The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1947
Page 8
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BHiB'l BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, June 24, BETTER HOMES NOW see this g»eat new automatic home laundry that combines eye appeal jvith economy mill case ol '• opcralioo. Laun derail is completely . automatic— washes, rinses ami spin dries, t^o • pre-soaking required with • L.a»ndcoill—just one flick uf itte snitch does the tiitirc Job and X cn ^V- And it's foadetl rtiiJ load til front the \vuii L-lii^li tup to eliminate stooping and bending. Kautulerail is en^nc^riti^ ^kill at its best. l.auinJeraU t* Better lUiilt to Do H HctU-r Job. Major Recession In Building Seen Land Being Bought To Produce Housing For 'Mirage Market' WASHINGTON, June 24. (UP) — Clniko Daniel, spokesman for Iho National Home: and Property Owners foundation, s aUI today "a major depression" In the builmiif; Imlns- irj' next year is entirely jiossi- ble. •He told the Senate Banking Committee home-builders Imrebceii buying "to pvoiluce housing for a mirage murki'l dial Is rapidly fu<l- iiiK away." '/'lie housing .situation, lie snicl, "i.s nowhere near as acnle as the- piiWic- lias Ijeon l«l to believe." He said: "A fictitious picture of the hons- Inij shortaEe lias been created , wlilcli coukl lent! to a major depression in the Imilclinjj liulnslri next year." NJIA has "obtained and issued' Inaccurate Information, and "con- Limiuusly confused'" the UulUllnt, liuliistry. Daniel said. Daniel testified in opposition to President Truman's plan to reo:-- gimi'/.e federal housing ^ under an overall housing and Home Finance Af;enc.y. "Instead • . ."the' National Hons- inj; Aijencv and nil public housing should ue liquidated," he said. Design for Economical Home Beauty,of Lowns Often Spoiled by Cutting Too Close 'Hint lawn which looks so tolKlit and green tuctay i s likely to develoii a had ease of anemia unless it Is cured for constantly <!urinx ilia hot months to come. ' , . l j <:rli:i])i more ' luv/ns are tfiirn- :inpcl by mou-hig.. I/jo.: closely than by any other, iltni'r at. ti'ealinen',. All the benefits'.offspring ..seeding ill.;: f'M';; ClUl .be tilSily 1 nulli- liocl it the j!ras s -\S' 'clipped too short. Tlit; avernfjr". l:v\vn should in-vcr he cut shorter than;-onc' and ono Ir.ilf inches'—two hiches r is better— ' i.xtrcintly short, gr.iss liii.s :i U-nclcnrv 1,1 die out. Pk-.ity of Water . Water and ]ot s of it is. anothei truitnu'ii'. v/hbh ]uwn.j require constantly. An ordinarv 'sprinkling i.s not I'limi;;]],, The turf<' iiiust !:e saturated ;-:H the j .mpi&'uvc sonfcs will clown In lli« ;rix>l striicture nt ler.yi i-.r- other clay'^during the ijrinil, iiio'nyis. ••' A., a result • l or chemipal. clisco'/- iTii's jjiadc riiiriiig/ihc''\vni-; there is no lonix-r ai)y ri«use to linve :: Javvn fi?l| of ' weeds. Thr»i- o are ai.y immb'r of preparations on the market that vVilPkill wjpycls without (!;tm:iKe to grass.;.v_ ''' the undersigned upon the estate of J. B. Husband, Sr., on the 5th day of June 1947 by the Probate Court for the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit llieni, properly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance '.vilhln six months from the d:if of the first publication of this nu- llcc or they shall be tarred forever and precluded from any benefits in such estate. The definite address of the undersigned admin- istratrix Is GUi and Main. Hlytlu 1 ville, Arkansas. Dated this Clh day of June, 1!»7. Edna V. Ijusuauil ,• !!eid and Hoy, attorneys. G9-]C-2:i GBOUNU Tlie H 0 B B A R D Hardware Co. Living-Dining Room Becomes More Popular The growing p opl ,| nr |( y rol . ,j le combination livlng-iUning room is accounted f <lr by ninny reasons Career couples who have not .the lime or tnoney to spend on lurRcr quarters find this type of unit very adaptable to (heir needs. Retired couples whose children nre married find it an escape S'rom lime r.r.:\ suacG-taking beloi<eir»s. The use of all-over carpeting for a double duty room IF of great (:n- uorlunce In glvhiit the feelint; of ndded ^.paclous'AeiS. \Vnl!-tn---.vall carpeting of the Mime color a design shown (low frcm Die living to the dining end <>l the room. Tills type of room offers n challenge to the home decorator in ;li)iiklii(f Die best of n restricted 'amount of space. :t can be as ilrn- ;irmllc ii s a stage, net' yel as lm:ne- Ul:e ns you wish The clever use of an Integrated co'or scheme holds both ends of the rnnm together. Ail economical nltin ami an in- 'faction as wnll ns onmomv ^^r^^.^^,^ •>'»-"«* ''«'»•* -»»-< md desirability for u .small family, j ftml ''"'^enieuU allowing splendid 3q Harmless and huluncu of deslyii; Hvinuioom .spaco. Tim two bedrooms unite to give to this home 1 nn air) oji tin- .st-coml floor «ro ^ SECOND FIOOR HIAN il solidity that pleases even tJie nost dlwi-liiilnaliiiy eye. Simple materials used simply make for salis- \vi:h uuilook The interior tuhv utilises all trout and si do. i(jn of this home available .spaciv Fire Prevention Drive Speeded By Better Methods of Building Munlcijnl and fire prevention officials in hundreds of American communities today arc engaged in movements lo reduce fire losses through better construction nielh- ods und public education in in- moving five ba/Jivds, as a result ol the recent National Conference in Washington cnlU'ti by Pro.skient Truman. Ha y roil I li;\s the annual fire loss become, thnt insurance companies have increased premium rates in New York Stale and it is ixlino-st certain that similar incmisps will be put into effect elsewhere, n»less the loss is reduced. ARhouKh n considerable amount nf attention was givun at the Washington conference lo the MibicL-t of stop pint! careler^ne^s with fire-(n:ikiitf: materials, almost equal attention was paid to inetli- Many Building Items Are Made Of Aluminum Hubbard Hardware Co. [;213 West Main Phone 2015 HowJ does your hom« compare wifh the n ' painted homes in your block? f BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME ' WITH VANE-CALVERT'S WHITEST HOUSE PAINT. W« Will give you an estimate free and you can ; pay by the month if you desire. }E.| C ROBINSON [LUMBER COMPANY J19W. A*Sf. Pfcon. 551 •In niUliiioii to tisliiif il ns a roofing and .sicliiiy innteriul. scores ol inniinfncuirpr. 1 ; nrp Uiking nil- v»nt»Rc of Hliiitiiiunn'G light weight, anil ihirnbilily to preclude Inin- dretls of product..; fur America's linjUk'r.s. Cornices, flashings. guUers, nncl clown-spouls are now being miiclc of nltiniiiuiio. Wntcr gathered on aluminum rools inul conveyed through nltimlimm Is mire ami 110:1- toxic. 'AlHinlniini nwiiiniis, designed to ion up like conventional Ivpes, will not riii. burn, facie or mildew ami because of lite way in which they are construclecl they will not siv: Ie»k or nitlle. Tesw conducted on coiniucrcial Installations throughout tlie country luvve shown thai window areas are us much a s 15 per cent cooler when ]irotcctec ! from [lie sun by nUvmtmun instead ot canvas or nthpr materials. \V I n d o %v s. wcalherstrippins; screens, and mailboNes. are now bciiii; pmcUiceil. Because Ihoy won't rust nncl smudge the wooden surface to wtitch they may be uf tachecl. they're helping | o cut down periodical naint bilk." Ahiniimnn is proving itselt as first class metal for clilmney liners and chu-l work In the ' healing am) venlilntiiitr field. Hesklcs the fart that they weigh one-tliiul less, thereby affording grealer ease of installation. Ihe duets were to last yours longer thin other types. While liners »f other ma'.erijis were replaced every few months because of corrosion cans- eel by funie.s. ciureni j:as fxirn- ace inslalkuion o! aluminum liners nds whereby mare fire-safely run[ era) be built into homes ai^d other mman-occuuied buildings. nrastic revision of building codes recuiire ^realei v use of fire resistant materials w:is , s ugi;cslpcl. Methods of confininj; fires to ore still in perfect condition afi;/ seven years of con.stai>: use. And. in the iiHiscle-sav^ii' de- pirtment. there are — to mention .wo—aluminum garage doros of die nverhead type whicii can lie r.vist'tl wltll one liaml and aliunintun sno\v shovel s whiirh weiuh piumMs le,s .swon't rust anil, best of all. tu which snow won't stick. small nreas was yiven dose study bi'CLiu:;e it has buen found that if flumes ean .«(: slowed down until lire-tit'hLiiHT-equiiitnont arrives, loss usually is JiinrUL QJIC of UK" cliief j)!)!!)!, 1 ; of, 4 is the fire-stop^inu of walls. Mast iniilditif; codes rerjuiN? this feutnie \i\ new ::onstv\i^tuin. but do t', affect older buildings. Ar; n result of the Washington cnn- ferenrt?, it is ex'ieefed that in any eodt'S will be revised to make ilil -: trentinrnt mandatory in all structures re^avdles of age. I'uhlic Kilucaliun It bn.s ))cen pojnt»?(l ont Hint nl: though it is virtually impossible to put solid f ne-.slops into e\'i.;thi£ walls where they are lurking, protection can UP provirir.) by blo\v- int? \h? walls fuH of fireproof min- XOTirK OP ADMINISTRATION Niitk-r is hereby given Uial loiters of mlminislnUinn were yranted 10 insiilatinn, '['he National Bureau or standards lias found that a wood-luHi wall filled \vUli this substance will .stop the passage of firo for one hour. Tn addition to buildin; 1 : code revision, lire protection expert:-!. n\\\- nieipiiUtie^ and insurance Companies are. plpnnins; iiili'iisivo cnm- pnlgn.s lo show thr' public how evcrij' a little pare in hunrllinq marhhcs. smokinii malerials, fh.m- inable liquids and heatine; rnm"])- inent c;»» i;n-vent 90 JUT rent of the nation'-; fires. We Deliver Meats Groceries Milk Swift's Ire Cream S-iwec( Cream Food Lockers — Meat Curing — We Moke Sousdgc Frozen Foods Main :\t 2lKl St. Phone 2602 A Lifesaver!" ?cvv- That's whitt our customers nave called our ice. And Cor g-nru! reason too! Power faihiro rush spa.sosii c;in mean a l)ij? loss- in profit ..... service can get your electrical our quick, efficient equipment in shape now correct when: ncwl be! let us inspect and All, SKRVfCE GUAftANTERD CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 116 North First Phone 2993 Rrnd Courlpr Nrffs Want Acis. To work together and help each other is the American Way. la this spirit we say* whether a client or no!, if you have an insurance problem,, feel free to call on us for assistance. NOBLE GILli ACE N C V GUNCOC HOTlL • IOC. NT MORE BEAUTIFUL '•' ' .*¥"'. walls, ceilings! DEV HOUSE PAINT The Perfect Two-Coot SYSTEM! Uso Oin-oc pvimov n.'xl In n<>\v wood ."HrfaiTs and Dovoo 1'inish coat next I This l)i>voo 2-coat ;;ysti-iii of Ihn-n coals of ordinary porous spols a!l<! l<\ivi's rt thi' finish coal. Cu-t your paint wliilo it lasts. \Vo ti-i.'oniiiionil icliahlo painli'rs anil DIEAL'S PAINT AND WAUPAPEK STORE "Your \rVo//pnpor Style Center" 100 East Main St.. i» h()m , . ..NONE MORE ^ASV TO USE! t PER GALLON i Paste Form One Gallon Docs the vcr.ige Room! KF.M-TOUC ROLUR-KOATCR Rolls Kern-Tone right over your walls . . . quickly,,_.;:,-! - MCh KEM-TONE BORDER TRIMS Smart will I border trims. Gummed, ready- co- You can't find finer flaf wall finish Clt any price! Modern Miracle Kem-Tone, ilic ama/ing oil and resin paint, gives your .walls am! ceilings a rich, handsome finish that wears wonderfully, cleans beautifully! And does the job for the amazingly low cost of only S2.9S an average room . . . il).i;'s the price of a gallon of Kcm-Tone. With just one easy,' speedy coat, Kern-Tone covers painted walls, 'ceilings, \vallbonrtl—even wallpaper. It dries in onu hour, leaves no "painiy" odor! See Our DemonsJrofioni Visit our store . . . nnj see for yourself! lake a bni-.,h or Kern-Tone Koller-Koater, apply Kcm-Tonc with your own haniis. See how entity ic Hows On, IIONV {ifrtt'ttly ;ust one coat covers! " FREE KEM-TONE DEMONSTRATION HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W.MAIN ST. PHONE 515

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