Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 17, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY BEfilSTMt, THrRSDAY ETEKiyfi. DECEMBER 17, 1008. Our Bankiflg Methods Will please you. The result of doing business with a safe and conservative bank Is shown in our continued steady growth. If you are not a patron of this bank, why not become one? We give the same courteous treatment to the man or woman who deposits $10 as to the $1000 customer. In fact, we would rather have one hundred small depositors than one large oue covering the same amount. Be your business large or small, remember that at this bank it is regarded as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. —Six per cent money: TIO commission; no delay .-T -Smltli & Travis*. An Xmas Present. The new street cars have not arrived in lola yet, and the manager is trying to ^ct them for a Christmas present for the Trl-City line.—Inde^ Iicndence Reporter. —Try Sea Food if yoii feel bad. t'rcsh from Ocean.—"Our Way." Staio Savings Bank €mplM $23,000 Mm, Kmnmmm Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights The Gem Junior Safety ttdzor A perfect Ra/or with .seven perfect blades complete $1.00 Ideal Christmas Gifts. Sec them in our window. SPENCER'S To and"From Ottaka. Miss Georgia Singer of lola i.s tlie guest for a few days of the family of D.O. Thomas, of Sycamore street. She will go to William.sburg from here. • • • Mrs. J. S. Balyeat went to Tola today to visit friends. She was accompanied by Mr. Balveat as far as Gamett.—Ottawa Reptibiic. —The only Cafe that serves the Genuine Seal Shipt Oyster. Our Way. Short Stories ion lola Happenings THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. tjlMwfnctiirers, Wholesale •a4 Retail DeaVers CRYSTAL ICE And Dii tilled Water lor CtM 8Unc« .XeMy ftr IhiifaiMi. PboM HI. PRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest, Payment."? reccivfii at any time wilhniil notic-c. and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Timo Loans. Cunningham & Arnett December is Ihe last dale for cheap "HOMESEEKEJRS EXCURSION RATES in 1908. See us for particulars. yf. E. KALSTOJi, A^t- —Kranlc H. UcaKie, V. S., Phone 139. Levied on Chanute Car. An oil car bflonging to the Chanute Rolining comiiany, of Chanute Kasf. •na.s attached liy Deputy Constab'-' I ^u Draljo at :i o 'clock yesterday af- l«'riioon in l)phalf of Thomas Black, who ha.s sued the oil concern for JL']"). The car was stanfiing on the FriKCO (racks in the middle of a long .string of cars enroute for Arkansas. In another hour the car would have hccn on its way to its destination. Black as .serls that he was formerly employed by the roHnerj- as a salos- nian and (hat $219 is due to him for salary and expense nion»\v. He re- centi.v tiled suit for that nmonnt. ii< the court of .lustice of the Peace Earl. —Joplin Glolie. Chief Giiles said thi.'; morning that he had received no advircs concerning Lduck. Nagle Fell In. Ynu roniember Sliortstop Nagle of the Bartlosvill'' team? Thi.s is what happened to him rwently: Ralph -Mifciiell and Alex. Nagle. ball pla.ver have emliarked in the mistletoe business. Of course ever.vone thought they were only the agents, but It Is now reported that they gather the mistletoe themselves. The story would not have eonie out were it not for the fact that while In a tree near Hewey, a limb lirnlre and Nagle fell into Ihe rreek. .Mllebell ealleil nut the entire ti"lKlib(>rhooil to assist in re.scuing him. -InsiMl on having 1'. S. Flour. Nathan Jackson, S1- Tho Emporia Ga/etrc s;iys: Nalli- .liu-kson. a roinre-l man of Humboldt, stieii llie town ni :i:Hbai for 'iatuat;es ;iiid the ease w;(M tried at Uila Sal'ir.'lay. Tlie jury. aft( r being out twelve I 'oiiis. lironcht in a ver- dir' nwari'ir.z ,\';)ib;tti $1. He hasn't dtrided what l|f will i\n with the money, hnt b- may establish a new paper af nine Hrtjiids. —FKzi^prald St<«raKe anrl Transfer Co. IlnnRcboM and plaDi> morin?; largest »tore rnnm In city, rhnne BS6. To School Libraries. The movement of interest lo Hie people of this county is,that lo have every school district maintain a library on some purely literary, some agricnltnral or other subj(?c(s of at least fifty volumes. It nmy be thni n bill making It compulsory to establish such llhrRries will he Introduced In the legislature this winter. Stnt" Superintendent Knirchlld has gathered data from till over Kansas on (he subject. These reports to (he state superintendent of public Instnietton,' show that a great many districts In the state own school libraries. However.'In a m.ijnrity of the illstrlet.?. there is im library, or if there is one. it is so indifferent in nuality and kin.I that it is of little value. Relieving that tlie opportunity to rend gon>i books and to become acquainted with Ihe best authors is an invaluable aid in influencing the child's mind for good, and that the companionship of good books is one of the strongest incentives lo good citizenship, he will urge upon the legislature the passage of .in act making the establishment of libraries in all schools com- pul.sory. The proposed bill will provide that the minimum number of books in each library shall be fifty, lh .1t a small levy shall be made from year to year, tintil each library holds at least fifty volumes. Get (ho Elko, the best ."ic cigar af Crabb's. A home cigar. Rolin Sold to AtlunJa. Peoria. III.. Dec. 17.—Dtek Rohn. Peoria Three-Eye first basemun. w,as today sold to Atlanta of Ihe SoiiKiern League. Uolin eanie to Peoria l>y draff from the We.-.fern association. He Ie<i the Three-Eye first ba.senien in fielding and batfcd .2Sfi during Ihe sciiwrn. —Cnnninghani & Arnett, 6 per cent, moocj. Mefs Miiy Join Texas Li-agne. Oklahoma City. Okla., Dec. 17.—Pres ident Mets stated today that he would immediately negotiate for a lierth in the Texas I..eague. .\ proposition wa.<» made him to come in tbe'league and It i.s more than likely that he will accept. —For fine Uvrry and honrdino .•stable fur horse.^. see R .Tltih I?. Drake, Phone ini. 212 North .lefferson. Kwlnur Is Improving. .Itifin Ewliig. who suffered the lf)ss of a portion <>( his ri:;lii baud in an accident at file frila Portland Cement lilaiit is improving rapidly at St. .lohn's hospital. Rooms for men, Y. M. C. A. building Steam heat in each room. Rathg froo. J. J. Klein in Town. .1. .1. Klein, Hie cement sidewalk man who used to have an office in this city, is in town. He i.K now located in Dnlla.'s. Texas, having moved from iiere to tli;it iilac- over a j vear .-luo. He is well satlsfieil in Dallas. (jeneral Contrartnr. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing a Specially. Oflice 11.) Kust .lackson Avfl. Phone 321. UAGAZINES A >n PElUODirALS can be secured of J. E. IIEM»t"K.SO.\, who deals with the jiubll(<lier.? and furni.shes them at Ihe lowest price possible. Trial subscription to Van Korden'8, 3 months 25c. Phono 9S. 414 N. fluckeye Bstimateg cheerfully given auoll LCOALS. fFirst Published Dec. S, 1908.) ADMOISTKATOK'S NOTICE. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss In the matter of the estat« of J. N Deer, late <rf Allen county, Kansas. Notice of Appointment Notice is hereby given, that on the 8th day of December, A. D. 1908, the undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas, duly appointed and qualiQed as Administrator of the E8Ut4 of J. N. Deer, late of Allen County, Kansas. All parties interested in said estate will take notice and govern tbemselres accordingly. M. G. ROBINSOK. IS-S-lS -n AdmiolstnUon. —Hard Shell Cr.ib, I /Obsters, Blue I 'oint:;. Our Way. Here Shopping. .Vniong the many iieoide lifre yesterday from over the county to do their Christmas trading wore .Mr. and .^'|•s. A. .1. Hamilton of Osage township. —I)r!<. I ,ntbrop, Osteopaths. Phone Ad^ Adams at Paala. (',. \\'. -Xdaius returned yejI 'Tlay from Kontana, where he enli.sfed a class of fourteen for the Modern Woodmen. He left today for Paola where there Is lo be a big open meet- .iii2 tonight. .Mr. Enrlght of Kan .';a3 City. Kansa.s. one of the higher offlc- er<i of the order, will be present and make a talk. —Good Things to VAO. "Our-Way." Clones. Saturday. The Rftentlon of the fax pa.ver who •lias rot yet remitted with the county treasurer, is called to the fact that the season closes Saturday night. Under the rule the season closes the 20th but iliat date falls on Siiiid^v. hence the linie reallv exidros,- Saturday night. I : —Dr. P. E. Wangh. Dentltit, Plione 32 Big Stock Salee. Wichita. Kas.. Dec. 17.—There were over 2.800 head of cattle on sale at the Wichita Union stock yards Tuesday. This number i« not' only the heaviest 'un that the local yards have ever handled, but it swamped the cattle salesmen and buyers. —Pr. 3. Feppert DortM, FkM* 16t Brurniiin'.s (iood Ku^ Cctincilnian .lohn HPiirnian will go out to lola this morning, selling mat- trcssp.!. .lolin operates one of the largest factories in Kansas, but 1;; not able to supply ail of the dennnd. He .stated last niglit that at the present tinip be did not have a on hpud for the liiaiket.—Kf. Scott Republican. —Get your f'hri.-ilnia!; Cnit\s at Mundis' while the assortniput Is complete. Humboldt's Smart Boy. There i.-; ;i little four • ir -M In town whose praiii:s are ih- h.,\f <>\ the neighbors' i-xi.-i. .• •. I >i :t \vho:.f remarks Veep ev»! , :)!•.> riirlvi -riug with laii:iiler. Thi- other <lay he war. at the' home of a iieji;- neighbor and .said something which caused him 'o receive a severe reprimand. Hi ,''hly insulKd be went home to his Tuother. •'.Mamma," he said. "Did Go.I iiiaki; .Mrs. WV "Of course.". replie.I hi-: mother. A look of supreme dis';us; came over bis face a:i he replied. "1 wonder why he did It?"—Hiin..n)i>l' Herald. 'Llixir!>f8( Oixir»roenna Cleanses tKe$ ually.Dlspcl.s aches due to Constipation; Acts natufallv acts truly oa a Laxative. Best fol •^^en\^^roen oni Chiltt- t^-ybung^antl Ola. w its Denejicltil o|ects Alwmrs tko Gemtine wKicn Ktts iKe jull name of the Com'"'''CALIFORNIA by whora it is inoau{acti|r«cI.iirintea on the front at pvcry podui^. SOLO WALLimm ORUeGm pne aizc oalyi. reg""^ l"^**^ SOi^*'tattle. At Geo. D. Bright & Co.'s 117-119 West Street, lofar Kansas. Our intention is to reduce our bijr stock before we invoice and will give our many friends and patrons an opportunity to save money on tlie most seasonable merchandise and Holiday Goods. "We SvU For Less." Hot Weather Prices for Cold Weather Goods I.adles' (.'oats $l().no values m !M.98 Utdies' Coals. $ir..iM) values at «9JH) l^iidies' Coats. $2:!..">0 values at *11.7.'. lyadies' Coals, $.311.00 values at $17.50 Children's C<Kits. $r >.00 values at i |3.00 Cbildren'.s Cf>at.s. %i.m} values at $2.2.1 Children's Coats. values at $3.7.'. I^ugs at Factory Prices Don't fail to sec our line of handsome Rugs. They arc going fast al iirices from $1.2,5 to $1.00; worth twice these prices. Ladies' Skirt and Petticoat Sale licrore invoicing we want to sell all our skirts at prices that will lie a great saving to all. Skirts 7!)c to $12. Petticoats ti.'ic to $,'1. Cnderwear. comforts and blankets all go in this big sale. Christmas Gift Suggestions S<miethlng useful from our sale that will please the one you wish to give it lo. Here you can find nice Rack Combi!, Hat Pins Scarf Pins, JIufflers, Handker­ chiefs, Silk Scarfs, Fine Sus­ penders. Gloves, PockettKJoks. P'ancy Vests, Fancy Hose. Shirts Neckties, a i«iir of shoe.^ and thousands of other tiling!! too numerotis to mention. t Scarfs and Shawls livery lady will appreciate Xmas gift of this kind. All wool Scarfs and Shawls at prices that have no equal. $I.IH) Scarfs ami Shawls at...'iOj;' $l.."iO Scarfs and Shawls at..i;!>f $2.00 Scarfs and Shawls at *1.2.'> Shawls from 2 .-.C to .Misses Knit. IJoas worth $l,riO on sale at 7 .'>c Men's Clothing Men's ?;'r..00 «iiil.s al i?l7..")0 Men's $20.00 Suits at $11 .."i0 .Men's $1.'..00 Suits at $11. Vl .Men's $12.00 Suits ai .0.00 Men's $10.00 Suits at !?7.IH» One lot of good $10 suit.-; 111 broken sizes going ai one-hulf price. $ri.O0 per suit. Hetlcr hurry. Men's Overcoats Don't liuy ;m Overc 'i.^f lli' you have seen our line at. iirite- that will please you. $7.00 to $16.50 Grocery Bargain Hits for Xmas (irocerj Bargains for Xina>. Order your cliiekiii .s. (liiik ;s or turkeys from us. Fancy nii.veil inils I ^c Fancy C;indie.-; lOc t:i 'J .'ic Olives, coin. totriMii. •,•. (,111- ned goe.fis of ail kiii'l.. .1' iTitc below all. Order your Christmas Treesand Greens of us NOTICB TO FARMERS: Bring your Chicks and Turkeys to Ceo. D. Bright & Company. This Sale should tempt every person iii this city and communitj as such bargains you don't often get in the brightest part of the sea"' son'. We thank you all for your patronage of the past and solicit in advati'^e 3-^friendship coDtintiou ?lj'. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. GEO. D. BRIGHT & CO. H. A. JONES, Manager fsst St., lola, Kansas •a I The 'Sun says that the Weggcn sensa- ! tion belongs to Parsons alone and it —Sign palnUng. ptaon« 1428. A. f.. .Mcliol.s .Appointed. TIlO citV council has apixdntcd .X. l"^'"" l" raiauuis mum >. .N'ichols superintendent of the In-.^ocs *'ant lola to butt in. fJopondence electric light plant. Mr. •Nichols win take charge January 1. The new superintendent was ftirmerly conecfed with the' Hodge.-* Electric comiiany of Kansas City, and helped to install the present plant in this city. He also Installed plants at lola. Kaa.. and .Mlama, Okla.—Kan.'.as City .rournal. Fred RowduD, —Always lime to eat at the Our Way. Not Represented. Allen county Is not rep'-.-n:' I at; the annual meeting of the conni.v clerks and the county commi8.sion of Kansas which is in session now at Hutchinson. The local officer.? m-i-ri^ too busy to attend. The Hutchinson linsineBs men are pianr.lnjr to Ml,* the visitors over the city In automobiles at the close of the session. ,.Th» Recistcr vant rolamn can lell It rent It or gtt it thK qnlckeit Not Weggen's Pal. The Parsons Sun says that the companion of Policeman Wegt^en is not the man who left a team at the Hawley boine south of lola the day before Thanksgiving day and then disappeared. Mr. Hawley said the man who left the team with him answered thf- desiulptlon of the feiiour cansh: with Wegs«n and tbouj^ it might be him. Dr. Jenkins Recovers From Burns. The Rev. Bnrris A. Jenkins, pastor of the Linwood Boulevard Christian church of Kani<as City, who has preached here several times, has recovered from burns received .Monday night by the explosion of a gas generating tank on his motor car. His face was slightly burned. —Anyone wnntinc Chri.stmas p.n-k- ages delivered, rail .\ibert .Vlleii. j Phone m. Huulinir Piiu Mm-. A ntnul)er of t.!ruii-i> •>•'!;'. m lem township were in tin- ri,-;. \, S'<M- day and took out iiit;-; tor tli.- line which the irnitcl Z:iif ( ;i-«tui( comiiany i.^ layiii;; fimii i'i;'-''l- 1 hi. • to the Portland pii )e iine. We have 4.000 acres of' land in a body In Oklahoma tiat we can sell for $3.00 per acre. Might take part in trade If worth the money.—\Vliitaker & Donnell. .SAme Old Tronltle. The gas department reports the same old trouble—people making connections and disconnections without first securing a permit. Arrests are threatened. K. S. (Jil/ilfaiB GetH Contract Contractor R. S. GilfiUan has secured a 1-10,000 paving contract in BartiesvUle. He will not begin work for poesibly ninety days yet. Mr. GlI- flUan Is now working on contracts in lola.-Nevada. Mo., and Ft. Scott ' —The Crabb's. weather is always fine at Also the Hot Chocolate. • Hear Aiit.i <'ij>c. On February 1th, llie siijirenic co'i:i wi'.l hear t!ic apfieul of 1.'. D WiiiiiotVi in tlie aiitomoiiilf en- r .t;^iii ; C. i!. Wheaton. —l''nr Fatn-y jiKcs ( r'.m, lYni' ic; Cream. Sbevlx-rt!. Ir?-:. nr Piiiicli ]-i:i<P- to order and deliv.-ri-d. (ir 'It-i- ear.;- l:'r holidays, fraliii's flrin; .to;'-. Body to Gcnev.i. The body of .Mrs. iV's.sie .Tuliivau. who died of ptomaine poi-i'mini; at her home, li'.il Locust slu-i-t. was sen' to Geneva, Kas.. this afienscon. for burial.—Kansas City Times. ECZEMA IS NOW CUHABLE. ZEMO, a scientific preparation fore::. temal use, stops itching inst.mfly a!i<i destroys the germ;; that cau?c skin di<;eases. Eczema quickly yields and i.^-. permanently cured by this remarkalilu medicina For sale everywhere. . Tv'i ito for .'ample, R-W. Bose Medicias Co., St. Louis. :.For sale at "^urreU's Drug Store '

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