Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 23, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 23, 1907
Page 3
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All of our llandsomr StjIMi Jlilliiirr} thai has l»«^n triminrd np for thr 4'hriNlmas tradt- nill W plarH nn salr nt artaal roM. We do this tn rlran up stork. >r»rr lN-rnn> hair wc rnjoyrd s* larsr « Iradr as this fail and to shun J OP (tnr niiprrriatinn of jour irrnrmas patrnnacr rvrry Hat KIM 'S on salr ul arliinl rost. I'n-ltil.v triaiiupd Hats fmni tl.;:, to iM.5U tliut sold from $3.m to W.::.. SInct Hats from 7ic to #1.75. Make an elegant Xmas Gift. Our elegant line of Fnr Scarfs placed on sale, at 7Boio$t8,00 Ends To=fflorrow Lakes', Misses' and Cluldren*s Coats Make an elfgaat ChrlstRiar prnent— rpdnred to the closest selUa^ prtre. The Talaes prore their ^at strensfta hy tlie ronTincInir test of conparison. This rlefnnt line comprise the season's l*€st styles and fabrics. Onr $5 .00 Coats BOTT S3.7d IpOO Coats now 16.00 $10J)0 Coats now $7.. JO $liJOO Coats now $10M tiO.00 Coats now *1S.00 130.00 Coats now fOM Thp alioip prices are the exact cost fn CIcTcland, Ohio. \Vv simply Kite J on tfeov cost prices to clean up I K*tore «e luioicc. We ask yon to come carl}: the irood Ihlnirs are Kolnir fast and If you want the cream of this line don't wait until thry are all ironr. Uhat is there that Is more useful thau a handsome Coat for Christmas. Gift items at Attractive low prices in pretty Collars, Handkerchiefs, New Hand Bags, Combs, Belts, Fans, Parasols, Fancy Doilies, Napkins and Table Linen, and a complete line of Gentlemen's Neckwear. tf3 EmBt Mmdimon 2 ttoon Wemt Thomp' moii Hotetm HAS BEST CHANCE Tafl's Sttrnrth Is (irowlntr in Different Dl!«-irts ortbe Tnited States. ChiijiRo. iM-r. r;.— Tlio ChicaKO ncconl-llcralil prjiils follinvlnj; Washiiisliin lotn-r fiorii iis I-<HTOS|MIII- di>nt. Walter Wellnjan: "The man whuso ilianrcsaru Ix-ltcr than those of any tit her to 1-c tlie next president of Ihc Inilod Slalos i;; ID come back ti» his native la'ii'l iMnmr- row, concliulinp a tour of ilii- worlil. There is no donlu «lintev<T JIMI ilic niovenient to make .Iiid;;e T.ilt the ic- publiran nonrineo Is rapidiy '^.-aininf: strenRth. MiJs«)url. Mirhli;an. .^l•ll^a^ ka. TenTicsseev West Vlryiina. Minni-! sola, most (if fill' far WCSIITII .mil I Pacific state." are falling in L.-himl | Ohio. The niiiveinent in f.ivnr of Tafl \ is more widPi -'ineail. ninre sp()ni.i;ieii:is ' more irnly iiallDllal. llian liial for .iiiv 1 other candidiite. There arf; si>-<-:illid | favorite sons in lUinois. riiiiisj ivania Indiana, Wiscoii .'-iii and pcrliaps H'IIIT Males. Hut the eaiidldaey of none of these appears-' lo lie allraetitii; iriiel' allctiiion <ir niaiiy lollntters'ml-ide uf ilielr own i-nninionwi-alili. The reptihlKan ennvi-'irinn a' ChlraBo i.": to he an ail.iu.inislr.ilion < iiiiveiilton. U will he more n >pon- si\e to the will of President.'Kii'i.'-i'Vell thin lo thai *if any oihrr inan. The lirt.-ident i^• for Taft. "Taft Is th? chosen rejiresentaiive of the Rooppv.pjt polieles hreaiisc he the man indleated liy the. pri'sld^nt hini.'-t'lf as the ime ici In- inis''d lo-ear rv on the work whii-li .Mr. Kixrevell t!:!-^ Iieenn. ".Indpe Tafl'';- pers'inaliiy'wiil «row upon the t'liniitry. Tlie more lie i.-^ r.'iidird. the heller he wil! liii liked. Il» i.-; a bit; ninn in i-very way. 'lie w<inld make a Kreal iiresident. This; is known to men who live in Washii;Kton. and wjio are hrought in rontact ;wil)i piih- 'llo men. It is not so wt>II known Ihronghoul llie couiitry. hnt; it will he hetter known• during llie next fnw ni<inths. Wlieiher he stays in the caJi- inet or gels out, tlie more the sput- lisht <if pre;il piiIiUc , cm-iosiiy thrown upon Tafl the hetler'will he he esteemed and the niore trusted. "Nor should we forget that behind Taft is. the cleverest politieian this eoiintry has prodiic-ed in many years. I mean Presi.denl noo.sevelt. It is sometimes hard lo tell where slaies- niun.'-'hip ends and politics hecilis. Tom I Reed onee .said a politieian was a | •siaiesniai! out of a .lub. .Mr. Kiiose-! .V'll is liiilli siatesiii:;!! and pollliririM. ; !llf i- aslulf, f:,rsii:hnd. :idripit. ai-live. tiiili.-s. It Is no .-ecret that he is, ADMIT INSANITY? liKTS HALF SECTn» OF CITY. Ohio Man Inherits iK|.nflflJN)0 Horth of Indian Lands. A.H.T.A. GETS BUSY That There Uill .Si-f-ond Trial. Report That There Uill He >o earii>'.;t in his d.ieriiiin .'llDn that hi.. | enemies shall nut ei-ntrnl Ihi- '<":ui iiiii.n: th.ii lln-te shall hi' no •.;ii- \u<r hark ward In cMndidaie or plal- r:,i!:i. Me !: iinl (lUly the e'l'Viri-;-' , i-.ii in the <-.iiinlry. I,.- i.. l,,v.l„a-.; '!>l:',"ford White, whieh has .\. w Y.irk ' .\iw Yiirk, Dei 'Tinii'-i .•'.ay.'- today: ' "rill" trial iif'll.irry K. Tli;nv fur the ll-i-hi'iiiii in tlie CMiiiiiry ,i >.i;). ijie iii'ol poiverfiil. lie ha;; lli'- ji;ri-a:i':M fo'lnwini;. Mn'must inlliieneiv I .\'i>i u nhstandiim all thai has heeii said il It p.irt nf the suiilhirn di-le;:air— «i I in tin- end line up f"r I'.'fi ta(• rise ihi- presidi-nt wisjic.; ilii'in to liii .-;i' The di.-tinetively Iton. i-velt ~ •l.'e:: wliirli are fur the prer^ideut lii:ii.-'-lf if he lake il, and if he uciti'i. iheii t "or his lutiii and liir- pol- iiie> ail'. on« afier ;inoiher. juiii:ii>; the Taft ranks. Ileie is a ;-:nai. :< ile'inife. a eiiheriiil and ski'fillly dire,le;! foii-e at wiirK. It will «ii nn wnrl-in;.'. It is a tremendous thin.u. 11 eiiMld make a weaki r and less adiiiir- alile man Ihali Tafl a prohahle vvln- 11" r." .IKKE.ST .\.>IKKICV> \VIT>Ki^.S. If.lierl tiildHell Who Testllied in Urine Cu^e Is in Cuslod}. \r'v York. |ii-e. "i.—Uiiheii Caldwell. Ilie .\nier|(-aii witness ift the famous lirni'e ease in I..<indon, was arrested at llohokeii. N. ,1. .Tfier the arrival of the steamer Kaiser .Aimusi .-t \'iel< ria fnday. Tlie arrest w,as made upon th<' reipiest of the llrilish aii- tliorities. Caldwell is charKed with perjury. Always the Dame Baking Pbwder T^,. onlv vtEh rrf'." i lipi'ii set for .laiitiary O. prohalily will cotnt: 111 a syeedy nnd by the adiiiis- .linii of the defensi' that lln- prisnner i.. i;i:;ai!e now. was iiisiiie at the tinw •:' liie iliiKiiiiir:. and always was iii- •.'iie If tin • pi'a I- .11 11 piiil Thaw rti'l be sent lo the Malli-awan Jisylum. "II Is liot betii-veil ili;il |Ji:;lri.'t At- :iirue,v .leronie will raisi" any ulijer- tlmis lo tills eoiirse. 1^ was known • lily in the last .--prin^ that In' had crave doubts of i|ii> prisoni'r's s'liily at that time, ;ii^il Inward lis eliise he slo|.ped Hie j/roeeediims by deeliiritiK his eonvlelinu that Thaw w:is at that moment liu-onipeieiit. iiirtiially. li> plead before a jury. "lie was slill prepi'.red l« ar^iie that on the nii;ht of the murder he was sane, althonuh from his prolouKed examination of ihe allenist.s for the de- fi-use il was believeil thai of even thai he was not sure. "If Thaw Is committed to Mnlloa- waii as Insiine at Ihe lime of the klllinc he will be ennlliied there until It is det-lared upon niedleal grounds that he is sane, lie eunnot be tried again for the killing." Kort Wayne, Ind., Per. Zi —Korl Wayne people were much excited when iii-ws eanie from WashinRton thai letters patent to :;20 acres of the thiekly settleil Ninth ward had Iwen ::rauied to .lameN M. Wallcott ot Mau- niee. O.. as riKhtfnl hi-ir throimh his j:reai-grandfather. Chief Little Turtle of llie .Miami Indians. The irael claimed under a irKity d-itid IT:*.', includes the territory now kniiv. n ii 'eall> as llliH>iiiinL -da'e fin-n- i 'r'> :i siiiiiirb. and Is worlh fully $1,- iiiiM.ii'itt. The Nike Shiire tnji-k- and >ard.';':ire in the section claimed. HHK IX R.\LTI.M(»KE. ll.illiinore. .Md., |)ee —Kire early I'.ilay it.-slri'yi d a live story biiihliiiK on west Maltinirire street and did a ipiarier of a million dtdlars daniui;e bill.11- il was eheeked. The bnildin-.; was iieciipied by the wholesale mll- liiieiy i-t:ilillshiiieiil of Wllenzi.i; IJros. a Co.. till" llallimori- overall company and Ihe Itobinsoii Vulcnstinc compauy, cabliiel makers. Jchn ~. 'Vood Receivet Letter From National President. movement for jjood citi/.enshlp. good Koverniiient and the protection of our homes and Jiroperty.—.lohn W". Wall, National lY.-sident A. ii. T. A.. Parsons, Kans. AKKESTED FOR CO\T£.HPT. Peler Hall Will He Bronchi to loin to .\ n.««er Clinrffc. Peter Ital' was arrested in Cherokee '\an:;as. on the eharse of eonlempt of ' Siiiiii' time aeo his wife was •:r.'nteil a divoreo and w;is ^iven .lli- •iinny. lie has refiiseil to jiay the iliinoiiy. I'nder Sheriff A. L. Iloat- riphl will go to Cherokee this eveninR ntid liriuR Ilall here to answer to the chariie. IT IS .\ FALSE REPORT. lyindou. Del-. "'.—The Associated I'ri-'-^s is in position to state on aii- •horiiy of the Uriiish admiralty that •liere is no I ruth in the assertion puh- ':.hed in Ihe Standard today that the 'Itiiir.-illy has decided lo establish ui'xt May a Paeilie North Anier^-an siiuadron, the base of whieh probably ',vill be at lOstiiiimalt. WHAT IS POWER Nature supplies force. Wind ttmu the wind-nulL The brook turns the watcr-wheeL Coal runt the engine and food runs the man. Some thin js contain littk force, some thin js much. OIK sd»tance full of power b SCOTT'S EMULSION Nature put the power there. K it a wonderfu! flesh-producer. This is not only a matter of iMxirsshment but of new vi^or ami activity in the tissues. An Dnmfabi SOcaad tlM. .le.lin T. Wioid. president of the Al li'ti Counlv A. II. T. .\. las n-e.-ivd the fnrowiuK b'tti-r: "The alarmiiiK inerease of cr.nie durinK the |iasr few weeks, espeeially in the line of house-breakinp; and holdups d'mands the iitniost viKilaiiee of onr association in deti-elinR criminal.^ and pntfliiK .1 stop to thi.s rascality. Not only this, but we neeil the sup- I<ort of tlie Rood people everywhi-re I Iherefori- des'snate Sunday, .lanuarv i:i. as Kood voveriim.»nt day. an i inak" the followlns requests: That the pas tors in thi- various ehurr.':es. in local!Ill's. wliiTe there are snbonbTs of till' .\. 11. T. .\.. he ri'ttnested by 111? president of a ."special romniillee to preach a sermon on this day on the subject. "Piib'ic Morals and Ri-sprct for the IJIW." .\vk all pastors, n- cnrdless nf s.-et or crei-d. imd we feel snllsfled that The vast majnrily will be 1)1)1., too f;lad to pri'aeh such a sermon. WHiere more than one ac e< pts in a locality t-y lo arrance on-for the forenoon and the other for th»- i-vr'nini:. Kvery membiT of the (.nl'')- should make l! a p'llnl to be luesinl at these sermons, and they should bivile their friends to ;iIso al• ei'd. Wc would be pleased If th-> C. P. A. and al' kindn-d orKani/.itions- voiild jiin us ill th's movement. 1 personally request all ministers in lo '•aliiies whe-e there are no branches of the .\. 11. T. .\: to jtrcaeh such •1 si^rmon anyhow, and sive an invitation to lie ceueral public to be pn-s ••III. We would also be pleased if Ih • iiewspaiiers everywhere wciiild luibli.-h •d'torials on the above subject in their issu'' nearest to above dale. Wo want everybody to join in .awaken- inc a preater respect for law and a hl::her conception of pinid citizenship. The Anil-Horse ThL-'f a.ssociation is loinc all it can to suppress law violations and uphold the laws, but it needs tie- moral sni)pnrt of all Root ••••"ide. Ni'twithstandinir the active work of our 25,ftn0 members, and the Snod work of police olTlc-r.s and sher 'fl's. law viiilation r.-; iindotibtedf.v on the incr.-'ase. and there Is need of oven grtwtor activity. I earnestly everybody to Join witli me in this This is I lie season of decay and weikened vitality; rood health Is hard jio retain. If you'd retain yours, fortify your system with Holllster's RiKrky .Mount.ain Tea, the surest way. Tea or Table's. Ibirrcirs Drug Store. WEDDED UPON ROLLER SKATES. Bride and Groom, the Minisl'er and the Spectators All Were on The Rink. I'itt^lmr.;. Kas., Dec. 2i-—Surround eil by .'.nn p.•rsnn^•. on roller skates, the iifv. ('. I,. Thurpood, pastor nt I lie Central Christian church, himself on skates with the bride and groom j >i .-ii en sknii'.s. performed a unique marriage c'rinnuy in the Homewoorf skatliiK viiiK at «>>Ioek last nlcht. The brid.' was Miss Reiilah Smith and rl I' the brides;room was Wllberl H. .\iiilrews' The pnacher stood the test all rlcht but the bride shifted a foot at the wiirils. "love, honor and obe.v." and sat down amid the screaihs and roars of tb.' witnesses. The pri-.'ieher. who had yielded to Ihe i-ulrinli«s of the cronm. told the Kuesis hi> would ca" fhc'ceremony off uuliss ill! y activl mav2 decorously. I'e pre:icheil a stirrliiK sermon for thirty minutes. Then tlie crowd pkat- ed in a merry whirl around the minister, holdiiip him a prisoner In th" middle of the floor as long as he had detained them. BIG DEPARTMENT STORE BURNS. Fire in Springfield Destroyed Businesa Block*. SprinKlleld 111.. Dec. 2f —Fire org- Inatln.i!:- in the department store of the Johnson Thacher coinpany here today destroyi'd the four .store bulld- in;:s occui>ied by that company and three other stor? bnildincs nearby. The loss was one hundred and fifty thousand. Special Reduced Prices on all new and second hand Sewing Machines nn- til .lannary 1st. Sinser Sewing Machine Co.. 110 i :ast Madison. FOR 7^/^EN AND BOYS Practical Presents are the "Thing" This Year. We've Anticipated Your Every Desire and Wont .X.

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