Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 17, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1908
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAIIT BE018TEH, THURSDAY EYEyiXG. PECEMBtB 17. MW. TACT m Tact enters Into gift presenting In so far as It directs your attentions. You surmise the gifts your friends the unexpectisd and most desirable gifts of all. The capacity of your purse also suggests tact In your gift-buyib|^. liflB If the^ demands that purse are economy, the suggestion is that you do your gift selecting here. Here you will find everything wantable in gifts for young and old and here you will find the greatest economy possible. Everything In Millinery al Exaeily Hnlf Prioe. Greuiemt redueilenm ef the Seamen In Latllem% Mlmees^ anti Children's Ceale. Some of the Useful Gifts we have to Show You: rhaHrlaln Ba(ra in sllrer, old art and leather LndIeK' Collan, the most elegant line wc hare «bowD LadloK' Bands for the nock of erery desrription. I>ndies' Belt Pins and Backles, ererj new style. Fnnry Pnilies of ererj- description at sprrial prices. Ladles* Bells in elastic, fancy tinsel and Iralber. Parasols for men, Indies and children. A biir assortment of Back Combs and Barretts. Fancy Hat Pins In old art, gold and sllrer. Collar Pins, Brooches and all kinds of Fancy Ktiek Pins. Hariiand Hand Painted (^hlnn. Mcnnen,'* Talcum Powder, 2 for 2.".e. Fancyrnibbons of erery description. Pillow Tops, Table Corers, Bed Spreads, Towels, Xapklns and Table Linen, etery price. Shirt Waists at aclnal cost to clean np the line. Fancy Scarfs for ladies and men 60c io %\M. Fancy Hosiery in lisle and silk. The best Tnlnes in Hankderchicfs for 10. la, 8.'>e and np «IA'>. See this eleicnnt line. MUHnery^'areatest Price Reducing Sale ef the Seasen Prices cnt Kxnrlly In Two. What Is Prelller Thnn nn Klegiint lint for n Xma* Olft. fi.VOO lliit* fT-W. *in -«fl Hats $5.(K) I7.MI Hals W.7fi •12.00 llBis . . .W.0« »K.Ott Hals iH.(K) |;,.00 Hals fS.fiO «.WI Hals $2.00 jf2.00 Hnts Il.mi KVKHY STRKKT HAT AVJIST IHALF PHICK. HOLIDAY FCMS. There Is nnlhlng more acceptable to J our «lfe, danghter or sweet heart than Furs for Xmns. I>RES.S (JOOI)S. Kemarkable mines; fiO pieces pnt oh sale Imported and domestic dress Konds, to clean np—Chiffon llrondcioth In fancy and plain, tliat nsnollr sell for $IA 'i to $1.60. Special 75c S5c. Fancy Serges 50„ BSc Fancy Suitings, special 8.-^ 25c Pretty Plaids for children 19c Vie want yon to see this elegant line. Ladles% Misses^ and Children's Ceats fcr Christmas At Remmrkmhty Low PHoem io Clomr Ihom up Quiok, $9.50 Coals .. . $20.00 Coals .$.•1.00 $10.00 Coals .... $l.-..00 . $7,.'»0 $12.:i0 Coals ..Pi.',n $30.00 Coats . $nM Coats $10.00 $22.50 $2.00 Conis $1.25 CHILDRKN'S COAT.S (JKKATLY KEDCCED. $J.:.0 Coals .........$3.25 $8.75 Coats $2.50 $.').00 Coats $5.76 TRY A ROYAL WORCKSTEK CORSET, BLACK CAT HOSIERY AM) A PICTORIAL REYIEW PATTERN AKD TOn YYILt BE PLEASED. 113 East Madison GAME IS SURE, NOW CHANUTE ••GODCVM.' rOOTBALL TLAM rSE-OHGANIZED. Tejti Had OlsbandeH ncr.pii'ii: A Report Said Wanhburn Wout'l Come Here.—A Chri&tmas Contest. ChrlBtmas fnoilmll? Willi ('luinmfV UTiy. corialril.v. It IK now mi .as.iiin'il l:ii -t thai lola ruDiiisiastK will havf ;ii| >)|i|iortiiiiilV <>f witiifSKliip a live (ooili .il! ^iiiin' on tlio liniiif Krqiiiiils ClirisiniaH "lay. Ttip Chamito pnilcr.s r "(<-iiily rontaln- t-d tho staiciiicnt llliat llir team of thai city had (lislian <l <[il. .Mana;:or Kills ol th<> loral team, wcm in C'liaiiiiti' ys- tiTday Id ; I.-;CVTI,HIH ulii'ilur or not thf" ffport was fniif. It sooms that 'a report liad ;;aiinMl cinMilaiion in flianiil'' to tlio i >ftpci that the lola team Iiad an <>nsaKi'HK'iii on Chrl .'Jtnia .s day wiili Washburn f'ol Ippi- and the ("hantc liovs takliiR the- r <'|M )ri as iiii<- liail diciiitil that ii would lie iisiO'/.-is for llnMii to kocp up thi 'ir iirartl<-c. At .1 rofi-nt nifotins of tho nianiitc iiiauiiatcs It «as dccld- • •d In disband for 'be season. Howcvfr iln' nipnibiMs of thi- f 'tiannlo Icani wore calli'd totrilK -r last cvi'iiinp ami ih<> team was reorcani/iil with [irac- lirally all <if tin- obi nn-nibt'is. Tti:' <;o-f>pvHK rlaiin to liavf iM ^ttcr material than 'hat whioli part ic -lpati'd in the Thaiiksfrivlni: yaine and will romf to I(da on Christinas day with the ox- pectaiioti of rarrvinc off the honors. . C. S. Nusbaum III. .Veodi'slia Sun: Thnso who wpnl to the Mcihodist <-hiiirh last nluht to hear Dr. ('. S. Nushaiiin. proHldiiiR el- jijer of this distrlrt. dellvr-r a Icrtiire- Jas annoiinced, were not only diKap- 'pointed in not heiirinc tho IcrJiiro, bill wi-n Breatly pnlnod to hoar that the elder WHK Kl'l IOIIKIV ill Hi iho Illll- 'sotiate witli a Kcvrro iitlnrk of not'- voiis piosfrailon. r>r. .ViiKbatini nrrlv- I'd ill ilio city yeslerdny nflrrnnmi. .iiiil was nol feollim well when he ROI lieie. bill tboiichi ho would bo sihlo In i |e |i-,er hlx looliiro. Ii soon booanio apparoiit. howevep, that ho was crow- lim rapidly worse, nnd a i>hyalclon Wit A railed who found him Kiifforinf; ur 'at!> with, a liicli fcvor and Hyimi- 10111-: of a srTioiis tiorvoiiK disordor. lie is si ill .1 yory sink man Imlay. and I lie dnetors says, oven If ho rallioii at 01100. it will bo Kovoral wooks bo- fore lie e ^ntako lip his work acain. A Quarantine Raised. The scarlet fovcr qiiarantino W,T: raised from the homo of ('has. Syo.s. |::i'i North Kentnrky stroot this morn•iii^ The «yi's homo has bei'n iinrler ipiaraiit iiio for about throe weeks. I Dr. Sutciiffe to Kansas City. i Dr. .1. S. Siitoliffe will co to Kans .is citv tomorrow to moot hi.*; daiicli- ter. who is eiiroiite home from .M)i- leiie whore slio has boon attV'ndiiiK sohool. j Insurance Men Here. .1. IC. .Moore and .1. B. I.owo ol Cha- iiiile. roprosontativos of fho Mutual l.lfe Insiiranoo rompany are in tho oil\ today on biislnos.s for the oom- paii>. Seel<s Blooded Cattle. V. \. Chosnoy of Kansas fily in here today looklnK ovor somo blooded .lorscy r^ittlo on tho Taylor farm. LOST IN A GREAT CITY. Friends Seek Each Other in Ida Without Avail. MlsH Muiniu Waycanip. who llvi-s in a western KaimaH town, arrlvod In lola this morninK to viMit at Mio homo of .). Troiiary, ii farrnor who lives alioiit Hovon IIIIIOH north of I lie city. .Mr. Trt-nary canin to town to im;«<t .MIsK Wayramp. ThoiiKli woll iici|iialnli'd iKdilior had socn i-arh olh- or lor many yoarn and lli<'y dbUi'l moot. If they did, lliey didn't know It. All day long ,.Mr. 'lii'imry .SOIIKIU .Misrt Waycami) without avail. Then be tiought'tho kindly pfllc-e^ of l>atrolman Htm Hlltlrcth and llio officer Is cndcaVorlnn to find .\fi;<s Waycamp and direct her to Mr. Tron ary« homo. SHE IS STILL HOPEFUL. Each of the chief or> |ant of the body ii a link in the Chain of Life. A chain ii no • trontfer than its weakest link, the body DO itronger than its weakeat nrilan. If there in weakoeii of itooiach, livar or luajs, there ia « weak link in the chain of life which may map at any time. Often thii ao-called " weakaeai" ia catiaed by lack of nutrition, the result e< weakness or diaeai* of the itomacb and other orfani of di||eatioo and nutrition. Diaeaaea and weakaetset of the tloroach and ilt allied orfant are curad by tba uie of Dr. Pierec'a Golden Medical Diacovery. When the weak or diteaacd itomacb ii cured, diaeaae* of other oriunt whieh trem remote from th« Stomach bat which have their origin in a diteaacd eoadition of the ttomaeh and other organs ol difeation and nutrition, ar« cured also. rJk« atntui maa lim» m »troni mtowmek. TMk0 the mbvre rteommand^d "Dlmeof •ry" mma torn may taf a atromg atom' acb amd a atroai body. GrvBN AWAY.—Dr. Pierce 's Common Scoie Madieai Adriaer, Mw r«via«d Edition, is sent fri* on receipt of stamps to pay •spcasa of mailing Mtly. Send 21 oM-OMt stomps for tb« book la paper cortrs, or 31 stamps for' the oloth-booad, vol.. •pif. AAjmafiT. R. V. Pi«/oe, ftHlslo; N. y> ^ lola Woman Duped, by Lover, M<iin- ' tains Faith. Tho lola woman, who. ropoi'is say. was diipod of a larpo sum of money and her affections spurned as .siMm as the money was obtained, is siiH hoiiofiil—that Iho matters will turn out all light. She seems to think that her lover will yet make .:;ood his promise. The story gfK -s that the lola woman met, through a matrimonial advertisement, a man named John .Mattison. He visited the lola woman once, ami insisted that- hasty arrangomenis IJO made to turn what property she had into money and that it bo given to him. This was done partialy at a meeting of the couple In Kansas City. Then the man in the ease de- sorted tho woman. And there the matter stands. PLAY.MATE PISHED HI.M. .Vow ilarker Ruxsell HMH a Hriiki-n Arm. .Mioiil six tnoiiths ago Marker Itii.-- sell, thi- ten year old son of .Mr. and .Mrs. Cliris Riisseli who run a boarding house at WVl 'South street, was riding a horse on West street. In some manner he tumbled off the an- inial, falling on his left arm and breakiiiR it. The fraottire mended nieely and the boy's parents were Ihinking >>ial he had reroivnd his share of bi'okon liones, for a time at !PUKI. This afternoon llnrker, who attends iho ,lefferHon sehrisl. started to pick lip his "shinny" club when Wesley Hrewer, a Hchoolmule, |)lay- fully pushed him over. Young Itussell fell on his left arm again breaking It in the same place as he did last summer. Account with Us Start an Wlien y>iii pay rash and buy n little here and a little there you novor know what it costs you to live. Open an aeroiint with us'and pay your bill every two weeks or once a month and yon know what your money goes.for. With our system we oan sell yfiii goods on two weeks or 30 days' lime at strictly cash prices. The People's Co-Operative MercanI h As^ioc'n Kentucklans Broke Into .lail, .Secured Prisoner and Curried lllm Four .Miles to Tree I'sed as .Scaffold. Do you want a Beautiful Silk Hag. 2x:! fe.'t? Up-to-date; 4fi stars; made of fine twilled silk; beautiful colors A nice Christmas present or a ma venlr for the tiome. Send Jl.fin and you will receive the Daily and Sunday Journal three months and on^ of these flags. Address THB KANSAS CITY JOURNAL. Kansas Cttv. Mo. For a .New Trfail. A motion for a new trial In the .Mooberry case was argued this afternoon in district «'oiirl, but Judge Foiist with held his deci!<ion. .VI (Kiberry sued tho lola Port'and Cement comiiany for .ippioxlmately $1 21)0 damages for loss < I the services of his son Clifford, who was Injured in the quarries, hut a Jury decided that he was not en- lil.od to recover. }'3i ||'.'!!-S^ Regtoter WAot A4t BriairResulu,. Dismiss Clary Case. The action brought liy the Clary Real estate firm of Pt, Scott to recover a commission alleged to he due tliem from J. D. .Milllgaii was dismlsn- ed today. The constant dropping water wears away the hardest stone. The constant gnaw of Towser maitl- cates the toughest bone, The constant wooing lover earrit* awar th# bluihlBg maid, And tka Ctnitant AdriiitlMr to Mt. HSC ^emVtoo^A'sSatlon to' MIIRnFRFR MOBBED V. H. Grennell, lot 140, section B. | lflUI#l#UU Mount Hope cemetery. Frank S. Ix^slle and Hattle E. ix-s- lle to T. M. Slack and A. C. Slack, lola. the east one-half of lot 12. block 2!», Northrup'H re-survey of .lones' ad- dlHon to loin, except 1 feet of the east one-half of lot 13. fonsldora- tion 11300. M. Troutwine to IM. M. Troiitwlne, south one-half of northwest ono-foiirih. 5-3t-1R. Consideration »lono. .John Decker and .1. Decker to O. C. Decker, lots 12-i;M4-ir> and 1«. block «, EJlaraore. Consideration 1800. Frank P. Lindsay and wife to N. E. Wtood. lot 4. block 14. Brooklyn Park. Consideration I.IOO. John Sfclnbach and wife to Frank Dye. lot 1.. block fi. Tola, and lot 19, block 2, in Twiss's addition to lola. Consideration $700. V. B. Richardson in Town. V. B. Richardson, of Savonburg. a brother of ex-Sheriff ffenry A. Rich ardson, was in town fo<Iay on business. State Drew Money. Tho state drew $4,092 of its funds in the Allen county treasurer's office today. Kvery mouth or two the state treasurer calls on the county treasurers for money to meet the" state's exi> The sum drawn today is about the usual amount. Continue Settles Case. The case of l.ufy Settles vs. John Settles, an action for alimony, was today continued until the next term of court. Settle Brisko Case. The case of Casper Brisko vs Josephine Baca, a suit to recover approximately $1200. was settled today by a payment of lllOu. Ix«xlnglon. Ky.. Dec. 17.—Klnier Mill charged with the murder of .Maiiiio Woninck. lit years old, In Adair ooiin- ty, was dragged from the Jail at .Mon tlcello, Wayne county, last night aiul carried four miles to ( Vvr-V. and Iheic hanged to a tree. The bodv was discovered this morning by a pa-;- serby. ILLINOIS CORN $121,160,615. Acreage in State During 1908 Crop Year, 6,780,500. Springfield, III., Dec. 17.—Tli" 111 inois crop rejiort. Issued today liy the .«tate board of agriciilfiire, show:; a i:. per cent decrease in the acreage ol wheat .ind the condition of tho grow ing crop Decemt)or 1 at 71 ix-r ceni. Corn acreage was ti.TSit.r.nn arros. a V ))or cent decrease oyer 10i>Tr The to tal corn crop of .the state this'yoiir was 2i:'.,36fi.fi21, with a total valiio of $121,160,615. Try a Register Want A.-;. Shivrly Looks for Peace. D. .M. Shivelv, acting president of the National .-Xssociation of Minor iH^agiies. ended a lively <;e.; sion in .New York, returned home yesterday. "Doc." is one or the Ieador=! of the .=:o-called "microbes"—minor leagues that do not care to wear the Tcbeau yoke—and he says that the National association was royally treat ed by the National commission, the .\merican and .National league. Ilo also intimates that the secessionists— Tebeau. Powers et al.—were forced t'l dine on crow from the start to the—Kansas City Times. 'Tlmmmld''A9iUohlu 'Tis equally true that "A Christmas Present Bousbt Harly will save you Lois of Worry." Lefller, the Jeweler

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