Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1907 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1907
Page 7
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_ :Mkecjam^ intets Jii tCr^. JttiU. Mcu^ ometh BtbuOKf ^imiM til M^motftL J. W/ Pwtwtf^.eoBwiuider; R. Porte!^ noiird 4NMper. ^ ir ^^rCaap Na in K.o( P. Han vmr WtUv ti _ . alikt H. _ Mo.; is Bwto cvor ii *B4v mWtt al K of p. HiOl. TUItt w bro ; thwi takvttid. W .BTt ^omiMtn^ a a: 1 Ctoia mttw. K. of B. ud & : matti anmr FrliUy night ta It W. A. Ml. Vtalttlis brothera Invited.' W.H Aadvnon. Y.C; W.A.Ooiru.;cierk •OTAL HBIGttBOB&-IoU Cuw Na ^^VS, ROynl Neli^bora. meets mkif>- ond and tsaitli Taesdayi ot. earj mtetlt: Uni F. A. Wi^er, oracle: Mrik MarrtHotton. 41S W*-* StXcet. Reterder. . FBATESirAI BBOTHERHOOD^ Fraternal brotherhood No. 380 meeti second and fourth Thursday o? each mo ^th In iLO.U.W. HalL VisiUns membera cbrdialy Invltod. W.H.An­ derson, president; Golda Elam, -secretary. : • Jiaier Order United AmerleaB V» ehanka.— Meets e«ery Wednesday ev- enlns at 8 p'clockhn K. P. Hall. All Tisltlns members Invited. R. A Wldick. CoUncelor; C. B, BUck, Rec. Secretary. '- : JEWKIiBSS. B. F. Panooast. old reliable Jeireler 110 East s^t MEBCHAKTSt'dBSBBTB i»ITAL CUi IroX OF CLdSUrO STOKES jdtAsl CHRISTMAS AT THE CHURCHES SPECIAL PRO<]R.UI»ltILL BE BEN DEKED I>- .ILL SFND.VT SCHOOLS. Mrs. II. Grlffla BHter—Deihle Fear Clab Will Eatrrtaia-Pmeaals and News Xeles. Christmas at Charches. The La HAri>e }-uung people will be the gue.sts o( Santa Claus Christmas eve. All of the churches have made elahorate preparations for the CTenl. The Sunday .school of the Methodist Flpiscopal church has prepared an excellent program, consisting of recitations, class exercises jnd Christmas music. There will Be a tree hung with presents and lighted by candles. •The Christ Child of Long Ago" is the title of the Christmas prognim which win 1)0 rendered at the Presbyterian church. The church choir has prejTaictl special music suitable for the occasion. An old fashioned evergreen tree will be one of the features. The particular feature of the Methodist I'rotcstant church exercises will he a pantomime, in connection will iii! the regular program of music and recitations. Collections will l)c taken at all of the churrhes. The money will be used to purchase presents for the iKwr children. lOLA STATE BANK GAm 'MLSt2,B00 lOlA, KJU98AS. A. W. Beck. L. E. Horville, J. A, Sto}»asom fi. !<. Jleaderson, J. H. Campbeir '> Geo. C. Nicholsoi^ Frank Riddle. ntZBERMLD Siormg^ aati Trmnmfer Gdmpany Office and Storage Ware Rootti at 15 West Street Phone 396 DB. 3, F. ifAMESOir, The Saceessfal Ave* tiODCcr, Teterlaarlan. Farm sales or I 'niiftTCcd slock sales made anywhere. Vcter inary calls ans«^ercd day or oight. Office with Oouelass Bros. Phcne 13. residence ;io lOLA, KANSAS. Ftr Ckrtstmis Shoppers The Old Corner Bookstoro offer soirio jinusuftl inducements. Look hcr«: Closing Out entire lino of hand pointed china. Closing n^it balance of picture line, all fancy dressing cases. Somebody whl get^these bargains. Wo are not closing out Books, Hibles or Stationery; We bought for cash so we can and will sell these cheap as any one In this part pf Kansas. ^ Evans Bros. tag htrectt H ibc tml kia4 «l • con- ,kiMiMI. " Bareka Harness Oil Mt eair Mkii «k« buMn urf the banc U bc«cr, (xn adtn dK . latkcr aed utf ^i*bte. paatiucoa.- ditiM W lot—<mce u tone ttrk ordninljp would ITANOARO Give Xoor Hone a Chanced stores Will Close. The merchants of this city will observe a well established custom and close their places of business at noon Wednesday, Christmas day. The banks j.wUI not open at all during the day. The telephone exchange will be closcil also betwcn the hours of cloven and five o'clock. The •'hello girls" will got a needed rest. .Mrs. H. (Irirrin Bettrr. .Mrs. 11. Grlflln of this city who sllp- pcd on the walk near her home 011 .Mr- Kinley street a few -dayrt ago Is a great deal belter liMl.iy, She is now ulile to lie up and around. I lor shoulder and left side were bruised by the fall. Double Four Club Will Knlorfnln. The inenibers of the bouliic- Tmir club will entertain by givlii-; leap party at the home of Xi i Kvji and Hessle Ijiwrcnce on Nov.- Year's night. The KmiNiria Glee Club. The following story from the Km- (loria nazottc will be intere.xling .since the Glee club will be at the Presbyterian church in this city on Wednes- dav night. .lanuar.v 1st. The College Glee club has been chosen from the members ot the coi- lege chorus, and will start on its trip during, the Christmas holidays. Great care has been taken in the selection of the members, the strength and harmony of the various voices being the points particularly emphasized. Tlie club will be accompanied by the Aeolian Brass Quartet which Is well known here as a musical organization of \much ability and talent. \ .Miss Mildred ifulse, who was graduated from the college music department last year, will join the club and add considerably to the strenglh of the sopranos. Mi.=s llulse has a voloo of iKiwf r and sweetness. The .schedule for thoirip is as follows: Yates Center. Decenilier HI: XA iiariio, .laniiary 1: Humboldt. January 2: GIrard. .lan- uary •1': Pittsburg. January 3. The start will be made from Emiioria, the members reaching here Monday, December .30. for a last rehearsal before starting. The Aeolian quartet is com- po.srd ot Messrs. Fred, Boman, I'e<lro Jlelrf, Tom Ifowcll and Charles .Nicholas. Mrs. V. S. Cravens will direct the club, I'clix Held will manage the liiisiness end and President Culbertscm will acconii>a"y them as ohaperoi!. Several other trljis will be made by ihe same club during the remainder of the school year. PerhoiialJi. Mr. and Mrs. William Allen of Kansas City, are the guests of friends in this city. J. O. James of Bonfrow, Okla., came in today to spend Chrlsliiius with relatives. II. J. llaliier ucconipanled him, -Miss Mary Martin left yesterday fur .\ovada, .Mo., where she will v/sli friends during the vacation week. She will return in lime to rcronter school. I.- 1. Temple Knney, of Clmnule. is in the city today on a business vUlt. .Mr. and .Mrs. Adams came down from Kansas Cit>' yesterdiiy. They wll! be the guests of their son in thi.-' city. PILES CURED IS 6 TO 14 DATS. POZO lONTMESJT Is guaranteed to cure any case of Itching. Blind. Bleeding or Protruding Plies in 6 to 14 days ir nioney refunded. 50c. TWO WOJIE.V ATT.ICKED. .VssasKin Shot Mother and DanKhtor While They Were Sleepfaif. Marysvllle. Mo., Dec. Jl.—.Mrs. William Boatrlght and her grown daughter were shot and fatally wounded A-hlle asleep by ^n unknown assassin on their farm near here last night. The women were sleeping together and the husband and father knew nothing of the outrage until his daugh tcr staggered Into his room and fell on his bed. Two full charges from a shot gun were fired at the sleeping women through the window in their bedroom. The only clue is a number of foot prints about the vindoir. "From Prison to Pahire'' ,at the Grand Ueater tonight, 10 sn4 90 cents. A Mail's Store for Man's Goods—Buy your holfday wants for your Husband, Brother. Son'or Sweetheart her«wher« you can make no mistake in selecting the right tlilpc at the right price. A large and handsome l$oe of holiday goods for Men and Boys, that will mike useful and sensible Christmas Gifts. Herj are a few Holiday Suggestions: SEE OUR WINDOWS i? The Bof^i Overcoat Values at ihls Store The greatest Overcoat values of the season. Everybody needs an overcoat, and when you can buy one at a saving from $2,50 to §."i,00 its economy on your part to take advantage of this off»*r. All of tliem correctly luadc, all good patterns, all p«rfcct fitting. Oi ^ercoat that sold for >io oo, now $7.50 Ovvrcoat that sold for $i2;oo, now $9.75 Overcoat that sold for $15.00, now $12.50 Overcoat that sold for $20.00, now $14.75 Overcoat that sold for S22.50, now $ 1 6.50 Ovt -rcoat that sold fo.- S25.00, now $20.00 There are 1200 Overcoats to choose fiom. Thest are not jobs picked up /or special sale, but Overcoats from our regular stock, all clean reliable goods. Buy them now. ?5C up to^ J MUmm's SuBprnrndBrm ' ' 25c up to $1.9$. Man's SUk Hamd'ohlmfm 25c up to $1.25. Mmn 'B muttimn 50c up to $2.50. Men's OoUm' Smqs' $1.25 up to $2.50. Men's ImvsUmg Bags andSuHOssms $3.50 up to $15.00. Men's Faaay tiasa 25c up to 75c Men's Brass Shirts ^ 50C u^> to $1,50 Men 's Hobby Hats ' $1.85 up to $3,50. Men 's Brass Oloves 5CC up to $2.00. Men's Famey Vaais $1 50 up to $3.50. Smoking Jmekeim mf s Big ReduoHoa Any Smoking Jacket In the house—all the newest patterns and eX O/l desi;;n.s—that sold as high as $10 00. Your choice .^OmMM %0 • I Holiday Headquarters for Man's Wants!^ Copjni^ 1907 TleHoaeoiKuppcalitaef CUGago OatfittwTS Pcpolir it Price Men & Boys Clothiers THE CRYST.VL FKO.M til NEWS OF GAS CITY IHEXCE HERE S .VXniD .lY .MfJIIT. ' ila.v.s. Mrs. riaslwood and son left yi-sici- (lay for Kan.san Cliy whero they wil! spind Cluistnias. . .Mr. and Mrs. Janios Itciil, of .Arkaii- (.'LEE C'LIBPLE.VSEn .\ L .VU (JE Vr- 1^'^ <'>>'• t>'.v .v<-^iii<I,iy 'visitins friends. T. O. I'aintfr, of City, was here Saturday on business. Will .Murray has stjld his i)roi)(>riv- in. Itosc lli!l to .Miss Corn and has •iovfd to Kast lola to reside. Hcrt llattcn has returned from Uar- ilesvillc for a visit over Christiiia.s with his relatives. Clarence Cogor Is here from ISutlrr. Mo., visitng friends in Rose Hill. Fin; liroke out Saturday nii;ht in Itad Ilnads .Makes It Inipnshllilr .>I(iw Drillinir ItlKiv -inirh .School (iirls Enlcrtaln. to Teaclicrs Hill (Jo to Toiwla- .Mi.>;;; (JIass, the fourth and fifth Kiado luai-lier, and .Miss l.ciia Ferris,. sixtii i;ra.!e tearh.'r. will air.nd ihe; "'le of the South houses. The riii good run wa> flames in a fc« The kitchen was slightly ."ilAlIi ..1,11,1- tlt'i'MI lin: , Stale Teacher.; I'K.-ociatinn wliich will jdciiartiiient by making a I.e hold in T<.!.c:<a dr.nii?-' llie vacatioji. l.ji,,,. ,„ ,„„ „„t flam Thpy will leave here Wedne.-day af-l ^„„,,„„ , tcriiocui. ! minutes. d:ui::'.!;ed. • Clirisiuias evenins the South Gas scli'Mil is to have a 1)1K Christmas tree treat tit the school UulldlnK. (Iroriie Khly, the liaker for the She.i Thr fileci Cliih Plr-iM-d. The Maker Cnlversiiy CIcv <•!»!) Iileased a lar^^e audieiire at the Metli- <»li.«t lC|)isco|ial chinch last Saturday j eveiilni;. The cluli is coinposed of | eiuhieen Iraliiefl voices. Kach uninlieri li.ikery, is on (he sick list this morn- tlie cinli sail'.; nceivcU ii heariy en-1 core. The club saii:; at the hi>:h sclio"! Fridaj afteriKMUi. Cannot .Mote Kiirs. The drillers (m the (las City Drlll- liiK coniiiany cimlmt work this work because of bad weather. The roads arc T in such coiidiliou that the I' I l-s cannot be inove<l from one Held to an- rjlhqr. Mr, Thomiison, su|>erlntende:it iiiK. thretiiened with an attack of li'ieiiTnoiiia. F. S. llarier leaves this week for OMvilli'. Kiinsiis, where he expects In (lilt,tin a position on a ranch near that p'ure. ,\inos Pelp, who six years n.iro work- rtl In (las City, came In last week from I'ortland, Oregon, for a visit i(ihar of drIllorH. suited yesterday that they j , , ,, , , , . . ... had many wells to drill if they could P^'"' f""'*'""'^ fjet to ihcm. |i" H'" e-xpects to .stay here until the lirst fif the year. Run liitw Clodirs Lino. .Mr.-Cleniens of South Gas met with a very imlnful accident Saturday night whi'o running to the fire. He was run nluK thronsh n yard and failed to sec a clothes lino stretched in front of hiiu. The line struck him In the mouth cnttinK a biR Rash in one of his lips. Clenieus showed that he was game by KoluR home and having the wound tied up and then returning to the fire. The (Jirls Enferlalned. The plrls of ilio C-.M Cily hiph school gave an eiiiertainnu tit for the,' boys Inst Friday afternoon. A iwell preparctl |>ro .i :r ,ini w :is rendered.' iiart of which was a rai'.tata entitled •'f'rac- tlciii!; for Ciiristiuas Kxercises at Sceeter District." Each Kuest was given a pair of sleeve holders. .Miss Dodils Bofter. .Miss Virginia Dodds. tea.-lier In the Gas City schools who has been very ill for Rome time. Is a ?real deal better today. She was able to be out yes- t»?rd<"<y. She visite<l friends in I>a llarpe. It Is not known yet whether or not she will he able to resume her work after the vacation. Will .Vftrnd Foot Ball fianio. Many Gas City and Harpe foot ball enthusiasts will attend the foot ball game l>etween the Chnnute and FORMAL COMPLAINT IS MADE. FRYER BROS. Is the place to liny your Xnias Nuts. Friiils, Ye(;etahlrs and Canned Goods. .\U|S. WTiite Grapes l!ii:;:ils Catawba Grapes .Mtnonds Dates riII..Tis Fij;s Walnuts Pineappes I 'i 'caiis Vc!;etiil>IPS Chestnuts Lettuce Hii-kory ,\"uts Celery Ci)(ii ;muts I'.oets Fruits Potatoes ()ranm-s Turnips Lemons Carrots Apple.'; Fro-sh Sealshipt Oysters. riioiic 3ns-30j. East Side Squara THREE DAYS SALE Of FURNITURE A 20 Pel Cent Discount on the Following Goods: All ( otiibinHllon Book ('uses. All Ladies' IVriflui: llesks Ml Music i.aU I All Morris Rockers All Mission Rockers All fed Is ta I Ml Ittsk and R«-ronl (uh All (Miina Clusct and Uuffrts We arc also discounting our entire line of Oak and Mahogany Rockers and Stand Tables 15 per ct. Sleeper ®> Son Char<5*s Againtt Oklahoma "Bachelor's Clubs" Before Authorities. Guthrie, Okla.. Dec. 2''—Comp.aint was niJide today to ViUted States Dis- naii game iK^iween u.e ^n:unue u...., trlct Attorney Enibry that m^^mhers Washburn college teams which will "f a bachelor club at Randlett ar^ l )e plavcd In Channte on Christmas 1 diarK?'! with Inducing girl a to come W. H. IITDERSON. Att^ney-at-Lsw. Notarr and Stenographer in Office. Ptaone 455. • H. A. £wtBK. 8. A. Gard. O. R. Qart * KWOIC^ dlSD A GAKD, » Lawyers. Practlca In all 9^ W. Madison. (•O.MBI\E 0\ MILK Pi:i( ES. FARMER ^irUDERED TUBEE. day. The' game promises to be one of the best played in southea.stern Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. nianket returned ves- ferday from Xevada. Mo., where they • =i'c ».i«i • have been Tlsilins lor the past several J >"eut- ^ to the new town on a promise of securing theni husbands, and that many F.istem girls are being decoyed to Oklahoma by this • means. The dls- t-ict attorney announced that the matter will be investigated by an in specter from the post office depart Chlcapt Grand Jury Bclunied indict- meftL<* Against Fiftwn Dealers. Chicago, Dec. 21.—The grand jury today returned Indictnienis fifteen menibi-rs of the Illinois Mlik , Dealers' Associiltiou. charging a con- I spiracy to raise the price of milk, , Ailxrf Finey. a Xbsoiri San Sap. posed to Be Insane. Cameron. Mo., Dec. 21.—Albert l-^y, a farmer living southeaat oC hera : killed his wife, daughter and brother I by sh(¥>tlng this morning. It is' sup; posed he had gone insane. The offic- I ers have gone to arrest him, . _ j 1 ^

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