Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1907
Page 5
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•i'-'-mk Tier"' CentlliMMsr' ~ .THB .Bfianarcjv Fwtlantf cement ~ eomptny .whose' pluit ift beins erJ9ct- ed'at Hamboldtia movlns Its general , f^ces from 'WSehlu to Somboldt, Br. WIII(V* OmUrt. liBAVmPWIOltTH is fitUI dl^assing the comuisalon- plan of city ^Teru- <nBht The; third petffion calling for the Bpecial eleetlon is being passed. City Attorney Ji H. Wendorf. brother of City Clerk C3. Bl Wbndorf. of this city, is now verifying the names of the petition. Phone Cigars in Christmas Boxes. 62^ and have them delivered. THOSB who go to Channte'jChrist- tnaa Day to witness the Cfaanate- V7;(t8hbum Igame. will have an opportunity to see (%Iet Bender, the famous Indian pitcher, of the Philadelphia Athletics, According to the State' Journal. Cause Delay Ought to Presents Buy. Precious Time Does Fly! 'Till To-morrow Wait, One Day is Too Late. Duties Never Shirk, Accomplish All, and to the Clerk, l^ou Will Yule-Tide Pleasures Work Wow Time is Do Not Even e t XJ s Mistletoe at Get yonr Holly add Evfing & Burdlck's. lIRS. E. A. Smith and son Brooks left this morning for Tola where they will spend - Christmas with Mr. and jf^. Bert Taylor., Mr. Taylor Is now owner of a restaurant in lola.—Ottawa Herald. • V .4;ifC ;Hm F. I. WnAi DflSlM. Tkvm IS. OJ|ke «nr BirrdPa Drag Stm I I. —— HISS QUBO Sutton returned- Monday from a two weeks' visit wi^ rel- atlTes In lola—LaCygne Journal: . BIG OI8GOUMT on all HOUOMY QOOOS - JPowell. the real estate man. has a thousand dollars to loan on.farms at'a reasonable rate. G. W. FOSTER and wife went to 1 lola Friday fo ra visit with their sod, E:mdiett and family.—^LaCygne Jour- 1 nal. ; "ITSFORLiniEDEE" Little Orphan Boy's^Santa Claus Letter Answered. Xe. Fac, SanU Fe and M.X AT. Watch Inspectors. S. to Get your Sanitol now. as this is your last chanpe to get $2.70 worth Iq^II.-. Deal, closes December'Slst, J.iD. Mundls &Co^ The Emory Stock companj at the S.''*»?%1tspatrick and Mrs. W. ^'"''^^^ -.-i-. Qulgg went to lola today at noon Mwigpnhpr Ha*, win ;,... nx. i . spend Sunday.-Chanute Sun. n^r^SA\VX'l!:;%Si'X Get yuor Christmas Cigars at Mun -|S *th '"ffesteA.*uSloM^" dis as he handles all the leading' **'*™ ^^"'^'^ ' MISS CARRIE Clotfelter came MRS. R. Dove and Frank Dove went tbrUomZs^'^^u^'^^^^^^ to lola this afternoon. • • • G. W. AN ,^ th her parents In this cock made a business trip to lola this Cherryvale Republican, afternoon. • • • Mrs. Mattle Kylo and children arrived from lola this afternoon to visit Mrs. Grant Spears. * • • kU^JaMMatJEtHMtenade a flying trip to lola last night on the Oil Flyer, re- tui'nlng on the plug.—Chanute Tribune. Mundia has the Candy for Christ mas presents; the finest on the mark et and fresh from the factory. If you i^eed a farm loan come and see us. We can get yoiir money In two days. The Bedwell-Ray Realty^ Co. LEWIS Stewart went to lola this afternoon to visit his sister, Mrs. Roy Grlswold.—Chanute Tribune. i • Pipes of all descriptions at Brown's Smoke House, Bast Side. Plenty of money to loan on farms Other companies have quit but we are still doing business. The BedwcU Ray Realty Co. SHERIFF CO. nollinger is In Kan sas City today. It Is said he went there in connection with the Wheaton case. riiristmas Trees at Ewlng & Bnr- dick's. \ AN IOL.A student has been victim ized l)y some unknown miscreant who forged his name to two checks. The student who has a bank account must expect accidents of various kinds.— Emporia Gazette. Xnnm Shopping Come tonlifl^t for ycur CHristtnas Sboppine. Ybu will have a better "Merry Minstrel Maids" Bachelor seleSonthaniwhen the stocks, are JJreefioTnTro ^cems.'''""' broken. ^OieBaftlaytSfields. THE STOBK'THAT 8ATI8FIK8. Four choice mi'k cows, three horses, harness and wagon will be sold Saturday at the feed yard, con; mcnclng at 2 o'clock sharp. Chas. Bishop. Great Reduction Of Prices on , ChristmasQoods MISSES ILA and Vera Manners left last evening for lola. Miss Vera will go to Toronto from lola to spend week with friends.—Garnett News. Improved acre tract on Electric Itae for sale on terms. Call phone 1050. BORN, to Mr. Ewing yesterday. and Mrs. Richard a daughter. Brush and tk>mb Sets, Military ernsh Sets, Hand Painted China and many ot^er articles. 26 to 40 per cent off. Come and investigate. -Beautiful Calendar Plates for 1908 given away Eat anything you like and when you like It, but take a Mi-o-na stomach tablet first to strengthen the stomach and prevent Indigestion. 50c a box. Nothing If It falls. Charles n. Spencer. at 'S MR. .1. C. nURDICK. of Chicago Is here the guest of bis son, W. S. Burdlck. Mr. Burdick has been on a trip to Texas where he enjoyed slrawberrios at 10c a quart. Free dirt at Luccocfc's. FELL FROM STREET CAR. Iria B #iess CoUeg I Mra. Mary Harrfson, Colored. Slipped on Car Step and Fell. Bookkeaplag; tbgUah. Fhyaieal Cnl- ti|ini. ate Sbo^hand. Lattar Wrltlas. POLAR BEAR fiOtiR HM Stood tbcTckt BccMlt III tlbe Best Accc|»f No Other ' Win. CMbtfdoc^ A^lt. Mrs. Mary Harrison, colored, slip- pert from 1 street car step last Saturday evening ss she was returning to her home in Bassett, injuring herself verj' severely. She struck her back in such a way as to Inflict what is believed to be serious Injuries. She Is some better today, however. RAIN STOPS DRILLING. The Recent Inclement -Weather Prevents Work on City Gat Wells. Because of the bad weather. It has been necessary for the drillers who are working for the city to quit work. Work wl!l probably be resumed this evening. The city has two rigs run ning at the present time. H - « ^. .... Phone 621 for Christmas Cigars delivered to all carts of the citr. LItt'c De<?, the motherless boy at the Orjjbans' Home, who has asked Santa Claus to give him a horn for Christmas, is to have his heart's de sire. Saturday morning, a bright eyed bouyant spirited lad ruslied Into the Shields Shoe Store, carrying a horn ne^ly wrapped up. and exclaimed, "This is for JJttle Dee." The little orphan boy will not be happier when he receives the pres- enf than was the donor of the gift The giver had read in the Regist.r that little D3e wanted a horn for the show he was organizing at the Homo and so he opened his Tianrj and empti ec! it of the pennies he had hoarded for months, to make the little orphan boy bappv'. The customers In th store turned from their trading catch a glimpse of the lad who show e<l the true Christmas spirit in making glad the heart of an unfortunate little boy. REV. J.W. LOVE DEAD FATHER OF MRS. HARNISH VICTIM OF HEART DISEASE. Was Well Known Here, Having Lived Here One Year. to KEGISTER .\D.S P.VY. One for Saturday's Paper Bronght InsUnt Resnlt. It would be nilshty hard for anyone to convince Carl Peter.son that ads in the Register don't bring results. Friday evening he wrote the Register a letter telling of bis wants for Christmas. The letter was put in t.vpe that night for the Saturday issue, but brought results before the metal had hardly cooled, in the ."ibape of a robust son. In his letter Carl asked for every thing ancr he is now convinced that h? has everything. Mr. Petersoti's letter to the Register was as follows: Dear Santa: I Ij.ino gude iiltlo Swede boy. I try to banc gudc feller to everyl)0dy all the time. I want everything you can spare. GARL.IE PETERSON. P. S.—Plese give me a printin' press what aint busted. He DOn.V TICE STILL .MISSING. Will Procter Is Home—Sajs Knows Xothhig. Up to noon today the ofllccrs have not learned; the whereabouts of Dora Tice who ran away from Mrs. "H. G. Morgan's residence at 210 North Chest nut, last Friday night where she was being kept until she could be sent to the Industrial School for Girls at He- lolt, Kansas. They have watched every train and have sent word to ad- Joining towns to watch for her but ail efforts have availed nothing. Will Crocker, brother-in-law of the girl who was believed to have accompanied her, is homo and s.i.vs that he knows nothing of her whereabouts. POOR COXJIISSIO.XER KXAPP ILL. Soffered an Attack of Heart Tronble While at Woric ThU Xoming. Poor Commissioner William Knapp took suddenly ill while attending his duties at the court bouse this morning. He suffered an attack of heart trouble. His condition is not thought to l)e serious. ij • • Mr. Knapp has not l>een well for some time. He was quite ill Saturday. The Kansas City papers today con tain an account of the death of Rev J. W. I.ove, father of Mrs. L. C. Harnish. of this city. Rev. I>ove's death occurred at Columbus Junction, Oh:o, wHere he was acting as pastor. Reverend. Love was a resident of Tola several years ago, being associated with Malcolm Hughes in the Insurance business for a yaar and afterwards with Mr. Geo. E. Nicholson. Mrs. Hamish Is already at Kansas City at the home of Rev. Love, where she has been for about six weeks. Rev. Hamish went «p this afternoon to be present at the funeral which will tike place tomorrow. The Kansas City Times has the following report of his death: Wbrd was received here yesterday morning of the dsath of the Rev. J. W. Txive, 74 years old, in Columbus June tlon, Ohio. Mr. Love was formerly pastor of the St Paul's Reformed church of this city. He went to Colum bus Junction last September to as Kumc the temporary pastorate of a church and died Saturday of heart disDase. Mr. Ijove was bom In Han over. Pa., and came to Kansas City from Wichita, Kas., seven years ago. He leaves a widow, Mrs. Sophoria C. Love, and four daughters—Mrs. W. M. Montgomery, Mrs. L. R. Hassig, Miss Grace Love, of this city, and Mrs. L. C. Harnish, of lola, Kans. Funeral services are to be he:tf at three o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the home in Mount Wbshington. Burial .-. to bo in Mount Washington cemetery. WILL TEACH IN KANSAS. Miss Hallie Irving Has Accepted Position In Kansas City, Kas.. Schools. Sheriff C. O. Bollinger had an ex- dtlng .'experience on the train at Ar- gentlneJSaturday night. Mr. Bollinger bad been to Kansas City in connection with the Wheaton case. After he had. be^ on the train a short time out of Kansas City, the conductor, who knew the sheriff, came Into the car and asked him to come Into a rear car and quiet two men who were quarreling. The sheriff acquiesced at once. On his arrival at, the scene of the dispute, he found the men on the point of fighting. When he asked them to be quiet, one of them more or less under the Influence of liquor, cursed blm~ emphatically, closing up with the statement that the sheriff was a liar, qualified adjective not the most elegant. This was too much for the sheriff. He grasped the fellow by the thrait and pusiicd him back into a seat. In the movement the sheriff knocked the window out. Thinking the man would be quiet the sheriff partially loosened his hold on him. No sooner had he done so than the man reached for a piece of glass, evidently with the intention.of using It on the bherift. Mr. Bollinger saw it was time to act and. draw^Ing his gun from his pocket, thrust it In the face of the dis- turlier. The • fellow quieted at once and gave up all thought of resistance The two pugilists were then put off the car, and when the train pulled out of Argentine they were fighting on the platform. BUSY AT POSTOFFI9E. Carriers Dividing Mail.—Routes to be Delivered. , Headgnarters'for Santa Claaa. Naw line of Dressed and Undressed Dolls, Toilet cases. Work Boxes, Cult Boxes, Handkerchief Boxes. Vases. Xmas Candle?. Puff Boxes. Children's Books, Albums. Fancy Dressers, Soarte, Hnff- lers. Ties, Ladies' Furs, Fancy Stockings, Fancy Hose. We have a nice selection of very choice articles from Chas. Dickens of Manltou, Colorado, which we are going to sell at half price. These are very choice cut stones. We will bo glad to ^ow yon. A. 0. MUMMA, Prop. The Christmas rush at the post- ofllce is on. Mr. Tanner, carrier on the business route, was compelled to divide the mail for his route into three bundles in order to handle it. The rural route carriers will work Christmas to relieve the congestion which always comes with the faoli'- day business, and will take their regular Xmas vacation on New Years. JEntRY Bedwell returned this morning from a business trip to Kansas City. MR. AND MiRS. Jim Smith and daughter. ;if Cincinnati, Ohio, canio in yesterday morning to attend the funeral services of Mr. Smith's mother. LivinqdtoD^ Co Caatnurtors and BiUltaa. All kinds of work a specfiaKjr 9 Soitb Syeamra. FfetM IM WILL TEACH SHORTHAMD Miss J. ; Katlierine Hartley will give private lessens. Benn Pitman System a specialty. Tmlmmhmum Ha. 89. LuHmrmm, mmmmm When winds shriek high in fiendish glee. And enters winter with his key Protect yourself, from disease be free; Take Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea. Burrell's Drug Store. FUNERAL OF MRS. SMITH. Services Conducted Yesterday From Family Residence. The funeral senices of Mrs. W. T. Smith wero conducted from the family residence. 220 South A\'to'nut street at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Rev. Ellett officiating. The interment was made in the new cemetery. The relatives have the sym pathy of a host of friends. The €hri.stnias Offerings that our Icwelry dbqilay shows are ~[ certainly of llie unique, tiistriul und upproprlato de- siirns.' ) ('ho?co SilTprware and ?foT- ' ell ICS. Fine Hatches, Brnshes and Rings. ffll Don't lorert to hare year present in time for the Xmas tree. Bellcr select today. GOOD CROWI5 HEARD THOMAS. Ilustrated Lec <tJre Drew Many to Y. M. C. A. The. illustrated lecture of Rev. Thomas at the Y. M. C. A. yesterday afternoon was greeted by a lar.^e audience. The views shown yesterday ere taken mostly from the Rams Horn and tha lecture was jrivon es necially for the boys. Mr. W. G. .\n- derson .e'ang the solo. "The Birthday of the King," and Rock of Ages i'lus- frate<l. Q. A. LEFFLER, JEWELEB. •>U8S Hallie Irving, of this city, who recently resigned h*r position as teacher of the seventh grade in the .Jefferson building, has accepted a position IS teacher in the Kansas City, Kansas, schools. Mlsa Irvln will teach the seventh grade, which pcsition pays $65 i>er month, on in crease of JIO over what she received here. She will take up her new work In one week. "JACK THE PEEPER't HAS GONE. The Police Believe That He Has Cea ed Operations Here. There have been but few reports of Jack the Peeper" within the past two daxs. He was reported to be working in lola again Friday night, but since then the officers have, heard nothing. He evidently .bacame frightened and Irtt town or at least has ceased his prowring about houses where he has been annoying peopl> for the past week. The police have been watching him carefnlly. The principal (!!£fefeiice between Moclia ani Jay a aiid Af|biickles^ Afiosa G>ffee is thai Af fenddes^ Afiosa costs yofi less and lias mote G»tfee ABBUcJcUl BRO&, Kav Tflik CHi:. SAY lOLA SHOULD BE IN. City Is Included in Proposed ball Leanue. Base- (JopHn News Herald.) Fort Smith is not considercjl as a nossibility this year in tha new O. A. K. circuit. Parsons, Pittsbum and lola are ill hoping to get into the league, however. Plttsbnrg, Coffey- vllle. Independence, nartlcsville. Tnl- sa. Muskogee and lola wou'd bs an ideal circuit and hopes to see all the cities represented at the annual meeting on January 20. BUTLER WELL WEDNESDAY. J. M. Rodqsrs Saya That Gas Well for the City Will be Finished Soon. J. M. Rotlgers, superintendent of the gas department, said today that if nothing happened, the city woulu bring in the gas well which is being drilled on the Butler farm southwest of this city, by Tue.xday night or Wednesday morning. The well Is not over six hundred feet deep. The city ex pects alraut a three million weil in this field. Distilled Water One hundred pounds of Csya- tal Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled water snIUbIs for family nse. Try |t. IdalceiCrilSttapCi FRANK KIDOLB, Dsefol Xmas Preseits The; finest line in town. Call: and inspect oat stock. T. B. Shannuik North Side Square lolia, Kan. "HONEY COMB BILL" OUT. His Friends Paid Remainder of His Fine and Secured His Release. "Honey Comb Bill" was released from Jail Saturday niciht. He was arraigned in police court some time ago on the charge of drunkenness and was fined SS and costs. This he could not pay and was sent to jail. After allowtnir, him to work three days one of bis friends came to his rescue and paid the remaining $1.50 due and. secured his release. THE KNIO&T Templars of this city IH hold their regular Christmas day services In the Masonic Temple on Christmas afternoon at two o'clock. The services will be for the meinberB of tb'e order. FAR.«S. In Howell County, Xi-sseari. To Exchange for City Property .or .Merchandise. Write for list. Give full descritpiou and price of what you have. J. T. GIL.YOrit, Pomona, Mo. rUE lOLA Y£lERI.ilBt HOSTITAL has been moved to 214. West street. In the new brick bolldtng Jnst copn- pleted and is equipped with, an operating table and all the latest appU- ances tor the Htunane and Scientific treatment Of Domestic Animals. Calls made anywhere night'or day. Rtooe 139 for hospital or r^dence. FRANK S. BEATTIH, V. S., , r Prpprlator. CHiaSTMAS PSESBin NotUngs' better than a iwaiifth)* fW a frtond. For yonr magazlaM ~aa* X-E. 1I1HBXB80H,

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