The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 16, 1965 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1965
Page 2
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PAGE 2 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Friday, April 16. 1965 TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE . SUBSCRIPTION RATES -By Carrier In City, Per Week... .1.._i_t.. r ^;iJ.Jw„I^5 cents By Mail, One Year, Tipton and Adjacent Counties'——1—- $8.00 Member United-Press International News Service Entered as Second Class Matter, Oct. 4, 1895 at the Postoffice in Tipton, Indiana, Under the Act of Congress of March 3, .1879 PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY • 221-223 East Jefferson Street, Tipton, Indiana, telephone OS 5-2115 ROUND TOWN AND THE CLOCK With The Tribune By R. D. Maney OPERATION GOOD NEIGHBOR C ". WE UNDERSTAND THAT "Operation Good Neighbor" will be carried out at Arcadia . . . and perhaps in .other parts of Hamilton county on Saturday ... by Civil Defense groups from Indianapolis . . . supervised by Charles Broderick . . . C. D. chief. The offer-was made yesterday and the group will work all day Saturday and over the weekend if necessary. WE ALSO HAVE BEEN asked by a group from Sheridan, Indiana—to make an appeal for help from any person in Tipton county in clearing debris at Sheridan. They will need the help . and can use it Saturday and Sunday. Any person interested is asked to report at the Sheridan Police Station. IN THE MEANTIME PLANS are going forward in both the Howard and Hamilton county areas . . . and clean up will be on the minds of all. It might be well for all of us who were most fortunate to be out of 'tornado alley' to thank the Good Lord for this blessing . . . and help those who were in the disaster ... by saying a prayer for them especially at this Eastertime. Place yourself in their shoes . . .and count your blessings again! EAGERNESS TO HELP THIS WRITER HAS ALWAYS known . . . since his first days in Tipton . . . that the community and surrounding area is always willing to 'roll up the collective sleeves' . . . and help their neighbors when help is needed. The manner in which donations are pouring into the TRIBUNE office merely proves the point! Today's report . . . from gifts sent in after yesterday's deadline .'. . more than proves it . . . they have come in so fast this a.m., we are deciding to wait until later in the morning to tabulate the new donations. It proves that the people of the area are a great people . . . truly living up to the Golden Rule . . . and willing to help—when help is needed. Our fund here, compared to that of larger communities is 'tops' . . . and we know the people of HAMILTON and HOWARD counties will be most appreciative of the help given them by a GOOD NEIGHBOR! AS 'IN ALL THINGS like this—cash donations—to be used wisely by experienced people, will help. ALL WE ASK is that the money given by you good people be used for LOCAL situations! This is a must! WE CANNOT STRESS TOO much the fine work done by our own groups here in Tipton, immediately after the storm. Civil Defense has again proven its worth . . . and the men are to be commended. The Red Cross, Salvation Army ... all were at the scene and busy, according to reports we received here from those on the job. It is not over yet . . . and some will be back on the job. Then there's that extra pat for the National Guard . . . alerted for the emergency; We have Tipton boys at Sheridan and other spots . . . and they have performed well. OLD SIGNS GONE! HAVE YOU NOTICED the fansiliar billboard you once read . . . has disappeared.froirt thfe highways? Like the Burma Shave signs we used to look forward to . . . along the highways . . .'the cartoons are gone too! An insurance company has taken on the job' of proving some graphic reminders to the motorizing public . . . regarding safety! The pic of a wild horse riding the frcnt of a car . . . with a driver 'urging him on . . . and the slogan "SLOW DOWN COWBOY" . . . will soon be on billboards almost everywhere in Indiana. THE OLD sign did- a good job . . . but like 'Old Soldiers' . . . they will just 'fade away' . . . but not die. SO WHY NOT . .'. 'Slow Down Cowboy' . . . before you are taken on that last 'roundup'! THANK YOU LETTER A THANK YOU letter from Richard W. McDowell, associate professor, department of Freshman Engineering at Purdue ... was received by Mrs. Patricia Moore, Guidance Director at T.H.S. and should make the parents of all Tipton High students very proud indeed. The letter will be carried on page 1 of today's paper . . . and the TRIBUNE wishes to join in the compliment to the school for the fine Career Day program carried out so well. HOW DID IT HAPPEN? IT MIGHT BE well to pause and think hard about Uncle Sam . . . and how he got to be so WICKED! That's the slogan of the reds and 'fence-straddlers'—of course! How could a nation who pours out as much as $120 BILLION to help others ... be regarded as a BULLY? These questions are indeed something to think about. It proves , one thing—you cannot BUY gcod will . .. •. they take the money and repay with insults in a great many cases. WELL — .after some thought on the subject . . we rather imagine that you will come to the same conclusion .we did— that we are still popular with most countries . . . ifs only the enemy . . . and the 'gutless wonders' around thet globe . . . who try to 'color the picture BAD'! NOW WE ALL KNOW about human nature—or at least we ought to ... by this time. When you have GO POWER . . . you have IT! The fellow who don't have it—wants it . . .and if he . can't get it . . . is jealous. HAPPY EASTER! SINCE THERE WILL be no column tomorrow . . . (Saturday) . . . we take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy Easter and'a' solemn one. We hope you all attend the;Church of your choice.. . . arid pray for your country at a time that is the most crucial in her history! TODAY'S TIDBIT REMEMBER—it is those with a will of act who win most of the prizes! Albright EUB Church Announces Special Services Special services will be held at Albright E.U.B. church, Atlanta, on Easter Sunday, April 18 beginning with sunrise service at 7 a. m. followed with a - fellowship breakfast at 8 a.m. At 9 a. m., church school " will be conducted followed by morning wprship at 10 a. m. An . open invitation is given l by thej pastor, Harold Rush/Hd all members of the church (-and ' to all friehdsMri'the'commnj^ty ". to attend-anU share" in .these > special Easter-services: uu "° BUY BONDS i DO YOU LOVE THAT OLD DILAPIDATED CHAIR or/,, SOFA? 1 ' We can make It Like New Again • ; e LBAPRER UPHOLSTERY 220 E. Madison Phone OS 5493V Television Program - WISH (Channel Bj Friday, April 16, 1965 4:00 Secret Storm- Bachelor Father Early-Show Early Show ; News-Cronklte News -Hickox Rawhide' Great Adventure Gomer Pyle Slattery's People News - Hickox Sports-Late Show Late Show Saturday, April 17, 1965 8:00 Mister Mayor The Alvin Show Tennessee Tuxedo 10:00 Quick Draw McGraw Mighty Mouse Playhouse Booby Trap Sky King My Friend Flicka Linus the Lionhearted The Jetsons School The Wounded Saturday Theater 4:30 5:00 6:00 6:30 7:00 • 7:30 8:30 S:30 10:00 11:00 11:15 12:00 9:00 •-9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:30 WFBM (Channel 6) Friday, April 16, 1965 4:00 Match Game 4:30 Bernie Herman Presents 6:00 Bernie Herman , Presents 6:i<0 Huntley -Brinkley 7:00 News-Caldwell 7:30 International Showtime 8:30 Bob Hope Theater 9:30 Jack Benny 10:00 Prelude to War 11:00 News-Caldwell 11:15 Weather-Sports 11:30, Tonight (c) 12:00 Tonight (c) Saturday, April 17, 1965 8:00 Three Stooges Three Stooges Hector Heathcote (c) Underdog (c) Cap'n Star Fury Bible Course Playhouse Six 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:30 12:00 12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 3:30 Movie Matinee Movie Matinee Say What You Think Watch O'er the Ramparts WL.W-! (Channel 13) Friday, April 16, 1965 4:00 Trailmaster 5:00 Bill Jackson 5:30 Jamboree '(c) 6:00 News-Atkins 6:15 News-Jennings 6:30 Cheyenne 7:00 Cheyenne 7:30 Flintstones (c) ' ; 8:00 Farmer's Daughter;' 8:30 Addams Family 9:00 Valentine's Day 9:30 F.D.R. ' 10:00 12 O'Clock High 11:00 News-Edwards 11:15 Weather-Sports 11:30 Nightlife 12:00 Nightlife Saturday, April 17, 19658:00 Understanding Our World 8:30 Symphony Backstage 9:30 Cartoons 9:00 Timothy Churchmouse 10:00 Mr. Hop (c) 11:00 Casper 11:30 Porky Pig . 12:00 Bugs Bunny 12:30 Hoppity Hooper (c) 1:00 American Bandstand 2:00 Baseball: San Fran, at New York 3:00 Baseball 3:30 Baseball VYTtV (Channel 41 Friday, April 16, 1965 4:00 Mickey Mouse Club 4:30 Superman 5:00 Popeye and Janie 5:30 Rocky 5:45 Popeye and Janle 6:00 Magilla Gorilla 6:30 Leave it to Beaver 7:00 War Story 8:00 War Story 9:00 Lloyd Thaxton 9:45 News—Ungersma 11:00 10 O'Clock Movie 10:00 10 O'Clock Movie 11:36 Movie 12:00 11:36 Movie Saturday, April 17, 1965 11:30 Bowery Boys Bowery Boys Impact ' . Lessons for Living All-Star Golf IU iForum .Variety Time 12:00 1:00 1:30 2:00 3:00 3:30 In Review By RICK DU BROW United Press International HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Baseball takes its - big television plunge Saturday. No major league cities will be blacked out as ABC-TV starts its weekly Saturday daytime broadcasts of games. In the past, the Saturday and Sunday telecasts of baseball contests by CBS and NBC were not seen within 50 miles of a major league market or a minor league city where a game was in progress. This same procedure will still be in practice when CBS begins its telecasts of New York Yan kee games next weekend. Weekly baseball contests on NBOare dead. CBS and the Yankees claim they are.merely fulfilling contractual obligations with their separate telecasts this season. CBS owns the Yankees The World Series — television's biggest sports attraction —has , of course, been seen in major league cities as well as the others. The ABC-TV games that start Saturday will be seen on 25 consecutive Saturdays as well as on July 4 and Labor Day. As a rule, there will be three games beamed to different regions of the country. Commentators who will work these different contests are Leo Durocher, Jackie Robinson and Tommy Henrich, former Yankee outfielder. Of the three regional games (sometimes there will be two), ABC-TV says one will go to most of the nation, another to the West Coast and a third to "a major league city or cities involved in either one or both of the other games being televised." This explanation of the third ga}ne means that fans will, not see their home-town teams ion ABC-TV. The reason apparently is twofold: First, for teams such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, who telecast very few contests, the idea of not giving away too much for free would be upheld. Second, for those cities that offer many telecasts of home-town teams, the local broadcasts would not be interfered with. The Channel Swim: Sargent Shriver is interviewed on CBS- TV's "Face The Nation" Sunday . .. James Michener guests on NBC-TV's "Today" program Tuesday).. CBS-TV's answer to ABC-TV's "Peyton Place"— a twice-weekly, half-hour, night-time soap opera which bows jn May 5 — is titled "Our Private World" ... It is a prime-time version of the afternoon soaper "As The World Turns." SQUARE DANCE SATURDAY Tipton Tip Toppers Square Dance club will have 'a dance Saturday at the 4-H and Community building with Dpn Dodd as the caller. Wide selection Easter candy. Filled eggs, boxed assorted. Willy's Stationery C-166 AMBULANCE SERVICE anytime Day or Night Our Two Ambulances Are Fully Equipped With Oxygen oun FUNERAL HOME 216 W. Jefferson OS 5-4780 HARI'KARI Suresulclda for over 200 ' ; i .... .. ' M .' t.i i- different kinds of insects and pests! You may now purchase this Amazing Vaporizer for only *J plus tax TtStM and wravrf by the Us Millet Bldf. • Safety Dept. MASTER FEED & SUPPLY A LIFETIME FREE f ROM INSECTS AND PESTS! •II ii no d'ngicef to , • • hovt l-itcll and. P«I'I oul M it'/ d!«if0M to kfp Intnii. 119 K EASt ST. OS 5-2773 DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Steals 5. Felines 9. Affirm 10. Leave out 11. Steps over : afence 12. Takes dinner 14. Concealed 16 ."Eifrequent 17. Hawaiian bird 18. Foot digit 20. Compass point 21. At one time 24. Grown-up Master 27. Canadian province 29. Disposed 31. Game played from horseback 34. Indefinite article 35. Ir. ancestor 37. Ahead 38. Exhibit 41. Pamper 44. Glory: colloq. 46.Point3 aimed at 47. Additional 48. Prince Charles* Bister 49. Sea eagle 50. Require DOWN i.An allowance, as" during wartime 2. Roman poet 3. Impudent 4. Fresh 5. Kind of fish 6. Afghan prince 7. Girl's nickname 8. English novelist IL Scare away 13. Prophet 15. Wandering 19. Goddess of healing 22. Against 23. Finish 25. A slight taste 26.Also 28.Eve- • ning sun god: „ Egypt 29. Mardi Gras . disguise SO. Bury 32. Dangled 33. Single aaaa -aaaa noun aaii' aasan- taasaia saa aaaia amana ansaEa EHDSH QQKI ESCSI raasiaaaa •USHSH nna aantDEi naaaa anna ciaaa 'A 14- 2.1 2.9 34 38 44- 30 49 22. 2.7 39 2-5 40 IB 2.6 55 45 IS 21 24 41 10 12 J6 77, 4b 46 Yesterday's Answer 36. Canadian geologist 39. Smell 40. Shabby 42. Finished ... 43.'Norseman 45. Bishopric V/ lb as 42 2-b 43 13 20 32 37 3* 4 -l«> DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE — Here's how to work it: A X 3T .D X. B A A X B ' x Is LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A is used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc Single letters, apos- trophies, the length and formation of the words are all hints. Each day the code letters are different , A Cryptogram Quotation SNK JPR VOTPLYBOCR AKO OBC JT-NNG la V TJPIJOIIRY. — ZPTG OTJPIa-R Yesterday's Cryptoquote: THERE IS A MYSTICAL HAPPINESS IN ACCEPTING EXISTENCE WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING IT.—SANTAYANA (© 1965, King- Features Syndicate. Inc.) P L R TJNTZ B Jj Z. Quirks In The News By United Press International GONE TO GOAT SAN JUAN Calif. (UPI) CAPISTRANO, Court reporter Bob Dowdy discovered a unique occupational hazard recently when a Santa Ana Superior court in a field here in connection with a condemnation suit. A goat ate Dowdy's stenotype tape of the court proceedings. LEGAL SLUGS | CARSON CITY, Nev; (UPI)— Slugs apparently will : soon be legal in Nevada's slot machines' —at least the right kind. Gov. Grant Sawyer Thursday signed a bill authorizing the use of tokens in slot machines. The state Gaming Commission must still approve the measure. The bill was needed since there is a growing shortage of coins— particularly silver dollars. SNEAKY TICKET NEW YORK (UPI) — Mrs. Gustav Auster had gone to sleep with the contentment known only to a city motorist who has found a legal parking spot close by home. When she left her Bronx apartment Thursday to drive to work''Mrs. Auster discovered ADMINISTRATION TLA^*®^ AT PRACTICAL POLITICS? WX CENT?* I^NENT CLOSINGS Interior"* Udall Continues import'quotas W ASHINGTON—To casual observers, some governmental actions simply are inexplicable. Host times the answer can be found in what Washlhgtonians would call "practical politics." Two unrelated events make the point One concerned an administration decision to close 11 veterans' hospitals and 21 other Veterans Administration centers to save $23 million annually and move patients from obsolete to modern medical centers. After committees of the Senate and House had inquired into the reasons for the order and had shown marked hostility to the move, President Johnson suddenly announced that he had some doubts about the decision and was ordering it restudied. Ordinarily, such a decision by the administration would have been irreversible, Mnit these are not ordinary times—in Congress at least Some observers believe that Johnson's reversal had more to do with retaining leg-!, islators' friendship and support than it did with the merits of the closure decision. They point out that Congress is in the. midst of a heavy legislative schedule—Medicare, Federal Aid to Education, and. the Voting' Rights BUI. Johnson wants heavy pluralities-in .favor of passage. : , ' ".Vi . The second incident is entirely different It deals with«on- tinuing tug-of-war between the oil lobby and the coalyipbby.' Interior Secretary Stewart Udall had prepared an order to ease up on the import restrictions on oil used as heating fuel. Overnight, he reversed himself and issued an order continuing import quotas, thus tending to maintain a higher price for the liquid fuel. ,, . • It was a victory for the coal people whose sales benefit from the competitive advantage they gain from the relative prices of the'two fuel?. The facts in the case are that the coal lobby'went to work and; succeeded, through legislators' intervention,' in getting the reversal. It was another- case of the administration, succumbing to pressure-in order to keep the good will-of a. powerful congressional bloc, *.**.* • INDIAN GIVING?—When the XT. S. Navy launched a new patrol frigate during World War n, and named it;the TJ.S.S; Alexandria', in honor of the little Virginia town across the river from Washington, D.C., the town fathers proudly., donated- a silver coffee and tea service for use by the vessel's officers. Each piece was engraved U.S.S. Alexandria. The proud ship was sold for scrap in 1947 and no vessel has borne the name since.'. The handsome silver service, has been used aboard the aircraft carrier Ticonderoga since 1954. But Alexandria feels no special kinship to this vessel and it is seeking to get its service returned. The city fathers pointed out to the Navy that they have no silver service for official town functions and occasionally must rent the utensils. They asked that the gift be returned. Alexandria Back came the silver service all right, ac- . companied by a note indicating clearly that the eets "*Ticonderoga expects a replacement of equal Gift Back; beauty and value. The Alexandria city heads must decide whether to spend the ?300 to $500'necessary to purchase the replacement or drop the whole iden.. Apparently, there had been some hope that the generous Navy would offer to return the gi'.t in the same spirit of pride in which it was giveny ' the city had been working while she slept, installing . parking meters. And the traffic departments "meter maids" had fol­ lowed up^the installation crew, .tagging her car with a S15 ticket. She vowed to fight the ticket..^ BLONDIE By Chick Young I'M GOING TO L, NEED TEN _y| DOLLARS y 'rva TODAY, T -X "5F« DEAR ^A Si*S RIP KIRBY By John Prentice & Fred Dickenson . . ,:, , YES, I HAVE, \V. J. SHE'S AN N ?=J_!_ I- INTERESTING ANP LOVELY HELLO, R!R X SEE YOU'RE IN COSTUME. HAVE YOU MET OUR STAR, GLADYS \

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