The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on March 13, 1963 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 13, 1963
Page 5
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Nt)ws 2 -Ticket Election Set At Qiieiiemo By MRS. SALLY PERRY Quenemo will have two tickets for the city election this year. The Citizens ticket candidates are Van Cade for mayor; Olin James, Vernon Gragg, Kent Hitt, Max Hughes arid Ernest Perry for councilmen, and Paul Laubach for police judge. On the Economy ticket will be Roy Hieltnan for mayor, and Leonard Swallow, Danny Cowden, Harold Wiess, Bill Poston and LeRoy Brecheisen for councilmen. A group of women met with the Mayor Paul Smith at the home of Mrs. Myrtle Rogers to see what could be done toward stopping traffic violations. Present were Mrs. Edith Windett, Mrs. S. S. Gordon, Mrs. Paul Laubach, Mrs. Henry Bernard, Mrs. Vernon Gragg, Mrs. Joe Driver, Mrs. Leo Casten, Mrs. Kate Scott, Mrs. Will Davidson, Mrs Minnie Townsend, Mrs. Caroline Wilson and Florence Windett. Later, Mayor Smith called a council meeting and appointed Max Hughes, a councilman, as special deputy marshall for the job at night. Word was received from Wash- ngton, D. C., that Wallace Han- rang had died at his home there recently. Sunflower Club met with Mrs. Myrtle Rogers • Sam Gordon has returned home after spending the winter at Brownsville, Tex. The quarterly conference of the Federated Church was held with a large crowd from Quenemo and Michigan Valley. Accident-Free At Danger Spot MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - Miami' Metro police force intends to continue using its electronic computer in traffic control. The machine was crammed with accident data Saturday ter it produced its analysis o! where the most accidents were likely to occur, 10 motorcycle policemen went to the area am patrolled it for eight hours. "We don't know if we actually prevented any accidents," said Lt. Quentin Weaver. "All we know is that we had 10 accidents a year ago and none Saturday." THEIR SEPARATION ENDS - Twins Roger D. Brooks, left, Miami, Fla., and Anthony J. Milasi, Binghamton, N.Y., compare likenesses in mirror in Binghamton as they are reunited after 24 years. Brothers, orphaned shortly after their birth, were adopted by families living hundreds of miles apart. Reunion took place when Roger was approached by stranger in Miami restaurant last fall and asked if he were Anthony of Binghamton. He started checking, and search ended last weekend. Both are six feet, 3 inches tall; Milasi weighs 210 and Brooks 208. Both have brown hair and blue eyes. JVeto Virus Strain Discover Culprit In Flu Epidemic By FRANK CAREY i WASHINGTON (AP) - Discovery of two new strains of influenza virus—witn all indications that one of them was largely responsible for itii& winter's widespread flu epidemics—was disclosed taday. The new strains were identified too late for this season's vaccine to include extra guards against them, it was learned. One is a new and potent form of the Asian flu virus which first appeared in 1957. This new strain is the one held mainly responsible for this year's udbreak of flu— with the available vaccine having only limited power against it, Public Health Service doctors told a reporter. Studies have indicated that in animals, the present vaccine affords no protection at all against the new virus, they said Preliminary evidence ftvm human studies is that this winter the vaccine showed "appreciably less" than its usual 75 per "ent efficiency— presumably because of the new virus. Influenza cases have been unusually severe this winter, often lasting up to two weeks instead of the usual throe or four days. School absenteeism has ranged up to 73 per cent of pupils in some schools. Death rales from pneumonia, complicated by flu, have been unusually h'gli among the elderly in some communities. The other newcomer to the elusive brigade of viruses is a new strain of type B influenza virus. Type B and type -\ are the two major types of flu virus. Each has several sub-strains So far, the new B-type strain appears to have been confined to a single schoolhouse in Formosa where it was iirst detected last November. Scientists of the National Institutes of Health say it has the potential for spreading through the world next winter. An example of this swift spreading is the new strain of Asian flu virus which NIH researchers said first. appeared in Tokyo in January 1962. It wasn't until last June, when sample? of the virus were obtained from abroad by Nffl's Division of Biologic Standards, that first strong evidence was obtained that this was a new strain of Asian flu. It wasn't confirmed until November. It was too late to include the new virus in the vaccine to be used in preparation for the winter of 1962-1963. Milli.wis of doses of vaccine had already been manufactured and distributee}. It would have taken up to six months to tool up for inclusion of the new strain. Also, scientists still couldn't be sure the new strain would hit the United Slates, although there was evidence it had cropped up in Formosa and New Zealand as well as Japan. REVIVAL Church of Nazarene Special Musicians MARCH 6 thru 17 7:30 p.m. Each Evening Meanwhile, an experimental vaccine employing the n«l,' virus was developed it NIH. In tests on human volunteers, including more than 100 federal prisoners, the vaccine gave, indications of protective value. . } , How did the new strains of virus develop? No one really knows. One concept is chat such mutations may result partly from • natural adaptation of the virus to some threat to its existence, such as vaccine, Nature's own radiations — including cosmic rays—may be another factor, scientists say. Radiation from nuclear tests is still another possibility, "although, at present, there is no way to prove this—or disprove it." cheaffers chool SPECIAL! Fountain PEN with Ink Cartridge $1.00 John G. Kaiser Drug Store (In Masonic Bldg.) I *r "I 3 I A * • J ,W^^v.W.:&^yrtfi*W^^^ rt'Wrt • t M. h V v^ ,,,w v % v«., «?» ,,,-.*** W A^WV,*^ MTWV* w QUALITY JIT WARPS ' m? TRIKES IN 3 SIXES Steel frame, red finish. 16" wheel, reg. 9.95, §••• 12" wheel, reg. 8.95,7.M 10" wheel, reg. 7.95, •••§ SUPER LATEX PAINT Interior Flat Finish SALE! SAVE 16% Reg. 5.96 Painter's Combination SPARK PLUGS Hotter spark for instant starts. No more misfiring and wasted gas. Fit most cars 44c ALL-SEASON OIL You can pay more, but you can't buy better! Acts as a 30-W in summer, a 10-W In winter. 5 qts. 1.59 Includes: one gallon of odorless Super Latex interior paint.. .dries in just 30 minutes, resists fading; quality paint roller with tray. 21 Colors 3.2S TOILET SEAT Sturdy, pressure-molded wood construction with baked-enamel finish and molded hinges. 2*66 OM DETIROENT 20-lbi. Signature controlled wds detergent. Hoi built- in water softener 1 40 Ibs, ng. 7.79, 6.44. 3.33 »;'-• „->> ^ 4.50 PARTS CABINET Ideal for home, shop and iewing needs—keeps small items neat, handy. 12 clear plastic drawers... •. . *3 . w . ONTGOAAERY WARD THE TIME TO SAOT llSEsW*RDS CREDIT PIANS! • >', < > - •>'*? ' .^ ^ v-t < A a.'., .A- ,.* "\ i tTmuiSi- H'- , • '-,- -" ^ -' _J.I.'-« VINYL SLIPPERS NOW LOW PRICED OOC^AH Terrific new styles* split-cowhide soles, rubber cushioned insoles, soft linings. Women, teens S-M-L. JTW u , i , 2 TYPES, SALE-PRICED ALIKE REG. 3 YDS. 1.17 COTTON PLISSI DAINTY TRI-TUC TIER NOW 17% OFF I 64 • Ward buy on permanent crinkle cotton plisse prints. A snap to take care of — wash, dry and needs no ironing. 36". •••.MS Crisp rayon challis machine-washes, needs little if any ironing. 3colors.64x30"or36" long. Valance. . . .94c «S MACHINE WASH REG. 2.98 SETS 199 Fun sets at Wards money saving prices— slim-fit cotton duck pedal pushers, striped knit top. 7 to 14., m i STYLE INNERSPRING MATTRESS 35 TWIN OR FULL SIZE Enjoy the comfort of 4" foam or the resilient support of 312-coil innerspring mattresses. Heavy 8-oz. gold woven-stripe ticking/ smooth button-free surface. Innerspring has 2 side guards. Flange stitching keeps surface permanently taut. Matching box springs ea.. .35.) BIG 4-HP ENGINE OAMMN MARK ROTARY TILLER Real dig-in power! Swivel- Action design fortop maneuverability—dodges plants with ease. 16 heat-treated, unbreakable bolo tines ad- lust to 12. 20. 26" widths. ALL-NEW DESIGN OAHDEN MARK 20" ROTARY MOWER Extra-deep, Circle-Jet deck for a smoother cut! 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