Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 16, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 16, 1908
Page 6
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Practitioner of SUQQESTIVB THERAPEUTICS A Science tbrougb which disease is eliminated from the body .Tfithout medicine or surgery. Member of the National and State Association of Suggestive Therapeutics. Consultation Freev Telephone 1091 Rooms 5 N. Sycamore THE WELL GROOMED WOMAN.| •h* Always U Attra'etlv« to the End of H«r Day*.. • there la any more attracttve qiiaI-_ itr-than being well groomed I ahoiild; like to know it." remarked the clererj woman. "It is the greatest gift a girl; can possess." "It Is simply a matter of clothes," BDlffed her companion. "Give mt something snlMtantial, like Ijeanty.** "Simply a ndatter of clblhes!" ejaculated the clever woman. "My dear woman, it in a special gift bom with one. I I have seen the most splendidly gown' ed women in the world so sloppily pnt together I was positively ashamed to ba seen with them, and I have gone HOLD K. U. BANQUET A Conference of the Mombers of Allen Coonty Alomni If«Id This Homing. i A conference of several of the members of the Allen County Alumni ot the Kansas university was held thbi rooming. Secretary Guy Pecs was in attendance. It was decldod to hold the annual banquet and prelimiuary arrangements were made, but the date was not fixed nor was the proBram made out. "We only know rlpht now tlwit tho banquet will be held," Secretary Pees said this mornluK. "The date will be fixed on some evening between Christ mas and tho New Year. Wo w,lll decide later on the program." Kansas Soiplety of l.aimr to Heed. Topeka, Dec. 15.—W. L. A. .lohn- son, commissioner of the bureaiu of labor and industry and secretary of the State Society of Labor and Industry, issued tke call today for t'lc annual meeting of the society. Tl.c sessions will begin February 1 anid continue for several days. Legislative matters of interest to laboring people will be the chief topic of discussion. Officers are to be elected at this meeting. TO BEMOVE 100 COSTICTS. THE"DEVIL"TONIGHT The Only iSatan That Preaches 9 Sermon Will be at the Grand. "Tho Devil" is to arrive In lola from Carthage, Mo., on the afternoon Missouri Pacific. Walt Mason of the lEmporia Gazette and Tom Cordry of the Parsons Sun, have been mean , enough to attempt to load people to I believe through their columns that the devil Is in lola all tho time, never leaves here. They do this largely to divert the attention of tho public from healthy and busy Satans that operate ln,their own town. "Tho Devil" which appears nt the Grand tonight, unliko most of them, is well liked everywhere he goes. In places whore ho has displayed himself tho latch string is out and ho has a standing invitation to return. This Is becauso ho is doing tho world a good turn. He is showing men and women that the tempter is always by their side, waiting for the woment of weakness and 1 thoughtlessness to drag them «Iown i to degradation. "The Dovil" which j appears at the Grand tonight, preach es a sermon. Bourd of Prison Control Says the • Change Is Xot Significant. Guthrie. Okla., Dec. IC—-The state board of prison control decided today to remove 100 more Oklahoma convicts from the Kansas state penitentiary at Lansing to the state prison at •McAlester, and to transfer lOO more, including those who have been seirtenced to the Kansas institution, but are held in jails in this state, to the Oklahoma prison. \\'hile menil>ers of the board would not admit that thi.s action had. anything to do with Miss Batnard's. report criticising the treatment accorded prisoners at Lansing, the action following so closely upon the issuance of the report, is significant. The board discussed the Barnard report informally, but took no official action looking to an investigation. Governor Haskell stated to the Ixiard that some forty-five prisoners, who have been released from the Kansas penitentiary, had been in his office and none of them, when asked how he had been; treated, had any complaint to nlake. President Connors of the board of control, will, to sati.sfy himself, conduct an Investigation in the treatment accorded Oklahoma prisoners l)y interviewing a number of the Oklahoma men now in the Oklahoma prison at McAlester, but he does not believe that it Is up to the board now to make an official invesrigatlon, eitlicr here or at Lansing. The pardon board today raised pardons and paroles for twenty prisoners, most of them In the Kansas penitentiary, but the names are temporarily withheld from publication by the board. These pardons and paroles may be presented to the Oklahoma convicts as -Christmas presents. Xoran P. 0. Advanced. A Washington. D. C, note in the. Kansas City Times this morning says that the Moran postoffice has been advanced to the presidential class witli a salary of $1000. The Colony postoffice has been advanced to the same class. The order of advancement goes into effect on January 1st CONGRESS HAS NOT RELENTED. President's Charge That it Lacks Courage Spurs on Committee. Washington, Dec. 16.—That the select committee of the house, appointed to recommend action by the house in regard to the remarks of the president in his annual message on the attitude of congress toward the secret service is changing, its attitude toward the president, was denied today by several members of the committee. One member stated that tho committee had not relented, and that "it intended to do its duty to the public and the countrj-." He said that the recent utterances supposed to emanate from the white bouse charging congress with lack of courage', had tended to make the committee more determined than over. BY ONE BLAST, $12?. lola Mine In Arkansas Is Showing Remarkable Development. ! The development of the lola mine, looatpd in the zinc fields near Yell- vllle. Ark., Is showlnr excellent results. Rocenti.v, enough ore was hroueht up with one blast to mill $120. At this rate, each blast being work $120 to the owners, the mine would soon make the stockholders wealthy. The mine was formerly owned by lola parties but was sold to a syndicate on account. This news Is of Importance in tills city as several lolans still I have extcn.sive holdings in tho zinc, tleld.s. '*TBB BLOPrr aiBii HAEES TOE BLOPFI WIFE." ont with n girl who wore a $2.aS blouse, and it was so .fresh and so daintily put on I was prt)ud to be considered her friend. And, as for beauty, look nt Miss Blank over there. She has a lovely face, hasn't she? But can you find It attractive at this moment when she Is wearing that badly fastened blouse with the ruff of soiled tulle around the neck? If I were a man I could" see nothing but that spotted waist and that passe chiffon. "Look at Miss Smartleigh, on the contrary. Isn't her plain white tailored waist attractive with its simple laundered collar and little black strtng tie? See how beautifully her hair is brush-, ed, how bright her skin Is and how her teeth shine like pearls. She is not a pretty girl, but her attractiveness is something far stronger, Bometliiug which will last all her life. "1 nay you men do well to notice such things. The sloppy girl will make the sloppy wife, and don't you forget IL The well groomed woman, on the contrary, will be a success always, no matter what the family fortunes are. "It is not only the home woman wh<> wins out by being well groomed. The business woman finds this quality t» be an actual necessity. Her njjpi-nr- anco is part of her stock in trade and gives her an Immeasurable advantage over other women who scorn curling irons, face powder and smart clothes as being a waste of tithe." HELEN ALBERT. Our great introductory sale of man tailored Skirts, made to your measure here, ends tomorrow, Thursday, December 17. Only one more day. AN OPPORTUNITY. This is an opportunity seldom presented to people living outside of the larger cities, and should be embraced by every lady in this city. In order to introduce to you our varied assortment of Woolen Dress Goods, we shall hold a special sale. Man Tailored Skirts Made to Your Measure. At special prices, giving you choice of any silk or wool material in our house, at from 5 ()u per yard up. We have received our new Fall Dress Goods, comprising the latest weaves and colorings. We carry a complete line of everytliing that is new and up-to-date in foreign and domestic makes. Our prices are right. Our styles of skirts are the newest that can be had, many of them being exclusive designs' made especially xcr us. We have made arrangements with the be«?t men tailors in the east to make our skirts—men who are practical in every way, that understand making skirts to measure, having made skirts for years for some of the largest houses in the country. By our plan you have no more long tiresome fittings—no long delays in getting a skirt. You can see the gocds, the style, the hang and finish of every skirt before you purchase, and not be disappointed by ordering from a picture. You pay no more for your goods thau if you made the i *kirtB yourself, or had a dressmaker who is not equipped to tailor a skirt properly. All materials are sponged and ^Phrunk, all garments are silk stitched, every seam finished, and made by only expert workmen wbo ^ivc the strictest attention to all details. We have 12 new up-to-date modch. Choice of any model to your measure, $2.50 DONT rORGET THE DATE OF SALE AND PLACE GUTUBIE, OKLAnOili AliD CAHTHAGE, MISSOURI. lOLA, ATCmSON AJTD PITTSBURG, KANSAS. Miss G0LDIV1AN SENT TO CANADA niG GRAIN CROPS IX I1W8. HALL LIVING ROOMS. ABOUT SECRET SERVICE. Senator Aldrlch Presents Resolution to Consider Message. Washington. Dec. IG.—Senator Al­ drlch today Introduced a resolution- directlnR the committee on appropriations to consider that portion of the President's annual message dealing with the secret service. Operated Upon. Mrs: G. F. Price, of 723 South Sycamore street, underwent a minor operation this morning at St. John's hospital. No serious results are anticipated, , • -fl!«««H Suffering Ladies iare urged to foUoTv; tHe example of ItEoiisancls of iheir sisters and take CaidoL jCardui is a non- mineral, non-intoxicating medicine for :«7omen. It ps for sicl^ iweak ladies, .with sick femalQ .organs. They Are More In Demand Now Than Ever Before. Nothing is more nttrnctivo than to have the entrance of tlic honse lead Into a large, well furnished living room. The old fornial linil l.s thii.s done away wltli, and an atmosphere of cheerful hospitality, is gained. The picture gives an excellent idea of how nttractiroly a hall living room may be fumlshe<l by using soft brown mission furniture. The walls have l>cen tinted a soft yellow to harmonize with this. The It wm Help You I If is a genuine, curative medicine, tKat builds |iip the female system and relieveis female pain. Mrs. M. A. St. Clair, of Eskdale, W. .Va., writes: 'Before taking Oardni, I had given up all hope of l^ettinJB: welL I had raffered for 3 years wiUi mv side and was confined to my bed, so I took Oaidni, lipd iiOH Oaxdm jhas abpnt cured my female trouble." •JiJS» J3(B,XfQ r8T0BIE8: -• American Authorities Deported Anar- Ylols of Wheat. Com and Oats All chipt From Bellingham, Wash. j LargiT Than Last Year. Beliingham, Wash., Dec. 16.—Emma Goldman, the Anarchist, who was arrested hern last night, was released from Jail today and put upon board a northbound train for Canada. Mi8.<< Goldman refused to leave the city last night, when given her choice between Canada and prison. She retained a lawyer to defend her on a charge of Inciting to unlawful assemblage. When Miss Goldman learned that if the charge failed she would be charged with being insane and her utterances iiKod against her before a judge in tho Kuperlor court, she-consented to leave the city on the first train. Westcatt Finds a $200 Pearl. Salina. Dec. 16.—"Happy" Westcott. a baseball player on the Salina team last summer, found a pearl last evening in a bucket of oysters -which he took home for supper. The pearl Is valued at $200, according to the estimate of a local Jeweler. lUSSION FDBMITCBE. rugs combine buff and deep red. The porcelain lamp on the big readln;; table has a flntry yellow ahnde, and the tev ta|)e8try chairs in thu room arc til in buff tone*. Kotlce the mission stalR'ase. It Is particularly good; aUo the simple de•Ign of the door. . Opaleocent glass lamps bang from the ceiling,: comblniog soft tones ot ycUow and 6noge, Vb* same room would be equally^- UkctlTa 'carried, oat In pale greess.s B. OB LA BAUiCB. , Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Leaves lola 7:15 p. m., ar­ rives St Louis 8:25 a. m. Through sleeping cars. This train connectB with the east bound trains at St. Louis. For further particulars call and see ns. Wa.sliingfon, Dec. 16.—The production in 1908 and farni value on r>r- ccmber 1 of ini|>oriant farm iiro<iuct.><, according to the final revised estimates of the department of agriculture, announced toda.v, are as follows: Corn, 2.r.f.S.6,') 1,000 bushels and farm va!ua $1 filf„I4 .'i .OOO. agaln.'rt :.',.-.'.iL',:i:;0.- 000 busheLs in 1007 and $1,336,901.000 on December 1 of that year: winter wheat, 437,908,000 bushels and .?110,330,000, against 409.142,OiiO and $361,217.000 last year; spring wheat, 226.694,000 and $200,496,000. 22J 645,000 bushels and $193,220,000 In ,1907; oats 807.1.")6,000 bushels and $381,171,000, against 704,443,000 imsh- ols and $334,568,000: barley, 166,756,000 bushels and $92,442,000. against l.=;3,587,000 bushels and $102,290,000. Rye. 31,851,00 bushels algainst 31..'-.66.000 bushels in .1907 and $23,44.'i.- 000 against $23,068,000: buckwheat, 15.674,000 bushels against 14.290.000 bushels' and $12.004 000 against $9,975.000: flaxseed, 25,805.000- bushels, against 25,851,000 bushels and $30,577,000 against $24,751,000: rice. 21.890,000 bushels against 18,738,000 and $17,771,000 against $16081.000: potatoes, 278,985.000 bushels against 297,942.000 and $197,039,000 acainpt $183.880.000: hay 70,789,000 f'l.s against 63,677,000 and $635,423,000 against $743,507,000. and tobacco, 718,061,000 |)Ounds against 698,126,000 and $74,1300,000 against $71,411,000. The average weight per measured Imshel is shown by reports received by the bureau to bo 57.8 pounds for sjiring wheat, 58,8 i)ounds for winter wheat, and 29.8 pounds for oats, as compared with 56.9. 58.9 and 20.4 pounds respectively, last year. Quality of corn 86.0 per cent, against 82.8 last year. 'LOOKS GOOD TO ME' Everybody Exclaims When Miss Ber ton and Mr. Tyler Put On Their Stunts at the Auditorium. , "Isn't that swell, mighty swell!" j the yoimg man said to his lady fricn.l 'as they watched tho dazzling performance of the professional skaters. Miss Bessie Bcrton and Mr. C. S. Ty ler. at the Auditorium last night. I ' "Oh, it is simply too sweet for any- I thing. Such dear stunts they are put- i tins; on. It is even better than Mon• day night, and it was a dream then," answered the miss at the yoimg man's side. ] These expressions give one a hint as to how the patrons of the Auditorium like the performers who are ap- 1 pearing there this week. These • words of praise are no exaggeration either. They fall short. If anything. The team is the best ever so far as the local rink Is concerned pnd there have been some good skaters here, too. Poetr.v of motion is theirs. Ease, grace and dignity characterize their work. Whether in the cake walk or • in the more difficult stunts it is all alike to them. It is rythmic and music when they glide over the floor. Weak eyes must look through smoked glasses at the costumes, they are so dazzling you know. ^\'lien Mr. Ty- iler moves ont on the floor, he is splc and span, fresh from the band box. And Miss Berton—such bewildering A. F. A A. M. ELECTED. C p. Iiale;Agt, Probably Will be a Joint Installation With Eastern Star. The annual election of officers of the local order of A. P. & A. M., No. 38. was held in the Masonic Temple last evening. Although tho arrangements have not yet been completed it Is probable that there will be a Joint installation of the Rastcrn Star and Kra8<)nic lodges on the evening of December 2Cth. Following arc the oflic- ers dlcctcd evening: Arthur Morrison, W. .M. T. E. Oliver. Sr. Warden. I.. U Ponsler. Jr. Warden. J. E. Jono .'i, "Secretary. Geo. n. Bnwius. Treasurer. W. L. Bartlcs, M. G. Robinson and Paul Klein wero elected tnistccB. design, and creations: A big crowd came out Monday night, the first appearance, just to see what the per-> formers could do. A big crowd came out again last night; and will be there tonight, too, because they know now what the professional skaters can do. EnroDtc fo lola. MIHS Alice Smith of Melvern, was entertained here by friendo for a few hoiir.s this moi-ning. She was on the way to iOla.—Ottawa Republic. Great Western Land Co. For Trade. 160 acre farm near Blue Mound to trade for store, building and stock of goods in lola. Elevator and feed mill, 5 room house and barn with 10 acres good land, 4 acres of fruit, for good residence properties in lola. Two 4-room houses with 2 acres of land, with fruit joining" lola. for land in Allen county or wegtern Kasas. For Sale. One black 5-year-old horse, well broke, see us at once if you want him. A bargain in an 80 acre farm if sold soon. One of the best Vt sections of iand in Allen county, $40 per acre.' We h.ave 50 of the best farms listed; priced from $25 to $50. Western Kansas land for trade or sale. See us for any kind of deal. We have money to loan on farms or good city propert.v. We want a good, fresh milch cow. Don't bother us with any other kind. there is Only, One ^^Bromo Quinine'''^ Thai la Laxative Bromo Quinine UMCO pte WOHLD OVCft TO OUtOE A OOlO IM OKE OAT. Always remember (ho full name. Look for this hignaturo on every box. 25c. ('brlstr to Coach Hanrard. Boston, Mass, Dec. 16.—Christy Mathewson. the star twlrlor of the New York Qlants, who, a couple of montlu ago. vent Into the insurance bualnesa aiid said be mig&t give op base ]ball, has been engaged as bead ooacbi^e^r.tbe.HarTmrd-^Mpe twll aquad TH03. H. B0WLU8, President. J. F. SCOTT, Cashier. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capitol $30.000;00 DIRECTORS A. W. Back, L. C. Beatty, A. J. Fulton. W. J. Evans. 4. o. RodMML. W. L. Bartlas, Thos. H. Bowlus. wci99U£ ouH own oRAm oM Mu umoPEMummn tkWKVf DEPOSIT •OXCS POR RENT PROM «3 TO |S Mil VCAJt, INTEREST PAID ON TIME OKPOSiTB.

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