The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 13, 1963 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 7

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1963
Page 7
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"*•* - - i'f'^ ^5 y*vc'--« Ann Landers Wife's Childish; You Be Grownup ttear Ann Landers: T h r e e months after our marriage my wife and 1 had a spat. She said, "I'm sorry;," That wis 20 years ago and she has never uttered those words since. I have to be the one to give in, right or wrong. If I refuse, she turns on the ice and I get the silent treatment. This can go on for days and even weeks. Finally I decided life in a deepfreeze isn't worth it, so I apologize, even though [ know she is in the wrong. She moved into the guest room on N e w Am Year's Day and has been there ever since. She says she'll move back when I apologize. We have two children, no money worries, no drinking problem, and no pesty in-laws. I've never looked at another woman, although there are times when I wonder why. Is it possible I've been right only once in 20 years? What do you suggest? — ETERNALLY WRONG. Dear Eternally: I suggest that it would be nice if there were at least one adult in your family. Since your wife is operating at an 11-year-old level why don't you be the grown up? She knows when she's right and when she's wrong. If two little words can thaw the deep-freeze, say 'em, for heaven's sake. . . . don't just stand there and shiver! Dear Ann Landers: Our son is 19. He is in college and making fairly good grades. During Christmas holidays May Bard went to visit his girl friend who lives in another city. While there he called and announced that he had given her a ring and wanted us to meet the girls' family. When we got there we were shocked to see the ring was actually a wedding bind with two rows of diamonds. My husband hastened to inform Maynard that the "engagement" ring was actually • wedding band. Maynard said his girl didn't like the conventional engagement rings so they decided on the band. Now, how do we explain this ring to our friends? It looks to all the world as if they are married. Maynard did not react well to his father's criticism and says we are making a big flap over nothing. Are we?— M AND D. Dear M and D: If Maynard and his fiancee don't care for conventional engagement rings they probably don't care what conventional people say. Make no apologies to your friends for the girl's ring. You neither have to defend nor explain your son's "taste." Dear Ann Landers: I'm a high school student 17 years of age. A few weeks ago I had an acci dent in my mother's car. No one was injured but the repair bill was $50. My parents are making me pay the damages which I think is fair, but I don't like the way they wanl to do it. I get an allowance of $4 a week They want to take out $2 a week which would leave me poverty- stricken. I wouldn't have a spare nickel. I want to pay the repair bill with money from my bank ac count. This money has been pu away for my future education. '. would return the $50 to the bank account when I go to work thi summer. My parents have agreet Club Forecast KIWANIQOBENB, Mrs. John Humerlckhouae RTCTU, Free Methodist Church, 9 p.m. BCH Club, Mrs, Frank Wuckowltsch JOROPTIMlflTS, noon luncheon WTCOFF Community, Mrs. Herbert Dowdy VFW AUXILIARY PRINCETON W8CS WHITE SHRINK . • to abide by your decision. What do you say, Ann?—CRASH Dear Crash: You're going to hate me but your parents are right. Punishment is useless if it imposes no burden. The alternative which you have dreamed up for yourself is too painless. Take your lumps like a good kid. Confidential to Hooked Up Kate: Rejection is not the only reason a young girl would seek the affection of an older man. Sometimes it is a case of Papa worship. Are your parents too strict? You can benefit from the experiences of thousands of teenagers if you write for Ann Landers' book let, "How To Live With Your Parents," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope. The Baby Has Been Named The son born March 8, to A-3 and Mrs. John F. Masenthin, at Bergstrum AFB Hospital, Aus tin, Tex., has been named Randy John. He weighed 6 lb., 5V& oz. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Albert Masenthin, RFD 1 and Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Adams, Par sons. Kitchen Item Tired of cleaning the tiny holes in a garlic crusher? Equip your kitchen with a porcelain mortar and pestle. A small-size mortar is about three inches in diameter, has a match-size pestle and both are easy to wash. Ladies Of GAR Meet Princeton Circle No. 33, Ladies of G.A.R., voted $1 for the department journal's project at the meeting Tuesday in Princeton city hall. After a potluck dinner Mrs. Goldie Walden conducted business, Mrs. Byron Robison gave devotions and Mrs. Oma Roberts directed the patriotic ritual. Plans were made to bring articles to the next meeting for the department thrift sale. Mrs. Harlan Cannady was given a past president's pin in recognition of two years of service. Members brought cookies, carpet rags, puzzles and magazines for Wadsworth VA Hospital and reported 34 visits and 11 cards sent to ill and shut-in members. The charter was draped in mem- oiy of Mrs. Lucy McGiimis. Cooking 9 s Fun SATURDAY LUNCH If eggs aren't on the breakfast menu, it's a nutritious idea to feature them for lunch! Canadian Creamed Eggs Buttered Toast Spinach Fruit Gealtin Beverage CANADIAN CREAMED EGGS 6 eggs 2 cups well-seasoned hot medium white sauce 2 tablespoons drained capers Pimiento strips or paprika Hard-cook eggs; shell; slice crosswise using an egg slicer if you have one. Add sliced eggs to hot white sauce with capers; reheat. Serve over crisp buttered toast and garnish with pimiento or sprinkle with paprika. Makes 4 to 6 servings. Our Own Special Frosty Malts SELECT DAIRY 1020 N. Main CH 2-1607 Hints From Heloise Don't Disturb Busy Mom With Gossip By HELOISE CRUSE )ear Heloise: Please pass this timesaving, and helping hint along to young mothers: To "would-be telephoners": From 12 to 3:00 p.m. is a time when children are usually taking naps, and when busy mothers try to catch up on back work, read, or take a rest. How many times have you been interrupted by a friend who phones to pass •he time of day or talking about i e r problem? with the chi! dren? Most gals look foreward to this time in the afternoon alone and don't wish to spend the afternoon on the telephone. So, please be a friend and sign yourself up for the "Twelve-to- Three Club," and make phone calls at other times of the day. Your friends will love you for it. Mother of three Dear Heloise: Here is a tip for making delicious gelatin desserts: Use half water and half soda pop of the same flavor as the dessert you are using. Dissolve the gelatin in the hot water then add the soda pop, quickly put your dessert in the refrigerator Helms* and it becomes quite Try it. yummy. Wow. Ben Marcus is this ever good! Heloise Dear Heloise: to Here is a thoughtful thing do for elderly friends who can still sew a little, but whose eyesight isn't quite up to threading needles easily: Thread several needles at a time on a spool that is used often. When a length of thread is drawn from the spool with the first needle, and the thread cut off, the be pushed back along the thread until needed. Mrs. P.E. Dear Heloise: For the small tubes of ointment, etc., which clutter up a medicine cabinet so easily, I use a small glass dish such as is used for leftovers in the refrigerator. The dish takes up less space and the cabinet looks better organized. Faithful Reader Dear Heloise: When lengthening little girls' dresses I use rick rack braid or DRAKE'S BAKERY For Rolls-Donuts-Pies and all other bakery products a lace insertion along the original hem line, stitching on each edge to strengthen the original fold and also to hide it. It looks pretty, too. Gilberta Brown Dear Heloise: Every time I buy a toilet seat cover. . . it seems as if the piece of twine which ties it on, either gets broken or gets lost in the hem. What can we do with the covers, besides discarding them? Mary Dear Mary: You can go to a dime store and buy an extra long shoe lace. Cut the tip of the shoe lace off on one end and stick a safety pin through it. Fasten the pin to the lace and use it as a threader to run back THE OTTAWA HERALD Wednesday, March 13, 19M through the little hem itself. This will have to be done about two inches at a time depending on the size of your safety pin. However, here's what I did to mine: Instead of using bias tape or shoe laces. . . I used narrow elastic! After running the elastic through the hem I Just' tie a knot in it and presto. I don't have any more strings to hang» knots to tie, or broken threads. Also the elastic helps hold the cover in place. Helois* Thought for today: Dear Heloise: * My motto is "If some praise is due him," now is the time to slip it to him, for he cannot read his tombstone when he is dead. Jean Horack Dear Heloise: > Half the confusion — especial ly on Sunday mornings — has been cut at our house by the installation of a clock in our bathroom. It is wonderful how much less noise has resulted; it does away with dilly-dallying in the tub, shower, and hair-combing! Each member of the family Ms limited to a set time. Mrs. A.G.P. Soft Block Kid Poine's Bootery /Vonf To Win A... FREE Smorgasbord Dinner? You May, If You Come to the SMORGASBORD at... North American Hotel Coffee Shop Every Wednesday - 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. (An Extra Fine One This Week) Call Fern or Bruce for group Reservations. CARPET CLEARANCE Entire Slock Included •• We're clearing our racks to make way for "63 patterns, 100% All Wool Carpet Hi-Low Loop -- Rubberized back •Close Woven -- Long Wearing. Was 4.95 C*% ftft Sq.Yd. NOW *i°° ** Sq. Yd. 12x12 Size at this &AL AQ Low Price now only 9"V.VO or 1.25 wk. 100% IBSS? Nylon Easily cleaned — Long wearing - Heavy rubberized backing. ^"Yd 95 NOW $*%**Sq.Yd. ^ O**^ O OvnA *»4- 4-V*«a 4^^ £ ^fe ^^^fe iixii size at tnis C^%7 OR Low price now only ^QA.VQ or 1.25 wk. 1 Roll YOlir 1 Roll • n^PVV . • ^^^ VHV * «»^«w 100% Nylon Choke 100 ° /0 Wocl Both are fine quality Carpets-Choice of silver grey or wood rose colors. .^Ah ^IH ^^k ^^^ ^Sq! Yd 95 NOW 5^00 5^ Y(L ™T 12x12 Size at this COO AQ Low Price now only 9OO.VO or 1.50 wk. 2 100% Nylon Deep cut pile -- All nylon - Deep luxurious soil resistant nylon-Heavy Wilton type back too - Famous Croft Mills "Classic" Pattern. W., .0.95 NOW SJ 88*,. Y<| . 1 12x12 Size at thus CO4 AQ 1 Low Price now only 9*^«UO or 1.50 wk. 12x15 Size this Carpet Reg. 99.99 57.60 Save 41.40 12x15 Size this Carpet Reg. 119.00 77.60 Save 41.40 12x15 Size this Carpet Reg. 139.00 97.60 Save 41.40 12x15 Size this Carpet Reg. 219.00 117.60 Save 101.40 12x18 This Carpet Reg. 118.80 69.12 Save 49.68 12x18 This Carpet Reg. 142.80 93.12 Save 49.68 12x18 This Carpet Reg. 166.30 117.12 Save 49.68 12x18 This Carpet Reg. 262.80 141.12 Save 121.68 Wool 12x15 Size this Carpet Reg. 159.00 99.00 Save 60.00 Wearing Carpet - Popular beige and brown 118.80 12x12 Size at this Low Price now only $79.20 or 1.50 wk. 100% Nylon Plushcroft Carpet I" deep plush clipped nylon - Heavenly for bedrooms -- Soft textured Lovely beige color. w « '-' 5 NOW $ A 95 Sq. Yd. m+ Sq. Yd. Heritage 100% Nylon - Continuous Filament -• Wilton back - Dimensional Pattern. Was 9.95 MOW Sq.Yd. NOW *r* ww Sq.Yd. 12x12 Size at this Low Price now only $120.08 or 1.75 wk. Bontoville Premium quality all wool carpet-Famous National Brand - The deepest all wool Carpet in our line and our customers favorite - Heavy Wilton back-Beautiful neutral beige color. Was 9.95 Sq. Yd. NOW 112x12 Size at this [Low Price now only $127, S<|. Yd. or 1.75 wk. 12x15 Size this Carpet Reg. 179.00 99.00 Save 80.00 12x15 Size this Carpet Reg. 199.00 137.60 Save 61.40 12x15 Size this Carpet Reg. 199.00 157.60 Save 41.40 12x18 This Carpet Reg. 214.80 118.80 Save 96.00 12x18 This Carpet Reg. 238.80 165.12 Save 73.66 Pay Nothing Down-Then Only $5 to $10 each month ($1.25 to $2.50 each week)

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