Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 17, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1908
Page 4
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•I*" .mg iOLA DAILY B J ECISTEH. THCBSPAY ETEyiyg. DECEMBER n. 1998. 3 rie lOIi DULY lEfISTEI CHA8. F. SCOW. Entered at Ibla, Kanaas. Po6tofHc«, as Second-Clasa Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Application. SUBSCBIPTIOK BATES. B; Carrier In lola, Gan Cltj, LanfOD' TUIe or LaHarpv. One week 10 cents One month 44 cents One year 15.00 BY HAIL. One year inside county $2.00 One year outside county 14.00 Ttiree months. In advance ^1.00 One month. In advance.'. 44 OFFlClAL~~PAPEBrCITr OF BASSET. Telephones: Business Oi'Bce 18 Editorial Rooms.. 222 completed by 1916, so that It will be ready when the seml-centennlal of the foundins of the university Is being celebrated. The total amount Dr. Strong haai estlmalcd that it will take to run the university for the next two years Is 11,149,259. For roalntenace during the two years he asks $757,051: for repair of bulldlqga, $80,288; for new buildings, $311,000. Another new deimrtmcnt In the university which Chancellor Strong hopes to see inaugurated soon. Is one of correspondence work, where a .voung man or young woman may take a course in the university by mall. In his report the chancellor says: : "There Is no reason so far as I can see why the benefits of the university should be limited to the comparatlve'y few fortunate ones who find themselves able to spend the time and money to live from one to four years at the university. The University of Kansas must be for all who strive for the higher things of life and must go to them who cannot go to It." UNITE TWO SCHOOLS Chancelior Strong Proposes to Combine Agrlcnltnral Collrgc and ^ Kansas rnlTersily. <Kans;is City Journal.) I..awrence. Kas., Dec. 17.—ChanceJ- !or Frank Strong of the University of Kansas believes that the state is not using Its educational funds to the best advantage so long as Kansas continues to maintain two schools of engineering and fine arts, one at the unlver slty in Lawrence and the other at the agricultural college la .Manhattan. This. Dr. Strong says, is not only ex- ]>enslvc but unnecessary." It is in his biennial re|H>rt to the governor that Chancellor Strong wll! make his ideas public concerning what should be done to prevent duplication In the two hiB state educational institutions—the university and agricultural coIleRe. The report contains lo.OOO words. It deals with almost cveryvphase of education In Kiinsas. To eliminate the xlvalry between the schools at I^wrence and Manhattan, and to get theui on a Itettcr working Imsls. Dr. Strong suggesta five possible plaps: First—To remove-both Ifisfflijllom and place them on one rsmpus. Second—The removal of iho Hgrlrul tiiral COUPBP ID l^wrence. Third—The union of ilic iwn luhtl- lutlnns In admlnlslnillons. Kotirtli—^The asrlcullural PolltiKn may be restricted In Its duplication <if work by leKislntlve action, as the constlutlon does n«)t prevent such action as It does In the university. Fifth—^The agricultural colloije may be left free to develop In a full round-j cd unlverslt.v. I.'uion of Institotlons. The chancellor takes the stand that of these possible means of settling; the dirricultles existing, the best is the third plan—the union of the two institutions in adnilnlstraiion. but only on condiiloi^ that unity be made com- titctc. not only In the board of regents. l>ui under one president, who shall be at. the head of both Institutions. It Is whisitered here that If this could be effected Chancellor Strong would be the logical executive head of iho two Institutions. Ever since Chancellor Slronp has been connected with the Inlverslty of Kansas, he has had but one aim. to make the university here the bi;; school of the west, A.s evldencp that the combination of the university and acricultural college would eliminate rivalry and exiwdile the growth of both, .'ind keep ono from encroaching u|Km thp "-ights of the other. Chan- cpllor.Strong cites the legislators and the governors to .Michigan. Wisconsin and Minnesota, which slates have their university and aericultura: college combined.. !IIay Teach by Jfail. Within the next elKht years it Is Chancellor 8lronp"8 idea that Kansas , shall h»v« an ^rls bulldini; here in . Lawrence, which will have been erect ed at • oost of $.'iiio.niXi. The chsin- TO COKE COLD I?f ONE DAT. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money If It fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature Is on each bos. 25c. mm ON STAGE Ex-Bandit Reacted a Raki for a Cof- feyvllle MoTing Picture Company. Coffeyville. Kas.. Dec. 17.—Under the personal direction of Emmet Oal- ton here yesterday the Dalton raid of sixteen years ago was re-enacted for a moving picture company. Nearly 2,000 feet of films were made. In the original raid in 1S92 EknnKt Dalton was severely wounded and three of his companions were killed. Dalton selected four comimnions from a theatrical company! He picked them as nearly as possible to resemble his two brothers and hla two companions in the raid. \\"hen (he selections were made the five men went to the dreiising rooms of the theater and selected regulation cowboy attire. Then they mounted horses and rode to the tlmt)er. Tin* first pirture was that of the breakfast on the banks of Onion creek, just before riding Into the city for the robbery. An amusing fpature was the usual niurnlug target practfce. This c <»nBl8 (o(l of placing an egg on a jxist and firing at It with a revolver. As the flash of the revolver showed In the picture the cRg was broken. The shot thai broke It, however, cHMie not from the rpv«>lver. but from a shotgun fired at It from an unseen point. The tarKHt prnclire was followed by a race through the country roads. In his Etniuet Dalton shows very plain- l.v. Next is seen one of the oldest houses In the cllv where there Is an old fashioned outside stairway. The bandits rob this house In great style. Many pictures of the iniildlngs occupied by the banks In I.S92 were taken today. The Interiors of the banks must be stage pictures, however, as the locitl banks would not listen to any proiiosition to l>e used as the scenes for a re;>etltlon of the bloody battle of October r., isr »2. The moving picture battles will be fotiKht out on the siapo of a theater tomorrow morn InB. and then be thrown on the film In conection with the actual buildings to Kive the picture a fairly accurate re.'^eniblance to what took place In the real raid. There is some reeling here aKainst Dalton for taking parr in the moving lilotiire show. Wright Gaining Strength. Joe Wripht. the Kansas Natural emp'oye. who was seriously Injured by the delayed explosion of a blast at pptrolia last week, is getting along as nicely as could be expected. The operations on his arm and eye are gU'- inp the siirceons no trouble, and no infection has developed from the bits of JaBRed rock and debris forced into the brain tissiies by the force of the explosion. The surKeons feared that possibly some of these were overlooked and misht later cause infection anil serious complications, but evidently HU were , removed.—Chanuto IIEWS OF GAS CITY ii?li:i»-3iii'-—. HISS MAT HALL A.\D H. HOOD WARD WED AT COXCRKTO. AHEND A MINE MEETIN MA.W «AS CITY XKS INTERESTED IN TRIAX.'LE COMPANY. County CommltwioDent Den; Stout PttlUon—Elopement Story Was a "Joke"—Personals. Hall-Woodward. .Miss May Hall, of Concreto, and Herschel Woodward, of Gas. were married at the home of the bride'i parents in Concreto last night. Rev C. W. Shadwick of lola officiating The bridal couple will visit a few dayi In Chanute after which they will return and make their home in this city, Attended Mine Company .Meeting A number of Gas City men who are stockholders in the Triangle Mines compan.v, attended the annual meeting of the company In lola yesterday. Home From \Mi. Mrs. William Jordan has returned from a visit with friends In Colony. Deny Stout Petition. The raunty commissioners yester day denied the petition of E. E. Stout et al of Gas asking that their land be set out of the Gas school district and be added to La Harpe. County Sui)er intendent Mrs. Maude Kiinston had previously refused the request of the petitioners. . Eio|>eiuent Story a ".lifke." A lynx-eyed, keen eaiect reporter for a morning newspaper ••disct>\;ered" an ••elopement" in Gas yesterday morn Ing and delivered himself of a sensa tional imragraph in which ho told of the disappearance of a young girl and a mai^rled man. Having made the further "discovery" that he was duped the reporter uses his column this morniiiR to explain that there was nothing In the siory. W.C. T. r. .Meeting. Mrs. Wllsus of North .McHea street will entertain the W. C. T. V. on FrI day afternoon. The proprKiu will lie gin at three o'clock. oellor'B Idea Is to have this bulMIng Sun. Brass Beds Make an elegant Christmas pre>cnt. (.>ur ttock was never so complete. We also carry the finest line of all style beds, both in Vemis Martin and White, In the city. The beds ar« made witbont chills or fancy ornaments. The weight juet one>half old style,iron beds. . Sleeptr & Son An intrrrsting ^tiTention. It Is said thau^necpsslty Is the inoHi er of invention. A. O. llilsens. .loplln. found himself ctmfrouted with the necessity of draining his sludge l>ond. so be resorted to Inventlou. He suit: The jiond Is being cleaned with out the herculean task of draining (he water and scraping out the debris .•\ the slime Is Ijelng treated on tables, this process remnvlns success fully a large percentage of the mineral that heretofore has been going to wa.ste. The iK)nd on the' Oronogo Circle near Jopliu. had reached a stage o' .sediment accumulation preventing further pumping operations, and as water was one of the requisites of the tract it would have been npccs.s.nry to close every mill on the until the IKj'nd was cleaned out. Yesterday the dredge iMini cut a big clii-e through the pond, the dimensions of the dally men! of this sediment devouring monster being 45 feel long by it; feet wide by from "J "A to .' feet deep. 'Its capacity is L'U cubic .vards of sediment per hour, ai'hough this capacity rarely is reached. The boat is Ht by 20 feet and is equipped with a I.T horseiKJwer motor which runs the dredge pump and also furnishes locomotive power for the boat although it quite frequently proves necessar.v to hitch horses to the small vessel to convey It front i>oint to iKiint \ man in riiblier iMiots is kept coTitinu ously at work loosening the slime near the intake pipe. .\ skiff is to be constructed and this will do away with the rubber IHKU feature. An interesting feature of the dredging /irocci.8 1M that the richni'sh of ilie SPtliiiient is round to vary muterhillv In Homp.s|Hits ihe sllnie wl'l be t^o rich In ore that It can be readily (l> teelp<l; nt other |)O1IIIH Ihi' Kllme seems dPMtlttite of mineral particles. In much the same manner. preoutuibl.\, Wrrp the p'rehlKlorIc depoMlts of min ••ral miide. I'ersonHln. .Mrs. Donaho uud dmiKhter. o' KIM- niorc, Hie gtipsis at the home of Mrs. William Jordan. Mrs. H. S. I'prr> will leave today for 1 visit in Chanitip. Byerly Has a GIH. Word from Humboldt this morning told of the arrival of a fine nine pound girl last night at the home of Wl'l Byerly and wife. Mrs. Byerly was Miss Mabel Davis, daughter of Will Davis and wife, of this city.—Ganiett News. THE LOCAL MARKETS Prices Qiotcd bj Gard A Taggarl Produce Cowpaay. The following local market report is farnisbed by Gard & Taggart Produce company and will be kept running In The Regiater every day. The prices quoted are the prices which they will pay for poultry, eggs and butter delivered here: Ecgs, ••i'"»nt receipts per case. ..36c Old Hen*, -fat 7c Old Cox 3c •prlns Cbiekens 6%c SpriBK Ducks ...i .-Be MfirtaM Tnrteya. t\tb Sc OH.iinTwlurf 8e Tc he Now is the Time to do Your Xmas Shopping! Ucady for the crowd of Holiday Slioppcra and the myri.ld waiitK of the town and country trade. The whole store pulsates with new Christina!! attractions, ft discounts-anything we have l)efore attempted—more to see, more istock, more different classes of goods and a working force willing lo serve you, and to please you; and you will see t|ie beginning of Chri.-itnias trade; and ftom the stock of such good:^ as are enumerated below wl!l be in big demand. See Our Windows Mens Neckwear ..LVK" up lo $1.1)0 .Men's suspenders -oc np to .Mens Silk Handkfs 2.»r up to spl.^.'* Men's Mufflers .">(lc up to jf-J.-VI- .Men's Collar ifcigs #1,2.". up to !«2.tMI Men's Dress Gloves .1«r np lo f'2M •Men's Traveling Hags HiJ^l t« $1.". .Men's Kaiuy Hose -ic np to 7,'»c Men's Press Shirts «0c up to *2.00 Men'i= Xoi'l-y Hats SfL-S.'. up to $3^1) Men's Fancy Vests lfl-"»0 np to $3..JO, I pair in box...$1.1)0 -V large and hand.some line of Smoking .lackets and Bath Uol)es at i)opiilar> prices. Ttlst now you can buy brown Suits ajid Overcoats at less than they are really woitb. We're cleaning up a big lot ot them, in sizes for men and young men, at $15. Fine worsted Suits, including black suits for Xmas. Kersey, fancy plaids and stripes In Overcoats, all good models. You'd think yourself fortunate to get them for $20 or even more. They re S.M«KI.\« .lACKETS .\T H.VLF PKICE iHJM and $I0.0« Ones fur SmWlSU .lACKET.S AT HALF PRH E fViP and $tO.<HI Onn for AT WAR WITH ANNIS t.AS AT :i CKMS I'EU TIIOIXA.M). TH1>U .May A tail UsvU of u Tlpe I.iiie tH'I'er. HAns HAD QIAnilEL WITH Hl.H ABOCT A I'l'BMCATION. .\ew Development in Trial—.May lllus- fnite Firinir of Fatal Shots In Court KiMtni. riiishin^. .v. Y.. Dee. 17.—Th.; coun sel for Thornton J. Haines declared to- Tiil.SH, (Ikla.. Dec. 17.—On , condition the Commercial dub of this city secure manufacturing Industries which will use Ki.iiiHi.Otiit cubic feet of gas ilaily. The Henry Oil and Gas company, which controls a largo part of the protluction of the great Colllns- vlUe gas fle!d, will build a pipe line to this city at a cost of $1(M).I>00 and will supply gas for industrial purposes at the rate of cents per thousand. The Commercial club has taken an option on the offer and if is believed it will be accepted as there was a move ; on foot to byibi a line to the Collins- We Pell Qasoline Window Glass ORES^ (lay that the state's witnesses called! .j.,^ ^5^,^, distance of fifteen niile.s, to prove the ciiargo that the atithor was the principal with hi.5 brother. Captain Pefet- C. Haines, Jr., In the killing of William K. Annis. will be subjected to long aitd exhauativp examinations. The Hains lawyers assert that the luosecution's wifnes:;«'s were all close friends of Annis and that there is little doubt they have re he .irsed the tragedy with a design of presenting an unvarying story. There was a new light on the case this moniing when the Hainea counsel admitteii that Thornton J. Haines hat! had some trouble with Auni:-. over the publication of a magazine jirticic last Juup. It is said the author .'^iih- niit.fpd the manuscript article lo Mr. Ripley, -owner of the magazine upon which .\nnis was employed In .luly and that Anni.s induced Ripley to return If. Special Prosecutor \\Tiite declared yidonce would be brought out to how that Thornton Haines hail full knowledge of his brother's intention to kill Annls, and virtually led the <vav to Ihe yacht cliiii n 'ltl directed the search for the publisher. Mr. Willi" declarerl that Thonitnn Huine;i pointed his revolver iit Mrs. Aiiuls and prevenieil her from goliiL' to the iilil of her wounded hiishntiW Coiin !<''l for llaliK'H siilit that It IIIIKIII be neccHHury to dlscharKi* iln' iltnttiulte revolver bliillK cnrtrldges n the court room, to fli'tnoiwliate by he nipiilllv Wlilch the sllol.i iiri ilriil 'that 1! 'voiilrl have been imposu liilc for I lie evr .wllne .4Se,< to prevent Cni.tiilti HiiltMM from firing ninre than )l|e shot. T 'aeiiig the iiioveineiUs Of the prin iiials nt the Havslde Vacht club trng fly with the aid of miniature iron fig- iir"s and models of the float and the eatboat Pam. ICdwIn Andrews, a yacht club member, showed tinder examination how the array captain standing on the flo.-it's edge, held aloft the ob- srurini; boom and S.TII of Annis's boat and shot the publisher as he sat at the tiller. Mr. .\ndrews said seven or ei ^h' shots were fired and .that there was an interval between the dl .scbarge.s. He jumped from the boat to the float and took about two steps toward Cap tnin Haines, .\ndrews said he d'd not know which of the shots killed .Annir.. He heard one person scream. .\fter the i>hysi;lans who attended \nni< testified. Mrs. Annis »as called to the stand. Jtisfice Crane ruled that he <ippd not give all her testimony nt one time and after testif.ving that shp saw her husband die, she was excused. TTie justice announced he oiild not allow the use of the model f the Yecbt club float which the defense had i<repared unless used in connection with photographs to correct Ihe errors In proportion. Frnm Kansas City. Mrs H. V. Dresbach iwturatrd today f:x>m a short visit lo Kansas City. among the birsiness men or thi--^ city. >t) LAKE CNDEK GATIN UAJI. Isthniiun Canal roniml.«*sion Denies Reports in Official Statement. Washingitm. Dec. 17.—The various re|K;tls of the .sinking of the rock toe at the Catiin dam .<iip. of the existence of a lake beiow the site, and <if tTie slides of earth on the relocated Pana- man railroad, have brought forth an official statement, from ib.e isthmian canal commission which says the sinking of the rock toe wa.^ antie;i>at- ed and the more It ,<:etfled the tinner will be the foundations. There is no lake under Gafuu. the statement continues, the water there being in iK)ckets. The dam. it says, is being built on a ver.v firm fotindatlon of Impervious clay, the same being true of the foundation of the locks. Although the statemeni .-^ays a landslide at (iatiin on the re!<»cated line of the railroad may occur during the next rainy season, no trouble is anticipated, as more material will then be dumped into the depression and the filling will be continued until the material ha:; reached its angle of rei>f:se. DYSPEPSIA "lUvlfiif ti«k**n r'''»r w»r»'l*ff-»J •*»**»iii »f<»(ii** tnf MM ft. iitmittt* Mti.l bf'n.t » KMI - It < iti. -I <.» t l-.ih%r»| cniarrU HW) .u «i»-»i.K.» 1 lUiiiit n wi.l |>rt«>kn I4 ffiiM tM "i'it«<<ni t .t>('*iMrI)•*••* M <i()>i«ifill ''•iuitM<aitir>n* I tiA^tf tihtrii iiiiin**!'"!* Mkli'f <i>(>-nll*-l iftii-'lina bill \ril 11 nV.dl ;;it<l f fill ' tti«l < Hk'tx I t«>M«v4 ni.>r«* III •* •\il ,f (>itll All iit«> '>|li»|a I l.m .n li»i|«a >t vrnf • JAItli.a .M.'OuUM. KM M^trnr Mt . J'.rar/Clir. 5c'.T for .Huylterry a Judge. Prof. i^. W. Mayberr>- will go to Coitimbus tomorrow to act as a judge in the county high school contest in debate and (ieclamation. From Chanute he will go t)n to Oklahoma City to visit his brother who is a teacher in Bpworth irniversrrv. Case C.ontwupd. The ca.=:e of the state vs. J. R. Henderson of La Harpe which came up for bearing thi.s morning in Justice Hough's court, has been continued un til December "Sth. Henderson Is charged with unlawfully taking a pliisb laprobe from the buggy ot D. W. Rose. CANOV CA7IUJITIC S,»-r ol.k- "iv:' <irii»^. Ic.:. i;.-. iOc. r.'-nt • nl.t ••••I l..l<. 'J l.r r'linit.., t«b:;t .Mniprl 0 O C Strrhnc ketKotly Ca.,Ch.raz'^ or N.V. Si' 4NNUAISALE, MiLUON BOXES Great* Western Lond Co. For Kent —lite 4 rnoni bonne, one (! room house, one SO and one Ki ncie farm. If you have » farm ft>r rent. IIKI It Willi us. We hiive eiiMs lliosl every day. I-lor Kxchange (ifKid 7 roiun, mod- n hoiihe cliue III. 11 giMMl lumie anil II Kood renter liood laud In liowidl Co, .Mo. lo iriule for lola residence property; Mill .icres In Woodward Co, Oklii.. to trade for two residence pn>|i'?rlles In btlii. For Hale—Miu acre farm, one of ilie best In Allen Co.. 12<} acres In cnlil- Ivatlon, 10 In plstiire, .I room .hou.-e. j large barn, small orchard: no sttme. I If .von have money to put Into a good invp.-siment this is the place. A loan of $?.,00O can be made on this farm. See IIS soon if you want it. Price .Money to loan f>n farm and city propprt.v. C-ome to our office over the Palace Shoe Rtoire and tel! us what .vou want. Fair treatment and Square deals. INSURANCE! Is a necessity, not a luxury. It Is not an expense but an investment. It is something you must have but something you must be careful of, as it is very Important that the right companies are selected. I represent the leading companies of the world and would SHOW YOU.. J. E. pqwxu. .BlMfc, WHY PAY RENT? When you can buy a home with the same money? I have some mighty nice properties on hand right now which I will sell you for the same money that you are paying out rent' for. The properties are well located and are a good Investment All I want is a chance to SHOW YOU. J. E. P<^WELL Jims ntodc .'. leU, Kaaaaa

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