Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1907
Page 4
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•BtorM at loU. Xaniai. FostamcMb •» AdTWtiklas RatM lUde Known oii; ,i, > AppllMtlOB. iinscBiraoH ULTES. TlUe w !• Haiv «i Ofl* W«A : 10 emu; DMJCenth 44 cant»i One T«$r $5JOO By XnO. 04* TMir, In adfanca |4.0« TSree Monttu, In adranee ......ILO* Oni Month. Jn adranca ,. A4i OmClAL PAFSB. cm OF B18-I 8BT. • OF A880CUTED FltBSS. fko lala Dally Be^isier b • HMiber M tko AMoeiate4 Pmi •>< Bcedrct 1ft«,4tr r^art If tkat pcat'aewa ar- taAintlMi. far ExelaslTa Iftenaaa PiUkAttaa fa lala. AMUSEMENTS That brilliant young actress. Adelaide Thurston, will be the attraction at the Grand, Saturday, December 2S. presenting, for the second time in this city her - play. "The Girl From Out lender,' a comedy drama in four acta, with the scenes laid along the coast of Halne, and the characters those of the flsher-folk who make their lirinx in ^thOae places. The p*ay is full of iraatilne comedy and heart throbs. Mlaa Thnrston pla^-s the! part of a yoqns ^ri who has lived all of her seventeen years among the surround- inin of a lighthouse on a rock Island off the coast of Maine. She Is somewhat dencient in the graces and man ners of societj-, but is strong ,In whole-hearted honeMf of purpose. She loTes her father and she loves the sea. The character Is like none that Miss Thurston has ever been seen in before, hut H is fresh, wholesome and as attractive as Is the personality of the actress herself. That popu'ar and coiy Uttle playhouse, "The Bachelor." will be open ed to the theatre-roing public next Wednesday afternoon. Dec?mber S5th when Mr. L. A. Turner, who has leas ed the bouse for the minter months will present the "Merry M'nstrel Maids " as the first of a serips of musical ishows to be seen during the BO.I eon at popular prices. Musical comedies, light operas and Tandeville will be the exclusive offer Ings a't ••The" Bachelor." with a complete: change of company and bill weekly. The "Merry Minstrel Mal'i-" will remain the balance of the wck. com menclng Wednesday. pres?ntlng pew musical numbers and vaudeville features night'y. with matinees Wednes day and Saturdav- The comnany is BRid to contain ISneople. mostly sirls and several radical changps from old time minstrelsy are prom'scd. Pretty ^ girls, catchy sonps. elabor ate costumes and special effects, both electrical and scenic, will be the order of affairs and besides the tisuil first part, without which no "Hin- Kfre'" would be complete, sn ol'o of vaudeville features w^ill be offered Jind a clean, clever performance, especial ly catering to the women and child ren; Is assured by the management. MUST RESTORE SERVICE. Missouri Pacific to be Forced to Resume its Branches. Topeka, Dec. 23.—The state boanl olr railroad commissioners has notified A W Sullivan, general manager of the'MIssouri Pacific railroad, that un' less passenger train service is res- tcired on the Missouri Pacific branches on which it has been dtscontlnnod on or before January 9. the hoar(> will on that day hoar the complaints filed by O. P. Orattan, the tmard's attorney and maks-such an ortler as may br deemed necessary In the premises This will give the Railroad company but eight da.vs after the filing of its answers to the complaints In wh'cn to prepare its defense, unless it de ddes in the meantime, to restore pas senger service to the branches. If the railroad disobeys the order of the board, which is almost certain to follow I and carries the ctmtroversy into the courts as it'has done in the notorious Madison branch; case, pro ceedings to forfeit the charter of th«» Missouri Pacific in Kansas will probably be insUtuted. lii^at yalue» for C^rtefl^ic^^ A Sale of Fursifor Gifts Entire Far Stock Market Damu |3.5<) Coney Scarfs 89>50 $6.50 Brook Mink Collars. beatiUfally blended 83.95 High Grade Jap Mink Throw worth flO.OO. for »7.50 |7.5d Isabella Fox marked . .. -SS.OO |7.5d Martin Boas, our price . .85.00 912.50 Isabella Fox Boaa marked ,to; 88.95 Electric Seal Coats reduced to. 8S5.00 Large assortment of children's and mlBseB Sets from Me ap to 87.50 All Our Silk Petticoats Reduced 16.50'Petlcoats for 84.95 17.50 Petticoats for 85.50 $8.r.O' Petticoats for 87.50 $13.50 Petticoats for 810.00' Sale Of Voile Skirts S7.50 50 Handsome Black Voile Skirts to le sold at this price, they are made in pri^tty pleated modles and trimmed In Tarious designs with silk folds; worth $10.00 at 87JiO 50 Chiffon Panama Skirts in black, brown, blue, pleated or trimmed. $7.S0 value marked to 85.00 Special rirarancr Sale oa Blaek and Calar«4 Dress Geads. Sale of Waisis at $5.00 A blg^oBering of TaffeU Silk and Net Waists, the very best of the season's styles; former prices $6.95 to $8.50; your choice each 85*00 Other dllk Waists at 82.50 ft 83.50 1 Iniiported Black Silk 36 Inches wide; $1.50 quality for, a yard 81.10 This Is an offering of elegant black Taffeta Silk a very firm weave. A lustrious Jet black full 36 Inches wide, the regular $1.50 quality on sale tomorrow for $1.10. Nothing more appropriate for a Christmas gift Colored Silks 36 Inch Colored Taffeta Silk, $1.25 quality on sale 986 Handkerchiefs A Great Stork of Initial Handkerchiefs Ladies' Hemstitched and Initial Handkerchiefs at lOf. 12iit. i5t Beautiful line of Ladies' Embroidery Linen Handkerchiefs, specially priced at lO*. 15* and 23t Men's Initial Handkerchiefs 15* and 5J5<. Men's Initial Silk Handkerchiefs at 1 555*. 50« and 75* A Clearance Sale of Coats Two Hunarcd Handsome Coats go on sale tomorrow at greatly reduced prices. $6.50 50-lnch Long Loose Coat maik- ed to 83.95 $8.50 50-inch Coats lined throughout JM.95 $10.00 Coats reduced to 86.50 $12.50 Coats reduced to 87..70 $16.50 Coats reduced to 810.00 $20.00 Coats reduced to 812..10 $«5.00 Coats reduced to 815.00 913,60 Oaracol JackeU at 87.95' $1«.50 C^raenlJacketa at ...810.00' 920.00 Oaracnl Jadceta at ...812.00^ ^ . Cliililren'5 Coats Reduced 92.00 Children's Coats Rednced to 81.95 93.50 Children's Coats Reduced to 83.48 94.50 Children's Coats Reduced to 82.75 95.00 Children's Coats Reduced to 83.00 , $7..'>0 Chfldren's Coats Reduced to 84.95 Leather Bags and Purses and their Prices 75c Bags are marked 1 ..50*;. $1.00 Bags arc marked 69*' • $1.50 Bags are marked 81.00 $2.00 Bags are marked 81.50 $2.75 Bags are marked 81.98 $4.00 Bags are marked 82.50 $5.00 Bags are marked 83.50^ An Uractive Sale and Display of Silk .SeMs S|)eciaIUv priced *t 75*. 81.00. 81.ip. 81.95. 88.50 and 83.00 HASKEU TO SIGN IT Oklahoma Governor is Against Piping of Gas. Guthrie, Oklahoma, Dec. 2n.—The -Vandeventer bill to prevent the plj)- ing of naturalgas for any to any point outside the st.^ite was gfven Us final passage in tlie House today and will soon go to Governor Haskell .for his approval. He will sign it. The law is an attempt to evadt^ What many persons. ev?n members of the Legislature who voted for it. believe is the constitutional right of a citizen to se'l a lawful commodity in his possession. . Oklahoma wishes to withhold the gas from other States in prder to build up its own commercial industries. These persons- contend that a citizen has Just as much right to sell natural'gas found on his land as he has ta «ell coal, iron, corn or wheat. • As finally amended, the Vandeventer bill prohibit any Individual from hui'ding a natiiral ?as .pipe line except a surface line for the operation of drilling rigs. He may not even ^Ipe his gas into his residence without forming a corporation for this pur pose. All natural gas pipe line cor poratio^is are • subject to condlt'ons that operate on a forefiture of char-, ler and property rights If they attempt to transport gas outside of the State or sell tt to other persona for that purpose. No foreign corimration may engasre in the natural gas pipe line business in Oklahoma. The law undoubtedly will soon be tested in tho courts. Th^ law Is similar to one enacled in Kansas last year to prevent piping gas -out of that State. It wa.s declared unconstitutional in the Kansas Supreme Court. To Contractors. lola. Kansas. Dee. 7, '07. Iota township will let bids on macadam road as follows: First half mile ou South Kentucky street south of Elm Creek, beginning ou north end of macadam road, and fence, north one-half mile, or to place designated by township board. Second"one-half mile beginning one- half mile west of river on West street, on the west end of macadam , road fence west one-half mile to place designated by township board. Third half mile on South State street, two and one-half miles south of West, commencing at Abt-am's northeast corner fence west one-half mile. See specifications on file at County Clerk's office. Board reserves right to reject any and all bids. E. L. BAILXHAKT. Township Clerk. LER Howertnn has brought suit In (ilatrict court against ths Kansas Natural Gas company to cancel a lease on ITS acres of laud In Elsmore township. MY. WHAT AN AWFUL DUEL! Hungarians Fouqht With Swords.— Neither Was Wounded and Both Reconciled. Builai>est. Dec. 23—Hungariano who awaited breathlessly the result of the nsHch advertised duel between Premier Wekcile and ex-Minlstcr Polonyl tonight In Budapest, breathe normal iy again. The two statesmen met on a du»llin?, ne!(l tMs aft?moon. Swords were selected for the combat and n'any poi;t'c!ans were present. After the usua! ceremonies and forma'itlps both statesmen crossed their swords. After somo light fencing Polonyi whis IKred to hh5 seconds. Then Polonyi'" seconds whlsperr^d to Wekerle's see onds. Polonyi had expressed a will ingness to call it off. The premier accepted his view and the antagon- l.'sts tossed away their swords ani shook hands \ in Joyful reconciliation Budapest is Jaughing tonight over th? introduction of the French system of "bloodless duelling." Good Agents make $5.00 and more per day selling new Automatic Tast- ener for either skirts or trousers. Unrivaled agency proposition because repeat sales are gtiaranteed. (Not sold in stores). Write for special offer to represent us. Automatic Hook & Eye Co., Hoboken, N. J.' "Merry Minstrel Maids." Itachelor Theater, commencing Xmas matinco. Prices 10 and 20 cents. ^ You know as well as any one when you need something to regulate yotir system. If your bowels are sluggish, yonr food distresses you. your kidneys pain, take Holllster's Rocky Moiintain Tea. It always relieves. 35 cents. Tea or Tablets. Burrell's Dms Store MRS. DAISY KING TO ASYLUM. Former Banett Woman to SUte Hospital. (Ft Scott Republican.) Daisy KIn& colored. wa« taken to the Osawatorale hospital for the In- PMue hy Sheriff Hesseir yesterday, 'v. The woman was adjadged Insane Bome weeks ago. but It was hoped her mental condition might Improve so that It mlabt not be necessary' th. take her to the hoapItaL. However j her mental condition became more afgravated. : " ^•^^toL^Ktog^merly lived In Bas- ' VecMer Want Ais. Pay jbccaaie f» m BcffMer Wait Caliui. For the strong—that they may keep their streng^th. For the weak—that they may regain their strength. For the young that they may grow in strength. Uneeda Biscuit the most nuttitioas food made from wheat. Clean, crisp and fr^h. In moistun and KI ^ dust proof packages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY WA M TSI Its Economy To have yotir Carpets and Stigs cleaned by TheiolaSog Factory fttONf ftlti THE MISSOURI-KANSAS ORE. Several Big Mines in the Joplin District Were Closed Last Week. SiTUATtOKS WJUmSD AiTetrlsencats ndcr this head win be Inserted three tlaMs wHkoat! ckaiscu CIGAR SALESMAN WANTED—Ex- lierience unnecessary. $100 per month and expenses. Peerless Cigar Coi. Toledo. Ohio- . ; WANTED—Second band Wincbeater pop gun. Inqnire lOS South Skond stret. Jopim. Mo.. Dec. 23.—The highest price paid for zinc ore in the district last week was $36 per ton, with prices rcnging from $28 to $34 for 60 per cent ores. (Compared with the previous week the district output had a decrease in value of $36,198, and com pared with the corresponding week of 1906. the decrease was $241,941. The total district value is now only $4.S3,4.17 greater than the district va'- ues for th.-» corresponding period of )hKl yenr. whereas It was expected a few months ago that the year's output would exceed that of 1!106 In value by at |pa.Ht 3 million dollars. Several big mines were closed last week. The American Lead and Zinc company shut down its propertiea and all the mines in the Oronogo district also ana txnded operations. SITUATION WANTED— By an ex- nerienced waiter. Single, age 21: no lioose fighter or cigarette fiend. Good references, Addresa F. II., care Register. BKT.l>- ADDRESSED LEGISLVU'RE .Vany ProMhrnit Deaioerats Xehraskaa at Gatbrie. FOR FOR SALE—One good^drlvlng horso fine saddler. Also one 'good alround work mare.'" Inquired. V. Roberts Mnsic store. 1 'FOR SALE—(iood Stndebakar buggy. practically now. with good set of $35.00 harness, for sale at Howard's barn if taken in the next few days at $80.00. FOR SALE OR TRADE —For young stock or team, house and lot Inquire. ^7 North Elm. FOR SALE— Ste^l r'a'ge and sideboard, good as new. Dining chairs, voek^ra and other household'goods at IliaU price. Inquire 213 Eaat streeL FOR SALE— Two 3 year old colu. one work mare, one ybnng ninle, «lx months old; ono 6 year o'.d work horse, one good bred driving horse and saddles. One. rubber tire runabout Inquire John V. Roberts Music Store. West Side Square. . FOR SALE—Or will trade for good dear farm or $1000 property In lola. „ .(balance In cash or notea; the Snyder Uvery Barn. La Harpo. J: V. Howell. Guthrie. Okla.. Dec. 2:.—William J. Bryan here today addressed the legislature in joint session and was given an ovation. There was a full attend- .»nce of members and galleries and all the available space in the aisles and corridors wejy filled with specUtors. "imong them many prominent demo- ot-jfj who had come from all parts of the state. ' FOR SALE OR TRADE OR R£NT— Furnishings in th;a^ Baltimore House, with lease. Inquire 209 South Buckeye. Jarynen Chanred WHk Bribery. Butte, Mont, Dec. 21.—Five mem- bery accorAng to an affidavit charge Lynch's department in district court are implicated in an attempted bribery according to a naffidavlt charging Juror Amea Danecy with bribery which waa read in 'conrt yesterday. RELINQUISH GOOD SEATS. Congressman Raedcr and Scott Kanaaa are'Considerate. of Washineton. Dec. 23.—Congressmen Reeder and Scott of Kansas, are two very generous men. Both of them drew excellent seats in the house this session. Mann of riinols. and Sherman of New Tork.-'were unfortunate in their drawing. Scott generously traded seats with Shermin and Reeder changed with Mann. Trj • Want Ai. li tke BegMcr. FOR SALE— No., 1 good heaUng stove; gaa or coal; a pertect istore. 209 Smith Bnckeye.' > FOR SALB—$1800 stdck of groceries and atore fixtures. MSlSoatb Kentucky street •FOR SALE—A drif6 |g mare and boggy. Horse dty broke, safe toi lady to drira. Inqnira S32 North stNet. TOR RENT—Two unfurnished rooms to reliable party. 404 North Elm. . • ^ : FOR RENT—Three room house. W. A. Cowan. FOR RENT—House and ham. South Kentucky. nw»e 998 2—2. FOR RENT— FITS room bous« and bam. three hlodcs from square. 19.00. Whitaker ft Donnell. , STRXTGD—White 'PVench PiiOdle. collar tag number 358. 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