Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1907
Page 6
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•3-.-: Why not a Battenburg Sc9.rf ? We have a larsce line, and at prices that are very tempting. We have a special lot of-bargains for your inspection to-morrow. Battenburg Scarfs and Sqiiare« values up to $1,.30: oa sale for 95d White Quilts crocheted i>at- Urna; full standard sizes. $l.r>0 Values on sale for 9.1^- White Ltnen Safin DaniasK flolsh Scarts and Sunarcs, val- aea up to $3.50. • On-sale for GOt* All Dolls at bargain prices, one lot at 10<? and another at "iot Art Poster Calenders, grouped In three lots: Lot 1, \-alucs tip JO 2r )C. on sale for ; 10* Ixif 2. values up to 50c. on sale for 2.1^ Lot 3. values up lo 9."!c. on sale for QTit Choice of auy fancy riblwn In the house, value;* up to $1.2r,; yar^ for .1J)<^ Huy her a Glove Certificate for a present, (jloves can be ntted any time. , One lot of Rasel Rnck Pictures, just wiuU you've been waifiUK for. Clioico ot the lot l .^C* One lot of line Linen Cloths and Napkins: cloths forniorly sold at $4.00 und %'iM\ napkins sold at $,1.r.O dozen. Choice ot the lot $*>..•$."» Ladles' Odd CoBtsI Ladies'Odd Coats at about half pnce; heavy selling has caused the accumnJa tlon of a good many odd coats, esi)ecially in the better qualities. We have grouped all the odd coals together and you'll be surprised at the value In these garments. Wo quote Juat a few prices to give you an Idea of the reduction on them. We have a few black coats, silk braid trimmed satin lined yoke, cuBs broadcloth sonil-littod, the iireltiestfitting coat you ever saw; but wc have just a few odd sizes left and you ran h:ivc your clioicc for $11.25 WIM COATS $2^ Children's Sample Coats In blue, red ,and green, mixe.l plaids and stripe-^. The.-^e Coats uer. ni;nje rerall -n $5.00 and $7.50. but they are sample^ an In perfpct I'ts:;- duu:!, rotii-; ili.n yep .irl;.-.;.r Hllil l'->'." ill.; >v.'. ;. i)Xi\\ will s <?II tht-m ;i. ...582.8.1 .. .fapaiu-s-:' A 'uste Pa^er Rashets at i)!;r -ha!; r:'''e. <,i ,„, l,-J)iC,',.' ill .,10^ >! •'• i:.v win he 75c Ladles Oxford Bow Neck Tics in blue, red and broxitn. Price 10 <S Fancy Back Combs, a 50c value in dark color, gilt trimmed and set with brlUiauta. Special price 27x54 Velvet Rugs, worth up to $1.75 Choice of the lot Jiil.iO One,lot of 2uc Pillow Tops, three patterns, to select from. Choice of the lot 96 Ladies' Jersey F'leece Lined Leg:'ins, jiart buttons; price 756 Full button length 81.00 Ladies 7 or 10 button length Gaiters In black; all sizes; price 256 Christmas Bells, made of red tissue paper 5. 15. 20 and 2.56 One lot of I.adies' Grey Plaid Coats loose fitting, well trlnimed, a splendid Coat for young ladies' school wear; not a one in the lot but what Is worth more than donlile the price asked for tbem but they are odd numbers and if you need a good coat at a small price don't ouerlook the>c. Choice S3.85 2."c and ?,'tc l.ace Collars in white, the best line of Ijxce Collars wc have ever shown at theso prices. Choice of the lot during this sale 156 Legglns for Children, black fleece lined, full button length, all sizes from 6 to 13 years. Price 506 Children's Underwear in cream, or gre.v. all sizes in some styles; choice ot the lot • 196 Men's Pongenette Imitation Silk Handkerchiefs with embroidered initial, all letters; price 106 Children's Grey Itnlon Suits; values u|) to C.'.e. Choice of the lot IJ96 Cnivpnelte Cootx at Kwluced Prices. $7.50 Rain Coats reduced to ..)M.7.5 $in.iio Rain Coats reduced to iit .5.8.5 $IL '..'ii) Kain Coats reduced to ^"i.Ki $15.01) Rain Coats reduced to ij;8.98 $20.00 Rain Coals reduced to )i (l2.7.5 $25 and 27.50 Itaiu Coats to $15.85 $3J'>0 Rain Coat» for $1.19. Children's Rain Coats in all sizes; choice of the lot $1.19 ncautlful Lace Robes in white, blue, brown and black; semi-made, trimmed with ribbon and lace. Prices from $8.50 TO .$25.00 $12.50 Odd Coats in brown on sale for $7.S.'.. These coals have satin lined yokes braid and velvet trimmed, very neatly finished and up to date in every respect. You can have choice ot three patterns in these for... $7.85 • $S ..W Black Melton Cloth braid and velvet trimmed, full length, loose lit- ' ting, an e.xcci>tional value at regular price; buy tbem in this sale at'i (5.35 Ladies' Ixjng Black Chiffon Broad- • cloth Coats, tight fltting. This style : coat is a simple tailored garment, but an extra nice piece of cloth; a $20.00 -.1 value on sale for $13.7.'5 $'i5.00 Chihon Broadcloth, Loose- fitting Coat In black, broad Gibson shoulder, elaborately trimmed with silk braids. Buy it during this sale for $26.85 German Blanket Lounging Robes in red. green, pink and blue, cord girdle fashion, trinmied with satin rttibon; regular price $6.00. On sale.. $4.85 FEW SUaOESnONS FOR CHRISTMAS OIFTS For the Ladles Sirk tv :i!,t I'.if.iM r -.i-,i S." :'f> $9 WjiiM Silh. T''-.'!-; U) S'i r.liU'i, Sil'K I.T S'Mlts. YnrJ. 1,.,.,. i ',r >C to $2 fur.-. ? at;.! H,.;.;- M .-iii '.J.-iC lo ST^IO . n-;:-. -•:i<-t> u.i 'i.le "o Kill C 'ov.. :..;;!, . . ... $1 io .SI If yon (ii.n'i .;.re lo buy the lUoves wt i.siiie .uluve certificates ^nd the lady cau have the gloves fit''at any time. Fur trimmed SMppers from $1 to $2 r.iiif> House or Dancing Slippers from $1 to $13.50 Umbrellas from 756 to $10 Fancy Back Combs from .. 256 ,$10 Fancy'Bead Necklaces. ', Pronj 156 $2.25 Jet Necklaces from.. 756 to $3.50 Fancy Belt Buckles ymoi 256 to $1.75 Feather Boas From $2.25 to $10..50 Fan* Jrom 106 tp $5 Fancy Box Stationery at box ..-506 Hand painted and Burned Leather 'Qoods, all are souvenirs of .lola. Prices from $1.95 to $15 Burned Leather and Lithographs of Indians presentable as souvenirs of lolai. Prices range .IrcMn 256 to $2.25 Fancy Collars from 256 to $1, LwHes Fine Shoes ....... $2 to. $5 AH Post Calendars from 106 to 986 gandlterchlefs from j 56 to ^$6 . >Brlwne8 from ....... 106 to 056 Rmcy Hose from . ..,. 256 to $2...'>0 'Knit Underwear from ... 256 to, $3 Mi|8lin -Undurwear garments • -JProm i 256 to $7i50 IIJM Net Robes froni $7.50 to $25 Fora from $1.95 to $37;.'>0 Pur Coata from \.. $9 to $lOO Fine Dress Skirts From $5 to $I7..'iO Ladles' Ix)ng Coats From $5 to $37..10 Fine Tiiiorcd Suits from $15 to $(M) '>ivprii«tted-Rntn Coats I'roni $7.50 to $2T..">0 V . ii! Kril! Scarfs I r li 656 to .S3..'0 V n' VnRcinators from .. 2.56 to $:$ • Sln^vI.•. from.. $1.25 to $.3.50 S , Scarfs from .. $1.25 to $3.50 r.lrlc Gloves from .... 256 to 656 White Quilts from $1 to $5 Table IJnen Patterns from $2 to $10 Lunch-C'.olhs from. 796 to $2..50 Dresser Scarfs from 256 to $3.50 Fancy Doilies from .... 396 to $6 Fine Linen Towels ... 256 to $1 Table Linen from . .. 256 to $2.'50 Draep -Veils from 756 to $5 36x72 inch Japanese Matting Rugs in beautiful Oriental Patterns; special at 7.16 9x12 ibre Rugs in red. green and tan a beautiful Rug for bed room. Price $12..?0 Couch Covers in Tapestries and Silk Pile Velvets. Bagdad, Roman stripes and Oriental Patterns, all colors. Prices range from $1.50 to $10 For the Men Suit Cases from.. $1.50 to $9..'>0 Handkerchiefs from ... lOe? to 506 Leather Traveling lingH From $1.25 to $0.50 Japanese Waste Paper ll;isknls From 386 to 756 Handkerchiefs from .. 10© to .lOt* Sik Mufflers .... $1.25 to $1.75 Slippers 6o6 to $2.00 $10.00 Hand Embroidered Japanese Screens, size 80 by 66 Inches, four wings; on sale for $G.7«5 $5.00 Hand Embroidered Japanese Screens, size 60x66 inches; on sale for : $4.65 $4.50 Hand Embroidered, four wing Screens, size 52x54 Inches; on sale for $2.85 $1.25 Sllkoline Covered Oak Frame, Three Wing Screens, size 48x60 inches; on sale for 956 27x54 inch Rugs, imitation Orientals made with heavy fringe, in rich subdued coirs. Price $4 Dainty White Bohbinet Lace Curtains ill sill length, trimmed with lace or chevron braids and edges. Prices $1.25 to $1.95 Shiraz RUKS. something new. made in two qilalities $15 and $20 LAIMK.S" F.IX'K IMXDKERCHIKFS. I'alu Cambric '.-i-inch hemstitched, plain or oml>roidercd corners ...56 Plain Cambric V* inch hemstitched, also cnibroideied designs 106 Fancy Clieck and Plaid Drawn Work corners '106 Fancy Check and Eml)roidered 12'»6 Plain Linen sher or medium weight, >i Inch hem. also unbleached linen embroidered edge or hemmed; a large collection to select from. Price 1,56 Vi Inch Hem Swiss Embroidered border or beading border. Price 206 Swiss »4 inch hem. checked border or embroidered border, lace trimmed edges, fifteen jiatterns to select from. Price 2.56 Fancy Checked Patterns and Embroidered edges. Price 356 Tapestry Portieres in green, red and tans, stripes duplex patterns and all over designs, fringe, cord or braid trimmed, the elegant line of curtains In the country Pair $2.50 to $20 9x12 Japanese Rugs, all over patterns: special price $5 f»xl2 ingrain Rugs in all coirs Kr-m $(» to $12..'>0 HxlL' Fibre Rugs in red. blue and tans. Price $12.50 Bm Sure mad peon Time Siorw 9P9B Even' ImgmWimfier Xmmm. ForChildrefl Dolls from 106 to $5 Teddy Bears from.... $1 to $G..50 Puss In Boots '01.50 Bear Skin Coats From $2.50 to 89.50 Caps from 256 to 956 Christmas Cards from 136 to 156 Children's Fine Shoes i Kro m $1.25 to $3 Children's House Slippers at 856 and $1 Children's Fur Sets From '$2.50 to $6.75 Children's Underwear From 256 to $1.50 K Teddy Bear Umbrellas and Cane $1.50 » Children's Rubber Boots at $1.50 to $1.75 FAXCl' DOILIES. If you wish to pease a lady nothing would come so near as fancy work. Round Battenburg Doilies From 2.56 to $2..50 Square Battenburg Doilies From 1,56 to $,'^.50 Drawn Work Dollies from 2.16 to $3 Round Mount Mcllick Dollies Fnmr 256 to $6 Square .Mount Mellick Doilies From 656 to $3 : Fancy Pillow Tops finished From 256 to $.5 I*iundry Bags from . . 656 to $1.7a SiipiHjr Bags from .... 75* to 956 Brush Bacs from 356 to 656 Duster Ita.cs from 2.56 to 6.56 Cross Stitch Covers $1.7.5 to $3..50 Teiierlffo Doilies to 6i»6 Real Cluiiy Round Dollies 6.56 to $.5 Toilet guipure Dolly '. $2.25 • Irish Point DolHes ..... 6.56 to $3 . Kjelet Doilies 256 and 396 Fancy Embroidery Scissors ;. 506. 656 and 756

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