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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Tuesday, December 24, 1907
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VOL. IX. Ko. 4»7. WkoIe^Ko. M47. SIX FAGEa lOLA, SAKSA8. DECSMBEB 21, 1M7^TUESDAT EVEMSG. SIX FAGE8. mCI TWO CEKVL MET INSTANT DEATH IBA GAY KILLED WHILE AT A fc,. TUBKEY SHOOT, r _ FRANK SEE HELD THE GUN WHICH WAS DISCHARGED f . SOME rxKxowjf WAY. The Entire Charge Struck ] f , Immediately Abore the Bight IX Gay The coroner's jury, compos«d o( Clyde Perham. E. D. Shields, H. M. Miller, GeorBC D. VopJesoiig, 3. M. McDonald and Otto Hanlor, called at the request of Frank Gay to Investl Rate the death of hts son. Ira Gay, this morning viewed the romaihs of Ira <3ay, aged nineteen years. Gay was shot last evening In the back of the bead Immediately above the right onr with a double barrellnil shot gun which was in the hMias of Frank See, at a shooting match which was being held on the Roush farm three miles west atid two and one half miles north of this city. About forty 'fiien had gathered on the Roush farm to attend the turkey shoot which was befnp conducted by W biter Roush. The afternoon was spent in playing cards, and shootln-; at a mark with shot guns for turkeys. The day passed pleasantly, all; pres' ent having a good time until about S o'clock when Frank See stepped forward and picked up a shot gun which was standing with other guns leaning against the board fence, which surrounded the place where the shoot- ON HABEAS CORPUS BUMOBED WHEATOX'S ATTOB XEYS^ WILL ASK FOB BELEASE. UWYERS REFUSE STATEMENT HEARIXG OX MAXSLAUGHtER CLOSED LAST EVEXING. Xo Sta'rtHng Evidence Was Brougbt Out—Bond Is Fixed at $2,000. It is- persistently rumored on th.i street today that the altorneys" for C. H. \\^h?atbn. who was bound over yesterday to district court; to await trial on the charge of mnnsljauglitei- In that ho was* Implicated In t(ie criminal operation upon Miss Maude Reilly. will ask for his release on a writ of habeas cdrpuR, onthe grounds that there is not feiilHeient evidence to warrant his belilg held. ^. Hubert of Port Scott, who attended the trial yesterday in the interest of Dr. M. G. Brooklns. of Ft. Scott, charged with the same offense, is; qiiotad as saying last night that the attorneys for Mr. \\Theaton would ask for his release on a writ of habeas corpus. John F. Goshorn. who Is chief counsel for the defense, could not be seen this afternoon as he had left town. F. . T ! Oyler. who Is In the case, vas asked concerning the rumor, in reply to a question he said: "I have no statement to make on the matter. At least not at the present. I.wouid K 'lggsst that you see Mr. Goshorn as he is chief counsel for the defense." OESERTEOHER CHILD STRAXGE XOTHEJt LEAVES BABY WITH STIJAXGEBS. Another Monin Myltery—Mrs. Dorth Here Looking for Hotlier. the The woman who walked into the city hotel at Moran two weeks ago end soon afterwards gave birth to n baby girl, is missing. She left the hotel where she has been, staying since her baby was born last Sunday and since then has not been seen. She left the baby saying that she would go to Altoona. Kas., where she' would meet her husband, and they would return together and get the baby and settle her board for the past two weeks. Mrs. Durth. proprietress of the hotel where the woman stoppi>ri whll. in Moran. is In the city today look ing for the mother of the child which she has in her ai4ns. There has been ni<ire or loss mys tery surrounding the appi'arinK of the strange woman in the city of Mo ran In tl;e condition she was in. and now tliere is n great deal more. Moran cili/.ens think there must be something hack of It. It Is Indeed slrant? mother "who would leave tw-o works old baby In the bands of jsDanger.s- and eave it entirely. The liitle city of M:>ran has been ureatly excited over the appearance of this woman wlio gives her name as Mr.s. Church. « • XO BEOISTER TOXOBBOW. In accordance with the usual custom of this paper there will be no issue of The lola Dally Register tomorrow, Christmas. The Register realizes that Its employees arfe faithful and loyal and the holiday tomorrow^ Is 'given them In order that they may spend the day In approprl- • ately observing It. • The holiday tomorrow Is The * Register's Christmas present to • its employees and it hopes that * every one of them will enjoy a • happy day. • IT WAS BAKER NIGHT A BIG BANr DR. L. H. MURLIN DELIVERED PRINCIPAL ADDRESS. A Program of Sparkling Toasts Pol lowed the Feast at the Our Way. MEXPHI8 SAVIXGS FAILED OPEX DOOBS TODAY. TO NO REASON WAS 6 YEN OUT Ingi was taking place. Throwing it{ There are at least two reasons why across his left arm he stepped for-j the defense may not (|eem it advls- w-ard a'few steps when it was dis-jable to institute habeaij corpus pro charged, the charge of shot'entering the back of Ira Gay's head, who was sitting on a box a distance of eight feet away, killing him instantly. The gun had hardly been dis ctuLCged when See dropped it reached forward, catching the whom he had accidentally shot and killed, just as he was about to fall, and heard him gasp his last. See seemed to realize what had happened before the larpe crowd which gathered al)out did and orcered that something be done at once. After the true condition dawned upon the men a bystander was dis- ceedings. In tho first place- the bond under w-hich Mr. Wheaton is being held is' regarded as being light, and in the Second place it is but a short time until his ca^^e w^i'4 come up in and.'district! court, man The h?aring of C H. Wheaton, who is chaged with manslan.sjhter, in being implicated in the criminal operation Which is allegetl to have contribute! to the de.i'h of Miss Maud? Reilly.. calne to an abrupt end at five o'clock fest'^rJay afternoon ^ when Judge Pdtter said, after both sides closed, ti^at he found that there was probable cause for believing the ds patched to.the nearest telephone to Inforpi the coroner and county! offlc-1 feudant guilty of tho crime, and would ials of tl.o killing. It was a few minutes ibpfore six o'clock when the cor- ornei;. David W*. Reld, Sheriff C. O. Bollinper and Count.r Attorney Car! Peterson departed for the scene of the tragcd.r. Upon reaching theire they were met by Frank See who said: "I plrlif-d up the gun and started to walk to where I could shoot when it was discharged, but now I cannot tell." ' . \ . (Continued on page 5.) , therefore I hold him. The c'dslng up of trrp case yesterday ofiemoon came as a sun'rise as it was a.vpected that the hearing would continue for Koveral days. Many of the witnesses; who testified In the coroner's inquest and who have since been subjwenaed, were not put on. The "state was evidently disappoint' ed in iiot being able to get Dr. M. G. Brookins. the Ft. Scott physician. (Continued on page 2.) Late this afteniooa the olllrer.^ took a yoimg woman into custody who Is said to be Die mother of ihe child. She Is a married woman and not an tmfortunate girl as was at first sup posed. The officers are withholding her name. She was taken to thj court house at three o'clock this afternoon. FULLER .IS PAROLED Colored Jail Breaker Ha.«f Promised fo Be Good. * * • • * «X0 SAXTA CLAUS!" * (From the New York Sun.) * Dear Editor: I am S years'old. Sonre of my little friends say * there is no Santa Claus. * Papa says, "If you see it in the Sun, its so." * Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus? VIRGINIA O'HAKLON, 115 •V\'est Fifty-ninth Street • ^•'&s, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. -He exists as certainly as • love and generosity and devotion exist, and you kiibw fhat they • abourd and give to your life its highest beauty and jo.v. Alas! how • drea:y would be the world it there were no Santa ClausI - It would .* be as dreary as if there were no Virginias. There would b*; no child• like. laith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolcrabls this ex• ista:.;e. V.'e shouldhave no" enjoyment, except in sense ind sight. • The eternal light with which childhood fiila the world wouli} be extln- • guii.; ed. . ' _ • lot believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in • fairir:! You might get your papa to hire men to watch Jn all the • chin. :eys op Christmas eve to catch Santa Claus. but even if they did • not ;ce Santa Claus coming down, what would that prove? Nobody • sees Santa Claus, but that is no sign that there is no Santa Claus. " The -sjost real things in the world are those that neither children • nor i.:en can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of • courre not, but that's no proof that they are not there. JCobody. can • concl've or imagine all the wonders there are unseen and unsee- • able in the world. • You tear apart the baby's rattle and see what makeS: the noise • Inside, but there Is a veil coverln? the liuseen world which not the • strongest man. nor even the united strength of all the Btiimgeat men • that ever lived, could tear &i)art. Only faith, fancy, poetry, love, ro- • maocc. can push aside that curtain and view and picture the su- • • pernal beauty and glory beyond. Is It all real? Ah, Virginia, In all • this world there is nothing else real and abiding. • No Santa Claus! Thank God! he lives,-and he lives forever. A • thousand years from now Virginia; nay, ten times ten thousand years from now, he will continue to malte glad: the heart of chi.'dhood. Hud Fuller was this afternoon i>a- roled by Judge Foust. Fuller is the man who several months ago broke jail with F. Oliver and was later recaptured at Joplin. He was given si.\ months in jail for this offence. Fuller w-as arrested originally for violation of the city ordinance prohi'o- Itlng the sale of liquor. He was charged with making a sale In a north side resort. Oliver was caught at Kansas City but refused to cor.ic without requisiti«m jiapers. Fuller came wiihont making any tnnible. He Is a fine looking' darkey and well liked by the oflicers. having been a good prisoner with the exception of the time h*- made his escape, lie w-as in a colored troop in the Spanish-Ameri'-an war. Hl.<; wife Is now In Joplin where he will go tonight. Hy the terms of his parole he agrees not to drink liquor is a beverage or to loiter about places where it is sold. He is also to report at each term of court. When Fuller agreed to the terms of his parole. Judge Foust extended his hand to him saying. "Well Mr. Fuller. 1 sincerely hope that yim will make a man of yourself." To whirh the paroled prisoner answered, "I will certainly try It. judge." WILL HELP THE POOR Lucul SalTationi-sts to Distribute Food Tomorrow. Tomorrow morning the Salvation .^rmy will distribute forty baskets of food stuffs among as many families of this city who would probably be In want of food instead of sitting down to a Christmas feast were it not for the efforts of Captain Whittakcr and the members of the army. For the pas; ten da.vs the members of the army have been making u house to house canvass of the city collecting money and fruits and endeavoring a^; far as jxjssible to find out just what families were really in need. The baskets will be loaded on a dray and distributed early in the morning. CRIPPLES IN DANGER Ffre Tkreatened Home for KBptared and Crippled Childreo. New York. Dec. 24.—Two hundred and fifty crippled children narrowly escai>ed Injury early today In a fire that started among the tinsel and Christmas trees on the top floor of the home for ruptured and crippled children on Lexington avenuei The flames were subdued by Suiterintendent Rar- :!ne and nurses before they gained much headway. -Other nurses k epi such a good watch over, the wards that none of the s!eep]ng children knew of the blaze until It was all over. Tnrkey DiBarr. Pig Turkey Dinner on Christmas at Warner's Cafe, Krause'a old stand, 2o cents. THE WE.iTHEB. Forecast for Kansas:—Generally fair tonight and ^^ednesdajr; DORA TICE MARRIED Girl Und^r Reformatory Sentence TakTs a Husband. nom Tlo<'. fill' pirl who ran awny from .Mrs. M. C. MorRau's residence iin N.irih Chestnut wh<Te she was be- in?: held until she could he sent to the luduslrlul school for girls at Ro- !o!t, is married. The officers secured Information twlay that she married K. I.. Kaslwood, a w.-'I known man who risldfs in lola township. Fnnii what can be learned Dora Tice left here and went with Kust wood to Nevada. Mo., where they wen- married, after which thpy re- tunuvl to their home. Dora Tfco is but fourteen ypan< of a?e. but l.'-r Is forty five vrnrs old. Wl'.ether Dora can be s.^ut to the roform scl'.ool now. since she is married. Is a question that is puz/JinK the ofiicers This will probably be determined later. 74 MORE BODIES Total Dead From Dsrr Xnralte rllO. .Mine Xow Jacobs Creek, Pa.. I>cc. 21. —Searching parties at the Darr mine today reached entry number twenty-seven 5 where they found scvent.v-four bodies j ' In a heap. With tho fort.v-six bodies'"The Baker of Today wliich already have been brought to! Jlf- Charles Bra.den \V\ib an elaborate feast, a program of brilliant toasts aud with a hundred people present, the third an niml Baker University banquet which occurred last ni?Jit at the Our Way was one of the most successful events of Its kind ever held in Al'en county. At the conclusion of the entertain nient given at the M. E. churca the linker L'nlversity students and their friends marched to the Our Wiay, mak Ing the town resound with tho Baker veil. L'pon their arrival at tho ban quet ball they sat down to loade<l t<<bles waiting their pleasure. The program of toasts followed, ntany of which were responded to with Baker scngs and Baker ye "R. The toasts were varied in character, but showing intens? Baker spirit. A few of those on the iirogram were unable to be present, but other Bakerltes were draftpd and the program was render ed without a bre.-ik. The address of the evening was given by Dr. L. If. M\irlin, president rf Baker University, who responded to a toast on "As It Ajjpears fo Me.' He dwelt laflji|cly on the work of Ba ker Universlfj", the relative fitness oi Baker with other colleges to train the youth of Kansas. Itis address wr.s morked with bright sayings and touched ths patriotic Impulses of the students and ex-students of the Meth odist college. The program as rendered at t^e Imnquet was as follows:' E. W. Myler, Toaslmaster. "In the Diiys of Long Ago" Dr. O. L. Garlinghouse the. surface the total nnmlter recovered to date Is one hundred twenty. A DRUGGIST FINED Ciarenrc Young Said io Have Violated Pure Drugs AcL Topcka, Kas., Doc. 21. —Clarence Youn^, a Toiie!i.a drng;^st. was today .-"enienctHl In the city court to pay a line of one hundred dollars and serve isct days in jail for violating the pure Iruj: act. The char/;c Young was tliat lie sold rocainc and aceta- irlld in parkages purimrtlnR to con- headache i)ow (ler3. Young will appeal. HA>RS TO CLO.SE TO.MtlRKOW. Tomorrow, Clirlstmas. flie baitkij \w] l.Mi .siness houses will be closed. .Most of them will be closed the en- ire day while others will observe the usual custom aud will close their places of business at noon. The mer. who are employed by the city will not work at ail ^nd the city hail will be iiuiet. * • « « CHHIST.MAS. . Tomorrow Is Chrlstma.s. the Holiday of the Children. Tho children have all heard somewhere and somehow, the beautiful sKiry of Santa Claus. And, uiiclhor the sweet Illusion has been dispelled or not, all feel that Christmas must bring thcni something o .it of the usual run; that it must be marked In some way from common days. And they will be terribly dis- api)olnted if It is not. Don't let them be disappointed. Sacrifice .•something if need be to save them from it. It takes only so little to make them happy; and It is such a horrible thing for a liille child to be unhappy on Christmas D.-iy. Plan some little Burjirise for them, find some little gift. And above all, be kind to the children tomorrow, no matter what they may do, and when they are grown up and gone away from you. mayhap they may be gone forever—do you suppose .vou will ever begrudge the small amount Of money spent on them or regret that you kept from scolding on the beautiful Christmas da>-s that they were with you. Above all. make the children happy in some way tomorrow, no matter what the sacrifice for Christmas Is truly the Children's Holiday. That It may be a happy one for all the children and the "grown ui >8," too. is the heartfelt wish of The Register. •The College Youth" Mrs. A. V. Lodge "From a Minister's View Point".. Rov. I. N. Benham "The G'ee Club" c. E. Arnold "Chasing tho Festive News Item" Mr. .Perl Barton "College Scraps" Mrs. W. G. Anderson "The Strenuous Life" Rev. H. A. Gordon "As It Appears to Me" I Dr. L. H. MUrlln KILLED BY OVERWORK The Pitiful Story of a Man. Kansas City Kansas City, Dec. 2t.—Charles C. Riley, a former department manager for the Emery. Bird, Thayer Dry Goods compan.v, who a year ago next N2W Years d:iy went to ::ve in Pa'o ma, I^., to regain his failinp, health, returned with his wife to their home at ten o'clock yesterday morning, to await death within a few weeks. His strength was barely sufficient upon his reaching home, for him to climb on3 flight of stairs to the bath room. He had been in the room but a minute or two when his wife called to him. 'I'm all right," he said, but his voice sounded strange. She pushed open tha door and found him lying on the floor. He was holding in his hand an empty vial which had contained carbolic acid. As she stooped to speak to him he smiled and whispered: "Goodbye, dear!" There were several friends In the house, who had met the .Riley's at the depot and escorted them to their home, and upon Mrs. Riley's giving the alarm, someone telephoned for a physician. The doctor reached the house within ten minutes, but Mr. Riley was already dead. Three years ago. while Mr. Rlley was serving' his thirteenth year as manager of the woolen dress goods department of Emery, Bird, Thayer's his health failed. He kept on working and a year later took upon him- se'f additional work. During the holidays last year he suffered nervous prostration, and never returned to his work. Hts nervous system sieemt ed to be utterly shattered, and the trip to the south, which was hit last hope for recoverj". failed to build him "P- BAXK CARBIED DEPOSITS MILLIOX AXD HALF. Said to Be Heavily M'ith .Some Paper. Loaded Bad OP Mcmjihls. Tenn.. Dee. 21—^The Memphis Savings bank fafed to open Its doors this morning. A notice posted on the door said the bank had been placed In the hands of K. IJ. McHenry, as receiver. No utatoniont wa.>» given. The bank Is one of the oldest institutions In the city. It is understood Ihe officials went before Chancellor Helskell late last nljiht, and applied for a receiver. No reason for the sus- jienslon has .w?t been given out. C. W. Macllea. a well known locsil capitalist, la pre«ldenl and F. L, Men- ager, cashier. The bank carries de- IKisits of over a million and a half dollars. Several weeks ago a statement was published that the bank had been heavily loaded with p.nper of a certain concern upon which It could not realize. FOR THE ORPHANS Number of Presen(.<< BeceiTed at the Home Today. That the lola Orphans will not be ncfrlected this Ch»i.stmns is already evident. A number of jiresents were received at the Home this morning. Others will arrive there this evening and in the morning. H. W .Ste.ver, the grocer, this morn- inK sent a basket of aiiples. nuts, candies. i>op corn and a little toy wagon for one of the Orphan's home. Perham and Son sent $4 worth/of clothes. the most pleasing present was six packages of breakfast food, which had Inscribed on it. "From a little down town boy to the little children at the Orphan's Home." GLEE CLUB PLEASED Baker I'niverslty Singers Entertained Full Hou.'<e at .H. E. Clinrfb. PUTHISUGHT OUT IOWA CBAXK THBEATEXS SCOTTS LIFE. PANIC DUE TO GAMBUNG OPEBATIOXS OF BOABD OF TBADE XEXACE TO BUSIXESS. Bill of Mr. Scott Designed to Stop the Dealing In Wheat Margins. Washington, Dec. 24. —"If you force your bill to prevent dealing in wheat ;narglns through congress I will put your light out in short order." This hreat against his life was received i>y Congressman Scott of Kansas,.to- 'jay from a man in Iowa who signed himself ".\ Farmer." The tetter went on to say grain gamblers were really a blessing to the farmers, as they often cornered wheat md ran the price up. Mr. Scott suspects that Mr. "A Farmer" is a budcet hop operator, and will not permit tbe threat to deter him from pushing bis bl!l through. Speaking of the bill, Mr. Scott sald: "The introduction of this measure was not a sudden Impulse on my part t has been my conviction for a long Ime. which I expressed • in many, speeches during the summer, that the gambling on the boards of trade and the stock exchanges was a greater tnenace to the legitimate business in- ^ 'crests of the country than any other one" feature of our industrial or commercial life. That conviction has been • confirmed, and it seems to be abso-' utely proven by the events of "the |)ast six weeks. It is perfectly obvious that the "lanic was due in the very largest hieasure to the lack of confidence In ndustrlal securities, due to the gamb r-neratlons on the boardsof txade." ^ -lO 'iiiliiHIiH LEUND NOW READY Will ProbaUy ABaoance Caadidaei^ TUs Week. .\ lar.ce crowd, considering the in- c'cment weather, went to the M. E. [this afternoon and they chu.-ch last night to hear the enter- " tainment given by the Baker University Glee club. The entertainment came as a number of the free lecture course jriven by the diurch. No charge was made at the door but a free will offering was taken ui> during the evening. The Glee c'ub consists of fifteen ,voun.£r tnon from Baker who are touring the different towns in the southern part of the stale during the holidays i In the interest of the universit.v. They carry with them a reader whose selections last night were well received. The Glee club more than came up to I advance notices. Topeka, Dec. 24.—Cyrus Leland is expected to formally announce himself. candidate for governor on the republican ticket this week. My chances look very good to me," he said today. "They are fair, indeed. will make It jcnown within a few- days whether or not I will get into the- race." Leland called upon Governor Hoch had their fourth conference within two weeks. "I didn't find out anything," said Leland as he came out of the ofSce. ; The governor said that nothing of imi>ortance was talked of. Dave Mulvane, republican national ; commlttee- nian from Kansas, and Leland talked i^uite a long while, and then Mnlvaae »nd Hoch gossipped for a half hour. Slulvane said they Ulked "Taft." : Powell, the real estate man. has a few thousand dollars to loan on farma {at a reasonable rate. . MB. COBIBX EXTEXDS FOB KAXSAS COMPLIMEXTS OF THE SEASOH ;My Dear Marguerite: This year's fourth cutting of our Alfalfa w:as so heavy and brougbt such a good price that Pa says 1 must. have a new auto, a Stelnway Grand piano, or take a trip around tbe world.! Which would you take? GLADYS. "The Zephyrs" , Paradise, Kansas, 11-30-07. Winter and spring wheat, bushels Corn, bnshe!s Oats, bushels '.• Rye. bushels -• Barley, bushels • • - • - • • Buckwheat, bushels Irish and sweet potatoes, buhsels ^ Castor beans, bushels .Flax, bushels Cotton, iKJunds • • Tobacco, pounds , -• •• •• Broom corn, pounds .Millet and Hungarian, tons - • ••'f-- Sorghum for syrup, gallons - - • • • • Sorghum for grain and forage - • Tame and prairie hay. tons • • Wool, dairy and poultry products ,• • Animals slaughtered and sold for slaughter .. Horticultural and Garden Products, and Sugar beets (beets, tons) ' • ,.Honc-y. beeswax and wood - •- Total value of farm prodocta Live Slock—XaalMfs Mi Tahws. Quantities. Values. 74.155,695 $ 56,787^12.00 63,(M0.743.00 ...145,288,326 -.. 14.104494 - -. 353.417 ... 2,979,300 8,033 -. 5,812,633 108 337.176 50,850 6,100 .. 12.158,200 446.800 596,033 V. 2,958,086 87.048 5,5114iaMM 219,49*.00 1,375.674.00 7.658-00 4,528.818.00 108.00 304.387.00 5.0^.00 '671.00 404J33.00 2,228.133.00 259.Cie.00 8,803.92L0» 31.012.800.00 21.172408.0* 76452.0M.M; 4.224.«9t.()0 300.100.00 I266.397.749.00 Numbers. Horses 8»9,0€3 Mules^nd asses 127.593 Milch Tows ... 690.318 Other cattle ..2.171 «76 Sheep 159.241 Swine 2,608,574 Values Grand total, farm pro- 89.906 .300 ducts and live stock.. |4C3,M8,MM~ 14,673,195 Increase in total Talnes 20 .709X0 over tboae of tbe pre- 47-768.072 vlous year I S».31l .7ai IVH 716.584 Prorated, tbla year's valnea woal«|^ 23,477,166 1 mtke a credit of 92M par capita. ^1 ' P. D. COBUBN. I Total value of live stock 1197,250,857 Secretary State Board of Agrlrattiir*.':

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