The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 17, 1996 · Page 14
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 14

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1996
Page 14
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THURSDAY. OCTOBER 17, 1996 CLASSIFIED THE SALINA JOURNAU m Salina Journal • * Mg^fg!i«5<gaaj»i«i»PIB!!^^ QUICK FIND INDEX <* 286-429 .. Merchandise & Auctions J 475-693 .. Real Estate & Rentals r * 729-769 .. Automotive ^Recreation 11-50 .... Announcements 55-213 ... Services 245-279 .. Employment LEGALS (First Published In The Salina Journal, October 10,1996) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of Victor A. Colborn, Deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING Case No. 96 CVP 114 THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that Petition has been filed in sail Court by Sheila C. Plasmyer, pray Ing that descent be determined o the following described real estate situated in Saline, Kansas: Lots Nineteen (19), Twenty (20) and Twenty-one (21), Block Sixteen (16), Original Townsite In the City of Gypsum, Saline County, Kansas (commonly known as 316 King, Gypsum. Kansas) and other Kansas real estate owned by decedent at the time o death; and that such property and other Kansas real estate, if any owned by the decedent at the time of death be assigned pursuant to the laws of Intestate succession. You are required to file your writ ten defenses thereto on or before November 4, 1996, at 9:00 a.m. in the City of Salina in Saline County Kansas, at which time and place the cause will be heard. Should you fail therein judgment and de cree will be entered in due course upon the Petition. Sheila C. Plasmyer Petitioner KENNEDY BERKLEY YARNEVICH & WILLIAMSON, CHARTERED 710 United Building PO Box 2567 Salina, KS 67402-2567 (913) 825-4674 Attorneys For Petitioner LEGALS (3tsp (First Published In The Salina Journal October 3, 1996) NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION Pursuant to K.S.A. 24-1207 In The Matter of the Westfall Wa tershed Joint District Number 111 of Ellsworth, Lincoln, Ottawa and Saline Counties, Kansas. The Petition for the creation o: the above having received sufficient signatures, has been submitted to and approved by the Kansas Department of Agriculture. A Boarc of Directors has been elected and the Board, by resolution has pro vided for the calling of an election of the qualified voters of the Distrlc for the purpose of submitting the question of whether the distric should be organized and createc In accordance with with following petition, as approved by the Chle Engineer, Division of Water Re sources, Kansas Department o Agriculture: PETITION Come now the undersigned persons and state that they are landowners within the proposed boundaries of the afore- named watershed district, hereinafter more fully described, and that each signer states that the signer's respective post office address Is set forth beside the signer's name. That the purposes for which this district Is organized are for flood prevention and erosion protection. That a steering committee, of the organization of the district Is hereby fixed and constituted with 11 members; that the names of persons who will serve on the original steering committee, of which the first named shall be acting chairman, and their respective addresses are as follows: Roger Suelter, Rt. 2, Box 37, Lincoln, KS Robert White, 313 S. 1st, . Lincoln, KS Roger Wltte, R.R. 2, Box 38, Lincoln, KS Alfred Aufdemberge, Rt. 2, Box 62, Lincoln, KS Doug Wilson, Rt. 2, Box 5, Lincoln, KS Harold Morrical, R.R. 2, Box 11, Beverly, KS William N. Day, Rt. 2, Box 48, Lincoln, KS Dean Pllnsky, Rt. 1, Tescott, KS Richard Plinsky, Rt. 2, Box 95, Lincoln, KS Stephen Donley, HC 64, Box 161, Ellsworth, KS Tom Hurtig, Ht.1, Box 234, Tescott, KS The governing body of the district shall be constituted in a board of directors composed of 7 qualified voters. The attached hereto, marked Exhibit A and made a part hereof as fully as if set forth herein, Is a map showing the lands proposed to be included in the district and subwater- sheds therein, (map is deleted In this notice pursuant to statute; however may be obtained upon request): All of the land within the drainage areas of the following creeks; Table Rock, Owl, Brush, and the East and West Elkhorn including the incorporated city of Westfall, KS. That the lands proposed to be Included In the district and subwatersheds therein do not embrace the territorial limits of any incorporated city, or any part thereof, excopt those specifically described in the petition. Wherefore, the undersigned, individually and collectively pray that a watershed district be organized in the manner provided by law, for the purposes set forth herein, and that the secretary of state and the chief engineer of the division of water resources of the Kansas state board of agriculture proceed diligently In the performance of their duties so that the organization of this proposed district may be completed and approved at the earliest possible lime. Submitted to the secretary of state this 7th day of September, 1995. (Other signatures are omitted from this notice). The legal description of the lands within the proposed watershed district are as follows: Legal Descriptions of Proposed Westfall Watershed Joint District Township 12 South, Range 5 f West, Ottawa County Section 19, S1/2 of Ihe NE1/4. NW1/4, SW1/4, SE/14 Section 20, S1/2 ol the NE1/4, S1/2 of the NW1/4. SW1/4. SE1/4 Section 21, NW1/4 and S1/2 of the NE1/4. E1/2 of the NW1/4, SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 22, NW1/4 and S1/2 of the SW1/4 Section 23. NW1/4 and S1/2 of the SW1/4 Section 26, W1/2 of the NE1/4, NW1/4, SW1/4 Section 27 through 34 Inclusive Section 35. SW1/4 of the NE1/4, NW1/4, SW1/4, NW1/4 of the SE1/4 Township 12 South, Range 6 West, Lincoln County Section 17, SW1/4 of the NW1/4, NW1/4 of the SW1/4 Section 18, S1/2 of the NW1/4, SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 19 through 21 Inclusive Section 22, S1/2 of the NW1/4, SW1/4, W1/2 and SE1/4 of the SE1/4 Section 23, W1/2 of the SW1/4 Section 24, SE1/4 of the NE1/4, SW1/4. SE1/4 Section 25 through 36 Inclusive Township 12 South, Range 7 West, Lincoln County Section 13, SW1/4 of the NE1/4, S1/2 of the NW1/4, SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 14, S1/2 of the NE1/4, SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 15, E1/2 and SW1/4 of the SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 16, E1/2 and SW1/4 of the SE1/4 Section 20, NE1/4, SE1/4 of the NW1/4, E1/2 and SW1/4 of the SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 21 through 28 Inclusive Section 29, NE1/4, E1/2 and NW1/4 of the NW1/4, SE1/4 Section 32, NE1/4.-SE1/4 of the NW1/4, E1/2 of the SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 33 through 36 Inclusive Township 13 South, Range 5 West, Saline County Section 2, NW1/4, N1/2 and SW1/4 of the SW1/4 Section 3 through 10 Inclusive Section 11, W1/2 of the NW1/4 Section 15, NW1/4. NW1/4 of theSW1/4 Section 16, NE1/4, N1/2 and SE1/4 of the NW1/4, N1/2 and E1/4oltheSE1/4 Section 17, N1/2 and SW1/4 of the NE1/4, NW1/4 .Section 18, NE1/4, NW1/4, N1/2 and SW1/4 of the SW1/4, NW1/4 of the SE1/4 Section 19, NW1/4 of the NW1/4 Township 13 South, Range 6 West, Lincoln County Section 1 through 24 Inclusive Section 25, NW1/4, NW1/4 of the SW1/4 Section 26, All Section 27. NE1/4, NW1/4, SW1/4, N1/2 of the SE1/4 Section 28 through 29 Inclusive Section 30, NE1/4, NW1/4, N1/2 and SW1/4 of the SW1/4, N1/2 of the SE1/4 Section 32, NW1/4 of the NW1/4 Section 33, NE1/4 of the NE1/4, NW1/4 of the NW1/4 Section 34, NW1/4 otthe NW1/4 Township 13 South, Range 7 West, Lincoln County Section 1 through 4 Inclusive Section 5, NE1/4, E1/2 of the NW1/4, E1/2 and SW1/4 of the SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 6, SW1/4 of the SW1/4 Section 7 through 35 Inclusive Section 36, N1/2 and SW1/4 of the NE1/4, NW1/4, N1/2 and SW1/4oftheSW1/4 Township 13 South, Range 8 West, Lincoln County Section 1, SE1/4 Section 11, S1/2 of the NE1/4, E1/2 of the SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 12, NE1/4, E1/2 and SW1/4 of the NW1/4, SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 13 through 14 Inclusive Section 15, SE1/4 of the SE1/4 Section 22, E1/2 and SW1/4 of the NE1/4, SE1/4 of the SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 23 through 25 Inclusive Section 26, NE1/4, NW1/4, E1/2 and NW1/4 of the SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 27, NE1/4, E1/2 of the NW1/4, N1/2 of the SE1/4 Section 35, NE1/4, NE1/4 of the NW1/4, E1/2 of the SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 36, All Township 14 South, Range 7 West, Ellsworth County Section 1, W1/2 of the NW1/4, W1/2 of tlie SW1/4 Section 2 through 11 Inclusive Section 12, NW1/4, N1/2 and SW1/4 of the SW1/4 Section 14, NE1/4, NW1/4, SW1/4, N1/2 and SW1/4 of the SE1/4 Section 15 through 22 Inclusive Section 23, W1/2 of the NE1/4, NW1/4, SW1/4, W1/2 of the SE1/4 Section 26, NW1/4 of the NE1/4, N1/2oftheNW1/4 Section 27, NE1/4, NW1/4, SW1/4, N1/2 and the SW1/4 of the SE1/4 Section 28 through 29 Inclusive Section 30, NE1/4, NW1/4, E1/2 oftheSW1/4, SE1/4 Section 31, NW1/4 of the NE1/4, NE1/4oftheNW1/4 Section 32, E1/2 of the NE1/4 Section 33, NE1/4, NW1/4, N1/2 of the SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 34, NW1/4, N1/2 and SW1/4 of the SW1/4 Township 14 South, Range 8 West, Ellsworth County Section 1, All Section 2, NE1/4, E1/2 and SW1/4 of the NW1/4, SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 3. SE1/4 of the SW1/4, E1/2 of the SE1/4 Section 10, NE1/4, NW1/4, E1/2 and NW1/4 of the SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 11 through 13 Inclusive Section 14, NE1/4, NW1/4, E1/2 and NW1/4 of the SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 15, E1/2 of the NE1/4 Section 23, E1/2 and NW1/4 of the NE1/4 Section 24, NE1/4, NW1/4. E1/2 and NW1/4 of the SW1/4, SE1/4 Section 25, E1/2 and NW1/4 of he NE1/4 Township 15 South, Range 7 West, Ellsworth County Section 4, NE1/4 of the NE1/4 STATE OF KANSAS SS. iOUNTIES OF LINCOLN, SALINE, ELLSWORTH and OTTAWA VERIFIED ENUMERATION Roger Suelter, being first duly sworn upon oath, states: 1) The total number of landown- ire in the Westfall Joint Watershed District Number 111 Is 456. 2) The number of landowners in LEGALS the Westfall Joint Watershed District Number 111 who signed the petition is 128. 3) The percentage of landowners in the Westfall Joint Watershed District 111 is 28%. 4) The total acres included In the Westfall Joint Watershed District Number 111 Is 86,691. 5) The number of acres in the Westfall Joint Watershed District Number 111 owned by persons signing the petition is 34,181 acres. 6) The percentage of acreage In the Westfall Joint Watershed District Number 111 owned by persons signing the petition is 39%. 7) I am one of the first ten signers of the petilion. 8) The foregoing number of landowners, number of acres, and sercentages are true and correct :o the best of my knowledge and belief. /s/Roger Suelter Subscribed, and sworn to and acknowledged before me on September 20, 1995. /s/Debra M. Harlng Notary Public The questions to be submitted Is as follows: OFFICIAL BALLOT OF SPECIAL ELECTION QUESTIONS SUBMITTED WESTFALL WATERSHED JOINT DISTRICT NUMBER 111 OF ELLSWORTH, LINCOLN, OTTAWA AND SALINE COUNTIES, KANSAS NOVEMBER 12, 1996 Shall the following be adopted? Shall the Westfall Watershed Joint District Number 111 of Ellsworth, Lincoln, Ottawa and Saline Counties, Kansas, be organized and created for the purpose of flood prevention and erosion protection and for the construction of works for the conservation, development, utilization or disposal of water. To vote in favor of any question submitted upon this ballet, make a cross or check mark in the square or parentheses to the right of the word "Yes"; to vote against it, make cross or check mark in the square or parentheses to the right of the word "No." YES Q NO Q Voting locations are as follows: Ellsworth County, Kansas: Martin OH Company, Junction of -70 and U.S. 156 Lincoln County, (ansas Westfall Community Building, Westfall, Kansas, Ottawa County, <ansas Tom Hurtig Farm, 167 N. 10th, Tescott, Kansas From Tescott, go 1 1/2 miles south to Buffalo Road, 2 miles west on Buffalo Road, and 1/4 mile south on North 10th. The farm Is located on the west side of the road. Saline County, Kansas Kenneth Bremerman Farm, 6282 N. Brookvllle Road, Tescott, Kansas From the Brookvllle turnoff on I-70, go north 5 miles. The farm Is located on the east side of Brookvllle Road. or Go 4 miles south of Tescott on Brookvllle Road. The polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Isl Roger Suelter, President ATTEST: /s/Rlchard Pllnsky Secretary (3tsp) xxxxxx •$••!• 4. 4. 4. .3. PUT PIZAZZ IN YOUR ADS! Accent Lines and Bold Print Available in Different Sizes CALL 823-6363 Classified For All The Details! Salina Journal Classified Check Us Out! 11 MONUMENTS, 35 SPECIAL NOTICES 249 HELP WANTED l GENERAL MONUMENTS & Markers. Ours Is a complete memorial service. Respected, experience and well known. MEMORIAL ART CO., Inc. 1608-10 S. 9th 823-2981 249 HELP WANTED II 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL GENERAL TO: TANYA S. Giroux. you are hereby notified that the property left at 1944 Dover Drive will be disposed of after November 1 If not removed. Noel Stephenson, 823-2560. 25 AMUSEMENTS, EVENTS BIG SCREEN TV. Take on small monthly payments. Good credit a must. 1-800-398-3970. 45 LOST-FOUND DISNEY WORLD AREA. 4 hotel lights, can use any time. Value B320. Sell for $100. Call (913) '95-7751. DARN! I COULD HAVE ADVERTISED IN THIS SPACE FOUND: MALE black Lab, wearing black collar, found 1 week ago 1 mile west of Hedville on State Street & Powers Road, 826-9190,825-2444. LOST IN area of 4109 E. North Street, small female Pug, has black collar with tags, black ears, curly tail. Rewardl 825-0393. 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL 35 SPECIAL NOTICES $ SOO Reward For information leading to the arrest of Julian Garay. All information kept confidential. Call Leister Bonding, 826-3993 MAINTENANCE DIRECTOR FOR BETHANY HOME Bethany Home Maintenance seeks responsible person with knowledge of electrical and mechanical systems found In a public building. Must possess the ability to organize, direct and supervise staff. Must be responsive to people and have good communication skills. 40-Hour work week with rotating "on call" duty. Competitive salary and benefits. Duties Include: Electrical- Plumbing- Repairing- Palnting- Landscaping- Other. Send resumes to: Marlin Johnson or Leon Burch Bethany Home 321 N. Chestnut Lindsborg, KS 67456 Resumes received until Oct. 25. SALES REPRESENTATIVE We are looking for talented, ambl tious, hard-working people who want more opportunity than thel present |ob offers. We have the best sales opportunity In the area with five of the most popular lines In the Industry: Chevrolet, Honda Toyota, Oldsmoblle, and Cadillac Sales experience preferred, bu you must have achievements In your work or educational history that Indicate your potential for producing results. We want people with a strong determination to succeed. You have a chance to develop a solid career with a growing company, plus as much opportunity to advance up the management level as you can handle. We Pro. vide: 401K Plan, Training Program, Flexible Schedule & Demonstrator. I Is this for you? If so, apply In per||son to: CONKLIN CARS-SAUNA Chevrolet-Honda Shawn 270O S. Ninth 825-8271 Toyota-Oldstnoblle-Cadlllac Jeana 901 E. 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Applications taken at our shop located at 1615 West Magnolia, Salina, Kansas. We are an equal opportunity employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Smoky Hill LLC, Salina, Kansas. FULLTIME OFFICE PERSON NEEDED Must have clerical skills. Must be familiar with computer and office equipment. Transportation experience helpful. Well established company, good benefits, retirement plan. Send resume to SJ 374, P.O. Box 740, Salina. CARROLL'S HALLMARK SHOP Now accepting applications for Dart-time salesperson thru the tolldays. Must be mature. Employee discounts available. Apply n person, 200 South Santa Fe. No jhone calls please. RAMADA INN has an immediate opening for a MAINTENANCE PERSON.Must have valid drivers license, able to work some weekends, and evenings. 35-40 hours per week, starting wage based on experience and references. Apply In person only 1949 North Ninth Street, Salina. FARM HELP Afternoon and evenings. (913) 655-2315 or (913) 452-5424. 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL ASSISTANT SOFTBALL Freshman Boys Basketball and Freshman Girls Basketball Coaches needed at USD 306 South' east of Saline. If Interested please call Nancy Kruckenberg, Admlnls'* tratlve Assistant to Superintendent, at (913) 536-4291. Deadline" Novembers, 1996. BOOKKEEPER Immediate opening for part-time bookkeeper for established multi- company operation. Experience with general ledger and payroll on computer required. Respond to: SJ Box 244, P.O. 740, Salina, KS 67402-0740 NOW HIRING " Day and evening cooks, full and part-time positions available. Benefits offered. Experience preferred but not necessary. Apply In person. No Phone Calls Pleasel Red Coach Restaurant ,.. , 2110W.Crawford. , u , NOW HIRING Walt staff. Full and part-time, day and night positions available. Ben- Offered. Experience ore- efits ferred but not necessary. Apply In person. No Phone Calls Pleasel Red Coach Restaurant 2110 W.Crawford SALINA COUNTRY CLUB; Now taking applications for full/ part time Dishwasher and Dishwasher Supervisor. Competitive wages & benefits. Supervisor position is required to work nights & weekends. Apply In person at 2101 E. Country Club Road. SECRETARY/RECEPTIONIST: Professional, responsible Individ: ual with good communication skills for Salina medical office. Book' keeping, insurance, and comptitef experience helpful. Good compensation package. Send reply to: SJ 349, P.O. Box 740, Salina. FULL TIME DAYS You gel: good starting wage, traln- ng provided, variety of work, advancement to crew chief, friendly work environment. We need: de- lendabillty, neatness, able to lift 75 Ibs., service oriented and commitment to quality. Apply In person at 522 Reynolds, Salina, Kansas. 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL 249 HELP WANTED I 249 HELP WANTED GENERAL I GENERAL OPPORTUNITY IS KNOCKING DON'T MISS OUT Salina's leader in Office Supplies, Equipment, and Service is seeking a career-oriented team player. This is a retail position requiring excellent communication skills, ability to work well with others, and a desire to take a challenge and achieve. We Require: •Computer Graphic Abilities •Retail Experience/Experience with the public •Team Player With Initiative We Offer: •Complete Training •Excellent Benefits •Opportunity for Advancement •Fair Compensation For prompt confidential consideration, please send your resume to: IKON Office Solutions, Box 1155, Salina, KS 67401 - Attention: Mark Hoover, Manager « PURCHASING/BUYER Manufacturing Company has immediate opening. Experience in Manufacturing environment with MRPII computer experience required. Microsoft Office Program experience beneficial. Please send resume to: SJ 356 PO Box 740, Salina, KS 67402-0740. ENGINEER/AUTOCAD Growing manufacturing company is looking for a self-starter who has production background. TWQ C years experience in a manufacturing environment' working release 12 is required. Major responsibility" is supporting production by providing accurate an£ detailed drawings of structural, cabinetry and/of; electrical systems. A hands-on approach to' problem solving Is a must along with good communication skills. Send confidential resume- plus salary history to Dee Shorter, Personnel Administrator. SMC Midwest 1110 Limestone Rd. Minneapolis, Kansas 67467 EOE f mm MM MM * :> "**• • Competitive Fay • Vacation Pay • Uniforms • Meal Discounts • Advancement [ OLD nuaromD 11 HIMBDHOBM.]| •Fart Time • 40 Hour Positions • Student Managers • Flexible Schedules • E.OJE. We close at 10pm on school nights • Fifty dollar hiring bonus • Payable after 3O days of employment • Present this coupon at time of application • Apply at our local Wendy's at: 750 S. Broadway or 1940 S.\ Ohio in Salina "FIFTY \ Western Ante WESTERN AUTO DISTRIBUTION CENTER WAREHOUSE POSITIONS DAY SHIFT PART TIME The Western Auto Distribution Center has part-time openings on our warehouse day shift for stockers, order fillers, and receivers. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a high school degree or equivalent. These positions require some heavy lifting. Forklift experience is helpful. Must have good basic math skills. Hours will average 29 hours a week, Monday through Friday. Schedule is negotiable. Western Auto Part Time offers: * Starting wage of $8.00 * Paid vacations and holidays * Employee discounts Pre-employment drug screen required. Apply in person at: Western Auto Distribution Center, RR 4, Waterwell Road, Salina, KS. Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. 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