for the api>olntmcn(. I>aier it was stated that Senator Long and Kansas members of the house would al.>io indorse him. There are four assistants to the postniJister KPiieral. Thfl salary of each is $f .."ino a year. The Kansas delegation claims one of these places as .losepl) W. Hrislow was fourth assistant |)osfiuastcr general for several years When he resigned the Kansans thought they should name his Buecei,- ;-or. but they were not iierniltted to do fco. L. linlmrt to MoTf. L. Mobart will begin moving today into the new house at .11" South Washington street. Tn^ old home on South Walnut will be rented. When a voice said over fhfi tele- phoni* nt |(ollce heudqtoitters List night, that a crazy man was terrorizing the iioighborbofMl In the vicinity of nuf North Huckeye street, a pa- iroliuan decided that the case was one for the attention of the county of- flcer.<. .lallor Hoover Kerr happened to be the most conveniently available officer on Sheriff Rolllnger's force and he responded to the call for an officer. When he arrived at the scene of trouble he encountered a domestic blizzard that almost took his breath away. There was a dispute »>ver a child. \ young married man said that his nioiher-in-law insisted on earing for a child whose parentage was questioned and that he did not want her to do it. He took such a strenuous manner of emphasizing his objections that the women on the premises became alarmed and telephoned for an officer. .Jailor Kerr quieted the ticlligerents with somo legal advice as to disturbing Ihe peace el cetera and went away {1.50 Kabo Corsets 75c One lot of Kaljo Corsets, odd sizes, numbers wo have taken out of regular stock Ip discontinue, if your size is here. Come early, regular |1.00 and ,; $l.r.O Corsets will be Tilc^ >o. 163 Kabo Corsrl-s !i cnr.=e (i; in all, sizes IS. If. 21. 2i; and 27. No. I«t Kalto (orNctK. size 2ii and 'JI. >o. «v2 Kabn CnrNets, iiiirsliig Iiont, si/,es LS. 11". 22. 2::. 2.'., 27,.2.4. and 21 corsets in all. >o. "^j Kabo fnnictN, sizes 2ii. 21. 22. 21. 21;, 2S. ;;2. ;'.:! and >'o. WW Kabo Comets, sizes is. l!i, 2U. 21. 22. 2:1. 21. 2."., and 2<',; cjmli'e ol any of the above, wlillf they last X-lc* KalH) Corsets ,NOB. !I 01. I():!;i and 10.12, icgular pilee »2 .(iil*»iit (l $2. .Ml. souii) are slightly solbKl. all sizes: that Is. there are all sizes In the three different styles; your size Is here lii one of the .\<>s. Choice, of these $2 .i>i) and »2 .r.O Corsets JSI.Jl) A Spedal Sale of Colored Silk Petticoats for Friday and Satiirday $r ..OII Colored Silk Pellici.ats IV.r $4.1i> JCOO Colored Silk Petticoats for $4.6.7 $7. Ml Colored. Silk Petticoats for Si»i>.39 iH.M Colored.Silk IVtti.-oats for tHT. l.J $10(10 Colored Silk Petticoats for $12.00 Colored Silk Petticoats lor SKlKH.l Kincy liinen l.uuch Cloth.s, 17x2S inch, drawn work and hemstitched, leaf and floral patterns. Choice 1J><^ A KANSAN DIES OF GLANDERS. Until a Veterinarian Was Called Kansas Man Didn't Know His Disease. Wellington. Kas.. Dec. 17.—Dr. S. F. Schoenleber, state veterinarian, of Manhattan, Kas., has found a case of glanders In a human being, a rare thing ,according to the doctor. J. Will Doolin, of Harper, contracted gland­ ers from his horse more than a year ago, and had been under treatment for a blood disease. ^Vhen Dr. Schoenleber was in the vicinity this week ho was called to see Doolin and pronounced his trouble glanders. Doolin died yesterday. To and From Chanute. Mrs. P. A. I>)ane went to lola this morning for a short visit. * • '.Mrs. Ray pefly went to lola this afternoon for a brief visit. • • • .Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Justice returned to lola this afternoon after visiting a few days with Mrs. Hallie .lusllce. • • • Mrs W. S. Woodward '..'enf to lola this afternoon to attend the wedding of a relative.—Chanute Sun. PRAIRIE ROSE. Anti-Swearing Clubs the Latest Thing Thing In Kansas. T -o Miss Georgia Rroiigliton resigned her position as teacher at Olive Uranch last week. No one has as yet been secured to take her place. .Ilni Rogers and family, Mrs. Nettie Ibirris and Miss Sylvaina Rogers were IJA Harpe and lola visitors Friday. Mrs. Burris remained in I..a Harpe for a more extended visit Ixsfore returning to her home in Wichita. Xeal Ford has moved and is getting settled in his new home. We welcome Mr. Ford and family in our iiiidsU .lini Rogers an<l family. Robert Rogers and family and Miss Sylvania Rogers were very jdeasantly entertained nt Mr. Knapp's Sunday. The school I)oard at Orant purcbas- e<l an organ at Rronson one day last week. Medi>i'a WofHl has licen absent from school first of tbe week with an attack of neuralgia. The ,V H. T, A. met last evenlns If"*' , H"' 'naughty wonls. but *iiei BAN ON "CUSS WORDS." and luilialed one new the association. member Into lola men may soon be afforded the opportunity to become idcntitlcd with tho very latest thing in the way of organizations—an anti-swearing club. Several Kansas towns have the craze and it Is bound to spread and sooner or later reach here. Not that It is needed—perish the thought!—but to be In the fashion an antl-cusslng club is a necessity. Speaking on this subject the Hutchinson Gazette In a re cent issue said: Hutchinson is to have an antl-cus.*!- Ing club. This club will bo especial ly for the young men. although tho older men may belong if they care to and if they think that the habit has not liocomo loo llxed.^.. The club, which is also known as the .N'on-Swearlng Knights of America, will be a' branch of the antl-cusslng club, which was first organized In MInnt, N. D., by a prominent rnilrond man. The rules and regiilallons are many and must be strictly observed or a heavy fine Is given. Hutchinson is badly In neeil of such an organization, hut is not the worst use of there are a Dumber who should be redeemed. Just now would be the proper lime to start, for the new year's resolve would be better kept. One does not hiivo to pay to enter Ihe anti-cussing club, hut they have to pay some limes to get out. Differ- _ „ , . , , , ent prices are elven for 'lifforcnt cuss many wen known branas of cigars are arttnaatfy doctored i words, tor some are considered worse ithflavoringorinjuriousdrugs. Not so, the "Mercantile" Ciear r^" "'^ KT '^'^ "^^^Z"'^''!; »r«u_ i TT ° . . , ^'S*"' responsible position and makes a pro- inc choicest Havana tobacco, npoied aiid mellowed to ;at from the organization for he is giv en a per cent from'all of the collcc- tiohs. A list of words is given which may be used in place of the customary ctiss words and for which no' fines are taken. Then a list is also givon with the amount of the flije. It happens, of course, that tho words with the heaviest fines ftre tho most fre^ quently used. i It is sad to know that a great amount of money was raised during the past year, and If all was collected there would be enough money to keep a man In cigars for five years. The money which Is collected is used for the annual banquet There arc not many words even in slang phrases a.1 loweil In the club. One which Is considered to be the best and most fre quently used when thought of is "By jGravy." "Rip Van Winkle" is another popular word, for when that has be<»n ripped off the provocation has almost been forgotten. The Richness of Real Havana Mercantile Cigars GoodFnrh Ehd tq End ^ 'We do not »tint on the quality. Wc buy the cream of each season's crop of Havana tobacco, from the same Cuban plantations, year in aiid year out We employ experte in the making of "MeramtUet," The quality and uniformity of th^ dgars makes it unnecessary for us to offer "schemes" and "free deals" to induce the dealer to put them in his case. We leave such artificial methods for the manufacturer who mak^ artificial dgan. Ask for a''Mercantile''Cigar, out of Rice's Glass Jar It'sahobbyofourstohave^MarcantUM '*B «rv«l{np«HiBCtitnoUnffcondition. Mostcicatmen have them in our pJuemcIaMbnoUdor.wUch keeps them Juatri^ in any clinutc or aliituda. You can fet oilM oftluaa Jaia wlthoitt axtiB cluvfa Iqr boyji^ SO''MffCM F. R. Ric* BlMtMriie qj^O^ no Yon Know niniT .Miss Elsie .Montgomery, of Kansas City, wants to Icnow If there is a farmer living in Allen county named Montgomery or Moore. She has written Connty Clerk Culbertaoti for the information. There are several farmers in Allen county named Moore or Montgomery. Iience no definite In- 'fbrmetion can be fomislied her by t)ie clerk.; I^. G. Beck Practitioner of SUGGESTIVE THERAPEUTICS A Science through which disease is eliminated from the body without medicine or surgery. .Member of the National and State Association of Suggestive Therapeutics. Consultation Free Telephone 1091 Rooms 5 N. Sycamore "BATH HOUSE" JOHN ARRESTED. Chicago Alderman Charged With 'Smashing Camera. riiicago. Dec. 17.—Alderman .lohn f'oughlin. otherwise known as "the Bath Mouse." was arrested here today charged with assault on Lyman Atwell. a photographer of llie Chicago Record-Herald. AlweJI. together with Wyncie Kinc. a cartoonist of the Rec- ordHerald. were assigned to get pho tograpbs and illustrations of the First \Vanl Decocratic hall last ."Monday night. Coughlin. who. with Alderman "Hinkey Dink" Kenna. is the annual beneficiary of the ball, vas standing on Ihe sidewalk receiving guests as they alighted. Atweil. according to his own story, attempted to snap shot "tho Rath House" whereupon the latter led an assault, in which the photographer was badly beaten and his camera sAiashed. A plain clothes policeman held him during one phase of the struggle, while others pounded him. A policeman In uniform, to whom Atwoll appealed for protection, told him to "clear out of here." King, the cartoonist, also was a recipient of what is alleged to have been Cou^hlin's method of resenting an onslaught by the press and pulpit on "the annual Insult forced on Chicago." He was knocked down and kicked as he lay in the gntter. 12 Nw Members. Twelve new members have been added to the gymnasium class of the Tilt G, A.:tW« week, «»aklng.ji total Take our No. 410 when Traveling EasLword Leaves Io!a 7:15 p. m., arrives St Louis 8:25 a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connects with the east bound trains at St Loals. For further particulars call and see ns. C. P. Hak, Agt. ^^^^^^^^^^ s EsHmatea c!i«ertHn7--i|!c|Mi '«m all woril

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